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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 123

123 Freedom and Faith


I woke up feeling refreshed the morning after. The fluffy bed brought about a sleep so good I forgot everything.
But I quickly got dejected once I looked around.

(Ah, right, this place is the castle...)

Sunlight peeked from the window as the town below gradually brightened up.

(What do now? First thing first, gotta brush my teeth, wash my face and...)

Today's schedule was supposed to be a continuation of the tour. But we're currently under house arrest.

(Maybe we can just sneak out.)

That idea crossed my mind. There's a bit of time until the ceremony, it'd be boring if we holed ourselves up in the castle.
That was when maids entered my room after knocking without waiting for my answer, so I asked them.

"Has the princess said anything about our schedule?"

The answer to my question betrayed my expectations.
The princess herself answering was a surprise as well.

"The ceremony will be held in three days from now. You may do as you please until then. Please promise me to come back here by nighttime. We will not restrict you in any way whatsoever, please rest assured."

Food is being put on the table just like last night.
Looks like we're gonna have breakfast together again along with the elves.

"Well aren't you trusting. Then might as well resume the tour from yesterday after this meal."

I thought they'd confine us but it seems Reikana is bolder than expected.
Normally she'd want to ensure we won't escape after divulging so much to us, she's quite broadminded as it seems.

The breakfast was extravagant and tasty. I listened to the princess while feasting on it.

"I recommend the grand fountain in the center as a sightseeing spot. Oh if you're looking for a restaurant, I recommend the one just beyond the fountain. Ah, also there's quite a few of famous big stores, equipment stores, gift stores and such. I'll hand over the list later."

"Princess? Aren't you a bit too informed? Unusually so. Don't tell me you've been going out and about in downtown despite being a royalty and all..."

She turned her face away and started making excuse, 'T-they're inspections'.
It was so obvious her immaculate image she built so far crumbled down.

(Guess she's a wild horse in reality contrary to her image. Which princess again is that.)

The image of a certain princess floated up on my mind, I quickly erased.
The maid Hanna sent another murderous glare at me like usual, so I kept working on my food to finish it.

After meal time while we were having tea, I asked.

"So how do we go in and out of this castle? Do we gotta have a permit or a guide or something?"

"We have informed the gatekeepers, you can follow their instructions."

That means we can freely go and leave. I can't help but worry about that.
I mean someone who doesn't know our situation might go, 'Intruders! Eeei! All hands, gather round, gather round!' like in some period drama.
That was a point of worry, but the princess had already sent the words around.

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And thus, we're currently shopping around. For the sake of efficiency, I gave the elves money and let them scatter in all directions.
Moving in a group would draw attentions, also, it's just a bother. The town is as lively or even more livelier than the commercial city.
I went with the flow in the shopping district as I looked around at all the stores.

That must be why. I came across another template here.

(Why was an encounter with pickpocket this laser focused anyway?)

What got stolen was my wallet with small change. Of all things.
Serena was the only reason I noticed. I was totally oblivious.

"Milord, how should we settle this? Should I turn him into a bloodbath here and now..."

"Oy! What's up with that extreme idea of yours!? No, just don't. I'm still gonna get my money back though."

Is it just me or has Serena changed compared to before?
Despite thinking that, I had my sight locked on the boy disappearing into the crowd.
Then I quietly tailed him. While letting the boy who kept glancing back to think, 'He hasn't found out yet'.

(But, just what is this? Everywhere I go is a minefield? But there's way too many fields. I had an inkling that I'd get into a lot of mess when I first set out of the village, but never would have I imagined it'd be this bad.)

The plan at first was to find job at the commercial city somehow, vague and optimistic that may be, then I'd just live quietly while working normally.

And yet see where I am now, going after a pickpocketer.

(Who should I direct this grudge to....)

The two of us followed the boy into a narrow alleyway.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 122

122 Ominous Feeling and Magic Beast


I threw a question while we were eating.

"What's that Goldeuro guy's secret weapon supposed to be anyway? I haven't heard anything concrete. Tell me."

The princess's personal maid, Hanna, standing near the door is glaring hard at me. Looks like she doesn't like my guts, but I don't care. We'd never see each other again once this is all over anyway.

"From what we have investigated, it appears to be a 'magic beast'. We are unable to find out further. We managed to pinpoint what seemed to be their research facility once, but by the time we arrived there, it had been vacated."

