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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 17

Day Before Stampede


During our meeting, Guildmas said I'm the key in this Stampede, but that can't be farther from truth.
A reminder, I'm just a G-ranked peon.
I don't think there's any adventurer who is *not* stronger than me around.

"I know you're thinking, 'what's this guy on', however you and Almatina have proven yourselves capable of defeating a Hobgoblin and a Bladewing accompanied by ten of goblins unharmed."

"I mean yes, but that only worked well by pure chance and an ambush. It would have been impossible if not for Spark Wolf's horn and Fire Frog's oil."

"Precisely. An ambush that utilizes Spark Wolf's horn. I am thinking of using that tactic."

Meaning the horn is the key, not me.
There's no need for me, is there?

"We had sent guild staff to purchase those in a mat store close by the guild, but another customer had bought the last one they had in stock. Kajikawa, do you still have more horns on you?"

That customer is probably me.

"Yes I do, can I just give the horns to the guild then?"

"In a way, yeah."

"What do you mean in a way?"

"We will have you throw the horn at the raiding magic beasts on the invasion day. You alone by yourself."

...Say what?

"H-hold it right there, me? Eh? By myself?"

"From what I heard, you are able to move things around without touching them and even freely fly at high speed, unbelievable as that sounds."

"Eh, well, uh..."

"You're not denying, it's true then... Just who are you really."

Please don't look at me like I'm some sorta monster.
Wait that's not it!

"What does that have to do with having me go up against an army of magic beasts? Are you telling me to die?"

"Calm down. I'm not saying you to go on a suicide attack. We'll work on the detail now."

...Had I known it'd come to this, I wouldn't have shown off mana control or bought those horns.
I want to take shelter right this instance.

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The following day.

At the training ground behind the guild, around 100 adventurers have gathered, clattering.
Most of them sound worried about the Stampede. There were also some confident sounding guys among them though, 'Can't wait to go wild'.

Well, we are outnumbered three to one after all. From a quick look, I see that most of them are around level 5 to 20.
There's a group with conspicuously high level members, they're likely tasked to deal with the boss. Can't they leave at least one behind or something.

Standing on a stage in front of these adventurers are Guildmas and Alma's parents.
As well as me, wearing a weird mask that hides my face and some high class equipment I don't normally have.

How'd it come to this.

【Mask of Bewitchment】
<<A white mask that covers top half face. It has an effect of obscuring the wearer's face and outline. It's also capable of camouflaging status against Appraisal skill below a certain level.>>

【Arrow Ward Overcoat】
<<A white overcoat that voids damage below a certain threshold.>>

【Gale Boots】
<<A superior grade of Wind Boots. Makes the wearer moves faster. Also grants wind elemental resistance.>>
DEF+15 AGI+30

【Ring of Mana Storage】
<<A ring that acts as an external mana storage. Can store up to 35 MP.>>

They're all nice equipment Guildmas rented me.
Apparently, he's gonna give me the mask at least, but honestly that's the one I don't want most.
It's not my style. Or rather, I'd take all other equipment instead.

Alma who's standing among the adventurers is staring hard at me, please stop that, they're gonna suspect us...

Guildmas opened his mouth at the murmuring adventurers.

"Quiet down!!"

Everybody here shut up at that yell.
Yeah anybody would when they're glared by those sharp gazes and yelled at that loud. It's scary.

"As you're all aware, this town is facing an attack by a group of magic beasts coming from the nearby magic beast forest due to the Stampede. Two S-rank adventurers, 'Sword King' Dukeris, and 'Arch Mage' Lunatiara, will be joining us to eliminate the boss of this Stampede."

The adventurers started making noise when they heard those two's names.
I knew it, they're pretty famous. Wait, did I hear that right, S-rank.
Don't tell me, these two are the world's top class experts?
...Hmm, well, I mean they were running at an inhuman speed and got that overwhelming pressure and all during our first meeting. Guess it makes sense.

"As such, there is nothing to worry about regarding this Stampede's boss. In fact, I pity that boss for having to deal with these two."

"O-oy, is that for real!? Sword King and Arch Mage!"

"Aren't they heroes who saved so many places from Stampedes! That's awesome!"

"Oh man, never seen S-rank adventurers in the flesh! I'm so pumped!"

"Huh, don't you think they kinda look like Almatina?"

"Aren't those two the same people who were running super fast while yelling something loudly..."

The adventurers cheered.
Some looked perplexed, wonder if they saw those two running and yelling in the middle of the town...

