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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-3

17-3. Garden Party (2)


Satou here. The original works of famous picture book stories sometimes have grotesque part in them. Though the gore, bad environment and unfortunate ending may have a point for moral lessons, I'd prefer pointless bad ends that only serve to worsen your overall impression of the work to stop.

"Oh I know that one!"

Someone reacted to the ominous-sounding term, "End of the World", uttered by princess Maryest.

"It's a line the Demon God said to hero in the 『Hero Bridegroom』 desuwa!"

Lady Karina who was competing for jerky with Pochi and Tama walked here with eyes sparkling.
She must be eager to join in a conversation about heroes topic she loves so much.

"Yes, that's correct."

Princess Maryest gave a confirmation.

"I expected no less from the daughter of Marquis Leon Muno, the leading expert of hero research. The line was only written in the first edition, as such only a few know it."
"Our family has the first edition of the book granted to us by His Majesty! 『Hero Bridegroom』 story is my favorite, I can recite all the scenes I love just from memory!"

This [Hero Bridegroom] the girls are talking about is apparently a fairy tale featuring the first generation Hero who founded Saga Empire as the protagonist.

The story is divided by first and later parts, the first part depicts the hero working together with God Parion who made her advent into a mortal body to clash against the demon god who was leading seven demon lords, and then banishing them to the moon beyond the void. The ominous sounding line earlier is said by the losing demon god to the hero during the climax.
The latter part plays exactly like the title suggests, it's about the hero clearing trials of the gods until he got invited to the Realm of Gods as a demi god, in order to marry God Parion.

Perhaps the black haired man who stopped the revival of Demon God at Saga Empire was the first generation hero--naw, no way. Mixing fiction and reality wouldn't even be a good joke.

That reminds me, I once read Pochi and Tama a picture book with similar story but the content differed a bit. At the very least, no dangerous sounding words like [End of the World] came up.
That picture book probably underwent a lot of revisions to make it suitable for children.

"So, just what's this 『End of the World』 really anyway?"

Arisa urged impatiently.

"Demon god said this to hero--"

Lady Karina adjusts her tone and recites the demon god's line by memory.

『Such futile attempts. No matter how many times you are reborn, your wish shan't ever be granted.』

--Just getting reborn is a no no. The lifespan of gods is just different from mortals, you see.

Overlapping with Lady Karina's voice, someone's else voice resurfaced in my mind.

『No, that can't be! I will definitely make it happen! Even God wills it!』
『It matters not what the little goddess desires, human cannot be as god.』

--Gods aren't omnipotent enough to hand out divinity whenever they want, you see.

I can't remember just when did I hear those words.

『Be it hundreds, thousands together, tis' a feat unattainable by a plebeian such as you.』

--If one portion of soul is not enough, you've just gotta piece together a whole lot of them.

The young sounding voice made a refrain in my mind.


Tama suddenly twined herself around my neck.

"You 'kay~?"

Tama is looking up at me with clear eyes.
The lines of sight of other girls have gathered at me as well.

Looks like I got lost in thought and missed Lady Karina's narration.

"Thanks, Tama. It's nothing."

The latter was for the girls who were looking at me anxiously.

"Sorry, I missed it halfway through. So what is this 『End of the World』 anyway?"
"It can't be helped. I'll go through it once again for you."

Without looking offended in the least, Lady Karina recited back the story.
Looks like I was lost there for quite a while from the [hundreds, thousands] part.

The problematic words turned up when the demon god was getting banished to the moon by a jet black holy sword created by the dragon god.

『O Hero, fearsome hero who surpasses even me, demon god. Powerful you may be, end of the world shall cometh as a fate unaltered withal.』
『End of the world? As long as I'm alive, I won't let you guys do as you please to this world God cherishes!』
『Listen well, o my nemesis. In the distant future, there be three great demon lords who shall attempt to destroy the world. Take heed for that is the bell tolling the end of the world.』
『This world won't end! As I will become god's familiar and protect the world!』
『Then you shall prove those words. I shall rise again at the eve of the [End of the World]. Let us meet again hath you truly succeeded ascending to God's Throne.』

I see, an omen for the [End of the World] is supposed to be the appearances of the three great demon lords, the [Golden Wild Boar King], the [Dog-head Ancient King], and [Goblin Demon Lord].

"Then perhaps that black-haired man was..."

Arisa put on a look on her face like she was going to take the fiction seriously and claim that the black-haired man who stopped the demon god's revival was the first generation hero.

"It's just a fiction, Arisa."
"...You're right."

If the first gen. hero really managed to become a demi-god, Aze-san would have cited him as a successful example when I asked her about god's ascension.

"But, Satou."

Hikaru points at herself.

Oh right, Hikaru managed to propel herself 600 years into the future from the founding of Shiga Kingdom by means of a magically-induced artificial hibernation.
The first gen. hero is someone from an era twice as far back as that, but surviving this long should be feasible by using rejuvenating medicine multiple times.

"Master! They have a champagne tower set up over there, so I inform."
"Master, it's amazing nodesu! It's super duper amazing nodesu!"
"Master, they are preparing a whole roast of Dragon Snake (Naga) over there. Would you like to go check it together?"

Nana, Pochi and Liza blew away the heavy mood around us with their cheerful voices.

"Lulu is the one adjusting fire on that whole roast, so please if you could!"
"Thank you, well then, let's go check it out everyone."

When I think about it, even if the first generation hero is still alive today, it changes nothing.
Would rather if the demon god doesn't get revived though.

"Master, this roast was sponsored by everyone from Echigoya Firm."

All members of Echigoya Firm are present next to Lulu.

"Lord Pendragon, congratulations for the formation of your private knights."
"Thank you, General Manager Elterina."

When I thanked her, she closed her eyes, looking deeply moved.

"Congratulations, Lord Pendragon. We are truly grateful that you would order Bridal Knights' equipment through us."

Tifaliza who was accompanying the manager thanked me with her usual sagacious eyes.
The wedding dress-fashioned dress armor had its final assembly and decoration finished at Echigoya Firm, probably to hide it from me.

"I never would have thought that those who do not excel in combat prowess could join the private knights as well."

