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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 206

Complete At Last


Three days since we exterminated rat beasts terrorizing Diolgo.
We're now going back to report the completion at Ringranaita's guild as planned.
...I loathe to go, but it must be even worse for Reina. Gotta bear with it.
Still, leaving her hometown again after so long must be hard on her...

"Bye mom, I'm off!"

"Yes, safe travel."

Or so I thought but they said goodbye just like that.
O, ou. That's fine, much better than being all gloomy, but is that really okay with you two?

"Well, we'll be dropping by once every month anyway, there's no point being all dramatic is there?"

"Fufu, I am already looking forward to what kind of stories and souvenirs will Reina bring."

They sure are a positive bunch. These parent-child duo.
I look silly mulling so much over it.
Or maybe they're just putting up an act so each other won't get so down, but it'd be boorish of me to ask that.

Well now that we're done with the goodbyes and all, time to Fast Travel back.

"We will see you soon."

"Yes, please take care of yourselves, Kajikawa-san and Alma-san. Hiyoko-san too of course."

"We will."


A bit of light exchange before executing Fast Travel.
The scenery turned to that of Ringranaita's guild's entrance.
It must look like we suddenly disappeared from Ferianna-san's perspective.
...But man, this Fast Travel thing really puts a damper to the weight of partings huh.

We entered Adventurer's Guild to report and get our reward.
I wonder if there's some sort of custom to have a western door at all adventurer guilds in every town. I don't really mind though.

"T-thank you for your hard work. You took care of this commission in no time. I was sure it'd be another week or so before your return..."

The receptionist thanked us with a slightly twitching face.
We delayed reporting back by three days yet it's still considered fast huh. Well, exterminating those rats would have taken much longer without Spirit Magic so I get it.

"It was a relatively easy job compared to our usual beast culling commissions, but I had no idea magic beasts could build nests outside their territories."

"Yes. It's usually a rare case that doesn't occur often but we have been receiving reports of such nests forming here and there as of late."


...I did feel some ominous presences when I was fighting that boss rat.
Menu-san believes demons are raising these magic beasts to use in their evil ploys.

I'll keep it to myself since I have no evidence and it would only cause unnecessary chaos, but I plan to crush any similar nest I find along the way.
Eh, why are you slaughtering beasts who haven't done anything wrong? Humans are desperate for their survival too.

"Ah, right. We received a message for Kajikawa-san while you were absent."

"Message? From who."

"It's from Higuroima-san of Gen's Workshop, 'Your weapon is done, come and get it', it says."

Ooh, it's finally complete at last!
The prototype I was using broke in the dungeon so I hope this one is sturdier.

"...Frankly speaking, I question your need of weapons. Beating a giant rat over Lv50 to death bare handed, how does that even work..."

"Err, I just randomly threw my fist out and hit its vital by chance..."

"I don't think hitting a vital could result in half of its body getting blown apart..."

Looks like she read how I beat that rat with Appraisal Skill. Makes my excuse sounds painfully obvious.
I can't be bothered to make up more so I cut the conversation short and head for the workshop.

I don't hear the usual clatter in front of Gen's Workshop.
Was there a trouble? ...It's weird how being quiet is a sign of trouble though.

"Hello, I'm here to fetch my weapon."
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I greeted as I entered and found no sign of life.
Where'd they go.

"Huh? There's nobody here."

"No, seems like there's three people in the underground forging area."

"I don't hear the sound of metal being hit though..."

What are they even doing anyway.
Can't be helped, we'll help ourselves in.

"Hrnggggggg.....! O-oy, Higuroo...! Put yer back into iiiiiit!!"

"I frickin' am...! Why'd you go and make this heavy hunk of object underground anyway! Ain't no way anyone coulda lift it up above!"

"Ugugugu...!! Fu-fuhaha...!! This sheer weight is proof that it shall withstand any and all beatings! ...The only question now is whether this heavy object can truly be wielded!!"

...Gen-san, Higuro-san, and Julian are trying their damnedest to lift something up.
...Wait, isn't that the complete form of the True Explosomething hammer!

The handle bar is as thick as my arm with a wrapped grip to reduce slippage.
The hammerhead is no longer the shape of a turtle shell, it's been polished to a metallic sheen.
Then there's bike muffler-like things on its sides acting as exhaust ports. Judging from the sheen, these mufflers must be made from the shell as well.