"The bigger problem is the raiding magic beasts, you lot will have to take care of them. We anticipate there will be around 300 magic beasts coming here, a head-on clash would turn ugly."

The training ground fell silence with that.
Guildmas resumed regardless.

"Setting up traps now would only affect small localized areas, we can't expect much from that. Thus here's the strategy we propose. 【Soarer】, step forward."

I took a step forward as instructed by guildmas.
By the way, 【Soarer】 is me. But why.

"We cannot divulge his identity due to various circumstances. Just know that I have full trust on this man. Call him with his Job's name, 'Soarer'."

Perplexed voices got thrown out in the venue.


"Never heard a job like that tho'?"

"What's up with that mask. Scary..."

Yup, that Job doesn't exist after all.
And I don't have a choice with this mask. Gimme a break.

"His skill, 'Soar' is an extremely rare skill that allows him to fly around in the air without external help. He will engage with the invading magic beasts and launch the first strike."

Guildmas said that so nonchalantly when that's normally a death wish.

"The strategy is simple, using Soar this guy shall ignite a 'Spark Wolf's Horn' in the middle of the beasts followed by a 'Roaring Mushroom' to rob them of both sight and hearing, that will be your cue to rush on the magic beasts when they're in disarray. Using those items in the heat of a group battle would only result in collateral damage, and even if we could use signals, closing your eyes and ears in the middle of combat is fatal, as such, he will be the only one in charge of the horns and mushrooms."

'Roaring Mushrooms' is exactly what you expect, a mushroom that explodes when you crush it, along with a deafening sound.
The explosion itself is pretty much harmless, but the sound it produces is enough to rupture eardrums apparently.
'Soar'? There ain't no skill like that y'know? I'm just moving my body around in mid-air using mana control.

"Soarer has proven himself by defeating ten goblins along with a Hobgoblin and a Bladewing on his own without the mushroom. Winning against the one to ten odd. Compared to that, it's only a difference of three to one, it's nothing."

No no, I was with Alma okay? It was only five to six times more okay?
What are you BS-ing there. Please don't make them pin all their hope on me.
Look, those adventurers are looking here with dubious eyes.
One of the adventurers spoke up.

"Err, I don't mean to doubt your word, but is that person really capable of all that?"

"There's no point in flying if it's too slow, bird type magic beasts would just shoot him down."

"I am not sure I agree with you guildmaster telling us to just believe in that maskman and go along with your plan out of the blue like this."

Yep, that's reasonable. I mean I would doubt it too if I were in their shoes.
Also, don't call me maskman.

"I suppose seeing is believing... Can you do it?"

I nodded silently at guildmas and stepped forward on the stage.
I took another step at the very edge of the stage which should have sent me down crashing.
And yet I keep walking forward, I'm no longer on the stage, walking mid air.
Though well, I'm just wrapping my whole body in mana and making it look like I walk.

The adventurers looked surprised at this.

"You guys see that? Now, show us your speed."

I nodded at Guildmas and looked at the sky.
Think the same speed I used to chase Bladewing should do.
Ah, but they're gonna complain about flying control or something if it's only that much, might as well go at top speed.
So here we go, 'Soarer' launching!


I soared to a higher elevation at high speed, producing that sound in the process. Can't do what I'm gonna do on the ground, that's dangerous.
Now to demonstrate my control on flying. One, two.

Bwoshbwosh, BWOSH, stop, BWOSH

I flew around freely in the air drawing a ☆ shape, stopping abruptly before speeding up again.
Zigzag, straight line, ask me anything nothing I can't do! Good thing I practiced on my way to gather herbs.

Lastly I went back to my spot in the training ground at high speed. Suspending to a full stop and landing on the stage.
Ugh. The inertia from flying randomly makes me sick. My MP... is barely decreased. Moving my body wrapped in mana consumes little as I figured.

The adventurers in the venue looked stupefied. Fufufu, *smug face*.
Uh wait, they look unsettled? Oh come on, don't make that face.
Ah hey Guildmas, why'd you look agape too. You're the one ordering me to.
I changed my tone before calling out to him.

"Master, was that satisfactory?"

"Y-yeah. Well done... As you guys have seen, with this the raiding magic beasts will be a cinch, any more complains?"

None of the adventurers spoke up. Rather than having no complain, it looks more like they don't even know what to ask.

...Alma Papa whispered behind, 'you went too far'. My bad. Got ahead of myself.

"Very well then, you may now go receive guild provisions from our receptionists. The mission will start tomorrow morning. Gather in front of the east gate. Disband!"

