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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-4

18-4. Tales of Hero Hayato [1]


"Masaki-kun, can I count on you for it?"

Asked by my childhood friend, Tachibana Yumiri, I--Masaki Hayato went to a shrine near our school.
I was to fetch a talisman for Student Council.
Dunno why they need it now that third semester is over, but I can't say no to my childhood friend, not when she had so much on her plate already.

"Thou boy over there, pray tell what business dost thou have here?"

A cute girl with colorful hair called out to me.
She's got a weird way of speaking, probably mimicking some sort of anime or manga.

"Oh, I'm here to get a talisman."
"Umu, that is a good thing. Thou look like thou wilt have an agonizing future, do take a lot with ye."

Agonizing... What an amusing kid.
Wonder if I'm just imagining things or is her hair color different from before.

"Sorry, it's actually for someone else."

I could have played along with the little girl miko pretend, but ended up blurting out my real objective somehow.

"Fumu, well fine. This shrine's talismans possess a miraculous quality to them, use only when the need truly calls for it. It shall sweep away thine trouble, although only once."
"Was it only once?"

Shouldn't it have been thrice in that old tale?

"That is the case with three talismans. One talisman for one save, thou see."

Come to think of it.

I walked toward the shrine office while talking to the girl.

"Give this boy a talisman."

A little girl with almost light blue colored hair nodded, wonder if she's the girl's little sister.

My eyes gravitated toward a fortune slip cylinder while waiting.
That reminds me, I always had my fortune taken whenever I came here with Yumiri when we were little.

"Draw one."

I put small change as well as the fee for the talisman on the saucer and drew my fortune.
The fortune stick I drew had a lucky looking number of 77 on it.

"Fumu, 77 is it--a number that signifies thine fate indeed."

The girl muttered as she peeked from my side.

"Here thy go, 77th."

I read the fortune slip the girl handed me.
[Hit] is written on the spot where either Good Luck or Bad Luck should be. Oh they've got something like this nowadays huh.

Person waiting, forthcome.
Journey, hardships ahead. Consult with friends.
Sought after, hindrances. Better not flustered.
Engagement, on that side. Answer sincerely.

That sure is a lot of incomprehensible words on this fortune slip.

"Ou, thanks a lot. Are you helping out? What a good girl."

I took a talisman the little girl presented.
Getting my praise, the little girl nodded while puffing out her chest, "I'm, good girl". Little girls are cute. Only my little sister or the baby faced Yumiri could rival this cuteness.

"Fumu, 『Hardships ahead』 is it--go cleanse thyself at the shrine."

The girl which had a once again newly colored hair pointed at the front shrine.
I wonder if this girl is hiding lots of wigs under her sleeves or something.

Since I'm here and all, I tell her, "Yeah I'll do that." after tying up my fortune slip on a branch and go to pray at the front shrine.
It's been awhile since I put my hands together in a quiet shrine like this.

--Hayato-chan, what do you want to be like when you're all grown up?

I had a flashback of my childhood days in my mind.

--Me? I wanna be an adult who saves those in trouble!

Even today, I'm living my life true to those words I declared in my childhood.

"Umu umu, that is a good heart, a rarity among youngsters these days."
"Nn, pass."

I could hear the colorful girl and blue haired little girl having that conversation like they could read minds.

A moment later, light emerged below me.
I saw a magic circle straight from anime under the blinding light.

--Oh crap.

My instinct prompted me to get away but my body refused my command and wouldn't budge an inch.

"Keep that talisman close with thou."

My consciousness was swallowed in the magic circle's light with the girl's words as the last thing I heard.

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When I came to, I was floating in a light blue space.


Words that feel like lumps of concepts resounded inside my head.
Looks like it's coming from a blue sphere floating in this light blue space.


The image changed a bit.
Apparently I'm getting summoned as a hero.

My mind is hazy, I can't think straight.

<I><Little Goddess><True>

An image of a little girl making a plea got transmitted to me.
This girl seems to be a little goddess who summoned me.


Apparently the little goddess has appointed me as a hero.
I strive to not desert those in needs and reach out to those who seem troubled, but I don't consider myself anywhere near the level of a hero.


A keen wish jumped into my head.
Wanting me to believe in the little goddess.


She wants me to be a hero and save the world.
Despite of that, she still gives me the ultimate choice.

But I can't just flat out refuse the plea of an innocent little girl.
Dunno what I can do to help, but I'll be sure to give it my all.


An image of the little goddess smiling broadly got transmitted to me.
Oh man, now you're making me blush looking that happy.


I see, she's lending me powers to save the world as a hero.
I hold my hands over the blue light as the image conveyed to me told me to.

First of all--the power to defeat mighty foes.
A small fragment floated out of the light and jumped into my chest.

--Strongest Pike (Nothing cannot be pierced)

It seems to be a power to pierce through everything.

Then the next power is decided.
Just like before, the second fragment of power came to dwell in me.

--Invincible Shield (Nothing can pierce)

The strongest shield that can guard against any attack.
A power I need to accomplish my mission and to reunite with my little sister and Yumiri.


The little goddess urged me.

Looks like I can still pick another authority.
She's quite magnanimous.


