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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.9


Thus Lecan and Arios set foot on floor 100 on the third of month two.

The blue phosphorescence filling floors and walls which looked so mystical yesterday doesn't feel out of place anymore today.

(Human's power to adapt.)

(Is quite an incredible thing.)

The light emitting from floors can make you lose your way instead. Lecan walks on without looking down, relying on <3D Perceptions>.

"Fumu. Again, there's no one on this floor today."

"I wonder if it's an unsought floor."

"You sure know some novel word. Well since there's supposedly only around ten parties who explore floor 100 down, and suppose they take a break every two day, there'd be only five parties exploring down here at any given time. 20 floors for five parties means each party gets to have four floors. Alright, we're going in."

Lecan got in an inner passage. Arios followed. Of course it's an inner passage to a normal room, not the stairway room.

"Alright, they spawned. Two beasts."

One of the two has strong mana.

Arios looked relieved.

Lecan too.

Had five spawned, Lecan would pass over a great shield to Arios, <Shield of Wolkan> for Lecan, and threw a <Bomb Shell> at the enemies, but these things aren't originally meant for dungeon use. Their destructive force is just on a whole other level. Using one in a dungeon is virtually a self-destroying act. The enemies may die but neither will friendlies leave unscathed.

"Hold it. Wonder what's gonna happen if you Arios enter later, after one beast has spawned. Will it stay just one beast. Or will another beast spawn."

"Ah, I don't think I can go inside in that scenario."


"Nark-san mentioned it. Once in the past, when Zoltan-dono's party was doing a cooperative diving with another party, they entered the inner passage first but the other party never showed up no matter how long they waited so Zoltan-dono's party ended up taking care of the beasts themselves. Later on when they asked, turned out the passage outside refused another entry."

"Heard nothing about that."

"It was just the day before yesterday though? Ah, right. Lecan-dono was in the restroom back then."

"Yeah? I see. So then, I guess these magic beasts only spawn once when they detect enemy. No addition. Makes sense."

"It does?"

"Charging in!"
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Lecan charged in the room and headed straight for the enemy.

Arios who followed slightly later also broke out running.

One of the <Armored> got a whip, while the other was holding a curious giant scythe-like weapon.

The whip <Armored> held its left hand up toward Lecan. Then several small explosions occurred around Lecan's vicinity. <Necklace of Intuador> got activated, blocking all of those explosions.

Lecan rushed in on the <Armored> that was raising its giant scythe overheard, first he cut off the scythe's handle before going for the <Armored>'s head.

The whip <Armored> went for Arios, Arios easily dodged the whip's trajectory like he could foresee it all and reaped the beast's neck.

A treasure chest got dropped. It's gigantic.

Lecan opened the chest, Arios got inside and took the weapon out. The insides of the chest is spacious enough to hold three standing Lecan.

Lecan appraised the weapon.


"What's wrong?"

"It's got <Instant Death>. That's one thing, but if <Instant Death> doesn't work, any one of <Petrification>, <Blind>, or <Rage> curse gets inflicted instead. It's even got <Nullify Curse Resistance>. This thing's brutal."

"So it's fine so long as you don't get hit by it."

"Well, yeah. That aside, can't put something this big in <Storage>."

The scythe is taller than Lecan. The blade part is about three step long. An object this huge cannot go in Lecan's <Storage>.

Yet when he tried to shove the handle part in <Storage>, the whole thing vanished inside.


He tried to take it out, he did it easily. His attempt to put it inside once again was done easily as well.

(Can <Storage> store bigger stuff now?)

(Has its object insertion function been improved?)

(I see!)

(After Ninae, my <Life Detection>, <3D Perception> and <Mana Detection> all evolved further.)

(<Storage> must have evolved too.)

(Its capacity must've seen a huge boost too.)

(Come to think of it, feels like I could put much more stuff lately.)

"What was that just now?"

"Just now?"

"That giant scythe disappeared like it got sucked in."

"I told you not to pry."

(I've gotta check out how big of an object can get in now.)

"It must be the so-called <Storage> right?"


"I'm referring to the <Box> installed on that overcoat."

"Y-yeah. Right."

"It sure boasts a much higher performance than any <Box> though."


"But it's not actually installed on the overcoat, correct?"

"What are you saying."

"It's installed on Lecan-dono himself."

At first Lecan was going to worm his way out, but there's no point in that anymore.


"I'm guessing that no one else besides Lecan-dono can take things out of this <Storage>, or can it?"


"What's going to happen to the content of <Storage> if Lecan-dono perishes?"

"They just disappear. With no way to get them back."


"You got a problem with it?"

"Oh no."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.8


They had a blast that night.

Lecan always knew Nark and Nell could cook some real good food, but the dishes that day were something else. Had no idea they could make such a feast.

Vegetables of all kinds combined into a dish complements each other flavor, furthering the tastiness.

Lecan had never been into vegetables before even though he would eat them together with meat sometime, but there were times when vegetables really impressed him. And this night was one such times.

The people present there were all fun bunch as well.

<Grindam> and <Willard> were the only adventurers. Which might have made it better in a way.

The frequent nighttime customers of <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> are those who are familiar with the dungeon even if they're not adventurers themselves. Naturally, they understand how difficult it is to get beyond floor 100, and thus they know when to extol adventurers who have crossed over to the <Other Side>.

Everyone congratulated them, the party turned even livelier.

Lecan was quite satisfied as well.

The best thing about dungeon diving is the getting your hands on treasure chests after a life and death battle, and enjoying good booze and good food afterward. Although it's not like they've conquered the dungeon, crossing beyond floor 100 in Dungeon Tsubolt is virtually the same as conquering the whole dungeon in other places, or even higher than that. It was more than a challenge as well.

However, the day after, Lecan woke up, recalled the fun yesterday, and then he completely erased that from memory, turning his sight toward the next challenge.

"You're up early, Arios."

"Good morning, Lecan-dono."

He greeted Nark on the other side of the counter as well.

"Yea. Hey Nark, morning."

"Ou. Ya eatin'?"


Nark went in the kitchen.

"Last night was so much fun."
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"<Grindam> folks probably will be staying in their beds."

"Yeah just let 'em sleep."

"Yes indeed. I'm sure it's one of those rare times in life where you can sleep without a care in the world."

"Must be."

"I'm planning to look for boots and clothes somewhere a bit far today. Apparently there's this district where they specialize in selling those."

"No. We're heading for the dungeon today."

"Eh? You're kidding, right?"

"Have I ever joked around before?"

"Feels like you haven't, or wait, have you. Eeeh? It's just yesterday, you know? Shouldn't we take a seven day break to rest our weary bodies?"

"You're not even that tired."

"That's not true at all. Are you aware just how much I have got to run every single day."

"That part eh. There's something I must test out no matter what. Break can come after."

"Shouldn't we stay at <Summit Honors Mansion> before we dive in the dungeon again?"

What Arios means here is that they can't find people to join on exploring floor 100 and below if they don't stay there.

Nark came back bringing breakfast, Lecan thanked him.

Afterward, Nark got back beyond the kitchen, where his living space is.

"No. We're going with just us two."

Arios's face turned grim.



"Thanks to the rooms being spacious in floor 100, we can make use of our abilities to the fullest, affording us to make quick work of those beasts."

"Yeah, that's right."

"However, were I roughly put numbers on floor 100 <Guardians>' strength, if I'm 10 then each one of them would be 7 to 8. And that's before factoring the possibility of their magic, or Grace Gear, which could inflate those numbers to 11 or 12."

"Fumu. Yeah, sounds right."

"We managed to overwhelm our opponents yesterday because we were together with <Grindam>. I alone can handle a single 7 or 8-strength enemy by myself easily, but against two, it would be quite a struggle. I have no chance of winning if three of them come at me all at once. We snatched victory yesterday because <Grindam> had the enemies' attention. It's just not possible for just us two to deal with five of those beasts."

"If there's five of them, that is."


"There's probably only two <Guardians> that spawn when two people enter the inner passage."


"There were no magic beasts in any room when we stepped on floor 100. Not even one. Five magic beasts spawned in a room once we got inside its inner passage."

"Is that really a thing?"

"Many dungeons worked like that in my previous world."

Arios got lost in thought.

"Also, my world had dungeons where numbers of spawned enemies correspond to how many people there are in a party."

"Please hang on. There was this what's-its-name eight person party that's been diving on floor 100 down."

"Eight person, guessing you're talking about <Gwintyr Era Slupiner>."

"Ah, yes that. Does that mean that party has been facing eight magic beasts in a room?"

"Nah. Supposedly most parties exploring beyond floor 100 today consist of about ten people per group. And yet five magic beasts per room is still seen as an established fact. Five is probably the max amount of the spawn."

"But that's nothing more than Lecan-dono's conjecture, isn't it? You haven't actually stumbled upon information about a party of four encountering four beasts or three encountering three beasts, have you?"

"Nope. It's more like a hope than a guess."


"Ain't it gonna be fun if it does."

"You're really."

Arios looked stupefied.

