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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Sea Vacation (3)



They avariciously run after the prey that has escaped their clutch. Relying on the faint smell of that prey as they run on the sea.
The smell suddenly disappeared just as it was getting weaker.
Unforgivable. Anyone who snatch their prey.
The glint in their eyes grew sharper as they looked at the direction of that smell, then they dashed out.

I went back to the beach, wiped Lunar Cat with magic water and began dismantling the tuna. I know how to roughly do it but no idea about the inside, so I'm groping around in the dark.
First of all, I cut off the gills and entrails. Since I have no clue what to use them for, I'm putting them in a stone bucket to mix up as fertilizer later.
Next I cut apart the joints and the head somehow.
Then I went for the dorsal fin, which was very hard. I managed to cut it off with some damage on the body.
I then cut it into two along the backbone and filleted the pieces, but it's so big and tough. I mean it even filled the entire kitchen table I made from stone to dismantle this thing.
Think I'll scrape off the meat on these bones and make some nakaochi donburi (raw meat on rice).
And now I just need to slice and dice it up. Oh ho, this one's quality piece, this one's medium-fatty piece. Nice~ it'll make for some good lard. Can't make sushi since I haven't been able to make rice vinegar, but this will do as a side dish. Aah, wish I had some wasabi.

As I was frantically handling the tuna, the girls had banded together watching me work with a serious look on their face.

"Wanna have a little taste?"

Can I really!? Everyone had that look on their faces.

"Try to dip a piece in soy sauce. Yup, it's good raw too."

They timidly carry their pieces to their mouth. You girls aren't eating carpaccio there, you know.
Once the red meat got in their mouth, "Nn~~~~~~", they started shaking with indescribable looks. I see it's to their liking. I can't even imagine just how much this kind of bluefin tuna would go for in Japan. Since I've got quite a lot, I'll share some for master and Boss-san.

"Let's all eat this together tonight, okay."

The girls looked dissatisfied for once. No err, didn't you girls just stuff yourself full you couldn't move. They finally relented after I told them that this would taste even better on an empty stomach.

Our vacation resumed after I was done with the time-consuming dismantling.

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"Ahaha, ufufu, you're a hundred years too early to win against me in water~"

The usually sluggish Sefi-san made her swift assault in the water.

"Kuh, who knew Sefi-san had this kind of hidden skill. 'K then you're asking 'fer it, I'm not gonna lose m'self."

Splash, splash, Futsuno-san pushed her way forward in the water.
They're having a huge water fight between adult team consisting of Eleanor-san and Sefi-san versus young team of Mitama, Futsuno-san and Kagura-san. All five are wearing paper target on their head as they engage in a confused melee.
As for me, I've been put on the prize stand, bound for some reason.
The victorious team is to be awarded dessert made by me.
That's the plan at least... but I was supposed to join in that kyakya ufufufu festival! They wrapped me up real good I can't even move an inch!!
I tried to flail around for a while before eventually giving up.
Yeah, I'd rather not miss everyone's charming figures.
Their healthy physiques flicking away sprays of waters are a sight for sore eyes.
Magic use is prohibited. Five beauties playing with water, splashing around. One of them is in lil' girl mode though.
They scoop out water shooting at each other's upper part. The adult team is lacking in manpower, but since Kagura-san is like that, they're perfectly balanced. Or not really, I thought they'd be in disadvantage, but Sefi-san's unexpected nimbleness proved highly challenging for the young team. I wonder if it's because Lamias are strong with water.
Though the young team have lots of levels under their belt, they were no match against Eleanor-san's physical prowess, she and Sefi-san worked together to snatch victory from the young team. Even though she didn't show any sign of using water magic, I'd overlook how it looked like she was controlling water.

I hadn't mention to the girls that Sefi-san had also liberated her second class. Since it would require divulging many things about her, it's presently a secret between me and Sefi-san.

Alchemist - Geomancer
『Alchemist - Water Mage - Wind Mage - Geomancer - Assassin - Doorkeeper (Home)』

That last one! That last one in particular!! Isn't that just a neet!?
No no, there's no way such an unworthy class exist in a fantasy world, right?
Geomancer isn't really a well known Class, it apparently lets you control stuff like water by possessing the mindset of 'feel, don't think'. In a sense, it's the perfect class for Sefi-san, won't say that out loud of course.

The secret prize, my body was presented to the adult team.
Since I felt bad if they didn't get the dessert, I made some grade-up stuff for the victorious team.


What? Feels like I'm hearing sound of claws scraping against a pillar. But the girls don't seem to hear nor notice it. Which means something's up with the barrier?

Searching the surroundings with Space Grasp, I saw something small in the direction where I beat the tuna. Small things I've never seen before, can't make it out from here. There's quite a lot of them despite their size.

Slash Slash

Nuna!? The barrier got cut apart and those somethings invaded inside. How'd they cut it open so easily!?
That's weird, I mean this barrier even easily stopped Kagura-san's spear....

"All hands, attention please. Get away from the sea at once. Something has invaded the barrier. I'll meet them head on here, you girls go get your weapons."

"...I got it. We'll be back quick, don't push yourself."

I nodded and faced the sea ahead.
With just my trunks and Lunar Cat. I've raised my defense with Full Protection and Mana Clad. It's better than having water sticking to my clothes. 'Gan gon gan gon' I raised stone walls on the seashore to prevent them running past me.

Come now, show yourself up you unknown somethings!?


What then jumped into my view was.
A group of cats running on the sea surface.


There's like more than 30 of them. Why are cats running on water anyway!

Chief Umineko <TLN: Read as sea cat, means seagull.>
HP: 128/128 - MP: 42/48
A type of monster that dashes on water. Despite their small size, they make full use of their swiftness to overwhelm enemy. The mana they emit on their paws repel water enabling them to run on water surface. They mainly fight using their claws, but the older ones can also employ magic. These cats wander around all over the places, but they also have a habit of staying inside a dungeon rarely.

Umineko x 34
HP: 68/68 - MP: 23/36
A type of monster that dashes on water. Etc.

Oh I see, so it's that kind of monsters, I see. I can only accept this stuff by this point. Like hell. Umineko are birds, you dummy!

I'm having a stand off with a huge number of kitten-sized cat that are supposed to be monsters on the seashore. This situation must be unbearable for cat lovers. Naturally, that applies to me too!

35 of them huh... I could annihilate them all at once... But I can't bear to attack with those round eyes looking at me. As I was searching for ways out of this, I recalled something, rummaged my Dimensional Storage for that thing I was gonna use on Mitama and secretly let it ride on some reallllly weak breeze.


Splash splash, one after another the cats dropped down the seashore. As expected of the chief, it hasn't let up its guard even while staggering. These Umineko are currently drunk. Indeed, it was silver vine I just sprinkled. It works even on monsters huh. I actually brought it with me to nyanyan with the drunk Mitama, wicked thought, good thing it found its use elsewhere.

FUSHAAAAAAA (I'm not gonna let this stuff beat me!)