With that order from the guildmas, some went to the receptionists, some flocked to Alma's parents, and some were looking at me doubtfully.
Guildmas approached and whispered in my ear.

"Well damn, the real thing is really nothing like hearsay... Absolutely keep your identity a secret, ya got that!"

"...I went too far, apologies."

"Well, that worked on our favor, shutting down the complainers. No problem at all with the end result. We're counting on you tomorrow."

Tomorrow huh. I would have liked nothing more than running away even now.
But Alma and her parents are gonna take part. No way I'd escape on my own.

Haaa, wonder if I'm even gonna survive this...




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 276

276 Of Course, It Is


The magic beast is heading straight at me while tearing apart all trees in its path.
Normally, bumping into something will slow you down and the magic beast has been crashing into many trees, uprooting and blowing them away.
And yet there's no sign of it slowing down in the slightest.

(Oh man... How am I supposed to deal with this mammoth...)

My katana is unlikely to deal a fatal strike. Blades can only cut as long as they reach.
I don't think just slashing at this gigantic boar is gonna do a thing.

(That is unless I'm under Accelerated state.)

Yes, I'm currently in Accelerated state. Simply slicing and dicing this magic beast into a mincemeat would be a simple matter.

(Might as well use this chance to muzzle these guys too...)

Just killing the beast is not hard. But I can imagine the 'White Fang' members barraging me with questions afterward, it'll be a total pain in the ass.

(Heck, I'll go ahead and dismantle the thing while I'm at it, why not.)

Why'd I agree to temporary join 'White Fang' I'd even go this far?
That's because I have never delved in an actual dungeon.
So far the dungeons I stepped into was one, a goblin cave that hadn't 'evolved' yet.
The second one was a relatively complex maze-turned mine.

(The dungeon that emerged in the Kingdom this time must be an 'authentic' one. I mean it's even got adventurers, pros involved.)

I have no 'know how' on this kind of dungeons. Except the ones you see in games in my past life.
This is reality, not an RPG. 'This ain't no game!' or something.
I need these guys' wisdom, techniques and experience to compensate for my shortfall.

(And yet, I'm confident this Accelerated state can take me to the deepest part of the dungeon just fine.)

That's the brute force way which I won't hesitate to resort to if it comes down to it.
But now that I've made a 'connection' with this 'White Fang' party, going along with them in this dungeon conquering activity is probably the best course of action.

(No thanks to all those obstructions popping up whenever I tried to escape.)
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I've been dismantling the magic beast all while thinking all that.

The boar beast was in a leaping position toward me, so I cut its belly in a straight line from below.
After which, I carefully stripped its leather from the meat.
Then I divided the meat from the intestines.

Once I was done with the simple processing, I undid Acceleration.
Of course that was after I fled far away to avoid all the inbound blood sprays.

SPLASH! That sound came up for an instant and then oh wow.
A dismantled giant boar is laying there on the ground.

(When I'm in Accelerated state, sharpness doesn't matter at all...)

I've got a katana and all now but in Accelerated state, it doesn't matter what kind of blade I use, there's no difference.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 16



Good morning. Quite a refreshing morning we have today.
Yesterday I went straight to bed after meal, and it was morning the next thing I knew. Time just flew by. Just how fatigued I was.
Think I'm going with salad and french fries for breakfast...
Gotta make some snacks too.

After breakfast, I went and stocked up more foodstuff just in case.
I'll use up all the space I have in the refrigerator.
There's now enough to sustain Alma and me for one week easy, but who knows how long it's gonna take for this town to be back to normalcy after the Stampede, so might as well.
Also no telling if we're getting surprise visitors like yesterday.
There's some food from the guild provision we got, but most rations don't taste good...

People are distributing fliers and making announcements regarding the incoming Stampedes all over the town.
I did right shopping early. Even saw some stores closing up this morning.

My fund is finally starting to run dry. Can't hunt magic beasts in the forest since it's been closed off. I could easily gather more than 100 pieces of herbs if I tried though, guess that's what I'll do.
I can just imagine receptionist Neia-san's scream, but this is a time of emergency, forgive me.

And now we're currently heading to the guild carrying a heap of herbs.
I collected them from multiple spots, so the soil condition should be well kept. Hopefully.

I went through the usual swinging western door and headed for Neia-san's counter.

"Welcome! Are you here to deliver herbs!?"

She sounded high spirited, her frightened face was nowhere to be seen.

"Yes... Somebody's full of motivation today."

"I am! With Stampede day growing closer, getting as many herbs as we could will help saving the wounded when the time comes!"