"If five beasts spawn when it's just us two in a room, it's gonna be the end of us. Will you really bet your life just because it's fun?"

"This two beasts for two people theory is nothing more than instinct. But my entire being is telling me that instinct is the truth. And I gotta make sure of that no matter what."

"Err. Won't there be only one beast if you go alone?"

"That's a possibility yeah, but there's simply no telling what's going to happen if there's less than five people entering. While the two of us can deal with most situations. And if five magic beasts end up spawning, no choice then, I'll use my last resort."

"Last resort?"

"Yeah. I'll defeat all five of those beasts with this last resort if they show up. Is that all right with you?"

"All of them. Those things? How do you even."

"Hence, last resort."

Lecan's got several <Bomb Shells> in his inventory. He had them made in exchange for a huge amount of money in his previous world. They're ordinarily used to breach sturdy castle walls and such, their destructive force is beyond any magic Lecan knows of. And since it's not magic, magical defense does nothing against it. They're irreplaceable last resort that he can never get his hand on ever again, but he won't hesitate to use them when the time calls for it.

Arios ruminated over it for a while before sighing out.

"I suppose this is what makes one an adventurer. Then I might as well have you teach me the ways of adventurers to the very end. Fine. I'll go along with it."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.7


The room was furnished with luxurious chairs and table.

There were only two chairs however. Each in one opposite side of the table.

"Please wait a moment."

Since they were told that by the young official, they could do nothing but wait around on their feet.

Eventually, a knight carrying a bundle of documents came and sat on the opposite chair.

"Liaison of General Dungeon Administration, Knight Torog Benchara-sama."

The knight sent a glance to the young official who gave his introduction, urging him.

The young official spoke.

"You may take your seat."

"Yeah, well, there's only a chair here. Who should sit?"

As Lecan replied with that, the young official looked at the knight with a troubled look.

"Your representative may take the seat."

"Lecan. You take it."

After Lecan took the seat as urged by Bruska, knight Torog smiled.

"First thing first, congratulations on your triumph over floor 100. I, representing townlord-sama, give the birth of new heroes who fight on the <Other Side> our most heartfelt welcome."


"You're called Bruska, party name <Willard>, am I right?"

"My name's Lecan. Party name's <Willard>."

"Ah, a joint party is it. Did you break through floor 100 with two parties then?"


"Tell me the names of all members from both parties."

Knight Torog spoke with a pen and a paper on his hands.

"<Grindam>'s members are Bruska, Tsuinga, and Yoana. <Willard>'s are Lecan and Arios."

"Did you broke through floor 100 with five people?"


"Hou. It has been 15 years since the last five person party. Err, you are Lecan, so who's Arios. Ah, it's you huh. You must be Bruska. You're Tsuinga. And you're Yoana. <Willard>'s leader would be Lecan, and <Grindam>'s would be Bruska then."


"A scimitar set with <Damage Restoration>, <Stamina Drain>, and <Sword Speed Boost>, very good loot indeed. Did you perhaps go up against floor 100's <Guardians>?"

"Dropped by an <Armored> in a room with the stairway."

"I see. You guys are the real deal. Now then, I have called you all here in order to disclose your privileges."


"Indeed. First of all, from now on, you won't be charged for <Appraisal> service."
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"In the future, please don't go to the general counters and instead straight to either this room or the next room. Our staff will get back at you right away."

"Got it."

Despite saying that, Lecan wasn't keen on this free appraisal thing. It's like divulging all his tricks, like they're making him one of them which he loathes. Besides, Lecan is planning on not taking any more appraisal for the time being.

"You can purchase medicine and potions for cheap. Including high-class goods unavailable to public."

"Where do you buy those?"

"You can ask the receptionist of the lodging we will lead you to after this. You can also inform our receptionist if you wish to purchase weapons, equipments or accessories, we will put you on the preferential list, and contact you if an item in your wishlist shows up on the market."


"You guys are eligible to stay at our most luxurious inn for free. <Summit Honors Mansion> is the name of the establishment. In any case, I believe you cannot go deeper down with just two people. You can ask to mediate a joint party easily if you stay at <Summit Honors Mansion>."

"I'm good with our current inn. No plan on moving out."

"That won't do. Our staff at <Summit Honors Mansion> need to know your faces, and explain the services you can get there."


Bruska spoke.


As Lecan turned around with his upper half, Bruska spoke something unexpected.

"We don't have the right to stay at <Summit Honors Mansion> yet."

"What do you mean."

Bruska made a sign at Tsuinga and Yoana before resuming.

"We managed to defeat floor 100's <Armored White Spectres> with sheer luck. However, that was not due to our strength. It's all thanks to us mooching off you <Willard>. We still have no right to stay at <Summit Honors Mansion>."

Lecan didn't try to deny him. Because that's the truth.

"We're going to keep fighting a bit above floor 100 with other parties and hone our strength. We'll think about what comes after then."


Lecan won't object <Grindam>'s decision. He believes that they've made the wise decision here.

"We've been in your care. You have my gratitude."

"Please, that's our line. We can't thank you enough for all you did. And also, Lecan. You'd really better stay at <Summit Honors Mansion> to find companions you can rely on floor 100 down. Take this from me. You should try moving in there once at least."


Knight Torog who had been watching them interrupted in.

"Have you come to an understanding then. I shall pray for the day <Grindam> come to <Summit Honors Mansion> to come soon. Of course, it's a fact that you guys have beaten floor 100 magic beasts. So feel free to move in to <Summit Honors Mansion> anytime. And for that matter, we need you to pay a visit there once after this at least."

As Bruska gave his affirmation, Lecan decided to come along too.

Afterward, their trade-in money got carried in. It got split in the room.

Knight Torog went on his way and left it to the young official to guide them to <Summit Honors Mansion>.

Fortunately, the establishment was close by the trade facility.

<Summit Honors Mansion> is located to the north from the dungeon. You must take a roundabout trip from the west-southwest entrance of the dungeon, but since it's so close by, coming and going there would be quick.

The manager and other staff members of <Summit Honors Mansion> bowed at them all together.

(They bowed at the exact same angle all at once.)

(These guys would also be all in sync when it comes to betraying for sure.)

Thus Lecan pondered some unfounded accusation.

They were going to lead him to their rooms straight away, but Lecan planned to go back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> tonight.

Nark and Nell couple knew that Lecan's group was challenging floor 100's magic beasts today. They must be waiting for them impatiently even now. Mainly Nark. And Nell must be preparing a feast to celebrate their return for sure.

Hence, they must go back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> that day no matter what.

"Manager. We've still got our belongings and a reason to go back at our inn tonight. We're gonna drop by here again tomorrow."

"Would that be right then sir. As you may be aware, we have a rule necessitating those who explore on floor 100 and below to stay at our establishment. We eagerly look forward to your next visit."

"Hm? Are we not allowed to dive in floor 100 and down if we don't stay here?"

There's no way to tell which floor an adventurer flies off to in a dungeon, or any way to bar them from entering certain floors. If there were, that would be a violation of Dungeon Laws.

"Oh no no, of course not at all. That is not what we mean my good sir, Townlord-sama of Tsubolt has preordained us to give the best possible treatment to outstanding adventurers."

"I see. I hear you loud and clear."

The manager smiled on top of his smile.

Lecan's group went back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

Celebrating and drinking to their hearts' content.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.5_6


Lecan ran up to Bruska who was crouching while holding down his chest.


Then he hurried over to Tsuinga who was also wounded.


Lecan cannot cast <Recovery> remotely like Eda.

He needs to get within a touching distance to the recipient.

Yoana came over in a hurry.

"Are you all right, Tsuinga. Bruska too."

"Yeah, I am fine. It was but a scratch. All patched up too."

"I didn't get it too bad either. Got hit on the thickest part of my armor. Felt like my breathing stopped for a second there though."

"Oh really. But still."

Yoana looked around at the dead beasts.

"We really did, didn't we."

"Yea, we did."


The three <Grindam> members look to be overwhelmed with emotion.

The exaltation wrapping them earlier is nowhere to be found anymore.

Afterward, Yoana stared hard at Lecan's right hand. The right hand which unleashed an unrivaled magic earlier.

And yet she chose not to say anything about it.

"Lecan-dono. I found this dropped."
Arios had fetched a scimitar from a treasure chest and submitted it to Lecan with his usual carefree face.

Lecan didn't take the scimitar and instead cast <Appraisal> while it was still in Arios's hand.

<Name: Lifedrain Sword (Vudscylla)>

<Type: Scimitar>

<Offense: Large>

<Hardness: Medium>

<Firmness: Small>

<Sharpness: Large>

<Wear Rate: None>

<Endurance: Perfect>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 100>


<Graces: Stamina Drain (Large), Damage Restoration (Large), Sword Speed Boost (Large)



"Is that amazing?"

<Grindam> were excited when they heard appraisal results from Lecan.

"By itself, each of these Graces is very good, but combined they're even better. Scimitars are already a sharp weapon, and the addition of <Sword Speed Boost> makes it deadlier. On top of that, <Damage Restoration> helps cover its fragility weak point. Hahaha. <Damage Restoration> is a Grace that can only be found on floor 100 and down."