I recalled the magic beast I met at the village. I beat that thing in one hit, but the magic beast this time will affect the fate of an entire country. And I have no idea how much power should I use to 'beat it up'.
I'd like to avoid collateral damage, but there's no telling how big the shock waves would end up.
I have never exerted my full strength even once, thus I'm not sure how much power should I use on that magic beast.
Heck, we don't even have a clue just how powerful this magic beast is, so there's no rehearsal.

"We predicted it's a magic beast after investigating the few remaining documents left in the facility. It's a result of consulting to as many authorities in the field as we could find."

(Ah, right, I could just ask the elves to deal with it. I mean these girls are plenty strong, not like they need me, do they?)

"Afterward, we looked into people of the empire leaving no stone unturned, but we failed to even find a hint. It would have been a simple matter had they just deployed magic beasts to bolster their ranks, but I could not shake the ominous feeling."

(Looks like they got it rough. Still wish they didn't drag me into this though. I'm not this country's citizen. Heck, I'm not even this world's.)

"...So why me? You never doubted me even once from the beginning, not even a suspicious glance, didn't you? What's the basis for such unconditional trust? Frankly speaking, that's not normal. Going so far."

This was my only chance to ask the thing that had been bugging me.

"You likely will not believe it. It's intuition."
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"...How wild is this 'intuition' of yours to not even warrant a push back from your subordinates..."

I may have destroyed a syndicate they marked, but I'm of completely unknown origin, yet she scouted and even brought me into the imperial castle. All done by the princess herself.
Her actions don't seem normal. Fantasy? Not many of that even have this kind of development.

And yet all that was driven by such an uncertain factor as the princess's 'intuition'. Her subordinates didn't stop her. Showing how highly regarded this 'intuition' is.
The deepest mystery I should be wary of is not that magic beast, but this Reikana's 'intuition'.

"A while after having that ominous feeling, the matter about you came up. At that point, I was only planning to invite you as an additional force, but the more I talk with you like this, I come to bear a reassuring feeling. Even though the ceremony is still in the future. It's all right now, I have that conviction."

(What is this, ***** in the shell? Is it like ghost whisper?)

Once we were done with our meal, the maids came in and carried the dishes away.

"We have nothing else but you to depend on this matter."

The princess lowered her head down. Even the glaring Hanna followed her. I can feel how much they had been driven into the corner.

"Got it. I'll do what I can. So lift your head. Royalties ain't supposed to lower their heads willy-nilly. Especially to a pleb like me yeah? That's bad, y'know. Your head ain't something that cheap, is it?"

Looks like I really am her last hope, the princess had a stiff expression as she bowed.

(You'd even grasp at the straw when you're drowning huh. But it really does seem like she's convinced of what's gonna happen. So curious.)

Reikana silently left the room afterward.

"Welp, time to take a bath and get some quality sleep. Can't remember the last time I had a fluffy bed."

"Tonight, attendance..."

"I don't need that stuff, seriously."

(Haven't you given up yet!?)

Instant rejection. Once I drove away the elves emanating a disappointed aura, I jumped in the bath.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 121

121 Unfurling


We were led to our rooms afterward. A room for each of us, really gorgeous ones.
Apparently the meal will be delivered to our rooms. So far so good, nothing unusual.
But not really. In reality, this is a house arrest. The rooms are equipped with all kinds of facility.
Toilet, bath, bed, drawers with change of clothes, a pitcher on the table, a view of the vast city on the window, and chairs on the veranda to gaze at this view.
Just how much money is spent on these. If converted to an inn. Ringing a bell will summon maids that will attend to your need. All so thorough.
However, there are two guards standing by outside the room as if telling us not to take even a step out.
Sure, we don't have any business prowling around the castle.
We'd probably get arrested right away if someone from their side isn't accompanying us.
However, that probably won't happen either way. After all we are the princess's 'safeguard'.
Seeing how frantic she was in trying to get us on her side without showing a shadow of doubt, there's no way she'd let us get in trouble.
And one more, these elves are strong. I can't see them getting captured easily.
They probably can easily get away from these rooms 'too' if they just used spirit magic.

"Haa, alone time at last. Let's savor this opportunity."

This in itself made me glad I took up the offer.

(No wait, even if we stayed in an inn, I would have got my own room either way, guess it's still a loss now that we're involved in a mess.)