Tifaliza murmured in a voice so low I couldn't have picked it up without the [Attentive Ear] skill.
Her eyes were set at Miss Rina the governor rep of Brighton City.

"Ah, she will be in charge of managing the private knights' stronghold."

Perhaps Tifaliza would like to join the private knights?

"Then, would it be satisfactory if we take upon ourselves to manage the logistics?"
"That's a great idea!"

The manager was completely on board Tifaliza's idea.
Looks like both the manager and Tifaliza wanted to join in the knights.

Though it will likely invite suspicions about my relation with Kuro, people already regard me as either [The other Nanashi], or [Dragon's Avatar aiding Nanashi] or [One of Hero Nanashi's Subordinate] anyway, it's way too late to fuss over that.
Besides, I should reward these girls for always working hard behind the scene as the [Unsung Heroes].

I nod at the two who look up at me anxiously.

"Very well, I'll entrust our logistics and maintenance of equipment to Echigoya Firm."
"Thank you very much!"
"We will exert our very best to serve you."

The manager and Tifaliza's smiles bloomed.

"We will inform the other members as well."
"More importantly, gotta make additional orders for dress armor!"

The two left after saying, "Please excuse us, Ku--Lord Pendragon!"

Don't tell me, they wanted to join Bridal Knights solely because they wanted to wear the dress armor.

"They must be over the moon."

I agree with Arisa who muttered thus as they left.

They even almost referred me as Kuro by mistake after all.

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"Haa, that was fun, and tiring~"

Arisa sat down in the sofa while sighing, "Heave-ho."

"The bath is ready and all, how about soaking our fatigue away in it."
"Master, let's go in together."
"Nn, together."
"Wash your back~?"
"Pochi will wash to nodesu! Pochi is a pro at washing back nanodesuyo!"

The youth troupe invited me to a bath, but since I wanted to do a bit more light work on the stuff I was doing before the ceremony, I declined their offer.

Looking outside through the window, I saw the full moon clad in a dim purple light.

"It's the purple moon."
"Purple moon?"

I parroted Hikaru's murmur to ask her back.

"I guess it's a kind of good omen? Because it's said that the purple color signifies that the demon god is rampaging around trying to break out of its seal."
"It's trying to break out yet it's a good omen?"
"Un, it is. Since the fact that it's trying to break out means 『The Demon God's seal has not come undone』."
"I see."

That's one way to look at it--.
Hikaru smiled at me as I nodded and followed after the other girls to the bathroom.

I look at the moon again.

In the first place, is the demon god really sealed?

To the extent of my knowledge, the demon god has partially summoned his hair, and has been handing out his fragments to reincarnated people even now.

"Guess I'm overthinking it..."

If he wasn't sealed, the great weasel demon lord and goblin demon lord wouldn't have attempted to unseal him.
If I had to say, guess it's like the gap on the seal is loosening?


I aborted my thought process which was heading to a weird direction.
Gotta be careful not to raise some unnecessary flag and get the seal broken.

Next morning--.

"Master, you have a visitor."

I was woken up by a maid and went to the entrance--not the guest room for some reason--there, Heim of Shiga Eights Swords was waiting for me.

He's already putting on a dire face this early in the morning.

"Earl Pendragon, please pardon me for visiting so early. There is something I would like to show you."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 6.7_8_9_10_11


"AAAAAAH! Found ya! Finally found ya. Hey you, stop right there! I told you to stop!"

Lecan kept walking on without paying attention to a voice echoing in the busy street as he didn't think the caller was referring to him. He'd be late to work if he dawdled on.

"I told, you, to, STOP."

When he noticed through <Life Detection> and <3D Perception> that the suspicious person was going straight at him while pushing away other passerby, Lecan turned around.

"Who are you."

"Didcha forgot?! I'm Eda. We worked together as Chaney's escort, remember?"

"You were nothing but a drag."

"So you do remember! Oy, Lecan. Why'd you leave me behind."

"Once the job is over, you're nothing but a stranger. And it was you who slept in when I left the inn."

"Dontcha taught manner geez. I mean, we're comrades and all."


"What are you up to now?"

"I have nothing to say to you."

"I been taking on quests at the Adventurer's Association just so ya know."

"Really. See you."

"Ah, hey don't go off on your own you."

Eda kept talking on and on while persistently following Lecan, while Lecan himself paid her no heed. But then he recalled something and stopped in his tracks. Eda knocked against him hard from behind.

"Ow ow ow. Dangit you! The heck didcha stop suddenly. That's dangerous!"


"What now."

"Possess mana."


"Go study magic. You should have an aptitude."

Then Lecan walked away just like that. Eda froze for a while before she ran after him in a great haste. After all, Eda has a much smaller stature than Lecan, and Lecan is quick on his feet.

"Y-y-y-you. W-w-what are ya sayin'? W-what about me and mana?"

"I'm telling you that you possess mana."

"No way. I have mana, me?"

"You probably never tried to check it."

"How'd you even check out stuff like that."

Lecan leaped over a wall without saying anything back. And then he hopped up the walls and went along roofs toward Shira's house.

Eda was howling about something, but he completely ignored her.


The medicine making resumed.

A day after Lecan met Eda again, they finished making pills intended for different symptoms.

Pharmacies sell these by mixing them with less effective powdered medicine. Of course, guests of honor get to buy the whole pills.

Lecan learned <Appraisal> magic that same day.

He was able to learn it right away, but it was completely unusable for him.

"Don't rush it. The real battle for <Appraisal> begins after you've learned it."

"The result of appraisal comes up in my mind, but I can't make out what it means at all."

"Of course you wouldn't. The one doing appraising has got to make a saucer of meaning on their side."

"What should I do."

"For example, see this desk here. What kind of result you think will come out if you appraise this without any condition?"

"Desk of course."

"Wrong. The right answer is <Wood>."

"The name of its raw material?"

"More precisely, it's about standpoints. This looks like a <desk> at the convenience of men, no? To people who have no concept of desk nor understand how a desk works, getting <Desk> as the result of appraisal would be meaningless. Don't you think so?"


"As such. Try to read the appraisal result while strongly wishing to understand its value to human. Eventually, you'll get the result you seek. As you get better at it, eventually even words you don't know will come up as appraisal's results."