"<Stamina Drain> is quite nice too. That being on a sharp sword is just the icing on the cake."

"Hou. You interested?"

"Eh? No err, what about you Lecan and Arios."

Bruska took a glance at the sword on Lecan's waist while saying that.

He had just borne witness to the atypical sharpness of a Solid Sacred Silver sword. The scimitar can't measure up to that no matter how good the Graces. Bruska must be aware of that.

"This type of swords is made to cut first of all. It might be sturdy, but it's still a scimitar at the end of the day. It's not for me. Probably same goes for Arios."

"Yes. I have this sword with me. The thought of wielding another sword never crosses my mind."

"It is ill-suited for me either. I cannot use swords to begin with."

"Well, I specialize in axes myself."

"We can just turn it into money then. Gotta fetch a handsome sum if it's such a nice sword, right. Oh, can't wait just how much the split'll be."

"Alright. Then let us go back outside after getting in the stairway."

Lecan took the magic stones of four magic beasts after saying that.

The five of them went further in the room.

There's a cavity on the rock wall, with the stairway down beyond it.

This cavity had always been here even before the battle began, but it was covered in an ash-colored fog then. That fog is no more now.

According to the info they've gathered, you cannot get down these stairways until after you have eliminated all magic beasts in the stairway rooms starting from floor 100 down. These five have earned the right to step in the stairway.

There's another exit next to the stairway. It must lead to the corridor outside.

Lecan and Arios turned around and bowed at the battlefield, the three <Grindam> members mimicked them.

Then they stepped in the stairway to floor 101.

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"Oy oy. You gotta come with us today, Lecan."

As Lecan passed over eight magic stones and two swords to Bruska in front of the trade facility, Bruska asked him to come along too.

"You can do it alone."

"That ain't the issue here! I beg of you."

"I too ask you of this, Lecan. Please tag along with us today."

"I mean, we're sellin' Grace Gear from floor 100 for the first time and all. Let's all go together."

<Grindam> has been such a great help, it's hard for Lecan to refuse them here.

Faced with no other choice, Lecan and Arios accompanied them inside.

It's still early in the day, but all the trading counters are packed.

Old man Termin is sitting in the counter furthest back. Which also got the longest line.

Just as Lecan was going to get in the shortest line at the nearest counter, Bruska told him.

"That side is reserved for shallow floors. We want the one further back."

They got in line for the counter second to the furthest back. Bruska is the only one lining up. The other four are having a chat close to the wall.

As he stared into space while waiting for the queue, a young official came up to Lecan.

"Elder Termin has asked for your presence."

Termin sitting on the counter is looking at him.

Lecan clicked his tongue and walked up to Termin.

"What do you need. I'm busy right now."

"You are here to have your items appraised, are you not. I shall see to it."

"I don't feel like getting in this long line."

"You don't have to. Sit here."

Like you can do that, thought Lecan as he looked at a stern-looking man standing first in the line. The man was making a gesture, 'please go ahead'. Same with several other people queuing behind him.

Lecan sighed and called Bruska to come over.

"Client Bruska. Affiliation <Grindam>."

Appraiser Termin wrote down the client's name and group.

Bruska put eight big magic stones on the counter.

"These need not appraisal. 12 gold coins for eight. Are you selling?"

"Yes please."

Bruska is acting meekly for some reason.

Termin wrote down something on a paper.

"Next up."

Urged by Bruska's eyes, Lecan took out a short sword. It was the one dropped on floor 100 earlier.

Appraiser Termin appraised the short sword, wrote the result on a paper and handed it over to an official. The official left and came back with a scrap of paper, Termin saw that, wrote name, graces, and price on a wooden board with an ink, then he showed it to client's side.

Eight big gold coins.

"We will be selling that."

Bruska said that, then Termin wrote something on the paper.

Then he called the young official, and handed over the appraisal result. The official then proceeded to bring the result to the luxurious table in the back. Sitting on it is not the woman from back then, but a knight.

"Do you have another?"

Lecan took the scimitar and put it on the counter.

Appraiser Termin appraised the scimitar, wrote the result on a paper, handed it to the official, and once the price came back, he wrote the name, graces and price on a wooden tag.

Three platinum coins and two big gold coins.

"Y-yes, we're selling!"

Bruska said that, turned around and held three fingers up high.

Tsuinga and Yoana who saw that hugged each other in delight.

"That's all we got to sell. Give the money."

"Hold on a bit."

The young official came back. Appraiser Termin added something on a paper on his hand, and then handed the paper as well as the scimitar's appraisal result to the young official.

The young official spoke to Lecan and Bruska.

"We will have your money ready shortly. A liaison from General Dungeon Administration wishes to speak with you. I shall guide you to a private room. All members of your party are expected to come as well."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.4


Lecan took out a <Godsteel>-made sword.

The material is known as <Solid Sacred Silver (Lesrad)> in this world.

He's got four of these swords in <Storage>.

Gathering a mountain pile of ore that's sometimes dropped by a rock monster in a certain dungeon, another mountain pile of the rare <Drop of God> that's sometimes dropped by an incorporeal monster in another dungeon, then going on a hunt for several other catalysts, before finally assembling many skilled enchanters, priests, and smithmasters together, and paying them an eye-popping amount of money to obtain those swords. He could only sigh at his youthful indiscretion now.

Lecan has given up trying to whet these swords.

Even in his previous world, only an extreme minority of Smithmasters could manage that. Not to mention the need for special catalysts to whet them.

He had asked Shira if she knew a smith who could sharpen these swords in this world. Shira told him that she had never seen a <Solid Sacred Silver> sword before, hence she had no idea if any smith could sharpen one, however, she was sure showing these swords to anyone would only attract trouble.

Because, first of all <Solid Sacred Silver> is a scarce and expensive material. Such a big lump of it will surely attract attentions. Further, a closer look on them will reveal the fact that Lecan's swords are made of pure undiluted <Solid Sacred Silver>. That kind of thing apparently does not exist in this world. Temples and royal palace won't leave him alone if they find out about it.

Okay yeah, that sounds like a pain, thought Lecan.

Hence, Lecan has no plan to ever show these swords to a smith. He's going to keep using them and just leave it at that if they break.

The sword Lecan took has the lowest Wear Rate and highest Endurance among the four.

He put it hanging it on his waist.

"Alright. Let's head for <Guardian>'s room."

Lecan stood up and walked off. <Graph Make> is showing that the sole stairway in this floor is located in the furthest room in the center.

The five arrived in front of the room. Lecan went in the inner passage without stopping.

"Come, ooh, it's coming. This mana restorative is really awesome. Lecan. How much is this thing really? C'mon whisper it to this ol'me."

"Told you I made 'em."

"Okay okay. If you're going to be like that, then at least tell me the price."

"There's no price tag."
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"Tsk. Stingy."

"Forget that, get yourself prepped."

"'Kay 'kay."

Lecan was bewildered. One of the <Armored> inside the room is holding an unusual weapon.

(Could these beasts really carry that?)

He probed again with <3D Perceptions> in a more precise manner. But it's still the only conclusion that makes sense.

Just as Yoana was done preparing, Lecan spoke to the four.

"Our enemies are in a line formation once again. Five step away from each other. The rightmost got a scimitar, the one in the center has a wand, while the rest are holding longswords."

"A wand?"

"Wand really?"


Yoana's eyes opened wide in surprise while her mouth kept shut.

Thinking again, it's said that <Armored> can shoot magic after all. Them carrying wands should come as no surprise. And the one with a wand clearly possesses strong mana.


Lecan fetched <Necklace of Intuador>, hung it over his neck and pushed it under his light armor. He deployed <Shield of Wolkan>.

"The order we go in and your opponents are the same as before. Bruska rightmost, Tsuinga leftmost."

Everyone nodded.

Lecan kneaded his mana.

Noticing that, Yoana sent a sharp glance at Lecan, which he ignored.

Lecan gave his order with his sword still sheathed.

"Let's go!"

Arios, Bruska, Tsuinga, Lecan and Yoana entered the room, got into position and started marching forward.

The enemies are also walking toward them.

After covering some distance, both sides broke into run. All except the <Armored> wand beast in the center, it's standing still while pointing its wand at Lecan's group.

Arios rushed ahead at abnormal speed, turned toward the right end, and drew his sword while running. The rightmost scimitar <Armored>'s right hand flew in the air along with the scimitar itself.

"<Great Flame Slash>!"

A powerful magic attack passed through Lecan's right side, darting toward the beast in the center, but right before the magic hit, it exploded in mid air. The enemy had put up a <Barrier>. Lecan sensed how that <Barrier> blocked <Great Flame Slash> before breaking down.

Arios cut off the rightmost enemy's head.

The wand beast shoots out magic.

Lecan suddenly ran to the left. The powerful flame unleashed by the center enemy hit a barrier produced by <Necklace of Intuador> scattering it in the air.

"<Flame Spear>!"