Chief Umineko jumped out in an attempt to claw me. I blocked it with Lunar Cat, producing a CLINK sound of metal clashing. Looking closer, it seems to have clad its claws with mana. This cat must have cut the barrier.


Chief Umineko kept coming at me even while staggering. I kinda look like the baddie here.


I grabbed hold of it just when it jumped.

Funya! Funyaaaaaaaaaan (Kuh! Just kill meeeeeee)


INYAAAAAAAAN (How dare you put me, chief of umineko in this shameful state)

Behold! This fingerwork of mine! This power of mofumofu that brought even Mitama and Futsuno-san to their knees!
As I rubbed its throat and brushed its stomach, Chief Umineko's eyes started to loosen in rapture.

WANYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN (No not there, stop, nyoooooooooo)


With a shrill cry, Chief Umineko got knocked out. Oh and those voice overs you heard were narrated by Nobusada at his own's discretion.

Phew, good grief. That was a tough opponent?

For now, gotta pull those cats out of the seashore lest they drown. The girl's eyes were wide open when they got back fully armed only to be greeted with a huge band of cats.

In the end, all the cats prostrated themselves before me who had prevailed against Chief Umineko. Since their stomaches cutely rumbled all together then, I gave them leftover small fish which they ate in great relish.
Chief Umineko is currently sitting meekly next to me. The other cats also let the girls hug all over them after seeing their chief in that state.
Now then, wonder why these cats are even here anyway. Ah man, I can't bring myself to desert these cats and their different feels of mofumofu compared to Mitama's.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.8


"The catalog's got <Webs> proviso on the next floors. What's that?"

"Floor 26 to floor 30 have the same structure as these floors but the spiders are laying in wait on their webs. Each web has one spider living on it. Most of those spiders stay put above the web, but they will come down if an intruder touches their web."


"These webs are problematic. Since the spiders won't come out if you don't touch their web, you can proceed ahead without engaging a fight so long you don't touch one. But there are some spots where you're left with no choice but to touch a web in order to proceed."

"Are those webs not sticky."

"They are. Carelessly touching them will get you bound, and tormented to death. Hitting a web with a stone will call the spider down, and the stickiness is gone once the spider is defeated then you gather the web. After which, you're free to proceed."

"I see. Are these spiders as strong as the ones before them?"

"No. From here on, the spiders get slightly bigger and stronger as we go deeper. They will shoot <Confusion>, <Paralysis>, <Venom> at you."

"Ah. Time to use that huh."

By that Lecan means tools to collect venom. A Sfarko fruit is attached to the tip of one such tool which sucks in venom, then you put it inside a bag intended for storing them. Per Heles's advice, they each bought a set of five.

"You can use them if you want, but if we're heading for floor 31 during this expedition, I'd suggest we wait until then. The venom there is more than ten times pricier."

From floor 31 below, the enemies are the lesser variant of Octular Great Spider. Their venom commands a higher price than that of giant variant of Spotted Spiders.

"<Confusion> is a magic attack. Its range is about 10 to 15 steps. The spider has to have a view on us to put us under <Confusion> but our side doesn't have to see them for the attack to work."

"What happens when you're put under <Confusion>."

"It varies by person, but most go wild slashing at their comrades while screaming incorrigible words."

"That sounds bothersome."

"It is. You suffer from <Paralysis> if you get hit by their claws. This one is apparently a type of curse. Thus, it's indispensable to have curse resistant equipment equipped. Or putting on hard protectors that prevent their claws reaching your skin."

Eda has got a curse resistant bracelet on her wrist. Not clear how effective it is, but it should suffice for the time being, and Lecan's got <Dagger of Harut> if push comes to shove anyway.

The deeper you go below in this dungeon, the stronger the curse assailing you. Obtaining <Dagger of Harut> before coming here was truly a windfall.

"<Venom> is spit out of their mouth, this reaches about 20 steps away."

"Quite far."

"Their slanted upper part swells up when they're shooting from afar. The venom is black, the same color as the ceiling and rocks hanging down it, so it's very hard to distinguish. Not to mention we're in a dimly lit area. And sometimes the venom would hit rock creases and splash back at us. There is no way to avoid this."

"I see. Guess that about covers it. Let's get in."
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Those spiders turned out to be nothing.

They would come down when Lecan threw firewood on their web. Since they were showing their back as they did that, they made for easy targets for Eda's arrows and Lecan's <Flame Arrows>.

Their venom is indeed problematic, but dodging it is a simple matter to Lecan and those spiders don't shoot it often anyway, he had let one shoot it once before the march begun anew.

Since the spiders won't come to the edge of their web, swords cannot reach them. Going within a sword range would get you entangled in their web.

(I see now.)

(Would be handy with a spear.)

(The longer the better.)

(And you can block the venom with a shield.)

Lecan tried shooting a <Flame Arrow> at a web.

It cut off a thread but that's it.

He tried <Flame Spear> as well, but it only created a hole on the hit spot, and nothing else.

The procedure on this floor was Lecan throwing firewood at the web and Eda shooting down the descending spiders. <Shield of Wolkan> came into picture when the spiders were especially agile or shot their venom. The spiders are swift, but they don't move as erratically when they're coming down at the start. Lecan let Eda take care of them as practice. Fortunately the abdomen of these spiders are soft, thus all of her arrows pierced through it.

Some spiders also shot out <Confusion> from time to time, but none of Lecan's party suffered the curse.

Using the same procedure, they traversed through floor 27, 28, 29, and 30 before making a camp near the exit.

"We're running late. Should have made camp sooner."

"It's at Yellow Forg (Touza) moment now."

"What is that thing?"

"It's a <Yacklubend Time Notifier>. This is the small portable version. It shows time when you pour mana in it. It's a very handy tool."

"That's an equipment issued to the royal knights, isn't it. Are you sure you could bring it with you?"

"Ah. Well, uh. Since I'm not a member of the royal knights, it should be all right."

Lecan had an interest in tools that could show time.

In his former world, every town has a bell hall that rings the bell on times measured by a machine.

But this world has sunrise split by three periods of Ring Snake (Muruja), sunset by three periods of Water Buffalo (Shootran), night by ten periods, and noon by ten periods. And naturally, these periods change by season.

In other word, time in his former world is unchanging regardless of seasons or regions, while it's relative in this world.

"Fumu. Is that Time Notifier adjusted by sunrise and sunset. Or does it show a fixed time unaffected by seasons and regions?

"Now this is a surprise. So Lecan-dono is also a scholar."

"At the place I come from, we have a Bell Hall in every town that rings the bell on times measured by machines."

"There's a country like that? But really, bells huh. I see, bells. That's interesting. But, Lecan-dono. How would that tell which time period it's at. Or perhaps, they ring different-sounding bells for each time period?"

"The numbers of ringing differ. The bell rings twice at Lesser Turtle (Fengel) moment, thrice at Halfbeak (Chichi) moment, essentially, just ring different numbers at every moment. Then you only ring the bell once at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods."

"What? But then... No, that's right. However... Umu. That's interesting. Lecan-dono. Truly interesting. Thanks for this story. I'll be sure to discuss this with my uncle once I get back to the capital. We've been trying to get machine-based time notification work at the capital with less than satisfying results, you see."

