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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.7


The room was furnished with luxurious chairs and table.

There were only two chairs however. Each in one opposite side of the table.

"Please wait a moment."

Since they were told that by the young official, they could do nothing but wait around on their feet.

Eventually, a knight carrying a bundle of documents came and sat on the opposite chair.

"Liaison of General Dungeon Administration, Knight Torog Benchara-sama."

The knight sent a glance to the young official who gave his introduction, urging him.

The young official spoke.

"You may take your seat."

"Yeah, well, there's only a chair here. Who should sit?"

As Lecan replied with that, the young official looked at the knight with a troubled look.

"Your representative may take the seat."

"Lecan. You take it."

After Lecan took the seat as urged by Bruska, knight Torog smiled.

"First thing first, congratulations on your triumph over floor 100. I, representing townlord-sama, give the birth of new heroes who fight on the <Other Side> our most heartfelt welcome."


"You're called Bruska, party name <Willard>, am I right?"

"My name's Lecan. Party name's <Willard>."

"Ah, a joint party is it. Did you break through floor 100 with two parties then?"


"Tell me the names of all members from both parties."

Knight Torog spoke with a pen and a paper on his hands.

"<Grindam>'s members are Bruska, Tsuinga, and Yoana. <Willard>'s are Lecan and Arios."

"Did you broke through floor 100 with five people?"


"Hou. It has been 15 years since the last five person party. Err, you are Lecan, so who's Arios. Ah, it's you huh. You must be Bruska. You're Tsuinga. And you're Yoana. <Willard>'s leader would be Lecan, and <Grindam>'s would be Bruska then."


"A scimitar set with <Damage Restoration>, <Stamina Drain>, and <Sword Speed Boost>, very good loot indeed. Did you perhaps go up against floor 100's <Guardians>?"

"Dropped by an <Armored> in a room with the stairway."

"I see. You guys are the real deal. Now then, I have called you all here in order to disclose your privileges."


"Indeed. First of all, from now on, you won't be charged for <Appraisal> service."
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"In the future, please don't go to the general counters and instead straight to either this room or the next room. Our staff will get back at you right away."

"Got it."

Despite saying that, Lecan wasn't keen on this free appraisal thing. It's like divulging all his tricks, like they're making him one of them which he loathes. Besides, Lecan is planning on not taking any more appraisal for the time being.

"You can purchase medicine and potions for cheap. Including high-class goods unavailable to public."

"Where do you buy those?"

"You can ask the receptionist of the lodging we will lead you to after this. You can also inform our receptionist if you wish to purchase weapons, equipments or accessories, we will put you on the preferential list, and contact you if an item in your wishlist shows up on the market."


"You guys are eligible to stay at our most luxurious inn for free. <Summit Honors Mansion> is the name of the establishment. In any case, I believe you cannot go deeper down with just two people. You can ask to mediate a joint party easily if you stay at <Summit Honors Mansion>."

"I'm good with our current inn. No plan on moving out."

"That won't do. Our staff at <Summit Honors Mansion> need to know your faces, and explain the services you can get there."


Bruska spoke.


As Lecan turned around with his upper half, Bruska spoke something unexpected.

"We don't have the right to stay at <Summit Honors Mansion> yet."

"What do you mean."

Bruska made a sign at Tsuinga and Yoana before resuming.

"We managed to defeat floor 100's <Armored White Spectres> with sheer luck. However, that was not due to our strength. It's all thanks to us mooching off you <Willard>. We still have no right to stay at <Summit Honors Mansion>."

Lecan didn't try to deny him. Because that's the truth.

"We're going to keep fighting a bit above floor 100 with other parties and hone our strength. We'll think about what comes after then."


Lecan won't object <Grindam>'s decision. He believes that they've made the wise decision here.

"We've been in your care. You have my gratitude."

"Please, that's our line. We can't thank you enough for all you did. And also, Lecan. You'd really better stay at <Summit Honors Mansion> to find companions you can rely on floor 100 down. Take this from me. You should try moving in there once at least."


Knight Torog who had been watching them interrupted in.

"Have you come to an understanding then. I shall pray for the day <Grindam> come to <Summit Honors Mansion> to come soon. Of course, it's a fact that you guys have beaten floor 100 magic beasts. So feel free to move in to <Summit Honors Mansion> anytime. And for that matter, we need you to pay a visit there once after this at least."

As Bruska gave his affirmation, Lecan decided to come along too.

Afterward, their trade-in money got carried in. It got split in the room.

Knight Torog went on his way and left it to the young official to guide them to <Summit Honors Mansion>.

Fortunately, the establishment was close by the trade facility.

<Summit Honors Mansion> is located to the north from the dungeon. You must take a roundabout trip from the west-southwest entrance of the dungeon, but since it's so close by, coming and going there would be quick.

The manager and other staff members of <Summit Honors Mansion> bowed at them all together.

(They bowed at the exact same angle all at once.)

(These guys would also be all in sync when it comes to betraying for sure.)

Thus Lecan pondered some unfounded accusation.

They were going to lead him to their rooms straight away, but Lecan planned to go back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> tonight.

Nark and Nell couple knew that Lecan's group was challenging floor 100's magic beasts today. They must be waiting for them impatiently even now. Mainly Nark. And Nell must be preparing a feast to celebrate their return for sure.

Hence, they must go back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> that day no matter what.

"Manager. We've still got our belongings and a reason to go back at our inn tonight. We're gonna drop by here again tomorrow."

"Would that be right then sir. As you may be aware, we have a rule necessitating those who explore on floor 100 and below to stay at our establishment. We eagerly look forward to your next visit."

"Hm? Are we not allowed to dive in floor 100 and down if we don't stay here?"

There's no way to tell which floor an adventurer flies off to in a dungeon, or any way to bar them from entering certain floors. If there were, that would be a violation of Dungeon Laws.

"Oh no no, of course not at all. That is not what we mean my good sir, Townlord-sama of Tsubolt has preordained us to give the best possible treatment to outstanding adventurers."

"I see. I hear you loud and clear."

The manager smiled on top of his smile.

Lecan's group went back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

Celebrating and drinking to their hearts' content.





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