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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Flying in the Sky


The girls retreated back a tiny bit to see me grinning at the rice bags.

Now then what to do now. Right when I thought that.


What!? It's shaking? Looking around, I realized that only the area around the marsh was shaking.


A wave of mud suddenly gushed out of the marsh. The mud caught my legs, washing me away. Yes, I had relaxed my guard after getting the rice, loosening my focus on the high mobility magic.


The four of us screamed as our whole bodies got washed off and covered in mud. It's making it hard to move, and worse of all, the mud drenched the inside of my pants, it feels so gross. I'd love to get in bath as soon as possible if I could, but the thing in front of us doesn't seem like it'll let us.

A gigantic monster that's taken position in front of us are staring at us with dead-fish-like eyes.

It's what looked like a small island in the center of marsh. I didn't think twice about it since I thought it was just a geographical feature, turned out it was a monster. Its whole body looks to be around five meter long. A tadpole gigantic enough to necessitate looking up is towering over us.

Uwaah, it's using its two legs to forcefully support itself and stand up, but that should be physically impossible. More importantly, its muscly legs look so raw it's disgusting. Mitama and the girls behind me are looking at it like it's a filth.
Its gleaming slippery looking lustrous dark body is making it worse. Its puckered-up mouth and rotund eyes are specially of note, but as mentioned above, those eyes look like that of a dead fish.

Evil Tadpole Lv32
HP: 245/245 - MP: 23/42
A gigantic tadpole monster. Produce Shut-in Frogs and Shut-in Venom Frogs by consuming mana. Its skin is covered in mucus that halves physical damages.

I think after seeing Discerning-sensei's appraisal results. This is not about chicken or egg problem. Why is a tadpole producing frogs. What the heck.
What I understand is how absurd so many things are in this world.

Looks like that's it for pondering time. The other side has no intention to let us escape it seems.

First, I'll use stone wall to stop its track, though I'm not sure how long it'll last.

"Stone Wall!!"

BOOM, I constructed a stone wall that covered us completely. Alright alright, we're under construction here, this place is off-limit to non-authorized personnel.
I also produce plenty of warm water that I pour into everyone from head down. Should be better than being all muddy.

"...Thanks, Nobu."

"Yeap, but err, what're we gonna do with that thingy? Don't think we can fight well on these footholds."

"Futsuno-san, shoot fire magic around to dampen the moisture and stabilize our footing. Kagura-san, Mitama, you two are Futsuno-san's bodyguards. Once the area around here has dried up, join in the fray. I'll buy us some time until then."

Tama-chan, you're with them. As I think that, she nodded (?) by shaking her body, scattering water everywhere.

I focus back on high mobility magic and run on top of the mud like sliding. I'm panicking after confirming the situation over there.
Yup, the stone wall is about to be broken down. Cracks are running on it. That wall is one meter thick though.


The stone wall was destroyed by its ramming attack, splinters that got scattered about in the surroundings turned back into mana element.

My current capability allows me to only cast one simple type of magic while I'm focusing on high mobility magic. I thought of shooting a huge one from afar, but using stuff like electricity would result in disastrous collateral damage, what's with mud all around us.
I've got to turn the monster's attention to me away from the girls.
I construct a magic while going around it and activating Provocation.

"<<Flame Bullet>>!"

I shot out a compressed spinning flame bullet toward Evil Tadpole.


OMG. The flame bullet was easily extinguished the moment it touched its lustrous slippery skin. Oy oy, just how thick that layer of mucus is. That magic is strong enough to pierce through an iron plate and melt it down in the process though.

I observed the Evil Tadpole's movement while circling around it. Then as it began putting strength into those already thick legs, blue vein-like things surfaced on them before those legs turned twice as thick. It then stares at me in a forward-bent posture. A moment later, Evil Tadpole was already up in the air, aiming to land right on me.


I accelerated myself with 『<<Air Thruster>>』 at once, getting away from the spot.
The gigantic figure made an impact on that spot, BOOM. With such a huge mass landing, the surrounding area wasn't left unscathed. To the point that the girls couldn't stand.
Half of the Evil Tadpole body has been sunk into the ground, I felt a chill thinking what'd happen if I hadn't got away from that spot.

Now then, what should I do. Normally speaking, you'd want to target those legs. If I just cut either of the legs supporting that body, it would surely lose its balance rendering it immobile.

I took a deep breath, opened my eyes wide and concentrated. Fortunately, my opponent is still half embedded in the ground, unmoving. I decided to deploy high output Mana Clad.

With a loud booming sound, my body turned into a bullet, charging at high speed toward Evil Tadpole. Using the momentum, I swing Lunar Cat horizontally level to cut its leg... not!?
I almost dropped Lunar Cat but regained myself and ended up circling to behind the monster.
It did suffer a wound on the cut part, but the cut didn't even reach its bone. What sturdiness, it stopped my slash not with bone but sheer muscles.

Evil Tadpole turned around to face me.
It seems to have been enraged by the cut, dull lights dwell in its dead fish eyes. It was trying to do something, then from its rear, balls of light came out en masse like popopopopo. Those balls popped open as they touched the ground, with frogs jumping out of them.

20 of them frogs. Oy oy, so this guy really is the source then.
Those frogs all went after me... not, they all rushed toward the girls.

It kinds of feel like Evil Tadpole's puckered-up mouth grinned, looks like it's trying to strand me here alone. It's intelligent enough to do harassments huh. I don't believe those girls would fall behind mere frogs. So I can just fully focus on bringing this thing down.

I'm groping for the one card among my repository to accomplish that.
That Weapon Skill would be best if I want to finish it off. However, I'm not sure if it can pierce through that slippery mucus. I've only wielded that skill a few times too. Gotta somehow stop it on its track and pierce through that mucus... huh.

Evil Tadpole looked puzzled to see me stop moving. This monster is pretty expressive.
It's putting strength into its legs like before, seemingly thinking that I've given up. The spot where I cut at isn't even bleeding, it must be forcefully closing down the wound with its muscles.


Evil Tadpole pressed the ground with its legs, lifting its body up in the air.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

And that's exactly what I'm waiting for.

"『<<Air Thruster>>』!!"

I turn all four thrusters toward the ground, sending me flying high above. I release the magic I've put on the spot where I was just as that thing lands.

(『<<Air Hover>>』, 『<<Anti-Graviton>>』 release)

Evil Tadpole fell down on the spot just as I left it. I'll make it your grave, right under me.


I reduce the area of effect and put on several times gravity on Evil Tadpole. It managed to endure this one as expected, but its legs gave in and knelt down.

Next I turn <<Air Thruster>> to face up above, sending me diving down immediately.


The air resistance is warping my face, but this is just the beginning.
I control Graviton to make it also affect me. Then I fell down even faster, at a speed incomparable to roller coaster.
Then I knead my mana and cast that one spell I had prepared beforehand.


Right at that instant, the slippery mucus sticking on top of Evil Tadpole evaporated all at once. A spell of life magic, Dry. As I've modified this particular one into Freeze Dry among all other already easy to use life magic, this is far and away the most frequent magic I've used. Never would have thought that I would use it in the heat of battle though.
Now I just need to pierce through it!

"Vibrating Blade - Destruction!"


Lunar Cat silently pierced through the exposed black epithelium. My legs also landed with the added gravity + acceleration, or to be more precise, made an impact. Eyeballs flew off its cranium. Whoops, obviously an  overkill...


Uwaoo, I could feel shocks running down my legs. My bones have surely at least cracked. This is some crazy recoil despite the Mana Clad. These bones have been broken so many times during my training with master, and healed back to get even sturdier, and yet that impact still proved too much.

The gigantic body of the blown Evil Tadpole vanished into mana element.
Geez, I managed somehow.

I was gonna head to the girls, but they seemingly were about done themselves. Mitama was waving at me.
Guess I'll go collect the drop items while putting high heals on my legs.

Tendon of Evil Tadpole x 2
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 13/13
Tendon obtained from Evil Tadpole's legs. Turns into a very high quality bowstring after getting processed.

Mucus of Evil Tadpole
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 8/8
Mucus generated by Evil Tapdole. Will turn into fine face lotion when diluted with Dense Mana Water.

The soul gem was green colored and quite large of pretty high quality.
I'll put the tendon aside for Mitama, but really, that thing's mucus for face lotion huh. Could this be a good source of income if I play this right and sell to noblewomen? After all, it's huge so we've got a lot of mucus here. Enough to completely fill a whole big garbage bucket. Stone buckets I made to collect garbage in dungeon proved its use here.

Since everyone is covered in dirt and all, think we're finished for today.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.9_10


They camped out that night, then the next morning, Lecan and Eda visited the temple.

It's because Nike suggested that they could go out of town at noon once they were done having the talk if they visited the temple in the morning. Nike herself had gone back ahead to the town to take care of her business.

The temple's gate is made of stones, with two huge statues installed on both sides.

The statue on the right is in the shape of a human with a wand on its right hand and a wheat head on its left.

The left statue is that of an ominous looking magic beast. Must be for warding off evils.

Both statues have magic put under them. Probably for protection.

They climbed up stone steps and reached an entrance at the end.

There's a huge sturdy hinged door installed, both sides wide open.

