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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Return


After seeing off the 『Foolhardy Giants』, we proceeded to cull out Cinnamonkeys around the neighborhood.
There are cases of monsters undergoing Class Change if they are not defeated for a long period of time inside a dungeon. Since Cinnamonkeys are especially unique with their habit of stealing equipment from adventurers, I realize that they would be the monsters that progress further on that point. Once a Cinnamonkey is defeated, the newly respawned one should have no equipment after all. Or so I convince myself with, in reality I just don't like their smug faces. If we're going to grind for levels anyway, might as well demolish those pests, should be good for mental health too. Alright then, it's annihilation time.



Hahahahahaha. Burn you monkeys.
I enclosed an area with Stone Walls then unleashed a composite magic with Futsuno-san to burn down all trees inside. Mitama and Wakamoto-san made beehives out of the fleeing Cinnamonkeys. Kagura-san who's standing guard against any surprise attack looks bored.

"Perhaps I too should strive to learn ranged attack magic myself."

"...Won't hurt to try. I will take a stab at learning magic too. Nobu and Nee-san look like they're having so much fun."

At first we were going to fetch their equipment, but since those monkeys never did maintenance on it, the stuff they had was all worn-out and unusable, so we decided to just eradicate it together with them. Nature destruction? Oh no no, after experimenting at the marsh, I found out that these trees respawn like monsters, so it's A-OK.

Tettere~♪ Title 『Monkeycide』 Acquired

Title 『Monkeycide』
A title given to those who massacre a great many monkeys. Oozes out intimidation that disturb wild monkey monsters.

I got this title after exterminating countless amount of Cinnamonkeys and Cave Kongs. No idea how many kinds of ape monsters out there, but this title should prove useful against those crafty nimble monsters.

We keep pushing our way forward in the jungle while switching bases.
In the end, the monsters that gave us biggest trouble were the 2cm tall D-Green Leeches. Just as their name suggests, it's a green colored leech monster that mimics a leaf, your HP would already be decreasing by the time you realized they're on you. A single cast of Dry would kill them outright, but since you never know when they're latching on you, everyone really detests it. To the point that I would scatter lightning bolts everywhere as we go forward when there's no other people around.

"Oy oy, young'un. Dontcha vent yer' angers just cuz yer' grumpy. Even these lil' leeches... Oouh? It's gettin' dark out here..."

Noaaa, he's getting leeched. a D-Green Leech is latching on Wakamoto-san. I tore it off hurriedly and revived him with Dense Mana Water.

"Pheeeew, sorry 'bout that, young'un. Blacked out for a sec there. Saw a dream in broad daylight, wonder if I'm goin' senile. I was holding weapons in both hands, swiftly finishing monsters off..."

Whoa there, Wakamoto-san, that's far enough. And you aren't going senile, you haven't even lived for half a month. You hear me, understand? Good. The only good monsters are those that drop items. OK?

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Afterward, we encountered two good stuff. Treasure chests.
But we shan't be careless here. Me and Mitama's got Lockpicking skill level 1 both. I put Full Protection on us just in case and unlock the chests from the side. Would be scary if flame arrows or flaming balls come flying from the front.
The struggle continued for 30 minutes. We managed to open them. And Mitama got her Lockpicking skill leveled up. Nice. Each chest had a ring in it. Now then, wonder what kind of effects do these have.
It's your turn, Discerning-sensei.

Scapegoat Ring
Quality: Average - Enclosed Mana: 3/3
A ring that takes on a fixed amount of damage in place of its wearer. The ring breaks once it exceeds its limit.

Curse Back Ring
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 6/6
Protects wearer from Curse and may return it to the caster at a fixed amount of probability.

Even better than anticipated. I'm gonna keep 'em all.

After meandering around for a while, we finally arrived at the stairway to 9F. This was the most stressful expedition yet.
As I was telling everyone to be on their guard since the next area is a quicksand grotto, we overheard people talking. Looks to be a party going up from 9F. Six people in total. A man who seems to be the leader and three female slaves. Then two men who seem to be followers.
As I saluted them while being careful, they took the initiative to talk to us.

"If you're thinking of going to 9F, better give it up."

The male leader spoke.
Fumu? Did anything happen?

"Is that right? This is our first time going to 9F, is there something unusual going on there?"

"Ahh, figured as much. There's this annoying period on 9F quicksand grotto, see. The guild calls it [Turbulent Quicksands]. Sands that usually only flow to one direction change their directions to who knows where. The flowing rates also rise substantially. It's gonna take 1-2 weeks till the whole thing settles down. You'd better abandon the idea of going there if you value your life."

I see. Something like that huh. But 1-2 weeks of lull are a pretty hard blow. Yet I can't let the girls face danger needlessly either.

"I see, didn't know there was something like that there. I appreciate the info. If there's something you want..."

"Really?! Then could you spare us some water if you've got reserve. We almost got sucked into the quicksands, y'see. Went and dropped our water canteens somewhere, unluckily."

Man, he sure is quick to bite. This was the reason he shared all that info huh. Doesn't change the fact that it was a big help though, I'll give him as much water as he wants.

"Do you have containers? I'll generate water with magic."

"Much obliged! We're running short of mana after continuous battles too."

Since I'm providing them water and all, might as well ask thoroughly. Never hurts to ask lest you're led astray.
Once I filled their canteens, all of them drank it all up in one gulp. They must be really parched.

Once they could afford to talk, I found out that they're C-ranked adventurers. They were inside the quicksand grotto hunting for variant of Iron Ants, Steel Ants when they felt a slight tremor. The well experienced male leader judged that something was amiss and immediately ordered them to turn around and flee. If they got swallowed into a quicksand, they would lose sense of directions, raising risk considerably.
Another thing of note is how the ant-type monsters are going wild with red eyes for some reason. Ants that are in this state would keep attacking even after having their limbs cut off. Truly berserk system. Thus even the guild advised against going to the quicksand grotto during Turbulent Quicksands period. By the way, in case you get left behind in the grotto during this period, you're advised to go to a simple observation base [Woosh Woosh] located inside. Guild members and guards are stationed there all year round, so you're likely to survive if you get there.

