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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.12


The room right next to the one they fought in was vacant. No mist in the entrance, and you can see the insides from the passage outside. Bruska stepped in before turning around and nodded. Must be checking if there were other adventurers resting inside.

The group went in and sat down for a break.

Resting is important. The tension your body involuntarily experiences during a battle takes its toll. You can get ready for the next battle once you relieve your fatigue and make sure your body has regained its functions. Both Lecan and Arios would take a sufficient break between every battles from floor 50 down as well.

Lecan looked back at the fight.

Yoana's actions were the most enlightening.

Thinking back, Lecan had no idea how a mage would act in a dungeon exploration party. Though neither is he well versed in it in his previous world.

Yoana would finish preliminary casting of a highly offensive magic before starting a battle. Maintaining a state where one could shoot loaded magic anytime is no small feat, yet acquiring this skill should be doable with practice.

Then the leader Bruska would wait until Yoana is ready before issuing the order to charge in.

What surprised him next was her accuracy.

Average mages in this world likely cannot just keep shooting magic at will like Lecan. In exchange, each and every shot they take would be carefully calculated to bring out maximum effectiveness.

And when a battle begins, they would start by shooting a weak but quick magic instead of magic that require preliminary casting.

Lecan was impressed with the two wand style. Having the right wand for high powered magic and the left one for quick shot magic is a nice idea. If the battle got drawn out, they would definitely start preliminary casting of high powered magic once again. It would be perfect if they just had another slim wand for support magic.

There are some things he could learn from Tsuinga's fighting style as well.

It's been made even clearer that short spears are a very flexible weapon. Tsuinga skilfully swung his short spear with both hand, making use of the blade, blunt end and the handle part to seal his opponent's movement. Then when the time is right, he'd unleash a powerful strike to deliver the finishing blow. His high number of move sets lets him significantly lowers <Red Body>'s threat level.

Bruska blocked magic with the sides of his axes. A technique that can't be done without the courage and the eye for it. But his fight moments ago didn't leave an impression of dual axes being that powerful.


"What is it?"
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"Earlier, you peeked in the room."

"I did. I mean we gotta make sure no one's fighting when we get in."

"Isn't it risky?"

"Oh nobody's gonna pay attention to some poking faces if they're in the heat of battle. Besides the spot in front of the entrance is reserved for retreating. Most parties would leave someone standing by there if they're in a combat."

"What if there wasn't a combat."

"Eh it'll be fine if I just peek in and out real quick. But once we get to floor 90s, I've gotta be seriously quick with how aggressive the magic beasts on those floors react."

Yoana was muttering something to knead her mana next to the chatting Lecan and Bruska. Then she poured the mana into her short wand.


(So that's how you load spells into a wand.)

(Then she only needs to recite the cast spell when the need arises.)

Lecan pondered while focusing on Yoana.

(I'd like to keep working together with <Grindam> for the time being.)

(Shouldn't try hiding the entirety of my detection ability.)

"Bruska. I have an ability that can detect humans and magic beasts."


Adventurers are the kinds of individuals who keep their ability hidden even to someone they work together with. Bruska was bewildered at Lecan who willingly disclosed his ability out of the blue.

"I can tell how many magic beasts inside a room and their formations from outside. I can also tell if there's people inside and how many."

Bruska fell silent at once.

Yoana's voice got to sound a bit echoy while she was reciting her spell.

"That skill would be quite a boon if true."

"Shall we put it to test in the next room."

"Right. Let's do that."

Yoana is done loading her wand.

It's probably for the <Lightning Arrow> she used to hinder the magic beast in the room earlier.

"Yoana. You can load magic into that wand?"

"Eh? Don't you know about <Wand of Cordysie>? You're a mage right. Oh but, I guess it makes sense. You can cast <Recovery>, <Move> without preliminary casting or a wand, even rapid firing them. Guess someone like that got no business with <Wand of Cordysie>."

"Can you load any magic into that wand?"

"Well, let's see. Different <Wand of Cordysie> got different numbers of magic they can keep. This thing here got five. You don't see that often."

"Hou. That's good stuff."

Yoana grinned like she was saying, 'Damn straight'.




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