There are more smaller hinged doors inside, all of them are also opened wide.

Lecan and Eda climbed up the stone steps passing through two doors.

They reached an open space with an altar and people offering their prayers on their own.

A man who seemed to be a temple staff member stood.

"I'm Lecan. Heard that the temple is calling for my pupil, Eda, so here we are. We want an audience with third-rank priest, Casis."

A young priest was called to guide them to a room where they waited before a plump priest soon came. His chubby face is all smiles.

"Well, well. You must be Eda-san then?"

"Please ask that to Lecan."


"You can give your name."

"Un, I got it. Yes, I am Eda."

"Is that right. I'm glad to meet you. And you must be her escort, Lecan-san. Good work. You can go back now."

"Very well, I'll take Eda back with me. Farewell."

"W-wait a minute. Where do you think you're going. Eda-san will have to stay here."

"Eda is a pupil of mine, also a party member. I'll be in her company if you have a business with her."

"This is our temple's problem. It's not something the likes of mere adventurers should concern themselves with."

"Is that all you have to say?"


"I'm asking if your business with Eda is done."

Smiles immediately disappeared from priest Casis's face. The smile soon resurfaced, but his squinted eyes had a callous glint on them.

"Haha. Oh I see now, that's how it is. What a blunder on my side, please excuse me. Oy."

A boy who was standing by behind priest Casis presented a small pouch to him. Priest Casis dangled that small pouch with the tips of his fingers before Lecan.

"Take it and off you go now. May god Ceres protection be with you."

Priest Casis haphazardly drew some sort of holy mark in the air with his left finger to bless Lecan.

"Really. Okay, we're heading back, Eda."


"Hold it right there. You really don't get it do you. This pouch contains the blessing of god, see. It's worth several days of your labor. You get this pouch in exchange for Eda-san."



Lecan was hit by a sudden curiosity if he could <Appraisal> the pouch, thus he did.

"Hou. One big silver coin huh. Well then, here's one big silver coin for you priest Casis. I'll take Eda with me."

They were already standing so he took Eda's hand toward the door.

Priest Casis was in the way, so Lecan shoved him aside. Priest Casis got taken aback before his face was dyed red.

"I take it this means you're obstructing the temple's responsibility, do you."

"What's your business with Eda."

Priest Casis's face went over the color red to darkish. But he took some deep breaths and slightly regained his complexion back.

"There's a possibility that Eda-san has been bestowed with god Ceres' blessing. We shall examine whether that is true or not, and if it is, we shall provide Eda-san with the appropriate treatment, training and service."

"Is that examination be done by yourself here."

"You savages really have no idea how to revere a respectable priest, do you.  Though I see little point in teaching the way of temple to you and your ilk, the verdict to ascertain blessings is made by more than three priests."

"In accordance to Article 35 of Ceres Temple Law, I demand the attendance of two or more third-rank priests in the hearing."

Priest Casis looked up at Lecan with a loathful look on his face without answering back to him for a while, but he eventually turned around toward the door.

"We'll send a messenger to inform you when it's ready. Wait here until then. Don't go wandering around anywhere."

"Priest Casis."

Called out by Lecan, priest Casis who was walking toward the door halted.

"There's this terrible noise whenever your breath passes through your throat. Your fat may be clogging it up. Might be a good idea to slim down a bit."

The door was shut furiously, scattering some splinters in the air.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Five priests are sitting behind luxurious desks.

All of them possess mana. If they all can use combat magic, even Lecan won't be able to go back unharmed. But that can't possibly be the case.

In the center is the conspicuously large, priest Casis. He's got the biggest mana pool among the five.

Lecan and Eda are standing about five steps away in front the desks.

Having five priests when three should be enough may have been intended as some form of intimidation, but Lecan's stature, build and face are far more intimidating. All the more with him standing.

"We will now begin the ceremony to hand out a priest verdict over god Ceres's blessings."

"Hold it. I had demanded the attendance of two or more third-rank priests in the hearing in accordance to Article 35 of Ceres Temple Law. I want to confirm whether that demand has been met or not."

The four priests are looking at each others.

"Priest Casis. What is the meaning of this?"

"...Call priest Pajill."

One of the priests went out of the room, then after a while, a stern looking priest came over and took a seat at the right end. This elderly man must be priest Pajill. His mana pool is a bit higher than priest Casis.

"We will now begin the ceremony to hand out a priest verdict over god Ceres's blessings."

"Of truth."

"Of blessing."

"Of mercy."

"In the name of tranquil god."

The five priests recited a passage from scripture and drew a holy mark by putting their hand on shoulder, eye, nose and mouth.

A young priest at the left end spoke.

"Now then, you two would be adventurer Eda and her guardian, adventurer Lecan, correct?"

"Guardian is not exactly right. I'm Eda's mentor, and a party member."

"Then, you two would be adventurer Eda, and her mentor as well as guardian, and also a party member, adventurer Lecan, correct?"


"Adventurer Eda, what about your answer."

"Lecan will answer that."

"This girl is indeed adventurer Eda."

"Make her answer for herself!"

"Priest Casis, please calm down. Adventurer Eda, why don't you answer yourself?"

"Lecan will answer that."

"Eda is my pupil, which means she's under my protection, as such I will answer in her stead in this hearing."

"But there could be things that can only be answered by the person in question herself."

"In that case, I'll ask for Eda's confirmation before giving answers."

Four priests began consulting together noisily.

Priest Casis let out a loud shout once again.

"No need for this farce! By the authority of Ceres Temple, I order Eda herself to respond!"

"We've dragged our weary bodies here after a long journey for work to respond to the sudden summon from the temple. We're also replying back with the utmost sincerity. The reason why Eda won't answer is to prevent her from giving immature responses that could invite confusion here and bring disrespects toward god Ceres. If you won't admit that, we're going back."

"Priest Casis. Why don't we let adventurer Lecan answer for her for now."

"That's right. We can simply have Eda herself speak if any complication arise."

"After all, god's verdict won't be overturned regardless of who gives the answer."

Three of the four said thus, priest Casis reluctantly nodded.

Priest Pajill kept silent with eyes closed, arms folded.

"Well then, adventurer Eda. Is it the truth that <Recovery> has manifested in you?"

"Lecan will answer that."

"It's true."

"Adventurer Eda. Under what kind of situation, and how did it manifest, your answer."

"Lecan will answer that."

"On the 18th, Eda had gone to Adventurer Association. On her way back, she witnessed adventurer Gyom bleeding in agony. Gyom was a man with a bad womanizing habit, he had an affair with multiple women, got found out by his wife and stabbed. Gyom was going to borrow a red potion from adventurer association, but used up his strength on the way there. By Eda's <Recovery>, Gyom recovered enough to walking conditions. Afterward, Gyom went to this temple to report on Eda and got his rewards. Hence, the temple should know more in detail about Gyom's wound and how he got treated."

"You said that you just got back from a journey for work. And yet you're quite informed on things that occurred on the 18th."

"We departed to Kogurus on the 19th. Also, adventurers are people who have all kinds of ways to obtain information."

"I see. Then, adventurer Eda. How was the wound suffered by adventurer Gyom like, and to what degree was it healed, answer these questions as seen by your own eyes."

"Lecan will answer that."

"This question has to be answered by you yourself."

"No, I should be answering that. That is because Eda herself possesses no knowledge that will enable her to describe human wounds in detail. Secondly, after putting <Recovery> on Gyom, she just up and left the place without confirming its efficacy. Thirdly, Eda wasn't in a state that would allow her to observe and make decisions normally, she was in shock after breaking the ban imposed on her."

"Breaking the ban? The ban on what."

"I have forbidden Eda from using <Recovery> on other individual."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Strongest Sage, Hears About Tactics


"Oh I'm nothing compared to Mathias-sensei... We've been hearing rumors about sensei's exploits all the way to the capital."

"I'm officially a student though, not a teacher... I could say the same, Second Academy students have been doing great too lately."

Before, whenever we were working on quests at new towns, we often got the [Can these children even fight?] reaction.
But now, we got more of [Ah. Second Academy students huh] reaction.

It's probably a result of these students demonstrating their powers all over the places.
And it looks like there are more and more Second Academy students setting new records for the deepest conquered dungeon floors too.

"Second Acadey has turned into something amazing, and it's all thanks to Mathias-sensei... Apparently the number of examinees this year has jumped to 10 times the usual. Our teachers were complaining about the lack of classrooms for the entrance exams."

"10 times... That much?"

"After all, what was once regarded as a second rate academy has turned into the world's best combat institution! I'm proud of it myself!"

Oh right, back then First Academy was the top academy while the Second Academy was treated like an extra...
They denied of any difference in treatment officially, but the segregation was quite severe in reality.

...Though now that it's been known demons were behind that reputation, and that the Glory Crest all the First Academy students bear are not suited for battle, First Academy has now turned into some sort of augmenter school instead.

"So uh, we would like to ask for your advice, but..."

Meirad looks at the direction we're going.
He must be feeling bad to have called us out on our way.

"Ah, no problem. We still got time."

The agreed time to meet principal Edward won't be for a while.
A little distraction won't hurt.

"So what kind of advice do you need?"