The three people are barely able to lift the handle part while the hammerhead is being dragged on the floor.
Just how heavy is that thing anyway. Your average man can't possibly use it...

"Err, I'm told you've finished making my weapon..."

"Haahn!? This ain't no time for... Wait, it's you Kajikawa! Thought they said ya went to Diolgo for some extermination commission a few days ago. Ya back already?"

"Yes. We just got back today and received your message at the guild."

"O-ou. Good work... So yeah, your weapon is done and all but even us three could barely make it budge. Sure ya can use this thing?"

"We have raised the mana conversion and output of the explosion engine by installing a Rank A magic stone as its core, however, it's doubtful if anybody can even lift this thing up..."

Let's test it out at my base specs.
Uwaa, it's super heavy. I can barely swing it with both my hands.
First of all, the hammerhead is stupidly heavy. Again, it's dumb how heavy it is.
Then you add the handle part and its thickness. Think it's more than 100kg in total...

Normally, me and my body weight can't possibly lift it up, yet swinging it is doable to me, albeit barely.
...I know it's late and all, but the bonus given by Attributes pretty much ignore law of nature.

"Uoo...! You really went and did it...!"

"O-oy, you okay? Don't push yourself and break yer' waist now!"

"It's heavy for sure, but nothing I can't handle... Excuse me, may I test it out now?"

"Not inside my workshop. The whole building's gonna come crashing down fer' sure."

"In fact, I believe you should look for a place you can go all out outside the town. Honestly speaking, it's pretty much unknown just how much firepower that thing houses."

Unknown, uh. Just how powerful is this thing...

"Bring us with you if you wish to perform a trial run! I would love to bear witness to the sight of you swinging that around!"

"Everything should be in order already, but yer' gonna need us if you wanna make adjustments."


What do. Julian who knows about Mana Control aside, can I really show it to Gen-san and Higuro-san.

"...My customer, you can put your faith in Gedagan-dono and Higuroima-kun. Besides, they have already surmised your situation to a point."

"Ya used this guy's prototype without a Skill or disposable mana stones. Ain't no way ya don't got other special power that aren't Skills, do ya?"


"No need to answer that. I got no interest in yer' circumstances, I just wanna see how you swing that thing. Heck, I don't mind swearing secrecy for life if I gotta. Put it on a written oath or whatever, I'm ready to pay any penalty if I break the terms."


Frankly, I'm hesitant to talk about Mana Control much.
But my instinct is telling me this man is the type that's stern with others and even sterner with himself.
After all, my boss in Japan was the same. I can kinda tell.

Sheesh okay, guess we're all going to Monster Mountains and have them spectate.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 470

470 Not Quite a Game of Tag


The following morning, I woke up early and got ready to depart for the kingdom yet again. That said, my things are all inside my magic bag so I don't have anything to do in particular.
It's not like I have to go to the kingdom if I'm heading for the federation, this route is simply the shortest.
There is another route, but that one necessitates a long detour with no rest areas in between.

"Welp, time for another long jog. Alrighty!"

I fired myself up as I left the commercial city behind.
It's nice when you have an objective. All thoughts about the coliseum are swirling in my mind.
How is it like? What kind of specialties do they sell there? What are the gladiators like? What kind of rules do they put in place for entertainment's sake and such.
The more something occupies your mind the shorter your trip feels.
But then someone decided to show up after a long while here.


Yep, Chimera.

"Oou... Been a while huh. I forgot about you. Hm? What?"

Chimera came close and smacked my legs with its fore legs while glaring at me.
I always had an inkling that I could tell what Chimera says to a degree.

(I know this is fantasy and all, but please can't you not with 'Tamer' thing? Like being able to communicate with monsters and such... please no.)

Chimera suddenly took a step back and lowered its bump.
Then it jumped up with its claws directed at me.

It's not scary when Chimera does this in its kitten form.
But it's still a magic beast. Hence, I deemed it was dangerous and dodged the jump.

(...Hm? Does it still remember my promise to play with it? I see, no wonder it's in a bad mood...)

It's my fault for completely forgetting the promise I made myself.
Even if it was something I randomly came up on the spot.
It must have been important to Chimera and yet I took it lightly.

"Ah, Chimera. Sorry to keep you waiting. I'll play tag with you till you've got your fill today, how about it?"

Thus I said to fulfill my promise. I'm sure that was the right thing to do.
But that was truly careless of me. I'd soon regret it.

