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Okami wa Nemuranai 4.1_2


Waking up, Lecan soaked his towel in water left in the washbasin and wiped his body. Once the towel gathered enough dirt, he wrung it into another washbasin. He did it four times more and used the last of the water to wash his face.

As there's no upscale things such as a desk here, Lecan had his meals on the bed. With food he bought and stuffed inside <Storage> yesterday.

He put on some prime and proper clothes and left the inn.

Since it's getting bothersome to hold the bag on his right hand, he puts it inside <Storage> behind a cover. He <Stored> his sword as well. And now he's holding nothing.

Lecan doesn't feel too good walking around in downtown with such defenseless attires. All the more when a woman with monstrous mana is waiting at his destination. No, not a woman. It's something that takes the form of a woman.

Getting close to that something while being this defenseless invites nothing but worries.

If this were a forest or a dungeon, a chance encounter with a powerful enemy would be no problem at all. He simply needs to fight. If he's stronger, the enemy will die, vice-versa, and he's the one dying. Either way, it will end in a conclusion.

Yet, in a downtown like this, just standing around without any mean to attack or defend himself before an overwhelmingly powerful foe is just awkward.

And yet, he has to learn how to make magic potions from that monstrous something somehow.


"Oh hey, you're here. OK then, let's go on a trip."


"You wanted to learn how to make magic potion no?"

"I do."

"Then, first of all, I've got to teach how to gather the raw materials, aka herbs. Fortunately, many kinds of herbs grow all around this town. Well, that's why I'm staying here though."

"I see."

"So go change to some traveling-friendly clothing, you."



Lecan doesn't want to let her know about <Storage>.

As such, for a moment he considered pretending to go back to the inn to grab his luggage.

But he refrained.

It's not possible to hide all of his abilities from Shira.

Then he should prioritize hiding abilities that he has to hide at all cost, and reveal abilities that are difficult to hide or those he doesn't mind letting Shira know.

"Mind if I change here."

"Yeah, I'll be right outside the door. Come on out once you're done changing."

Lecan put on his favorite black clothes and wore the Overking Bear overcoat.

And then he ponders a bit.

--Shira said 'travel-friendly clothing', but she probably means that from human's point of view.

He took a bag, stuffed it with some random things, took his sword and sheath and hung it on his waist.

"I'm done."

"Then, let's go."

"You're not locking the door."

"If the door is locked, Jericho wouldn't be able to go buy his favorite snack, don't you feel sorry for him?"

"The ape...  the ape magic beast, is going out, to buy food, himself?"

"He's got his favorite stores, you know."

"Won't someone steal your medicine if you let the door open?"

"I mean, there's no lock to begin with. If you're worried about the pots on shelves, I've put some tricks on them. Those can't be taken out."

"What about the herbs in the garden. Anyone could break those hedges if they just so wish."

"All the herbs in my garden are difficult to handle. Nobody else would purchase them. Besides, most are poisonous kinds, anyone who gets in the garden would experience the time of their life. Both thieves and neighboring brats have all figured that out. Oh and just for your information, Jericho is in charge of watering those plants, see."

"The ape is taking care of herbs huh."

The two walked to the east gate.

That's fine and all, but Shira is wearing casual clothes no matter how you look at it.

However, Lecan did not inquire her about it.

"Well then, listen. Once we get out of the town, my lesson about herb gathering will take about 20 days. So, if you go straight from the gate for about five thousands steps, you'll find a shallow river to the left. Could you wait near that river."

"Got it."
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He did as he was told.

Lecan waited on the shallow river bank for a while but he got bored thus he began to do maintenance on his weapons.

Soon after, a female adventurer went down the bank.

A young beautiful woman.

She's wearing slightly exposed easy-to-move clothing, with a short sword hanging on her waist.

The woman ignored Lecan as she got to the riverside, scooped water with her hands and washed her face.

Lecan finished tending his weapons, stood up and called out to the woman from behind her.

"You're late. So where are we going now."

The woman turned around to him with surprised look on her face.

"Hold on there. You, do you know me?"

"Did we not just part ways earlier. Have you gone senile, Shira."

"No uh, my appearance should look completely different than before though."

"I had seen that form when we first met."

"You, you were a bearer of magic eyes?"

"Magic eyes?"

"Ah no, let's talk about that later. Over here."

Shira began to run. Her speed was ordinary at first, but as they got deeper into the forest with no worry of being seen by other people, she gradually accelerated, and eventually reached a terrifying speed. Lecan followed after her easily at first. But as they ran and ran without taking a break, his fatigue accumulated and he eventually struggled to run well. They took a break once in the afternoon, but Lecan hadn't recovered his fatigue yet. He frantically chased after Shira who kept running relentlessly. And when his stamina was about to reach its limit, Shira finally halted.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Strongest Sage, Purifies



"Yeah. It's books."

I open the box.
Inside, there's 10 books that were very familiar to me in my past life.

"...These letters, never seen them before."

"These books are really really thick... What letters are these?"

Nobody in this era is capable of deciphering ancient civilizations' language.
Probably because of demons.

"Mathi-kun, can you read this?"

"Yeah, I can... They're letters from an ancient civilization..."

I open a page.
『General Magic Textbook』 written in ancient civilization's language is on it.
These books were the most widespread textbooks during my past life.