"It's about ways to fight demons. We're currently training with the goal of defeating demons some day... I'm not sure if our methods are correct or not."

I see.
The ways to defeat demons are indeed different than to defeat monsters.

As such, you've got to take a different kind of combat training than the usual ones... Since unlike monsters, demons are not like your ordinary living creatures.
I can't blame him for worrying about the training when they've never fought the real thing.

"What kind of methods are you guys practicing?"

"We're trying to learn the [Basic Tactics] written on page 129 of [Second Academy - Anti-Demon Combat Textbook]. It describes a method where you incessantly shoot jamming magic at demons, sealing their movements as you gradually cripple them down."

I see.
Exactly according to the textbook I wrote huh.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
That's a nice choice.
Textbooks found in ordinary schools are too rudimentary, unfit for real combat... That particular textbook was written to efficiently turn Second Academy students capable of combating demons.

Its content is wholly oriented towards real combats.
Minute details ranging from effective jamming methods, coordination means, and even ways to damage those sturdy demons are written in it.

The textbook itself doesn't have too many pages, but one cannot grasp that [Basic Tactics] unless they have full understandings of knowledge found in other textbooks.
As such, it should have taken some time to master that... But once you do, you'll be able to easily defeat a lesser demon at least.

"Once you've mastered that [Basic Tactics], you can defeat the kinds of demons that have been invading Second Academy easily."

"Thank you very much! ...Some students have proposed to make arrangements to the tactics, but first we must aim to completely master what's written on the textbook... is what I'm thinking!"

Meirad looked happy as he said that.
He really is an excellent leader.

You've got to solidify your base first before trying to be creative.
Sounds easy, but putting that into practice is unexpectedly hard.

However... If Second Academy students ever had to fight a demon, there's a high chance that demon would be a mid-class demon.
After all, all lesser demons have been eliminated by the [Eyes of Heavens].
So long as there's no lesser demons being sealed somewhere in the world and getting out of that seal... These students won't get a chance to fight lesser demons anymore.

When I think about that, it seems that textbook will need a few revisions.

"The textbook says that you need to rely on jamming and abnormal status attacks right?"

"Yes. Paralyze and mana jamming... Just about all kinds of abnormal status magic to restrain the demon."

"That's a good strategy in itself... But magic that directly interfere the inside of their body don't work well on strong demons. In that situation, you can use a magic that dull the flow of mana in the airspace... 『Spatial Mana Slow』."

"『Spatial Mana Slow』... You must mean the magic written on page number 612 of magic textbook right?"

He even remembers page numbers huh.
So studious.

"Yeah. That magic does not directly interfere with the inside of demon's body, so it's not very effective by itself... But you have strength in numbers. The spell formula is quite complex though, so you'd probably need to train hard for it."

"We'll get to that with training!"

The Glory Crest mages nearby nodded at Meirad's words.
They must be the ones in charge of augment.

...Even with their numbers, it will be difficult for Second Academy students to fight a mid-class demon at their current strength.
There's a world of difference in strength between lesser and mid-class demons.

They will eventually prevail if they keep it up with their training.
Although there's absolutely nothing you can do against greater demons with just training and team work... They've got a pretty good chance against mid-class demons as long as they follow that training manual correctly.
Whether they can actually reach that point depends on their training though.

Afterward, they just have to make sure they're training in the right direction.
Doing training the wrong way will instill bad habits on you, resulting in the exact opposite of what you want to achieve.

It would be faster to confirm that part with my own eyes.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Apparition Badppearance?


We got hit by two more waves of frogs after the first.
Their numbers are decreasing with every wave we overcame, but really, just where'd all these frogs come out of from?

I scouted around by myself using Space Camouflage, and couldn't find neither clusters of Mana Essence nor enemy spawns.
There seems to be a huge marsh in the center of this hall, wonder if that the spawn spot is? It's still some way ahead, but there's no harm in being cautious.

Anyway, we should take a break after that series of battles. I thought that on my way back from scouting.


I made a quasi rest area with multiple stone walls. The three have resigned from trying to think too hard about my magic, so this much is nothing now.
I lined up our pre-made lunch on the table. Let's start putting out the food I made in advance for tonight from noon to make it easier.
Here's the menu.

・ Charcoal-grilled Chicken Thigh
・ Egg Sandwich, Chicken Cutlet Sandwich, Lettuce Ham Sandwich, and Fruit Sandwich
・ Lipovitama DX (Trial)

Lipovitama DX is a refreshing drink that one gets by mixing Tama Soup, herb and tangerine-kind of fruit together. I'm currently in taste adjusting phase right about now. So these three can conveniently be my taste testers.

"Nnn, traveling with Nobusada really does greatly improve our food situation. I'm never coming back to those tasteless preserved food days anymore."

"I have to agree to that. This trial beverage has a nicely different flavor to it compared to fruit juice."

"...Munch munch munch."

Mitama has entered the cat trance state. These three don't look too tired from the series of battles. How about Tama-chan?


She's enjoying herself fully in Dense Mana Water.
Her fission body generation gets my mana supply so she can apparently use that without using her own mana. As for me, even if my mana gets consumed, it just feels like, 'Oh OK', before it regenerates itself. Looks like my mana recovery rate has also risen following maximum amount.

"Pray tell, what does milord seek on this floor noja? Indeed, this rapid rate of level up surprised me, but milord must have another objective in his mind, no?"

Fumu, Kagura-san's sharp. It's true that this floor is not popular among other adventurers, but after obtaining a certain piece of information from Donur-san, I'm fully prepared to spend several days if I must.
Yep, apparently certain monsters that spawn on this floor drop that. That, the one thing I have been looking for all this time!!

"Actually, I'm planning to secure a healthy amount of a certain ingredient. Apparently there's this monster that drops a staple food of my homeland, [Rice]. If I had that, I would be able to create a lot more dishes so I really need it..."

"...Let's go. We absolutely must get our hands on that."

Ah, yep. Mitama is reacting very positively. Her unbridled enthusiasms surprised me.
The other two are thankfully eager too though not as much as Mitama.

Apparently the monster that drops Rice is a variant of Alraune. So first we gotta look for Alraune.
Maybe these plant monsters congregate around the marsh area, for now let's head toward the marsh.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Afterward we managed to get close enough to see the marsh without encountering any monster.

"...There's something around the marsh."

Just as Mitama said, there are something wriggling around the marsh. They're barely visible since they're still quite far away, wonder if they're Discernible?

Alraune Lv19
HP: 48/48 - MP: 30/30
A monster that lures people with sweet fragrance to then devour their energy. Its upper-half has the appearance of a girl, while the lower half that of a flower. Moves by bouncing around with its spring-like vine.

There stood green skinned girls. Yup, they're baring it all. Uwaah, not sure if I can defeat them.
Around 10 of these Alraune are bouncing around the marsh, like kyakya ufufu. A few of those look different than the rest.

Alraine Lv22
HP: 52/52 - MP: 40/40
Variant of a monster that lures people with sweet fragrance to then devour their energy. Its upper-half has the appearance of a girl, while the lower half is like that of a rice plant. Moves by bouncing around with its spring-like vine.

There it is--!
That must be it---!
Drop your rice! Drop your damn rice!!

Whoops, no no. The excitement turned me into [Drop Dang Rice] apparition for a sec there.

"Everyone, our target ahead, Alraune. I'll take care of the variants with the golden-colored lower half myself."


"I'm gonna stop their movement with gravity magic. Careful now, I'll undo it when you get close enough."

Target, group of Alraune. Range, a section of the marsh. Power, four times the gravity.
En... Garde!!


The Alraunes took a dive down the ground with pained looks as the gravity around them suddenly rose. They can't even scream due to the pressure.
Right as I cast the spell, I immediately rushed out toward the Alraunes. The fact that I'm the only one capable of moving around inside the sphere of gravity's influence is seriously unfair. I measure the distance between the Alraunes and the girls who are coming before canceling [Graviton].
Woosh, the moment the pressure was released, I swung Lunar Cat, reaping the monster's life. Yup, this is cruel. Sad it may be, this is a battle though. Lord have mercy. Sniping them down would have been so much easier, but I've decided to fight with katana for this campaign.

I confirmed three Alraines. Their ratio to the number of Alraunes is on the bigger side.
As I lop off their heads with each swing, bags of rice wrapped in mana husks dropped. Drop items in dungeons. No matter if it's meat or mushrooms, once the dead monsters vanished, their drop items would fall on the ground wrapped in mana husks. Otherwise, they'd fall on bare ground. These mana husks won't last forever. It would crack and break if it got hit, left alone it would disappear. You need to swiftly collect these drop items.
After eliminating all the Alraine, and putting the bags of rice in Dimensional Storage, I looked around. Everyone has arrived and are now engaging in a slaughter. Rather, I seem to have overdone it with [Graviton]. In the first place, Alraunes aren't made for battle. Of course they'd be gasping for breath exposed to four times the gravity.

Kagura-san crushes with her metal bar, Mitama stabs the neck areas with a dagger. Futsuno-san deals the blow with staff martial art, Tama-chan chews on their bodies.
The group of monsters were annihilated in about 10 minutes.
Hahahaha, guess we overdid it.