===  ~~~  ===
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I mentioned how I never get tired no matter how long I run. But this time, I do feel ever so slightly fatigued.
The toll on my mental is especially severe. Why you ask?


Because I've been dodging Chimera coming at me with its claws from all directions as I run with all my might.
All the people I passed by on the road were rooted in their place dumbfounded as I side glanced at them.
I can't afford to mind them.
Even the slightest mistake would end with my clothes getting torn to shred. The clothes I just bought.
Chimera isn't holding back at all. My clothes are my problem. Don't have to do with Chimera.
It's in fact enjoying itself. I can tell it's been getting more and more spirited every time I dodge its attack.
It doesn't care about what will become of my clothes or my mental state. That's only natural. It's a magic beast. No matter how cute it looks.
I'm not even gonna test out what happens if Chimera's claws hit me.
I did entertain the possibility of my abnormal body warding off those claws just fine, but I just can't bring myself to get hit by those sharp-looking claws. In fact, I really shouldn't get hit.

I got cold feet the one time its claws missed me and left a 5 cm deep mark on a big tree behind me.
And that was Chimera in Kitten mode. That startled me bad.

(That depth can't be right considering its claws' length! Heck, its legs didn't even touch the tree! Which means some sort of energy flew off its claws!? Is it physically? Or magically?)

Another classic of fantasy. If a sword could send out destructive slash with a swing, then Chimera could do the same with its claw in its cute Kitten Mode, and it wouldn't even give me a chance to stop and wonder the marvel as it kept lunging at me.
Not in Tiger, or Lion Mode, but in its cute Kitten Mode.

I dunno if it was terror or anticipation that fueled me.


I lost count how many times I screamed. This game of tag kept going on until the kingdom.
I ran all the way from the commercial city throughout the entire day.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 205

Until Next Time


After the defeat of boss rat, we reported the threats were no more to the guards.
With a sigh of relief, they went on to inform the evacuees that everything is alright now.

And now, let's look back on things to improve.
First of all, how we let those beasts raid the town.
We could have prevented it if only I had anticipated that the survivors including the boss rat would come out after initiating the nest cave-in.
We could use many hands like shooting high powered magic when they rushed out or setting up traps near the entrance. Gotta reflect on that point.

Then there's me who went to take on the boss. I took my sweet time because I was making it about me.
Looking back, I should have dealt with the boss rat quickly and gone straight to culling out the raiding beasts in town.
According to Reina, some of the rats almost killed the red haired boy and girl.

I had deemed that I shouldn't butt in and left the remaining rats to the two girls + one chicken, everything went okay with zero casualty in the end.
Nevertheless, using the opportunity to test out my Pseudo Kempo Skill was really not commendable of me.
Work is work. I shouldn't have brought my personal circumstances in it and prioritized the townspeople's safety instead.
...I'm still not good as an adventurer and a leader, aren't I.

There's no end to this kind of reflection. Gotta be careful not to lament endlessly and focus on moving forward.

Lastly, I sensed some ominous presences some distance away while I was dealing with the boss rat.
Leaving them alone felt icky, thus I flew off to check but the presences vanished before I got there.
That sinister mana was probably...

"Hikaru, what's up?"

"...Nah, it's just I get depressed thinking on how many things I could have done better. I'm really sorry for playing around with the boss..."

"I think being able to play around with that giant rat is weird in itself..."


Really? It was big sure, but it's nowhere near as ferocious as an ogre.
Forget me, even Alma can probably take it on solo. Reina and Hiyoko might have a tough time tho'.


Ferianna-san rushed over while calling out her daughter's name.
...She looks like another Reina no matter how many times I see them, would be very easy to mix them up.

"I'm back, mom."

"Welcome back, Reina. Are you hurt anywhere?"

"Nope. Not even a graze, just feeling a bit peckish."

"Thank goodness..."

She seemed really anxious but seeing Reina looking fine put her at ease.
Seen from the sideline, it's Ferianna-san who looks unwell instead.

Not long after, the red haired swordplaying boy... Who's it again? Eh, I'll just call him sword boy. Along with the red haired girl came over as well.
Their angered faces back when we were heading for the rat nest have been replaced with apologetic ones.

"R-Reina. You really saved our skins. It was my fault for putting us in danger... I'm sorry."

"We're sorry, Reina-oneechan..."