A gigantic light shot out of Lecan's right palm pointed forward, landing on the wand beast, blowing it away.

Bruska confronted the <Armored> second to the right. He raised his twin axes to match the enemy raising its longsword overhead. As the longsword was swung down, he put both his axes above his head to block it. But the beast changed the longsword's trajectory just as it so much as touched the axes, hitting Bruska's left chest.

Tsuinga's short spear clashed with the leftmost longsword <Armored>, creating sparks.

Lecan charged at the <Armored> second to the left, and slashed his sword diagonally from the shoulder down. The beast still had its sword raised overhead as a big slash wound opened from his shoulder down, and stopped moving. Lecan decapitated it as he made a return slash.

At the right flank, an <Armored> was going to finish off Bruska who had lost its balance when Arios reaped its head.

Lecan drove his sword at the wand <Armored> just as it tried to shoot magic while in a sitting position. The miraculous sharpness of Solid Sacred Silver Sword cleaved the beast's head in two, and cut its chest apart, down to the stomatch.

Tsuinga tumbled down from <Armored>'s onslaught, but Arios rushed to his rescue, lopping the hostile <Armored>'s head off.

Thus the battle ended.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.3


As Arios got in the room, Lecan kept a close watch on the magic beasts with <3D Perceptions>.

They're not moving.

Even after Bruska and Tsuinga stepped inside following Arios, they still won't move.

These magic beasts are waiting till their opponents are done setting their formation.

Magic beasts are unlike wild beasts. Powerful magic beasts sometimes behave like this.

Lecan, and Yoana also got in.

The magic beasts that stand in their way come into view. They don't look like all other White Spectres.

<Black Body> had a rugged exoskeleton, colored black as iron.

Yet these <Armored> has a white exoskeleton. And it's not the kind that's like a full plate armor covering their entire body, you can see gaps here and there. The skin seen through those gaps are red. In short, it's a red-colored White Spectres covered in stitch-like white bones.

Once they got in position, Arios took a step forward.

Bruska and Tsuinga followed after a slight delay.

Lecan also walked forward.

The five beasts are also walking toward them.

Once each sides had walked 10 steps, when they were about 30 steps away, both started to run.

Arios stopped short right before he got in contact with his opponent.

He crouched down a little, and let out a diagonal cut at the incoming <Armored> that was raising its battle hammer as he drew his sword.

Lecan ran past their right, and swung his sword at the short sword beast like he was trying to break it.

To the right, Bruska locked his twin axes with the the halberd beast's halberd, while to the left, Tsuinga parried away the longsword beast's slash.

Just as the scimitar beast was about to attack Arios, Yoana's magic landed on its neck. Arios reaped the scimitar beast's neck while it was bending backward.

Lecan went for the beast to the right. As the halberd beast was blocking Bruska's attack with the halberd's handle, Lecan crushed its head with an overhead slash. That was when <Sword of Odo>'s blade snapped on its base.

To the left, Arios decapitated another beast just as Tsuinga landed a blow on the beast's chest.

Lecan held up the little remain of <Sword of Odo>'s blade, staring at it for a bit before leaving it on the ground. Now that it's broken, the three enchants, <Sharpness Boost>, <Power Boost>, and <Weight Boost> have been lost. They're never coming back even if the sword is reforged.

"W-what fearsome destructive power. Lecan, have you been holding back all this time?"

"Arios too. T'was truly a superb display of techniques, I could only tremble before that. That initial slash you did must have been a skill, is it not?"

Indeed. That must be some sort of skill. Probably an ability of some sort he acquired at the end of intense training.

Lecan had always known that Arios is hiding a lot of tricks under his sleeves, and that was another new trick he pulled.
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He must have been piling up stress thus far.

Due to confined spaces and the huge numbers of enemies, he could not unleash big moves. Further, the fight is always against multiple enemies at point-blank ranges, so he was forced to combine multiple small moves to deal with it.

Lecan was also a bit, no quite frustrated himself.

The further down they go, the faster the enemies, and the more frequent they attack.

Hence, Lecan also had to make a lot of moves, adding more and more as time went on. It's not unfeasible for someone with Lecan's skills, but his attacks gradually shifted to smaller moves.

It's really been quite some time since he could unleash big moves like this. He ended up involuntarily swinging the sword with all his might. As such, even the sturdy <Sword of Odo> finally snapped.

"Aw shuck, you broke your sword."

"Yoana. That attack was very well done."

"Hehe. No kidding?"

Yoana could have shot anytime, but she waited for the right time. She shot in the exact timing the scimitar <Armored> was about to attack Arios. No way the beast could have dodged the magic then.

"Now then, wonder what's in the chest."

Arios opened the chest.

There's a short sword.


Appraisal results show it's got <State Retention> and <Instant Death> Graces. Quite sharp too.

<State Retention> is a Grace that reduces <Wear Rate> depletion, and <Instant Death> is a Grace that grants a fixed chance of instantly killing an opponent the short sword cuts.

Lecan put it inside <Storage> just like usual. Although Lecan would inform his appraisal results to the party, these items get appraised again at the trading facility once they're out of dungeon, then they're sold unless someone in the party wants them.

"All right. Let's get out of here."

Lecan and Arios stayed and bowed at the magic beasts that had already turned into ash.

"Were you two always doing that stuff whenever you stayed behind in a room?"

Yoana had stopped walking and watched them bowing.


"What's that even about?"

"Just a sign of gratitude to our opponents."


There is no vacant room on this floor. Lecan's group is resting on the corridor instead.

"Lecan-dono. What's the plan now?"

"If you're all fine with it, I'd like to challenge the Giant Variants, no <Guardians>, was it."

The three <Grindam> members commented on Lecan's word.

"Well, we are unfatigued and unharmed."

"Hmn. And I'm feeling good too. Like, I can do it today."

"But, like, isn't your sword broken, Lecan."

The three were looking at Lecan, thus he spoke.

"No worries. Got another good sword on me."

"Hou. Very well then, let us have a shot at it."

Just in case, Lecan cast <Recovery> on everyone including himself.

They just fought magic beasts on floor 100. Everyone must be nervous, and their bodies tired. They gotta be in top condition if they want to fight <Guardians>.

Although at this point, Lecan is already thinking about what comes after conquering floor 100.

(If my guess on the mechanic on floor 100 and below is spot on.)

(Things will get interesting.)




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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.2


Pale blue lights emitting out of rocks on floor 100 dimly shined on five people.

<Life Detection> shows only these five. Nobody else is on this floor right now.

"Let's do this."

Lecan led the way with the four following after him. You won't encounter magic beasts in this dungeon's passages. Hence, all of them was relaxed.

No, all except Lecan.

He kept his guard up even while walking nonchalantly. Wolves are a watchful creature.

On floor 100, there's a passage in the middle with a room on each side. That continues for four passages until a room at the end. This farthest room is where the stairway is located, confirmed through intel and <Graph Make>.

Then, encircling the nine rooms is a corridor.

Both the main passages and the corridor are slightly curved, thus you cannot see the stairway room even if you stand in the center.

Lecan headed right from the floor's entrance, and stopped in front of a room to the right.

"This must be an entrance."

"So this is."



A huge part of the blue light emitting rocks is hollow, it's covered in a whitish fog that also emits a pale light. Like a cloud lit under the moonlight.

"I'd like to check some things first. Bear with me for a bit."

After saying that, Lecan walked through the corridor without hesitation. He got to the right end, then turned left before immediately turning left again.

Everywhere in the the corridor is fully lit in soft lights.

"Here it is."

"Lecan-dono. This is?"

"The exit of the room earlier."

There's another cavity covered in fog just like the entrance part. However, the fog is dull ashen colored.

Lecan tried to go through it. But he couldn't.

"I see. Looks like you really can't get in through the exit then."

"Wait, were you doubting that."

"Why didn't you just go in the entrance?"

"Didja think you could get in through the exit, Lecan."

"I'm trying to get a grasp on floor 100s' structures. I'm getting there."
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"Let's get to fighting now. Don't even need to go back to this room's entrance. We got another for the next room right behind us."

Turning around, there really is an entrance to another room. The second room to the right from the center of the floor.

"Alright. We're entering the inner passage. Yoana take this."

"Eh? You're giving me another today?"

Lecan handed over a Mana Restorative to Yoana.

Up until now, he would hand one after their first battle of the day ended, during the recess before the second battle.

But they're fighting on floor 100 today.

Lecan judged that letting her take it before their first fight would be best.

Her first time taking the restorative seems to have left a very strong impression on her, Yoana keenly believes in the medicine's effects almost to the point of blind faith.

Yoana took the pill, chewed on it and let the powder circulate in her mouth. Lecan told her that doing so would make the effect manifest quicker.

Lecan got in the inner passage.

Inner passages are passages that connect floor's corridors to the rooms where the magic beasts spawn.

Once all five got in the passage, Lecan tried to get back out, but a white fog-like thing pushed him back in. This too goes just like he's heard. These inner passages are a one-way street.


The thing he had anticipated beforehand happened.

Five blue dots suddenly emerged in the previously empty room.