Whoa there, I didn't say fat.
That was supposed to mean generous.


Is the little goddess bothered by her physique?
I held back my laughter while having fun.


Little goddess urged me once again.
I took my pick after pondering a bit.

Several fragments float around the blue light before one jumping into my chest.

--Unlimited Regeneration (Endless Heal).

An authority that can automatically restore all kinds of wounds even limb loss without magic.
I had considered putting everything into defense since I don't like pain, but since an attack that can get through [Invincible Shield (Nothing can pierce)] wouldn't leave me unscathed no matter how much defense I put in, or so the authority told me, I chose a way to recover myself instead.


The little goddess praised my picks.


The little goddess wished for me to master the Authorities she lent me and save the world.
That image came up in my mind.

Yeah, just leave it to me. I'm gonna go save the world.


Apparently I shouldn't overuse the Authorities.
Must be too powerful for humans since they're originally gods' powers and all.

Make sense, even medicine becomes toxic if you don't follow the dosage.


I left behind the light blue space as the little goddess gave her blessing to me.

"We did it, hero-sama has been summoned!"

My hazy consciousness was aroused by an elderly sounding voice and huge cheers.

"Where, am I?"

I recalled the conversation I had with the little goddess in the light blue space as I murmured.
I have been summoned to another world as a hero.

I get back on my feet and take a good look around.

Surveying the surroundings. There's a gigantic magic circle drawn with me in the center inside a solemn temple-like big hall, with men and women in priest clothings outside the circle looking at me. Those priests look dead tired like they're about to fall any moment.

Then, a dazzling group of people tore open a path between those priests.

A beautiful girl around my age, a handsome young man wearing a full plate silver armor like he's that girl's protector, followed by a big-breasted priestess slightly older than me, and an elderly lady with a sharp gaze in military uniform. As for the official-looking men around them, guess the fact that many of them have got beards is the only thing worth mentioning?

Suddenly, several pieces of information came up in my mind before disappearing out.

"Hero-sama, you have our most heartfelt gratitudes for answering our prayers."

The beautiful girl knelt down and greeted me like it was a scene in a fantasy.

I found out the beautiful girl is called Maryest, a princess of Saga Empire, she's a year older than me at 16.
The knight is Jerid of Duke Orisagas house, 22 year old. Looks strong--the moment I thought that, information about how he's level 44 and all the skills he had rapidly streamed in like a chain reaction.

Not sure what's going on here, but having information that should be foreign to me flown into my head feels gross.

The big-breasted priestess behind the princess also greeted me. She's got a really strong sense of formal religious aura to her.

The knight and the military old lady were silent. Or more like, their gazes are scary. Their glaring eyes feel like they're evaluating me, quite unpleasant.

Urged by the princess, I was brought to a parlor inside the temple.
Some old men who look like cabinet ministers and officials were also going to accompany us, but the princess ordered them to disperse. She seems like quite a strong-willed girl.

"I am the 21st princess of Saga Empire, Maryest Saga. By command of his imperial majesty, we have carried out the [Ritual of Summoning]."

At first I thought the little goddess summoned me, but it appears these guys were the one who performed a hero summoning ritual.

On a closer look, the princess's gorgeous blond hair is golden colored.
I've never seen such a fantastical beauty in real life.

Would have been perfect if she were a bit more cordial.

"This man here is silver knight Jerid Orisagas. He's a prominent master fencer in Saga Empire, as well as a candidate for Hero-sama's attendant. Next to him is Sword Saint Burume Julberg-dono. She is a former attendant of the previous hero, she will be in charge of Hero-sama and your attendants' upbringings. Lastly, the lady over here is Parion Temple's priestess Loreiya. She may not have a high court rank, but she's the cream of the crop in holy magic among priests."

The princess introduced me to the three in the room.
But still, Loreiya's sure got a big rack. Since I prefer younger, [that's huge] or [she's probably got stiff shoulders] were the only things that came to mind, but the guys at my class would have kicked a major fuss had they seen her.

"Would it be acceptable if I could have Hero-sama's name?"
"Ah, excuse me. My name is Masaki Hayato. Oh but I guess it's Hayato Masaki over here?"

I forgot to introduce myself till the princess pointed it out.

"Masaki? Is it written like 'Ripping Evil Apart'?"
"Oh no, it's Ma from truth, and Saki like Nagasaki--not like you'd get it though, it's written like ya-Masa and Ki from Kiseki--Princess-sama, do you know Kanji?"
"Yes, we have a few books pertaining Japanese language left behind by previous generation heroes in the Hero Study section of the library."

Come to think of it, we're talking to each other but not in Japanese.

"Now that you mention it, I'm speaking--"
"Saga National Language commonly spoken by the populace of Saga Empire. By God Parion's gift, Hero-sama can communicate with all people in every country, please don't worry."

That's handy.
Little goddess, thanks.

The princess also said, "I believe you can read words as well." and brought a bundle of documents with her.
All of them look like curriculum vitae or personal history. There's more than 100 pieces.

"These are candidates for Hero-sama's attendants. They all have been carefully selected, we would like hero-sama to pick among them. Please feel free to consult to me or Burume-dono."
"--Your highness."