They have everything from the most elementary magic to high level spells used on the front line.
The number of pages totaling 5000 pages split into 10 volumes... and this box contains all ten volumes inside.
...I've memorized everything in these books, so I don't need them though.

"Eh, Mathi-kun, you can read the ancient civilization's language!?"

"But then, you'd die from the curse..."

In this era, this hearsay 『Those who attempt to decipher ancient civilization's words shall die by its curse』 exists, but the part 『die if you try to decipher』 may not be exactly wrong.
Though not because of a curse.

"...The thing that's killing people who attempted to read ancient civilization's writings were most likely demons, not a curse."

"Demons... Ah, it was to discard chantless magic was it?"


Those demons are afraid that people would acquire skills from the civilization such as chantless magic if they're able to read documents from those eras.
Assassinating anyone who succeeded in deciphering such is just an obvious crisis management.

"Which means, Mathi-kun won't have to die!"

"I mean, could a mere curse even kill Mathi-kun... So what's in these books?"

Alma points at the 『General Magic Textbook』.
I turned over the pages, and confirmed that the content was identical to what I knew in the past.

"These books lay out ways to use chantless magic and many kinds of such spells... I've memorized all the magic written in these though, so they're rather pointless."

"All of it!? These thick books!?"
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"Yeah. I've read these books way back."

In fact, that's not exactly correct.

I wrote some parts of this 『General Magic Textbook』 myself.
I did it when I was still quite young though, so there's some obsolete and wrong parts to the me now.

"Even if you read it before, all these books..."

"It's not at a level you can memorize... It's like Mathi-kun is Mathi-kun after all..."

...What does 『Mathi-kun is Mathi-kun』 even mean.
Please don't make up a new adjective on your own.
That aside.

"Question is, why would anyone leave these books here."

"Isn't it for demons to read? I mean, ancient civilization magic textbook sounds super awesome!"

Alma pointed at the magic textbook.
But the demons probably had no clue about these books either.
This hidden room isn't one that can be opened and closed many times.

"The hidden door was not open when we entered this room. It only did after we got inside this room."

"...In other words?"

"Someone must have made this hidden door to open when a battle ensued in this room. I'll keep these with me for now."

I put the books in Storage magic.
The person who made this hidden space must have wanted to teach present era humans chantless magic.
Although the textbook used by Second Royal Academy is better in regards to introducing chantless magic...

...Wonder if someone left them here for demons to read when the time comes.
Well, these books aren't necessarily useless, I'll just donate them to the Second Academy when we drop by next time.
Quality of the writings may be questionable, but they still contain an abundant of magic knowledge after all.

I went out of the hidden room while thinking that.
There's still something we need to do here.

"Huh, where are we going?"

"To the Main Control Room of the Source. We're going to stop the flow of poison from the Source itself."

The Source's water reservoir is humongous, it'll take too long for the poison to come off if we leave it as is.
It'd be bothersome if our enemy misused the life force gathered until then, so we should purify the poison before we go back.

"Is that possible?"

"Yeah... With a super large-scale magic tool, its moving parts have quite a force y'know."

I open the door to the Main Control Room that's right next to the main reservoir.
Bookshelves and stuff inside the room have all been weathered down into crumbling shambles, but the magic tools are all fine since they were made under the assumption of long-term usage.
This is the first time I'm going to personally control this, well I should manage somehow.

I operate the magic tool while thinking that.
Since I only need to simply purify the water, the procedure is not very complicated.
Simply putting the purifier at maximum throughput should suffice.

"Alright, here I go."

I put the water purifier at full throttle.
Then... Loud sounds could be heard from the walls around us.
At the same time, the ground below us began to shake.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-78

16-78. Repatriation


"Nanashi-sama! I will now attempt to readjust the Ritual Device. Please put an equal amount of mana into the red and blue orbs to my left."

Loreiya shouted with a serious look on her face.

This is the temple on the [Hill of Heroes] near Saga Empire's old capital--inside its underground facility.
According to Loreiya, if the currently getting started up summoning magic circle goes out of control, it will continue to summon heroes from other worlds until it has used up all the mana and life of the old capital's populace.

Hero Nanashi had already instantaneously moved to the orbs on the ritual device as Loreiya begged him.

(Good, that's it. The plan's progressing nicely.)

Goblin demon lord chuckled in his mind as he observed Hero Nanashi while hiding himself.
After taking the hero and other people under the temple, Goblin demon lord lost his Avatar when his head was blown off by the light ball Wiyaryi shot with her bow, but he's actually secretly lurking in this place, observing the people here from somewhere.

"Loreiya! I'm gonna help too!"

Wiyaryi the longearkin (Booch) archer who was also a former hero attendant like Loreiya spoke out.

"Then please watch the meter to the opposite of Nanashi-sama!"
"Got it!"

There are several Parion temple officials here as well, but they couldn't cope with the rapid change of the situation, they could only watch the girls restlessly.

As he was working on his duty, the hero's line of sight slightly shifted before his expression turned dubious for a moment.
It was really for an instant, nobody here noticed it.

"I can drain out the mana forcefully, can't I do that?"

Hero Nanashi threw the question while pouring mana into the ritual devices.

(No no, what's this guy sayin'. Yer' gonna throw a wrench in my plans.)