His guess is proven right.

From floor 100 down, magic beasts spawn in the rooms the instance intruders get in the inner passages. Lecan figured as much as he was listening to various tidbits regarding these floors.

He's seen dungeons like this in his previous world. However, there were no inner passages then. Magic beasts would spawn right in front of adventurers soon after they entered a room. Also, no more adventurers can get in the room once the magic beasts have spawned back in that world.

And since he got this point right, that one other guess he has is likely correct as well.

However, that fact doesn't appear to be public knowledge. At the very least, the three <Grindam> members, and Nark don't seem to even consider the possibility.

Those in the know probably exist. In the past, and even today. They kept their knowledge to themselves.

(Well fine.)

(I can check it out later.)

(Gotta concentrate on the foes before me now.)

Lecan observed the insides of the room with <3D Perceptions>.

It's a spacious room.

Almost perfectly round with around 100 steps in diameter. The ceiling is pretty high up too. It's shaped like an upside-down bowl, around 30 steps high in the center.

The five magic beasts there are smaller than any magic beasts thus far. They share similar physiques with Arios's.

Five of them are lined up in the middle of the room, watching Lecan's group's direction.

They're aware of his group.

All five magic beasts are holding weapons.

While Lecan was surveying, Yoana cast defensive magic and finished preliminary casting for <Great Flame Slash>.


Lecan equipped <Shield of Wolkan> on his left arm and spoke to the four.

"The room is round-shaped, 100 steps in diameter. Five beasts are lying in wait in the center. Lined up horizontally, facing our direction. Not huddled up together. About five steps away from each other. All got weapons."

The four are looking at Lecan with serious expressions. This inner passage is dimly lit compared to the corridor outside. Which brings about a weird sense of tension.

Lecan's line of sight stopped at Arios's chest.

A jewel, <Drop of Life> is embedded on the right side of Arios's chest. <Mana Detection> clearly shows Lecan the jewel's mana.

There's another thing filled with mana, in the middle of his chest, right under the light armor. It's the size and shape of a jewel.

Arios never had those things before. Which means he must have taken them out of <Box> and hid them under his light armor.

"Arios gets in first. Bruska, you're to his right. Tsuinga to the left. I stand behind you three. Yoana is to the left behind me."

Lecan waited for the four to properly digest his instructions before moving to the next.

"The enemies' weapons from right to left are halberd, short sword, battle hammer, scimitar, longsword. Bruska, you take on the halberd user at the right end. Tsuinga, face the longsword at the left end. Yoana, shoot at any of the three in the middle. Don't have to be decisive, can just to buy time. Arios and I will take care of the other two. Yoana."

Yoana nodded. She can't speak since she's in the state of keeping preliminary casted magic.

"I may be fighting on the front line but I will absolutely keep you safe. You move into position where you can attack."

Yoana nodded once again. Lecan looked at the four once again.

"We're not changing up formation even if our foes do. Focus on beating the enemy before you. All good?"

The five stood in line in front of the foggy entrance.

Lecan drew <Sword of Odo>.

Arios keeps his sword sheathed.

"No need to rush. Get a good grasp of your footings once inside. Keep the distance between ourselves at five steps."

Only one thing bothers Lecan.

It is said there is no power gap between all five <Armored> that spawn on floor 100 and below. And yet the short sword <Armored> clearly possesses much superior mana than the rest.

Lecan has no idea if this means anything. No sense in wondering that now either.

Lecan gave his order.

"Let's go!"




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Okami wa Nemuranai 31.1



Arios's word pulled Lecan back to reality.

(Did unrest show up on my face?)

Lecan getting shaken up here would drastically lower this group of five's survival rate. He pulled himself together.

His composed eyes look at the three members of <Grindam>.

"The stories I heard don't do this floor justice, tis' a whole different spectacle indeed."

"My, even you look like a hottie lit under this blue light."

"Floor 100 eeh. We really made it here."

They're feverish.

They can't fight in this state.

"All right. Today's expedition is over. Tomorrow is a rest day. We're going back here on the 2nd of month two. First, we're gonna have a feel of fighting floor 100's foes. Might end up having to fight a few battles against normal variants. Then once we're ready, which may take days, we'll take on the giant variants. Tonight we drink. My treat."

Cheers erupted on floor 100 of Dungeon Tsubolt.

"Arios you stay."


"We're going around floor 90s as a warm up."

"You're kidding me, right?"

Lecan and Arios went around floor 90s' rooms. Lecan calmed down as he demolished magic beasts one after another.

(We need intel first thing first.)

That night the five had a toast in <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

"I still cannot believe we really managed to arrive at floor 100 with just five people."

"Are you still going on about that?"

"Tsuinga. A group of ten may be the norm nowadays. But that <Skeleton Ogre Zoltan> has gone on a record saying a five-person party fits best for this dungeon."

"Well yeah, we are talking about Zoltan here after all. But that's just cannot be done by your average adventurers."

"Oh not at all. I heard five-person parties were common back in the days."

"Excuse me, Bruska-san. What kind of person is this <Skeleton Ogre Zoltan>?"

"He's a legendary adventurer, see. A man who's been keeping his reign on floor 120 unchallenged. Did you know that the father of this inn's owner, Nark-san, is a member of Zoltan party?"

"Then I suppose Nark-san's father is someone who belongs to the <Other Side>."

"Nah. My old man left the party before they broke through floor 100. Was to weed my mother. After that, they built this inn. Here, freshly cooked dish coming right up."

Everybody cheered at the tasty looking food.

"Bruska. Tell me about floor 100s."

"Sure thing, Lecan. Ask away anything."

"First of all, there's five magic beasts in each room, is that right."

"Yea. I mean not like I've seen it myself, but there's no mistake about that info."

Both Tsuinga and Yoana also nodded.

"What's the breakdown of those five. How's ratio like for <Red Body> and <Black Body>?"

"No, that's not it. <Red Body> or <Black Body> don't spawn from floor 100 down."


"Lecan. What dwells on floor 100 and below are neither <Red Body White Spectres> nor <Black Body White Spectres>. It's <Armored White Spectres>."

Thus Tsuinga spoke to Lecan.
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"<Armored White Spectre>?"

"Yep yep, Lecan. They're still White Spectres, but their whole body is covered in this super sturdy <Black Body>-like armored rind, they can also attack physically and magically."


The local adventurers <Grindam> had spoken. Therefore, even though neither <Life Detection> nor <Graph Make> could display them, magic beasts do exist on floor 100. That info brings relief as well as a fact that there are magic beasts undetectable by <Life Detection> or <Graph Make> out there.

Battles will undoubtedly become even fiercer from now on.

"Their bodies are smaller too, aren't they?"

"That's right, Arios. Yet despite that, they're so quick and sturdy. The reason why it's hard to deploy the usual encirclement through sheer numbers tactic."

"What about Grace Gear spawn rates? I have a feeling I heard something about better drop rate from floor 100 down."

"Starting from floor 100, at least one of the five magic beasts will always carry a Grace Gear with them."


"You sure look happy, Lecan-dono. Tsuinga, that 'at least one' caught my attention."

"It is said that all five of the beasts could carry Grace Gear with them in some edge cases."

"Hou! All five of them."

"Listen here, Lecan-dono. Are you aware just how tough that would be?"

"Of course I'm aware. All the more reason to get excited."

"Oh right, you're that kind of person. Bruska-san. Are there specific traits on each individuals?"

"By traits here, you mean?"

"Like maybe some are faster, some are bigger, or some specialize in magic."

"Hummm. Don't think I've heard something like that. Nark-san. Any clue?"

"Their size corresponds to the floor. The individual in a room with stairways is gonna be the same size as other rooms' beasts. Due to that, some people call those stairway room individuals <Guardian> instead of <Giant Variants>. I'm told there's no power gap between the five <Guardians> that spawn at the same time."


That was the title given to dungeon bosses dwelling in the final floor of dungeons found in his previous world. Felt oddly nostalgic.

"Though there's also this old hearsay about how there's only one <Guardian> of Dungeon Tsubolt. Dunno what's the deal with that."


"Anyway, the magic beasts' stay the same size on each floor. It gets gradually bigger as you go down."

"I see. I got it."

"Oh and, Lecan. The most frightening thing about floor 100s is that you can't get out of a room once you go in, not until you've totally annihilated all the magic beasts inside."


That night, Lecan and Arios gathered as much information as they could about floor 100s from <Grindam> and Nark.

Lots of parties that treaded on floor 100s consisted of five members in the past, but nowadays it's averaged at around 8-10 persons per party.

There's presently around ten parties fighting on the <Other Side>.

Additionally, the magic beasts from floor 100 down are extremely well coordinated.

From floor 100, every room has an entrance and exit, you can get in the entrance, but not getting out. Neither can you leave from the exit unless you've exterminated all the magic beasts inside.

You've got to collect this kind of information, but you also must not swallow it whole either. As assumptions can and will cause issues when you're fighting in dungeon depths.