The military old lady--Burume-san interrupted her imperial princess's explanation.

"Your highness will be busy with the lecture for a while, right? Now that we've named each other, I'll take my leave here. Gotta drill those chicks before they could be of use to hero-sama as his attendants."
"I understand. They will be in your care."

This Burume-san is amazing. Her level is the highest at 52 among everyone here, and she moves like someone in her 20s despite being 83. She doesn't look like someone that's older than my grandmother.

"You're coming with me."
"Burume-dono, my mission being an escort to her highness means--"
"The hero this time is a decent one. Your escort isn't needed. And her highness's taken getting pushed down into consideration anyway, am I wrong?"

The knight got mad, "How shameless!", but the princess had no comment, only smiling lightly.

"Besides, it's not like they're going to be alone. Loreiya's here too. A virgin ain't got the guts to get to threesome right away."

Even though she's speaking the truth, my pride took a beating being told that in front of beautiful girls, but since that was her way of showing her trust to me, I didn't talk back.

Seems like life of another world's hero is bit more than I bargained for.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.3_4


Lecan is scheduled to present himself at the town lord's mansion in two days.

Eda has been officially given the commendation to promote her to gold rank adventurer. However the award ceremony for her adventurer badge will be held after the royal capital envoys have gone home.

Dawns broke, morning came.

Eda went out. Saying she's learning sewing from some neighboring ladies or something.

Lecan stayed at home to make Stamina Restorative on his own.

Practicing the special method Shira taught him the night before last.

He would carefully, carefully follow the procedures while recalling the stuff Shira taught him since month two.

Looking back, all the seemingly random crafts Shira taught him were in fact connected to one another, forming a complete circle.

Like how the extraction method for one herb becomes a foundation for a more complex extraction of another herb with different effects. Or when he's mixing herbs, which gets to be the main ingredient and which gets to be the sub are clear to him even though he hasn't been taught about it by looking at all things he's learned so far.

Making similar medicines with the same herbs to get the same effects is probably not that hard.

However in order to do things this precise, delicate and completely error-free, one needs to learn complex sequences as well as the knack to converse with every kinds of herbs, to see the minute differences between them.

The correct ratios and heating times are also parts of criteria. Choosing the optimal dosage for each herbs at the right state on the right time is something only the best apothecaries can accomplish.

Apothecaries who have the ability to analyze medicines can probably correctly guess what herbs are used in what medicine. They could create similar medicines even.

However, they won't have any clue about this procedure and the ratios used.

They likely can't imitate it even if they saw the whole process with their own eyes. One needs a complete mastery in the basics if they wish to comprehend this process.

And ordinarily, you attain the essence of this craft only after endless repetitions.

However, Lecan is a bearer of a unique and precise probing ability he obtained in his former world.

That ability has gotten even more advanced ever since he came to this world.

If he were to fully dedicate his all into that ability, he can finely grasp what's going on before his eyes.

Naturally, Shira made Lecan learn this craft because she knew about his ability.

A medicine made with such an advanced level of craft is not absolutely pertinence to him. Medicines that need far less work are just as helpful.

But what are medicines, what is medicine making, what are cures, the path toward those answers require one to dip their toes into this sort of medicine crafting.

In order to obtain a new expertise, to understand just what is life, this kind of ultimate medicine making is a stepping stone.

A completely new medicine.

A completely new treatment method.

One can catch a glimpse of such beyond this process.

That Lecan could even caught a faint glimpse is of course thanks to Shira's teachings, but his training under Norma also plays a huge role.

Though he didn't study under her for long, learning how human body works from such an excellent teacher like Norma helped Lecan's knowledge as an apothecary see a rapid growth.

It was evening by the time he noticed.

He was so absorbed in the medicine making he forgot to have lunch.

Thanks to it, he's gotten fairly good with the craft though.

Eda came home and made dinner.

Lecan drank a bit while having dinner, got <Purification> cast on him by Eda and went to bed early.

The royal capital envoys are arriving tomorrow.

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At the town lord's mansion, the atmosphere has seen a complete departure in just two days.

First of all, the usual loudly barking Tree Wolves are gone.

Everything has been neatly arranged, polished up, and decked out.

"Ah, Lecan-dono. Please don't step on that carpet!"

"Commander Tesla. Good work. Did this mansion have this many employees?"

"Around half of them are temporary workers."

"I see."

"We never managed to find Shira-dono in the end."

"Yeah, figured."

"It's such a relief to have you here."

The town lord came out.

"Ooh, Lecan! Thank you for coming. I really believed you would come."

Turning that around, it means he was worried whether Lecan would really come or not.

"Are the envoys here already?"

"No. It will likely be at late afternoon. I believe they would send out a forewarner, so we have send out a scout ourselves."

"Got here to soon huh. I'll come again."

"No you don't! Please don't go home. Come now, let's go inside. We'll bring you nice tea. Tesla, I see a speck on the right arm of that armor put in the front. That flower should be placed near the edge a bit more. And then--"

"Lecan-sama. This way if you would."


A parlormaid brought Lecan to a room inside.