Goblin demon lord murmured in his mind.

"You can't! The hero summoning magic circle would break if you do that!"

Loreiya shouted out like she was screaming.

"Oh I guess so--"

Hero Nanashi obediently went back to providing mana.

(Phew~, this is bad for mine poor heart.)

"--Is this enough mana?"
"If you could, please put 50% more."

More mana gets supplied into the ritual device.
Exactly 50% more.

(Nice, niice, keep at it.)

"Hey, Loreiya. Don't you think the magic circuit is looking weird?"

(Stop asking too much you!)

Goblin demon lord retorted at Wiyaryi in his mind.

"No, it's working as intended. There's no problem."
"Yes really."

Wiyaryi went back to her duty while tilting her head in doubt.

(Yep yep, that's good!)

Goblin demon lord wipes his imaginary sweat.

"Just a little bit more. Please maintain that amount of mana."

Hero Nanashi cheerfully replied to Loreiya while Loreiya herself was wiping the sweat off her forehead.

Before long, enough mana was filled in, and a magic circle that was unlike anything before manifested below them.
The magic circle is getting rearranged in a chain reaction, unfolding countless layered magic circles in the entire ritual device.

As if scanning the three people near the ritual device, the magic circle splits off above them, forming into cylindrical-shaped laminated magic circles.

"Now! Please pour your mana into it all at once."
"You got it."

As Hero Nanashi obliged, torrent of lights filled the area around the ritual device.
Flood of blinding lights finally subsided, the ritual device went silent as if the light earlier was all a lie.


"Phew, looks like it went off without a hitch--"

Wiyaryi felt something amiss as she looked around in the underground room.

"--Hero? Where's Hero Nanashi?"
"What's going on? Where did Hero Nanashi disappear to?"

At Wiyaryi's exclamation, Loreiya also surveyed the surrounding with dumbfounded looks.

However, Hero Nanashi is nowhere to be found.

(You ain't gonna find him anywhere.)

Goblin demon lord was getting triumphant in his mind.

(Cuz Hero Nanashi's been repatriated.)

Goblin demon lord muttered the reason for Hero Nanashi's absent while laughing loudly in his mind.

Goblin demon lord had utilized the gigantic magic circle used by God Parion to summon heroes to [Return Satou back to his world].

(Deprived of Authorities given by the foolish gods, go live on in a world without Skills or Level.)

The magic facility created by the strongest Dragon God to summon and return heroes will unconditionally deprive [Authorities Bestowed by God (Unique Skills)] and [Support Function through Level and Skill System] off those returning home.

(The last connected world was Meiko-han 'fter all, still better than a world without anyone you know, ain't it.)

For Heroes summoned by God Parion, the channel between worlds will be aligned when they're returning home, but in cases of [Those summoned by anyone other than God Parion], like this one, such routine gets omitted, and the last world's channel will be used instead.

(Aren't I real nice.)

Goblin demon lord smiled sadistically.

(Next, just gotta paint the world with miasma that fills the continent. No wait, now that Irregular ain't around, we can just use the Chalice in Shiga Kingdom. Only a matter of time before Lord-san gets unsealed. No need to play with uncertain cards like sacrificing Saga Empire's capital anymore.)

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

『Touya-han, you free now?』

The other party Goblin demon lord called was an elven reincarnated person who once worked as Saga Empire's tactician.

"Is that you Chief? I'm good now, but how were you able to contact me through telepathy this far away?"
『Mine Unique Skill see.』

(Another new skill huh...)

Touya felt the resourcefulness of Chief's Unique Skills to be at an absurd level.
As far as he knows, the Chief has more Unique Skills than the number of fingers on all one's limbs. He's always wondering if one individual is capable of possessing that many Unique Skills.

Additionally, one question popped up in his mind after seeing this Unique Skill, "Why was he always using super secret contact methods like pigeons and stuff then?"

"So what's your business with me?"

Touya stopped thinking about worthless stuff and moved the conversation along.

『Oh, oh rite'! I did'it! I finally did'it!』
"Get to the point please."
『Touya-han yer' always so cold~』

Touya ignored goblin demon lord.

『It's Irregular. I went and repatriated Irregular, see.』

Touya waited for the loud laughter to stop before opening his mouth.

"How pointless. That guy will just come right back."

His words contained convictions.

"Forget that, he's probably avoided the repatriation and is now currently lurking next to you."
『--Nay, nay.』

Goblin demon lord flinched for an instant when he recalled how Hero Nanashi was lurking with Mana Camouflage in their hideout back then, but he denied the possibility as it's difficult to maintain Mana Camouflage when the surrounding magic essence is out of order.
He was sorely tempted to exchange his body with another that has a Unique Skill to see through Mana Camouflage, but managed to endure the temptation somehow.

『Touya-han, yer' such a worrywart. Fret not I tell you, that repatriation magic circle strips off God's Authorities--Unique Skills.』
"Repatriation magic circle? Did you tamper with the hero summoning magic circle?"
『Yeap. Pity that we cannae' call forth any more handy sacrifices aka heroes, but it's a cheap price to pay for Irregular's demise ey.』
『If that's truly the case that is...』

Contrary to the high tension Goblin demon lord, Touya was unrelentingly skeptic.