She's doing her best to reduce casualties huh.
Her enthusiasm is obvious not just from her words but also gestures.
I can feel a strong determination from her, a far cry from her usual timid self. I might have underestimated her a bit.

It should be fine then no?

"Come at me with 50 or even 60 of them! I'll take care of it all!"

"Man, look at how dependable you sound. Then, here you go please."


Neia-san's face stiffened up when she saw the sack that gave out that noise as I dropped it on her counter.
I've gathered 173 pieces of herbs. Around five times the usual amount. Carrying them all the way here was quite the hassle.

"O-oh... I-is this all herbs...?"

"Yes. Please Appraise them."


Don't cry.
Do your best, Neia-san. Bear with it, Neia-san.
Your hard work today will save the wounded tomorrow.

"...Hikaru, are you thinking something blase...?"

Alma stared hard at me.
...Okay, I'm sorry.

Tens of minutes later, she was finally done with the appraisal.
As for Neia-san... Her face has turned deadly pale. I'm sorry. Should have reduced that a bit.

"1-173 pieces in total, that will be 17,300 en..."

"O-okay. Thank you.... Will you be all right?"

"I don't want to hear that from you Kajikawa-san..."

"...My bad, for real. Ah, here's something for you."

"A-are there more of them...?"

Oh, don't be frightened now.
I took something a bit smaller than a fist wrapped in a thin paper.

"It's an apology for everything you've done for me. Sorry I could only offer a handmade snack though."

"S-snack..? Kajikawa-san, you can cook...!?"

"I do. This might sound presumptuous, but I'm confident in the taste, if you'd like."

"I-I'll take it! Thank you!"

Her near death face perked up at once.
She unwrapped the snack to reveal my handmade 'Rice Tart'.

A cream made of aro rice, milk and sugar poured on top of a tart base.
I can't find a substitute for vanilla unfortunately. Hope to find one some day.

I didn't know how to make tart at first, but after succeeding on charging my smartphone with a certain technique I devised recently, I managed to read recipes in it and cooked something akin to tart with the ingredients on hands.
Ah hey, she's eating already. Probably should go to the backyard first. I mean she's still on the clock. I don't mind personally, but the other people here...

"I-it's so good... so sweet... It must be a reward for all my hard work..."

She looks like she's really enjoying it. Glad it's palatable.
By hard work, I'm guessing it's my herb deliveries. It was hard huh... Sorry about that for real.
Once she was done eating, Neia-san had a look like she just recalled something. What up?

"Ah, right! A-almost forgot! I've been told to notify Kajikawa-san and Alma-san to head to the guildmaster's room when they come!"

"Why didn't you tell us that before you checked the herbs...?"

"...Please excuse me, my head is always full of herbs whenever I see Kajikawa-san coming to my counter..."
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I mean that's what I usually do I guess...

"Okay then, we'll head there... Alma?"

She's looking at me like she's got something to say.
...Ah, maybe.

"Is that tart earlier on your mind? Worry not, I've made a few of them as today's snack."

"!... Un."

Her expression brightened up a bit. Bull's eye huh.
Missing the candied sweet potato yesterday since I gave that to the old lady must have been quite a shock.
She could have just bought snacks instead of mine, oh right, they're too expensive.
You could buy lot of snacks for 100 en in Japan. Really drives home how blessed Japan is.

Write, write, write, write, write, write.

Sounds of writing brush echoed inside guildmas' room.
Looks like he's behind those literal stacks of documents on the desk. Can't see him from here though.

"There you are. Have a seat."

He sounded a bit, no, quite tired.
Has he been like this since we left yesterday? Hoping he's not gonna overwork himself to death.
We took seats on the nearby chairs and table.

Guildmas left his seat and sat down opposite of ours.
With a super tired looking face, he started talking.

"First of all, well done dealing with Dukeris and Lunatiara yesterday. Heard you supported their reunion with Almatina, treated them to a meal and even notified them about the Stampede."

"Oh I did nothing much... That was a tiring experience for sure, though nowhere as bad as guildmaster's."

"Had those two gone on a rampage due to a matter with their kid, the district might have not been spared. You really did well there, I'm serious."

Guildmas said that with a relieved look like he meant it.
Had no idea that interview was a matter of life or death.
I mean, why'd you leave dealing with those people to me alone, even if Alma was there. Oh right, they arrived here earlier than expected huh.

"They dropped by last night and spoke about you and Alma for an hour straight. One whole hour in this damn busy period."

"Good work."

"Um, I'm sorry."

"Don't you two worry about that. Spared us the trouble of calling them here to discuss about Stampede after all. They also asked a few favors from me."