But as he listened to things pertaining floor 100 down, Lecan considered one possibility. Which could be the answer as to why <Life Detection> and <Graph Make> didn't show anything.

"Oh yeah, heard Appariton-type magic beasts are weak to <Purification>. Won't an adventurer who can use <Purification> reigns supreme in this dungeon then?"

Instead of Bruska and co, Nark replied to this question.

"<Purification> erases White Spectres. That is not wrong. In fact, a <Purification> user secretly invited by the town lord here did defeat Dungeon Tsubolt's White Spectres using <Purification>."


"They tried it on shallow floors, so no telling for sure if it works in the depths, but well, most regard <Purification> would work even on the last floor. But that ain't ever happenin' for real."


"Oy oy. You gotta get close to the opponent and touch 'em with your wand if you wanna cast <Purification> on 'em. Not to mention how long it takes to cast one. The opponent ain't gonna just sit around. To begin with, ain't no way a <Purification> gonna work as an adventurer. And most importantly, defeating those White Spectres with <Purification> leaves no magic stones nor treasure chests behind."

"What. Is that true?"

"Yea. 'S why no point in using <Purification> to kill 'em. At least not in a dungeon."

The day after was a rest day.

Lecan and Arios went around 18 normal variant rooms on floor 90s.

Enjoying the dungeon to his heart's content while forgetting floor 100 for a moment.

Of course, against floor 90s magic beasts, a slight mistake would still cost them their lives. Yet they easily demolished such powerful foes now. Lecan can never get enough of the exhilaration he gets from these live or die by a paper thin difference battles.

Dawn breaks, it's the 2nd of month two.

The day the joint party of <Willard> and <Grindam> challenges floor 100's giant variants. They're finally taking the first step toward the <Other Side>.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.19


"Were you aware of this <Depth> thing?"

"I was. But I was under the assumption that those values signify ranks, or rather, grades of dungeon items."


"What are you so worked up about Lecan-dono?"

"I am not worked up."

"Then what are you worried about?"

"I am not worried."


"We're heading for floor 90."

"Aren't we taking a break today?"

"We had enough break yesterday."

They had a cooperative diving with <Grindam> yesterday. As they had been fighting ten magic beasts with just two of them prior to that, having three additional members drastically reduced their load.

And yet they're heading for floor 90 today. Ten magic beasts spawn on floor 90s. Arios's complaint is justified.

Yet when they actually fought on floor 90, they managed to easily defeat ten beasts with no sweat. Even got a Grace Sword.

"Hmn. There's really quite a huge gulf between ordinary and giant variants, isn't there?"

"That too, but it must be mostly cause we got down to floor 94."

"That is one truly terrifying aspect of dungeons. Further, that sword is also quite an article, isn't it Lecan-dono."

"I ain't giving."

That sword refers to <Sword of Odo>. Lecan used <Sword of Rusk> the last time they fought floor 90's giant variants. And now Lecan is using it, fully aware of the risk of it breaking.

Lecan realized the sword holds a unique value in this world during his conversation with the elderly appraiser earlier. He came to the conclusion that using it in public eye would be a bad move.

But his mind settled down once he started fighting in the dungeon.

Thinking again the three Graces this sword's got, <Sharpness Boost>, <Power Boost>, and <Weight Boost> are Graces that are also present in this world's swords. Having all three at once may be unusual, but the sword itself isn't that tremendously powerful or anything.

In other word, nobody should think the sword as anomalous even if they saw it in use.

Even if someone managed to <Appraise> the sword, it would only come out as a Grace Gear, with no further details. And even if they somehow found out more, there's no way to tell that its Graces were added later by an enchanter.

With that in mind, Lecan no longer hesitates wielding <Sword of Odo>.

He also realized one other thing. In regards to <Sword of Agost>.

During the fight in Dungeon Ninae, Lecan unleashed the full power of <Guardian Jewel of Zana> and hit the Queen Spider with all his might.

Yet <Sword of Agost> remained unbroken. Not even a dent. Even though there was enough power to easily break any ordinary sword behind the strike.

<Sword of Agost>'s solidity is abnormally high.

He should have realized that sooner.

By the way, Lecan had tried to <Appraise> several swords in his possession, but not once he managed to read <Depth>. That elderly said something about requiring high level <Appraise> to read it. The Lecan right now cannot read <Depth>.

"Alright. Let's move on to the next room."
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"Yes. Just, come at me with anything."

They conquered ten rooms by the end of the day. Exploring is nice and easy when you don't have to go far. They got four Grace Gear. Three Graceless weapons. They also got some Bluish Purple Potions and Reddish Purple Potions.

On the next day, the 32nd, they got to floor 96 with <Grindam>. Got three Grace Gear, sold for nine big gold coins. Lecan couldn't catch a sight of that elderly appraiser Termi when he surveyed the trade facility.

They did another cooperative diving on the 33rd. They fought twice in ordinary rooms before challenging the giant variants, reaching floor 97.

The 34th was a rest day, thus Lecan went around 15 normal variant rooms on floor 90s with Arios. It was a potion-ful day. Also got one Grace sword.

The 35th was a cooperative diving day, they reached floor 98. Got one Grace sword, sold for eight big gold coins. Lecan left the sales to Bruska, he himself didn't get inside the facility.

On the 36th they got to floor 99 together. Lecan intended to defeat floor 99's giant variants on the same day, but the other four were opposed to it. Then tomorrow said Lecan, which was also met with opposition.

"Lecan. Floor 100, you see, is unlike anything we have faced before."

"Exactly why I can't wait to see it."

"Man, I really don't get you. Anyway, we need to fully prepare ourselves for the task."

"Yep yep. We must be piling up fatigue from our consecutive expeditions. Even if you don't feel it yourself like I don't."

"Nothing to worry about if you don't feel it."

"You've always stricken me as an odd one, and that's proven right. That may very well be the reason why these absurd expeditions worked out however."

"Lecan-dono. Let's all take a break until the 39th."

"Your body's gonna get rusty idling that long."

"We're taking on floor 99 giant variants on the 40th. Are we all in agreement then?"

In the end, he relented to a three day rest.

Then it was the 40th.

<Willard> and <Grindam> managed to break through floor 99.

Their steps were light as they gaited down the stairs.

It's a spacious stairway, but no one else is walking on it besides them.

Despite not exchanging words, it's easy to tell the excitements oozing out of <Grindam>.

They finally walked down all steps.

The party let out a sigh as they stepped on floor 100.

The floor looks nothing like floor 99.

How the interconnected passages are made of stone remains the same. But the color isn't.

All the rocks on the walls, ceilings, floors are emitting a pale blue light.

The pale blue light bounced off the dumbfounded five.

"...So pretty."

"It's like we've stepped in another world."

"So this is, floor 100."

"Such a fantastical sight."

Lecan froze up due to a huge shock he received.

<Life Detection> is an ability that can detect life forms in a 2400 step radius.

Lecan's <Life Detection> is showing the five members of <Willard> and <Grindam>.

And no other dot.

"<Graph Make>!"

Lecan cast <Graph Make>. This is a magic that displays the entire structure of a dungeon floor as well as the magic beasts that dwell on it.

According to the magic, this floor has nine rooms. Considering the previous floor, 99, has got at least 200 rooms, this gap came as a shock. But whilst all rooms before this floor were small, the rooms on this floor 100 are awfully spacious. And yet, thanks to the fact that there's only nine rooms, Lecan's <Life Detection> can cover the entire floor unlike on previous floors.

But there's none.

There's no magic beasts.

Both <Life Detection> and <Graph Make> shows exactly zero magic beast.

No magic beasts exist on floor 100.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.18


"Oy. Didn't you say man-made swords' <Depth> don't go over ten."

"Uumu. These numbers are ordinarily unthinkable. I have had opportunities to appraise two other swords made by swordsmith Rusk before, and the <Depths> of those swords were nothing like these. These numbers should have never been possible coming from the hands of men."

"But there's no mistake about it, yeah?"

"One possible explanation is that these swords were smithed under Oracle guidance."


"Once upon a time, a certain lord whose territory was ravaged by a plague besought the temple for help, the temple received an oracle from god to forge a Divine Blade. The forged Divine Blade received prayers at the temple, then that sword was used in a ritual to drive away the plague, which it did. I was invited afterward to appraise that Divine Blade, lo and behold it possessed the shocking <Depth> of 61. Far beyond any sword forged by men."

"You can raise <Depth> if you get prayers at the temple?"

"A sword may have an element added to it or becomes easier to receive protection by a particular god if you take it to the temple and get it prayers, however, the sword's attributes themselves will remain unchanged. That includes <Depth>. A sword shall retain its form as a sword until its end of life. Its fundamental attributes will not fluctuate. A sword that came into being without a Grace will never have a Grace. That is providence."

What the heck is this old man blabbering about, thought Lecan.

There exists Enchant in Lecan's previous world, you can enchant weapons, armor and accessories with unique functions by using jewels and magic stones. Even the overcoat Lecan is wearing right now has <Self Restoration> function. A jewel with <Self Restoration> function can be installed on an overcoat or a sword. It's an all-purpose Grace. It can't be moved to another object once it's been installed though.