『No other possibility not even a one in a million chance. Got everythin' stripped off him, including Lord-san's system like Skills and Levels and all.』

Goblin demon lord rattled on as if he was trying to deceive his own worries.

『Irregular who's lost his level and Unique Skill ain't gonna come back by himself.』
"He's got subordinates capable of using space and force art magic. Besides... His subordinates also have enough influences and networks in Saga Empire."
『What are ya tryin' to say?』
"Won't he get summoned back to this world?"
『Ain't happenin'. I've crushed that possibility first thin' first. The hero summoning magic circle I tampered cannae' be reverted back, it's unpossible. Besides, without the coordinates needed to summon--』

Goblin demon lord realized his mistakes midway through.

『--Too bad for Fuu-han, but I hafta eliminate him along with Seigi and Yuuki.』

Worlds get connected the moment they are getting returned to their world.
Even though it's practically impossible, it is theoretically feasible for Satou to get re-summoned at that precise moment.

Besides, even though it may not be possible through human's hands, it is for Gods.

That is if the seven pillars gods even need Satou.

"Are you done?"

Touya asked goblin demon lord.

"Then there is something I need to report on my end."
『Report? Oh yeah, where you now?』
"In the underground labyrinth of Seryuu City."

The Dungeon Master, a cricket monster, Douma the Third is standing by next to him.
Douma the third is chewing leg meat of Labyrinth Frog the plain-faced reincarnated person, Mio gave.

『Ah, yer' checkin' the miasma density eh.』
"I am. Something came my attention during our journey, so I came here to check on it."
『Came yer' attention?』

Goblin demon lord urged Touya to go on.

"The plans that Chief laid out in various places have been foiled across the board. I noticed it at the former capital of Kubooku Kingdom of Small Countries, but it's particularly striking in the town I'm at, Seryuu City."

Through covert operatives lurking in every part of the world, Touya got a grasp on the goblin demon lord's plans.

『Just 'round those parts?』
"No, many places where Irregular had stayed at, and regions where E Firm carry a huge influence have low miasma density."

Touya reported the values of miasma densitometers stationed in the world he accessed with the cooperation of the Dungeon Master.

『Who woulda thought that the mobs would get in our way after we dealt with the Irregular himself.』
"Tell me about it."

Touya replayed Goblin demon lord's roundabout plans in his mind.

The first phase of the plan was to spread Regretful and Rage illness, destabilizing people's minds, and filling the world with thin layer of miasma by way of people.
Even though that phase was mostly successful, the miasma got wiped off through various means, and the second phase of the plan, which was inviting fear through <<Miasma Crystals>> brought upon undead and epidemic all ended in failures in regions with a low density of miasma.

"The miasma is dense enough in one part, but it's meaningless if it's only partially."

When the world is filled with enough miasma, it will be possible to open a Labyrinth Highway to the Underworld.

If the entry to the Underworld that was made impossible with the sealing of Magic God could be opened, it should also be possible to undo the Magic God's seal by mass producing Evil Philosophy with the Chalice, or so was their line of thinking.

"No way around it, our plan is in shambles."
『C'mon don't say that. Now that Irregular ain't around anymore, we just gotta have another go. It's gonna get busy, but shoulda be possible in 10 years. It'd be even faster with Mio-han's help.』

The plain-faced reincarnated person's Unique Skill allows her to open gates across distances that exceed the limit of men.
There's no more fitting skill for sending in invading forces.

However, she'd have to go over her limit if they want to fill the world with miasma in a short amount of time.

When that thought crossed his mind, Touya's face turned sour.

"By the way, how many Avatars did you switch into in front of Irregular's eyes?"
『What's up so sudden? I did it like, five or six times?』
"Then you'd do well to take your main body to a safe location."

Goblin demon lord sounded confused to hear Touya's sudden act of giving advices.

"When you're switching Avatars, a magical path to your main body opened for an instant. He'd notice it if you do it that often."
『'Course I knew that much, been touring a great many relay stations already. To top it off, I never reuse a station I've used before. Not even Irregular coulda see past that in just a few times.』

Goblin demon lord reflexively rebutted before realizing that it was pointless.

『I mean like, there's no point mulling over Irregular now. He's just a powerless brat now that he's back to his world.』

(I cannot fathom that guy to be such an ordinary opponent.)

Touya rebutted in his mind.

"Sorry, but I'll be vacationing until I'm doubly sure that the Irregular really has been eliminated."
『Eh? Hold on rite' there? I'm tellin' ya it's fine--』

The transmission with Goblin demon lord was cut off while he was still speaking.

Touya waited for a little while but he never got another call from the goblin demon lord.


--Dunno if it's gonna be 100 or 200 years, it'd be wiser to wait for Irregular to use up his life span.

The remark Goblin demon lord made in order to stop Hero Nanashi from hounding them back then flashed in Touya's mind.

"That might have actually been our best course of action."

Toya muttered.

"Touya-sama, what seems to be the matter?"

He turned around at the plain-faced reincarnated person, Mio, who cheerfully asked him.

"No, it's nothing."
"Are our works here done then?"
"Yeah. Looks like it's going to be a long vacation."

Touya responded while recalling the abrupt hang up with the Goblin demon lord.

"Is that true?!"

Touya nodded at Mio.

"That means we have to enjoy our honeymoon to the fullest."