Umu, I learned something good.

"From experience, Turbulent Quicksands happen once every few months or so. Well, consider yourselves lucky to notice before getting in."

They were really grateful when I shared them smoked food. Guess their food situation was truly critical. They were apparently planning to hunt on 8F before going back.

After going our separate ways, we had a family meeting to decide our next plan. And the result is; we're going to see how it's like on 9F before turning back.

At the end of the stairway was... flowing sands that would make even Ishikawa river and Yukon river blush. Fast! It's definitely contending for the top spot of the rapidest of currents!

Alright, let's head back.
Of course no one was against it.

We spent most our time on 8F during this expedition. We got so many kinds of drop items as a result, so it's more than profitable enough. Thanks to the high ratio of Engel's law, most of it was consumed by us ourselves though. Anyway, once we get back I'll calculate our results and wait for the Turbulent Quicksands to end. We can also take quests outside dungeon or even delve in the dungeon to procure materials and gain experience.

・ The loot this time
Red Soul Stones (small monsters) x79
Orange Soul Stones (Cave Kongs, Cinnamonkeys) x46
Cinnamon x20 bags
Pepper x17 bags
All kinds of meat (for personal consumption)
Fruits (mostly tropical kinds such as mango, papapya, banana. However, all is for personal consumption)
Mithril Sword (From Cinnamonkey, worn out though) x1 piece
Two rings from treasure chests (gonna keep for ourselves)
Treant Timber (somehow were in our possession after the incineration) x8 pieces
Brilliant Plume (were in our possession before we knew it as well) x3 pieces
Wild Boar Livers x6
Protein x7 bags
Guarana x4 bags
Canola Oil x9 stone baskets (large)
Sugar x12 stone baskets (small)
Honey x7 stone baskets (small)

There's too many things of unknown trade-in value.

This one especially.

Brilliant Plume
Quality: good - Enclosed Mana: 16/16
Plume of a normally plain bird [Kouhakusachikoba] that gets clad in brilliant colors once a year.

It's probably less profitable than the last one money-wise, but we've procured so much more food, so our family food situation is flourishing. We've got more mouths to feed after all, and Master often drops by, our house's Engel's law keeps ascending without limit.

Anyway, saving people and stuff, this sure was an expeditions with many unexpected events.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-41

17-41. Netherworld Invasion


Satou here. Someone said incompetent allies are far more dangerous than capable enemies. I believe it was a saying originated from war times, but I was made aware of the truth in that saying once I took part in a team effort for developmental work.

"Please, I beg you! Save milord!"

Once I was done saving Seryuu City and cleaning up lunar orbit, the pink haired little girl in purple outfit asked me to save Demon God.

"Master, what about the moon?"
"Ah, yeah right. I'll put it back now."

I went back to lunar orbit with Unit Arrangement and put the moon back to its orbit with the assistance of Menu's AR readings.
The Nether Gate itself was a magical object floating in the core part of the moon, it was already destroyed after eating multiple anti-god magic.

『Geez, what if the people below suffered from disasters because of it?』
『I'll do something about that.』

It looks like the moon's orbit has slightly shifted due to its temporary removal, but it should not affect things much if I adjust it back little by little over time.

『I'll go erase some tsunami for the time being.』

This was a daunting task during the Divine Punishment, but now that I could erase them all from orbit, it was a simple matter.
There were also some storms and climatic changes occurring here and there, but I'm putting my hope on respective territorial lords to fix those up with the power of City Cores.

After all, it's still better than suffering from Netherworld Hazard above ground.

"Hey, hey, come to Netherworld and save milord, pretty please. You're the only who can do that, Irregular."
"A girl said so."
"Who is she nanodesu?"

Now that they understand each other thanks to translation magic, Tama and Pochi are listening to the purple little girl while sharing their snacks with her.

"Master, I don't think you need me telling you this but don't you go to Netherworld out of sympathy, you hear me."
"Un, I'm in agreement with Arisa-chan!"

Arisa and Hikaru reminded me for the umpteenth time.

"Please, don't worry about that."

I'd like to have a sightseeing tour in Netherworld, but we don't have such luxury in our current situation.
I don't plan on starting that [Go to Netherworld, take back White Radiant Crystal stolen by Demon God] quest god Tenion gave me before we're done dealing with Netherworld encroachment here.


Sera who was clad in green light is looking at me with a difficult look on her face.

"Could it be, another Oracle?"

She's getting treated like a gopher by god Tenion, I kinda feel bad for her.


Sera looks hesitant.
Did something bad happen?

"It seems the three male gods are leading their armies to invade Netherworld."

They're probably trying to take the White Radiant Crystal back, but a direct confrontation would cost them much Divinity, I'm amazed they'd even pick that option.

"--Why would they?"
"I'm not surprised god Zaikuon doing that but yeah, why god Heraruon and Garleon too?"

Blunt, but I get what Arisa is saying.

"That's... Apparently god Parion has been kidnapped by Demon God."

Zena-san had a shocked look on her face, "Oh no!", when she heard that.

"Once the gods found out about that, the three male gods rushed to Netherworld in order to take god Parion back."

I see, I get it now. Judging from what I saw at Realm of Gods, all other gods adore god Parion.


"Was she really kidnapped?"
"What do you mean?"
"The god Parion I saw at Realm of Gods seemed like she was attached to Demon God, see."

I think she even might have gone to Netherworld on her own initiative to negotiate for the White Radiant Crystal's return.

"Master, wouldn't the young organism know about that, so I ask."
"She would likely be privy indeed. Let us ask her."

Princess Sistina nodded to Nana's opinion and went to ask the purple little girl whether she knew about god Parion.

"Parion? Who?"

The purple little girl tilted her head to the side.

"Did you see Demon God bringing another god from outside?"

Lulu matched her line of sight with the girl's and asked a different question.

"Milord was sleeping all day, he wouldn't do that you know?"

Oh right, she was saying, "Save milord!"

