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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.13


"Yep. Most you'll find can only load and shoot once. And with low capacity to boot, only enough to hold <Ignition (Yutel)>, or <Lamplight (Parm)>."

"So the type of magic that can be loaded depends on the wand?"

"No, don't think I've heard limitations like that. This world's got so many magic out there though, so maybe there are some that can't get in. But well, if we're talking about magic commonly utilized in dungeon explorations, then anything goes. That includes your <Recovery>."

"Hold it. So you're telling me you can use <Recovery> too if I put mine in that wand?"

"Nope better not even try that. Nothing to worry about if the user is also the loader, but anyone else risks misfiring or even discharge accidents."

"I see. Can a mage load that wand with magic then let someone who can't use magic shoot it?"

"Nope, no can do. Just think about it. Like for example <Ignition>, how'd someone who can't use magic regulate its position and strength?"

"Suppose I bought that wand, can I load three <Recovery> and two <Move> in it."

"You can but there's no telling the order of those magic in the wand, sometimes you end up shooting the wrong magic instead. So most just don't do that."

"I see. What's this capacity?"

"Every wand has a different capacity of mana it can hold, see. Even wands that can hold five magic may only be able to store one <Lightning Arrow> if it's got low capacity."

"Having four of your wand and loading them all with <Lightning Arrows> means you can shoot 20 of it then."

"Some folks actually do that yep. But not me, nuh uh."

"Why not?"

"I specialize in offensive magic, see. Each of these wands got its own traits, their activation timing, or more like specific feedbacks on them. You learn to shoot magic accurately with a particular wand after repeated uses, but your grasp on that will turn messy when you put different wands into the mix."

"I see. A momentous lapse of judgment in battle can mean life or death."

"Yuppers. I've got two more <Wand of Cordysie> on me but with different magic loaded on 'em."

Lecan didn't ask what magic. So long as Yoana herself hasn't divulged it, asking what her trump cards are is just rude. Yoana herself is looking at Lecan with amused eyes.

"The shops round these parts sell these wands. Not at the front but the back. I don't mind tagging along if you're planning on buying one."

"Thanks. I'll be counting on you if I feel like it."
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Despite saying that, Lecan has lost interest in these wands.

Rather than mastering this wand, he'd much prefer training his magic and making them ever slightly faster. That's the idea.

Bruska and Tsuinga were doing maintenance on their weapons but their ears were perked at Lecan's and Yoana's conversation. Even these two must find some novel things regarding magic wands in the conversation.

Yoana took a medium sized magic stone, put it on her left palm, and then recited a spell with a slim wand in her right hand.

"O Avarice taken form, Ngoroyanda, dwell in me. Prod into abundant sea of harvest with your beak and devour all. Indulge in your greed. Thy hunger shalt ne'er be quenched. <Absorption (Mepoza)>."

The very tip of the wand was thrust onto the magic stone on her palm. After a while, a thin blue thread started streaming toward the wand from the magic stone.

It's an extremely thin thread. However, the mana thread continued on getting absorbed into the wand, uncut unshaken.

Yoana's face was dead serious. She's concentrating fully on absorbing mana with her eyes closed. Sweat is dripping on her forehead, her breathing is getting rougher.

Yet the thin very thin mana thread persisted. Slowly very slowly soaking mana into Yoana.

After an awfully long time, Yoana was done with the <Absorption>. Lecan can tell the magic stone has lost its mana.

"Fuhoaaa. I'm beaaaat. Gonna take a nap for a bit."

Yoana laid down on the spot.

(So that was how.)

(You suck up mana from magic stones in this world.)

(Takes so long and looks toilsome.)

Thinking again, this is his first time watching a normal mage working their normal magic up close. The fact that it all felt so new to him is a sign of Lecan himself not being your average mage.

Yoana didn't take long laying down.

She got up and looked at Bruska.


"What is it?"

"Lecan can use magic too. His <Recovery> is helpful for every one of us. So we gotta give his shares of Blue Potions and Magic Stones too."

"Ah, right."

Lecan interrupted here.

"It'll stay as agreed on today. Rules that have been set should not be changed on the fly. We can discuss this again tomorrow."

"Eh? But."

Yoana was going to object, but Lecan spoke.

"Besides, I've got this."

He took a self-made Mana Restorative pill from his chest pocket.

"What's, that thing?"

"Mana Restorative."




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