(It might not be a bad idea to go along with this girl until Irregular has exhausted his life span.)

Mio's smiles bloomed at the unexpected words that came out of Touya's mouth.

"Let's make it a lovely honeymoon!"

Mio opened a gate and pulled Touya's hand.

"As you can see. Don't disturb our honeymoon."

Touya murmured at the darkness.

The darkness replied not.


Touya got into the gate this time, back to their honeymoon trip.

"Loreiya? Just what's going on?"

Archer Wiyaryi asked her former coworker.
As she had been muttering by herself while staring at empty space without trying to look for the disappearing Hero Nanashi.

Ignoring Wiyaryi, Loreiya reached out toward the ritual device once again.

"Oy, Loreiya--"
"It's noth--"

Loreiya's figure disappeared in the middle of her speech.


The miko screamed to see priestess Loreiya rolling on the ritual device room's floor.

"What are you doing!"

Wiyaryi glared at the individual who kicked away Loreiya.
Someone who wasn't here before.

"Answer me, Hero Nanashi!"
"She's going to answer that for you."

He shrugged off the censures as his eyes under the mask watched Loreiya.
His body is clad in faint blue light.

(But why! Why didn't he get repatriated away, ey.)

Loreiya looked up while bending down on the floor.

(And what's up with that attack just now.)

"H-Hero-sama, was it something I did--"

(Why'd the damage got to my main body, he just attacked my Avatar.)

"Oh come off it, fake-san."

As Hero Nanashi interrupted Loreiya's word, another Loreiya--the real Loreiya appeared in his arm.

"When did you find out?"
"From the very beginning."

Hero Nanashi actually only noticed that her dot showed on his Radar was not blue colored that signified an acquaintance when he started to provide mana, but since he couldn't be bothered to explain that, he just said that it was from the beginning.

"The magic circle felt like a repatriation one too, so I simply used Empty Cicada Shell art at the right timing."
"Ninjutsu? Anything goes with ya..."

The real victim this time is Hero Meiko Kaname who has gone back to her original world.
Meiko who fell on her rear when a log donning Hero Nanashi's attires suddenly showed up in front of her cursed out loud toward the sky.

"Where'd you go? It wasn't Mana Camouflage, was it?"
"It's a secret."

Hero Nanashi was observing the ground from a man-made satellite orbiting above through the hole opened above them.
His conversation with Touya at Seryuu City's underground labyrinth was also heard by him through a midge-sized tamed monster he left on the [Dungeon Master] when he was dropping by.

(Guess he ain't gonna answer me. More importantly, gotta make him reveal the secret behind that attack earlier.)

"What's up with that weird attack just now?"
"I see, that means it did reach you."

A new skill called [Holy Light Armor] was added on Hero Nanashi's public skill list.
As the blue lights covering his limbs get deeper in color, Hero Nanashi's face under his mask looks straight at Loreiya--Goblin Demon Lord.

"--Holy Light Armor?"
"Yup, I was just experimenting to see if Primeval Magic could damage you through the Avatar, but then I got a different skill somehow instead."
"Yer' as crazy as always."

(Well whateva, I got the info anyway. Just means I can't recklessly show myself through Avatars before Irregular. I'm gonna move the world from deep within shadows.)

After striking Hero Nanashi with God Parion's holy magic he copied from priestess Loreiya, Goblin Demon Lord cast away his Loreiya-shaped Avatar.

Goblin demon lord's view blackened out.

"--Phew, gotta revise the plans now."

Goblin demon lord who hadn't gone back to his main body in a long while came out of a spherical magic device that produces Avatars.

"Oh there's no need for that."

Goblin demon lord turned toward the voice that shouldn't have been here.


There Hero Nanashi with a holy sword at the ready stood.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 3.15


"Oh my. You're finally here."

"Sorry for my tardiness."

While taking a seat on a backless chair Jericho brought for him, Lecan apologized to Shira.

He puts down his bag and sword. Today Lecan is wearing his Overking Bear overcoat. Wearing overcoat indoor might go against custom and manners, but doing this ensures Lecan's peace of mind if even a little. After all, the person in front of him may look like a graceful old lady, but in fact is a monster.

"I've heard about the matter with Dony. Thank you for that."

"By happenstance, I ended up having to take care of a business there for 10 days. Since it was too far away if I had to go back and forth every day, I ended up staying there."

"Actually, you see, many people had been raising their dissatisfaction about the absent of the contest for a long time."


"Particularly from those who are fond of Longarm Apes (Zanbald)."

Shira strokes Jericho's chin while speaking.

"As a matter of fact, I'm one of those voices. But I never would have guessed that Dony had that in mind."

Perhaps, Shira had something to do with the contest's revival, or maybe even the inspection at Rumoi Village.

"You heard about the match's result?"

"The opponents were merely two Wood Wolves, no? Parade would never lose."

"Must have been quite a strict regimen you put him through. Parade completely dominated. But there's more story afterward."


"Dony made an appeal to the lord, see. That Wood Wolves are well suited for guarding the lord's mansion, and Longarm Apes are for those who are frail and helpless to cuddle with, he said."

"I see. But would the opponent accept that I wonder."

"Exactly, see."

Shira cackled before continuing.