"Raka-san, what do you think?"
『Well now, I do not believe the little one was spouting lies. However, instead of Demon God, it's possible that other demons might have done the deed of kidnapping god Parion.』

"Tama, what do you think nodesu?"
"Don't worry be happy~?"

Pochi was mimicking Lady Karina's and Raka's conversation, but Tama seemed exhausted, she was just flopping down on a carpet in the ship's bridge.

"Tama, please answer Pochi seriously nodesu."

Pochi shook Tama's body.

Tama was squinting her eyes relaxedly, but then she suddenly jumped out, shaking off Pochi's hand.

"Wawaa--are you angry nodesu?"

Tama ran toward the window and surveyed below through a circle-shaped monitor.

This is perhaps--.

"Something weird over there~?"
"It's Tama's 『Weird』 nodesu! Master, this is bad nanodesuyo."

--Yup, already searching the Map.


Zena-san and Sera are looking at me anxiously.
Nothing abnormal on the Map, yet. The location is at--.

"--It's around 『Country of Transformation』, Pier Rock Kingdom."
"Pier Rock is the kingdom where god Zaikuon's main temple is located, is it not."

Princess Sistina pointed out the thing I didn't want to notice most when she heard me.
Such pairing brings nothing but bad omen.

"Far Sight."
"Yes, Mia. Activating the ship's Far Sight equipment."

Nana zoomed up at the direction with Mia's instruction.

"Doesn't seem like anything is going down there."
"Arisa, look at the main temple!"

As Arisa murmured, Lulu pointed at the location where Zaikuon's main temple is at.

"The temple, it's!"
"Are those giants?"
"No, they're the spitting images of those figures projected in the sky."

Sera replied to Zena-san.
The three male gods broke through god Zaikuon's main temple, showing themselves up.

What the heck are they playing at now...

"Those gods are supposed to be invading Netherworld, aren't they?"
"Un, I've got a real bad feeling about this."

Arisa affirmed Hikaru.

"Master, should I direct the ship there, so I ask."
"--Right yes, do just that."

Nana slipped into the shelter-shaped cockpit and turned the ship around.
While feeling some slight G that couldn't be absorbed by inertia control unit, I changed my equipment with Quickdressing skill.

"Liza, Pochi, Tama, you three come with me to scout ahead."
"Yes nanodesu!"
"Aye aye sir~?"

I teleported to Zaikuon Main Temple at Pier Rock Kingdom with Unit Arrangement, bringing along the three beastkin girls with me.

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"Those male gods appear to be fighting against something."

Liza gave her report while looking down from above as she floated in her powered exoskeleton.
It was not mere projections, but their real materialized bodies though I had already noticed that when I saw them in the monitor.

"Pitchy black~?"
"Something black is wriggling around nodesu."

Black sludge overflowed out of the temple, wriggling around like sea anemone's tentacles and entwining the male gods while pulverizing buildings in the area.

『It's like watching an epic clash between Kaijuu.』

Arisa gave her impression through Familiar Link.

I can't even afford to respond back. The situation is relatively critical now.
Tentacles aren't the only danger from black sludge as it's also spreading out and turning buildings and plants into Netherworld like what happened at Seryuu City.

And just after I went all the trouble separating Netherworld from Human World, these gods just went and connected it back. What a pain in the rear.

--[Another World]

Since I couldn't intervene the gods and black sludge, I moved all people and animals of Pier Rock Kingdom into a copy of the country in a sub-space.
Used up lots of my mana, but now we don't have to worry about lost lives.

"Master! Tentacle person is storing up its energy like gugugu~ nodesu!"
"Pochi, get Lyuryu away from the capital's sky!"

The beastkin girls's voice overlapped.
Almost at the same time, the compressed black sludge flung itself all over the place.

I immediately defended against it with space magic-made barrier, but I couldn't manage to stop the black sludge from spreading above the now uninhabited capital.

"Lotsa something are coming out nodesu."
"Demons, or not~?"
"Yeah, those are apparently apostles."

They look exactly like the apostles that emerged at Weasel Empire though they have been corrupted by black sludge.

『Get off me! Malice of Demon God!』
『Eii, forget saving Parion, you even got us into this mess! Is this the best you can do, after all that boasting about being the first seat?!』
『Shut up, Zaikuon! That is rich coming from you who incited our enemy to lead such a massive attack back! How can you not comprehend that!』

The black sludge kept gushing out furiously behind the quarreling gods.

I should repair the barrier quickly.
After recharging my mana, I opened Menu's Magic Tab.

--Mythology Jail

Just like before, I detach the uniting point to Netherworld, plugging up the gushing hole.

『These impurities! They're on my body--』
『NUOOOO, get away from me Heraruon! You'd get those impurities on me. Do something about this, Garleon!』
『No you get away from me! These impurities cannot be allowed to--』

The gods are struggling hard against the black sludge coiling around them.

--They're in the way.

I can't use anti-god magic on the black sludge due to their presence.
They'd get dragged in it if I did.

"Master, the apostles!"

The blackened apostles went after Liza as well as Pochi and Tama riding on lesser dragon Lyuryu.

"Pochi isn't an enemy nodesuyo!"

The apostles continue to charge at them without heeding Pochi's and Lyuryu's call.
This is bad.

--Unit Arrangement.

I brought the beastkin girls and Lyuryu outside the barrier.

『Master, it's terrible! The Netherworld is encroaching fast!』

Images of the surroundings overlapped with Arisa's shout through Familiar Link.

The barrier that I had supposedly blocked with Mythology Jail was getting distorted as Netherworld gushed out into Human World.

Looks like the situation is seriously getting out of hand.

Good grief, it's not like I'm doing a debugging death march (crunch time) now, enough of these ever-cropping up issues please.

※ Next update is planned for 11/24
It may get delayed since the deadline for the next book is closing in.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 328

Chapter 328 Strongest Sage, Treated as Symbol of Fear


Grevil replied to the knight commander.
Seeing them... Ruli and Alma looked dumbfounded.