"Which are?"

"First, it's about the direct mana control you can use."

I thought those two can keep secret, they just went and exposed me?

"Don't make that face now. They told me that technique shouldn't be publicized, and I agree. Also told me, 'Evading the topic should be easy since our daugther's job is more unusual, but seeing as Kajikawa has an unknown Job with no Skills to speak of, it'll be quite a mess if somebody suspects him, so you come up with ways to help conceal it for him.' To think those two would go so far for somebody else besides their daughter, whom they just met the same day. They must really like you huh."


I want to hit the me who had the wrong idea of those two even for just a bit.
Can't believe they'd consult guildmas for me. I'm owing both Alma and her parents a huge debt. Gotta pay them back somehow.
For now, a thank you is in order. Thank you you two.

"I can never thank those two enough."

"Oh yeah, they'd like to eat the food you make again some day. Even Lunatiara said reproducing your food might be a tall order even with her Cooking skill. You sure you really don't got skills?"

"I don't even have the slightest idea how to learn one... Huh wait? Doesn't Lunatiara have a Combat Job, and yet she has Cooking skill?"

"Aah. Once you reach Level 50, you can learn one Skill unconditionally regardless of Job types. It's called a Gift Skill. There are exceptions to Skills you can learn though."

Level 50.
Wonder if I'm gonna get a Skill too once I reach that point... No, got a hunch that's not happening. I mean I can't even learn any.

"And so Lunatiara-san picked Cooking Skill. But won't it be bad to Production type Jobs with that kind of system in place?"

"The majority of people plateaued at Level 40 y'see. Cause of experience points and ages. Those two have been doing crazy stunts like leaping into Stampedes one after another or slaying dragons since they were in their twenties. With all that exp to go around, they're probably over level 70 by now."

....Level 70?
They're really a cut above the rest huh... I feel sorry for the Stampede Boss now.

"Guess that's the Stampede Boss taken care of with two people that strong here."

"The boss, yeah."

"Hm? Is there going to be another issue besides the boss?"

"...After the public announcement regarding the Stampede, several low level adventurers have started evacuating. Well, challenging a Stampede beyond their capability is a fool's errand so I won't condemn them. But thanks to that, more and more adventurers also started taking shelter, which prompted other adventurers to follow due to lack of personnel. Thus a vicious circle was formed."

"By the way, how many adventurers are present now?"

"Around 100. Considering the team that will head into the forest to dispatch the boss, we can only expect around 90 to intercept the magic beasts raiding this town. Might decrease even more at this rate."

I don't think those two need a team, but then I'm reminded of the forest's vastness, searching the whole area for the boss would take too long with just those two.

"How many magic beasts have been predicted coming to raid this town?"

"Around 300 or so. The scale itself isn't that big, however, the huge discrepancy in numbers will make this a tough one. Not to mention the magic beasts coming from the sky, frankly, it's gonna be quite ugly."

"I'm guessing having Alma's parents deal with the raiding magic beasts before going after the boss is not a good idea either. Would be too much for those two to handle."

"That idea crossed my mind as well, but worst comes to worst, they might end up using all their strength to deal with the small fry, leaving none for the boss. Stampedes continue unabated until the Boss has been defeated."

What do then.

"That's where you come in. Kajikawa. Your power will be the key in this Stampede."

"...Come again?"

Eh, but I'm just a G-rank beginner.
Aren't you asking too much.
I mean look, this ain't no musou game, what hope do I have against 300 magic beasts?




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 275

275 Entirely Altogether


"That will be decided after we have taken a close look on your capability."

Afterward, we departed the kingdom for a nearby forest.
It's supposedly a tranquil forest that only spawns magic beasts every few years, nevertheless dangerous beast do occasionally show up without warning.
We're currently in the cycle of that magic beast spawn.

(Of course, it is. It's definitely coming out. Am I right? Then it doesn't matter what I do, this party's gonna acknowledge me in the end.)

Inwardly, I did think I was jumping the gun on this dungeon conquering business, but it's too late to pull back now.
I mean, I could have just run away here if I were being selfish.
But I'm not courageous enough to do that.

(Even if I tried to quit here, something would without a doubt pop up to block my path.)