These Alraunes also drop other stuff besides magic gems. Let's check them out with the rice bag.

Satan Brocade
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 5/5
Grain considered to be brought here by a demon king from another world. Has a weak resistance thus requires high technological strength to grow, not available on the market. The more you chew the more its UMAmi brims over.

Vanilla Essence
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 1/1
Element extracted from vanilla seeds.

Alraune's Honey
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 3/3
Honey extracted from Alraune's petals. Used as an ingredient in aphrodisiac rather than for seasoning.

Oh crap, oh crap. Why am I panicking you ask, cause there's liquid inside the mana husks. I gave some containers to everyone and had them collect it.

We got two bags of rice. Peeking inside, the rice hasn't been threshed, meaning they still have husks.
And worth to mention is that some of these husked rice has [Rice Mould] on them. I fist-pumped reflexively. With this I can make malt-rice, and from it, miso and shoyu!! By the way, I had been making my own miso at my family house so I should manage here. But I've never made shoyu before even though I know how. No choice but to trial and error on this one. At worst, I'd just make something akin to miso-on-top liquid. The chef of a certain dairokuten demon king did that. Chef Nobusada would gladly entertain this challenge.

Everyone retreated back when I snickered gleefully 'mufufufufufuu'. I hurriedly varnished over it. Not good, I let myself loose whenever I got my hands on the things I coveted.

That's right, I had let my guard down at this point.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-28

17-28. Authorities Demonstrations


Satou here. There are so many words that become common unnoticed, but I don't think there's a lot of people who know the origins of those words. You can look it up to a certain point on internet search engines these days though.

"It should be fine here. Anyone wanna have a go?"

We've come to a copy sub-space of the great desert to test out the Unique Skills the gods loaned.
This particular sub-space has been reinforced multiple times over to prevent it from breaking down when testing anti-god magic, fit as a proving ground.

It's still hot though, so we're all on board of the fully air conditioned big airship.
Aze-san is with us today. I can't just nonchalantly send her back while knowing that she's being targeted by both Demon God and god Zaikuon.

"Master, I shall volunteer myself, so I report."

Nana came forward as the first player.

"Then, I'll be your test partner. Are you fine with Inferno then anti-demon lord [Lesser Mythology Down]?"

Pretty extreme suggestion from Arisa.

"You should start with a watered down advanced fire magic before you go with inferno."
"I mean it's god's Authority and all, it should be fine, no? Nana's [Castle] can block Inferno already, if you're still worried Master, how about putting up Castle inside the god's barrier?"
"Master, there is no point if it cannot block Demon God's attack so I insist."

I suppose they're right--.

"I get it. Let me stand by next to Nana then."

This way, everything should be fine in case something goes wrong.

Arisa sighed, "You're as big a worrywart as ever aren't you, Master", but it's better than risk injuring Nana, so ignore that.

I take Nana with me to the center of the great desert.

『Are you ready?』
『Hold on a bit.』

I called for time through Tactical Talk.

"Nana, Unique Skill."
"Yes, Master. Activating Unique Skill, 『Paladin Shield』 so I announce."

Vermilion light blinked on Nana's body, then a 100 meter wide dome enshrouded us.

"Can you change its size?"
"Yes, Master. It is possible to alter the dome's size from 1/10th to 10 times the current size, so I report. The smaller it is the better its defensive power maxing out at three times the power, while at the biggest size its defensive power will fall to less than half, so I report."

Apparently she just somehow gets all those details.

Once Nana had activated her golden armor's [Castle] inside the dome, I gave the GO signal to Arisa.

『Here I go, Inferno.』

A crimson conflagration flared up in the desert, swallowing us whole in an instant.

Just as Inferno came into contact with the Paladin Shield's dome, a half-transparent shield with god Karion's holy mark embellished on the center part manifested over the dome's surface.

"Master, its frontal defensive power has soared up, so I report."

Just as its appearance suggests, the shield part seems to specialize in blocking.
Arisa's inferno eventually dispersed.

『Arisa, try shooting intermediate level fire balls from three directions.』
『OK, Blast Shots.』

Powerful fire balls coming from three directions blazed at the Paladin Shield dome.

"Master, the shields won't appear, so I report."
"Seems like it'd only show up if the attack is at least at a certain destructive level huh."

Then when Arisa shot advanced level fire magic from two directions, the shields manifested on both.

"Its defensive power gets lowered with two shields, so I report."

I see, these shields are like a manifestation of the dome's defensive power density.

"It blocks melee weapons too, even the dragon fang sword."

Stabbing a dragon fang sword at it peels off the shield-shaped surface, but new shields get produced anew from inside every time.

It's similar in mechanism to the Divine Dancing Armor the Demon God used.
He might have created that magic in the image of god Karion's [Paladin Shield].

"Master, it is not possible to maintain the defensive function for an extended period of time, so I report."

Nana is correct, it can only defend itself against dragon fang weapons for 10 seconds at most.
One it passed the time limit, the Paladin Shield dome began to oscillate and eventually crumble down.
But managing to defend against the fang that [Pierces All] for 10 seconds is still quite a feat.

"Nana, is it possible to overlap this Paladin Shield?"
"Yes, Master."

Looks like three of it can be overlapped at the same time.

『Arisa, do it!』

Now that we've got a grasp on its general characteristics, time for the final check.
I also prepared myself to deploy [Castle] and disposable Phalanx installed in my own golden armor anytime.

『Make sure to block this one, okay! <<Lesser Mythology Down>>』

Anti-demon lord type [Mythology Down] exploded out.

The first layer of Paladin Shield blocked against [Mythology Down] only for an instant before it crumbled into pieces, the second one cracked, while the the third one was hit by the shockwave.

This [Unique Skill] appears to be a severely weakened version of god Karion's Godly Shield, that one managed to withstood against my [Mythology Down] before breaking.
Well, I don't suppose they'd lend their strongest cards.

"Master, there is something I would like to try so I report. Requesting permission."
"Any problem with usage limits of Paladin Shield?"
"Detecting no foreseeable problem for two more use, so I report."

After some more checking, we found out that she could safely use Paladin Shield for six times, afterward, one use gets restored with each full hour.

"Starting experiment so I report."

Nana activated [Castle]--.


The multi-layered barrier of Castle shined red before turning vermilion all at once.

"Experiment success. Reporting the successful combination of 『Castle』 and 『Paladin Shield』, the creation of 『Paladin Castle』 so I report."
"That's incredible..."

Never would have thought you could do that.

These stuff exist everywhere in manga and light novels, but to actually make it works on it in reality must be thanks to Nana's flexible thought process. Common sense would have blocked it if it were me.

"Master, requesting Arisa to attack for evaluation purpose so I entreat. "
"Alright then. Should we try Inferno?"
"Mythology Down if you would please."

Nana said that with a look of confidence.

"Got it. 『--Arisa, please.』"

The latter half was with Tactical Talk while I gave the GO sign to Arisa at the former.

I wait for Arisa's [Mythology Down] to land while making the same preparations as before.
Roaring sounds and tremors shook the surrounding area.

However, even though the Mythology Down managed to peel off several layers of Paladin Castle, it failed to pierce through the vermilion-colored protective barrier before running out of fume.

『Ouh, gureato~?』
『Amazingly awesome nodesu!』
『Nn, sturdy.』

The girls raised a shout of joy.

『Whoa that's awesome. Maybe it could even defend against the real [Mythology Down] if Nana used her Warship Wand?』

Hm, I'm not sure about that.

As the non-lesser variant breaks down multiple adjacent dimensions along, I don't think even Paladin Castle can defend against that.
At most both would counterbalance each other, I think?

"Master, should we give it a try so I inquire."

Nana's expressionless face had this excited air around her, but since it's too dangerous, I don't think we should, not until she's capable of deploying multiple Paladin Castle or escaping out it herself once the barrier is deployed.

"No, let's not. See if you can combine with the mobile [<<Absolute Throne>>] or the [Castle] deployed by the large airship later."
"Yes, Master."

For now, this should suffice as a proving test for the Unique Skill loaned to Nana.
Even though it can't be used in a frontal battle against Demon God, it should be good enough to block the first strike at least.

"Sera's disappeared nodesu!"

Sera was wrapped in an emerald green light once she activated the Unique Skill god Tenion loaned to her, [Hermit Hide], and apparently, that was when she was gone from the other girls' view.

Sera's dot has also disappeared from my Radar and Map.
According to her Marker, she's in a [Mapless Area].

"Wonder where has she gone off to?"
"Zena, can't you find her with your wind magic?"
"I will give it a try. ■■■...."
"I'll check with Space Magic too."
"Spirit Magic."
"Guess I'll give it a shot too then?"

Zena-san's wind magic, Arisa's space magic, Mia's spirit magic and Hikaru's force magic got deployed but none managed to find Sera.
Princess Sistina who blurted the idea first also tried to look with earth magic, but she came away empty handed as well.

"Tama, can you tell?"
"Nyu~? Here, but not here~?"

Asked by Liza, Tama tilted her head along with her entire body, her eyebrows looked like they were about to loop.
It's like, she knows that Sera is present but not her exact location I guess?