Lecan's still got several other swords enchanted with other functions on him. From what he's tried thus far, they work just fine in this world. Those effects are appraised as Graces in this world. In other wold, they are swords that came into existence without a Grace then got Graces added to them later. 'A sword that came into being without a Grace will never have a Grace. That is providence.' is utter nonsense.

After thinking that much, it finally hit Lecan.

That's the reason.

That's the reason why even someone as extraordinary as Shira had such an exaggerated reaction to it. The Magic Tool Engineer living in the capital, that Longlifer Yacklubend seems eager to see Lecan's overcoat as well.

Granting Graces to Graceless objects. It's a ground-breaking matter in this world. An entirely different matter altogether from magic tool creations. At first Lecan thought <Self Restoration> was the same as <Damage Restoration>, but considering the former can be put on any object while the latter can only have its effect active on the object it dwells on like say swords, they are likely different things altogether. Lecan is in possessions of several objects that could potentially overturn common sense in this world at its very root.

Meaning, the problem is now just how much Yacklubend noticed from observing the remnants of Lecan's sword. Did he tell Shira about that sword's self-restoration function. Felt like he did. The self-restoration function doesn't work anymore on his broken trusty sword. Hence there shouldn't be that many thing they could gleam from the remnants.

However, his overcoat's got a working Self-Restoration function. Shira had shot it with a light magic and observed the restoration intently with curiosity. She might have told Yacklubend about that.

Yacklubend is likely eagerly waiting for Lecan and his overcoat's arrival, not just a passing thought to them like Lecan initially thought. He can't even imagine just what kind of stuff they'd put him through if he ever got caught.

Lecan is also bothered by the veteran appraiser before him. This old man might have noticed something about Lecan's overcoat as well.

(Calm down.)

(Even if this world's human appraise this overcoat.)
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(They can't read the meanings of the results.)

(Even that Shira couldn't.)

Come to think of it, <Sword of Odo> also got three functions. All of which get enchanted into the sword via jewels, but those jewels were only used as disposables and the effects got dwelt into the blade through the enchant. This sword is probably also something that carries tremendous values to researchers in this world.


(Just gotta avoid going to the capital for now.)

(Absolutely never going there.)

The elderly appraiser kept talking while Lecan was lost in thought.

"<Sword of Rusk> has <Depth> of 112, yet its <Endurance> has been reduced to 63. This sword was likely created for a certain purpose, of which it has fulfilled."


Lecan replied half-heartedly while he was deep in thought.

"The problem is <Sword of Agost>. I have no clue who and where this swordsmith Agost is, but it must have taken them time and money to create such a sword. Yet its <Endurance> remains at 99, this indicates that this sword hasn't fulfilled its original purpose yet."


"The only opponent I could think of that would require this much Hardness and size would be dragons."


A sword forged for the sake of fighting dragons.

Is <Sword of Agost> truly made for that.

"Oh yeah, this Agost guy is apparently a son of Rusk."

"Hou. I do recall hearing about Rusk having a son who died young. I see, it is no wonder both these swords share similar smell."


"Those who don't know don't know. Those who know need not explanations."

"Fumu. Now that you mention it, these two swords do have some similar qualities to them."


Something hit on Lecan then.

"Hold it. How'd you know <Sword of Agost> hasn't fulfilled its original purpose. Its Endurance wouldn't fall if it's only used in a ritual."

"Did you even listen to a word I said huuh? How in the world would <Endurance> stay at that value when it's been used. You dang fool. If <Wear Rate> stays yet <Endurance> falls down, it means that particular sword has cut objects not of this world. Using the analogy earlier, it has cut the invisible foundation part."

"Invisible objects?"

"The sword used in the ritual I mentioned earlier had its <Endurance> reduced by 10."

"I see."

While replying the old man, a terrifying thought hit on Lecan.


(<Self Restoration> enchanted in my previous world.)

(Can also restore <Endurance>.)

That'd make it even more of an aberrant in this world.

"I've been blessed a meeting with an outstanding appraiser. You have my thanks."

Lecan stood up.

He wanted to get away from this elderly appraiser as soon as possible.

"If you ever find yourself at Nadis Barondom, go ask around for Rusk Household at Town of Liplin. There may be something you can obtain there."

"Hou. Town of Liplin huh. Noted."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.17


"Huh? We're not heading straight for the dungeon?"

"Gotta drop by trade facility first."


Today it's just Lecan and Arios going out.

<Grindam> bunch were completely wasted this morning after excessive drinking last night. Lecan figured that out last night.

Getting overboard the first day of cooperative diving is fine. Their stamina should be filled right back up after a day rest, they can challenge the dungeon again at full power tomorrow.

(I'll rein it loose in the beginning.)

(Then tighten it harder little by little.)

(First we need to go beyond floor 100.)

(With those three.)

(That day won't be long.)

They got to the trading facility, there Lecan asked to have some of his items appraised.

<Appraisal> magic has many layers to it.

Information that comes up can differ depending the user's knowledge and the kind of focus they put on it.

Like say <Endurance>, the result will differ depending on whether you appraise only the blade part or the whole sword.

Appraisers in this facility are all pretty much masters of their craft.

It's only natural since they are people tasked to work at the Grand Dungeon Tsubolt.

For this occasion, Lecan wishes to learn how the numerical values work.

He can tell <Offense>, <Sharpness>, <Endurance> of a weapon with <Appraisal>, but they only look like lumps of mist to him, deciphering them into numbers require experience. He doesn't absolutely need those numbers for items in his possession, but knowing them would be handy for sorting and classifying stuff. He'd also like to understand the rough meaning of those numbers.

Hence, Lecan plans to have several of his swords appraised, then appraise them himself to compare the results.

The counters are mostly empty, perhaps because it's still early in the morning.

Lecan picked a counter with a veteran-looking elderly appraiser and waited in line.

It got to his turn before long.

First, he asked to have a sword he got in this dungeon's middle layer appraised. It's got no Grace, but Lecan's Appraisal shows that it's a very high quality long sword. He paid one big silver coin for the appraisal.

"State your name and party name."

The thin gray haired elderly spoke. He's quite at an advanced age, yet strong lights dwell in his eyes.

"Lecan. Party <Willard>."

The elderly man readied his slim long wand, recited preliminary casting and <Appraisal> spell, and then wrote down the result on a piece of paper. How these appraisers don't carelessly speak the results out loud is another good thing about this place.

The paper got <Client: Lecan>, <Affiliation: Willard> written on top, then date, and <Appraiser in Charge: Termin> on the margin below.

<Name: None>

<Type: Sword>

<Offense: 55>

<Hardness: 34>

<Firmness: 41>

<Sharpness: 70>

<Wear Rate: None>

<Endurance: 80>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 61>


<Depth: 61>

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A greatsword he got in Dungeon Golbul had 9 Sharpness, and around 10 Offense. If 10 offense is good enough for a great sword, a normal sized long sword having 55 offense is just splendid. However, this sword's actual offense will differ depending on the wielder. Offense number is like the potential strength that can be drawn out of a weapon depending on how it's used, and it may sound obvious, but a 55 offense long sword does not mean it has 5.5 the power of a 10 offense great sword regardless of the wielder. Great swords are usually more powerful.

"What's Wear Rate?"

"Chips on blade, wear and tear."

"That means the number will also decrease if it's sharpened."

"Indeed. However, it can never go back to <None> state once it's been used. The sword will break once the number reaches 100."


That's a nice info. He's got to appraise this Wear Rate whenever he does appraisal from now on.

Lecan heard about <Endurance> from Chaney's subordinate back then. 100 is the maximum number, but in reality a weapon's Endurance starts at far below 100 number right after its creation. This can never go up even if you do maintenance on them, it's a one way road down. It's pretty much a sword's life expectancy. However, a well maintained weapon won't have their <Endurance> go down as easily.

Lecan can hazard a guess on <Hardness> and <Firmness>.

What's a mystery to him is the attribute <Depth>.

"What's <Depth>."

"The depth of existence."

"What? Make it clear."

"A building has part visible to naked eyes and foundation part hidden beneath the ground. The deeper that buried part, the more solid a building is. This sword has a form visible to naked eyes, but its foundation form exists in the world of gods, human eyes cannot fathom that. That invisible part can be read by high level <Appraisal>. That is <Depth>."

Lecan digested on the meaning of those words.

"So you're telling me, the deeper the <Depth>, the harder this sword wears down?"

"Not exactly. In case of swords, deep <Depth> or high <Endurance> do not matter if it has low <Hardness> and <Firmness>, its <Wear Rate> will shoot up fast. However, higher <Endurance> affords slower <Wear Rate> gain. And with deeper <Depth>, comes slower decline of <Endurance>, and harder road to zero."

"So in short, the blade can still chip and get duller easily even if it's got deep <Depth>, but it won't break as easily."


"This sword's got the same <Depth> as the floor it was dropped at, is that a coincidence."