The tea and snacks they served for him were superb, but they can't keep him occupied forever.

Lecan stood in the passage and used <Appraisal> on the clothes of people who passed by him while nonchalantly hiding his mouth.

There were a surprising amount of employees who had valuable items on them, it was quite fun.

His lunch was brought early.

Having this many people in one place must be tough for the kitchen side, thought Lecan.

Lecan didn't think it's got anything to do with him as he watched people running around everywhere.

The town lord seemed to be fully occupied, Lecan was left alone and kept in the dark about updates with the envoys until just before they arrived.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.2


"Ah, ow ow. My head, the pain."


"Ah, that's better. Sorry about this, Lecan."


"Lecan. It's been made clear to me how much Shira-dono means to you. I could have worded it better."


"Shira-dono is important to me as well. She's been helping this town in so many ways since my father's days. She even made it possible for us to hold a big clean up in the town just the other day."

The other day, a good-for-nothing noble, Midosco, was executed. Even Lecan knows that Shira had hands in exposing the proof of that noble's attempt at raising a rebellion.

"Shira-dono's medicines are superb, they are the main attractions of this town's medicine stores. She has taken root as member of this town. I myself have absolutely no intentions to harm or offend Shira-dono."


"But please do understand that this is a serious affair for this town. Upsetting the envoys from Royal Capital will not result in a preferable outcome to Shira-dono either. She will have a hard time living anywhere in this country."


"And besides, Guide Skalabel appears to look up to Shira-dono, as strange as it may sound. No, the truth remains a mystery since that's but a rumor, but he is certainly coming here in order to meet Shira-dono. That is a sign of respect, he definitely is not trying to harm Shira-dono."

"That sounds about right."

"The envoys dispatched by the Prime Minister are surely bringing Guide Skalabel's messages with them. They are not Shira-dono's enemy. On the contrary, I'm sure they will respect Shira-dono's sentiments and circumstances."

"That might be so."

"Peacefully welcoming them here, and peacefully sending them home would be the best course of action. Is that much clear to you?"


"Good. So now I ask you. When did Shira-dono leave this town? Where did she go?"

"Shira was teaching me medicine making until late at night yesterday. By the time I got there this morning, I was handed those letters."

"Handed? By whom?"


"Who is this Jericho."

"A Longarm Ape. It's living with Shira."

"An ape? Ah, ow ow. My head."

"I have no idea where she went. I'm also quite surprised at Shira's sudden disappearance. To be honest with you, I'm a bit miffed myself."


"When I read your letter and got to the part where she told me to substitute for her, I thought this. 'That damn hag'."

"We're finally on the same page. But, I see. So she was still at this town last night. Then she must have gone out of the town this morning when the gates first raised. And she can't have walked on foot outside the town at her age."

The gates being shut or not probably don't matter one bit to Shira.

That she couldn't have walked is also a completely wrong guess.

"Commander Tesla!"


"Send messengers to the west and east gates, and ask for reports of carriages that went out this morning. No, just in case, send ones to the north and south gates too. She might have hitched a ride on a cart. Check if there's a cart that had an elderly woman riding on it."

"Sir. Acknowledged."

"If you find a suspicious carriage, send out a pursuit at your own discretion. Spare no expense to find out where Shira-dono is and bring her back here."

This was when the town lord glanced at Lecan inquisitively.

"You're not going to get in the way of us looking for Shira-dono, are you."

"I'm not. I'd like to know where Shira's gone off too myself. However, as long as Shira wishes to keep herself hidden, there is no way to find her unless she comes out on her own."

"Nevertheless, we have no choice but to look. At her age. I don't think she would camp out. The places where she could go should be limited. Commander Tesla, go."

"Yes sir."

"Now then, Lecan, Undersecretary-dono and First Class Priest of Elex Temple are coming to this town in order to coordinate with Shira-dono. I have been put in charge of arranging that. I absolutely do not wish to report to them how Shira-dono is nowhere to be seen and that I have no idea where she is when they have arrived here."


"Thus, we will keep searching for Shira-dono until the two arrive. But in case we couldn't find her, you would have to deal with them as her substitute."


"Were Shira-dono hiding in this town, which house would she be at?"

"Who knows. I'm mostly ignorant of Shira's connections. The only acquaintance of Shira I know would be Chaney."

"Chaney is it. I'll see to it. Also, Lecan."


"In case we couldn't find Shira-dono, please say it that she disappeared before I informed her about Undersecretary-dono's letter. I'd have no excuse if I told them she went missing after the fact."

"I can't do that."

"What. Why."

"Those two are coming here to coordinate Skalabel's visit to meet Shira. Shira went away after she found out about that. That is her answer."

"What do you mean."

"She refused to coordinate with them for the visit. In other word, she doesn't want to meet him."

"Like they could accept that!"

"And that means, Shira really has some sort of connection with Skalabel."


"No point in hiding herself if they're strangers."

"Muu. That's yeah, it does make sense."

"So you should probably tell them honestly how Shira vanished after finding out about the envoys. How will Skalabel react after hearing that is their problem."


"And when are these envoys coming?"

"It's the day after tomorrow. Ah, ow ow."



"Quite sudden."