For it to not only elude the girls, but even Tama's detection, this [Hermit Hide] is pretty high performance.


The half-transparent Sera tiptoed toward me while holding back her laughter.
She was going to kiss me, but I stopped her attempt by putting my finger on her lips.

No pranks that could invite misunderstandings while Aze-san is here if you'd please.

"Over there nodesu!"

Looks like Sera's Recognition Inhibition has elapsed.

Not certain whether it's because I toucher her or because Sera broke off her concentration.

"Mwu, guilty!"
"Hey! I'm gonna give you snacks if you're pranking!"

Calm down, Arisa.

"How were you able to see through it?"
"Apparently my constitution is such that illusions and the likes don't work on me."

I replied to Sera.

Sera looked half-transparent to me from the very beginning when she activated the Unique Skill.
But the fact that I would lose sight of her if I averted my eyes for a while is a testament to its higher performance compared to ordinary illusions.

It's more than high performance enough.
Doesn't seem like it consumes a stupid amount of mana like Mana Camouflage nor needs super tightrope walking control either.

"Any idea how many times you can use it?"
"I believe about five times a day. Once it's active, I think I can keep it up for about one bell long as long as I don't lose focus."

Sera replied to Arisa's question.

After more checking, we found out that the effect could also be extended to other people if she focused on them during activation. In that case, those who are under the same Recognition Inhibition effect could see each other.

"This is the power of god..."

Murmured Liza as she was wrapped in a green colored light with a gallant look on her face.
It's the Authority god Garleon loaned to her, [Hero Heart].

"Well then, let's give it a whirl."

Liza doesn't flinch even with my [Intimidation] skill.

"It's pretty amazing."

This time I use Intimidation loaded with bloodlust.

--Ooh, I could see a wavering on Liza's expression.

Let's try adding mind magic [Cowardice] and [Fear].

"A-as expected of Master."

Liza is breathing roughly while sweating profusely.
But enduring this much should be good enough.


When I turned around toward the voice, Pochi who was peeking out of curiosity had been knocked out.
I hurriedly undo Intimidation and the magic.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but as it turned out, it was the dogkin Pochi who got done in by it, not the catkin Tama.

Additionally, Liza's Unique Skill seems to also work on ally that are within a certain range.
The passed out Pochi is evidence that such ally must be within that range during activation time.

The skill is an active one, but it seems she doesn't feel any limit to usage at the time being.
It's also effective against Geass and mind control type magic, they should manage to avoid getting frozen stiff from Demon God's glare now.

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"This cave is kind of, eerie."
"This here is a dungeon, you see."

I replied back to the uneasy Aze-san.

We're now at Dejima Island's Phantasmal Labyrinth to test out [Sanctuary Guard], the Unique Skill god Urion loaned to Mia, and [Saint Prey], the Unique Skill god Heraruon loaned to Zena-san.

Apparently Aze-san is afraid of the dark, how she's grabbing my arm is wonderful.
Improper conducts--turning off the light, producing ghastly sounds, flashing suspicious shadows all over to scare her, I banished them all from my mind somehow.

Also, Arisa and Mia are competing for my other free side, Pochi has climbed on my shoulders while she herself is piggybacking Tama forming a totem pole, it's a chaos.

"Zena-tan, a gobu is coming from ahead."
"Activating Saint Prey!"

Zena-san closed her eyes and prayed, then an orange-colored light streamed down her body.
A moment later, gods' divine light overflowed out of Zena-san, filling the surrounding area with dazzling lights.

"Goblin-san went away nodesu."

Tama and Pochi poked on the ground where a demi goblin was.
Looks like weak monsters will simply get evaporated away.

『Master! Dungeon monsters are running away heading toward underground. A dangerous being might have showed up above ground where Master is.』

Dungeon Core who's managing the labyrinth contacted me.

We made her panic it looks like.
I apologized to Core and got her permission to wreak some havoc here for the test sake.

"Me next."

Indigo lights flow on Mia's body, then the same colored lights dwell in her eyes.

"Evils in all directions."

Mia muttered that as she shook her head left and right, swaying her twintail.

Mia's [Sanctuary Guard] detects evil existence, that's a common knowledge among us.
And it seems the very existence of this labyrinth is evil.

We continue the test while moving out.

"Behind that rock."

"Crevice in the ceiling."

We went around places where Scout Plumed Snakes and Camouflage Lizards were lurking as a further test, and Mia demonstrated a detection capability not inferior to Tama and my Radar.

Rivaling even Tama, that's pretty high spec.

"Wonder if you can tell Sera-tan's Recognition Inhibition?"
"Mwu, evils only."

She can't it seems.

"Sera-tan, c'mere."

Arisa whispered something in Sera's ears, then Sera re-activated her [Hermit Hide] and walked toward me with smiles on her face.


Mia's wand whacked Sera's head.

"You found me out."
"So it seems like [Sanctuary Guard] will find those with immoral thoughts."
"Please don't call it immoral. My pure love is--"
"Sorry, sorry. Pure, Got it."

Arisa brushed off Sera's protest with Mia-like short curt sentences.

"Even golems are frightened."

Zena-san's [Saint Prey] appear to even works on golems that are supposed to be immune to mind attack.
Imitating Nana, she tried to ride [Saint Prey] on wind magic, but unfortunately, she didn't succeed even once.
Those really do seem to need an exceedingly flexible line of thinking.

"Zena-san, aren't you tired?"
"Yes, I am fine!"

Zena-san flexed her arms to show her liveliness.
It seems like her Unique Skill has no usage limit similar to Liza's.

We went to Selbira's labyrinth to test it out on a level 50 Area Master, and it got frightened no problem.
The skill didn't stop it from moving, but it clearly created more openings, this skill would definitely see many use.

"Is it really all right for us to be this carefree?"

Aze-san murmured anxiously in the garden of Solitary Island Palace.

I thought of using other temporary bases as a precaution to gods' backdoors, but it felt way too late to care about that considering our party has Hikaru with god Parion's fragments, Arisa with Demon God's fragments and Sera, a miko of god Tenion.

I can quickly whip out a new base if problem arise anyway.

"It's going to be all right. And there are others looking after Boruenan Forest now right?"
"That may be the case, but..."

With god Tenion's authority, the other sleeping high elves were roused out of bed, so the world tree is getting the management it needs even with Aze-san here.
Miko Rua-san is coming over several times a day to see how Aze-san is doing too.

"But it's been 10 days since then. Is there really zero reaction from both gods and Demon God?"

I affirmed Arisa's question.

I've been coming over to the capital's mansion every day so they can contact me easier, but I've got none so far.
Though confusions in the world of men have elapsed, arguments as to whether they should keep believing in the seven pillar gods or not have not died out. A few have even converted to believing Demon God.

"Let's just wait patiently."

At noon I'm keeping the girls company in their training and Unique Skill mastering, at night I worked toward ways to counter Demon God after putting them to sleep.

Reinforcing [Dragon Rending Sword (Dragon Slayer)] which didn't work on Demon God by reusing the code in Anti-god magic, and developing an imitation of Divine Dancing Armor by referencing Nana's [Paladin Shield].
I could not get any good idea on the black spear and divine sword imitation from back then, so the development on those isn't progressing.

"Master, Tifa-san is here."

Echigoya Firm's Tifaliza's expression stiffened up when she saw Aze-san sitting next to me.
Even though I've introduced her before, looks like she still hasn't gotten used to a high elf.

"I have brought platinum and all other materials you requested me to collect."
"Thank you. I'm always grateful for your quick work."

I didn't think she would get all those rare materials in just two days.

"Please don't mention it, it's my job after all."

Tifaliza had a stiff expression somehow.
I'd like to hear her out if she has any worry, but since I don't have the time presently, I'll ask Arisa to handle it.

"Satou, what are those for?"
"They're raw materials of manufacturer golems and control units."

They're to be used at the shipbuilding dock in the void sky.

"Pochi is a pro transporter nodesuyo."

Tama and Pochi carried the load into the gate that connects to the void sky.

"Still no huge combination robots yet?"
"Arisa, that's way old. Real robot is all the rage today."
"What are you talking about, super robot and combination are where the romance at!"

Arisa and Hikaru argued about some stupid stuff.
Sorry but I don't plan to build a robot. Not until I'm done with my current work at least.


Tama and Zena-san who had gone to the capital for a check came back.
Looks like they found something.

Led by the two, I head to the capital's mansion.

"Don't worry. This is not Demon God."

I signaled Tama and Zena-san to get back while looking up at an orb of light floating in front of the mansion's entrance--nymph.

It appears that they've completed the preparations for my duplicate body before Demon God comes attacking again.

『My lord, Goddess Tenion has summoned you. Hang down your head and present yourself at once.』

These nymphs are as haughty as ever.

I waved at the girls who had gathered from gates, and jumped into the gate the nymph created.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.8




"I'm convinced, dealing with children really is your life calling."

"Yeah nah. More importantly, we need to deal with this."

"Ah, indeed we do."

"If Eda were to refuse the temple's invitation at this town, what would happen if she went to other towns?"

"Nothing in particular. <Purification> users are one thing, but they won't share information regarding <Recovery> users even if those users went someplace else. They would likely hide it from other temples even. But as a precaution, you should avoid towns where Ceres Temples are erected."