As I didn't have anything else to do, I started working out. Form training too.
I felt totally refreshed after moving my whole body, something I hadn't done in a while.
I tried to forget about everything and focused on the workout.
Stretching, radio gymnastic, bi**y bootcamp, fully focused until mealtime.
This might be the first time in my life I could use all my time for working out since I had to split it with living when I was in the village.

As I was thinking that, my meal was brought in. Being so engrossed I lost track of time like this, I realized just how much frustration had been piling up.
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(To think I even overlooked that the sunlight had been replaced with the magic lamp lights...)

Shows how much I have been minding the elves. I could focus so much when I'm by myself, I really am fit to be alone.
The table kept getting added with food while I was thinking.
Overflowing luxurious food kept getting carried to the point of excessive.

"Why's there so much!? Eh? Wait, there's more!?"

They even brought in a new table and put more food on it.
'Please take your time', the maids left after pouring water on the cups.

"Oy, what's going on..."

The elves came in place of the maids. Along with princess Reikana.

"Would you like to have a meal together? Or is it a problem?"

I couldn't say no when told that with a smile, and replied, 'Feel free to'.

Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 120

120 Value of Power


"I bear not ambition to assume the throne. However, with my position comes responsibility. Thus I wish to be of use to this country. No, I suppose that expression is not quite sufficient. It should be that I am fully prepared to become a supporting pillar of this empire. Even that is still insufficient to express my readiness."

The princess calmly spoke with 'weight' behind her words.

"Alvart-niisama is sure to become a wise emperor. His reign shall be firm, bringing about unshakable peace and prosperity. However, he is also rather inept in specific fields such as military, war insight, and army. Thus, even if I go to him with this information, he surely won't take it seriously."

She's perceptive of her brother's strength and weakness, and it seems she hasn't told him about all this.

"As I have mentioned earlier, Goldeuro-niisama is a man who believes the world revolves around him. The instance this empire falls on his lap, he will for sure declare war on the kingdom. Using a completely unjustifiable pretext."

The little sister went ahead and talked trash about this Goldeuro man is.

"As one with the emperor's blood running through my veins, I am obliged to bring peace and stability to the people. I wish to avoid unnecessary damage and agony in this matter. To that end, I am not afraid of carrying out dirty work behind the scene. Even if it means killing my own brother."

I can feel the resoluteness of her will. She clenched her fists as she showed her willingness to kill her own blood relative.

I threw a question here.
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"Why don't you talk to the emperor then? All the more with your line of thinking. There must be a reason, no? A troublesome one at that."

"...His majesty is fully aware of this matter. He's letting us do as we please, no. He's screening us."

This emperor sounds pretty wicked and cruel. Scary, I absolutely don't want to get near him.

"In order to rule over this vast nation, one must possess the 'power', be it in any form. That is what his majesty believes. If Goldeuro-niisama succeeds then that is the end of it, but if Alvart-niisama managed to repulse him, that too is acceptable. His majesty recognizes Alvart-niisama. Yet, if Goldeuro-niisama demonstrates the 'power' to overthrow him, his majesty welcomes that too."

"You're saying that if this Goldeuro guy can scheme up ways to seize the throne and carries it out successfully, that's a form of power? A measure of standard that ends with his own death... this emperor sounds way extreme..."

I got a bit dizzy from hearing the extent of madness this emperor has.
Is that a normal thought process in this world? Or does that depends on the country? Or maybe it's the emperor's individual character?

"Had he truly possessed such power, he would surely bring victory in wars. And I do not wish for war. Regardless of our assured victory, it would cause thousands, tens of thousands deaths. Both to the countries invading and invaded. Thus, I am willing to bet my all to stop Goldeuro-niisama. And that is the reason I sought you out."

I still have absolutely no clue just on what ground does her trust on me stand. Can it be 'Intuition'?
But after hearing her resolution as a princess and her own thought as Reikana, I'll let it slide.

"I never imagined I would divulge this much when I went to you to ask for your cooperation."

A gaze full of resolution aimed at me. I smiled at that.

(I never thought I'd get abducted and reincarnated to this world too, then got raised as a normal villager who went on to meet and have a conversation with a princess, imagine that.)

Despite the irony playing in my mind, I kept it to myself.

The only reason I asked all this was to smash the flag of 'receiving reward' at the end.
I told her I don't need reward. In exchange I asked what her deal is.
This is all for the sake of scurrying away once I've done my job.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 119

119 Do You Want to Know How People See You Like?


"That's all. Happy now?"

