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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.12


"The name's Doug. Captain of Golbul Dungeon Guard. Go ahead and take a seat. Is that bag all you've got on you? You're not carrying much. Is that a <Box (Luuf)>?"

"Need you really ask."

"Guess not. Now then, let's get down to business, so you went inside this dungeon five days ago, correct."

"Either five or six days ago."

In fact, Lecan thought that it had been seven days. He got to lower floors faster than he expected.

"Yeah, so you see. There were adventurers who were intimidated by you on floor 1 and 2 or at the stairways. Numbering in quite a few."

"I don't remember doing anything of such."

"Yep yep, of course you don't. I'm sure you didn't intend to make it like that. Nothing for you to gain doing something like that after all. But we got complaints about people getting attacked you see. We can't turn a blind eye to those, so we've gotta ask your side of story."

"Even if I did attack other adventurers, what's the problem. Murders or thefts inside a dungeon aren't counted as crimes, are they."

"Exactly. You're exactly right. But that doesn't mean that you can do anything you want. You come from afar, don't you?"

"Yeah. From the north."

"I knew it. So then, have you registered as an adventurer?"

"I have."

"Let me see your Adventurer's Badge."

Lecan pulled the right side of his coat with his left hand, put his right hand in, took the badge from <Storage> and handed it over to Doug.

"Copper? Hou, you registered just recently huh."

After jotting down what needed, Doug gave the badge back to Lecan.

"I dunno how it is at your place, but there's a lot of young ones at this dungeon, ya see. These lots gain experience on upper floors and slowly get better. Some of 'em gave up on being adventurers though."

Lecan listens to him in silent.

"The lord here wishes to create a place where those young folks could be safely get strong enough up to a certain point. As that will ultimately benefits the town. You get it right."


"And well, those young ones might be a tad spoiled, but they're really giving their all. Desperately doing the best they could as to not lose to the rivals all around them. In such a situation, an obviously veteran adventurer stuck out like a sore thumb among them, of course they'd gonna get worried. Like, 'what's this guy gonna do to us'."

"I see."

"I heard you leaped over some young adventurers many times over. On the stairways."

"Right, now that you mention it."

"A completely in-black, huge ominous, excuse me, it's how it looks to them, a huge ominous monster with flapping wings just flew over them, those young folks were completely terrified you see."

"Yeah I guess they would."

"You got it! Ah, here comes the skewers. Go ahead and have 'em. It's on me."

Steaming hot skewers letting out a really appetizing smell were put in front of Lecan.

"These look good. You have my thanks."

Lecan put the skewers in his mouth without hesitation. Finally, a decent meal after a long time. His whole body was ecstatic.

"Eh don't worry about it. Oh also, we got complaints about you threatening them to open the path."

"I thought it's a good etiquette to call out when you want to go pass by other people."

"Indeed as you should. But, here we have a mutual non-interference rule amongst inexperienced adventurers you see. They're gonna get suspicious about anyone who goes out of their way and approaches them, thinking you're plotting something. Well, that's exactly what we taught them to though."

"You're quite caring for young adventurers going into this dungeon huh."

"We totally are! I'm glad you understand."

Lecan slightly took a liking to this dungeon guard captain.

"And uh, this is hard to say, we also got reports about a huge black monster scattering lightning everywhere on floor 3 as it excessively hunted Ground Grazers (Ajazal)."

"I killed dozens of magic beasts on Floor 3."

"I knew it. No well, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Just that elderly mages also gotta make their living y'see. The third floor of this dungeon is an unusual hunting ground in that a mage can even go hunting solo, you see. So..."

"Got it. I will refrain from hunting magic beasts on floor 3 from here on."

"Real sorry about this! I'm just glad you're so understanding. And this one's hard to say as well. A certain group had one of their members suffered major injury because they were distracted by you when you passed by behind them during battle."

That's those adventurers' fault. However, Lecan pondered a way to save this captain's face.

"I wasn't aware of that. Are those adventurers still in this town?"

"Yeah, I also know their inn."

"Then if I could trouble you, please hand these over to them."

"Huh... Aren't these small red potions. And two of them."

"One is for the injury, and the other is my apology. I don't care how they're going to use these."

Doug stared at Lecan in surprise for a while.