"Ceres Temple?"

"You, don't tell me you have no idea what temple this town has?"

"Don't care."

"Oh dear. Didn't you even work at the orphanage once."

Nike had already explained to Lecan why temples would go into frenzy trying to recruit <Recovery> users before, and she would give additional explanation now.

Nine gods are revered as great gods in this country, each having a temple.

The capital has all temples for all nine gods. The temple of God of Judgment who's also God of Heavens, Erekus only exists at the capital.

Each town can only have one temple built. In other words, which one of the eight gods will have a temple in a town is set. There are towns without temples as well. Those towns are regarded as having lesser values.

Erecting a temple needs permission from the capital, but the decision which town gets which temple is made in conferences attended by Temple Heads. Influences and ranks of those temples depend on how many <Purification> and mid-class and above <Recovery> users they have. In short, the temples that have more <Recovery> users who can use mid-class <Recovery> and above are permitted to erect more temples, they also have higher right to speak in the conferences.

Ordinarily, the number of temple buildings won't increase unless a new town is built. Nike has no clue where and when a new town is gonna be built, but the right to build a temple in that new town is a source of competition among these temples, as such they're desperate to add even one more mid-class <Recovery> user to their rank.

"What kind of god is Ceres?"

"We're starting from there? She's dark god of pestilence."

"Dark god?"

"God who rules over the world of the dead you see."

"Hou. Is it among the more influential one?"

"Who knows. Think they're about mid ranked though I'm not sure myself. Charms to ward off sickness sell in any town, so they should be solid monetary wise at least."

"Hum? Any town, can they even sell those charms in towns with other temples."

"No no. That's not how it works. Even if a temple is say, dedicated to god Fiifii, that doesn't mean people can only worship Fiifii in that temple. You're free to worship god Raikores, or god Gyaban there. But with Fiifii temple, the doctrines taught will be mostly about god Fiifii, and rituals are carried out in Fiifii's methods. Charms to ward off sickness issued by Ceres Temple are surely an important source of income for all temples."

"Do other gods besides the great nine not get worshiped?"

"Oh they do, Shrines and Wayside Shrines dedicated to other gods exist in every town. However, only organizations for the great nine gods determined by this country are recognized in this country."

"Are there particular doctrine or manners I need to be aware of for marching into Ceres Temple?"

"It's way too late for that. Head there without minding about those stuff. Ah right. You can tell them that the three of us are in the same party, but it's a good idea to emphasize on Eda-chan being your pupil and that it's you who taught Eda-chan all the magic she knows."

"Hou? Let's go with that then."

"I need to tell you some things. First, I told you the fate of <Recovery> users, though it's all true, I also exaggerated it a bit. They do get to be kept on leash by nobles and temples, but they also get to live safe fulfilling lives."

"No surprise there."

"And well, temples are ultimately necessary components in this world, you see. No one knows what's gonna happen if gods aren't worshiped right. And those temples also act as spiritual supports for people, without them, many things become inconvenient. And the temples are the ones that provided for the poor and the weak."


Lecan understands that well.

He was greeted by a huge shock when he visited the temple-managed orphanage.

He never knew there existed such a warm wholesome orphanage.

If the orphanage Lecan grew up at was at least half as comfortable as that place, perhaps his life would have taken a completely different turn.

He has no intention to demolish that orphanage.

"But the bigger an organization, the severer the corruption within. And ironically, the good priests are also those who are indifferent to position and power. As such, some of the avaricious bunch managed to climb up the rank."

"Guess that's just how it works."

"Vouka's Ceres Temple is on the more decent side. It's just that I've been hearing about weird rumblings within for the past decade."

"Hum? Is it because of this Casis guy?"

"The third-rank priest Casis is a symptom of these weird rumblings. The town lord doesn't think well of him, but he can't exactly meddle with temples."

"What should we do then?"

"You're going to head straight to the temple, hear them out while also fully intending to refuse if they try to take Eda in, right?"


"That should suffice then. I have nothing to worry about if you're with her. You can simply say that the temple summoned you. Make sure you keep that silver ring on you."

"What? We're up against those kinds?"

"You're up against those kinds. You're probably going to be judged by several priests, when that comes to pass, say this. In accordance to Article 35 of Ceres Temple Law, I demand the attendance of two or more third-rank priests in the hearing."

"Article 35 of Ceres Temple Law huh. Duly noted."

"Oh and, showing any weakness during the negotiation will put you in disadvantage. Be prepared to depart this town depending on the end results."

"Of course, that's the plan."

"I'm planning to also leave myself if you two get driven out of the town by the temple."


"They do say <a shrewd rabbit would dig up four nests>. I've secured several bases of operation at a few towns in this country, see."

Nike going with them would mean she would teach him medicine making, that'd be nice. Nike is also capable of casting <Exchange (Coznot)> magic. All the equipment and medicine piled up in her house can be instantly transported away to other town, affording large-scale moving inconspicuously.

"Oh and also. You may antagonize the corrupted priests, but you must not make enemy out of the temple. And you absolutely can't kill a priest. At least not where the public eyes can see you."

Lecan squinted his eyes, digesting her roundabout way of telling him to restrain acting in a way that antagonize the entire temple organization, yet it's ok for him to be hostile to priests, just not the temple.

"The vice temple head herself is quite an open-minded woman."

"The vice temple head is a woman?"

"Cause women are not allowed to hold the Temple Head position. She's more than qualified to be one though in reality."

"What's third-rank priests?"

"First-rank, second-rank and third-rank priests are what they call senior priests, those who are allowed to speak in temple's administrative conferences. I believe they also have the right command temple soldiers. By being a temple head, you'd be a second-rank priest. There's only a handful of first-rank priests in the whole country, each has the suffrage for all temple heads."

"Any tough guy around?"

"You mean in battle? I don't think there's any. Not in this town's temple."

"Any <Purification> user in this town's temple?"

"How many <Purification> and <Recovery> users each temple possess is absolute confidential information. That said, none I'm aware of."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"We're heading to the temple."


"I'll reiterate, I will protect you."


"Listen well to what I'm going to tell you."


"Do not answer, no matter what they ask you."


"Say, please ask Lecan, instead."

"Ah, I see. I got it."


"What is it, Nike."

"If by any chance you ended up having to leave the town."


"Go to the pharmacies we visited before and pass this on them. There'd be no medicine and delivery anymore."

"Got it."

"Could you also inform the Adventurer Association while you're at it?"

"Got it."

"I'll head over to the lord's place myself."

"I recalled something."

"What is it?"

"First, on the 18th, or the night we departed the town back then, Marakis and beast user Jiba got assassinated in their jail."

"Oh, I see."

"Vouka's branch head of Zaikaz Company was also assassinated in the jail."

"How pitiful, or I'd have said that were their opponents not that Dovor and Gido, that would be too much to ask from the lord's soldiers."

"On the 19th, the lord's soldiers conducted a search in Midosco's mansion and found something that should not have been. He was put on trial, and with evidence and testimonies that came to light, he was charged with the crime of rebellion, and got executed on the 24th."

"Ah finally. Took them long enough."

"Chaney said he wanted to meet Shira."


"That's all."

"Ah, I remember something too."

"About what."

"Eda-chan and I got invited by Knight Tomaj Douga and spent a night at the lord's mansion."


"Is that it, just 'hou'?"

"Sorry for the trouble."

"You owe me one, you hear me. Oh and, you recall how Tomaj didn't believe that you conquered the dungeon alone when we met him on our way to Kogurus?"

"Yeah, he didn't."

"However, the soldiers who stood guard at the dungeon's entrance this time were familiar with your face. They saw you going alone for sure. And, he didn't seem to be aware of my name back then, but he apparently found out later that I'm a Gold-rank adventurer."


"You dived into the dungeon while leaving me, a Gold-rank adventurer, behind, and even conquered it. It seemed to finally dawned on him that you really conquered the dungeon solo."

"Is there a problem with being solo."

"I wonder? They were clamoring about something though. He proposed and asked me many things, but I declined it all except for one thing."

"What's that."

"He wanted to know what you got from defeating the Dungeon Boss."

"Ah. It's <Dagger of Harut>."

"Hee. That's a pretty nice find. OK then I'll pass it on to Knight Tomaj. Not sure about its market price, but I did hear rumors of the royal family buying one for one white gold coin when it showed up in the auction recently."

"White gold coin?"

"Oh my, Eda-chan. That's some amazing expression you got there. <Dagger of Harut> is one of the commemorative treasures handed down by the king during the selection of crown prince after all. It's the most famous equipment that grants resistance to curses, and highly effective at it. That price sounds just about right actually."

"How many gold coins is one white gold coin?"

"100 coins."

"I see. By the way, Nike."

"What's up."

"I've used up all the mana recovery medicine and stamina recovery medicine you gave me. Can I have more."

"I've got no more on me. But, can't you just use <Recovery> on yourself."


Lecan had completely forgotten that <Recovery> could also be used to recover stamina.

He has never even used <Recovery> on himself. This is because recovery magic that were in his former world could not be cast upon oneself. But it can be done in this world.