"...Now that you mention it... It didn't sound like we're going to fight a strong demon... Yet that just came off naturally to me..."

"Are you saying we've gotten used to these critical situations...?"

"Well, I mean it's rarer for us to fight enemies that aren't way over the top instead..."

Now that I think about it... It's true.
I feel like we keep getting ourselves involved in extraordinary situations with barely any time to rest ever since I was enrolled to Second Academy.
No, rather than getting involved, it's more like we've been dealing with them a lot... But this frequency is not normal.

"When you put it that way, there's some truth in it..."

The past me often got dragged into these similar situations.
Before I realized, what was abnormal became normal to me to the point that I couldn't distinguish what was ordinary and what was not anymore.
That doesn't apply to me now since I have acquired common sense though.

However... Ruli and Alma were ordinary students originally.
I might have dragged them into this stuff way too many times regardless if they're party members.
Though it's probably not a big problem to Alma who had always wanted to earn money as an adventurer...

"Now I'm feeling bad for dragging into this stuff even though you wanted to get into a production role..."

Ruli is a production type mage who loves to create things.
Tempering her mana through battle in order to better her production type skills is an effective way to go about it... but I feel kinda bad when it's so excessive like this.
I do teach her production type magic since she's got the talent for it... But she's also been participating in all my fight somehow.

While I was thinking that... Ruli spoke out.

"Sure, there were a lot of combats... But, I'm glad I could get in your party Mathi-kun, you know?"
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"...You are?"

"I'd rather fight together than just watching you fight from the side line, Mathi-kun! ...And most importantly, I can be together with Mathi-kun when I'm in your party..."

I see.
Indeed, in order to study production type magic, close to me would be the optimum location.
The past me was a bearer of Glory Crest (known as First Crest in the past) that specializes in production type, a mage who stood at the supreme height of production type magic.
In that sense, being my party member would present the most ideal environment for that purpose.

"Umm... Did you get what I was trying to say?"

Ruli asked me with a worried look on her face.
I nodded firmly.

"Yeah, I did."

"...Yeah I don't think so..."

Alma murmured when she heard me.
...I got what Ruli wanted to say loud and clear though...

While thinking that, Iris muttered in earnest.

"I'm truly glad that I'm in this party..."

Her words were full of emotions.
To be frank, I think Iris is the biggest victim in this party though.

After all, we dragged her out of her mountain while she was resting to recover her wounds just because we needed a transportation.
As I look at Iris while thinking that...

"...I mean, as long as I'm in this party, I won't antagonize the symbol of fear to all dragons!"

"Mathi-kun you were known as that...?"

"First I've heard of that... But I won't be surprised if you tell me dragons fear Mathi-kun... He erased that [Dragon Breath] and all when we met Iris-san back then..."

She's talking about the past huh...
That was a story from thousands of years ago though.

"No, I'm only a symbol of fear to Iris, I think..."

I recall all the extraordinary situations we faced up until now.
Such situations weren't unusual in my past life either.
However... Those were in the span of once every few years or decades.

Compared to that, there's way too many irregularities in this world.
My past life would even look peaceful if you directly compare to the rush of extraordinary situations we've been dealing here.

It's more like there are just way too many abnormalities in this world than just us getting dragged into one.
Almost like a complication would arise every month.
Demons aren't supposed to get revived one after another like this to begin with.

There might be a [True Cause] to this all behind the scenes.
I've got a few candidates on mind already... But we've got to resolve the situation we have at hand first thing first.

"Tell me though, since you're heading straight to the site... You've got a chance, don't you?"

The principal asked me.
I nodded without any hesitation.

"Yeah... There is no chance but winning here."

Honestly speaking, it's doubtful if I can defeat Zadokilgias by myself.
But it's not an opponent us four cannot win against.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.20_21


Girls quickly crowded around Eda when she and Lecan came to the orphanage.

And Lecan had a line of kids waiting for his piggyback.

However, today the vice temple head had given her directive to only let three kids get on him at a time. Lecan could use his <Float> and <Move> to catch the kids even if some tumbled down when he carried five, but none of the staff members here know about that. Since Lecan had no interest in disclosing his abilities, he chose to obey the directive given.

As for Eda, she's using all her ten fingers to create shapes like birds and animals. The girls are really into it. They can't seem to mimic Eda's amazingly dexterous fingers however.

Lecan introduces a game where you try to drop nuts put on a stake with a ball made of rounded up ivy to the kids. Distances and stakes differ depending on the kids' age groups. They were playing by the rules at first, but then they started hitting the ivy balls against each other midway through. Lecan was the last target standing in the end. He ended up running all over the place to avoid the balls as he couldn't exactly hit back.

After lunch, Eda drew on the ground with a stone. She was unexpectedly really good at it.

Seeing her, both the girls and the boys started drawing on the ground as well.

"You were a great help today Eda."

Back at home, Lecan said his thanks to Eda while drinking liquor after dinner.

"But wow, you're really popular with children, aren't you Lecan."

"Even I didn't expect 14 year old kids would be that ecstatic to get a piggyback."

The oldest kids there were aged 14 year old. There were two girls and two boys in that age range.



"They have to leave the orphanage and start working once they turn 15."

"Yeah, so I heard."

"No matter how hard things are at work, or even if they get fired, they can never go back there."


"So this is the last chance for them to act spoiled."


"And, maybe."


"Most of the kids there never know how their parents look like."

"Seems so."

"They probably imagine that's how it feels like to have a father."



"How old were you when your father passed away."

"It was when I was ten."

"I see."

Thinking again, Eda is the same age as the oldest group of kids at the orphanage.

Normally, Eda is still at an age where she depends on her parents.



"Wanna hop on?"

"No, I don't."

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"Ha ha, it was a disaster. We had emergency cases carried here looking for you two even though we were closed yesterday."


"What happened to them?"

"I gave some pain relief to one and asked him to go home. His chronic illness acted up, but honestly, there was nothing I could do to that."

"My condolences."

"The other one suffered injuries. I gave him an emergency treatment and referred him to the temple."

"You can get treatment at the temple?"

"Where were you born, Eda?"