"Man, yer' really a good guy. Alright! I will take care of these two potions. They'll get delivered to them tonight. Again, sorry about this. Now I can inform the young ones about you in good light. I'm sure they'll be relieved to hear it."

Lecan continued to chew on the skewers.

"Lecan. Are you staying long in this town?"

"No, I have work at town of Vouka."

"Is that so. That's too bad. This was your first dungeon exploration right?"
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"How far did you get to? Ah but, you don't have to tell me if you're not willing to."

"Floor 26."

"26! Haha. That's good. You got to floor 26 in five days huh. Moreover, solo on your first time. That's real good one! Absolutely splendid."


"Oh, what is it, Lecan."

"I've heard the lord here expects items acquired in this dungeon to be sold in this town if possible."

"That's right. Of course, this depends on the person in question. But this town's got a variety of craftsmen and merchants coming from other towns to buy stuff. Everything sells quickly, and at better prices than in towns with little demands."

"Does this guard station deal in it too."

"Oh! As you can see. You may not get the best price, but you can be at ease knowing that no one will try to trick you here. Above all, you can have items get appraised for free if you're selling here. Young folks learn about dungeon items while selling theirs here."

"I'm selling these."

Lecan put aside the emptied plate and placed the <Box (Luuf)> Chaney lent him on the desk.

"Oh. You sure? Much obliged. Could you take them out on this desk."

"Got it."

Lecan stood up, took away the skewer plate as to not dirty the dungeon items with his left hand, and hung the bag upside down before opening it.

Magic gems, weapons, armor, canes, accessories spilled all over in rapid successions loudly.

"Captain! What's going on here?"

Seemingly alerted by the loud sounds. Soldiers rushed to check the situation.

And they were taken aback by the unfolding scene.

Captain Doug was also gawking at the pile of dungeon items burying his legs like he had gone senile, but then he suddenly picked up a big sword on the desk.

"This is! This shouldn't have spawned unless you got to floor 25! Did you really reach floor 26. In five days? Solo? That's impossible. To begin with, there's no way anyone can explore floor 26 alone"


Lecan passed him the emptied plate. Doug received the plate with a dumbfounded look.


"I'm staying at this town tonight. I'll be back tomorrow morning, have the money ready by then. And I've got a request."


"I'd like to buy a catalog with names of monsters that spawn in this dungeon. Tell me the shop."

"If you want a list of monsters that spawn on each floor, we have it here. It's for soldiers' usage, so it's not for sale. Don't worry about money."

"Thanks. I've got another request."

"Shoot me anything."

"Tell me an inn with good food."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.11


Two days later, Lecan arrived at Floor 26.

He decided to stop exploring at this point.

Reaching Floor 30 and beating the dungeon master in one day might be possible for him.

However, the enemies here had suddenly gotten tougher ever since he got to floor 21, and only got even tougher every time he went down a floor. It's a shame to end this in a hurry, such is Lecan's line of thinking.

There is no reason for him to reach Golbul Dungeon's last floor and conquer it in a hurry anyway.

He plans to savor it slowly.

Lecan made a safe zone by putting out a jewel with magic beast ward effect then he took out all the loot he had acquired and examined them.

There's more than 200 magic gems.

He has used several potions along the way here, and the remaining ones are 18 large red, 12 medium red, 25 small red, 15 large blue, 12 medium blue, 14 small blue, 11 yellow, 14 green, five bluish purple and two purplish red.

As for weapons, he's got 11 great swords, four medium swords, two daggers, eight spears, five bows and nine miscellaneous others.

Protectors, he's got nine shields, six non-full armor, and three non-full leather armor.

Canes, he got 28.

Accessories 31. Jewels six.

Lecan was surprised when he got jewels from non-rock type monsters. In his original world, jewels are gotten from rock-type monsters; the moment one is defeated, its magic gem will sometimes turn into a jewel. However, you get them from treasure chests in this world.

He didn't collect any material at all. Truthfully, he could have stripped them off before taking the magic gem if he didn't want to waste any, but he simply didn't have time. Besides, he didn't encounter a magic beast that would warrant him to do such. Though now that he thinks about it, he should have collected some materials from floor 21 on.

He detected mana from two of the great swords, and three of the daggers. They're probably enchanted with something. He put these enchanted weapons inside <Storage>. 50 of the bigger sized magic gems also get put away inside <Storage>. He also stored all the potions and jewels inside <Storage>.