Lecan also possesses the power to directly absorb mana from magic gems. But using magic gems aren't really economical, and the mana recovery medicine Shira made is superbly effective, it's giving him a new boost in motivation to learn how to make it.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-17

17-17. Pink-colored Calamities (2)


Satou here. I drank many cups of coffee every day when I was working as a programmer. It was partly because it was free thanks to my workplace's welfare programme, but I simply had to in order to keep my eyes open during all-nighters.

"Are you envoys affiliated with Echigoya Firm?"

Associate researcher of Royal Research Institute asked while looking at us dubiously.
Since I'm in disguise today and are accompanied by three little girls, we probably don't look like envoys to him.

"Yes, that's correct. We appreciate you giving us your time today."

We're here to ask him about tower-dropped coffee candy and cola candy in detail.

"Is there anything you want to ask me?"
"Yes, to associate--"
"Don't call me associate!"

His patronizing attitude disappeared instantly the moment he heard the word [Associate].
Oh right, this guy also acted disgruntled when he was called with his job position in the tower back then.

"Excuse me. We'd like to ask about addictive effect written in the documents you submitted to Echigoya Firm."
"Very well. Although we didn't observe a significant change in the test animals--"

Associate-shi took a candy out of his pocket and began munching on it before resuming his talk.

"Some of those people, regardless whether they're humans or demi-humans, have shown an attachment tendency toward the candies. Unlike banned drug, there is no extreme withdrawal symptoms or anything like that, however symptoms of losing concentrations or temper after not getting their fill of candy for an extended period of time depending on persons have been observed."

Looks like the symptoms could differ greatly depending on individuals.

"Is it like when you ban a drinker from getting any more booze?"
"It's certainly similar. According to a researcher native to Saga Empire, it closely resembled to what happened when he hadn't had coffee for a while."

According to Associate-shi, this Saga Empire-native researcher is a heavy coffee lover, he drinks about ten cups a day.

"Maybe it's like caffeine dependence syndrome?"
"The description does fit."

Arisa whispered in my ear.

"Does that apply to both candies?"

Though green tea and black tea contain caffeine, I recall cola doesn't have much, hence my question.

"What do you mean by that?"

Associate-shi's eyes glimmered.

"I'm wondering whether the addictive effect is exclusive to coffee candy or applies to cola candy as well."
"Good question. The addictive effect is only observed with coffee candy. However, we've observed those who consume both types of candies are more prone to display the symptoms."
"You mean they have a synergistic effect?"
"You sure know some difficult word. Exactly--is what I'd like to say, but I am unable to make a conclusion yet with too few samples."

Mr. Associate murmured, "If only I had more budget", while stealing glances at me.
His plain as day attitude invites a smile to my face.

"That's fine. Please submit an estimate of the necessary budget to Echigoya Firm."

I handed over 100 gold coins to him as a pre-payment while saying that.

"T-this much?"

Associate-shi's hands were shaking as he received it.

"We don't need exaggerated wordings, just please write it like it is in the report okay."
"U-umu. Leave it to me."

Associate-shi coolly replied to Arisa who gave him a reminder.

Looks like the effects of research funds are the same regardless of world, Associate-shi amicably sent us off to the gate like he was a different person.

"That person seemed to be addicted to candy himself."
"Munch munch~?"

Associate-shi kept on munching on candy while he was talking to us.
I'm not sure whether someone had pointed it out to him or he realized that himself, that must be what prompted him to write about the addictive effect in the report.

"Pretty hair~?"

We caught sight of Princess Menea at Royal Academy Magic School Building next to the Royal Research Institute.
Tama is turning her glittering eyes at Princess Menea's pink-colored hair.

"She's so popular~"

She's being surrounded by handsome young men of Knighthood Academy.

--No wait, that's not it?

"Isn't she getting picked on?"
"Hoe? Now that you mention it, everyone has this stern look on them."

I took off my disguise mask, got off the wagon and called to her, "Menea-sama."

"We're planning to head to the Knights Headquarters now, would you like to come along?"

I called out to princess Menea as I got down the wagon, then I turned my line of sight at the Knighthood Academy's students as if I had just realized them.

"Oh were you having a talk?"
"No, they're merely rudely interrogating me."

Encircling and interrogating a princess of another nation, however small it is?
Though I can't say for sure due to the massive differences in information spread speed and distances between nations, normally this could turn into international problems.

"It's nothing like that!"
"We were just asking if her highness had a child relative with pink hair."

That reminds me, princess Menea's little sister princess is also attending the Royal Academy.

"Why would you ask something like that?"

As I can't just tell them that fact out of respect for personal privacy, I asked them the reason for their question.

"We were in the tower just a while ago."

That came out of nowhere.

"We had a run in with an Ogre on the fourth floor..."
"Fourth floor?"

I looked at Arisa who shook her head.
Looks like she's not aware of it either.

Tama who also shook her head fell down apparently due to the tigerkin costume's off-balance, she was having fun rolling on the ground.

I checked the Map since it bothered me a bit, but I couldn't find any on the first four floors of the tower near Royal Capital.

"I'm amazed you survived that."
"Yes, our luck... was good."

Something must have happened since luck wouldn't cut it in their situation, but I ignored it since it wasn't the problem here.

"So what's that got to do with you guys picking on Menea-sama?"
"Childlike sounding voices instigated the ogre."
"And this guy--"

The students pushed a boy wearing eyepatch forward.

"I saw it."

The boy pushed up his eyepatch, showing a golden pupil behind before resuming his speech.

"There were little girls who had the same beautiful pink hair as her highness slipping into shadow."

He appears to be a bearer of magic eye.

It seems to be different from Spirit Sight, but he ended up witnessing those invisible little girls thanks to his magic eye.

"Pink haired little girls huh..."

It's stimulating my memories.

"The one at Shadow Castle!"

Arisa shouted.

"Shadow Castle?"

Princess Menea reacted to that word and turned her line of sight toward Arisa.

Oh right, there was a painting of someone who looked like me together with a pink-haired little girl inside the Shadow Castle at Princess Menea's hometown.
I took a paper copy with picture part of the little girl from the painting from my Storage while pretending to take it out of my pocket.

"Does she look like this?"

I ask the magic eyed boy while showing him the paper.

"I-I don't really remember her face. But the hairstyle and hair ornament do match, I think."

It's a vague answer, but considering they must have been desperate trying to flee from the ogre, I suppose it's only natural.

"Then this has nothing to do with Princess Menea. This matter will be dealt with by Prime Minister. Keep what you say here a secret from anybody else."
"Um... We've reported about the ogre to the guild already..."

Guild must be about the Administrative Office deployed by Shiga Kingdom's Labyrinth Resource Ministry located in front of the tower.

"That one is fine."

I'm doing this to prevent Princess Menea and her little sister princess from getting needlessly ostracized.
Putting out prime minister name without permission will probably turn into a problem later, but I'll just report it to the prime minister and let him chew on me later.

I let them grip as many silver coins as their number as thanks for the information, and head to the tower in the capital's suburb along with Princess Menea on our wagon.
I was planning to let her off somewhere, but she ended up coming along with us since she had nothing else to do.

Due to the excessive skinships by Princess Menea who had taken the seat next to me, I was made to listen to barrage of [Guilty] on our way to the tower.

"Sell me candy please!"

When we got off our wagon in front of Administrative Association Office in front of the tower, we could hear voice of a middle-aged man trying to buy candy off those who just got out of the tower.

"Y-you can't do that nodesu. Candy has to be sold to the guild nodesuyo?"
"I know that already! That's why I'm telling you I'll buy at twice the price!"

I turned around to look at the owner of the peculiar tone and found Pochi who had been disguised as a spotted dogkin there.
She's with Mabudachi-kun and Shatei-kun.

"She said no already, didn't you hear?"
"Damn right! We ain't gonna keep quiet if ya bully nee-san!"

Mabudachi-kun and Shatei-kun tried their best to tear the candy old man off the teary eyed Pochi.
I walk forward to offer them my assistance.

"This scent, it's master nanodesu!"

Pochi noticed my scent and turned around faster than I could call her.
I receive Pochi who jumped to me with Twinkling Move, and pat her head as she rubbed it on me.

"Demon Lord Slayer?"
"Uwaa, it's Lord Pendragon!"
"Whoa, it's the real thing!"

The people around made a racket when they saw us.
Oh right, I've taken off my disguise from when I saved Princess Menea.

While answering back to people who were asking for handshakes, I headed to the Association Office with Pochi.
Also, the candy old man who made Pochi teary eyed got thrust away by the rush of crowd and disappeared beyond.

"Your excellency Pendragon! It is an honor for all of us here to have my lord personally come to inspect our humble office!"

All staff greeted us when we got in the office.
The room right after the entrance was the guild hall, or rather it looked like the teller windows in a city hall.

I said my thanks to the staff and went to another room together with the chief here and his secretary.

"I heard that an Ogre had shown up on fourth floor. Do you have any new info?"
"Unfortunately no, all we have is a report from students of knighthood academy. Two platoons of knights have been dispatched from a nearby garrison to investigate the matter. We're currently waiting for a new report--"
"Pochi has defeated that nodesu!"

Halfway through the chief's speech, Pochi sprung up and announced that with a raised hand.