"They left Royal Capital 20 days ago, but they had to make stops at many regions along the way. Since the itinerary was constantly changing, last minute contact was only to be expected."

"Could have just told you they were coming beforehand and messaged the schedule later."

"Oy oy. When the subordinate of the subordinate of the subordinate of Undersecretary-dono wanted to meet me, they'd order me to quickly go see them on a very tight schedule. Undersecretary-dono in person ain't gonna write two letters to some rankless rural lord out in the bondoocks."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.1


"I believe even you must understand the gravity of this situation now."

"Fumu. One thing."

"What is it."

"Who's this Skalabel guy again?"

Town lord of Vouka, Crimus Ulban, suddenly stood up, bent forward and grabbed Lecan's overcoat by the collar over the table with both his hands.

"Aren't you an apothecary! How'd you NOT know our country's greatest apothecary, <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel!"

Crimus kept trying to shake Lecan for a while, but Lecan wouldn't budge.

He eventually used up all his strength and sunk down into the sofa.

"Tesla. Explain to this dungeon wolf."


Commander Tesla who was standing next to him turned toward Lecan and began his narration.

"Lecan-dono. At one time, the art of apothecary was something the old experienced pass down to the young in each region, there is no uniting them, and medicines were of low quality."


"There were also a very small fraction of apothecaries who knew how to make highly effective medicines, but most would keep that tightly to themselves before bringing it to their graves."

"I see."

"But then, Guide Skalabel discovered medicinal plants and mixtures of herbs that work against all kinds of illnesses and wounds, as well as methods to extract the most out of medicinal herbs. Accomplishing that grand feat in one generation."

Skalabel probably didn't discover those himself, Shira must have taught him, thought Lecan.

"On top of that, he was a great master who raised many disciples, unselfishly teaching the art of apothecary to many. Most apothecaries who are active in this country today, those with true art of apothecary, are said to be Guide Skalabel's disciples and disciples of those disciples."

"And then."

"Not only that, he went on to hone his medical craft for the sake of saving the poor and finally awakened to <Purification>."
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"Eventually the nobles caught wind of him until it got to a point where the king himself would ask him to prescribe medicines for the royalty, he would even brandish <Recovery> and <Purification>."

"That's a surprise."

"Furthermore, he worked with every temple to raise the bar of their medical departments. And despite not being a priest himself, he assumed the position of apothecary head of the royal capital's Elex Temple."

"And no influential figures tried to confine the guy despite him holding that much power? Did he not get bound?"

"No one is capable of confining Guide Skalabel. The royal capital would see a huge riot if someone did. No, that's not the issue. The royalty, nobles, temples, all of them bow their head before Guide Skalabel's virtue."

"It all sounds unbelievable to me. Who gave him that Guide title?"

"'Guide' is a title given to those who have reached the height of a particular field, but in case of Guide Skalabel, it wasn't awarded by anyone in particular, everyone simply naturally called him that."

"Then his position is that of an apothecary?"

"That he is if you have to ask. The temples had tried to have him recognized as a saint many times over, but the Guide himself kept firmly denying them, so I heard."

"Just how old is this guy?"

"He is surely more than a hundred years old. I don't know the detail myself."

"More than 100 year? But. I see, guy's a <Purification> user. He's been casting <Purification> on himself all this time."

"Being as active as the guide is even after a hundred year is proof the guide's <Purification> potency."

"And that guy is coming here eh?"

"It is very surprising. Or rather, I still cannot believe it even now. I have never heard of Guide Skalabel leaving the Royal Capital before."

"And that's that. Get it now, Lecan? <Herb Saint>, <Master of All Apothecaries>, <King of Herbs>, <Father of Medics> are among many names he's known as, a living god in all but name. One such person is coming to this town. In order to meet Shira-dono. Just who is Shira-dono anyway?"

"She's an apothecary."

"She cannot be a mere apothecary."

"Did that Skalabel guy call himself <Herb Saint>?"

"Of course not. That is how people call him."

"Then Shira is also an apothecary. How other people call her is none of my business."



"There's a rumor saying when Guide Skalabel saw a medicine made by Shira-dono, he thus spoke 'the person who made this medicine is my master'."

"Go ask Skalabel himself if you wanna know what he means by that."

"It can't be that Shira-dono is truly the master of Guide Skalabel, can it?"

"No clue."

"How old is Shira-dono?"



"I see you guys really like this Skalabel guy."

"It is not a matter of me. The guide is a treasure of this country."

"Shira is a treasure to me."


"If you guys are going to bother Shira and stir things up to butter up to that Skalabel guy, then."

"Then what."

"I'll fight."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fight you say. HAHAHAHAHA. The guide's got Undersecrtary-dono and First Class priest of Elex Temple as his messengers. The royal knights and temple knight elites are surely behind him. And you're going to fight them? WAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

It must have been very amusing.

Crimus laughed heartily with his whole body shaking.

"Oh I will. If those guys intend to threaten Shira's peace that is."

Hearing that, Crimus asked back, still with a half-laughing face.

"Are you serious? Do you think you can win? No matter how strong you are, you're just one guy."

Lecan stared back at Crimus with cold eyes.