Which means, this world also has machine-based time measurements. Lecan simply didn't know. That said, it doesn't seem to be well known.

In reality, people start their daily lives as lights pour downs from heavens. As for works that can only start at night, establishing the rule <Ring Snake at Three, work starts> has prevented quarrels between employers and employees from breaking out. Sunrise and sunset are made into periods to conform people's daily lives.

"But I still cannot believe how we managed to traverse through floor 21 to 30 in just one day. Just wow. And neither me or Arios-dono fought for real even. We merely had to pick up fallen magic stones."

Heles grilled salted jerky over the campfire as she said that.

"Ah, it's so nice. This is really nice. This so-called campfire. I can't go on without one now that I've seen the light."

She sipped down the soup Eda made.

"To think warm soup could be this sublime. This soup is far more delicious than the soup made by my family's head chef."

Naturally that's not the case, she's probably saying it as a way to express her excitement and gratitude for having these kinds of food inside a dungeon. Lecan refrained from telling her that didn't really work.

"We can enjoy this cuz we're staying the night inside the dungeon. Peeps who keep coming back outside can stay in an inn and all, but I'm wondering if the round trips alone don't tire them out."


"Un? Yes?"

"I usually took five days of break before I would go back to a dungeon after coming back from a dungeon expedition."

"You're really taking your sweet time."

"Your body and soul get extremely tense inside a dungeon. Doesn't matter if you fight or not. One or two days aren't enough to truly heal those tensions."

"So that's how it works."

"The folks here have their own ways of doing things, I won't question that. Just remember that. And when you're camping inside a dungeon, you've got to relax your body well all while never letting up."

"Un! I got you."

"Lecan-dono, you truly cherish Eda-dono, don't you. It's like I'm looking at father and daughter."

"Ehehe. I've got Lecan as my master for this entire year, you see."

"This entire year?"

"Un. I'll think about then when that time comes."

"Eda-dono, aren't you going to continue exploring dungeons after this?"

"Un. Dungeons are fun, but I don't really feel like exploring one without Lecan around."

"Is that so."

This day they defeated a bit more than 90 magic beasts.

Six treasure chests popped up. Four had potions, two were shields.

They got some nice Graces, should fetch handsomely.

They also gathered some spider threads. Lecan didn't have the slightest idea just how much would it fetch.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.7


Since these spiders can't hear, they most likely act by relying on visual cues.

After an observation with that in mind, Lecan found out that they would only spring into action when any part, like legs and such, of an intruder comes into their view.

Lecan judged that they were done confirming characteristics of magic beasts on these floors.

Afterward, it was quick.

Lecan kept shooting <Flame Spear> overhead where magic beasts were hiding as he advanced ahead.

Then he pulled magic stones out of the bodies with <Move>.

Eda, Arios and Heles would go collect the falling magic stones in turn.

They proceeded ahead in that fashion.

Floor 22.

Floor 23.

Floor 24.

And floor 25, they were near the exit already.

"Halt. We're taking a break here. You can sit down."

"No err. Why are we resting in a danger zone."

"What I just defeated was a giant variant. We'll wait for the next spawn and create a <Mark>."

"Is that how it is. Heave-ho. Good grief. This is supposed to be called <Nightmare Stratum>. Yet it's as if we're strolling in an uninhabited wasteland with Lecan-dono around."

"I don't see an adventurer anywhere."

"That's because middle stratum is not profitable. Everyone attempts to speed through these floors and begin hunting on floor 31. As such, there's a lot of quests for hunting the giant variant on floor 31."


"The spawned magic beasts get stronger each time you go down a floor. A party that can barely reach floor 30 simply cannot handle floor 31 magic beasts. Asking them to beat giant variant twice in a row is virtually impossible."

"Ah, I see where you're going."

"As such, Adventurer Association post quests for creating <Mark> on floor 31. It costs three big gold coins."

"Three big gold coins! A~ah. I was once a rich woman with five big gold coins in me stash too."

After buying her bow, arrows and protectors, the fifty gold coins, or five big gold coins, Eda got from their last expedition have been greatly decreased.

"Eda-dono. You will surely get your hands on many more big gold coins with this party soon. Cheer up."

"Un. Thank you Heles-san."

"Eda-dono, what positive mind you posses. That's a rare nature to have. What were we talking about again? Ah right, quests for creating <Mark>. As a condition, the clients have to have the <Mark> on floor 30 before they can post this quest."

When you teleport from floors above the floor you're teleporting to, you get brought near the entrance. Conversely, teleporting from below get you near the exit. Meaning a party with floor 30's <Mark> has to go through floor 30 if they want to get to floor 31.

Giant variants do not tend to spawn near entrances, this dungeon's map also shows that floor 31's giant variant spawns near the exit.

In other words, accepting this quest means you need to traverse through floor 30 and 31 and defeat a giant variant twice in a row, and yet three big gold coins are still a huge sum. Even a six-person party would readily accept that if it means getting five gold coin each for a half day work.

"Naturally, magic stones, materials and treasure chests obtained during the quest belong to the party who takes on the quest. And the clients are expected to help carry luggage and carved materials as one of the conditions. Since the mats on floor 30s fetch for good prices, you could even profit as much as the quest rewards from selling them if you take your time."

Meaning one big gold coin for a day's work for each. It's an undeniably juicy job.

"Well it does take two days to finish, and the quest takers have to prepare for curses and poisons themselves. It takes toll on equipment as well. Nevertheless, it's a highly profitable job all the same."

"Two days?"

"That's the part you find puzzling? Please don't use your standards on everybody else, Lecan-dono."

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan suddenly raised his right hand and shot out an offensive spell.

The giant variant had respawned.


His left hand took the falling magic stone and put it in <Storage>.

As Lecan silently walked forward, the three followed behind him.

After walking a bit, Lecan stopped and sat down.

"We're having our meal here."

"Are you sure we'll be okay here?"

"There's no spider above. I'll give you a call if one spawns."
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Lecan put out firewood, a hot pot, water and ingredients.

Eda ignited the firewood with magic and skillfully made soup.

Everyone relaxed while enjoying warm soup.

"Being able to enjoy such warm food inside a dungeon like this, truly a luxury we have."

"Eating warm food heals your body and brings out energy. It doubles your strength in battles. I strive to eat warm food inside dungeons whenever I could."

"No uh. That might be feasible in other dungeons, but we can't gather firewood in this dungeon. I really can't wrap my head around the mechanism behind Lecan-dono's <Box>. Perhaps, that's a special-made item by Sir Yacklubend Tomato?"

"Yacklubend? That name sounds familiar, who is it?"

"I've decided to stop getting surprised by Lecan-dono's words, but that one came out of the left field. How have you been living in this country if you don't know about Yacklubend-dono and Tomato Company?"

"I hail from afar. Was at a rural countryside when I first entered this country. Only been living in town recently."

"But you have seen Nocturnal Lights, Ward Lights and Mana Brushes haven't you. Have you never heard of Stun Sticks, Long Soaring Bow, Burst Arrows or Piercing Spear? All of that was invented by Yacklubend-dono, sold by Tomato Company."