All other things are going inside the <Box(Luuf)> Chaney lent him.

Thud, the <Box> swelled up the moment he dropped those items inside.

It stopped swelling up after a certain point.

With <Box>, you can tell whether there are stuff put in one by looking at this swelling.

Sorting out all these stuff took more time than he expected.

Lecan had a meal before heading back to the surface. In the end, he got to the <Ground Floor> without taking another meal along the way.

It's probably evening now. How many days have it been since he saw one. Looks like there's a lot of adventurers coming out of the dungeon at this hour. The people calling for materials to buy are noisy. The entrance section is deserted.

Lecan got out of the dungeon's exit. For now he's going to look for a diner somewhere and get something decent to eat.
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"H-hey you. A moment please."

A guard who was standing watch called out to Lecan.

"Sorry, but uh, could you come over here."

Since he can't really go against the guard, he follows after him.

Merchants who are looking to buy materials are flooding to other adventurers but none dares to approach Lecan when they see him getting taken away by the guard.

They soon arrived at the destination. Looks to be a guard station. It's quite a big building.

The inside is very lively. Looks like they're doing transactions of dungeon materials here as well. However, most doing the selling are young adventurers.

"Oy. That black demon king from the other day has come out. Where's captain?"

"I'll go fetch him!"

Before long, a man who's got quite a large build for a human of this world comes out.

"Oh, so you're the guy! Man, you're pretty big. I can feel tremendous strength emanating from you. That sword on your waist and your coat are quite something as well eh."

"Just spit it out if you've got business with me. I'm starving here."

"Ah, sorry 'bout that! Come inside for a bit. Oy, someone! Go buy some skewers."

"Yes sir, I shall go."

"Appreciated. Here's the money. Now then, black clothed adventurer-san, can you tell me your name."


"OK then, Lecan. Come over here. I'll try to make it quick."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Strongest Sage, Trains


After some time has passed since they started training, when Ruli is running low on mana.
She looks at me and asks a question.

"What have you been doing, Mathi-kun? It kinda feels like some incredible mana is circulating around..."

"You can tell huh."

I stood up and replied to her.
I was doing my own training without using magic like the girls.

"This is meditation. I'm colliding mana inside my body to purposely put load on my magic circuit."
<TLN: Mistranslated as mana circuit in previous chapter.>

"Mana inside your body... Isn't that like what happens when you fail to control your mana?"

"Yeah. I'm intentionally making my mana run amok like when  you lose control of it... Though unlike natural Mana Frenzy, I'm making it happen uniformly in every part of my body, thus it's optimal for tempering magic circuit."

When you lose control of your mana, the remaining mana will run amok inside your body, damaging it. The phenomena is called Mana Frenzy.
Ruli surely never experienced Mana Frenzy that were too intense with her talents... but she must have had some light Mana Frenzies before.

Rather, it's impossible to use chantless magic without having your mana running amok once.
Everyone learns how to control mana after getting used to their mana going out of control.

By the way, Mana Frenzy cannot occur to a complete amateur as they're incapable of creating flows of mana intense enough to go out of control.
Mana Frenzy is like a mark of your ability to control your mana.

"Whole body Mana Frenzy... Wouldn't that be really painful?"

"Yeah. It's severe enough that the pain can't be compared to the real Mana Frenzy to those who aren't used to this technique... So I'd advise against doing this for you two. Worst case scenario, you could even damage your magic circuits."

Mana Frenzy is quite painful.
I mean, it's excess mana rampaging around into every nook and cranny of your body's magic circuit, of course it'd hurt.

There are some people who eventually pass out due to losing control of their mana from the pain and panic.
But it's very rare for anyone to even damage their magic circuit. I'm sure there's zero victim of that in the whole Second Academy.

It's because your body will automatically try to stop the Mana Frenzy as it begins during the early stage.
Since your mental condition isn't in a state capable of accelerating your mana during a panicked frenzy, it won't become bad enough to damage your magic circuit.
You've got to first have a calm and firm intention to control your mana, so it's only natural.

However, meditation is different.
Unlike Mana Frenzy, you clearly will the mana inside your body to collide with itself.