Color of blood gradually seeped out of Crimus' flushed face.

"You're, serious. No way."

Crimus sunk deep into the sofa, bent over forward, covered his face with his right hand and let out a deep sigh.

"Who the heck made this guy a gold rank adventurer."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.17_18


"Welcome back. Now then, let's begin."

"Begin what."

"Like I told you, stamina restoratives making. The special kind."

Ten herb saucers and one tureen have been put on the table.

"Come, first pour Pure Magic Water into the tureen."

Afterward, Lecan did as Shira instructed, but it turned out he was making a tremendously high quality stamina restorative which demanded unbelievable precisions and delicate workmanship from him.

His hand must not shake in the slightest once it gets the ingredients out on the saucers. Everything was done through the use of <Move> magic.

The herbs are soaked and heated using magic. Extremely precise control was required in order to squeeze out their efficacy to its utmost.

Every step of the process was all practical use of the things Lecan had learned from Shira. However the degree of perfection demanded was on a wholly different level than anything before.

<Recovery> has to be put the instance the herbs melt in the Pure Magic Water. Lecan had to bring his concentration to the absolute limit in order to ensure that.

All that enormous work only netted him one piece of Stamina Restorative.

"Alright. Do it again."


"Do what you just did again. I won't say a word this time, okay."

"No. I'm tired. It's late. Save it for tomorrow."

"I'm telling you to do it now."

Lost to her pressure, Lecan cast <Recovery> on himself and went on to make another piece of Stamina Restorative.

"Alright, well you managed to get a passing mark somehow. Good work. Come here again tomorrow morning, doesn't have to be early. Got it?"

"Got it."

Eda was worried when Lecan got back. Understandable since it was dead at night. He was awfully tired, but Eda's <Purification> made it felt like a lie, he felt so much better. He went to bed after having a meal.

The next morning, he went to Shira's house slightly late.

However, Shira is nowhere to be seen.

(Weird. She told me to come herself.)

He looked at Jericho.

Jericho is staring at Lecan with a troubled look on its face.

It's holding something on its hand.

Jericho handed that something to Lecan.

It's letters.

Two letters.

One for Lecan, another for the town lord.

Shira had never left Lecan with letters before.

He opened the letter addressed to him while having a bad feeling about it.

<Some business came up, I'm going on a trip.>

<Go deliver the letter to the town lord.>

<He'll surely tell what you should do then.>

It was a puzzling letter.

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The town lord groaned while holding his head down once he was done reading Shira's letter.

Looks like something quite shocking was written there.

"Lecan. Do you have any idea what's written here?"


"Read it."

Lecan read the letter.

In there, Shira wrote how she would be away from the town, and that she named Lecan to deal with the envoys from royal capital as her substitute.

"Envoys from royal capital?"

"We received a letter directed to me yesterday. The sender was the Undersecretary of Internal Affairs, under the Prime Minister Office."

"What the heck's that."

"Ah, I said exactly that too. Prime Minister Office governs over every administrative matters in the kingdom. Decrees issued by the king are enforced by the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Office is literally this kingdom's pillar."


"Secretary of Internal Affairs is the position responsible for maintaining public order of every town in the kingdom as well as local administrations, only below the prime minister. Undersecretary is a position that carries out the Secretary's orders, there is only ever one person who assumes the position."

"I don't get it."

The town lord Crimus Ulban let out a deep, deep sigh.

"When a small time town lord like me with nary even a court rank goes to the royal capital to pay taxes and petition for highway maintenances, I'm only afforded an audience with the subordinate of the subordinate of that subordinate of the Undersecretary of Internal Affairs."


"In other word, this town is hanging on a lifeline held by that subordinate of the subordinate of that subordinate. My head would easily part from my body if I so much as slight Undersecretary-dono. Or it could turn into a situation where me losing my head would have been a preferable outcome instead."

"I see. I get it now."

"How are you able to respond so lightly. Don't you realize that Undersecretary-dono is coming to this town!"

"Sounds like a pain."

"Ouch ouch. My head, the pain. Not to mention the one accompanying him. It's a first class priest of Royal Capital's Elex Temple."

"Is he great?"

"You're going to force me wring out that neck of yours one of these days. Listen here, this town has a temple. Temples are not under direct control of town lords. The authorities and influences held by temple heads necessitate even town lords to bow before them at times."


"To be frank, Ceres Temple is way over this town, it being the third rank in the hierarchy and all. Due to that, I have to make sure to always stay on the temple head's good side. That temple head is a second class priest. Practically trash from the perspective of first class priests."

"Hou. That old man is trash huh."

"Do not say it! Don't you dare say that out loud to the temple! And above Ceres Temple's first rank priests are, obviously, the All Priest of Ceres Temple, but even that All Priest is only about equal to third rank priests of Elex Temple in the hierarchy."

"That's so confusing."

"Someone in my position can't even possibly imagine the extent of authority and influence held by a first class priest of Elex Temple."

"Guess he's really really great."

Crimus let out many deep sighs that day.

"Anyway, two VIPs that could easily blow away this entire territory just from sneezing at them are coming to this town. Entrusted with the prime minister's words in hands."