"I know about Stun Stick. I've probably seen Nocturnal Lights and Ward Lights before."

"You must be. It's inconceivable that you haven't. On top of that, there's <Bell of Truth (Saradona)>, <Twin Mirror (Naata)>, <Celestial Wings (Kaires)>, <Web of Purity (Halvos)>, <Saint Light Paradise (Agzubares)>, <Scale of Trial (Trientel)>, countless magic tools indispensable to this country, all of that was made by Yacklubend-dono."


"Yes, what is it."

"<Bell of Truth> is a holy tool of the temples, you should not thoughtlessly speak about it. Also, the existence of <Twin Mirror>, <Celestial Wings>, and <Web of Purity> is a military secret concealed by the royalty, only high ranking nobles are in the know of what those are. <Saint Light Paradise> and <Scale of Trial> are kept by the royal knights and royal mages respectively who do not make the information public. While <Yacklubend Stun Sticks> are only allowed to be carried by the royal capital's guards and the royal knights."


"Besides, only nobles and big merchants are familiar with Tomato Company's products. They mean nothing to the masses. Lecan-san, Eda-san. Please forget what you just heard."

"Got it. "

"Un! I'm pretty good at forgetting things."

"And also, just so you don't get it wrong, the name Yacklubend is a passed down name, the present Yacklubend-dono did not make every magic tool there is."


"Heles-san. How long do you think <Twin Mirror> has been around for? That's an item that first showed up during the infancy stage of this country's founding. The southern half of this country would have belonged to Dresta Kingdom had that not existed then."

"I had no idea. And how would you be privy about all that, Arios-dono?"

"It's my fighting school's secrets."

"No, that's definitely a lie."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.5_6


"Well then, I will now give an explanation regarding magic beasts spawns. Floor 21 to floor 30 are the so-called middle stratum of this dungeon. The magic beasts present are giant variants of Spotted Spiders. They're about as tall as my waist. You must forget everything you experienced on floor 1 to 20 when you tread on these new floors."

"Forget? What do you mean."

"On floor 11 to 20, we have cavities, with lesser Octoular Great Spiders inside each one. You end up thinking that's how it will also be on successive floors. However, that's a straight path to ruin."


"First of all, the terrain is different. There's no cavities on floor 21, no spiders below. They're above you. There are creases of rocks hanging on the ceilings of these floors, spiders hide between those creases and descend on you."


"The best method to deal with them is by killing them as they descend, but since there is no sign telling where they're coming down, that is hard to achieve. Those spiders will move right away without any prompt the moment they come into contact with their target, at abnormal speed. They're smaller yet incomparably faster than the spiders on floors before this, many parties meet their end on this floor."

"Only one magic beast per encounter?"

"Not necessarily. Once you get close enough to the spot right below one, it will start descending. If there are more than one spider near that spot, they all will go down together."

"I see."

"On top of that, if you come across other spots with spiders above while trying to run from a spider or going around to attack a spider, those spiders will come down as well."

"So you're saying we can haul up lots of them in one go."

"Okay, I'm a bit worried about your train of thought. Ah, almost forgot, the grounds don't have a good view. There's walls of rocks randomly thrust out of grounds all over the place. You can't just go straight ahead."

"How do the enemies attack?"

"They use their legs. Their claws are far harder and sharper than all spiders before them. They also shoot out <Sleep>. The range of which about 20 steps, I believe. Its effects are so much more immediate and strong than any <Sleep> on all floors before it. Rudimentary <Sleep> resistance cannot block it."

"There's <Flame> as this spider's characteristic written on the catalog."

"I was about to get to that. They spit out small syrupy burning rock-like lumps at you. Its range is about, right..."

Everyone quietly waited as Heles tried to recall.

"I believe it's around ten steps. They can move their head in most directions and swiftly, so there are times when you get hit even when you're taking precautions."

"Is it instant death if you're hit?"

"It is not, but having syrupy flames sticking on your clothes and armor result in a quick and serious scald. And since there's only hard rock-like grounds below you, you cannot rub it away with soil or sand either."

"Sounds like a bother."

"As such, you would want to be ready with equipment with high fire resistant on that floor through floor 25."

Heles was looking at Lecan with a troubled look in her eyes.

"My overcoat highly resists fire. Eda, how about your clothes."

"We bought fire resistant web armor thanks to Heles-san's info. It's got some resistance against dissolving liquid and venom too."

Eda's new equipment is a light brown skin-tight web armor. She's got a fluffy hat-like thing on her head that can be pulled down to protect her head except eye area. Her new light brown boots also look pretty elastic and sturdy.

"Next is of course, their bites. They possess small jaws that's just really swift and nasty."

"How about webs?"

"Since the spiders here use up their thread to go down the tall ceilings, they don't seem to shoot out web from their rear."

"How do they detect things?"


"I'm asking how do these magic beasts here detect intruders."

"Well, err. That'd be with their eyes, ears and instinct, I suppose."

"Is that confirmed?"

"There is no concrete research on it, but they're clearly capable of detecting intruders and grasp their movement."

"Got it. Let's go then."

Their party set foot on floor 21.

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Floor 21 has a hard rocky surface as the ground and walls of rocks thrusting out of the ground all over the place. The walls are as short as one step and as tall as three steps high, obstructing Lecan's vision.

The best part of it is the ceiling. You can't even tell how high up it is. Furthermore, curtains of rocks are hanging down here and there, completely hiding the upper side away. The distance to ground from some of the rock curtains are about four, five steps away for the shorter ones so there should be cases of descending magic beasts appearing out of nowhere in front of you.

"There's two adventurer parties on this floor right now."


"One deeper to the left. Near the exit. Another is along wall to the right. They're engaged in a fight against three magic beasts."

"Lecan-dono. Are you, telling the truth?"

"It's my ability. Lots of magic beasts hiding out in the ceilings. Around here, over there, there, and there. Let's see. Just how close you've got to make them come down. Ah, right. Heles."


"Same weak spots?"

"Indeed. You either crush their head or aim for their heart."

"Got it."

Lecan took <Sword of Agost> out <Storage> drew it out of its scabbard and returned the scabbard into <Storage>.

"That's a really big sword. I can't believe how you just so easily hold it in one hand."

Lecan ignored Heles's murmur and slowly walked forward one big step at a time.

"It's coming down. Everyone, stay put."

He raised his pace as he said that and stopped at a spot.

A huge Spotted Spider suddenly came out without a sound from behind a crease in the rock curtain, but Lecan had anticipated that already and swiftly cut off its head.

"Fumu. Everyone, come here. Heles."


"What's the carve-able mats of this magic beast?"



"The highest priced part of Spotted Spider is their thread. However, unless you can fly, you can't collect that dangling thread. Next is their eyes, I think. The leather on its abdomen can be sold too, but it's cheap considering the place they show up, so most people don't bother with it."

"I guess we're mainly aiming for magic stones and treasure chests for a while then."

"That we are."

Afterward, Lecan killed two more.


(These spiders sense their enemies.)