"A small village near Boyd."

"What's the village's name?"

"I don't think it has one."

"It should have one though. But I see then. No temple would be built in somewhere more rural than Boyd."


"All temples offer treatment for the sick and wounded. And they charge a fee for their service."


"Medicine and herbs mostly make up the cost of treatment employing them, so it's not too expensive."


"However, Temples despise the idea of treatment solely by medicine. They strongly encourage the usage of <Recovery>. Cause well, <Recovery> are divine acts of gods to temples."

"Is it expensive?"

"It is. Even the lowest class of <Recovery> costs five silver coins per casting. Though it's effective on all kinds of diseases and injuries, only the most skilled practitioner is able to fully heal a patient with a single <Recovery>. Meaning, it often needs twice, thrice the casting. They would even demand gold coins if two priests work together to cast <Recovery>."

"Buying a red potion would be cheaper by the sounds of it."

"Where'd you buy something like that?"

"Don't they sell those?"

"I've never seen red potions in store shelves here in this town. Some noblemen and the wealthy did manage to get those potions, but for great prices I believe. Wait a minute."


"You two are adventurers, aren't you. A top one even in Lecan's case. Could it be that you've got red potions with you? I'd like to purchase a few pieces of small red potions if so."

"I do. But none a small red potion. Only mid to large."

"Oh I can't afford mid ones. That's a shame."

"I don't need money. We are in your debt. I'll give you all red potions I have."

"No no no. Those won't be for me to use on. And I've got to charge money if I were to use those potions on my patients. Charging less than the market price is bad."

Lecan had no clue what's so bad about it, but that's probably true if Norma said so.

"OK then, I'll get you some small red potions during my next dungeon expedition."

"That'd be helpful. But make sure you use some for yourself when you need 'em, you hear me."

"Small red potions are practically useless on me. Even the large ones hardly do anything."

"What? Something like that... could only possible if, Lecan, you're... I see. That left eye, it's"

"Norma-sama. Your ride is here for you."

"Ah, it's that time already huh. Well then, Lecan, Eda, let's go visit our patients."



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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Reconciliation



"Ow ow ow, hey, be gentler will ya, these old bones ain't gonna get any younger."

A black-skinned man and an old man cried out as their dislocated shoulders were getting reattached.
Please don't ask the impossible. This is the only way Master taught me to do it, y'see.
I'll cast heal on them just in case anyway.

"Sorry, you're a lifesaver."

Jerindo bowed as he said that. He's the leader of this party [Foolhardy Giants]. The same party who was attempting to capture me under Jami's order back then. Well, I made them fall asleep and confine before they could even come across me though, so it's prety much our first meeting. I don't really care about the past anyway.
I would have never imagined that Kurei-san would join this party though.

"Don't worry about it. I was just unwilling to abandon an acquaintance."

"Nobusada-sama, I'm truly grateful for saving this life of mine not just once, but twice."

Wait a minute Kurei-san. Why are you adding sama suffix. Look, even Mitama is staring at me now. I beg of you, please stop that.

"Well anyway, is anyone else hurt? Looks like they did a number on you. Never seen those monsters before myself, they were armed and all."

"Oh are you not familiar with them? Those are Cinnamonkeys. They're crafty greedy barbaric monsters. We wouldn't dream of even fighting them if not for a quest ourselves."

Apparently, these Cinnamonkey monsters would attack adventurers and plunder their weapons and armor to make them their own. Oh right, their equipment remained even after they were defeated. That's dirty, Cinnamonkeys, way dirty.
As it turned out, they accepted the quest I saw before and was smoothly beating those monsters one by one while collecting drop items when two of their members got pushed into a bottomless marsh by the monsters, immediately putting them in a precarious situation.

"So what are you planning to do now? I don't think you can fight in your conditions."

That's right, Naina's and Buraran's weapons have been lost in the depths of marsh. The two who almost drowned themselves are full of mud and can barely move. Jerindo is wounded badly due to him holding out the frontline. I wouldn't be surprised if he got tetanus if it's left unattended. That said, turning around and getting out of the dungeon won't be so simple either. And even if their wounds are treated, they must be exhausted.

"I'm sorry, I'm aware how shameless this sounds but could you share some food to us? Those monkeys snatched our belongings which included our food supply during the scuffle earlier."

Ah, I see now. Food might have been those Cinnamonkeys' goal all along.

"Young'un. We've got plenty of food ourselves anyway, how 'bout you go helpin' 'em here eh?"

The moment Wakamoto-san on my back spoke, [Foolhardy Giants] members froze all at once. Yeah of course they're surprised. Even the girls at our house still get spooked by him sometimes.

"Naturally of course, that's always been the plan. Anyway, you probably shouldn't walk far with your conditions. Wanna head to our base and rest your bodies there?"

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Kurei-san even prostrated herself. Stop that, I don't derive pleasures from making ladies prostrate themselves.
Hence, we got ourselves new companions as we headed back to our base. They were left dumbstruck when they saw me and Wakamoto-san shooting down birds, monsters and stuff left and right along the way, but I paid no heed. It would weigh on my mind if I did. Didn't think our magic pouch would be full before we could put all the drop items in though. We somehow managed to collect everything by making everybody carry some.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The members of [Foolhardy Giants] were completely stunned when we arrived at our base. Oh yeah, I've no clue how an average adventurer party spends their night in a dungeon. Apparently it's usually done by a party of 4-6 with alternating night shift. As such, fatigue accumulates quickly, and a week stay is very straining on the body even for the experienced. You can get around that to a degree by having more members, but that also means more food expense and less income, a dilemma.

The ladies washed their bodies in the indoor bath tub while the men dived into drum-styled outdoor bath. The two who were covered in mud were especially thankful to tears.

Meals for adventurers are usually flavorless preserved food to decrease luggage. By the way, our dinner this time is a boar meat hot pot using ingredients we got earlier. The seasoning is of course, miso! I made it without any problem since I've been making it forever. The soy sauce is still a spiral of failure however. I can't get the brewing process right even now, it's full on trial and error.