I actually made several attempts to escape on our way to this forest. Sneakily at that since I didn't have the nerve.
Like slowing down my pace, or naturally distancing myself from this party. And yet, whenever I did that, they'd call out or start talking to me, giving me no chance.
Not just that, so many obstacles popped up at the most exquisite timings as if there is some sort of power at work here.
One time, a food stall old man suddenly called out as I stopped moving, this party would go on to buy food from that stall. Mostly the beautiful mage. She's running for the glutton character spot on top of being the deranged type.
Another time, just when I thought I finally managed to separate from them, a line of people waiting to enter some famous store formed.
All these obstacles just came out of nowhere whenever I second guessed my decision to join them on a condition.
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And now we've arrived at the forest.
It's obvious what's coming next. 'The magic beast not showing up' is absolutely not happening.

Magic beasts only show up once every few years in this forest, and the time now is conveniently during one such cycles. As someone who's never far from troubles and mess, me just being here ensures the magic beast is 100% going to show up.

We got quite deep into the forest when the big man muttered 'This place looks good' and took a stance.
He grabbed a short spear and started beating it on his great shield.
Producing very loud noise. Way too loud.

(What're you doing!? Keep that up and... Ah, I see, that's the idea huh...)

I got it. Rather than going around trying to find the thing, he's making the magic beast come our way instead.
All this noise must be irritating. Small animals around here can be seen scattering everywhere.
It's echoing quite far into the forest, I can see animals fleeing in the distance.

I've accepted that there is no escape.

(Ah come to think of it, I haven't hunted in a while... I wanna shoot stuff with a bow. I miss hunting with dad...)

You can't blame me for trying to escape reality. I mean I can see a gigantic figure heading this way.
It's charging right toward the source of this annoying noise. The big man has stopped making sound, yet the magic beast isn't stopping, clearly furious with its red eyes and loud snorts.

"Ah, this takes me back. That's the same boar I hunted on the last day at the village."

However, this one is about twice as big as that.
The size is even more striking up close.

(Why'd it always end like this every single time... Can't you just please leave me alone...)

The magic beast is rushing straight not at the man making all the noise, but me.

"How cursed am I anyway..."

As I resigned to my fate, I entered 'Acceleration' and went around the charging magic beast.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 274

274 Swelling Worry


"The dungeon that popped up in this kingdom this time around's apparently some major bad news. Our chance to hit it big! Don't wanna other party conquering it first now, do we?! Why're you guys dilly-dallying here."

(Oou, thanks for the exposition. What a perfect timing, what is this a game? Guess I don't have a choice huh? I gotta get in this dungeon no matter what?)

This thief turning up yet again stopped me from leaving.
He even brought up some worrying remarks like 'dungeon in the kingdom'.

(Are you saying this country's gonna be in big trouble if this dungeon isn't conquered? There's no way right...? No, this isn't a game. Somebody else gonna solve this issue, don't have to be me... Surely.)

Despite wanting nothing but to leave this place, my feet are firmly planted.
Thanks to the 'major bad news' line this thief spouted up.
Ordinarily, adventurers would have gone on to conquer the dungeon like they always do.
Yet the question here is why does this news come to my attention right as I'm here in this kingdom?
All while this adventurer party was trying to recruit me.
Perhaps this 'Destiny' of mine that's more like a 'Curse' is telling me that I must go and conquer this dungeon?
No matter what, regardless of the means. It's gonna make me go in the dungeon.

(What if I kept refusing and it got to a point of 'no return'? Gramps and Minya could be in danger...)

That worrying thought swelled up. Gramps and Minya are living in this Kingdom. I've only known them for a little bit, yet I'd like them to stay out of harm's way.

(The hell... I've been completely 'pigeonholed'...)

A mix of dejection and helpless anger. But there's no object to vent on.

"Fine. I'll go with you guys into the dungeon. But I have conditions. You have to agree to them first."

"Oh, what's with the sudden change of heart? You were really bent on not going just now."

I'm not gonna respond to the hot guy's remark.

"Either you agree or you don't, decide here and now."
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Instead, I said that.
If 'White Fang' declines because of my abrupt change, I'm just gonna head in that dungeon on my own.

"We do. As long as those terms are within an acceptable range to us."

Thus the priestess decided. It seems she holds the veto here, the other members aren't saying anything back.
I continued while thanking her prompt decision inwardly.

"You must not inquire my background. I don't need money or fame. Neither do I want magic gear or tools. I ask nothing back. You must never disclose me to anyone. I don't want to stand out. I'm not here to make friends with you. Once this matter is over and done with, you must not concern yourself with me anymore."

'That's...', they looked like they had something to say to that. All of 'White Fangs' members.
Those terms are my best concessions. Because.

(I could've just gone straight to the deepest part of the dungeon by myself under Accelerated state. But there's no telling what kind of 'Issue' would crop up if I did that. That's why.)

