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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.6_7


That night, they had a meal together with the three members of <Grindam>.

"By the way, you guys. Which floor are you two exploring now?"

Arios replied to the short spearsman, Tsuinga's question.

"We're on floor 90."

Lecan's ear caught Nark spewing water behind the counter.

(Guess he really doesn't believe us.)

Nark seems to harbor some doubts regarding <Willard>'s unusually quick pace at conquering the dungeon. He probably only takes the news at face value.

"What's your highest floor yet?"

Arios answered Tsuinga 'Floor 90', then the mage Yoana suggested they banded together to conquer floor 93 once Lecan and Arios caught up to them. Tsuinga and Bruska agreed to her suggestion. With alcohol helping they ended up making promise to do cooperative diving. Though <Grindam> folks probably believed that wouldn't be for way later.

"Tsuinga-san. How tough are the giant variants on floor 90?"

"Ou? What's that about floor 90 again?"

"Are floor 90's giant variants a tough nut to crack?"

"Yea. See here, from floor 90s down, those magic beasts get very aggressive. They'll come slashing at you and shoot out magic the moment you step inside their room. Doubly so when it's giant variants! Some parties even just went and got themselves obliterated to this. Kakakaka."

"I see. There's ten of them right?"

"Ou, that it is! The maximum number of magic beast in Dungeon Tsubolt!"

"Hee? But then, how many White Spectres spawn on floor 100?"

Yoana who was sitting to the right of Arios answered this question.

"It's five."


(It gets reduced to five on floor 100?)

"Not like we've gone on floor 100 ourselves though. We've just heard stories about it. Apparently they're also smaller than floor 90s' beasts. In exchange, they move really quick and with nasty aim to boot, just way tougher all around."

"Kakakaka! We too dream of getting past floor 100 after all. We're not letting up on info gathering."

(I see.)

(These three are from this town.)

(Must have lots of adventurers' acquaintances too.)

(At any rate, this is good intel.)

(Exactly what we were looking for.)

(Picking this inn wasn't a mistake.)

Arios skillfully led the conversation to dig up more info on floor 100 below from the three.

Fortunately, no other adventurers are sitting in other tables. As they don't seem interested in dungeon-related stuff, there's no worry of having their talk overheard.

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The next morning they got up earlier than usual and left the inn.

"Huh? Lecan-dono. Aren't we going to the dungeon?"

"Didn't we decide on going to the information desk."

"Oh yes we did, we were going to buy information on floor 100 down. But I don't think there is any more need to, is there?"

"Just in case."

Due to the early hour there were only two staff manning the counters, but there wasn't a lot of adventurers queuing either, so they got their turn quickly.

It's a strict-looking elderly employee.

"I'd like to purchase info about dungeon."

"Shoot your questions. I'll tell you the price."

"How many magic beasts are there on floor 90s. Also, are rooms on floor 90s of the same size as floor 80s'. How much is this info?"

"That info is public knowledge, therefore it's free. Floor 90s have ten magic beasts. The room is the same size as rooms on floor 1-80s."

"How many magic beasts are there on floor 100s. Also, do their size, ability and fighting style differ from all White Spectres that come before them. How much is this info?"

"We don't sell information on floor 100 below. If you wish to know, stay at an inn for depth-walker adventurers and ask the staff there."

"What? You mean at one of the stone buildings over there."

"It's the inns managed by town lord to the east of this one. Look for a dark green roofed building for the depth-walker inn."

"So they'll tell you information on floor 100 and below if you stay even a night there."

"That's right. Free of charge. However, only those who have reached at least floor 80 are permitted to stay there."

"How do you even confirm that?"

"Another depth-walker party can act as a guarantor. You can also ask the receptionist there to confirm, but it'll cost you one big silver coin."

Some staff there must have floor 80s' <Marks> then.

"Fumu. Are you allowed to gather info from a <Rat>?"

"We don't offer mediation service for <Rats> for floor 100 and below."

"Hou. Got it. Appreciate your time."

Lecan left the information desk building along with Arios.

A man ran up to them from behind.

"Kekeke. Sir, good sir. Heard yer' looking fer' info on floor 100 down yeah?"


"Hehehe. Lemme tell you all 'bout it. For cheap."

"Nah. Save your breath."

Lecan walked away just like that.

"Lecan-dono. Why didn't you buy his information?"

"Hunch. Can't trust that <Rat>."

"Hee? Ah. And didn't we already get information we need from <Grindam> last night. Why did you go out of your way to try and buy information from the desk? Are you doubting <Grindam>?"

"I'm not doubting them. But neither do I believe them entirely. I was assessing whether the dungeon seen from their eyes differ from one seen from the town lord's subordinates, if the answer is yes we would have more information to deliberate with."

"I see. Lecan-dono is really prudent aren't you, unlike your appearance may suggest."

Lecan stopped walking and stared at Arios's face.



"Heed this. The stronger a beast the more cowardly they are. Beasts who know no fear don't live long."

Fools who cast aside their nature and go into a deep slumber just because they're in a safe spot die.

Only cowards who stay on their toes for the slightest hint of sound or presence even in their sleep survive.

Wolves are cowards. They do not sleep soundly.





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