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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.11


Lecan <Sees> the insides of the room.

Not through naked eye.

But through an ability he gained in his previous world, <3D Perceptions> allows him to clearly <See> how many magic beasts there are, which directions each of them face and their postures.

It cannot perceive fogs or smokes. But any object that's at least as thick as a needle can be clearly seen. There's no blind spot. He can even sees the insides of a bag. But for some reason this doesn't apply to treasure chests.

There is no color. The detection range cannot be moved. At first it only covered around 50 steps, but after his basic attributes got a boost from conquering Dungeon Ninae, it's now raised to around 100 steps.

Physical eye blurs or loses sight of objects when you're making intense movements. However, <3D Perceptions> grants a bird-eye view of an area, himself included.

This ability gives him information on where the eight magic beasts are and what they're doing right now.

A <Black Body> to the left of the entrance was showing its back, thus Lecan charged right into it and knocked it away.

He cut off the weapon arm of a <Black Body> to the right and ran past it, rammed into a <Red Body> behind it blowing it away, then he changed course diagonally to the left.

By this point, Arios had already charged in.

Lecan rushed straight to the left, cut off the leg of a <Red Body>, thrust away another <Red Body> and ran to the wall before turning around.

They can easily take on normal variants of magic beasts on late floor 70s. They hold superiority in physical ability as well.

At this point, Arios wounded the legs of two <Black Body> and ran deeper to the right side.

(He could have decapitated these beasts.)

(Guessing he plans to observe <Grindam>'s skill.)

Tsuinga charged in, and went straight for the closest <Black Body>. That <Black Body> which was facing Lecan got its right knee thrust by a short spear on the back, and another stab to the neck when it turned around.

Lecan didn't overlook a weird stuff happening then. Tsuinga's short spear is thick and short, a heavyweight weapon at a glance. One needs both hands to wield this spear.

When that short spear pierced into the back knee, there was no visible effect. But when the magic beast was turning around, it looked as if its back knee suffered an impact, throwing off its balance.

And when the short spear stabbed into the neck, it was a clean hit but it didn't look to have enough power to finish off the magic beast. Yet, the magic beast's neck burst open after a slight delay.

(That short spear must've some sort of Graces.)

(Probably damage appends or something along that line.)

Bruska and Yoana got in afterward.

"<Great Flame Slash (Dinvansil)>!"

A dazzling light surged out of a jewel embedded on the tip of her wand, landing right on a <Black Body>'s throat. The beast's head popped open, hitting the ceiling before falling down.


(Pretty good.)

(She instantly saw through which enemy to target.)

(And shot at the vital point accurately.)

Lecan lopped a <Red Body>'s head off.

Arios also demolished one <Black Body>.

Tsuinga went to the left of Lecan. His judgment is sound considering there's two <Red Body> in front of Lecan.

Bruska is standing by with two axes at the ready in front of Yoana.

A <Red Body> in the back shot out magic at Bruska. Yoana would be hit if he dodged here.

Bruska blocked the magic with the sides of his axes. The magic caused an explosion and got flicked away, but Bruska looks unharmed. His axes seem fine as well.

(Those got magical defense huh.)

"<Lightning Arrow (Gwinatz)>!"

Yoana is holding a long wand with a bejeweled tip in her right hand and another short wand also with an embedded jewel on the tip in her left hand. The short wand was hung on her waist earlier.

Yoana's magic hit the ankle of a <Black Body> that was clashing swords with Arios. Arios cut off the halted <Black Body>'s head.

Since Tsuinga looked like he was going to finish off his share of <Red Body>, Lecan took care of his <Red Body> ahead of Tsuinga. He knows from experience that <Red Body> won't shoot out magic for a while if you hit their chest or head. Since Tsuinga was also focusing on hitting the chest and head areas while dodging the assault, this info must be public knowledge.

Following slightly after Lecan, Tsuinga defeated his <Red Body> as well.

Bruska defeated the <Red Body> in the back.

All hostiles cleared.
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Pretty much a complete victory.


Tsuinga had some bruises so Lecan healed him with <Recovery>.

"Ooh? This is, you can use <Recovery>?"

"My now, that's a surprise. No wand, no preliminary casting huh. First time I've ever seen an adventurer who casts <Recovery> without a wand."

"So adventurers who use <Recovery> with wands exist?"

"Sure do. I know several from the depth-walking groups I'm acquainted with. Not like I know all the depth-walkers, mind you."

"This <Recovery> is simply superb. Thanks."


"OK then, we'll go take a short break in a vacant room once we've grabbed the magic stones."

Bruska approached a fallen magic beast and crouched down.

"<Move (Torim)>."


Lecan cut open a <Red Body>'s chest while standing, and recited <Move> spell. A blue magic stone floated up and stopped in Lecan's left palm.




He took <Magic Stones> from four magic beasts. The three <Grindam> members were dumbfounded as they watched Lecan. As for Arios, it's as if he's never there from the start.

Left with no choice, Lecan crouched down near the head of a <Black Body>, stabbed the neck from the side before pulling it out and reciting a spell.


He did the same thing thrice.




The three <Grindam> members were still taken aback.

"This isn't the <Move> I know..."

Lecan handed over eight big magic stones to Bruska. Then he stared at the exit as if urging them.

Bruska led the way outside to look for a break room.

The others also got out. With Arios remaining.

Lecan also stayed behind, he put his hand on his chest and bowed.

Arios mimicked him bowing.

Then the two left the room.



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