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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.14_15


"Eh. Don't tell me, is that Pijo's medicine?"


"An apothecary. The best one in this town, see."

"Hou. So this town's got apothecaries too."

"He's a super elite apothecary invited to work here for a lot of money by Marquis-sama personally. I mean he's a direct pupil of Herb Saint-sama after all."

"Hou. Impressive. By the way, who is this marquis."

"Oy oy Lecan. There's no way you wouldn't know about this town's lord, right?"

"Ah, town lord huh."

Who's the town lord, what court rank do they hold, none of that matters to Lecan so long as they don't get in the way of him exploring the dungeon.

"Wait what, you really didn't know?"

"Don't care."

"My word. Marquis Giluent Notes. One of the only 13 marquises in this kingdom. That aside, mind if I take a look at that pill."

Yoana took the pill and looked at it from every angle.

"Hmm. How'd you get your hand on this thing?"

"I made it myself."

"Haa? The heck, a sham huh."

"I guarantee its effectiveness. You can have that. Give it a try."


Yoana was looking at Lecan with doubtful eyes.

And yet she seemed curios about it, she took a water flask and drank the pill down with water.

"Alrighty. I'm done with my preps. We're going to another floor now, aren't we?"

"Yep, so where to now."

Bruska looked at Lecan.

Lecan replied.

"We're heading for floor 89."

Bruska pondered about it for a while before nodding.

"Alright. Let's go there."

"Bruska. Floor 80s are a bit too tough for five, no?"

"No. Records of past Dungeon Conquerors showed that the most successful party was a five-person party. In fact, every room is occupied by so many magic beasts from floor 80s and down, making it too cramped for a ten-person party to fight well. A party consisting of five capable and well coordinated members would be best."

"Hmm. That may be right, but you know."

"Let's just give it a go. But I'm not gonna budge from the entrance okay. I'll get away as soon as things are looking bad, you hear me now."

"Fumuu. I suppose we will then if Yoana is also in agreement."

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"No magic beasts in two step area around the entrance. Four <Red Body> to the right, five <Black Body> to the left. They're not crowding together. Meaning no open space."

"That's a curious formation. All right. The rush-in order will be Arios, Lecan, Tsuinga, me then Yoana. Arios, it will be tough but please hold off those four <Red Body> by yourself."

<Red Body> will be hindered from shooting magic if you attack their chest area and above. Holding off four of them alone is possible if there's no <Black Body> in the mix. It won't last forever however.


"Lecan and Tsuinga, please lure the five <Black Body> deeper to the left. If I defeat one with a back attack, and Yoana another, there will be three left. Defeating three <Black Body> shouldn't be an issue with the help of Yoana's magic. Afterward, all of us can deal with the <Red Body> together."

Yoana cast support magic, and finished preliminary casting of <Great Flame Slash>.

"You're all ready to go then. Good, charge!"

Arios charged in, followed by Lecan.

Lecan's role is to prevent even a <Black Body> get to the right side. Hence he went for the rightmost <Black Body> among the five.

A slash with <Sword of Odo> cut off the magic beast's neck.

Tsuinga got in too, stabbed at the leftmost beast's leg, pierced the abdomen of another beast to the right, then he dodged to the left, positioning himself behind the left beast.

As for Arios, he instantly decapitated the foremost <Red Body> as he got in and then ran deeper to the right while injuring the other three along the way.

Lecan lopped another <Black Body>'s head off while sensing Bruska charging in.

<Sword of Odo> with its powerful graces demonstrated terrifying power here, easily reaping the highly defensive <Black Body> along with their neck guard in one slash.

Tsuinga hit a <Black Body> that was raising its hammer with the blunt end of his spear, sending it flying, and pierced the throat of another <Black Body> creeping in from behind.

This was when Bruska made an odd move. He ran up to Lecan. Which ended up with him colliding with the <Black Body> Tsuinga sent flying.

Yoana who got in after Bruska readied her wand in an attempt to shoot at a <Black Body> in the left wing, but she couldn't manage to due Bruska getting in the way.

The <Black Body> that collided with Bruska somersaulted mid-air and landed near the entrance. With Yoana right in front of it. The <Black Body> regained its balance and raised its hammer overhead.


Tsuinga shouted out loud, but he had his hands full dealing with the <Black Body> before him.

Lecan threw his sword.

The sword pierced the back of the <Black Body> targeting Yoana, and came out of its belly. That wasn't enough to kill this magic beast, but sufficient to halt it for a moment.

Its throat was right in front of Yoana.

Lecan shouted out loud.


"<Great Flame Slash>!"

The magic beast's head got sent flying high into the ceiling before crashing and falling.

"<Deploy (Parshoot)>!"

Lecan recited that almost at the same time as Yoana's spell.

"Tsuinga! Focus on the foe before you!"

Lecan ran to the right and knocked down a <Red Body> with <Shield of Wolkan>.

Thanks to that Arios gained enough leeway, and reaped the remaining two beasts in no time.

Tsuinga finished off the last <Black Body>.

Two treasure chests got dropped. A Large Red Potion and a Large Blue Potion. They gathered magic stones and went in a vacant room.




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