"I mean, after an utter and complete defeat, the guy was told that he'd be given the guardian privilege. Apparently, he felt like he was being made fun of. He wouldn't agree to it without a rematch no matter what. In the end, there will be a rematch in ten years time. However, the lord mansion shall be guarded by the Wood Wolves for the next ten years. Other territory lords nearby had been invited to the contest were all in awe of Parade's strength. Dony's probably flooded with purchases and requests for training right about now."

"Well then, I guess this means you'll accept me as your pupil."

"You pass. Welcome. Pupil-san with a scary face."

"I'll be in your care, Master."

"By the way, I'd like to ask you one thing. You seemed quite tired when you were working on Fobea's house, didn't you."

Looks like Shira even knew about minute details.

"Lots of heavy rocks."

"No one else would have been able to move those rocks by himself except you. But then, why didn't you buy some stamina recovery potion?"

Lecan was so surprised his right eye opened wide as he froze in place.

"Stamina... recovery potion... you said?"

"That's a face of someone who didn't know the existence of this medicine. There is. It's a medicine that loosens your muscles and gives you renewed strength. However, it does not removes the damage in joints and fatigue inside body, so you'd accumulate pain and fatigue if you keep using it for a long period. Though it doesn't get used in regular times, it's an indispensable medicine for workers nearing their deadline. Oh and knights and adventurers do make use of it for when they truly need to."

"To think such medicine exists."

"Oh dearie me, you really are a <Descender> then. I suppose I have to also teach you common sense."

"When did you realize I was a <Descender>?"

"Chaney told me first thing first. 'This person called Lecan is hiding the fact that he's a <Descender>, if you could please teach him various things', he asked me."

Looks like Chaney noticed too. Well, he may look like a good-natured person, but he's still a shrewd merchant at the core after all, and since it is a fact that Lecan is ignorant of the ways of this world, this is only a natural course of events.

Frankly speaking, he'd prefer to have the fact unknown only to the monster standing in front of him.

However, from now on, Lecan will have to stay near Shira to learn her skills for a while.

As he doesn't need to hide his <Descender> status, he might as well ask her stuff without reserve. He decided to treat this as a chance.

And thus, adventurer Lecan has formally been accepted as apothecary Shira's apprentice.

[Episode 3 Apprenticeship Test] End / Next Time [Episode 4 Herbs Gathering]

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Strongest Sage, Finds a Book


He looks older than when I was still alive, but his face and the atmosphere around him haven't changed at all.
He most likely was put under immortality magic about 10 years after I used the reincarnation magic on myself.

"I would have never thought someone would discover this place...  I missed how the fight unfolded, but you must be exceedingly talented to be able to defeat three 『Soil Demons』 by yourself."

Grevil's voice could be heard through the comm magic.

His voice didn't sound like he felt particularly sad to have his allies killed.
In fact, it sounds pleased.

"...You must be Grevil. Why are you doing this?"

"You will find out the reason yourself soon."

I asked Grevil while pretending to know about him beforehand.
But, I couldn't get an answer.

The fact that the he went out of his way to initiate a conversation with me must mean that his goal is not simply mankind's extinction.
No reason to communicate with me and divulge information about himself by using comm magic if he wanted to destroy humans.

He's not even hiding the original location he's sending this comm magic from.
It feels more like he purposely forwent putting a camouflage on rather than not having the means to do it.
As if he wants to tell me his location.

"By the way, have you pinpointed my position?"

Grevil asked after a moment of silent.

"Yeah. Down to last details."

"Good to hear that... I expect much from you guys... I give you three months of preparatory period. When that passes, I shall destroy humankind... Do your absolute worst and defeat me."

After hearing my answer, Grevil said that in a satisfied sounding voice.
And the transmission was cut off.

Looks like I've got no choice but to go there myself and ask him directly.

"Preparatory period... What did he mean by that?"

Alma asked me.
This is the first an enemy offered me 『preparatory period』 too.

However, I can hazard a guess from what he told us.

"During the next three months, Grevil will not make any move toward destroying humans. So he's inviting us to go raiding him in the meantime."

"...Why would he do all that? Is there even any point in it if he just wants to destroy humans?"

"Exactly... Which means, Grevil's objective is not simply the extinction of humanity."

Grevil said that he 『expected much』 from us.
I'm not sure what he's expecting... but 『expecting much』 from the human side is not something someone who wants to destroy mankind would say.

"Err... Maybe he wants to enjoy the fight as he destroys?"

"Or he could be faking it, no? Like maybe he said he'd give us time but then he's actually moving forward with the preparations!"

"Doesn't seem like he's looking forward to fighting. Decoy, is a possibility... But then there'd be no explanation for him not hiding the comm magic transmission source. If it's too easy, you'd be all the more suspicious instead."

It's not unusual for demons to make use of such tactics when they do communicate through comm magic.
However, the other party is Grevil--a human who had been crowned a king in the past era. There's no chance of him not aware of that much.
Or rather, he must have been aware that we'd be suspicious and still go through with communicating without camouflage.

"He's not trying to have fun and neither is it a decoy... Then just what's his motive..."

"No clue... But just as Grevil said, we don't have any choice but to directly ask him. That guy most likely has the mean to destroy humans for real."

We can assume that Grevil has no intention to destroy humans for now.