"It's all thanks to Reina-chan my idiotic son and daughter got out with all their limbs intact... We cannot thank you enough!"

What seemed to be their father bowed gratefully with them.
Yup yup, being able to say sorry for your mistake is a good thing.
If there's one problem, it's...

"Umm, I'm not Reina..."


"Here here, Reina here!"

"O-oh my bad, you two look really alike..."

Bowing to the wrong person. Silly.
Can't you guys tell from the clothes and all? Maybe these three did it on purpose.

"Ahem... Well, the two of them did something so reckless out of worry for me, so I get it. I won't be too harsh on them. But promise me you won't ever do anything that dangerous again!"


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There was a hint of gentleness in her angered expression. What is this, so heartwarming to watch.

"Also, Kajikawa-san, was it. Forgive us for making you out be the bad guy on our own..."

"Don't worry about it. I should say sorry for playing along with it as well."

"Kajikawa-san looks the least repenting here..."

"Still, you look like a real big girl scolding the two of them."

"D-do I really?"

"It's hard to tell cause you're smaller than Anvi-kun though."

"Anvi, this man's a baddie through and through, feel free to go for a punch."

"...Clearing the misunderstanding, for nothing."

Alma muttered at the comedy skit.
Um yeah, I'm sorry.

"...Well now that we're done, we just need to report back to the guild."



"You're going already?"

"You should stay a bit longer, I mean who knows when you can come back to your hometown."

"Hmm, point taken. Let's postpone our departure for three days shall we?"

"That's fine by me. Taking too long will make it hard to leave..."

"I remember you saying that at the orphanage."

Normally, you should make haste reporting completion of a commission.
Other adventurers might see it unfinished and come to assist and stuff.
But taking too fast to complete a commission will draw suspicion, without Fast Travel and considering the time it takes to travel by carriages, three days should be just about right.

"Besides, I'm not done yet with ingredients around these parts. Like the flying shrimps and co."

"It's always about food with you..."

"I mean, good food makes for a good tomorrow."

"...Valid point."

"...Well, I guess, no argument there."

"Fufu, would you like to have meals together again?"

"By all means."

Today we feast on fried prawns.
I only made side dish and pudding the last time, comparing our cooking might be nice for a chance.
Eh, what, I only ever make fried dishes you say? Shaddup, or I'mma fling fried shrimps your way.

There's still one point of worry, yet the bad premonition doesn't feel urgent.
But just in case, I'll go and check this area out on a regular basis from now on.

If they dare to make a move on this town's people, I'll exterminate y'all bastards like we did those rats.


"Aa~ ah~, all that hard work for nothing? It's cause you didn't manage them well so some wandered off to the town. Would have drawn quite a lot of blood too if you let it ripe."

"I was planning to make those rats attack altogether once they entered the nest. Who could have expected they'd bring down the entire nest... Damn! Letting those rats loose on some town near a Stampede would have netted us many strong adventurers' death..."

"Who cares about that boondocks. We have plenty other nurseries don't we?"

"Well yeah. Several have already been destroyed, but it's nothing more than a minor setback relative to the total number."

"This strategy has been proven effective on the third continent. Although it's unfit for this continent and its comparatively weak magic beasts."

"Nevertheless, the feat of producing magic beasts over Lv50 alone makes it worthwhile. If only we managed to produce five, six more specimens... No, no point crying over that now."

"No point indeed. All we need to do now is to patiently wait and see as everything is gradually set in motion, like a delayed poison, parasite, and cancer."

"You got it. Until next time."

"Ou, see y'all at the next hunting ground."

"Indeed, until the next manhunt."






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 469

469 Hobby


I got lost in thought during breakfast the following day.

(Ah, will I get dragged into trouble no matter when and where I am? If I can't dodge or control it, it wouldn't be fair if I can't enjoy myself. Isn't there anything good out there?)

I have completely zero interest in this world's entertainment. It's mainly due to the hobby I had in my previous life.
Working out is doable but games are out of question.
I work out whenever I have a free time, so much so it's pretty much a form of escapism now.

(It's probably not a good idea considering this power, and yet I can't just wast my time spacing out. I always end up moving my body around like I'm trying to run away.)

Setting aside my brainless thought process, this is all due to me not finding a hobby in this world. Thus I concluded.
Yet I just can find anything worthwhile. In fact, I'm not even trying to find out. Willingly.
Frankly, I understand that my life in this worth has been badly derailed. I can't find a way to get it back on track. I don't think I can.