This was the fourth day for Kurei-san and her party, they had been starving for warm food. I ended up having to grill some meat on a bedrock for those who couldn't wait for the hot pot a second longer.

They immediately fell asleep like logs once they had their fill.

That night, I'm preparing for tomorrow by myself. Making smoked food including for Kurei-san's group's shares. I made a stone hut with a tall chimney to smoke the boar meat and stuff inside. May it turn good.


Hm? Someone came by while I was chuckling at myself to the smoking stone hut.

"Could I have a moment of your time?"

It was Jerindo. His bare face under his full iron armor (not of the plate mail type, but plates put over leather armor) looks younger than I thought. He's got tsurime eyes, and blond slightly-pompadour-styled hair. But wow, it's incredible how he retains his hair style under that iron helmet of his. A profound mystery.

"What's the matter? Don't worry about lookout, go ahead and get some rest."

"Well, uh, you see. I wanted to apologize."

Jerindo bowed.

"Huh, what did you do to me again?"

"Please, you can drop the act. While vague, I still had my conscious when you put us to sleep in an attempt to escape our pursuit back then."

Whoops, he's talking about that one time huh. But really, so they were still awake then. I've still got a way to go.

"Even though we were going to gang up on you, not only did you not finish us off, you even made magical walls for us instead. I thought you were just naive, but once we realized how fishy that quest was, we regretted ever trying to mess with you. Feel free to beat me up until you're satisfied. That's the only thing I can offer you."

I'm not some vigorous young man who corrects attitude by punching them down or anything, so no I won't. It would be another story if they did something to the girls, but since it was just me, and an attempt at that, I don't really care.

"Since you probably won't take it if I tell you to not mind about it, I'll just ask you to take care of Kurei-san. She's an important friend of our Mitama."

Jerindo had a foolish anticlimatic look on his face when he realized that his resolve to get beaten had gone to waste.

"Are you... really fine with that?"

"Yeah, that's that. So long as you don't try to harm our girls, I'll bear what I can bear. In hindsight, that experience was a sort of wake up call to me as well. Just think of it as a tutelage fee."

"Got it. I can accept that if you're fine with it. But this debt we owe you is a different matter. Earlier, we would have lost our lives for sure if not for you guys. From here one, we [Foolhardy Giants] will come running to help you guys in time of need. We all agreed on this. Sorry for taking your time. I'll take up on your offer earlier and get some sleep."

After saying that, Jerindo went back to base. I thought he was the idiotic rascal type, turned out his core was pretty decent. I've got a better opinion of him now. Jeez, these guys gonna be my favorite.

The morning after, I put some food including the smoked food I finished that night along with potions into a magic rucksack and handed it over to Kurei-san. I also gave spare weapons and armor such as daggers, a rarely used short bow and arrows to Buraran-shi and an iron spear to Naina-shi. Since their equipment was sunk in the marsh when I saved them. We saw them off after I told them that they could gave it all back inside the magic rucksack to Eleanor-san once they're done with it.
Apparently, they're going to have another go at it since they haven't got the required quest items yet. I gave them lots of Cinnamon from Cinnamonkeys drop though.

Well, since they're with Kurei-san and all, I wish them best of luck. And since I gave them a stone carving with a Tama-chan mark that would afford them potion discount at [Shut-in Lamia], things should be a bit easier for them from now on.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Strongest Sage, Infects the Lack of Common Sense


"...The principal's room's gotten really extravagant in the past few days huh..."

Principal Edward together with Grevil were already waiting for us at his room when we arrived at Second Academy.
The room has been furnished full of anti-bug equipment that weren't present before.
To the point of being excessive for an educational institution.

"Second Academy is not just your average school anymore... We have made the improvements with the help of students."

Grevil touches a soundproofing magic tool installed near the entrance.

"Extra care have been given to Principal Room due to the hotline connecting to the royal castle. Up until now I had to go to the castle myself whenever something cropped up... But now I simply need to activate a magic tool."

A magic comm tool has been put on top of Principal Edward's desk.
It's a wired type comm tool with countermeasures against wiretapping put in place.

This place feels more and more like a military installation of the utmost importance than a school now...
Well, Second Academy don't fall behind the kingdom knights in term of strength, so that may not be necessarily wrong.

"So today we're here to gather intel about the place where the new demon showed up..."

"Yeah. We've already pinpointed the location... It should be around here, no?"

The principal pointed at a map unfolded on his desk.
There's an X-mark... on the spot where I detected Zadokilgias's mana coming from.

That's probably the place where Zadokilgias had been reincarnated.
The demon must have not gone far since there was no obvious movement afterward.

"How's the area around it are like?"

"We're currently gathering information while being careful as to not get detected by the demon. Some people had suggested we should go defeat the demon with the combined effort of knights and Second Academy considering its mana pool... But Grevil was opposed to the idea. We're strictly intel gathering right now."

A wise judgment.
From what I've seen in their training, even Second Academy students themselves would manage dealing with an ordinary demon no problem.
But against Zadokilgias... They're only gonna get utterly destroyed.

"Well done, Grevil... The demon this time is an extremely dangerous one. It's probably stronger than even Zaridias in a 1-on-1 confrontation."

"Thank you. I feel bad for always relying on Mathias-kun though..."

As we were talking... A knight opened the door behind me and entered the room.
It's the kingdom's knight commander Gayle.

"I've got all the information we have on it in the castle here with me."

The knight commander put a bundle of documents on an empty desk.

There's about 10 documents.
It's neither too much or too little, just about right to get proper info.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"So how is it?"

"The town closest to the source of that mana... is Boseil, information pertaining the town has been sparse ever since a change in lord a year ago. Reports delivered to the kingdom have some suspicious parts as well."

"Suspicious parts... What do you mean?"

"There were sudden bumps in harvest yield figures... The lord there may be trying to increase profit by overvaluing the numbers."

"...An attempt to game tax huh."

The lord of a territory decides on their own tax in this country.
Hence, the act of changing tax itself is not illegal.