Rather, if Grevil seriously wanted to do that, the humans of this era would have been cornered enough to be nearly going extinct.
Relics of ancient civilizations contain countless number of weapons capable of annihilating the current mankind even without demons' intervention, and Grevil knows how to use those weapons.

However, if we leave Grevil alone for these three months, there's no guarantee he won't bring out those weapons.
After all, I completely have no idea what's going on in the current Grevil's mind.

"...It also might be a trap to get our guard down right?"
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"Yeah. Naturally, the security must be strict in his location. Grevil himself should be plenty strong."

Grevil may have no talent in magic, but that's by the ancient civilization's standard of 『talentless in magic』.

If you just learn magic properly, and train for quite some time, anyone can become stronger than the current demons.
Even Second Academy students whose strength is seen as monstrous in this era had only started to train in chantless magic for less than a year.

However, Grevil had been trained in high level magic training far above Second Academy's level for 30 years during his time as a king of an ancient civilization.
And if he had continued to train after taking immortality magic, he might be even stronger than the past me at the height of my training.

Even without talent, a magic combatant who has amassed that much experience can't possibly be weak.
At the very least, mana quantity and mana density-wise, Grevil's far exceeds mine.
...He might actually be even stronger than Zaridias.

While I was thinking that... Ruli suddenly speaks up.

"There's a hidden door in this room!"

"Hidden door?"

Such a thing shouldn't have existed.
I look at the place Ruli pointed at... and, a hidden door there was.

It's most likely quite a recent addition.
Judging from the material used, this door was installed during the past decade.

That door is already open.

"...It's so small, I don't think I could get in."

"Doesn't seem like it can fit a person... it's shallow too, and I only found this inside."

Ruli took a small box out of the hidden door.
It's really not a good idea to carelessly poke around suspicious looking stuff like this... but well, guess it's fine, no harm done anyway.

I look at the box while thinking.

"This got some real heavy lock."

"...Will it explode, or spray poison?"

"No, doesn't seem like it."

The box is made of a material that allows mana to pass through.
『Passive Detection』 can see the inside then.
And the result is--.

"There's a book inside."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 3.14


It's not clear when it all started, but among villages governed by lord of Vouka, there lives two tamer families, one that tames Longarm Apes in Rumoi village, and another that tames Wood Wolves (Toruje) in Patsu village.

The wealthy living in Vouka Town purchase Longarm Apes and Wood Wolves from those two families, in accordance to their wishes and requirements.

The lord himself purchases either one of the two to guard his garden, and to decide that, both families have a competition held every ten years.

In short, the winner of that fight will live in the lord's mansion for ten years, while the loser will be returned to its tamer.

In olden times, the winner of these matches tend to alternate, but before anyone knew, Wood Wolves kept a steady winning streak, and eventually the custom was for the lord to buy Wood Wolves, and the competition ceased to be held.

However, the other day, the lord who was visiting Rumoi village in an inspection was deeply impressed by Parade's intensity, he revived the old custom and declared the two villages to compete with their tamed monsters.

That said, it's not like all the villagers are working as tamers, but as the event is practically a showdown between two villages, the villagers are really getting into it.

The day of the match has been decided. Parade will represent Rumoi village. Patsu village will be represented by two Wood Wolves. This is because traditionally one Longarm Ape is considered worth of two Wood Wolves, both in size and prices. In fact, the lord will employ five Longarm Apes or ten Wood Wolves to guard his mansion depending on the result.

Anyway, the two villages are eager to show their superiority, as the winner of this match will obtain the position as the lord's purveyor.

However, Doni has something else in mind.

From Doni's perspective, Wood Wolves are magic beasts well suited for battle, they help people precisely by fighting. As such, they're appropriate as the guardian beasts of the lord's mansion

However, even though Longarm Apes are capable of protecting people by fighting as well, they're magic beasts that help people in daily life, they're not needed in the lord's mansion with their abundance of employees. On the contrary, they'd be happier to work in houses lacking in manpower, as both a worker and family.

However, he cannot go against the lord's will.

After racking his brain, he came to a conclusion that he could cancel the competition if he let Parade run away in the forest.

His plan was to hire an adventurer without giving them the magic whip used to command tamed Longarm Apes, and order Parade to flee deep in the forest, canceling the combat entirely.

"You'd lower the adventurer's evaluation by failing their quest."

"N-no. Once Parade safely got away, I would have handed over the quest completion mark."

"No adventurer would take that unless they have no shame at all. But well, I guess you were going to cough up one big silver coin as an apology for that adventurer."

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"Fumu. I know not how magic beasts feel. Do you?"

"I'd like to think that I do."

"Why didn't Parade run away."

"Eh? Wasn't it because you pressured him into it?"

"Even so, he would have tried to run away if he really wanted to. He didn't because he wished to go back to you. Even after you gave the order to make him stay in the forest."

"T-that can't be."

"You believe that it's pitiful for Parade to fight huh."

"Of course I do. Like there's anyone who would willingly engage in a fight to death."

"That's humans' belief."


"Magic beasts probably have a different belief."

"How does it differ?"

"Who knows. I don't really get it either. But, I do not believe there is a magic beast that would be pleased being told <you're not fit for battle>."

"N-no, but it's"

"You and Parade must have got quite a strong bond."