My existence in this world is irregular. And I plan to live quietly while taking care not to influence this world too much with to my irregular-ness.

But since this 'Factor of Unrest' within me is not something I can control, denying myself of entertainment will ultimately waste me away, mentally.
And so, I ask Eltrospedia once again today.

"Hey, got a sightseeing spot you can recommend? Something that makes your blood and body boil."
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Eltros is taking breakfast with me. Hence I asked here.
He would shut himself in his office for his 'job' after this, might as well ask now.

"Blood and body boil, you ask? Then there's only one answer. You should head to the federation. There is this particular country housing a coliseum where fighters take the leading parts. Not a day goes by without fervor where tempered warriors fight with their blood and muscles. Many powerful individuals gather there setting their aim on gold and fame."

"Ooh... I knew there'd be one. Guess the fantasy inside me shows no sign of stopping huh."

Coliseums are another classic you often see in fantasy work. I'm sure me going there would work in Eltros's favor. I get where this is going. Gotta be careful I don't get tricked.

(I mean I do love watching fighting sports... This could be nice?)

Influenced by my past hobby of being a fighting sports watching enthusiast, my interest is piqued.
I've decided on my next destination.

"Alright! I'll be heading out tomorrow. Kinda can't wait. Right, of course. Watching those fighters should be fun."

"I'm glad to be of service."

Eltros smiled brightly before muttering, '...Phew, I really outdid myself.' but, I was being unusually elated and overlooked that.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 204

Rats, Extermination


This chapter starts from the red haired sword boy, Anvilun's POV

"A-Anvi! Everybody's in the shelter already! We have to head there too!"

"W-we can't! I bet that black hair group is forcing Reina to fight the magic beasts in town! I-I gotta save her!"

"But we can't beat the magic beasts on our own! Let's hurry and run!"

"Then, I'll go alone if I have to! You go hide somewhere safe!"

"I can't just go and leave you by yourself Anvi!"

I know, there's no way we can beat those magic beasts!
But that goes for Reina who's just come of age too! It's only been two months or so for her.
She probably hasn't even gotten to Lv10. How could she fight beasts over Lv30!
That's why, I gotta find and get her to safety quickly...!?


Oh crap...!!
I thought those rats were gonna be smaller, not this huge thing.
A bull-sized rat growled when it noticed us.


"G-get back! I'll lure it away, you run! Hurry up!!"


"You darned raaat!!"

I know a wooden sword isn't gonna damage it, but it should at least flinch it.
Gotta aim for the eyes and then...!

CRACK! The wooden sword in my hand broke apart along with that sound.
The rat beast was gnawing on it. It got my sword before I could realize what happened.

I-I couldn't see it moving at all...! N-no, there's no way we can fight this thing...!

『Pugururururu... Gigii!』

It then growled in my direction, seemingly eager to eat me next.

"G-get away! G-get away from meeee!"

"L-leave Anvi alooone!"


As I flailed my arms around while shouting pitifully, Malti hit the magic beast's face with a Fireball.
It was a clean hit, the rat beast greatly faltered.

"Now! Run now while you can!"

"Kuh...! Thanks, Malti!"

I'm so pitiful...! I should've been the one luring this beast away!
No, we shouldn't even be here trying to save Reina...!
I'm pitiful! I'm, so weak!

"Over here! The shelter should be ahead! It's just a bit more, keep running!"


Malti dragged me to run with her, and just around the corner was

Another rat beast waiting for us.

"N-no, way..."


Both of us won't survive at this rate...!

...Sorry, Malti. I won't let you die at least.



I charged at the magic beast while yelling loudly!
Look here, I'm your food! I've got more flesh! Stay away from Malti! Please!


Alright, the two rat beasts are coming my way... Thank goodness.
Malti, run on your own...

Ah, it's no good, I'm gonna get eat--





A few seconds before the beasts got to me, I heard someone's shout and a chicken's cluck.
The rats got split in two right in that moment.

This voice, and blond hair...!


"R-Reina, oneechan...!"

I was dumbfounded looking back at Reina looking at us.

Her face looked super stern.

"Why're you loitering around in this place!! Did nobody tell you to take shelter right away!?"

She roared so loud I thought a thunder crashed with a really angry face I'd never seen before.

