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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.4


Lecan took out a <Godsteel>-made sword.

The material is known as <Solid Sacred Silver (Lesrad)> in this world.

He's got four of these swords in <Storage>.

Gathering a mountain pile of ore that's sometimes dropped by a rock monster in a certain dungeon, another mountain pile of the rare <Drop of God> that's sometimes dropped by an incorporeal monster in another dungeon, then going on a hunt for several other catalysts, before finally assembling many skilled enchanters, priests, and smithmasters together, and paying them an eye-popping amount of money to obtain those swords. He could only sigh at his youthful indiscretion now.

Lecan has given up trying to whet these swords.

Even in his previous world, only an extreme minority of Smithmasters could manage that. Not to mention the need for special catalysts to whet them.

He had asked Shira if she knew a smith who could sharpen these swords in this world. Shira told him that she had never seen a <Solid Sacred Silver> sword before, hence she had no idea if any smith could sharpen one, however, she was sure showing these swords to anyone would only attract trouble.

Because, first of all <Solid Sacred Silver> is a scarce and expensive material. Such a big lump of it will surely attract attentions. Further, a closer look on them will reveal the fact that Lecan's swords are made of pure undiluted <Solid Sacred Silver>. That kind of thing apparently does not exist in this world. Temples and royal palace won't leave him alone if they find out about it.

Okay yeah, that sounds like a pain, thought Lecan.

Hence, Lecan has no plan to ever show these swords to a smith. He's going to keep using them and just leave it at that if they break.

The sword Lecan took has the lowest Wear Rate and highest Endurance among the four.

He put it hanging it on his waist.

"Alright. Let's head for <Guardian>'s room."

Lecan stood up and walked off. <Graph Make> is showing that the sole stairway in this floor is located in the furthest room in the center.

The five arrived in front of the room. Lecan went in the inner passage without stopping.

"Come, ooh, it's coming. This mana restorative is really awesome. Lecan. How much is this thing really? C'mon whisper it to this ol'me."

"Told you I made 'em."

"Okay okay. If you're going to be like that, then at least tell me the price."

"There's no price tag."
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"Tsk. Stingy."

"Forget that, get yourself prepped."

"'Kay 'kay."

Lecan was bewildered. One of the <Armored> inside the room is holding an unusual weapon.

(Could these beasts really carry that?)

He probed again with <3D Perceptions> in a more precise manner. But it's still the only conclusion that makes sense.

Just as Yoana was done preparing, Lecan spoke to the four.

"Our enemies are in a line formation once again. Five step away from each other. The rightmost got a scimitar, the one in the center has a wand, while the rest are holding longswords."

"A wand?"

"Wand really?"


Yoana's eyes opened wide in surprise while her mouth kept shut.

Thinking again, it's said that <Armored> can shoot magic after all. Them carrying wands should come as no surprise. And the one with a wand clearly possesses strong mana.


Lecan fetched <Necklace of Intuador>, hung it over his neck and pushed it under his light armor. He deployed <Shield of Wolkan>.

"The order we go in and your opponents are the same as before. Bruska rightmost, Tsuinga leftmost."

Everyone nodded.

Lecan kneaded his mana.

Noticing that, Yoana sent a sharp glance at Lecan, which he ignored.

Lecan gave his order with his sword still sheathed.

"Let's go!"

Arios, Bruska, Tsuinga, Lecan and Yoana entered the room, got into position and started marching forward.

The enemies are also walking toward them.

After covering some distance, both sides broke into run. All except the <Armored> wand beast in the center, it's standing still while pointing its wand at Lecan's group.

Arios rushed ahead at abnormal speed, turned toward the right end, and drew his sword while running. The rightmost scimitar <Armored>'s right hand flew in the air along with the scimitar itself.

"<Great Flame Slash>!"

A powerful magic attack passed through Lecan's right side, darting toward the beast in the center, but right before the magic hit, it exploded in mid air. The enemy had put up a <Barrier>. Lecan sensed how that <Barrier> blocked <Great Flame Slash> before breaking down.

Arios cut off the rightmost enemy's head.

The wand beast shoots out magic.

Lecan suddenly ran to the left. The powerful flame unleashed by the center enemy hit a barrier produced by <Necklace of Intuador> scattering it in the air.

"<Flame Spear>!"

A gigantic light shot out of Lecan's right palm pointed forward, landing on the wand beast, blowing it away.

Bruska confronted the <Armored> second to the right. He raised his twin axes to match the enemy raising its longsword overhead. As the longsword was swung down, he put both his axes above his head to block it. But the beast changed the longsword's trajectory just as it so much as touched the axes, hitting Bruska's left chest.

Tsuinga's short spear clashed with the leftmost longsword <Armored>, creating sparks.

Lecan charged at the <Armored> second to the left, and slashed his sword diagonally from the shoulder down. The beast still had its sword raised overhead as a big slash wound opened from his shoulder down, and stopped moving. Lecan decapitated it as he made a return slash.

At the right flank, an <Armored> was going to finish off Bruska who had lost its balance when Arios reaped its head.

Lecan drove his sword at the wand <Armored> just as it tried to shoot magic while in a sitting position. The miraculous sharpness of Solid Sacred Silver Sword cleaved the beast's head in two, and cut its chest apart, down to the stomatch.

Tsuinga tumbled down from <Armored>'s onslaught, but Arios rushed to his rescue, lopping the hostile <Armored>'s head off.

Thus the battle ended.





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