"Unknown words?"

"For instance, someone getting <Crossbow> word as a result of appraising a crossbow even though they have no idea what a crossbow is."

"Isn't that just obvious."

"Being able to appraise something you have knowledge about is actually quite amazing you know. Well either way. Just keep at it. If you have dungeon items, try to appraise those. Dungeon items have fixed meaning, so they're really easy to appraise, you see."

"That's a nice piece of info."

Lecan took potions out of <Storage> and appraised every one of them.

"I see it."

"Yep, keep it up."

That night in Lecan's room at the inn, he took the jewel Lady Rubianafale exchanged with him and put it under <Appraisal>.

<Name: Guardian Jewel of Zana>

<Item Name: Jewel>

<Grace: Boost Physical Attack, Supplement User's Mana, Null Curse>

--I got it read!

Lady Rubianafale's jewel really does boost physical attack. It even has the wonderful <Null Curse> effect. But just what is <Supplement User's Mana> supposed to be.

Looking back at his fight against the earth dragon Toron, the mana lost from using <Gust> was still gone until he recharged it using magic gems. To begin with, this jewel gives a boost to physical attacks, not magical attack. Yet why would it have <Supplement User's Mana> Grace.

Lecan hesitates to consult to Shira about this jewel.

It should become clear sooner or later anyway. He decided to look forward to that day.

Next, he took out his trusty sword.

<Name: None>

<Item Name: Sword>

<Grace: Self-Restoration>

Lecan was relieved that he could read the enchanted effect, but he felt that the information he got was slightly lacking.

Next he took out the silver ring and appraised it.

<Name: None>

<Item Name: Ring>

<Graces: Resist Abnormal Status, Resist Poison, Resist Curse>

The abilities he got put on the ring by paying a hefty amount of money to an enchanter seem to be treated as Graces here in this world.

He took more items from <Storage> and appraised them all.

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Two days later, they finished making antidote. This took an entire day.

The antidote is made of 10 kinds of herbs, two kinds of moss, and one kind of leaf bud as raw materials, then two kinds of minerals are added to combat deterioration, the antidote is in the form of pills and works on seven types of poisons. These pills aren't sold over the counter at pharmacies, but only to special customers. Lecan got some himself.

The next day, they finished making a medicine that suppresses all kinds of cold symptoms. It's pills again.

This one took two days, next they would complete cure-all.

Cure-all is a pill-shaped medicine that works on a wide range of internal organ illnesses. It has a pain relief effect and even a weak detoxifying effect. As this one is always on demand at every store, they made a lot of it. After kneading, kneading, and kneading on pills all day long, Lecan even started to hallucinate himself becoming a pill.

Two days after that, while they were busy working in the basement, Shira suddenly had a dubious look on her face.

"Oh ho? Someone's here. Doesn't seem to be the lord's messenger though. I wonder who."

Lecan has detected the visitor as well.

"Weird. Think I know this person. But there's no way she'd get to this place."

The two paused working and went above ground.

"Open up! Open uuuup. I beg you, please open this door."

"Might be better to leave her be."

"You know her right? Don't you think that's too cold."

"Guess she'd knock the door down if we leave her alone."

"Go open it up."

Eda was standing outside when Lecan opened the door.

"Finally meet you!"

"What do you want."

"Let me inside please."

"This isn't my house."

"It's the apothecary Shira-san's right?"

"...What are you here for."

"No well, I wanted to see you, see. So I went to Aira at the Adventurer Association and then she said I'd find out if I went to apothecary Shira-san's house. She even drew me a map."

"I'm amazed you managed to make your way here."

"Took me two days."

"I see. Must have been hard. Well then."

"Stop! Don't close the door."

"Oh let her inside. I'll go get tea ready."

"T-thank you very much ssu."


"W-what now."

"So you can talk like that."


"So you were looking for me to teach you magic."

"I want you to teach me how to learn magic. This tea is really good ssu. Shira-san, you're really good at making tea ssune."

"Oh is that true. I'm glad to hear that."

"I have no clue how to teach someone magic, nor can I point you to someone who can. Go home."

"How about you try teaching her."

"Shira-san, I'm really happy ssu."

"Lecan. You can learn many things by teaching others. You will obtain many new magic from here on. But that's only on the surface. By teaching others, you will notice things you cannot notice on your own. It may look like a waste of time in a roundabout way, but doing so will ultimately pave a shortcut toward bigger meaningful things."

Shira ordered Lecan to teach Eda magic.

Lecan had no choice but to reluctantly agree to it.

"So, Eda-chan. You must be mainly taking service quests, aren't you."

"How'd you know?"

"Which means, you must be busy in daytime. Come here in the evening every day."

"Here? Again? Wonder if I could manage..."

"You must not practice magic in any other place than here. And you must not tell anyone that you're learning magic. This is something far bigger than you could ever imagine. Things would turn messy if people found out about it."

It was Lecan who told Eda to learn magic.

However, this girl looks like she's got an extremely low learning capacity.

There's no way she could learn magic, such was his hunch.


They finished with the medicine-making for that day and thus, Lecan began teaching Eda magic.

He had to verbalize the sensation he felt into words when it came down to the actual teaching. And it was more difficult than he had ever expected.

While recalling how and what Shira did and said when she was teaching him, Lecan made an attempt to convey how it felt to cast magic.

Eda was desperately trying as well, but there was absolutely no hint of magic getting activated to the end of the day.

However, there was one thing that Eda managed to instantly pull off.

When Lecan climbed up the stakes on his way back, Eda imitated him in no time at all. Climbing up stakes hammered in a wall using only your feet may look simple, but it's actually not. Even Lecan had to borrow the power of <Gust> at the last spurt when he first did it. The fact that she pulled it off without any problem on her first try means that she's got an extremely agile body.

The next day, Eda came slightly earlier than the agreed time, before evening.

When Lecan and Shira were done with their work and went to Jericho's room, the two were playing together in harmony.

"I brought Jericho's favorite fruits. And Jericho shared his special snacks for me in return."

Eda was full of motivation, but she couldn't cast magic either that day.

They finally finished preparing cure-all that day.

From tomorrow on, they would begin making preparation works for later time instead of making medicines.

