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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.9


Thus Lecan and Arios set foot on floor 100 on the third of month two.

The blue phosphorescence filling floors and walls which looked so mystical yesterday doesn't feel out of place anymore today.

(Human's power to adapt.)

(Is quite an incredible thing.)

The light emitting from floors can make you lose your way instead. Lecan walks on without looking down, relying on <3D Perceptions>.

"Fumu. Again, there's no one on this floor today."

"I wonder if it's an unsought floor."

"You sure know some novel word. Well since there's supposedly only around ten parties who explore floor 100 down, and suppose they take a break every two day, there'd be only five parties exploring down here at any given time. 20 floors for five parties means each party gets to have four floors. Alright, we're going in."

Lecan got in an inner passage. Arios followed. Of course it's an inner passage to a normal room, not the stairway room.

"Alright, they spawned. Two beasts."

One of the two has strong mana.

Arios looked relieved.

Lecan too.

Had five spawned, Lecan would pass over a great shield to Arios, <Shield of Wolkan> for Lecan, and threw a <Bomb Shell> at the enemies, but these things aren't originally meant for dungeon use. Their destructive force is just on a whole other level. Using one in a dungeon is virtually a self-destroying act. The enemies may die but neither will friendlies leave unscathed.

"Hold it. Wonder what's gonna happen if you Arios enter later, after one beast has spawned. Will it stay just one beast. Or will another beast spawn."

"Ah, I don't think I can go inside in that scenario."


"Nark-san mentioned it. Once in the past, when Zoltan-dono's party was doing a cooperative diving with another party, they entered the inner passage first but the other party never showed up no matter how long they waited so Zoltan-dono's party ended up taking care of the beasts themselves. Later on when they asked, turned out the passage outside refused another entry."

"Heard nothing about that."

"It was just the day before yesterday though? Ah, right. Lecan-dono was in the restroom back then."

"Yeah? I see. So then, I guess these magic beasts only spawn once when they detect enemy. No addition. Makes sense."

"It does?"

"Charging in!"
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Lecan charged in the room and headed straight for the enemy.

Arios who followed slightly later also broke out running.

One of the <Armored> got a whip, while the other was holding a curious giant scythe-like weapon.

The whip <Armored> held its left hand up toward Lecan. Then several small explosions occurred around Lecan's vicinity. <Necklace of Intuador> got activated, blocking all of those explosions.

Lecan rushed in on the <Armored> that was raising its giant scythe overheard, first he cut off the scythe's handle before going for the <Armored>'s head.

The whip <Armored> went for Arios, Arios easily dodged the whip's trajectory like he could foresee it all and reaped the beast's neck.

A treasure chest got dropped. It's gigantic.

Lecan opened the chest, Arios got inside and took the weapon out. The insides of the chest is spacious enough to hold three standing Lecan.

Lecan appraised the weapon.


"What's wrong?"

"It's got <Instant Death>. That's one thing, but if <Instant Death> doesn't work, any one of <Petrification>, <Blind>, or <Rage> curse gets inflicted instead. It's even got <Nullify Curse Resistance>. This thing's brutal."

"So it's fine so long as you don't get hit by it."

"Well, yeah. That aside, can't put something this big in <Storage>."

The scythe is taller than Lecan. The blade part is about three step long. An object this huge cannot go in Lecan's <Storage>.

Yet when he tried to shove the handle part in <Storage>, the whole thing vanished inside.


He tried to take it out, he did it easily. His attempt to put it inside once again was done easily as well.

(Can <Storage> store bigger stuff now?)

(Has its object insertion function been improved?)

(I see!)

(After Ninae, my <Life Detection>, <3D Perception> and <Mana Detection> all evolved further.)

(<Storage> must have evolved too.)

(Its capacity must've seen a huge boost too.)

(Come to think of it, feels like I could put much more stuff lately.)

"What was that just now?"

"Just now?"

"That giant scythe disappeared like it got sucked in."

"I told you not to pry."

(I've gotta check out how big of an object can get in now.)

"It must be the so-called <Storage> right?"


"I'm referring to the <Box> installed on that overcoat."

"Y-yeah. Right."

"It sure boasts a much higher performance than any <Box> though."


"But it's not actually installed on the overcoat, correct?"

"What are you saying."

"It's installed on Lecan-dono himself."

At first Lecan was going to worm his way out, but there's no point in that anymore.


"I'm guessing that no one else besides Lecan-dono can take things out of this <Storage>, or can it?"


"What's going to happen to the content of <Storage> if Lecan-dono perishes?"

"They just disappear. With no way to get them back."


"You got a problem with it?"

"Oh no."





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