That said, tax rates have their own market price as well.
If it's too high, the populace will emigrate en masse, yet if it's too low, people will congregate from other territories, causing problems in those territories.
As such, in practice, taxations are governed by the country in the form of [Correction Counsel] guidance, continuously ignoring that will eventually incite punishment.
Hence, these tax rates don't tend to change.

However... There's a way to get around it, like falsifying yield rates.
Say you impose a fixed percentage of tax to the populace.

Here's an extreme example, by reporting a field that only produces 100KG of product as producing [200KG], you get twice the tax.
Of course, the populace will ultimately be the one shouldering those burdens.

Normally, a change in lord doesn't normally bring improved yield numbers.
It's not impossible if the new lord has ideas to improve productions... But a drastic increase in yields would have created rumors in the neighboring areas.
Yet there isn't any... Which means there is no change in yield in reality.

"...Has anything been done to it?"

"We have sent out a Correction Counsel. It was brought by someone capable of Passive Detection and we confirmed that there was no demon in the area. Neither was there a demon that died from the [Lights of Heavens]."

I see.
The [Eyes of Heavens] magic is known as [Lights of Heavens] to the people, referring to lights pouring down the sky.
If no demon fell victim to that magic there... It means that either there's no demon in Boseil, or there are only mid and higher class demons there.

But had such demons were making their preparations to awaken Zadokilgias there, there would have been traces of that in the Sand Graph documents.
Yet there was nothing about demons in the vicinity of Boseil in those documents.
Not even anything about lesser demons, so there's no way a mid-class demon would be there.

Which means... There's probably only Zadokilgias in Boseil right now.
The fight would be much harder if there were other demons.
I'm thankful that's not happening.

The lord is probably a lowlife who unjustly levied heavy taxations on his populace, but he's just that, a lowlife.
We can probably regard him unrelated to demons.

"Doesn't seem like there'll be an obstacle in our subjugation effort... What about the neighboring cities?"

"We haven't detected anything suspicious as of now. There were demons lurking in Borsan, an adjacent town, but they had been eliminated by the [Lights of Heavens] already...  Those [Lights of Heavens] are really something huh."

The truth is lost in the dark now, but those demons might have been there to prepare for Zadokilgias's awakening.
Perhaps I could have prevented the awakening had I used that magic earlier.

"I understand the situation now... OK then, time to go beat up some demon."

"Un, let's go!"

Alma promptly responded to me.
She seems more enthusiastic than usual somewhat.

"...Alma, you look like you're having fun... Did something good happen?"

Ruli seemed to find it weird as well and asked her a question.
Then... Alma replied.

"You know, Boseil's famous for their food right? I've always wanted to give it a taste at least once ever since I heard about it when I arrived here!"

"Ooh! That's a very good news! Let's hurry up and go!"

Iris is eager to leave the principal's room as she makes a beeline for the exit.
Watching them... Principal Edward muttered with an incredulous look on his face.

"...You're talking about food huh. This isn't what a conversation before fighting a demon I imagined would sound like..."

"And their opponent is a demon stronger than Zaridias... I wouldn't blame a common soldier trying to turn away from reality in such a situation, but this is..."

"That's probably not it, more like this is turning into just another day to them."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-40

17-40. Dungeon Highways and Lunar Corridor (2)


Satou here. I love exerting my full power whenever I'm playing sport and fighting games. And once you've reached the limit, whether you're able to take another step forward toward further growth or not is a turning point.

Moon or Seryuu city.

As if substantiating what the purple little girl said about Netherworld encroaching, black sludge spilled down from the full moon high up in the sky, and I received a report from Phantasmal Labyrinth's Dungeon Core about an attempted hacking done to her, and that she had lost contact with Seryuu City's underground dungeon.

I headed for the moon.

I would have chosen Seryuu City if I let my emotion took over, but since I had a premonition that postponing going to the moon would make situation go real bad, I made the decision to follow the signal Crisis Perception skill told me.

After getting close to it, I see that the situation has gotten really bad there.

Black sludge miasma is gushing out of craters on the surface of the moon like magma, impurities are spreading not only on its surface but even the satellite orbit.

This is seriously bad. I really made the right choice believing in Crisis Perception.

I change my title to [God Slayer], draw the Divine Sword and head toward moon surface while erasing the materialized miasma along the way.

Ugeeh, gross. Repugnant sentiment and resentment are assaulting my body like undulating waves.
I never imagined that mere vestiges from the thick part of miasma I cut apart with Divine Sword would torture my mind so severely like this. If it could do this much to me with my resistant skills and Nanashi's equipment, I don't think even gods would survive a direct hit of this.

Those vestiges would have been erased as well had I recited the Scripture <<PERISH>>, but since that mode has a limited uptime, I decide to save on it.
Then, I somehow managed to arrive at the moon surface even while slightly regretting that decision.

I touch the rugged surface of the moon.

The real show starts now.

I push my palm on it and wish.


A moment later, the moon vanished.
Success. I bet on being able to put the moon in my Storage, and it was proven true.

Several individuals that appear to be demon are floating in what was the core of the moon.
I'll just leave those guys alone.

More importantly--.

The black sludge in the satellite orbit has begun its descent toward the planet now that the moon's gravity is no more.

"Ah man, dealing with all that stuff by myself will be a pain."

It looks simple outwardly, but the amount of miasma enough to completely cover the surface of a huge satellite is no joke.

『You're not alone!』

An energetic voice reached my ears as I groaned. It's Arisa's.

『That's right nodesuyo! Pochi is right over here nodesuyo!』
『Tama too~』

A large space ship with Arisa and the girls on board came flying into the satellite orbit.
Arisa must have used her space magic to transport it from base.

『Master, I'm gonna go a bit wild today!!』

A purple aura ran over the space ship.


Space magic [Hyper Deracinator] powered up by her Unique Skill [Over Booost] assisted by the space ship stopped the black sludge.

"Geez, she's really going wild."

So that her effort won't go to waste, I used Flash Drive to soar toward the part with thick sludge and erased it with <<PERISH>> Scripture-activated Divine Sword.