In other words, in preparation for when they got other ingredients, they would be turning herbs into powder or liquid and put it into pots. The work of dividing and putting the exact amount into small pots needed quite the patience.

On the fifth day after Eda started learning magic.

Poof, <Lamplight> was cast.

Eda stared at the light at her fingertip like she couldn't believe what she saw.

That light fizzled out, she chanted the spell again.

A light lit up once again.

Eda burst into tears. Jericho held her shoulder while patting her back. Eda hugged Jericho and bawled out.

"I-I. The first time. This is the first time I succeeded at something someone taught me. And, and it's magic. Magic! I-I'm not a good-for-nothing. I-I'm a mage!"

She was pushing her tears and snot filled face against Jericho, but Jericho gently hugged Eda back without looking disgusted in the slightest.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 253

Chapter 256 Strongest Sage, Finishes Training


About two months since we started training.
I checked out the girls' magic control after our usual training... And made a declaration.

"Alright, today marks the end of our magic control training."

"Eh... Are you sure we're fine already?"

Ruli sounded surprised when she heard me.
Looks like Ruli herself is still not aware at how much stronger she's become.

"It's fine... I cannot absolutely guarantee your safety in the fight against Grevil of course, but we've done everything we can. It's perfect for now... Iris you've gotten quite good with your human form as well."

Ruli and Alma can now wield better quality mana, and have trained in many things, from reducing mana consumption to strengthening their magic foundation.
The Ruli now can probably beat a bunch of 10 Ruli before training gathered together.

Iris is far better at moving her body now as well.
Of course, she's still relying on brute force like always, but there's a huge difference between being able to employ [Effective Brute Force] and not.
The current Iris has slightly mastered this [Effective Brute Force].

These three have shown more than enough improvements from their training.

From here on, they will have to gain years of experience in practices and real battles before they see any more improvements.
Only one month left before the fight with Grevil.

Doing any more training would barely bear a fruit now.

"Which means... We're making our weapons next?"

"No, we're going to use what we have now for our weapons. Ruli may be able to make better weapons as she is now... But it's better to use weapons you are used to in an important battle like this. No matter how powerful a weapon is, you can't simply entrust your life to one you're not used to."

If only we had three more months, it would be different.
Changing weapons you'd entrust your life on just can't happen in one month.

They already have their hands full getting used to their own mana after raising its quality.

"So then, what?"

"We're raiding them. The sooner, the better. Our opponent isn't just sitting around twiddling thumbs while we're making preparations after all."

If we can't get any stronger with the remaining time we have, we should go and jump into the fray.

To begin with, a situation where the enemy patiently waits for you is not in the least normal.
The reason why they're giving us three months may be because they need to prepare for something in that time span.

At any rate, we should initiate the attack as soon as possible.


"Yeah. Fighting monsters won't be of use in a battle against demons after all... I will personally fight Grevil 1-on-1 alone. You girls will be fighting demons in the meantime."

The fight with Grevil is not a fight where sheer numbers will make any difference.
Unfortunately, the girls likely won't be able to keep up with it.

If Grevil were gunning for the girls, I'd go and forcefully turn his attention away... but it doesn't look like he's going to do that.
If his objective was simply to kill, he would have employed the massive amount of killing machines left by the ancient civilization.

Even without those, it would be simple for Grevil himself to locate our position and launch an attack.
Since I'm not always around the girls 24/7, they could have been targeted during those times I wasn't around.

...Grevil's goal is not our death.
Yet that doesn't mean that we will be safe.
Regardless of Grevil's intention, the demons around him would definitely go for the kill.

And it's demons allied to that Grevil.
They can't possibly be weak.

...And since Grevil's objective is a complete mystery, there is no guarantee that he won't suddenly change his mind and target the girls.
With that in mind, I ask the girl.

"Are you absolutely sure you're coming with me in this fight? This battle will be an overwhelmingly dangerous one unlike anything before... You don't get to fight someone with completely unknown motives like this every day."

"Even so, I'm still going!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Need you ask now! I already said I'd go two months ago, that still holds true!"

"Of course I'll be coming too!"

I was planning to stop them if these three faltered answering me.
But I could feel absolutely no hint of hesitation in their voices.

Looks like I really can't stop them.

"...A certain 『Sage』-san I fought long time ago was 100 times scarier than someone like Grevil anyway!"

And Iris said something unnecessary in the end.

『...That sage, you mean me right?』

I talked to Iris alone through comm magic.
And then Iris replied.

『No, you're mistaken! I'm not talking about Mathias-san, it's Gaias-san I'm talking about!』

But that's the past me...
...Thus while having some silly talk, we all decided to go beat up Grevil.

"So, where is Grevil?"

"Grevil is waiting at... the Leysiard Lake."

"Leysiard Lake?"

"On the map, it should be here."

I pointed at a lake just about 30KM away from the capital.
It was a relatively big lake that existed during my previous life.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Strongest Sage, Devil Defeated


"How's the repair going?"

"I'm already done with it!"

The repair had finished by the time I got back after defeating the monsters.
I told them it would take 10 minutes, turned out it didn't even take three.

"Thanks for your work. I'm done with my part too."

I looked at the Dungeon Elevator's magic circuit as I said that.
Yup, it's fixed alright.

The other parts are all ancient too, so they'll probably break down eventually... But likely not in 10 years.
Eis Kingdom should be capable of producing their own Dungeon Elevators from scratch within that time span.
After all, the hardest part, that is opening a hole in the dungeon, has been done for them.

While thinking that... One of the adventurers saw the floor boss I was carrying.

"Hey. Don't tell me that black wolf... is it the devil?"

"No I don't think so. This devil is a bunny monster with status abnormal attacks right? This one's just a Floor Boss."


The adventurer looked shocked when I said that.
Wonder if I said something weird there.

"No, uh, the devil is the Floor Boss, a black wolf monster though..."

"More than 100 people lost their lives while failing to kill the Black Wolf Floor Boss... It can't be, is that really the devil?"

Can't believe this monster killed more than 100 people...

Perhaps those inexperienced adventurers underestimated Floor 9 and suffered a crushing defeat.
Floor Bosses are strong relative to the floor they're on, so even in my past life, lots of adventurers tried to challenge and suffered defeat at them just because they could beat other monsters.