"I-I'm, so, sorry...! Fuee...!!"

"I-It's all my fault! Because, because I ran around everywhere looking for Reina..."

"Who cares about that! You're in the way, go to the shelter now, run you idiot!"


...Yup. It's clear to me now.
I'm an idiot. A big idiot.

It's not my place to worry about Reina when she's that strong.
There's no way that black hair can win against Reina who gets so angry for someone.

"Hiyoko-chan, seems there's only two rats left, let's go beat them real quick!"


The slightly fearful chicken's and Reina's backs look so big as they head out to hunt for more beasts.
She's smaller than me yet that back looks far more dependable.
...Really, what am I even doing...

~~~~~~Ferianna's POV~~~~~~~

As I was praying for Reina's and the children's safety, I noticed several small silhouettes at the shelter's entrance.


"S-sorry, dad. If only I didn't do something as dumb as trying to look for Reina..."

"What the heck were you doing, you idiots!! What am I gonna do if anything happened to you two!!"

The man gently hugged his children while shouting at them.
Thank goodness, they made it here safely...!

"Umm, you see, we got attacked by big rats on the way here..."

"What!? A-are you two hurt anywhere!?"

"N-no. Reina beat the rats instantly, so we're not hurt."

"R-Reina, what...?"

Weren't the invading beasts supposed to be quite strong, and Reina did that...?
...Looks like Reina has grown much stronger than I imagined.
Thank you Reina. Please, you take care too...

~~~~~~Reina's POV~~~~~~~

"Fuhahahahahai! This is the end!"


『Byagu!? Byaaba!!』

Hiyoko-chan and I cross slashed a rat beast from opposite directions with Extended Mana Blade and Claw.
Fufufu, it must look super cool from the sidelines... There's not a single spectator here though.

"That should be the last magic beast that got in town. Only that big rat Kajikawa-san is fighting outside left now."

『Cluck... Cluck!』

"Hm, what's wrong Hiyoko-chan... Ah, Alma-san, good work."

"You too, Reina. My bad, I let several rats slip in..."

"It's all right, nobody gets hurt in the end. Well, there was that one close call though."

Alma-san must be done with her share of magic beasts as well.
She looks completely fine too. When it took a bit for me.

"But it's kinda rare for Kajikawa-san to struggle, isn't it? From my Mana Search, he's taking some time fighting."

"That rat was really big, maybe he's having difficulty dealing damage. Let's hurry and lend a hand."

"Gotcha. I can make us move in between trees' and buildings' shadows."

Hope half of his body hasn't been crushed like the other day at least, but well he should be okay. I mean it's Kajikawa-san after all.
Time to get a move on.

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Coming out of my Shadow Dive, the first thing I saw was a half-crushed body.

No, not Kajikawa-san's, but the big rat's?

"Hmm, no that's not quite right. How was that? Eh, around Kempo Lv3? Shabby..."


"Slow, too slow. You're moving like a snail compared to Oni-sensei. How about this!"


...Kajikawa-san keeps muttering to himself while dodging the big rat's attacks and attacking with his bare hands.
Forget Mana, he's barely even using his Energy Control. He's pretty much fighting at his base specs.

"Eh, that was only around Kempo Lv2? How come it got worse... Eh what, my waist was slightly off so the driving forces on my joints went wasted? Man, this stuff is hard..."

"...Hikaru, good job. What are you doing?"

"Ah, good work, Alma, Reina, Hiyoko. Uh well, I'm trying to see if I could reproduce Martial Arts Skill at my base specs, but it's not going as well as Sensei does."

"Uh, who is this Sensei anyway...?"

"I'll introduce you when the time is right... No wait, I probably shouldn't for now, might get dicey."

"Eh, not sure who this Sensei is, are they someone dangerous!?"

"Rather than someone... It's some creature?"

"...It's not a human?"

I don't get what Kajikawa-san is even saying.
Nor what is he doing. Why'd you go out of your way fighting a beast this strong bare handed!
Just beat and get it done already!

『Bi, byaaaaaaao!!!』

"...Hikaru, quit playing around and do it properly."

"Yes, I'm sorry... Ffh...!"

After apologizing to Alma-san, I could tell he boosted himself with Energy Control.
I know because I can control my energy too.
Oh crap. Kajikawa-san is so strong, way beyond me.



