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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.9_10


"Yoana-san, we have gotten to floor 92 as well."

"Eh, already?"

"Now that is a surprise all right."

"Hold on a minute. Are you saying you have conquered both floor 90 and 91?"

"Yes, we are."

"That is most impressive. Which party were you exploring together with?"

"Oh it's just the two of us."

"Kakaka. That is doubtful. Well, it is all right if you do not wish to divulge."

"It works out great then. The party we went with is completely worn out, you see. They're planning to take a break from exploring for a while."

"Then how about you take a day off tomorrow and go diving together with us the day after? Let's find some rooms and see how well we work together, if it looks like it's going well, we can then go find some giant variants to beat up."

"Sounds good. How about it, you two?"

Lecan and Arios agreed to it, thus their cooperative diving would start a day later, on the 30th of month 1.

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Morning of the 30th, Lecan, Arios and <Grindam> had breakfast together. For the loot split rule, they've decided to follow the same agreement <Grindam> usually have with other party.

First, blue potion drops belong to Yoana. For magic stones, Yoana takes the same amount of magic stones she consumes on a particular day. As for other kinds of potions, those who defeat the magic beasts that drop them own them. But this rule doesn't apply to <God Cure>. For <God Cure> and all other items dropped from treasure chests, they will have trading facility assess the prices first. Then everything besides specific items wanted by the members will be sold off. Then the prices of those items will be deducted from that particular member's share of the total sales before being split to five people. Weapons and equipment purchases and maintenance are each individual's responsibility.

"Did a <God Cure> ever get dropped here?"

"Nah. Never. Kakaka."

The five went to a townlord-managed store and bought some portable food. Yoana also bought Wound Salve and Blue Potions. Bruska acts as a treasurer in the party, Tsuinga and Yoana would report their personal shopping lists and prices to him.

"Now then, time to go to the mediation office."

Lecan stopped Bruska when he was going to walk off toward the mediation office.

"How about giving it a go with these members first."

"Eh. That won't do, Lecan. We need at the very least ten people with us to take on floor 90s onward."

"How about floor 70s then."

"Floor 70s huh."

"The more people on hands, the harder it is to coordinate. Either way, us five should try fighting as a group first to assess each other's strength, ability, fighting styles and habits among other things. We can start thinking about getting more people from there."

"Hmm. What do you think guys?"

"I believe that is a solid idea. And on floor 70s, we can simply get out of the room if things go south."

"I'm fine with that too. To be honest with you, I hate how hard it is to shoot my magic when there's too many people. Besides, floor 70s drop some pretty good weapons."

"All right, that settles it then. Lecan, we're on board with your suggestion."

"Good, let's head for floor 79."



"Right off the bat."

The party went to floor 79.

Today Lecan is using <Sword of Odo> instead of <Sword of Rusk>.

This was a comparatively good sword enchanted with power and sharpness boost by an enhancer in his previous world. The sword had no name back then, but appraising it in this world gave it the name <Sword of Odo> with <Sharpness Boost>, <Power Boost>, and <Weight Boost> Graces attached to it.

It's a good sword with high offensive power, but it couldn't be enhanced with durability boosting enchants. It consumes a lot of stamina due to its weight, and there's a danger of it breaking if used regularly. Even though Lecan can never get a sword like this again in this world, he's decided to use it here. He believes the sword should be capable of cutting <Black Body> on floor 90s.

Bruska who was leading the way stopped moving in front of a room very close to the stairway.

"I'll go take a peek."

Right after he said that, he poked his head in the room. And pulled back right away.

"OK, no one's using it. Let's get in here."

So he was confirming whether there was another party fighting in the room or not.

Lecan could only see this method as highly risky, but perhaps it's only workable because they're on floor 70s. Naturally, doing something like that on floor 80s carries the risk of getting your head crushed.

Bruska issued commands.

"OK, let's decide on going in turns. Lecan, Arios, Tsuinga, me, then Yoana. Once you're inside, get as far away as possible and lure the enemies away. Tsuinga and I will protect Yoana. Tsuinga will also rush in once Yoana has shot her magic. Draw your swords."

Arios drew his sword.

Lecan too.

Mage Yoana took a slim wand, held it over her head, and tapped Bruska's head with the tip of her wand once it had been loaded with mana.

A transparent magical mark emerged over Bruska's face. Yoana did the same thing over Bruska's heart.

Yoana repeated the procedure on Tsuinga. Bruska explained to Lecan and Arios.

"It's a defensive magic. The mark reduces physical and magical attack, only a minute amount of it though."


Lecan recalled one thing.

There was that time when he destroyed some idols in Vouka's Ceres Temple. Back then, the vice temple head mentioned something about the idols having defensive magic cast on them.

Later on, Lecan asked Shira about defensive magic. Since that kind of magic wasn't written on Shira's list.

According to Shira, that's not a specific magic that get cast by reciting a spell, but a method that solidifies the idols' sturdiness by cladding them with mana. There are defensive magic with permanent effects, and another that only holds its effect for a short amount of time in exchange for very high defensive power. He was planning to ask Shira teach him how to use that magic, but the thought completely slipped his mind.

After Lecan and Arios got their defensive magic in order, Yoana put away her small wand and took a big wand, she gulped down a Small Blue Potion before reciting another spell.

"O God of Raging Flames, Zaboa. Goddess of vengeance enthroned in the bottom of endless pit. Revive anew and pour your grace unto me. I offer you this life and beseech you flames of ruination. Come forth, tear my foes asunder."

Mana is converging into a huge lump on the thick wand. Condensing and swirling at tremendous rate.

Yoana glanced at Bruska. Signaling him that she's ready.

Bruska issued an order.


Lecan charged headlong toward the magic beasts.





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