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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.5_6


Lecan ran up to Bruska who was crouching while holding down his chest.


Then he hurried over to Tsuinga who was also wounded.


Lecan cannot cast <Recovery> remotely like Eda.

He needs to get within a touching distance to the recipient.

Yoana came over in a hurry.

"Are you all right, Tsuinga. Bruska too."

"Yeah, I am fine. It was but a scratch. All patched up too."

"I didn't get it too bad either. Got hit on the thickest part of my armor. Felt like my breathing stopped for a second there though."

"Oh really. But still."

Yoana looked around at the dead beasts.

"We really did, didn't we."

"Yea, we did."


The three <Grindam> members look to be overwhelmed with emotion.

The exaltation wrapping them earlier is nowhere to be found anymore.

Afterward, Yoana stared hard at Lecan's right hand. The right hand which unleashed an unrivaled magic earlier.

And yet she chose not to say anything about it.

"Lecan-dono. I found this dropped."
Arios had fetched a scimitar from a treasure chest and submitted it to Lecan with his usual carefree face.

Lecan didn't take the scimitar and instead cast <Appraisal> while it was still in Arios's hand.

<Name: Lifedrain Sword (Vudscylla)>

<Type: Scimitar>

<Offense: Large>

<Hardness: Medium>

<Firmness: Small>

<Sharpness: Large>

<Wear Rate: None>

<Endurance: Perfect>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 100>


<Graces: Stamina Drain (Large), Damage Restoration (Large), Sword Speed Boost (Large)



"Is that amazing?"

<Grindam> were excited when they heard appraisal results from Lecan.

"By itself, each of these Graces is very good, but combined they're even better. Scimitars are already a sharp weapon, and the addition of <Sword Speed Boost> makes it deadlier. On top of that, <Damage Restoration> helps cover its fragility weak point. Hahaha. <Damage Restoration> is a Grace that can only be found on floor 100 and down."

"<Stamina Drain> is quite nice too. That being on a sharp sword is just the icing on the cake."

"Hou. You interested?"

"Eh? No err, what about you Lecan and Arios."

Bruska took a glance at the sword on Lecan's waist while saying that.

He had just borne witness to the atypical sharpness of a Solid Sacred Silver sword. The scimitar can't measure up to that no matter how good the Graces. Bruska must be aware of that.

"This type of swords is made to cut first of all. It might be sturdy, but it's still a scimitar at the end of the day. It's not for me. Probably same goes for Arios."

"Yes. I have this sword with me. The thought of wielding another sword never crosses my mind."

"It is ill-suited for me either. I cannot use swords to begin with."

"Well, I specialize in axes myself."

"We can just turn it into money then. Gotta fetch a handsome sum if it's such a nice sword, right. Oh, can't wait just how much the split'll be."

"Alright. Then let us go back outside after getting in the stairway."

Lecan took the magic stones of four magic beasts after saying that.

The five of them went further in the room.

There's a cavity on the rock wall, with the stairway down beyond it.

This cavity had always been here even before the battle began, but it was covered in an ash-colored fog then. That fog is no more now.

According to the info they've gathered, you cannot get down these stairways until after you have eliminated all magic beasts in the stairway rooms starting from floor 100 down. These five have earned the right to step in the stairway.

There's another exit next to the stairway. It must lead to the corridor outside.

Lecan and Arios turned around and bowed at the battlefield, the three <Grindam> members mimicked them.

Then they stepped in the stairway to floor 101.

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"Oy oy. You gotta come with us today, Lecan."

As Lecan passed over eight magic stones and two swords to Bruska in front of the trade facility, Bruska asked him to come along too.

"You can do it alone."

"That ain't the issue here! I beg of you."

"I too ask you of this, Lecan. Please tag along with us today."

"I mean, we're sellin' Grace Gear from floor 100 for the first time and all. Let's all go together."

<Grindam> has been such a great help, it's hard for Lecan to refuse them here.

Faced with no other choice, Lecan and Arios accompanied them inside.

It's still early in the day, but all the trading counters are packed.

Old man Termin is sitting in the counter furthest back. Which also got the longest line.

Just as Lecan was going to get in the shortest line at the nearest counter, Bruska told him.

"That side is reserved for shallow floors. We want the one further back."

They got in line for the counter second to the furthest back. Bruska is the only one lining up. The other four are having a chat close to the wall.

As he stared into space while waiting for the queue, a young official came up to Lecan.

"Elder Termin has asked for your presence."

Termin sitting on the counter is looking at him.

Lecan clicked his tongue and walked up to Termin.

"What do you need. I'm busy right now."

"You are here to have your items appraised, are you not. I shall see to it."

"I don't feel like getting in this long line."

"You don't have to. Sit here."

Like you can do that, thought Lecan as he looked at a stern-looking man standing first in the line. The man was making a gesture, 'please go ahead'. Same with several other people queuing behind him.

Lecan sighed and called Bruska to come over.

"Client Bruska. Affiliation <Grindam>."

Appraiser Termin wrote down the client's name and group.

Bruska put eight big magic stones on the counter.

"These need not appraisal. 12 gold coins for eight. Are you selling?"

"Yes please."

Bruska is acting meekly for some reason.

Termin wrote down something on a paper.

"Next up."

Urged by Bruska's eyes, Lecan took out a short sword. It was the one dropped on floor 100 earlier.

Appraiser Termin appraised the short sword, wrote the result on a paper and handed it over to an official. The official left and came back with a scrap of paper, Termin saw that, wrote name, graces, and price on a wooden board with an ink, then he showed it to client's side.

Eight big gold coins.

"We will be selling that."

Bruska said that, then Termin wrote something on the paper.

Then he called the young official, and handed over the appraisal result. The official then proceeded to bring the result to the luxurious table in the back. Sitting on it is not the woman from back then, but a knight.

"Do you have another?"

Lecan took the scimitar and put it on the counter.

Appraiser Termin appraised the scimitar, wrote the result on a paper, handed it to the official, and once the price came back, he wrote the name, graces and price on a wooden tag.

Three platinum coins and two big gold coins.

"Y-yes, we're selling!"

Bruska said that, turned around and held three fingers up high.

Tsuinga and Yoana who saw that hugged each other in delight.

"That's all we got to sell. Give the money."

"Hold on a bit."

The young official came back. Appraiser Termin added something on a paper on his hand, and then handed the paper as well as the scimitar's appraisal result to the young official.

The young official spoke to Lecan and Bruska.

"We will have your money ready shortly. A liaison from General Dungeon Administration wishes to speak with you. I shall guide you to a private room. All members of your party are expected to come as well."




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