(Only when you're about five steps away from the spot below them.)

(They don't react until you get within that range.)

"Lecan-dono. The ceiling here is awfully tall and dim, thus it's easy to overlook spiders lurking above. We risk getting our party annihilated if we caught ourselves unaware of drawing multiple spiders toward us. Therefore, I propose we all should be slowly and carefully as we proceed ahead on this floor."

"Fumu. They really don't seem to attack until they get down on the ground. Alright. I'll let it down on next. Everyone, don't move from there."

Lecan walked 20 steps ahead, then a magic beast came down right in front of him. Which then immediately plunged out once it got on ground. Lecan made a mincemeat out of the magic beast's head directly in front of him.



"A spider will come down five step ahead of the spot I'm stopping next. Aim for its heart with your bow."

"I gotcha."

Lecan walked ahead and stopped, then a magic beast came down after waiting a bit. Eda landed a clean hit on the magic beast's heart with her brand new bow.

"Nicely done. The sensations of pulling that bow should not unlike that of a magic bow, same with the arrow."

"Really? I don't really get it. This bow you picked feels really nice to use, Lecan."

The way you aim with a magic bow is wholly different from a normal bow, and yet Eda has unconsciously adjusted to that difference, it seems.

"That arrow might be usable still. Go fetch it."


"Heles. Arios. Come with me. Eda, follow us once you're done."

Heles and Arios walked with LEcan.

"Alright. A spider will come down here. Heles, kill it."

"Ah? Yeah."

"Arios, you're next."


"Alright. A spider will come down here."


Eda caught up to them in the meantime.

Behind them, Heles had just beheaded her spider.

"Over here, Eda."


Heles isn't done taking out the magic stone yet.

Arios stabbed through the spider's heart. Since these spiders shows their back as they comes down, their hearts are exposed during that momentary instance. As long as you know where they're coming down and it's a one-on-one fight, these spiders are nothing for swordsmen on the level of Heles and Arios.

As Lecan was waiting for the next spider to come down, his <3D Perceptions> caught the spider that was hit by Eda's arrow getting down the ground and trying to move. Eda has missed its vital.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan blew his target spider's head with the magic, turned around and commanded Eda.

"Dodge to the left!"

The moment Eda jumped to the left, the spider she failed to kill lunged at the spot she was at. Lecan cut down the spider's abdomen and heart as it tried to turn around.

(The spider didn't react at all to my voice.)


Heles and Arios came back.

"Are you all right?"

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

"Ehehe. I made a mistake."

"It's fine. You miss sometimes. Anyway, I found something to test. Arios."


"I'll stand in front of the next spider and attract its attention. You make some noise behind it and try to attract its attention. Do not attack."

"Yes? I understand."

Lecan kept the next spider company without killing it. It spat out lumps of flames at him which he flicked away with the side of his sword.

Arios was making racket behind the spider, but it paid no attention to him at all.

Once Lecan deemed the test enough, he cut down the spider's heart. He can directly aim for its heart frontally thanks to his new sword's length.

"Everyone, listen up. It's been made clear with the test just now. These spiders don't have an aural sense."


"They're deaf."

"Eh? But earlier, Heles-san said."



"Gathering information is an important part of dungeon explorations. They're worth paying for."


"But don't believe it."


"Mistakes happen even without ill will behind the intent. Sometimes conveyed things can miss a word. Some people believe in misunderstandings or their own prejudice. What others consider safe may not be so to me. You alone are the judge for the significance behind a piece of information."

"But how could you doubt what people say."

"If we die due to wrong information, the ones who gave that information won't atone for their mistake, nor will that bring anything. You only have yourself to protect yourself. So use what people say as a reference. That's important. However, do not swallow them whole."

"I won't swallow them whole."

"Right. Information is just that, information. Keep exploring while making sure yourself whether something is true or not."

"Yes. I understand."

"Lecan-dono. Forgive me. Now I'm reminded of a certain party that would have a shield user luring spiders from the front while another member finish them off from behind with a spear. So this is the reason for that."

"No. Your information serves as a reference. Don't worry about it. Now then, let's get down the floor."

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Sea Vacation (2)


Our lunch was assorted marine products grills.

We lit up charcoal and simply grilled the fish and shellfish over it, which was superb.
And the condiment was my handmade soy sauce!
Yep, I finally did it. Tama bean soy sauce. After 49 trial runs, it was finally done.

Bubbles coming out of scallops, abalones, turban shells dropped by who knows what.
Saury, mackerel grilled with salt. Blueback and stuff made into namero. Other miscellaneous small fish for deep fryer.

The girls rushed out to grab the food every time I'm done making one, it's neverending!

Kagura-san who's usually a big eater already was chowing down everything next to Mitama.

"Fuhaa, I'm stuffed. Mine stomach's firmly in Nobu-kun's grip now. I can't get satiated without Nobu-kun no more."

"...Concrete satiation... Wonderful, blurp."

"Uuuh, I ate too much noja. I cannot move an inch."

"Thanks for the treat. I'll go wash the dish, honey."

"Nfufufuu, this side dish goes so nice with booze~"

Ah hey, Sefi-san's started drinking!!

She'd end up sleeping hugging the liquor bottle if I let her, so I hardened my heart and snatched it away from her. 'Iyaaan', she coquettishly protested, but I remonstrated her to wait until night.

By the way, tonight we plan to stay in the pre-built [Izumi Store Seaside Branch Office].
This jointless house made entirely from Stone Walls is a work of art at this point.

Ah, I may have said seaside there, but we don't have garnish-less curry rice or weirdly salty ramen here.
Speaking of curry, I just can't get over how I can't seem to find any spice for curry at all. Oh crap, and now I'm craving for it.

But man, been a while since we could relax like this.

Everyone kicked back and relaxed once we were done cleaning the dish. But this is nice once in a while.

Come to think of it, I haven't checked my status in a while. Wonder how's it look now.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Age: 15 - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Samurai Lv31 - Fist Fighter Lv24 - Monk Lv25 - Otherworlder Lv28
State: Healthy
Title: 【Izumi Family Head】
HP:914/914 - MP:134,218,059/134,218,059

Otherworlder Lv28(up!) - Fighter Lv30(M) - Fist Fighter Lv24(up!) - Magic Swordsman Lv8 - Genin Lv16 - Samurai Lv31 (up!) - Monk Lv25(up!) - Magician Lv10 - Conjurer Lv10 - Illusionist Lv12 - Alchemist Lv12 - Time Mage Lv5 - Thief Lv 10 - Hunter Lv10 - Beast Tamer Lv10 - Merchant Lv10 - Slave Trader Lv1 - Farmer Lv10 - Househusband Lv10 - Carpenter Lv1 - Mason Lv1

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv4(up!) - Magic Modification Lv4(up!) - Composite Magic Lv4(up!) - Parallel Cast Lv4 (up!) - Parallel Processing Lv2(new!) - Housework Lv6(up!) - Farming Lv4(up!) - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Katana Art Lv3(up!) - Grappling Lv4(up!) - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv3 - Shooting Lv2(new!) - Body Reinforcement Lv3(up!) - Mana Clad Lv5(up!) - Evasion Lv4(up!) - Parry Lv4(up!) - Intuition Lv3(up!) - Robust Lv2(up!) - Unlock Lv1 (new!) - Trap Lv1(new!) - Sacred Magic Lv5(up!) - Dark Magic Lv3(up!) - Gravity Magic Lv3(up!) - Time Space Magic Lv3(up!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv5 - Enchant Magic Lv3(up!) - Magicraft Lv3(up!) - Metal Carving Lv3(new!) - Barrier Art Lv2(new!) - Life Magic - Disguise Lv4(up!) - Alchemy Lv4(up!) - Processing Techniques (Wood - Stone) - Resist Poison Lv1 - Resist Paralysis Lv1 - Resist Confusion Lv1 - Resist Instant-Death Lv2 - Great Vigor Lv3(new!)

