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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.13


The 13th of month 3.

It's been 12 days since the treatment started.

Many more people have gathered here compared to the first day.

Second son of Kogurus's town lord, Riol Shalbart.

Kogurus Lord Family's Knight, Jakof Warren.

Kogurus Lord Family's medic Aterna.

Two bodyguard adventurers.

Two Kogurus Lord Family's servants.

Vouka town lord Crimus Ulban.

Medic Norma.

Medic Eda.

Vouka lord family's servant, Pauline.

Including those who are standing outside in the hallway, every single person from Kogurus are present.

Chairs, vases and other decorations have been cleared away to secure enough space to fit them all.

Zack Zaikaz is sleeping in the bed.

He looks wholly unlike his ornamental old tree-like object he was 13 days ago.

Nasty smelling fluid is oozing out in between wrinkles all over his body.

Every time he opened his mouth to gasp for breath, his chest would flap in and out.

His limbs are trembling, and sometimes twitch in random directions.

His sweat won't stop no matter how many times it's wiped clean.

You could say it's repulsive.

However, this is what it means to live.

His body is desperately clinging to dear life.

"We will now begin an operation."

Norma spoke in a cold voice, silencing the rustle at once.

Only Zack's breathing could be heard now.

"This operation is unlike the usual treatment. Ordinary treatment seeks to dispel away the disease that's taken hold of one's body. But this patient's organs, limbs and head have been snatched away by Underworld. This operation seeks to regain those organs, limbs and head from the jaw of Underworld god, and to restore them to their prime state. Fortunately we have someone who can cast <Purification> here, thus a dramatic recovery is possible as long as we manage to take him back to the world of the living."

Two servants from Kogurus house are standing by on each sides of the bed.

They've anticipated that Zack would intensely flail around in the middle of the operation.

It's their job to keep Zack in check while ensuring the operation continue unimpeded.

"This will go on for quite long. During which no one, absolutely no one, is to make a sound. Doesn't matter if the patient screams in agony, you must ignore whatever is unfolding. Any kind of unnecessary sound hinders the operation, which is akin to an attempt to kill the patient. Those who cannot keep silent are to leave this room at once."

Norma looked around once again before turning at the four surrounding the bed.

Resolute lights dwell in all their eyes.

Norma took a mana restorative.

And Medic Aterna too.
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Eda as well.

"Then we shall now begin the operation. Eda."

Eda nodded and spread her arms wide. She's not holding a wand. Her hands are attracting everyone's attention. Eda quietly lower her hands, holding them over Zack.


In that moment, a blue light gushes out of Eda's hands. Zack's whole body soaks up the overflowing light.


The patient let out a sound.

Like the flow of a river, the blue healing light washes Zack's entire being without stopping.


A blissful smile came up on Zack's wrinkly face, as if he was in high heaven.

But then a moment later.


Zack screamed out dreadfully like he was getting his soul torn asunder.

His body which has normalized the state of being cursed is making him feel the healing light like it's an otherworldly pain.

The two servants on the sides of the bed are desperately holding Zack down.

"Eda. Stop there."

Eda stopped her <Purification>. Zack calmed down just a bit.

"Aterna-dono. Let's begin."


Norma holds her wand over and sends out her mana. She's restoring Zack's organs back to normal one by one.

"Uu, uu, uu, uuu"

Zack keeps groaning. The world of death is a pain-free world. Zack is getting called back to the world of pain.

"Eda. <Purification>."

"Yes. <Purification>."

One organ was restored. With <Purification> cast on it, that restored organ returned to its normal function in the blink of an eye.

Norma and Aterna nodded at each other. The operation is proceeding well.

"That's enough."

Eda stopped her <Purification>, Norma and Aterna resumed working on the organs.

Eda watched Norma and Aterna's work in fine detail.

(They're so good.)

(Norma-san being good is no surprise.)

(But it's amazing how Aterna-san could keep up with Norma-san.)

(When it's her first time seeing Norma-san's operation.)

(And she even precisely took care of.)

(Parts Norma-san left undone.)

(She's really amazing.)

<Purification> keeps on getting cast time and time again, restoring Zack's body parts' functions one by one.

And then after about one and four-half period (five hours), they're finally on the home stretch.

"Alright. Eda. Lastly, put as much <Purification> as you can. No need to hold back anymore."

"Yes. <Purification>."

A light of <Purification> so abundant you'd almost think it's filled up the whole room wraps up Zack. His wrinkly body turned back to its fit condition, his body parts that were oozing out disgusting fluid regained their cleanliness. Eventually, Zack with his healthy body was there as if time had been rewound.

Once the blue torrent receded, Norma took up her wand and examined every corner of Zack's body. Then she put down her wand and breathed out.

"Operation done. It's a success. Praise be to god Maraa. You have my thanks, everybody."

Riol clung on Zack and started sobbing.

Crimus turned toward Norma and clapped his hands.

Someone else did the same.

Then everyone in the room did. Even the bodyguards standing in the corners.

A round of applause for Norma, Eda, and Aterna.




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