Kajikawa-san sent out a straight punch as the giant rat attempted to crush him under its weight.
Normally, you'd think Kajikawa-san would lose under that sheer weight.

But the end result was the total opposite. Kajikawa-san's fist pulverized the giant rat's upper half.
...This guy is bad news for real. Is he really even human...?

"Aw yeah, that felt just right! Whaddya think, that went nicely right? Eh, despite its high firepower, the motion itself is only around Kempo Lv4? ...I gotta train harder..."

And he still doesn't seem satisfied with that attack. I'm terrified what'll become of you if you get any stronger, please stay this way...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 468

468 Resurrection Anecdote


"Oy, Eltros. Got something to ask you, you free now?"

I spoke to Eltros as he was taking a tea break. To ask about one thing I forgot to bring up to Federation's Sir Lolengus.

"Yes, what would it be?"

"Well, is there a way to resurrect the dead? It's nothing serious though. I'm just curious, is all."

Eltros put his hand on his chin and inclined his head. Then he got lost in thought.

(Hm? Hmm? What's taking so long? Can't it swiftly be summed up with a yes or no.)

I waited in silence. I bet Eltrospedia (lol) is making it digestible to me in his head.

"First of all, a way to resurrect the dead... is unheard of. In fact... Ah, there is one anecdote of 'resurrected' in a fairy tale. It's more a children picture book however."

Looks like it doesn't exist in reality. But I'm curious about this fairy tale so I urged him to tell me more.

"Yes, well. It's pretty much an adventure story of a hero who went on a journey to defeat the demon king. One time, the hero was lost deep inside a forest where he found and ingested a small shining seed which turned out to be the Seed of Resurrection. During the final battle against the demon king, the hero lost his life but got resurrected thanks to that seed, affording him to defeat the demon king, go back to his land and become the king. Or so the story goes."

I put out a question here.

"Is that tale based on reality? Or purely fictional?"

"It's a pure fiction. This story has been around for ages, there is not even a record of its writer now. Currently, there is no country with such a story as the basis of its founding."
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I blurted back, 'Hee', nonchalantly at that. It must be right if Eltros said it.
You usually have similar tales for country founding. Luck, ability, chosen by god, holy blood or the likes. All kinds of special things in the path to kingshood.
I lost my interest at this topic after that rough explanation.

"So, what about something more realistic? Resurrection in real life."

"Hmm. Someone took a fatal hit which should have killed them but got healed with magic medicine administered by their friends, getting up and about after some time. At best, such records do exist."

(Magic medicine huh... Potions. So they do exist...)

The fantastical door of this world is opening more and more.
My own body even goes beyond that in fact, though I'm doing my best to look the other way.

"What makes you interested in such a thing after all this time?"

Eltros wondered. And what does he gain from asking me that?

"Hm~? I too will die when my time comes. So you know, I just want an insurance. At the end of the day, I'm a country bumpkin. I know nothing about this world. Asking you is the fastest way to find this stuff out."

Eltros put on a bitter and defeated look on his face.

"I cannot even begin to imagine you dying..."

I missed Eltros's mutter so I asked, 'What did you say?', which he smiled back with 'It's nothing', so I didn't pursue the matter further.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 203

Rat, Raid


We Fast Traveled back to town to inform the people and get ready to fend the rats off.
We contacted the guard station to get them evacuate the town.

"A Lv50 boss and a group of around ten Lv30 magic beasts are coming this way!? Are you certain!?"

"Yes, unfortunately those beasts headed straight for this town after their nest got destroyed. We hastily made our way back using Space Magic but it won't be long till those beasts reach here. Please take the people to the shelter!"

"Understood! How about you lot!?"

"We'll take them on. Please lead the townsfolk to safety away from the battle!"

The guards sounded the warning alarm and went around guiding townspeople to take shelter.
I feel so bad for turning this into such a big deal...

We could have made the attempt to kill those rats right as they fled but things could have gone even worse if we missed some in the process and they managed to get to the town.
At worst, some production Job people or children who haven't come of age could fall victim, hence we prioritized being safe than sorry.

"Um, what is going on...?"

As we got ready to intercept the rat magic beasts, worried Ferianna-san ran up to us and asked.

"...Ferianna-san, I'll tell you later. For now you should hurry up and take shelter."

"Magic beasts are closing in even as we speak. Please hurry."


"Mom! It's okay, we'll make a short work out of those beasts!"