"Should have sent someone of a lower position if they're just delivering messages."

"That shows just how much weight they put on this errand."

"What's their errand?"

"Guide Skalabel the Herb Master is planning to visit this town to see apothecary Shira-dono, they are here to coordinate his visitation."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.15_16


Eda was already making dinner by the time Lecan got back.

"We had six house calls today, you see."


"And then, I ended up casting <Purification> at one of the houses."


"Norma-san got mad at me later on. She told me to concentrate on suppressing <Purification> from getting cast."


"She also told me one other thing."

"What is it."

"From today on, I gotta cast <Purification> on Lecan before you go to bed or right after you get up."


"She said I'll get better if I practice casting it on someone. And also it'll go smoother if I have a goal. So, cast <Purification> on Lecan every day to heal his left eye, she said."

"I see. Sorry 'bout that."

Afterward, Lecan had Eda cast <Purification> on him.

It was so good his body felt like it was melting.

When he got up the following day, his body condition and sense of refreshment were out of this world.

However his left eye didn't recover.

(Hold up. My life force's been boosted at dungeons.)

(The fixation might have advanced further.)

That means the more he delves in dungeons the harder it is for his left eye to heal back.

But that's trivial compared to what he could obtain in dungeons.

Lecan was even eager to explore more dungeons from then on.

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As Lecan arrived at Shira's house the morning after, he was told to deliver medicines to the medicine stores in the afternoon.

"I've made a promise to attend a lecture on <Ice Bullet> at Adventurer's Association this noon."

"What's your plan this morning?"

"I want to make the rest of the stamina restoratives."

"Put the materials away and forget about making that for now. I'll teach you a special method to make stamina restoratives later in turn."

"Hou? Got it."

"And when are you going to make other medicines?"

Other medicines here refer to remedy and cold medicine Lecan planned to make for himself. He's done with potpourri already.

"No plan yet, but I'll do it once things settled down."

"Alright. Save that for later. First thing first, go deliver these medicines."

Ordered by Shira, Lecan went around delivering barrels of medicines together with Jericho.

By the time he was done it was still before noon.

"Alright. I'll teach you <Origin Water> now."


Afterward, Shira coached him on <Origin Water>, and as it turned out the spells he was using to make medicine served as a practice for <Origin Water>, Lecan quickly grasped the knack.

"That'll do. Move along now. Come back here once your lecture at the association is over, get it?"

"What? Got it."

He had no clue why he must go back to Shira's house, but it was a direct order from his master. Lecan immediately gave his consent and left.

He got called once he was done having late lunch at the dining room next to the association's building.

He received guidance on <Ice Bullet> in the training room.

For this magic, you need to have water ready just like with <Water Blade>, turn it into the shape of a spear, freeze it down and then shoot it out with your mana.

After trying it out, Lecan discovered the freezing aspect is the same type as Ignition magic, but with inverted procedures.

The most important point in this magic is the way you use your mana during the freezing phase, it can even pierce through steel depending on how good you get that phase.

The target is a sheet of metal fastened to a wooden stake.

Lecan managed to easily cast the magic after a teaching session, but he couldn't adjust the spear's strength well.

He paid Dorost to give a demonstration. It cost him three silver coins, but that was more than worth it. Dorost's mana control was fine and precise.

After watching the demonstration, Lecan managed to shoot out a powerful <Ice Bullet> no problem. Now he's got to find a way to omit the preliminary casting part, but this is good enough for now.

"Lecan-san. Won't you join Royal Capital Magic Society?"

"I will not."

"Is that right. However, even though you've only been in two lectures, you're the finest student I have ever taught in my life. I shall give you this."

Dorost handed over a mid-rank magic stone.

It has an unusual kind of mana inside. It's swaying like dancing while displaying a complex pattern.

"Those who saw this mana pattern will know that it's mine. These patterns vary by individuals, no one pattern is like another. If you ever find yourself requiring assistance at the royal capital, bring this magic stone to the society. I will always be your ally."

"Really. Much obliged."

Lecan has no intention to ever go to the royal capital, this magic stone will probably be sealed up forever in <Storage>. However, he appreciated Dorost's gesture.

"Would you like to book another lecture?"

"No. I've got to go somewhere for something after this. I'll show my face around here later."

"Is that so. As we have no new participants and with the current members dropping out one after another, it appears my time in this town will be shorter than planned. Do turn up soon."

"Got it."

However, afterward, Lecan never dropped by Adventurer's Association again while Dorost was still present.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.12_13_14


The following day, Lecan had breakfast early in the morning and went to Norma's place with Eda, then from there they headed for Goncourt Mansion riding a carriage sent for them. Since it was difficult for Lecan to be inside the carriage, he followed after it by walking.

Lecan waited in the waiting room as Norma and Eda went to treat Prado Goncourt. Prado likely wouldn't be able to stay calm as he received his treatment if the man who killed his heir were in the same room.

Eda must be casting <Purification> on Prado right about now. However, the spell is <Recovery>. Norma told her that she wouldn't mind her casting <Purification> as long as she cast it as <Recovery>, only for today. Thus it must have turned into <Purification>.