"Then this one is probably the devil... I mean there's no other Floor Boss here."

"Are you for real... Repairing an artifact and even defeating the devil, just who the heck are you guys?"

"I heard Second Academy was full of monstrous peeps... To think I'd see one with my own eyes..."

...I should have put the monsters I defeated in Storage magic.
Usually I'd dismantle and brought only the parts I need since I want to save on my usable mana.

And yet, I brought the wolf monster whole with me this time.

"I think adventurers who have experience going to deeper floors should be able to defeat this monster as long as they don't let guard down."

"...No, that's crazy talk!"

"The party from Second Academy that had set the deepest floor record might be able to do that though."


It may be a bit problematic for the Second Academy to be too well known.
Beating these monsters doesn't have to hinge on Second Academy students...

I get on the Dungeon Elevator while thinking.

"How should I control the elevator? These buttons aren't showing any lights..."

The Dungeon Elevator operator said so while looking at the unlit buttons.
Looks like she's unsure whether it's really fixed or not.

...These buttons aren't lit simply because there's no mana circulating in it.

"I didn't tamper with anything besides the broken part, so you can just operate it like normal!"

Ruli puts her mana into the circuit.
Then the buttons start emitting lights.

Once there's mana inside, [Dungeon Elevator] will draw more from the Dragon's Vein to continue its operation, it should be okay now.

"I-It really worked!"

The operator pushes the button.
Then the Dungeon Elevator moved, and its past unstable and slow performance felt like a dream now.

This is how the real Dungeon Elevator in my past life worked--or not, it's a bit worse but considering how long has passed since then, this is good enough.
It should take less than half the time needed to take us to other floors compared to before.

"T-thank you so much! How could we ever repay you..."

"Please, don't mind about it! It was a fun experience for me too, fixing an artifact of an ancient civilization!"

Ruli happily patted the part she repaired.
Dungeon Elevators aren't really that complex of a magic device... But being able to fix something used by a great many people must have been a boost to her confidence.

...Anyway, now we can head to Floor 27 in peace.

『Alright, let's get training today too!』



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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-2

17-2. Garden Party (1)


※[Garden Party] has been split into two parts as it exceeded 8000 characters

Satou here. During my parents generation, it was apparently normal to hold a wedding in a wedding hall with extravagant full course meal.
I had a chance to attend a friend's wedding where we had a stand up buffet in a garden party after the ceremony in a wedding chapel was held. Maybe it can't be compared to an extravagant full course meal, but I remember very much enjoying the freedom to chat with both my friends and their relatives.

"--Phew, finally got a breather."

I'm finally done with greeting people.

Once we were done with the parade which came after the formation of private knights, we were invited to a huge garden separate from the ceremony venue, to be the main guests of honor of a garden party sponsored by the royal family.
I thought that a garden party would mean pleasant chats, sumptuous snacks, and a time to enjoy all kinds of games--.

But I was given no time to enjoy any of that as I got swarmed by an awful amount of nobles trying to greet me.

"Ahaha, that's just how it is for the guests of honor."
"I couldn't have managed it all if Mito didn't took over half of them, you really saved me there."

The greeting probably would have continued until dark if Hikaru didn't take it upon herself to deal with half.

"Satou-san, Mito-san, would you like some fruit water."
"Thank you, Zena-san."

I drenched my throat with the fine grape water Zena-san brought us.

"We secured meat from the whole roast for Master's portion nodesuyo."
"Thanks, you two."

I had to suddenly deal with the nobles while I was enjoying the whole roast Oumi cow with Pochi and Tama earlier, hence the two secured some for me.

After patting Tama's and Pochi's head, I accepted the roasted meat on a plate.
The well done roasted meat is already delicious in itself, yet the salty-sweet sauce topping on it brings forth the meat's savoriness multiple folds. It's really good.

"Mushrooms, good."

This time, Mia brought skewers of colorful mushrooms with her.
They look pretty poisonous but apparently they're all just normal mushrooms despite the colors.

"This is good, Mia."

Mia nodded satisfyingly.

When I handed over the plate to a nearby maid after I was done with the meal, someone called for me from behind.

"Congratulations for the formation of your private knights, Sa--Earl Pendragon-sama."

As I turned around while thinking 'there's more?'--the daughter of Viscount Emlin, Rina Emlin, who had been working as a governor rep of Brighton City, and also a member of the private knights stood there.

She was still a kid when we first met, but now she looks more grown up than her age would suggest.

"For someone of my standing to be included in the glorious Bridal Knights--it's, um, the greatest honor!"

Looks like Miss Rina is feeling nervous, she's stuttering her words.

"What are you saying! It's all thanks to Rina-chi managing Brighton that Master could go around freely. Stop belittling yourself with 『Someone of my standing』."

Arisa who slyly hugged my arm chided Miss Rina.

"Nn, good girl."

Mia took my other free arm.

When they're taking the same pose like this, Arisa's growth becomes evident. Arisa who was about the age of an upper grade elementary school student is now about middle school--or not quite, but she's gotten bigger for sure.
Pochi and Tama are gradually growing up as well, but their growth seems slower than ordinary beastkin, perhaps it's a side effect from having too much strength points from level ups.

Whoops, more importantly, I've gotta say my thanks to Miss Rina first--.

"These two are right. It's thanks to Rina-san's effort that Brighton City is seeing better progress than I and Marquis Muno expected."
"Oh not at all! I didn't do much! It's all thanks to everyone at Echigoya Firm and officials."
"And they only come together so well due to the governor rep! Just take pride in your amazing work!"

Arisa whacked the sheepish Miss Rina's back like some encouraging Osaka-borne grandma.
Since Miss Rina asked for my opinion on the matter, "Is that really true?" with upward glances, I smiled and nodded back at her, "Quite so."
Then Miss Rina smiled proudly with a tinge of red on her cheeks.

"Satou-sama, give us your praises too, see we're in our finest attires here."

The pink haired Princess Menea came bringing along Elina and newbie-chan, lady Karina's escort maids with her.
This is the first I've seen Princess Menea in armor, it looks unexpectedly well on her.