I need these guys to act as my 'cover'.

"I understand. We agree to those terms. Here to a fruitful collaboration."

Her prompt and unfaltering personality must be proof that she's been through a lot. The other members communicated with eye contacts while remaining silent after the priestess made the decision.
That's enough to tell me that this priestess is the focal point of this party. Their leader.
However, there's something that needs to be verified first. Which is.

"Show us your strength. That's the only term we ask you."

The big man spoke.

"I can tell strong men from experience. But I still need to see it for myself. Mind showing us what you've got?"

"He's right, you know! I mean we're gonna put our lives on the line, I have to know in what way you're strong for the teamwork to work! I'm gonna get stressed out if I can't bombard my enemies with my magic!"

Forget idiotic, the beauty mage outed herself as a deranged person.

"Then, how about we all go hunting in the forest now? Not like we can head straight in the dungeon like this anyway. Might as well check out his strength first. Right, guys?"

Looks like the hot guy has a carefree personality.
Thief looked like he couldn't believe it.

"How often do you think that happy-go-lucky attitude of yours landed us in hot waters huh? Well, gotta admit that same attitude saved us just as often though."

Apparently the hot guy's behavior has its plus and minus, but that's got nothing to do with me.

"Got it. What do you people seek out of me."

Strength isn't the only thing required when you're fighting together as a party.
I'm asking them what my 'role' is going to be.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 273

273 But There's No Escape!


"Please accept my apologies for my companions' brusque manners. We are an adventurer party, 'White Fang'."

Nobody asked and yet this very picture of a priestess introduced their party while bowing.

"We are currently looking for a capable individual to help us conquer a dungeon. Would you be willing to join 'White Fang' as a hired hand? We have prepared a large sum as an advance payment. The completion reward is quite an amount as well."

I pondered over her word. Not about money. But how they kept coming one after another despite my refusal.
Right after I refused the hot guy, the beauty showed up which I denied as well, then just as I was about to leave, the big man stood in my path.
Adding insult to injury, the priestess came out and invited me.

(The firmer I rejected them, more and more of them showed up and the more persistent they got... Could this be?)

The four party members of 'White Fang' stared at me, seemingly under the impression that their solicitation was going well when I fell silent.

(I'd probably get caught in an additional 'Event' even if I rejected them here... Willing or not, I'm gonna get dragged into this problem somewhere even if I manage to escape here... That's the hunch I have. Then I should.)

"What is an adventurer? Also, I'm not a mercenary. I'm honored you went out of your way to invite me, but I will have to decline."
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I chose rejection until the end. I mean, these guys are still total strangers to me.
My mood has worsened because of this, and just when I was feeling good from obtaining the katana.
I just can't bring myself to help them. My mental state isn't like that time I decided to help Minya.
Now that I'm irritated, I'm sure I won't regret this decision.

But thanks to that small question I threw out, I couldn't escape the conversation.
Yep, I know mercenaries. But what's an adventurer?

"You don't know that? Let's see, if mercenaries offer their 'force' in commissions in exchange for money. Then adventurers' work is to conquer dungeons."

The hot guy gave a simple explanation.

"Like I told you before, you can get rich quick if you bring a dungeon core out, but there's also lots of treasure chests you can find in a dungeon! And gold isn't the only thing inside those chests, plenty of magic equipment and magic gear to go around too! Even legendary grade stuff, amazing right!"

The seemingly dimwitted beautiful mage got in a high tension.

"Precisely. Those who seek such things delve in dungeons. Undaunted of danger. They are people who go on an adventure. Adventurers."

The big man finished with deep words.

"That's not all. If a dungeon isn't swiftly dealt with, the monsters inside will multiply unchecked until they overflow outside. This could result in enormous casualty. Whenever a dungeon is found, it must be destroyed at once. Each country manages and offers reward for this. Adventurer Guild exists to aid adventurers in their efforts."

The priestess had a serious look as she described that as a 'mission'.
Looks like the money and fame also comes with heavy responsibility. Not to mention the risk to your life.

"Appreciate the explanation. Well then, I'll take my leave here."

At the four's passionate speech, I turned around and attempted to make my exit only to have it hindered yet again.
I lost my chance to escape again just because I threw that adventurer question without thinking.

(Why... Are you really not going to let me skip this, 'event'...)

"Oy, what the hell are you guys up to! We're running way behind schedule! Quit slacking around!"

The man has a bandana wrapped on his head, multiple knives strapped on his waist, and a light chest protector made of leather as well as other tools, the very picture of a 'Thief' class.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 272

272 With Weapon in Hand...


I left the store with the two seeing me off.

