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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.18


"Oy. Didn't you say man-made swords' <Depth> don't go over ten."

"Uumu. These numbers are ordinarily unthinkable. I have had opportunities to appraise two other swords made by swordsmith Rusk before, and the <Depths> of those swords were nothing like these. These numbers should have never been possible coming from the hands of men."

"But there's no mistake about it, yeah?"

"One possible explanation is that these swords were smithed under Oracle guidance."


"Once upon a time, a certain lord whose territory was ravaged by a plague besought the temple for help, the temple received an oracle from god to forge a Divine Blade. The forged Divine Blade received prayers at the temple, then that sword was used in a ritual to drive away the plague, which it did. I was invited afterward to appraise that Divine Blade, lo and behold it possessed the shocking <Depth> of 61. Far beyond any sword forged by men."

"You can raise <Depth> if you get prayers at the temple?"

"A sword may have an element added to it or becomes easier to receive protection by a particular god if you take it to the temple and get it prayers, however, the sword's attributes themselves will remain unchanged. That includes <Depth>. A sword shall retain its form as a sword until its end of life. Its fundamental attributes will not fluctuate. A sword that came into being without a Grace will never have a Grace. That is providence."

What the heck is this old man blabbering about, thought Lecan.

There exists Enchant in Lecan's previous world, you can enchant weapons, armor and accessories with unique functions by using jewels and magic stones. Even the overcoat Lecan is wearing right now has <Self Restoration> function. A jewel with <Self Restoration> function can be installed on an overcoat or a sword. It's an all-purpose Grace. It can't be moved to another object once it's been installed though.

Lecan's still got several other swords enchanted with other functions on him. From what he's tried thus far, they work just fine in this world. Those effects are appraised as Graces in this world. In other wold, they are swords that came into existence without a Grace then got Graces added to them later. 'A sword that came into being without a Grace will never have a Grace. That is providence.' is utter nonsense.

After thinking that much, it finally hit Lecan.

That's the reason.

That's the reason why even someone as extraordinary as Shira had such an exaggerated reaction to it. The Magic Tool Engineer living in the capital, that Longlifer Yacklubend seems eager to see Lecan's overcoat as well.

Granting Graces to Graceless objects. It's a ground-breaking matter in this world. An entirely different matter altogether from magic tool creations. At first Lecan thought <Self Restoration> was the same as <Damage Restoration>, but considering the former can be put on any object while the latter can only have its effect active on the object it dwells on like say swords, they are likely different things altogether. Lecan is in possessions of several objects that could potentially overturn common sense in this world at its very root.

Meaning, the problem is now just how much Yacklubend noticed from observing the remnants of Lecan's sword. Did he tell Shira about that sword's self-restoration function. Felt like he did. The self-restoration function doesn't work anymore on his broken trusty sword. Hence there shouldn't be that many thing they could gleam from the remnants.

However, his overcoat's got a working Self-Restoration function. Shira had shot it with a light magic and observed the restoration intently with curiosity. She might have told Yacklubend about that.

Yacklubend is likely eagerly waiting for Lecan and his overcoat's arrival, not just a passing thought to them like Lecan initially thought. He can't even imagine just what kind of stuff they'd put him through if he ever got caught.

Lecan is also bothered by the veteran appraiser before him. This old man might have noticed something about Lecan's overcoat as well.

(Calm down.)

(Even if this world's human appraise this overcoat.)
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(They can't read the meanings of the results.)

(Even that Shira couldn't.)

Come to think of it, <Sword of Odo> also got three functions. All of which get enchanted into the sword via jewels, but those jewels were only used as disposables and the effects got dwelt into the blade through the enchant. This sword is probably also something that carries tremendous values to researchers in this world.


(Just gotta avoid going to the capital for now.)

(Absolutely never going there.)

The elderly appraiser kept talking while Lecan was lost in thought.

"<Sword of Rusk> has <Depth> of 112, yet its <Endurance> has been reduced to 63. This sword was likely created for a certain purpose, of which it has fulfilled."


Lecan replied half-heartedly while he was deep in thought.

"The problem is <Sword of Agost>. I have no clue who and where this swordsmith Agost is, but it must have taken them time and money to create such a sword. Yet its <Endurance> remains at 99, this indicates that this sword hasn't fulfilled its original purpose yet."


"The only opponent I could think of that would require this much Hardness and size would be dragons."


A sword forged for the sake of fighting dragons.

Is <Sword of Agost> truly made for that.

"Oh yeah, this Agost guy is apparently a son of Rusk."

"Hou. I do recall hearing about Rusk having a son who died young. I see, it is no wonder both these swords share similar smell."


"Those who don't know don't know. Those who know need not explanations."

"Fumu. Now that you mention it, these two swords do have some similar qualities to them."


Something hit on Lecan then.

"Hold it. How'd you know <Sword of Agost> hasn't fulfilled its original purpose. Its Endurance wouldn't fall if it's only used in a ritual."

"Did you even listen to a word I said huuh? How in the world would <Endurance> stay at that value when it's been used. You dang fool. If <Wear Rate> stays yet <Endurance> falls down, it means that particular sword has cut objects not of this world. Using the analogy earlier, it has cut the invisible foundation part."

"Invisible objects?"

"The sword used in the ritual I mentioned earlier had its <Endurance> reduced by 10."

"I see."

While replying the old man, a terrifying thought hit on Lecan.


(<Self Restoration> enchanted in my previous world.)

(Can also restore <Endurance>.)

That'd make it even more of an aberrant in this world.

"I've been blessed a meeting with an outstanding appraiser. You have my thanks."

Lecan stood up.

He wanted to get away from this elderly appraiser as soon as possible.

"If you ever find yourself at Nadis Barondom, go ask around for Rusk Household at Town of Liplin. There may be something you can obtain there."

"Hou. Town of Liplin huh. Noted."





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