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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.6


Zack Zaikaz arrived at Vouka on the first of month three. As they departed Kogurus on the 34th of month two, the journey took them seven days. The entourage deliberately moved slower with intermittent breaks per the judgment of a medic who came along with them.

The entourage consists of one luxurious wagon, one ordinary wagon and horse-riding escorts.

Representing them is the second son of Kogurus townlord, Riol. He's accompanied by one knight.

Then one medic and eight people who tend for Zack and Riol.

Also, eight escorts.

Eda, who was welcoming them at the town lord's mansion with the town lord, his son and Norma, broke out in a cold sweat.

The eight escorts are no knights no matter how you look at it. Neither are they noble or soldiers.

They're adventurers. And all eight of them are highly adept.

Frankly, Eda doesn't think she can win even in a one-on-one fight.

Later on, she was told this was just how Kogurus do thing. Kogurus have few trueborn knights and soldiers. They hire adventurers with money whenever needed. And this time they got extremely capable people to guard the VIP.

Eda regretted not asking Jinga to come. But it's weird for a medic to have a bodyguard, it would make them look hostile, so Norma convinced Jinga, hence he's not present now. Norma was sure that it'd be okay since she got Eda with her, but it's not okay at all.

"Salutation, Riol Shalbart-dono."

"I am honored at your warm welcome. Crimus Ulban-sama."

"This here is my son, Agito. And the girl here is our gold rank adventurer, <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> Eda. And then this one here is medic Norma Goncourt. She is the very person who saw through the cause of Guide Skalabel-sama's condition and came up with a treatment."

"Ooh. That is reassuring to hear. This man is our town's knight, Jakof Warren. And this woman is medic Aterna. We're all pleased to make your acquaintances."

Once they were done with pleasantries, they brought the patient to the guesthouse. Then after a moment of repose, they got right to examination.

Zack Zaikaz is lying on the bed once used by Herb Saint.

Eda didn't really talk with Zack when they met before.

Zack is a tall man. He was thin but his gestures had no hesitation, and his sinewy finger bones looked powerful. He wasn't exactly a handsome man being an elderly man and all, but he got this mysterious something that naturally drew people in.

The Zack now has been turned into a dark shrivelled diminutive mass resembling that of a crumpled frog. There's no dignity on him anymore. His body is dried up like it's lost all moisture, it looks more like a fallen old tree in the forest than a human.

The room has Norma, Eda, Riol, knight Jakof, medic Aterna and one bodyguard. The town lord family maid, Pauline is standing in front of the door. The room is not large. Letting in any more people would hinder the treatment. Bodyguards and servants from Kogurus are standing by outside the room in the hallway.

Norma is looking at Zack with a grim face.

"The situation is far more dire than I thought. This is no time to take it slow. Eda."


"We're doing examination simultaneously with treatment. Can you cast a soft <Purification> on his whole body slowly without a wand."

"Yes. <Purification>."


Despite intending to watch in silent, Riol inadvertently shouted when he saw the <Purification>.

Norma pointed her wand at Zack who was wrapped in blue light and focused her all to examine him.

After a bit, a black mist-like thing seeped out of Zack's whole body.

"Eda, that's enough."

Eda stopped her <Purification>.

"<Suspended Animation> is it. I see."

Norma murmured.

"I was wondering how were you planning to bring a critically ill patient all the way from Kogurus, this is truly a desperate measure. But it's an apt choice. Eda."


"We now stand at the preliminary step of treatment. This patient has been put under <Suspended Animation> curse in order to stop his illness from progressing."


"In all other situation, this would eventually lead to death, but <Purification> can undo <Suspended Animation>. Just a bit more <Purification> and <Suspended Animation> will come undone."


"However, by undoing <Suspended Animation>, his illness will also break free from suspension."


"We could opt to cast a strong <Purification> to heal him in one go but that comes with danger."
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"That is because there are cases where healthy organs work in harmony with diseased organs in critically ill patients like this, thus removing the illness could result in those organs stopping functioning which leads to death."


"Thus, I will stop your <Purification> the instance <Suspended Animation> has been completely removed."


"We need a precise timing here. Make sure you do not miss my instruction. Stop right away with a signal."


"Then, first cast a very light <Purification>."


A black mist seeped out once again.

"<Purification> stop."

Eda stopped.

As sweat ran down her forehead, Norma pointed her wand to carefully examine the patient.

The darkened shrunk body of the patient began to sweat out.

"Uuuu, uu."

He let out a fragile voice.


"By your side."

The now completely familiar family maid opened the slightly opened the door.

"Sarigona, fifty-fifty."


They have put things that could be of use in the kitchen.

In a shockingly short amount of time, Pauline returned with a mix of Sarigona's extract and well water on tray.

Norma nodded with her wand still pointed out.

Pauline soaked the juice in cotton and then lightly squeezed the soaked cotton in patient's mouth. She soaked the cotton again before squeezing it in patient's mouth. She kept repeating that.

Norma took a pill from her chest pocket and tossed it in her mouth.

It's a Mana Restorative pill she got from Lecan.

Norma's mana pool is pitifully tiny. But she can continue using her mana intermittently with the help of this mana restorative pill.

Norma carefully observes the patient's condition with her wand. Sending mana every once in a while.

"Uuu. Uuu."

The patient groaned in pain.

A long night has just started.





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