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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.10_11


Afterward, Lecan went in an <Armored> room alone.

And sure enough, only one beast spawned.

A higher grade <Power Boost> sword got dropped.

Arios also went in alone.

He got a higher grade <Thunder Sword>. With <State Maintenance> Grace included.

"The power this <Thunder Sword> possesses is quite something. Would you be willing to let me have this sword?"

"You won that yourself. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. From now on, that's gonna be the rule for stuff each of us got ourselves."

"Understood, master."

"Are you gonna use that?"

"No. I will not. But this sword has got a really focused blade."

"Yeah I guess so."

Focused blade here means that the sword is specialized in one particular aspect.

But why would he wants it if he's not gonna use it. Arios speaks as if he's perceived Lecan's wonder.

"I wish to show our young disciples how that swords such as this exist out there."

"Your home a swordsmanship training hall or something?"

"Well, it's something akin to that, yes."

Him dodging the question indicates he's unwilling to talk further. It's not like Lecan is dying to know the answer anyway.

One thing they've found out for sure.

Only one magic beast spawns if one adventurer enters, and in this case, the spawned beast is a physical type. It's not yet definitive as they've only tested this twice, but this rule probably holds true.

They were done with dungeon exploration after that and decided to try staying at <Summit Honors Mansion>.

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<Summit Honors Mansion> was unbelievably spacious.

The lodging area behind receptionist area holds 10 ten-person areas, and 20 five-person areas. In short, there are 30 areas, but those areas' total size exceeds the space needed for 10,000 people in ordinary lodgings.

Each area is connected with rooftop stone paved passages to the receptionist area. Those curved passages are surrounded by beautiful gardens where chairs and tables can be found placed here and there.

Arios and Lecan were led to a five-person area. The five-person area has five individual buildings, and one communal buildings surrounded by tall thick walls separating it with neighboring areas.

The communal building has staff members tending it. At least one staff member for the five-person areas, and two staff members for the ten-person areas are always on standby, ready to take guests' order even in the dead of the night.

Each communal building has personal chefs cooking food there. As such, although sudden orders may take longer to be prepared, they will eventually figure out the guests' preferences and have enough ingredients ready to satisfy their demand anytime.

Appraisals and item selling are also done at the lodging, with respective staff getting called there when required. Naturally, the staff can also buy stuff for you if you wish to shop around without going out.

Pretty much a thoroughly perfect environment.

It took a while for them to arrive at their allocated lodgings.

But since <Summit Honors Mansion> has been built around the dungeon, you can take shortcuts to get to the dungeon quick. Another perk of staying there.

They were led to an excessively spacious living room despite it being a five-person area.

"Got booze here?"

"We have all kinds of liquor prepared for your pleasure. Please inform us if you do not find what you want."

"What about fermented stuff."

"Yes we have them as well."

"Gimme some of that. And some light snacks. I'd like roast meat and filling stuff for dinner."

"Understood. Would you like to have our female staff accompany you during dinner. Or would you like to have them now?"

"Female staff? Ah, you mean that kind. No. No need for that today. Ah, yeah! Bath. You've got baths here don't you."

"Yes. We have bathrooms in each room and a large public bath. It would take a bit longer to prepare the public bath one."

"The room one's fine. Heat the water right away."

"If you could get my room's bath ready as well."

"Understood. Would you like your bath ladies well-fleshed, or slimmer?"

"Neither. I'm gonna take it easy alone."

"Same with me."


The bath was the best. That's for sure.

"That was some good bath."

"It was simply superb."

It's clean, with a nice breeze and a nice fragrant.

<Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> is nice too but the barrel's got grease and grime on it and it smells a bit. Having been used to such things, Lecan didn't really care about it, but he couldn't help but admire <Summit Honors Mansion>'s bath greatness.

They've also provided a sensibly-made scrubbing stick, medicine powder to wash hair and body, both of which are high-class.

The mechanism that made hot water falls from above by pulling a string was a nice touch as well.

And comes dinnertime.

"Get this plate, and this and that, and also dishes from here to that side away."


"I ain't eating that much. Get them away."

"Oh no sir, you may eat however much you want. We shall take the remainder back later."

"That's gonna make all this food go to waste. Just get them away."


"Ah, yeah almost forgot. I'm selling this thing."


The staff member was shocked when Lecan suddenly produced a giant scythe.

"Take it with you once you're done with the dishes. Bring me the money and appraisal result tomorrow."


"Getting scratched by that blade will kill you, take caution."






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