I finished telling them the gist of things.
Gain's face warped looking like he was enduring saying, 'Stop speaking nonsense', and Hanna wasn't even trying to hide her 'What is this guy spouting off?' face.
Contrary to that, Reikana kept listening to me with a straight face.
I knew it would turn out like this, but calmly giving that explanation really gives me the perspective on how other people see me like.

A stupid brat, a child who talks big only to get their lies blown right away, a dumbass who's narrating an obvious drivel boastfully.
My narration must have sounded like those.

However, in this silence, only Reikana kept her serious look without showing any sign of distrust.

"Just how vast is the extent of your strength?"

I was a bit surprised to hear that from her. As there was not even a hint of 'doubt' in it.

"...Frankly, I'm not sure myself."

That's the only answer I could offer. Surely that's not the answer the princess is hoping. Is she gonna get disappointed?
Or so I thought yet Reikana giggled, 'Fufu', instead.

"With this, Goldeuro-niisama's secret weapon will crumble down. Finally it's a load off my shoulders."

I still don't get what compels this princess to trust me this much.
Yet it's weird how I don't feel creeped out by that.

We're still not told what this secret weapon is. Only the fact that the second prince is aiming for the crown prince's life. And that will likely take place during an upcoming ceremony, all so vague with nothing concrete.

"Crown prince, Alvart-niisama is a gentle man. However, his prowess in politics and economics is guaranteed, he will surely lead the empire reasonably well. On the other hand, Goldeuro-niisama has a strong ego and a personality that must place himself in the center of everything. He has been planning this for many years, culminating in the ceremony."
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In most stories, either the protagonist will be conveniently clever, or they have capable friends who help them solve difficult problems.
The royal road. But I have no wisdom nor the wits to speak of.
The only thing I can do is bulldozing through sheer force. That's it. Possible through a monstrous 'power'.
Considering that, I could just imagine what's coming.
No foresight, like to act on impulse without thinking of consequences, and easy to get washed away in the flow.

(Gotta prepare an escape path... Timing is important...)

If I don't quickly make my way out once everything is over, they might interrogate me and drag me into more mess.
Gotta disappear once the situation is under control and not wait for the clean up.

"What should we do until then? And what are we going to be treated as from tomorrow on?"

"Yes. Please stay in the castle as my guests. You are to act as my bodyguards during the ceremony. Considering Goldeuro-niisama's personality, he will surely make his move there. And he must use the opportunity to flaunt his power to other imperial family members with succession rights. Showing them that he has the strength fit to be the emperor. I wish for you to tear down onii-sama's secret weapon there."

"What about our reward? In advance? Or after? ...Wait, nah I don't need it."

"Eh? Um? Why would you not want to? I shall prepare any reward within my power. I am even prepared for something slightly unreasonable."

"Then, tell me this. Why are you bent on a direct confrontation if you're so worried? Heck, with so much information, you could have taken the first seat even. Or you could even just disregard everything, not like it affects you. Tell me what's your deal?"

The room was wrapped in silence. Reikana closed her eyes to ruminate her answer.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 118

118 Distrust and Sincerity


Someone opened the door and entered the room right after I said that.

"You have my thanks for your positive reply. Or should I say, long time no see?"

I saw this person before. At the Daily Special Diner.

"It's nice to see you again. I am Gain. Best regards."

I ignored him. I couldn't erase his conniving first impression from my mind after all.

"Hmm, have I done something to offend you perhaps?"

Gain's words didn't sit well with me. I look like a sulking child here.

"Hello, nice to meet you."

I smiled and greeted back acting like my attitude earlier never happened. A business smile I honed in my past life.
That made Gain act wary instead.

Seeing me who never uttered my name even after coming this far, both the maid Hanna and Gain turned their bare suspicious gazes at me.
Reikana was the only one who didn't mind. No, that might just be on the surface. Guess this is what you call tact.
Reikana spoke to me with her eyes looking straight at me.

"We have divulged to you how we had people monitoring you. That is something I cannot apologize for. Allow me to say this as to not invite misunderstandings. I am prepared to use any and all means in order to protect this country. One of which is requesting your cooperation. However, I have no intention of abusing my authority to that end. I would have honored my promise had you declined."

At the end of the day, I'm the one to blame for not having the courage to refuse her. No matter how much I keep saying I don't want to get into a mess, now that I've agreed to it, I'm gonna see this through to the end.

Gain threw a question here.

