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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.19


"Were you aware of this <Depth> thing?"

"I was. But I was under the assumption that those values signify ranks, or rather, grades of dungeon items."


"What are you so worked up about Lecan-dono?"

"I am not worked up."

"Then what are you worried about?"

"I am not worried."


"We're heading for floor 90."

"Aren't we taking a break today?"

"We had enough break yesterday."

They had a cooperative diving with <Grindam> yesterday. As they had been fighting ten magic beasts with just two of them prior to that, having three additional members drastically reduced their load.

And yet they're heading for floor 90 today. Ten magic beasts spawn on floor 90s. Arios's complaint is justified.

Yet when they actually fought on floor 90, they managed to easily defeat ten beasts with no sweat. Even got a Grace Sword.

"Hmn. There's really quite a huge gulf between ordinary and giant variants, isn't there?"

"That too, but it must be mostly cause we got down to floor 94."

"That is one truly terrifying aspect of dungeons. Further, that sword is also quite an article, isn't it Lecan-dono."

"I ain't giving."

That sword refers to <Sword of Odo>. Lecan used <Sword of Rusk> the last time they fought floor 90's giant variants. And now Lecan is using it, fully aware of the risk of it breaking.

Lecan realized the sword holds a unique value in this world during his conversation with the elderly appraiser earlier. He came to the conclusion that using it in public eye would be a bad move.

But his mind settled down once he started fighting in the dungeon.

Thinking again the three Graces this sword's got, <Sharpness Boost>, <Power Boost>, and <Weight Boost> are Graces that are also present in this world's swords. Having all three at once may be unusual, but the sword itself isn't that tremendously powerful or anything.

In other word, nobody should think the sword as anomalous even if they saw it in use.

Even if someone managed to <Appraise> the sword, it would only come out as a Grace Gear, with no further details. And even if they somehow found out more, there's no way to tell that its Graces were added later by an enchanter.

With that in mind, Lecan no longer hesitates wielding <Sword of Odo>.

He also realized one other thing. In regards to <Sword of Agost>.

During the fight in Dungeon Ninae, Lecan unleashed the full power of <Guardian Jewel of Zana> and hit the Queen Spider with all his might.

Yet <Sword of Agost> remained unbroken. Not even a dent. Even though there was enough power to easily break any ordinary sword behind the strike.

<Sword of Agost>'s solidity is abnormally high.

He should have realized that sooner.

By the way, Lecan had tried to <Appraise> several swords in his possession, but not once he managed to read <Depth>. That elderly said something about requiring high level <Appraise> to read it. The Lecan right now cannot read <Depth>.

"Alright. Let's move on to the next room."
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"Yes. Just, come at me with anything."

They conquered ten rooms by the end of the day. Exploring is nice and easy when you don't have to go far. They got four Grace Gear. Three Graceless weapons. They also got some Bluish Purple Potions and Reddish Purple Potions.

On the next day, the 32nd, they got to floor 96 with <Grindam>. Got three Grace Gear, sold for nine big gold coins. Lecan couldn't catch a sight of that elderly appraiser Termi when he surveyed the trade facility.

They did another cooperative diving on the 33rd. They fought twice in ordinary rooms before challenging the giant variants, reaching floor 97.

The 34th was a rest day, thus Lecan went around 15 normal variant rooms on floor 90s with Arios. It was a potion-ful day. Also got one Grace sword.

The 35th was a cooperative diving day, they reached floor 98. Got one Grace sword, sold for eight big gold coins. Lecan left the sales to Bruska, he himself didn't get inside the facility.

On the 36th they got to floor 99 together. Lecan intended to defeat floor 99's giant variants on the same day, but the other four were opposed to it. Then tomorrow said Lecan, which was also met with opposition.

"Lecan. Floor 100, you see, is unlike anything we have faced before."

"Exactly why I can't wait to see it."

"Man, I really don't get you. Anyway, we need to fully prepare ourselves for the task."

"Yep yep. We must be piling up fatigue from our consecutive expeditions. Even if you don't feel it yourself like I don't."

"Nothing to worry about if you don't feel it."

"You've always stricken me as an odd one, and that's proven right. That may very well be the reason why these absurd expeditions worked out however."

"Lecan-dono. Let's all take a break until the 39th."

"Your body's gonna get rusty idling that long."

"We're taking on floor 99 giant variants on the 40th. Are we all in agreement then?"

In the end, he relented to a three day rest.

Then it was the 40th.

<Willard> and <Grindam> managed to break through floor 99.

Their steps were light as they gaited down the stairs.

It's a spacious stairway, but no one else is walking on it besides them.

Despite not exchanging words, it's easy to tell the excitements oozing out of <Grindam>.

They finally walked down all steps.

The party let out a sigh as they stepped on floor 100.

The floor looks nothing like floor 99.

How the interconnected passages are made of stone remains the same. But the color isn't.

All the rocks on the walls, ceilings, floors are emitting a pale blue light.

The pale blue light bounced off the dumbfounded five.

"...So pretty."

"It's like we've stepped in another world."

"So this is, floor 100."

"Such a fantastical sight."

Lecan froze up due to a huge shock he received.

<Life Detection> is an ability that can detect life forms in a 2400 step radius.

Lecan's <Life Detection> is showing the five members of <Willard> and <Grindam>.

And no other dot.

"<Graph Make>!"

Lecan cast <Graph Make>. This is a magic that displays the entire structure of a dungeon floor as well as the magic beasts that dwell on it.

According to the magic, this floor has nine rooms. Considering the previous floor, 99, has got at least 200 rooms, this gap came as a shock. But whilst all rooms before this floor were small, the rooms on this floor 100 are awfully spacious. And yet, thanks to the fact that there's only nine rooms, Lecan's <Life Detection> can cover the entire floor unlike on previous floors.

But there's none.

There's no magic beasts.

Both <Life Detection> and <Graph Make> shows exactly zero magic beast.

No magic beasts exist on floor 100.

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