【Class Skills】
Provocation - Treasure Hunter - Chakra - Treatment - Hawk Eye - Mind's Eye - Seclusion - Healing Heart(new!)

Mitama, Futsuno, Kagura, Sefirot, Eleanor

【Tamed Monsters】

My levels went up across the board.

MP went over one hundred million, I won't even comment on that anymore. Not my problem how far it wanna go up.

I learned [Healing Heart] once Monk reached level 20. This skill boosts effects of the user's healing magic. It's simple yet handy. Like, Healing Heart is mother's heart, applying it boost Heal.

Apparently Trap skill is a collective of everything trap, from setting up to disengaging them and more. Oh and, I was taught to rely on Intuition skills and the likes to detect traps.

The rise of skills related to magic modification are thanks to my continuous trials and errors. I was personally doing it very seriously, but people around me saw me like I was just fooling around randomly combining magic, so sad.
And here's the new existing magic usable to me now.

Sacred Magic
Holy Light - Magic that unleashes lights that crush evils. Especially effective on undead.
Area Heal - Heal that affects an area. Range will change as you master this.

Dark Magic
Melt Vital - Decrease stamina.
Melt Strength - Decrease strength.
Melt Agilty - Decrease agility.
Melt Dex - Decrease dexterity.

Gravity Magic
Attraction - Control power of attraction to draw objects in.
Repulsion - Control repulsive force to keep objects away.

Time Space Magic
Space Grasp - Grasp information in a specific space.

I got a nosebleed due to overload of information when I first used this one. Gushing out like it was a literal water fountain. As such, I've got to put a limit on its usage until I raise my data processing capability and the magic mastery. But the ability to grasp terrain = no need for mapping alone already proves super handy.

Enchant Magic
Sharpening - Raise sharpness of instruments. Required Catalyst: Glowfly Whetstone.

Enchant Resistance - Effects change depending on catalyst used.
Scale of Charm: Resist Charm, Poison Bee Sting: Resist Poison, Curse Skull: Resist Curse etc.

The higher Magicraft and Metal Carving levels, the higher grade materials that can be used.
Right now it's stone-> copper-> iron. Metal Carving is zinc -> silver. Wonder if I would get to use gold and higher ranking materials like mithril and orichalcum one of these days. By the way, this skill lets you process stuff through mana, a completely different process than Boss-san's blacksmithing. Even though I can process iron, shaping it into a sword would create a really blunt one. Gotta practice more. Since I've got a stupid amount of mana anyway, wonder if I could do unlimited work thingy in the future...

With Alchemy leveled up, I'm now able to make magic rucksacks on my own. And thanks to Time Space Magic skill I have, I can create one even without the catalyst, Time Space Stone, it's a perfect combination. But I'd paint a target on my back if I made too many, so I only created enough for among ourselves. I mean, I could even create magic rucksacks with 1-ton capacity if I just had the mats for it.

『Levellit's Protection (Soupy Large Serving)』
Protections and lots of other stuff by Goddess Levellit who governs over growth and talent. Heartily loads of plus corrections to experience points, skill acquisition and mastery of the holder and his party members.

And I got more titles for some reason.
【Magic Beast】, 【One who Understands Goddess Hardships】, 【One Glared by Goddess】, 【Object of Goddess Observation】, 【Izumi Family Head】.

【Magic Beast】
Alias given by a certain freeadventurer. It's said he's like a wild beast who controls sorcery and possessing "Vigor".

【One who Understands Goddess Hardships】, 【One Glared by Goddess】, 【Object of Goddess Observation】
Are apparently titles from Ametoris, Hadin and Rutia respectively. Looks like I've been marked by these goddess. Hadin especially. Oh so scary.

【Izumi Family Head】
A present from Levellit. Increase effects of Levellit Protections bestowed to family members.

After offering lots of food like meat and potato stew, boiled fish and stuff, I received information from no-goddess the next morning along with this title. I'll be sure to make good use of it, but something bothered me. Isn't this an abuse of power. When I told that to no-goddess, she said it's like 『Meal Ticket Abuse』. I did fish it with meals, yeah sure.

Ah, I'm not gonna even count [Magic Beast], no sire.

Soul Telepathy level went up after I did the nyan nyan with Eleanor-san.
Lv4 has the effect 『The master can change recipient's class. However, each change requires a large amount of mana』. It's simple yet hugely beneficial. Everyone was also surprised when I informed them of this the other day. I mean, now we can easily change our Classes without going to some Job Change Temples, imagine that. When I tried to see how much mana it needed, it consumed 100. Literally loose change to me.
I also found out something unbelievable with it. All of my wives have liberated their Second Class.
Since no one noticed, it would have been a waste had I not realized this fact. Dunno what was the impetus for the liberation, but it will be a massive boost to our party no doubt.

Presently these are the girls' current and changeable Classes.

Hunter - Thief
『Hunter, Thief, Dancer, Genin』

I'm thinking of raising Mitama's Thief level to 15 so they can have increased drop rates even without me around. And since she wanted to raise Genin after that point, I gave her my OK. Wonder if it's because of my story about masked ninjas during our pillow talk? Personally, I can't give up on Dancer Mitama though...

Miko - Monk
『Miko, Merchant, Monk, Minstrel』

Futsuno-san would be our party's barrier and healer support. Tama-chan will also help with support whenever she's around though. Futsuno-san is really good at singing, though I've only heard it once. Must be the reason for Minstrel class. 『Singing in public is just embarrassing, so no can do. It's super embarrassing okay.』 so she said, but it's A-OK if it's me. My little privilege.

War Oni - Conjurer
『War Oni, Fighter, Axe Fighter, Staff Fighter, Spear Fighter, Conjurer.』

Kagura-san's wished for her second class to be Conjurer. Apparently she had always wanted to learn magic. But I'm wondering why when she's a total vanguard? Maybe it's because I've been leaving her in charge of overlooked enemies. No let's not think about it.