"Since this ogre person came attacking like 'gaoo', Pochi went 'babyuun' and beat it nodesu!"
"Pochi naisu~?"
"Nn, good girl."

Tama and Mia praised Pochi who got heated up telling her stories.

I see, it wasn't on the Map since Pochi already took care of it huh.

"Ah hey, you're getting too close."
"My, isn't this about the same distance to Arisa?"

Looks like Arisa is busy competing with Princess Menea.

"Nothing less to expect from your excellency Pendragon's associate. Now we can lift the ban to enter the tower once the survey team returned."

Apparently they've prohibited explorers who mainly operate on lower floors from entering the tower to minimize damage.
It's not that they doubt Pochi, it's to make sure that there are no other ogres around, so they won't lift the entry ban until after the knights have returned from their investigation.
They leave me with good impressions for not treating explorers like disposable goods.

"I received report from Knighthood Academy students about hearing voices of little girls when they encountered an ogre, have you received other similar reports?"
"No we have received such a report only from those--"
"Pochi heard about it nodesu!"

Pochi who cut in while breathing roughly said that as she raised her hand.

"They were saying something like 『Unfair』 and 『Villains』 nodesu."
"I heard it too. The way they spoke was unpleasant, like they wer some sort of mean noble kids."
"I didn't hear nuthin'."
"Neither am I."

Looks like both Pochi and Mabudachi-kun heard little girls' voices too.

"Did you see how she looked?"

Pochi and Mabudachi-kun shook their heads.
For the time being, the only witness was a magic eye bearer huh.

"Smells like my turn~?"

Tama who was on my lap asked while striking the ninja pose.
I'll be asking for Cat Ninja Tama's help to investigate these little girls.

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"Please share any new information you get to Bridal Knights' headquarters."

I handed over a bag of gold coins to the readily consenting chief as an expense for his cooperation and then we left the chief's room.

"Whaddya mean we can't get in the tower?!"
"How long you're gonna shut it off huuh!"

Some explorers are picking a fight with a receptionist at the counter.

Seems like they're complaining about how only high ranking adventurers are allowed inside the tower due to the commotion with low floor ogre.

"Again huh... Even though it's a mechanic intended to keep their safety, some just won't understand."
"That's troubling."

The chief who came out after us grumbled.


I turned around when I heard Arisa's voice.
Pochi and Tama have subdued the explorers, while the receptionist is holding her cheek while looking down.

Looks like those short-tempered explorers hit the receptionist while I was talking to the chief.

"Please put this on your cheek."

I pass over a handkerchief soaked in magic potion to the receptionist.
Pressing it on the wound should remove the swelling and pain on her cheek right away.

"Thank you very much."
"Are you okay?"
"Yes, this much is an everyday occurrence after all."
"Like what happened just now?"
"Yes, unfortunately."

Apparently, there have been an increase of violent and short tempered explorers lately.

"Your excellency, regarding the matter about [Voices] earlier."

The chief whispered in my ear.

After confirming with receptionists here, he found multiple reports about voices of little girls.
Most are merely treated as coming from talking weed or hallucinations.

The content of those voices didn't differ much from what Pochi and Mabudachi-kun testified earlier though.
The ones that slightly differed came from those who didn't encounter an ogre, hearing baffling words such as [No bad guys anywhere], or [Where's bad guys~].

Is this pink-haired little girl unrelated to the appearances of ogres, and they're just looking for bad guys?

On our way to our wagon while thinking that, we were met with a scene of a quarrel between explorers who just got out of the tower.

"What'd you say?! Are you questioning the depth of my faith?!"
"Then why did your holy magic fail only at crucial times."
"T-that's because I'm losing focus due to the unreasonable venture."

A priest of Heraruon Temple is quarrelling with some explorers.

"Are ya really telling the truth? Yer Force Bullets were pretty weak too, didja hear a rumor about priests with low devotion losing their holy magic strength?"
"Who spread that rumor?!"
"Everyone in the tavern was talking 'bout it."

Didn't know there was such a rumor.

But would those bunch of disorganized gods go out of their way to do such a bothersome fiddling?
Though they'd probably at least take away holy magic from priests who have lost their faith.

That piqued my interest, I should go ask Sera if there's a precedent to that later.

"I don't see any weird rifts in space."
"Trap none~?"
"Pochi doesn't smell anything weird either nodesuyo."
"All clear."

Evening of that day, I went around all places where the [Voices] were heard according to the record together with the girls.
Nana is staying overnight at the orphanage, mass producing stuffed toys as Seven-sensei there, while Lulu are doing trials and errors to find the recipes for coffee and soda candy.
Silver members are currently conquering the upper floors of a tower located on a neighboring cliff.

"Oh right, have you handed over your painting Tama?"

Tama nodded to affirm Arisa's question.

Tama's new work, [Candy Raining Season], has been passed over to Echigoya Firm.
It's just, the instant Nell put it up in Candy Corner, everyone rushed in to ask about candy despite knowing that it had been sold out. As such, it's currently taken off exhibition.
We should have known better considering one would end up wanting to eat candy looking at that painting.

I feel like Tama's painting is more dangerous than the candy's addictive effect in a way.

"Last one?"
"Yeah, this was the last sighting point."

I affirmed Mia's question.

"Have you told the silver members?"
"Oh right. Though we've only got reports of out of place enemies appearing on lower floors, there's a possibility of it happening on higher floors as well, I should inform them."

Checking the status of Silver Members, I found no problem in particular. When I saw that they were taking a break on Marker list, I called them with Tactical Talk.

『--And since you might encounter similar phenomena on higher floors, I thought of giving you girls heads-up.』

I also shared easily digestible info with the silver members.

『I'll face my enemy, no matter how strong it is desuwa!』
『As expected of Karina nanodesu!』

Tama and Pochi gave rave reviews to Lady Karina's brawn-for-brain remark.

『I'll be sure to check information regarding the enemy before we go and lure in one.』

Zena-san is fit for it since she's just learned Personage Appraisal by way of a Dungeon Orb.

『We have Tower Escape spheres with us anyway, there is no need to worry.』
『No, your highness. These are towers created by demon god, you must not put too much trust in items found in one.』

Sera gave a warning to Princess Sistina.

『Am I right, Satou-san.』
『Yes, I agree.』

Sera's words most likely come from her distrust toward demon god, but she's not wrong.
Space where escape items are annulled is pretty common in a game.

『Oh we'll be fine. I mean we have simple warp gate Satou-san gave us and portable [Fairy's Circle] given to us by Aialize-sama as well.』

Zena-san reconfirmed the measures they had in case of emergency.
Though it's unknown whether they'd work in a space that prohibits usage of escape items, I've prepared and distributed those to the girls as other means to escape.

『Even if you find yourself in an unforeseen situation, I will definitely go save you girls, so never lose hope and concentrate on surviving.』

The silver members replied back with trustful sounding voices.

『Sera-san, there's something I'd like to confirm with you--』

Since the quarrel between explorers and a priest I saw in daytime intrigued me, I asked her whether the priest's faith could have any effect on the power of his holy magic.

『I believe that possibility exists. The strength of holy magic can differ between priests with the same level, it's also not rare for an individual priest to have the strength of their holy magic fluctuate.』
『But that applies to magicians too right, not just priests?』
『Nn, agreed.』
『Even wind magic can differ depending on the user you know. It even changes with your physical condition.』

Arisa, Mia and Zena-san raised opinions that differed from Sera's answer.
I didn't know since stuff like physical condition never affected my magic, but apparently it's common sense for magicians.

『But the scriptures depict that priests who have lost their faith to gods will lose their holy magic.』

Apparently the person will lose the ability to cast holy magic even if someone with Persona Appraisal confirms that holy magic skill still exists in that person.

『I see~, that's one phenomenon not applicable to magicians.』
『It doesn't have anything to do with faith. Perhaps they lost the ability to cast magic because they harbored suspicions toward magic itself?』

Arisa got it, while Princess Sistina said something intriguing.
Ordinary magic is one thing, but you probably can't cast Primeval Magic if you harbor suspicions toward magic.

Since it wouldn't be much of a rest if we kept talking, I said my thanks to Sera before calling off.

"Master, are you suspecting that maybe the weakening of holy magic is demon god's doing too?"

As expected of Arisa. It's like she sees through everything.

"I'm just considering it as one possible explanation."

Demon god would have his already bad standing turn even worse in the eyes of gods if he really went and did it, so normally you wouldn't think he would.

But perhaps--.

"I'm thinking that maybe this [Tower] system that's supposed to be a convenient system to gods is actually a trap set up by demon gods for the sake of snatching away all the piety gathered toward gods instead."
"Things would turn super ugly if that hypothesis is proven correct."

Arisa shrugged her shoulders half-jokingly.

"Of~fu course~"
"Pochi and her comrades will beat them up when that happens nodesuyo!"
"Ahaha, Master you gotta prepare equipment strong enough to go against demon god's troops then."
"You're right."

Since my hypotheses have never hit the mark, it's probably not happening.

Despite mumbling that in my mind, I was coming up with all kinds of weapons in my head for when we really went up against [Demon God's Troops] as we made our way back to the Solitary Island Palace.

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