Vestiges remain even with <<PERISH>> on, though it's less taxing than before.
I continue to work on it while enduring the unpleasantness tormenting my mind.

The girls are also helping purifying the sludge with purification-type ritual magic and anti-god magic.


After erasing some part of the black sludge, monitored Status of some of my acquaintances at Seryuu City started looking bad.

『I need to help out at Seryuu City for a bit. You girls take care of this place for the time being.』

I suspended my sludge-cleaning work and moved to Seryuu City with Unit Arrangement.
Got a complaint through Mass Tactical talk, "That's cheating, cheating!", when I cast Planet Guard before teleporting out though, but eh, since that came a bit too late, I just ignored it.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Battlefield, battlefield--over there huh."

I scan over Seryuu city from atop the sky.

The core of this commotion is--the greater black demon, Moi-kun. The demon who kept reviving itself no matter how many times I beat it.
It's clad in a purple aura that seemed to be a Unique Skill, beating up Kigori-shi and Zena-san's little brother, Yukel-kun at incredible speed.
Unique Skill-ed demons are a pain.

I change my black sludge-dirtied clothes, and cut Moi-kun in two using the Divine Sword right as I landed with Flash Drive.
A [God's Fragment] came out of Moi-kun's disappearing black mist, and I dealt with that using Divine Sword like always.

I was tempted to show up as Satou and accomplish the promise I made with Earl Seryuu to [Exterminate foreign enemy once], but were Yukel-kun lose his life due to me playing around, I would never be able to look at Zena-san in the face again.

Since Yukel-kun and friends are safe, I believe I made the correct choice here.

I return the still active <<PERISH>> Divine Sword to its scabbard.
A Dragon Fang Sword or a holy sword would be more than enough to deal with dungeon enemies.

"One defeated means nothing. Moi, meets."
"Shadow has no limit. Moi, advent."
"Moi, arrives."

Mass produced Moi-kun emerged en masse.
I'm not sure how much of what they said is true, but the real body must be lying in wait somewhere, and these guys above ground are probably just projections or copies?

"""Moi, high speed kill."""

The black greater demons came rushing at me from all directions at unbelievable speed.

"Moi, killer move."

Moi-kun #2 went from behind and reaped Hero Nanashi's neck with its elongated blade-like claws.


Yukel-kun and the others gasped when they saw the scene.
The headless Hero Nanashi vanished.

Well since I'm watching it unfolding and all, naturally that's just an afterimage.

I cut apart Moi-kun #2 to pieces with a holy sword before it could realize what was going on.
And since Moi-kun is quite tenacious, I also burn down its pieces with a napalm mixed with Dragon Fang powder.

"What strength."

As Hearing skill picked up Kigori-shi's murmur, I went around exterminating the other two Moi-kun.

"Moi, revives."

...It just went and revived itself even after all those rigorous undertaking.
I can keep cutting these demons to pieces until they can't revive anymore... But that's way too much work.

"""Moi, revives."""

The other Moi-kun revived themselves one after another as well.
I guess the fact that Moi-kun with a Unique Skill isn't reviving is a silver lining here.

"So long as moi seedbed, the dungeon, remains intact, moi immortal."

That's so annoying...

"Hero-sama! We've got to do something about the dungeon!"

Yukel-kun stated the obvious.
Well, destroying the dungeon itself is a simple matter, but it being a resource-producing mine, there's no way earl Seryuu would agree to--.

"Pen--Hero Nanashi!"

Earl Seryuu showed up next to Kigori-shi and shouted out loud.
I was worried to see him in this danger zone, but turned out it was just a well-made projection. Must be the City Core doing its magic.

"Fulfill your promise to protect Seryuu City once!"
"Haven't I done just that?"

--Or rather, I made that promise to you as Satou, you know.

"No you haven't! Get the dungeon gnawing on Seryuu City--"
"I might have to erase the dungeon, are you fine with that?"
"...I have no objection. This dungeon is said to be a base those demons use for conquering [Dragon's Valley]. It's unfortunate, but I will not compromise on my people safety."

Hee, first I've heard of that.

Well, since I've cleared the biggest obstacle, aka the permission from the earl and all, let's get on it real quick, I've done all the prep work and all.

"OK then, here I go."

I activate a barrier I've laid out beforehand.
A glittering blue light wraps Seryuu City which then turns into a multi-layered purification barrier that purifies miasma out of monsters flowing out of the dungeon.

"Moi, astonished."
"Moi, roars."
"Moi, shrieks."

This multi-layered purification barrier covers the entire Seryuu Earldom, and the effect is especially prominent at its focal point, the dungeon. It's at a level that afflicts even greater demons.
I'm able to deploy a barrier of this scale thanks to the connection to thick Dragon Veins of Dragon Valley.

"Moi has not lose yet. Moi, indomitable."
"Moi indestructible so long the dungeon is here. Moi, immortal."

--Yeah yeah.

I activate the trap I've had pre-installed in [Dungeon Core].
Right afterward, an earthquake hit. The dungeon must have started collapsing due to the destruction of Dungeon Core.

"Pendo--Hero Nanashi-dono, what is--"
"Oh I just destroyed the dungeon. And don't worry about a thing, I've made sure it won't collapse."

I forcefully close down cracks and land subsidences with Earth Control magic.

"It's a--checkmate."

I moved in to exterminate the slowed down Moi-kun while wielding a holy sword and a dragon fang sword in both hands.

"This barrier will protect the entire earldom for about 10 days. OK then, gotta get to my next stop"

I waved at the people who weren't done processing what happened yet and went back to cleaning up the moon orbit.

"Phew, think that does it?"

It's been a while since I went all out, so it was tiring.
Well, it's mostly caused by the stuff with black sludge though.

I get back to the large space ship where the girls are waiting.

"I'm back. Now that we've closed off the Dungeon and Moon gates, the Netherworld won't come crashing down on this world anymore right."

Guess god Tenion's quest is complete with this?

"Irregular! Save milord next!"

The purple little girl clung to me.
Oh right, we were talking about that.

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