(Still, my effort of swinging that stick for a whole week paid off if Minya couldn't see my iai.)

Thus I walked around while praising myself.
I didn't commission this katana just for my own satisfaction.
The idea is by carrying a weapon around, thugs won't bother me as easily.
It's hard to deny how suspicious I look with a hood and a mantle on along with the katana on my waist.

However, that was naive of me. There's no way I could avoid the fate of being 'dragged in' simply by carrying a weapon.
It just means people who react to me having a weapon, an unusual one like katana at that, will show up instead.
Something I failed to notice due to my good mood.

"Hey you there. That's quite an unusual sword you have. Do you mind if I have a look?"

That voice called out as I walked on a street with many food stalls on the roadsides.
I can't use 'Acceleration' to flee, would have quite a disastrous result if I tried.

(Uu... What now... I'm just here to get some food for lunch and some sightseeing.)

I was feeling so euphoric after getting this katana I completely forgot about my near curse quality of easily getting dragged into trouble.

The owner of that voice walked up close enough I could no longer just ignore him. A 'hot guy' wearing a silver armor, carrying a great sword almost as tall as he is, looking like a mercenary. Despite such heavy equipment, his stride was firm.

"Pardon me, but it's not something I'm willing to readily show to anybody. My apologies, but I must decline."

I had no choice but to respond here, with a firm refusal.
However, the neatly trimmed haired 'hot guy' wouldn't relent.

"Ah excuse my manner. But I just need a quick peek. In fact, I will pay you if you're willing to show me. Not a bad deal, don't you think? Tell me, that's a katana right? It's a really rare weapon, I can't contain my curiosity. What do you say? I hope you reconsider."

"I don't need money. I have plenty. Besides, I will not draw this katana haphazardly, do understand."
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I went harder with my refusal, but the hot guy still wouldn't pull back.

"Then how about a match with me? Seeing as you have that katana, you must be a 'Blademaster', am I wrong? The strong seek strong, or so they say."

(What the hell is that jungle line of thinking... Is this a survival of the fittest world or something?)

"I have no recollection of naming myself this 'Blademaster'. I believe you have a case of mistaken identity."

Knowing I had lost my chance to escape, I tried to end the conversation abruptly. But then, an awfully beautiful woman showed up from behind this hot guy.

"Hey? Then how about joining our dungeon delving party as a temporary member? I mean, you look super strong and all. My intuition is telling me, it must be right~."

(What the heck is this beauty talking about? How'd she jump there? Didn't she listen to our conversation? Is she an idiot?)

I can't even fathom the mental state of someone who'd invite a total stranger they just met that also clearly displayed rejection of them.

The beauty kept going on disregarding my feeling. We had already moved to the roadside before I realized even though I was called in the middle of a crowd.

"You can sell dungeon cores for lots of money! What do you think? Make you wanna get on board right! You can use the chance to show off your power and this guy here get to see that katana thing! To top it off, conquer the dungeon and we'd get our hands on fame and money! Isn't that nice!?"

The blond hair channel kept pressing on without asking me.
This blond haired blue eyed beauty wearing the mage attire from a certain famous RPG had a smug look on her face like, 'I just said good thing!'
<TLN: most likely referring to Dragon Quest.>

(Ah man she looks like the brainlet type... She's not gonna get it even if I said no to her face.)

"I don't need money. I don't need fame. I don't care about your opinion. I decline. I have no obligation to respond to your requests. If you'd excuse me now."

I turned around and tried to walk away only to have a big figure blocking my way.

"What are you guys doing? What's taking so long. We're leaving."

The big man spoke to the hot guy and the beauty while ignoring my presence
Standing in my way, stopping my advance.

"Hey, sorry about that. We're trying to recruit this guy to tackle that recently emerged dungeon in the kingdom."

The big man is carrying a huge shield on his back with an overpowering presence. He's got a clean shaved head, a scar on his cheek and sharp glints in his eyes.

"Fumu, you're strong. I welcome strong men like you. Good to have you around."

I'm gonna correct him for acting like I've agreed to it.
But still, how did they even deem that I'm strong from just a glance? I don't get their reasoning.
Not when I look like a 15 year old lackey who's just come of age no matter the angle.

"You're mistaken, I am not interested in mingling with you guys. I'm not going to that dungeon either. Feel free to go yourselves. Step aside."

I got a bit irritated and said all that to avoid more bother.
I'm getting fed up.

However, yet another new character showed up.
And of course she's wearing the clergy attire from that certain famous RPG.





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