Hence, it's really painful.
Not just painful, if you make a mistake in the adjustment, your body's magic circuit may even get damaged.
As such, this meditation is only suited to those who have mastery of mana control and are used to pain.

Rather than training, this is maybe more like asceticism and penance.
Even I wouldn't have been able to endure it if I hadn't gotten used to pain in my past life.

"No err, not like we could even if we wanted to..."

Alma shot a mana-reinforced arrow at the dungeon's wall as she said that.
The mana put in that arrow had been reduced to 70% of the original.

"Me too, I'm already giving everything just to reduce mana consumption! ...But it really feels like it's decreasing slowly..."

Ruli ran out of magic stone along the way, so she's now augmenting multiple magic into one magic stone.
Of course, it's unusable as a magic tool... But a good practice for magic augmenting.

...Looks like Ruli has reduced her mana consumption to 60% of the original.
Although reducing to half takes time, these two have made a good progress.

On the other hand, Iris is...
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Right as I turned my line of sight at her, she fell down the hole on the ground.

It seems like she's not doing too well like usual.
Well, I would have made her do this training a long time ago if it would net her a dramatic change in a short amount of time.

However... Her body carriage is considerably better than when she first started out.
The Iris right now should be able to hit 『Crash Grizzly』 once out of 20.

Before the training, that would have been impossible even after 100 tries.
This training may be comparatively fruitful.

"Alright, we should get back for the day."

Well, it's probably nighttime already outside.
It's important take a rest.

"Eeh! But it feels like I just managed to reduce my mana consumption! I've still got mana left!"

"I want to practice more myself!"

"Uh huh! And I finally don't fall down the hole as much!"

The three are still eager to continue their training, but once their mana quantity run low, the sensation of controlling your mana will change.
As these two still aren't used to controlling high-quality mana well yet, practicing when it's stable will net better result for them.

Though it's not like the side effect would be that bad even if they were to continue... But we need the most efficient way to get stronger if we want to have a chance surviving the battle against Grevil.
I won't let them train inefficiently on my watch.

"Taking the future into account, stopping now is best for efficiency's sake if we want to get stronger. Knowing when to rest is also a part of training."

I pushed the [Dungeon Elevator] button as I said that.
It should be coming in a little while.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.8_9_10


Lecan went back to the stairway between floor 10 and floor 11.

Several adventurers were taking a break on the stairway here and there. At first he wondered what they were doing as he passed by them, but then he realized that he never saw a magic beast on the stairway. These stairways are probably safe zones.

He sat down on a spot without anyone around.

He has a jewel with the magic beast ward effect added on it in his <Storage>. He intends to eventually test out whether the jewel is effective in this world or not, but since he's badly starving right now, he just wants to get some rest on the stairway.

Lecan brought out food he stocked up inside <Storage> when he was strolling down Vouka Town. All of this food have long shelf lives. He took out water as well.

And started his meal.

Wonder just how long has he been in the dungeon.

In his former world, Lecan could oddly enough discern time to a degree even if he was in a dungeon. Since there were no day and night cycles nor changing seasons inside dungeons, it was completely just a hunch, but that hunch of his was pretty accurate.

Yet, since this is his first time inside a dungeon in this world, and he's being a bit too excited, Lecan is unable to grasp the passage of time at all. To begin with, a day in this world feels like it's a bit longer than a day in his original world. Therefore, his hunch isn't working too well.

Judging from the way his hunger feels, more than a whole day seems to have passed. But not two days whole. Sensation-wise, it should be over by half a day or slightly more but judging from the number of times he had to drink water to quench his thirst, it must be more than half a day.

He counts it as two days in his mind. It should only take half a day to go back to the surface from here if he doesn't engage any magic beast along the way. Since he has to be back at Vouka town in ten days, he's got three days left to delve the dungeon.

Lecan isn't looking forward to that.


Lecan does not know his parents' faces.

He doesn't even know whether he ever lived with them.

His memories during childhood are fuzzy and disorderly.

The only thing he remembers is the fright of being yelled at by adults and the pain of being kicked hard.

And that he was always starving.

Before long, he was put in a temple's orphanage.

Priestess and nuns who took care of orphaned kids were called <Loving Mothers> but they were very strict, snarly and did not have a shred of kindness.