Magic Fist - Assassin
『Magic Fist, Fist Fighter, Jujitsu, Assassin, Animal Trainer.』

Magic Fist is an advanced class of Fist Fighter, they hit with their fist clad in Fighting Spirit (Touki) which then explode, or so it seems. Well, I mean, I haven't seen Eleanor-san going all out so I can only go by what I heard. Anyway, she's set Assassin as her second class. Kinda weird how she got advanced class right from the get go, but I'm guessing the reason might be that. Y'know, the matter that left me and Master almost dead? Well, it's going to strengthen Eleanor-san no matter how you look at it regardless though. Just gotta make sure us husband and wife never get into a quarrel! Animal trainer? I'm keeping it a secret since it's frightening me.

<TLN: Catch the latest updates and edits at Sousetsuka .com >


Hm? Is something hitting the barrier? I noticed late since I was deep in thought.
Dunno what it is, but it's been going at it endlessly, now I'm curious.

"Milord, where are you heading off to?"

"Well, looks like something's been bumping against the barrier on the sea side. I'll go take a quick look."

"Muu, I cannot fight well in the water. Forgive me, I would have to leave it to you. I loathe to wake everyone up as well. Just please do not push yourself noja."

Yep, I'm in agreement. Even Eleanor-san is knocked out right now. It must have been hectic in the guild. You accumulate stress in service business after all. Gotta let her rest easy today.
Don't worry I won't overdo it. I'm gonna snipe it from afar if it looks like bad news.

Now then, the end of the barrier is quite far. With Space Grasp, I see that some sort of big thing is ceaselessly crashing itself onto barrier. It's positioned above the sea. I slid above the sea surface with high-speed magic set to get there and found a monster that bore a resemblance to a Flying Fish but actually completely different. Outwardly it looks exactly like [Tuna!] as a certain famous actor would say. That black lustrous body must have some nice fat in it.

Magurossu <TLN: Maguro means tuna.>
HP: 89/327 - MP: 15/78
A rare mutant variant of Flying Fish. An unusual specimen that can employ time space magic. Also known as [Super Dimensional Fresh Fish]
As it's a new species, this fish has only begun to awaken to its instinct. It will die if it doesn't keep moving forward, will it be a march toward salvation or is it a path of ruin it's treading.

It's literally tuna! And Discerning-sensei's explanation is kind of philosophical somehow. Anyway, let's deal with it at once and hope for a good drop.
But am I just imagining things or is it running away from something. I mean it keeps charging on even if it means wearing down its own HP. Its MP is about to run out, and it's wounded all over too. Yet I don't see anyone else around. Let's just do this real quick.

"Weapon Skill 『Vibrating Blade - Silver Flash』!"

With a glint of silver light, Lunar Cat's blade cleanly cut apart Maguros head from its body. The drop item showed up once Discerning-sensei confirmed its death, and.... it's gigantic!

Bluefin Tuna
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 8/8
total length 2m 6cm, weight around 330kg.

Hahahahaha... Wonder if I can even process this. No choice but to though.



W-what!? I sensed danger along with that cat-like voice just as I was about to put the bluefin tuna in Dimensional Storage. I surveyed the surroundings while also using Space Grasp, but there's no one around. Above the sky, under the sea. No way in hell there's a cat here.
I left the spot warily while leaving a big question mark behind.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.3_4


"Get me a sword."

"There's a bunch o'er there."

"Better sword than those."

"We ain't no dealing in Grace swords."

"I don't need Grace swords. I want a proper sword forged by a proper blacksmith."

The thin shopkeeper with prying eyes looked up to Lecan doubtfully before twisting his lips. His white mustache got lifted up to near his nose. Hard to tell whether he's angry or laughing.

"Stay there."

After a while, he brought back a sword that had a, while plain, tightly built scabbard, emanating a quiet presence to it.

Lecan drew the sword.

It's a good sword.

Lecan didn't use <Appraisal> on it.

An amateur doing <Appraisal> in the presence of an expert is discourteous and also pointless.

He could simply ask the shopkeeper in front of him if he wanted to know about this sword.

"Fumu. It's a good sword."

However, it's not enough.

This sword is one, two levels below <Sword of Rusk> in sharpness, sturdiness and most likely ease of use.

Lecan put back the sword on the counter, took his <Sword of Rusk> along with its scabbard and put it on the counter.

"I want a sword as good as this."

The shopkeeper took the <Sword of Rusk> out of its scabbard. Then his eyes opened wide.

"A-ain't this. Ain't this <Sword of Rusk>"

"Hou. You could tell without <Appraisal>."

"'s obvious if ya look at the way these lines formed, the blade's color and the scabbard's construction. Didn't think I'd get to look at <Sword of Rusk> once again at this age..."

The shopkeeper stared the <Sword of Rusk>'s blade for quite some time before putting it back into its scabbard.

"Been roughhousing this sword ain'cha, eh."


Lecan himself considers his handling careful. But thinking again, Lecan's entire style of combat itself is forceful, thus even though he intended it to be careful, it was likely not in reality.

"Lemme keep this sword. I'm gonna sharpen it and tighten the grip for ya."


The shopkeeper's squinted and glared at Lecan with an awfully stern look on his face before eventually spoke up.

"Mate. Come inside."

Lecan was led outside the shop through the back door to a warehouse-like building behind the shop's building.

"Here it is. Won'tcha take a look at this sword 'ere."

There was a sword.


It's a huge sword.

Looks quite heavy.

A sword without any decoration.

But it's beautiful.

Grips of swords for knights are made of expensive metal, adorned with complex engravings. Which is useful for friction, but it also serves as a vaunt to show off the bearer's rank.

This sword has no such ostentatious ornaments on it.

The grip is made of unknown material wrapped by some sort of fiber.

It looks to be spider thread from a dungeon wrapped by yet another thread. It appears dyed, of deep indigo color.

That boorish forceful wrapping made Lecan's heart go aflutter.

Such one gigantic sword is sheathed inside a flimsy-looking scabbard like it's just there, but it feels truly well built. It must have some kind of stuffing inside the leather.

Lecan just up and touched the sword.

The way his hand moves is even more delicate than when he's handling children.

The sword's grip pleasantly accepted Lecan's hand.

Lecan gradually put more strength before eventually lifting the sword up powerfully.


What a gripping sensation.

The indigo thread had this firmness and mysterious elasticity to it, fitting so well in Lecan's hand.

This sword surely won't slip off his hand even when it's full of blood. It will definitely follow Lecan even to the depths of hell.

His left hand grabbed the scabbard as he drew the gigantic sword out.

Lecan was intoxicated as he gazed upon a beautiful brutal blade that emerged out.

As the tip of the blade parted with the scabbard and the entire blade came into full display, Lecan instinctively groaned.


Swords present a conundrum.

Sharpness and sturdiness.

Sharp swords break easily, unbreakable swords do not cut well.

In addition, to Lecan, swords aren't just for cutting things, they're also a shield, a hammer and a spear. Lecan doesn't simply swing the blade around, he drives his sword at his enemy from all angles. The one sword capable of enduring all that is the perfect sword to Lecan.

How about this sword then.

This sword appears to be sturdy in all directions.

And yet it seems to possess a formidable sharpness.

No, its sharpness is not apparent by looks alone.

However, this sword will surely demonstrates incomparable sharpness when wielded with the appropriate strength and speed. Lecan could just imagine the sight of it.

