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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.7


Norma put down her wand, turned around and spoke to Pauline.

"Something to drink for me and Eda."

"At once."

Still standing, Norma drank down a drink Pauline skilfully prepared. Eda did too.

"Phew. Unsure how you did it, but that was truly a high level <Suspended Animation>. It has come undone completely. But the patient's body has lost most of the power needed to sustain life. To the point that it needed to use up all its remaining strength just to absorb a little fruit juice."

These words are meant for Eda as well as the people watching over them.

"His body has used up its vitality to suck up the fruit juice's fluid. From now on we have to regularly cast light <Purification> to boost vitality until his body can sustain itself. Pauline. Wipe the patient's sweat."


Afterward, it was a regular treatment.

Norma would occasionally send out mana while pointing her wand at the patient to observe his condition.

She'd also regularly gave Eda instructions.

"Eda. A light <Purification> on chest."

"And now a whole body <Purification> starting from the head."

"<Purification> on right arm."

"<Purification> on left arm."

"<Purification> on right leg."

"<Purification> on left leg."

Time flows into the depth of night.

Just when the quiet fight against the illness seemed like it'd go on forever.

"All right. His condition has finally stabilized. Pauline. Keep watch on the patient's condition for a while nearby. I will stand by in the lounge, notify me if anything happens."


Norma turned toward Riol.

"I will explain the patient's condition and treatment prospect in another room. Those who wish to hear it, please come along."

Then they left the room.

Riol, knight Jakof and medic Aterna are showing signs they will go with Norma.

The bodyguard adventurers aren't moving.

Norma spoke to an employee of the townlord in the hallway.

"Please get two more chairs into the room for the caretakers. And another two chairs next to the bed."

"Yes, Norma-sama."
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As Norma walked away, Riol gave orders to employees and bodyguards in the hallway.

Norma collapsed into the sofa in the lounge. With Eda sitting next to her.

Riol sat down on the other side of the table.

"Have a seat. I'm sure you're tired."

Medic Aterna muttered something in a low voice and sat next to Riol.

Knight Jakof is standing behind Riol attentively. Behind them are two employees from Kogurus and two bodyguards.


(This person is a woman.)

As it turns out Medic Aterna is a woman. Eda figured she must be a woman judging from her name, but her frame is solid, her face is big, and her hands and fingers are long and large. Her curious big boney face paired with her stout facial feature and tightened expressions look exceedingly masculine.

However, her muttering voice was too high-pitched for a man. Eda wasn't really sure since the voice was hoarse, but after looking at her again, she does seem to be a woman.

Eda was surprised when she saw Riol sitting ahead.

(Looks just like Zack-san.)

The Zack Zaikaz she saw at Kogurus back then.

The impression Riol gave to Eda was weirdly similar to that despite the difference in age and facial features.

(Does that mean Kogurus's town lord is related to Zack-san?)

The relation between Zaikaz Household and the townlord's was talked about back then, but Eda can't really recall the detail. However, she's sure they weren't supposed to be related.

(Well, no matter what's the relationship between Riol-san and Zack-san.)

(It has nothing to do with the treatment.)

Everyone there had some drink first. Riol and medic Aterna drank greedily. The knight behind them also drank down his cup and thanked when offered seconds.

"First of all, I'd like to apologize. Ordinarily I should have done a diagnosis first and then discussed with everyone regarding patient's condition as well as treatment plan, but since the situation was critical, I went straight to treatment phase. I must apologize again on that."

"No. We all bare witness to Norma-dono's extraordinary skill in healing. How Eda-dono could cast so many <Purification> for so long was also a point of surprise. I have no doubt that the two of you were truly sincere in trying to save Zack-dono. You have our thanks."

Riol bowed. Followed by medic Aterna, knight Jakof and the employees behind them. The two bodyguards are watching over them vigilantly without bowing.

(The glances they're sending me.)

(Feel weirdly harsh somehow.)

(Wonder if it's just me.)

It wasn't. Intense lights dwelt in the eyes of the two bodyguards whenever they looked at Eda.



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