There were many opinions about including her as a member, but after considering the fact that she's one of the few people who see eye to eye with Lady Karina, that she has a Gift of summoning magic worth to nurture, and that she's a royalty of Rumooku Kingdom where the Shadow Castle resides, her entry was decided.
Since the Shadow Castle seems like to be a place deeply connected to Demon God, there's a good chance I'm gonna pay it some visits in the future.

"Yes, it really suits you well. You too Elina and Totona, you look fantastic as well."
"Thank you, Satou-sama."
"Ehehe~, yer' making me blush."
"T-thank you so much! I'm really happy!"

Each had their reaction when I praised them as requested.
Seeing that, all members of the golden and silver knights gathered here.

"Master, I too wish for your praise so I inform."
"Masita, me too~"
"Masita... If you could give me as well."

I praised the girls' gallantly cute figures in their armor one by one and enjoyed the garden party together.

Looks like the host knew about their preference, there were lots of meat and sweets dishes.
Most of the dishes Liza recommended me, "This is good", were good. Since this party is attended by nobles, it appears that they're not serving meat tough enough to feel like it'd break your teeth, which is Liza's favorite.
I stopped eating after having enough as to not get myself too full for other dishes, then I tried Chinese-style Yamu Cha Lulu recommended me, and sweets so sweet it felt like my teeth were melting recommended by Mia and Arisa.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Quite a harem you got there, Satou."

The one that came while spouting a misunderstanding-inviting remark was Lady Ringrande Oyugock, the [Witch of Sky Breaker] and a former attendant of Hero Hayato.
Lady Maryest the great mage of Saga Empire and the little sister of late Saga Empire's emperor followed after her.


Sera who's standing next to me looks hesitant.
It seems like she's still not good at dealing with Lady Ringrande, her elder sister, like always.

Since the elder sister in question loves Sera herself, she hugs and greets her candidly, "I'm back Sera."

"Ringrande-sama, and your highness Maryest. Have things settled down at Saga Empire?"
"Yes, thanks to the high speed airship loaned by you Earl Pendragon, I was able to finally get those provincial governors and personages off their heavy rears."

I'm told that the two got their dress armor as well, but due to the partial destruction of Saga Empire, they had departed together for Saga Empire.
Normally, it wasn't Imperial Princess Maryest's job to take care of since she had distanced herself from Saga Empire, but in a situation where most of the imperial family and important personages of the empire had been lost, she couldn't bear to leave the troubled refugee at the imperial capital alone.

"Oh my, welcome back."

Arisa noticed the two and went to talk to them.

"Maybe we should have delayed the private knights formation if we knew you'd be back this quick."
"We would have taken longer to go back if we went by the plan. It can't be helped. Besides, if I stayed there any longer, it felt like they would make me a new emperor, so I hastily made my way back here."

Due to the sharp decrease of members of royalty and nobles at the capital city, regional nobles who had left the capital are probably trying to amass their influence quick now. The political situation there is probably going to get stormy for a while.

"Won't they try to take you back?"
"There's still a few surviving male members of royalty even if they're positioned low in the succession rights ladder, it should be fine. Some idiots are even trying to make Trimenus a puppet ruler over me, my head hurts."

According to the crown prince Soltrick, the candidate of his eldest son's fiancee, the late Saga Empire emperor's eldest daughter, princess Trimenus has been shutting herself in her room ever since the news about the disaster at the imperial capital perpetrated by Goblin King broke out.
It's understandable considering she has just lost her parents and many of her siblings.

Well, that applies to Princess Maryest as well though.

"Mary, save that for later, don't forget the congratulations."

Lady Ringrande tapped Princess Maryest who was holding her head.

"Satou, congratulations for the formation of your private knights."
"Oh that's right. Congratulations Earl Pendragon."
"Thank you."

I bowed back to them.

"Hey hey, so you two have received the dress armor I sent you right, tried changing into it yet?"
"Yes--True, I should change into that as I'd rather the fact be well known. How about you Rin?"
"If Mary is changing, I'm changing too."

The two agreed to Arisa's suggestion.

"If I promote to people here that I'm one of Satou's mistresses, I'm sure to get a lot less marriage proposals."

Lady Ringrande said that jokingly.

"It's not mistresses, it's members of private knights."

I corrected her since this is important.

"Right, right. Members it is."

Please stop putting on that, "Geez, oh you Satou", face.

"Your highness Maryest, how is the situation at Saga Empire currently?"
"There was a chaos, but it had quieted down in all cities besides the capital when the news about present heroes beating the demon lords and 『Goblin Demon Lord』 at the capital became known."

Princess Maryest who had changed into her dress armor replied to Princess Sistina.

"We owe everything to Hero Nanashi and the Golden Knights. You have my gratitude."

Imperial Princess Maryest made a respectful bow in a female royalty fashion after looking at Hikaru and us.
Even though there are only us four around here right now, a rustle erupts from other people who are looking from afar.

Looks like these two have noticed the fact that we're the real identity of Hero Nanashi and the golden knights.

"Then you'd better thank Hero Nanashi and the Golden Knights, not us."
"I suppose that's right. I have to remember to express my gratitude the next time we meet."

Imperial Princess Maryest readily nodded at Hikaru.

"Besides, I heard Hero Seigi and Hero Yuuki played a role in the demon lords' subjugation at the capital."
"Yes, they were working hard helping to remove debris and calming the refugee even while complaining when I arrived there."

That sounds just like those two.

"Was it really that bad at the capital?"
"Yes, it suffered a crippling damage, however since they didn't find any more people squashed under wreckage, and the bigger debris had all been removed, I am sure that it will return to its former state in a few years time."

I helped with that when I dropped by the capital.
It took me half a day, but doing it the normal way would have taken quite a toll after all.


With a glass of red wine in her hand, Lady Ringrande murmured as if she recalled something.

"To think the 『Goblin Demon Lord』 that was defeated by the First Generation Hero was revived."
"Yes... For the three great demon lords to have been resurrected, it's as if the 『End of the World』 has begun, I don't like it."

Princess Maryest uttered some ominous sounding words.
Please stop raising such a dangerous flag that sounds like it could happen for real.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 6.6


'Okay then, let's get to work', Shira said that, asked Jericho to bring out four barrels and put the herbs inside those barrels.