His eye turned to the scabbard.

At first he thought it was completely black, but there's actually a slightly blue tinge to it. And the surface of the scabbard which he considered plain at first actually hid same colored strong thread that stealthily emerged and submerged over the entire scabbard, engendering its utilitarian nature. Charming Lecan's heart like a lap pillow of a virtuous wife.

Lecan went out of the warehouse with the scabbard still in his left hand and the sword in his right hand.

There's a small space between the warehouse and the shop. That small space is exactly the one thing Lecan wants most right now.

He lifted the sword up high.

Lecan had no memory of him raising the sword.

It's as if the sword raised itself up in order to pierce the heavens.

Lecan put his will into the sword in his grip.

(O sword.)

(Heed my commands.)

(Tear everything apart!)

BWOON! Thus the great sword got swung down, cutting the air and stopping in mid-air while cutting nothing.

No, not exactly.

Had there been something in the sword's trajectory, it would have been cut in half no matter what that something is.

Lecan swung down the sword with the intention of cutting everything in this world, so long the sword followed Lecan's will, the world had been cut.

"By golly. Whodda thunk there's someone out there who could wield that sword one hand."

Lecan was pulled back to reality with the shopkeeper's word.

"This sword?"

"<Sword of Agost>."

"<Sword of Agost>, eh."

"Agost was a son of Rusk."


"Was a promising blacksmith himself. But guy went and croaked before his dad did."


"S'why swords made by Agost are mostly gone now."

"Did he forge this sword for a custom order of some kind."

"I got no clue. Ye'd normally think someone made the order for such a specific sword like that, but none came forward to take it after Agost's death. Then after Rusk also kicked the bucket, the wife of late Agost put it on sale to put food on the table."

"And you bought it off her, shopkeeper."

"Righto. Didn't think it would ever sell tho'. Call it a youthful passion if ya will. Even just takin' the thing back here was an ordeal ya know."

"How much."


"How much is this sword."

"15 gold coins, or maybe not, 12 and take it. Sorry bout this, just cannae' go any lower. Would be an insult to Agost if I did."

"I see."

Lecan put <Sword of Agost> back in its scabbard, grabbed his just sorted out gold coins and put them on his left palm piece by piece. Once it got to 15, he handed them to the shopkeeper,

"Y-ya sure, mate."

"This sword is worth that much."

Lecan told the shopkeeper about his dungeon exploration, left <Sword of Rusk> to the shopkeeper and departed the shop.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.1_2


On second day of their recess, or the day before they go back to dungeon, Lecan went around with Eda looking for a bow. Followed by Arios and Heles.

Lecan did a lot of archery practice in his former world since he couldn't use magic then. He believes he's got a relatively good eye for bows.

He hesitated how big it should be. It's possible to deploy oversized bows in this dungeon. The bigger the better even on floor 1-20. Perhaps due to that, there's a lot of huge bows on sales, sizes that would be unthinkable in other dungeons.

However, too big a bow would hinder her, and it should also preferably fit inside the <Box> Shira gave Eda.

And yet, a bow that can't shoot arrows well is meaningless. It doesn't have to shoot too far, it just needs to shoot straight ahead at medium distance. A good long-range bow with no quirks.

After visiting many shops and tried many bows, they finally found the right bow. Resilient, no deviation, and the feelings of letting an arrow loose is incredibly nice. The materials used are of good quality, likely giving it a good durability despite its sober appearance.

Eda's eyes almost popped out when she heard it cost five gold coins and three big silver coins even though it didn't have a Grace, yet Lecan thought it was on the cheap side. Ordinary bows get to be this cheap in this town likely because there's a lot of Grace items in circulation here. However, even if you forgo the cost of the craftsman's labor, you still have to pay for the mats and production process.

Of course, Eda was made to pay for it.

They bought 100 arrows in the same store. Eda told him that her <Box> couldn't hold that many, thus Lecan kept half of those with him. They also bought some reserve arrowheads. They bought oil, cloth and string used to maintain in the same store, and was also taught how to do maintenance there. Since they found a nice store, they should finish up everything there if possible.

That store referred a curse grant store, and poison store to them. This town houses heaps of such stores within.

They put paralyze curse on five arrows at the curse store. The highest ranked curse that store could put on arrows. Costing about one gold coin per cast for each arrow. Eda wanted cheaper curses, but Lecan taught her that having five arrows with a high probability curse is better than ten arrows with a low probability curse.

They bought 20 paralyzing arrows at the poison store.



"Inside dungeons there are times when you cannot collect your arrows, or you might find arrows you retrieved unusable. So think of these arrows as one-use disposable."

"Eh? Really?"

"Use them while calculating what you have left. How many arrows you use in a hunt, how many arrows you keep for self-defense, plan ahead while adapting to the situation you're in."


The four had their late lunch when Lecan left Eda to Arios and Heles.

"Okay, you two go help Eda find her equipment."



"Since magic beasts from floor 22 below can spew venom, get her ones that cover her skin. Also lighter and sturdier shoes."

"Understood. Luckily for us, there's an endless supply of high quality thread here thanks to the dungeon. We will find her some first-class light webbed protectors."

"You do that. As for short swords, I'm lending her mine for the time being so you can ignore it. Get some good protectors, no need to skimp on cash."

"I understand."

Heles also nodded.

"We split up here. Gather back at <Jade's Restaurant> tonight."

"Got it."



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Lecan parted with the three and checked around weapon shops.

Not sure why, but this town barely has any store specializing in swords despite an abundance of spear stores.

And most of those sword stores mainly deal in Grace items.

Selling the Graces rather than the swords, which aren't really good quality-wise.

He shopped around for a while but he couldn't find a satisfying sword.

Lecan calculated he had around 70 gold coins when he sorted his possessions yesterday. He was planning to use it all up if he found a good sword, unfortunately there wasn't any.

Lecan decided to look at it from a different angle.

To him a good sword would be the <Self-Repair> sword which he broke. It was a wonderful sword that would repair itself no matter how rough he wielded it. It had no abilities to raise its sharpness or amplify its power, but it fit nicely in his hand and was really easy to wield.

However, he's got give up finding such a nice sword ever again.

In other word, finding that one sword he can use forever is just plain impossible.

Perhaps Lecan would find his new trusty sword at <Sword Dungeon> in the future, but until then he should consider swords as consumables.

Lecan has been holding himself back a bit whenever he wields <Sword of Rusk>. Thinking it would be a waste to break it after all the trouble of finding a nice sword.

That was a mistake.

Swords are to be used. To be brandished to its fullest. He simply needs to change to another sword if one breaks. He's putting the cart before the horse by keeping a nice sword he doesn't fully utilize.

He should buy another handy sword as a reserve, it doesn't have to be as good as <Sword of Rusk>. He'll wield that sword if <Sword of Rusk> breaks. And if that sword also breaks, he'll just buy another sword. He could also make use of swords in his <Storage> during an interval.

Lecan's mind cleared up once he decided on that.

As he went inside a small weapon store with a cleared up mind, Lecan encountered a sword.

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