"As we we now have secured your help, I'd like to ask one thing, just how exactly did you destroy the 'Syndicate'? I hurriedly made my way here the moment I received that information, sparing no time to investigate further. It would be great if I could hear the detail straight from the person in question himself."

"...Telling you that won't make for a good reference, and you probably wouldn't believe it anyway, so no."

I mean, that story would have made them more suspicious of me, plummeting their trust or sounding like a tall one.

(I wouldn't have believed it myself if someone told me that. You'll never get it unless you were there in person, watching as it happens.)

Is there even anyone in this world capable of utterly slaughtering 50 thugs in the blink of an eye?
Thinking again, I must be a 'monster'. And that's final. Terms like extraordinary or abnormal are simply not enough. It's not like I don't get it.

Even so, Reikana asked.

"I shall not deny it no matter how tall the tale may be. Please, would you be so kind as to impart us."

The gazes Gain and Hanna are sending at me since earlier are akin to hostility. And they're not even trying to hide it. They can't let my rude behavior slide even if the princess herself tells them it's fine. Guess it's only natural for those who serve the royalty.
But they must be questioning just what exactly do I have to warrant such a respect from her. It would bring nothing to the table if it were mere stuff like positions, prestige or authority.

But one person alone is staring at me with the most sincere gaze showing her nobility and earnestness.

(Haa, laugh all you want then, I don't care. I mean they for sure won't believe it anyway.)

I sighed once. Thus I started to unwillingly narrate my story.
From the moment Eltros messed with Aryl's business to my departure from the commercial city.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 117

117 Giving Up


How did it come to this? Something like this can't possibly be an everyday occurrence.
Even my past life, in private and work related, had never been in anything like this.
But it's a classic development in fantasy stories.
And I never would have thought I would end up having a role in one. You don't normally expect to get yourself in this kind of mess.

First of all, there's no 'Connection'. I'm just a villager. I got banished from that community, without an aim or a concrete goal, a homeless jobless nobody, why would an imperial family even had their eye on me. Really, just where did it all come from?

Though even before that, what seems to be my 'soul' got kidnapped by a god and forcefully reincarnated here. I guess that's a far bigger deal than stuff like this.
I'm currently inside the imperial castle, in the princess room even.

"Allow me to reiterate, as a reaffirmation."

Thus Reikana spoke after sipping her tea while sitting in her sofa. She's changed into a dress after entering the castle, magnifying her charm even more.
All the elves are here. She asked me at the tavern to lend her our strength, all of us so I introduced them here.
She's even going to provide our lodging and meals, in the castle. We're being treated as guests.

I had to cancel our booking at the inn thanks to it, but it was a smooth process, just had to pay the cancellation fee. The inn didn't make it more difficult for us either. As expected of a well regarded inn.

I had that random thought while listening to her explanation.
Doesn't feel real, of course. How do you expect a commoner to get used to a castle?
Fragrance of the tea served to us tickled my nose, making it feel like a nightmare.

"Please, I beg of you. Would you lend us a helping hand?"

The princess said these words again after all this. Naturally.
She offered a reward for listening to her. Which is lodging and meals in the castle.
That's not something normally attainable to plebeians. The sum must be astronomical when converted to money.

As I blankly stared at the ceiling while not caring less about that, I muttered, 'Yep no way to skirt this.'
The maid called Hanna is still sending a 'lese majeste!' glance at me.

Yep, this is now the time to choose accept or not. And yet it feels like I'm looking at a monitor with no 'Not accept' option anywhere.
Yes, I'm getting rewarded if I accept, but honestly, the best possible reward for me would be avoiding this mess.

"Serena, what do you think? Should we accept? If we did, we'd have to extend our stay for days though."

The elves look at one another, still under their hoods. We're still hiding the fact that they are elves. Or rather, I don't plan to divulge.
Seeing as Reikana never complained even once despite having six of them hidden under hoods inside the castle, I see that she must be quite broadminded.

"We shall abide by milord's wish."

Daily Special Diner was a cover for their intelligence agency. They would put people who stumbled their way into the diner and looked suspicious under watch.
They had people constantly monitoring the crime syndicate, thus they immediately found out about its demolition. They knew that I was the perpetrator right then and there. And even how I was heading to the empire.
That was all enumerated in Reikana's explanation. Without hiding anything.
As my goal of quietly living to the end crumbles to pieces, I thus answer.

"I got it. I'll help. Ah, whatever goes, I don't care anymore..."




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