"Now Jericho, you stay in the house. Lecan, you come over here."

Shira went to the storage room before going to her private room at the farthest end of the house. The four barrels are floating after her.

In a fairly small room lay a conspicuously big bed.

"Okay, now get to the back more. Make some space in front of the door."

The two huddled together as they moved next to the bed, then the bed suddenly floated away blocking the door.

A huge rectangular hole showed up on the ground after the bed had moved.

"We're getting down."

Shira stepped her foot on an empty space as she said that.

Having no choice, Lecan followed after her.

He's floating instead of falling.

Then they descended.

Shira must have casted <Light (Teraparm)> spell. The huge pit is brightly lit.

They descended quite far down.

"We made it."

The surrounding area was suddenly filled with lights.

It was a huge basement. 50 steps wide, and around 70-80 steps long. In other word, this basement is as big as the whole house and the poisonous plant garden above the surface.

The 24 apparatuses giving off lights on the ceiling are probably magic tools. Each one of them is emitting a bright light.

"What are those shining things?"

"Oh they're magic lamps. They emit light when you supply them with mana. Still, I went all the trouble to show you this secret basement and got no reaction from you. That sure surprised me instead."

"I knew that there was a huge basement beforehand."

"Ooh right, you can detect stuff with your ability."

"No. I already knew before detecting anything."

"Hee? How come?"

"That chimney is way too big for that fireplace. It's positioned oddly as well."

"Haha. I guess that's right. You've got quite some powers of observation there."

This huge basement feels more like some kind of laboratory than a workshop. There's lots of utensils of unknown purpose here and there.

"The air's so dusty here."

Shira shook her forefinger as she said that. Then the wind blows. The huge hole below the bed also functions as a ventilation it seems.

There's a hearth with a huge pot on it under the chimney. Shira poured water into the pot with magic.

"Water produced by <Origin Water> of creation magic is pure water of magical origin, you see. I call it Pure Magic Water. Although a bit lavish it may be, boiling herbs in it will afford you the best medicine. By the way, if you want to make healing magic water, you cast Body type <Recovery> magic or Sacred type <Purification> into the pure magic water and then mix in some herbs. Depending on the type of herbs mixed in, the kind of medicine it will turn out will differ as well, it could be for healing wounds, illness or restoring stamina. Though in actual practice, you'd want to say, put on disinfectant on wound or use specific remedy intended for that particular illness to go along with them. Were a priest who can use the highest form of <Recovery> put it in undiluted form Pure Magic Water, the result would be a medicine capable of healing any wound no matter how fatal. It can only hold such a strong effect for one day though."

Afterward, Shira put herbs while casting <Recovery> magic in it.

Ordinarily, you put magic gems along with catalyst during this stage of magic potion production, but in reality, putting in herbs while repeatedly casting <Recovery> would result in a better effect instead, so Lecan was told.

Shira skilfully continued with the work while explaining the steps to handle herbs.

Lecan labored busily following Shira's instructions, but even while his body was moving about, he made careful observations on things like fire adjustment, or the way to pour magic.

By daytime, it was a break time, and Shira lifted Lecan up to the surface. She would watch over stuff below, she said.

Above ground, Lecan heated up tea and ate some light meal he had put in <Storage>.

Eventually Shira called for him, so he went down again. They brought another four barrel worth of herbs.

He had to rely on Shira to move the bed and went down the basement every time. Indeed, he has great need to learn <Move> and <Float> fast.

His next work was mincing and mashing herbs. Lots of steam rose up from the pot. Shira announced that they were finished for the day when it was still unexpectedly early.

"Now then, we're putting out the hearth's fire for now. We're also done with other works for the time being. Meaning it's a good time as any to practice some magic."

Lecan learned <Move> that day. It wasn't going too well at first, but in the end he managed to roll an empty barrel around.

"Alright. Once you've learned this, the rest should come quick. You've got a stupid amount of mana and all, make use of it to practice a lot."

It was evening when he left Shira's house.

Lecan went back to his room at the inn and continued to cast <Move>.

The next day, he resumed the herb making work. While concurrently practicing magic.

He got the pass with <Move> in three days, and four days with <Float>. Afterward, Lecan moved the bed out of the way and floated down the hole himself. Moving objects wasn't that hard, but moving his own body required a delicate handling, he felt like he would immediately crash down the instant he lost focus.

The medicine making also began for real.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Ratio and process to mix, and effects of completed medicines were explained to him, Lecan busily wrote it all down during noon break.

Despite using so many herbs, they're not making that many kinds of medicines.

Since the finished medicines are intended to be mixed with other raw materials depending on the illness, to raise the healing efficacy.

First one done was wound salve. It took them two days.

Three kinds of herbs can be used to make wound salve. The first one is Cula Grass that can be picked during the first to second month, the second one is Krussim Grass that can be picked during the fourth and fifth month, and the last is the Pourika Grass that can be picked during the eighth to ninth month. Any one of these herbs can be used as the main raw material, you boil them with other secondary herbs and then pulverize it into powder.

When you sell it to pharmacies, they will mix it with powder of other less effective herbs before selling it. With a variety of combinations, those pharmacies mix it into several types of salve, from the most expensive to the cheapest. And then buyers will boil a small dose of the powder in water before applying it to the affected part.

This time they're making powder made of Cula Grass. Lecan obtained a huge amount of the finished product. He can use it to make an even more effective medicine if he's able to produce Pure Magic Water himself later in the future, moreover, if he learns <Recovery>, he can make high grade medicine by using <Recovery> on the powder.

Next, they finished making medicine for stomachache, and medicine for chest pain, both in form of pills.

Pharmacies sell these by crushing them into powder and mix it with lesser herb powder, but they also sell it in its pill form to guests of honor. Of course, it's expensive and only a few could afford it.

One time, Lecan asked.

"Shira. You remember about the magic list you gave me the other day, are you able to use everything in it."

"Well now, I wonder about that. I don't recall everything I wrote in there, but I can tell you that I cannot use <Purification> spell of sacred magic. Other than that, think I can manage those magic."

"Impressive. What kind of magic is <Purification>.