"It is not a coincidence. With dungeon goods, <Spawn Spot> corresponds to their <Depth> in the majority of cases. As such, swords obtained on deep floors are highly reliable regardless of their performance. Though unfortunately, that doesn't translate to higher price."

"Hold it. Then what about swords made by humans, what's their <Depth> like?"

"Human-made swords commonly have <Depth> in the range of one to ten. In exchange, swords made by mastersmiths have other qualities that are not <Appraisal>-able such as ease of use which raise their merits as swords."

After that exchange, Lecan got several more swords appraised.

Lastly he had <Sword of Rusk> and <Sword of Agost> appraised.

As they were both made by humans, he didn't have much expectations on their <Depth>.

However, the dignified look of the appraiser turned into surprise when he appraised <Sword of Rusk>. Which then turned stern after he appraised <Sword of Agost>.

He passed over the appraisal results to Lecan.

<Name: Sword of Rusk>

<Type: Sword>

<Offense: 32>

<Hardness: 51>

<Firmness: 55>

<Sharpness: 60>

<Wear Rate: 4>

<Endurance: 63>

<Spawn Spot:>

<Maker: Rusk>

<Depth: 112>

<Name: Sword of Agost>

<Type: Greatsword>

<Offense: 59>

<Hardness: 88>

<Firmness: 64>

<Sharpness: 25>

<Wear Rate: 2>

<Endurance: 99>

<Spawn Spot:>

<Maker: Agost>

<Depth: 96>




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Okami wa Nemuranai 30.16


"My bad. It looked to me two <Black Body> were ganging up on Lecan. So I just rushed in without thinking."

Those two <Black Body> were headless and it's not like Lecan was rushing headlong at them or anything.

Even though Bruska did it out of worry for Lecan's safety, leaving Yoana open to the line of fire was careless of him. Even if a <Black Body> didn't end up getting launched near Yoana, Bruska still failed as a bodyguard here. And above all, he was utterly ineffective as a leader in the fight just now.

Bruska himself must be fully aware of that, as are Tsuinga and Yoana.


(Guess I'll take leadership here.)

"We'll fight on this floor once more. But we're changing up roles this time around. Arios takes point, then it's Tsuinga, Bruska, me and Yoana."

"Eh? Lecan, you're saying you're gonna protect me?"

"Yeah. With this."

Lecan slightly lifted up the <Shield of Wolkan> in shield form on his left hand.

"<Shield of Wolkan> is it not. I had my suspicion, so it really is one."

"First time I've ever seen one."

"Huh what, what's up with that <Shield of Wolkan> thing."

"Yoana-san. <Shield of Wolkan> is an extraordinary shield capable of fending off physical and magical attack."

"Hee, really now."

"Tsuinga, Bruska, you two focus on defeating the <Red Body> first. Those beasts wouldn't hesitate attacking their brethren, leaving them for later is just asking for trouble. Never let them crowd around again."

"But then, there will be no one left to deal with the <Black Body>."

"You can let up to three of them slip past you. All three of you, focus on beating a <Red Body> each, before moving onto the next one. Whoever is the nearest gets to take care the last <Red Body>."

"What about me?"

"First, just do like you always do, beat a <Black Body> when you get inside."


"I'll take care of any other <Black Body> that gets near us. Afterward, use <Lightning Arrow> to lure in <Black Body>, one at a time. Aim at the trunks, not legs."

Naturally, aiming at trunks is easier than at ankles. Lessening Yoana's burden.

"Fine by me. You're okay with up to three slipping by? Lure in one at a time? You're pretty confident on yourself eh."

"Lecan's strength is shocking though. I mean he cut off those guards with the <Black Body>'s neck altogether. Is that sword a Grace Gear?"

"Yeah. Same with those axes of yours. Now then, let's get in some nearby room."

"Hold on a bit will you. Yoana is not done preparing yet. Mages, you see, cannot unleash their full power without a break inbetween fights."

"It's okay, Tsuinga."


For some reason, Arios is grinning as he watches over Yoana and the attentive Tsuinga.

"My mana is replenishing even now even though I just shot a <Great Flame Slash> earlier. Never experienced anything like this before. Lecan. That was a real Mana Restorative wasn't it."

"That's what I said."

"Is this Pijo's medicine for real then? This town's got many talented apothecaries thanks to Pijo, so there's no shortage of wound salve or remedy, but you just can't get your hand on mana restoratives. Did you have a connection with apothecaries in this town or something?"

"I don't know no apothecaries in this town."
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Lecan has put <Necklace of Intuador> away. It'd just get in the way of Yoana shooting magic behind him.

Afterward the five went in a nearby room and fought there.

Lecan accurately saw through the magic beasts' positions and issued orders during battle.

Arios guessed which magic beast got Grace Gear, surprising <Grindam>.

At first Yoana was acting timidly, but Lecan's iron wall seemed to have reassured her, she ended up shooting <Great Flame Slash> twice even.

Bruska gleefully brandished his twin axes.

The three <Grindam> members were dumbfounded when Lecan used <Appraisal> on Grace Gear.

"Nice, this is nice! A five person party is just the best. It was so hard to shoot magic when we had ten people moving around, just annoying."

"Yup. I had it easy too. I just can't swing my twin axes around with ten people in the group so I got stuck with bodyguarding duty, it's been some time since I could fight freely like that."

"It is the same for me. Having enough space to fight is simply superb indeed."

"And that mana restorative Lecan gave me is super amazing! My mana is still welling up even now. Lecan, how long will this last?"

"This period is when it's at its peak, it'll gradually wear off. Still gonna work for half a day though."

"Half a day! My word. This is amazing, you know. I see, I see. No wonder the <Other Side> bunch would buy them by loads. Must be expensive innit?"

Lecan didn't know what this <Other Side> mean then, later on he found out it's the term to refer people who have gone beyond floor 100.

"I made it myself."

"Oh come on now. Knock it off with that. You could live lavishly if you could make this thing, no need for all this adventuring business."

"Are Mana Restoratives by this Pijo apothecary expensive?"

"They are. But the lord and <Other Side> guys would buy them up by the bulks, so only very few gets sold on the market. More importantly, let's hurry up and get to the next battle. I'm at peak performance right now."

Thanks to how enthusiastic Yoana was, guiding <Grindam> was simple.

The five challenged floor 90's giant variants and easily beat them. Then they went and fought floor 92's and even floor 93's giant variants.

What took the longest was walking down the stairs. They had to walk from floor 92 to 93, and then again from floor 93 to 94 after beating the giant variants.

The three <Grindam> were awfully envious when they found out Lecan could pin down giant variants' rooms without a <Rat>'s guidance. There's only a few <Rats> that can guide on floor 90s, and you've got to make a reservation to hire one. You can buy maps but getting to the right room in these vast areas while referencing a map is a tall order. Dungeon maps often contain quirks of the makers which sometimes get lost over multiple transcriptions, so it's all very much understandable.

At the end of the day, their joint party fought one battle on floor 79, two on floor 89, one on floor 90, one on floor 92, and another on floor 93, six in total. And the last three were against Giant Variants, it was a dense day full of fighting all in all.

They got five Grace Gear.

It was late when they left the dungeon, yet they went straight to trade facility nonetheless.

The loot was sold for one platinum coin and two big gold coins.

<Grindam> were downright elated.

Lecan was impressed by the appraisal at the trade facility.

When you put an item you want appraised on the counter, the appraiser on the opposite side will immediately appraise it and write a report right away. That report gets passed to an official sitting behind them who will then fetch the amount of money written on the report. Then it's returned to the appraiser who will write the sum, and inscription or grace if it's got one on a paper that is then given to the client.

If the client wishes to sell the items, they will bring the amount of money prepared behind the appraiser.

Client can request to have the appraisal report transcribed. Which will cost them. The cost is one silver coin for shallow floor items, one big silver coin for middle layer, and one gold coin for depths. These prices are extremely fair since you're told the prices before you can ask for appraisals. However, they will charge you one tenth of the fee in advance if you ask items gotten outside Dungeon Tsubolt for appraisal. They don't offer free price assessment for items brought from outside.

All appraisers on every counter were very quick on the job. There are even reserve appraisers standing by in the back.

Appraisers must not touch the appraised items. They have to ask the owner when they want it moved. This too impressed Lecan.

Later on he found out, the majority of those appraisers are not working under the lord, they're dispatched by merchants. More dungeon items get alloted to merchants with more dispatches.

Lecan was very satisfied with the cooperative diving.

Combats have become a lot easier now.

Two on ten was a bit much after all.

Yoana would eliminate one <Black Body>, and Arios takes care of one <Red Body> right after they get in a room, turning it into a five on eight.

It's a pain when <Black Body> and <Red Body> mix together and shoot magic, but Arios, Tsuinga, and Bruska can take on <Black Body> while impeding four <Red Body> no problem. Lecan would then kill magic beasts lured by Yoana with a single stroke of <Sword of Odo>.

<Sword of Odo> is highly powerful, but one cannot unleash that power without angling and swinging it right.  Which is easy to achieve in a five person party.

The booze that night tasted so good.





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