"He's more important to me than anything else in this world."

"Being commanded to fight by one such partner gives a warrior the most supreme joy."


"'Win for me', when a warrior is told that by a master they truly respect, they shall be at their strongest."

"Magic beasts... are warriors."

"Either way, he'd probably go back his own even if you left him in the forest. Besides, with all the excitements for the event, they would just ask for Parade's substitute anyway. You cannot avoid fighting."

"Uuu. Is there really no way to avoid it I wonder."

"Even if there's one, as the master of Parade, there's only one thing you could do."

"W-what would that be?"

"Combat training. To ensure Parade's victory."

"C-combat training. We've been taught in such but I personally am not that good at it."

"Post a quest."


"The match is in five days, no? I'll take Parade to the forest and teach him how to fight every day until the day."


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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 230

Chapter 230 The Presumed Guy Showed Up


The 『Soil Demons』 reacted swiftly once they heard it.
They immediately stopped talking to me and came slashing with swords.

They either noticed about my made up story or recognized my face.
I don't know the reason, but it looks like I can't expect to fish out more info off them anymore.

While thinking that, I enchanted my swords with multiple spells and slashed at one of the demons.
The demon attempted to dodge my sword, but I had already anticipated that.

My sword lodged into the demon's neck as if getting sucked in.
However... It's far from fatal.

"...As expected of 『Soil Demons』, tough."

"Bastard, how'd you know that name!"

"Beats me."

Talking in the heat of battle is one strategy to dull your enemy's thought process.
The less these demons think unnecessary stuff, the easier my fight will be.
Using this strategy would end up dulling your movements as well for those who aren't used to it... But eh, there's no need to concentrate, it's just 『Soil Demons』.

"Damn it, it's 3-on-1! Yet why is none of our strikes hitting!"

"His sword is heavier than Grevil when he's serious! Is this guy really a human!?"

"This guys moves like bad news! He's a master magic combatant!"

"Didn't humans from the era of magic combatants go extinct!?"

The 『Soil Demons』 continued their struggle against me while sounding confused.
However, none of their attacks ever hit me, while every one of mine does.

『Soil Demons』 are sturdy, thus I'm unable to deliver a fatal blow in one hit--but they're not as hopelessly sturdy as Zaridias.
My sword is slowly but surely whittling down these 『Soil Demons』 life.

As the battle rages on... It seems these demons have realized that they have no hope of defeating me.
Their movements have changed.

Up until now, they were moving in order to defeat me.
But now, they move as if trying to find the right timing for something.

The question here is their goal... In this situation, it should be escape.
However, these 『Soil Demons』 aren't focusing on the exit.
Which means... That huh.


Suddenly, one of the demons slashed at me while yelling out especially loudly.
Right at that moment, the other 『Soil Demons』 acted.

They ran up to a wall nearby and struck it with a magic stone.
--Emergency Escape System.

It's a safety device to allow one to escape this isolated hidden room for when the enemy raided.
Its activation is triggered by either circulating specific mana into the wall, or striking the wall with a magic stone carved with a specific magic circle.

Once the emergency escape system is activated, all living beings inside the hidden room will be teleported away to somewhere in the Source's passages individually, with as much distance as possible between them.
If this gets activated, defeating all of these demons would be difficult.

--I guessed right, they knew.
Having Ruli break the device was a correct choice.

"Dammit, why! Move!"

The 『Soil Demon』 struck the wall over and over while sounding shaken.

However, the wall is not giving any response.

Of course.
What Ruli broke was the magic circle to activate the emergency escape system after all.

...While they were busy with that, one of the 『Soil Demons』 finally breathed its last.
The progress of battle is already decided.

And the enemies understood that as well.
The demons gave up on the escape system and rushed toward the room's exist both at once.

Since I'm alone, they probably think I won't be able to deal with two demons escaping with all their might.
It's not necessarily wrong... but unfortunately, I'm not alone.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Good! This is it!"

I struck one of the two 『Soil Demons』 who passed by me with my sword, sending it flying back into the hidden room.
The other demon made use of that chance to run outside.

An arrow pierced that demon.
One augmented with mana jamming to deal with demons.

The demon hit by the arrow had its mana jammed, turning stiff.
Its speed rapidly decelerated.
As demons use mana as a source for their Flight, the effect of mana jamming is quite outstanding.

As the demon stopped moving, Iris rushed up to it with both hands holding her spear.
And then--.


While lightly yelling out, Iris makes a full swing with her personal spear (a lump of iron from an ancient civilization that's awfully heavy and sturdy.)
With a dull heavy sound, the demon got blown away to the wall at the opposite side.

I run after that demon.
Three of these demons couldn't even manage to land a hit on me.

Alone, it's simply no match for me.
The last 『Soil Demon』 perished without getting a chance to attempt another escape.

With this, the doll disturbance should end.
There's probably other demons making the dolls somewhere, but after getting their supply of life force cut off, they shouldn't be able to do much.

I don't mind searching and defeating those demons, but judging from their handiwork on the dolls, they're not much of a menace, so there's no problem even if they get away.
While thinking that... Figure of a man got displayed on the hidden room's wall.
Looks like the comm magic installed in the hidden room was activated.

--The figure on the display was a familiar face in my previous life.
The 37th king of Aegis, Grevil.

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