"...I understand. But promise me, don't push yourself...!"

"Of course! Quick get away from here, mom!"

I arrange our formation while glancing at the running Ferianna-san.

"Alma and I will stop the beasts outside the town. We can't let that big rat to enter no matter what. I'll take that one on, while Alma, you're in charge of the follower rats."

"Got it."

"Reina, and Hiyoko, take care of any beast that managed to slip in the town. With Mana Search, Quick Step and shadow diving, you can get anywhere almost instantaneously. Just don't try to beat them if you can't and focus on stopping them."



Mission Start.
I'm holding Alma in my arms while making my way to the magic beasts with Pseudo Ground Shrink.

"H-Hikaru, you're too fast, I'm scared...!"

"Sorry, bear with it. I'm actually moving slower than usual."

"This is slower...? Y-you're joking right...?"

"I can get at least three times as fast if I go all out, any faster and I lose control though. Though well, if you insist--"

"Don't, this is plenty fast...!"

Oh okay. That'd be ideal cause I want to converse my SP too.
But man, this town defense kinda takes me back to Keruna village's situation.
The magic beasts this time are overwhelmingly stronger though. Would have been the end of us if there were 10 Jet Boars back then.

Oops, those rats are just around the corner now.
First, a greeting for the big guy!

"Alma, shoot your magic preemptively, but use anything besides fire element so you don't cause a forest fire."

"Got it."

"Afterwards, you're in charge of the follower rats and I'm the big one per the plan."

"Un... Haaa...!"

As instructed, Alma cast Offensive Magic as the first strike in this battle.
Hm, bullets made of stone, Stone Bullet huh. Yup that won't catch fire... Huh..?

Err, Alma-san? Why are you making ice, water, wind, light and co. besides stones...?

"I'll use all other elements if fire is no go."

"No uh, I didn't mean you should cast all other... Welp, what's done is done, go for it."

"Nn... Haa!"

...I'm not gonna throw a punchline here seeing how motivated she looks.
Ever since she learned [Double-Tongued], she's been proactively casting multiple elemental spells every chance she gets.


The herd of rats were thrown into chaos at this sudden downpour of many elemental bullets.
But, they're still over Lv30 beasts after all. Despite being boosted, a magic barrage shot from afar was not enough to finish them off.

Only two rats died.
The surviving rats kept running without a visible setback despite suffering slight injuries.
The big rat is pretty much unscathed. Well, figured.

"Alma, let's go with the plan. Just don't push yourself."

"Un. You too, take care."


The big rat roared. It must be trying to intimidate me, but I ain't afraid of you.
I've been on the receiving end of Oni-sensei's who's a hundred time scarier than you! Come at me, big rat!

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~~~~~~~~Alma's Perspective~~~~~~


One down.


That's two. Next.


Third one down.

My preemptive strike covered a wide area indiscriminately. I could have done this with just one element if I aimed properly.
But there's just too many. I already took care half of the original number, but they'd reach the town before I could defeat them all at this rate.
I've got to cull down more rats, low enough for Reina and Hiyoko to handle at least.



No, they've realized they'd make for an easy target if they flock together, they're making a break for it scattering in all directions.
I have to kill two more at least!

~~~~~~~Ferianna's Perspective~~~~~~~~

Townspeople have gathered at the town's shelter.
The guards warned us about the possibility of magic beasts raiding our town.

This flock of magic beasts are apparently too powerful for the town's combatants to take on.
Will Reina be all right fighting such beasts...?

I beg of you, god, please, please don't let Reina experience the same pain that man underwent, grant her your protection...!

"O-oy! Has anyone seen Anvi and Malti?"

"I-I haven't. Weren't they with you!?"

"I've been looking for them everywhere all this time!! Oy!! Anvi! Malti!!"

There are children who haven't got to the shelter yet...?

"Blast it! They're such a handful! Just you wait!"

"O-oy! Where are you going! Those beasts might get in the town!?"

"And that's why I'm going out! Those kids haven't even come of age yet!"

"You won't go! You'd put yourself in danger! Who knows they could be on the way here. I get you but you'd be better of waiting here!"

A man attempted to leave the shelter to look for those children.
...I'm painfully aware just how much he's worrying for his children. But doing that is only going to invite more panic.

Reina, I'm worried about you. I truly do.
But please grant me this one wish.
For the sake of this man and his children, please protect them...!







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