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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.6_7


As they lined up at the trading facility, Lecan got called again by appraiser Telmin. And again, Telmin shoved over many adventurers waiting to get his appraisal and appraised Lecan's items first. It's a mystery how those queuing adventurers aren't complaining.

Lecan requested to have <Chain Fang Spear> appraised as well as its price.

Appraiser Telmin made an appraisal tag, and got it brought to an official behind for the price assessment.

How the official peeked in when the appraisal tag was written nagged Lecan.

Appraiser Telmin made a transcript of the result, wrote down the price assessment and handed it to Lecan who paid him for the service. He handed the fee to the official who then brought it to the administrative staff.


"That's all for today. By the way, I got another appraiser handled my stuff the other day and the result didn't have <Depth> entry."

"Of course. How the heck would an appraiser who can't read <Depth> write it."

"So you're saying there's not a lot appraisers who can read <Depth>."

"The only senior appraisers in Tsubolt presently are me and my two disciples."

This skill seems quite scarce.

"Guess everything that gets appraised here will be known to that general administrative office thing."

"Well, yeah. General Administration's goal is to gain information on everything that drops in the dungeon after all. There's also a need to record what, where and how much. Hence all appraisal results are saved to General Administration. If you don't want that, Secret Appraisal is yer' only option."

"What is this Secret Appraisal."

"A special appraisal service carried out in a private room. Only the appraiser and the requester are privy of the results. And the appraiser is obliged to keep the secret to their grave. However, there is no assessment on price. As that's the job of General Administration. Secret Appraisal service will cost you one large gold coin."


"Err I would love to have some items appraised too."

"Get the goods out here."

"Lecan-dono. Please take <Thunder Sword> and <Lion Spear> out."

Lecan took those two and put them on the counter. Arios paid the appraisal fee. The official stopped trying to peek in when Lecan glared at them, but these results will end up at the General Administration anyway.

That's fine for now. However, it'll become an issue once they get past floor 120.

Lecan doesn't want anyone get in his way, not until he's had a taste of the dungeon boss on the last floor.

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Lecan showed the <Chain Fang Spear> appraisal tag to Tsuinga during dinnertime that night.

"We got this thing. It's in my <Box> right now. I'll sell it to you if you want. How 'bout it."

Tsuinga whose eyes casually wandered over at the tag opened his eyes wide and stared at Lecan's face.

"T-this is!"

"Don't worry about it if you don't want to. Just checking before I sell this at the facility."

"Double extra damage! It is a higher class version of my short spear. The basic performance far outstrips mine as well. And it's even got <State Retention>."

Bruska and Yoana stopped their meal and watched over them full of curiosity.

"It's an incredible Grace Gear. However. Hmm."

The price should be affordable enough for Tsuinga, yet it seems something is bothering him.

Tsuinga handed the appraisal tag to Yoana.

Yoana mulled over it while frowning. Then she put on a refreshed look on her face before returning the tag to Tsuinga.

"Tsuinga. It sounds good to me. Ain't no need to even think 'bout it. Go get it."

"But, you know."

"I don't really know about short spears, but were this a common-sized spear, it wouldn't go for this price, no?"

"That is indeed the truth. Short spears are favored more by experts. Your average nobles or knights likely seldom order one. A long spear with the same exact attributes would fetch thrice as high."


"That is just how much its performance worth."

"Bought! It's settled."


"That short spear of yours is quite beat up already, isn't it. That won't last forever."

"That may be so, however."

"You'd have a weapon for any job we take in the future. We can't have you dead, you know."

"However, for escort jobs and such, perhaps a long spear would be--"

"No you can't! It's short spears you're good with. You can't just switch your weapon willy-nilly. You're invincible when you're wielding a short spear, you know."


"Lecan. Could you show us the short spear first?"

Lecan took the <Chain Fang Spear> from his <Storage> and passed it over to Tsuinga.

Tsuinga examined the spear from all directions and let out a sigh.

"I have never borne witness to such an incredible short spear in my life before."

Bruska extended out his hand, indicating he wanted to see it too, Tsuinga reluctantly parted with the short spear.

"So what's your thought, Tsuinga?"

"Simply outstanding. It is way cheap for what you get."

"That's that then. Lecan. We're buying."

"Hm? Sure."

Lecan wondered why was it Yoana who made the decision, but then it hit him that Yoana is probably in charge of <Grindam>'s accounting.

As if endorsing his guess, Yoana took the huge sum of one platinum coin and one large gold coin from her <Box>.

Tsuinga who has claimed the <Chain Fang Spear> as his own spent the entire night staring at it with a child-like expression on his face.





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