"I suppose you could say that it's a magic that cleanses out the evil and the corrupted. It works on most illness, including poison and abnormal status. As <Purification> contains strong divine protection of God, it exhibits similar effect to that of <God Cure>. Though I don't think there's a priest capable of performing <Purification> as potent as <God Cure> today. Priests who can use <Purification> get locked up to be a source of medicine for high-ranking nobles and priests, you see. After all, <Purification> ever so slightly carries a rejuvenating effect, so those old geezers cling really hard on it."

"I guess that means there is no way for me to learn <Purification>."

"Uun. Practitioners of <Purification> are quarantined deep in temples, meeting one would prove hard I think. But I do know the spell, and once you've got far in <Recovery>, you might naturally learn <Purification> yourself. I believe <Recovery> and <Purification> belong to the same type of magic, you see. For now, I'll be teaching you <Recovery> first thing first."


"Now that you mention it, apparently the young wife of the Duke House of Schadrest has got quite the talent in <Purification>. At the time being, it's being kept secret and they only let nobles related to them getting the free treatment, but since the rumors are spreading hotly like a wildfire, the temples or royalty will probably summon her before long. So long as she doesn't let <Purification> slip by mistake, it should be fine though."

Lecan wondered hard, how did Shira who was staying indoors all the time even get those confidential rumors.

Lecan had heard of <Schadrest> house name before, but he had no recollection of it. It was at time when his grasp on this world's language was still far than his current understanding, and he heard it only once in a conversation, so of course he wouldn't remember.

If he did remember, he might have noticed that this <young wife of the Duke House of Schadrest> referred to Lady Rubianafale. But he had no idea at this time.

Lecan would only realize the environment Lady Rubianafale was in far in the future.

"Even a very slight showing of <Purification> demonstrates a wonderful effect on treating illness and wounds. Moreover, <Purification> can banish undead type and incorporeal Youma like Revenants or Soul Demons in one shot, regardless of how strong they are. Or at least deal an irrecoverable wound. It can cleanse polluted lands and buildings as well. Honestly, practitioners of <Purification> should be let to work outside more instead."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Strongest Sage, Buys Time for Repair


"Repair...? Can you really do that?"

"If even augment magicians from Second Academy can't deal with it, I don't think anyone else can..."

"This girl here, Ruli, is an augment magician belonging to Second Academy... She's got the best class of skill among Second Academy augmenters who can deal with broken artifacts."

I'm not lying.
Though it's more like "best skill" than "best class of skill".

"There's someone else better at fixing things than me, but I think I can handle this elevator just fine!"

Ruli showed her Student ID as she said that.

"She's for real..."

"I was wondering how someone so young would go this deep... So you were a student of Second Academy..."

Second Academy student IDs sure are handy...
Now that Second Academy is famous thanks to chantless magic amongst other things, simply showing these IDs would smooth lots of things over.

"...I think leaving the repair to her is a good idea since she's an augmenter from Second Academy, what do you think?"

"I don't have the authority to give you permission to tamper with the elevator... But I'd rather get yelled at back on the surface than dying by the [Devil]... Can you really fix it?"

"We've already figured out the problem in particular, it should be done in 10 minutes."

I've already told Ruli about the problematic spot.
This type of [Dungeon Elevators] has all the same structure, there's no need to even look for it.

So long as she knows where to work at, Ruli won't fail with her skill.

"Got it. Let's just pray that the devil won't find us out during those 10 minutes."

"You heard it Ruli, please take care of the repair."

"I understand!"

Thus, Ruli began fixing the Dungeon Elevator.
Even though it should be a simple matter for her, she's still giving her all attention to do it.

『...Still, I wonder what this devil is.』

『I'm not sure, but judging from the conversation, it's probably a monster that use mental ailment attacks... Don't worry, 90% of mental ailment attacks won't work on those who can control their mana.』

『Mental ailments... So those kinds of monsters exist.』

『It's rare, but yes they do show up sometimes... This floor has bunny monsters, They may be the monster that attack people with mental ailments.』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I probe the surrounding mana.

This floor is mainly inhabited by bunny and wolf monsters.
Most of wolf monsters rely on brute strength, while bunny monsters may be capable of mental attacks in exchange of their weak physical prowess.

It's hard to imagine they'd be capable of wielding mental attacks potent enough to annihilate entire parties of adventurers... But I can't say that for sure.
While thinking that... A portion of monster mana reactions--a herd of around 10 monsters are coming here.

The leader of this herd seems to be this Floor Boss.
It probably found us due to its superior detection capability as a Floor Boss.
Well, a mere boss of floor 9 is no different than the weaklings on Floor 27 asides from its detection ability though.

"...Looks like it found us."

I spoke about the incoming monsters without comm magic to warn the adventurers about it.
The girls must have noticed it already.

"Found us? What did?"

"Monsters did... I'll go and eliminate them for a bit."

I ran toward the monster herd while saying that.

"I'm going too!"

"W-we'll help too!"

"No, Alma, you've got to conserve your mana! They're all weaklings, I alone would suffice!"

Alma and the adventurers were going to follow, but I stopped them.

I don't need mana for my training, but Alma does.
There's no need to use hers just to defeat these small fry.

I stopped the adventurers purely because they'd just get in the way.
Rather, it'll be over with one shoot of my magic, their help is unnecessary.


I shot an impromptu flame magic at the center of the herd.
With a loud sound, the flame exploded and annihilated all but the Floor Boss.

Right afterward, I launched a spear magic and defeated the Floor Boss.

"...Looking good."

This was the first time I used magic in an actual battle since my mana quality had improved.

I thought I would make a slight mistake in the power adjustment, but it turned out to be an imaginary fear.

If there was a mistake, there would be leaks, wasting mana and causing my magic to produce more power than intended.
Hence, I used magic with just enough power on purpose in order to confirm that.

But I found no problem in particular.
Since my Crest now is different from my past life, I thought I'd need to adjust the sense of my mana control, but my worry turned out unfounded.
Though it hasn't even been 20 years since my return, the years I've been living with this Crest since I reincarnated must have proved useful.

I collected the floor boss's material while thinking.
Even though it's just a weakling from floor 9, materials from a Floor Boss may carry some special properties.
I've got nothing to lose taking them with me.

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