After a while, Kanner the butler came to get Lecan.

Prado's complexions were much better than he ever was.

"Hey, Lecan-dono. I'm flattered by your presence."

"You're looking good."

"Eda-dono's <Recovery> is wonderful. It is as if like I have been reborn anew."

"Good to hear."

Afterward, they were treated to tea, Kanner cordially thanked them as they left Goncourt Mansion. Many employees were watching over them as they left just like when they first arrived.

Back at the medical center, Lecan asked Norma.

"How was it."

"Yep, it was one hundred percent <Purification>."

Eda got a day break and would be accompanying Norma making house calls the day after tomorrow.

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The next day, Lecan went out of the south gate into the forest, there he practiced shooting <Water Blade> without preliminary casting, but he couldn't control it very well.

He tried using the wand Shira gave him, and it went well.

It went too well even, the magic cut down several trees in one shot. Too powerful a magic is hard to use.

He put away the wand, and now he couldn't get a good control on the magic.

It would if he did the preliminary casting.

It wouldn't if he didn't.

Things didn't go well that day.


The day after is the promised day with Shira.

There was already a preceding visitor when Lecan arrived at her house.

The visitor quickly went home.

It was commander Tesla. He must be a messenger sent by the town lord.

Shira is reading an open letter on her desk, with a difficult expression on her face.

She's staying silent for a while.

Eventually Shira seemed to have her thoughts sorted out and folded up the letter.

"Okay. I'll be teaching you how to make stamina restoratives first before all other medicine."

Lecan drank tea and then began the training to learn stamina restorative making.

Shira's instructions were unusually specific, she would keep ragging on Lecan's mistakes from start to finish.

With sheer obstinacy, Lecan worked hard to improve his medicine making craft and finally got a passing mark from Shira by evening.

"Good, good. And now I'm sure you can learn <Origin Water>."

Water created with <Origin Water> is called Pure Magic Water.

Medicines created using Pure Magic Water as a base boast high efficacy.

Additionally, you can create Magic Water if you dissolve <Recovery> in Pure Magic Water. Magic Water is a drinkable cure, a man-made red potion if you would. However, it's got a short shelf life, and since Lecan can use <Recovery> himself, he's got no use for it.

However, using Pure Magic Water instead of just water in the creation of a medicine will result in medicine that's an order of magnitude higher in quality.

Pure Magic Water is never absent in Shira's style of medicine making.

The following day was another full day of stamina restorative making.

Shira made medicines she's selling to medicine stores.

Lecan had this talk with Shira during the lunch break.

"Right now, a magic instructor from an organization called Royal Capital Magic Society is staying in this town's Adventurer Association."


"I learned this <Water Blade> magic."

"Ah, that one huh."

"It wasn't on the list you wrote."

"Huh? Was that right?"

Looks like she simply forgot to write it.

"That society's founder was called Gyolsomething."


"That Gyolsomething had issues with the magic classification system proposed by Mazara Wedepasha, and went on to create and spread a magic classification system with a clear hierarchy of magic."

"Ah, I remember that guy. It's that Gyolsomething guy."

"Like I've been telling you. The system that Gyol made separates magic into offensive, defensive, recovery, probe and support types."

"Right right. That was it. Isn't that system just pushing it."

"That magic instructor was resentful of Mazara, aka you. Just what happened."

Mazara Wedepasha is a name Shira used to call herself back in the past. In other words, it was Shira herself who created the classification system she taught Lecan."

"I didn't really do anything in particular though."

"That magic instructor said that an adopted system that originally had hierarchy was thrown into disorder because of you."

"That's not true. Magic classifications always have their ebb and flow depending on the eras. In one era, a system that separates types is popular, in another era it would be a utilitarian-based system. Both the systems that I and Gyol practiced too had always existed since way back in the past."

"So it seems Gyol went to meet you face to face."

"In the end, I never got what did he even come for. Every word coming out of his mouth sounded like gibberish. Guy also shot some offensive magic, but it was amateur hour."

"This Gyol sure sounded like an amazing guy."

"He sure was an amazing guy."

"Hold on."

"What's wrong."

"Was it light magic Gyol best at?"

"Ah, yes right. Now that you mention it, it was indeed."

"Think I know why light type offensive magic gets put on the highest rank."

"It's more like, he probably wanted to assert that he who could use that magic is the most supreme human."

"Is that so."

"Gyol believed that mages are superior beings. And then among mages, those who can cast magic high in the hierarchy are also ranked higher."

"This Gyol sure sounded like a troublesome guy."

"He sure was a troublesome guy."

They continued working until evening, and by then it would take another half a day to finish the rest.

Lecan left Shira's house and went to Adventurer's Association.

Dorost was just done with the practical course.

"It's such a relief I get to see the face of a honor student."

"Were you just done with the lecture?"

"They couldn't get it right, it took longer than anticipated. But I was able to see signs of activation on some of them, I believe this town shall witness the birth of new mages if they keep at it a little more."

"That's nice. By the way, I have time to spare tomorrow afternoon."

"I have a lecture tomorrow afternoon, but only for two students, so it should be done quick. I don't mind teaching you afterward."

"Then, let's."

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