The <Loving Mothers> taught him that all humans are beloved children of God, they're all equal before God.

However, there was no equality in the temple nor the orphanage. Feuds between people, hierarchies down to fine details, strained atmosphere, bullying and exploitations, and children being valuated as to whether they could be sold for a nice price or not.

Way later, Lecan found out that the orphanage was among quite the better ones, but at that time, he couldn't help but loathed it.

However when he thinks about it, the orphanage did give him a roof to live under, fed him, and even taught him reading and writing. It also taught him the harsh reality of this world. He was able to survive because of that, in that sense, they might have been truly <Loving Mothers>.

Once he had roughly learned how to write and read, he slipped out of the orphanage. And then he went on to almost starve to death. He miraculously made it out alive when he wandered inside a dungeon, and acquired a small amount of money. That was his first money.

The string of good luck continued and Lecan managed to not die. Then he grasped something akin to knacks about how to live off dungeons. Lecan continued to suffer abuses at the hands of men, but dungeons kept him alive.

Over the course of time, Lecan realized one thing. God's equality exists in dungeons. Dungeons are ruthless but never unjust. God probably created dungeons to make up for the lack of justice and impartiality in the world of men.

Just when was it. Lecan killed a rabbit that had oddly colored fur. Since he was starving, he barbecued and ate it inside the dungeon.

It was unbelievably good.

Later on, he found out that it was a rare type of magic beast, the meat was treated as a high class ingredient and sold for a shockingly high price.

He's not aware of any food better than that even now.

When Lecan eventually got strong enough, dungeons gave him everything.

Dungeons also laid out the foundation for Lecan to live in the outside world. The world of men was full of lies, betrayals and ill will like always, but dungeons had given Lecan the strength to smash all of that to smithereens.

Lecan continued to amass powers, he gained respects from big merchants and nobles alike. They would bow to Lecan, begging for his cooperations. If he participated in war as a mercenary, he was allowed to talk to high-ranking generals on equal grounds.

To Lecan, dungeons are the true <Loving Mothers>.

That's why, he couldn't help but be jubilant to see another world dungeon accepted him.

That day, Lecan saw an auspicious dream.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Lecan grabbed the hand that was attempting to slide into his breast pocket.

He slowly opened his right eye and saw a thin man who was just skin and bones with a face fully covered in beard looking at Lecan's face from above with an expression of shock and terror mixed.

Other adventurers were together with their companions, but just this man alone was wandering aimlessly from spot to spot.

A part of Lecan that was awake grasped that fact. And when the man crept on Lecan and stealthily reached out his hand toward Lecan's chest, Lecan's defensive instinct kicked in and grabbed the man's wrist before he was fully awake.

Lecan saw a vision of what would happen afterward.

If he just puts more strength into his right hand that's holding the man's wrist, it will easily snap.

Lecan will then throw his backfist at the screaming man's face.

He won't put his full strength into the strike, but it'll be enough to smash the man's jaw. The man won't be able eat anymore. In other words, he won't survive.

Does this man have a potion. Most likely not.

The man will have to sell himself to obtain a potion.

He will work himself to death as a slave.

After imagining that far, Lecan was going to crush the man's wrist as he had visioned.

But he called it off.

Since he didn't want to bathe in the man's blood in his first night in another world's dungeon.

Lecan shut his right eye and released the man's wrist.

The man scampered away.

Lecan resumed to watch more pleasant dreams.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Strongest Sage, Makes Practices


If you can maintain the strength of your mana with less mana, simply using magic like you always do will see its strength increased.
However, minimizing mana consumption is better suited for training than trying to increase firepower.

Since mana control is largely about familiarizing yourself with it, the more times you do it the better you are at it.

"I-I understand!"

"...How about you Mathi-kun, can you perfectly control your mana?"

"Well, I can use up to the limit of my current magic circuit. From there on is something to tackle on."

The previous me commanded mana whose quality far exceeded my current one.
As such, I've no problem with controlling it, familiarity-wise.

The training Ruli and Alma are doing to familiarize themselves with mana control is unnecessary for me.
...But magic circuit is another matter.
My body right now cannot completely control this mana.

The higher the mana quality you can use, the higher the load on your body's magic circuit.
To build a body capable of controlling my current mana, I need to temper the magic circuit inside it.

While the girls are training their mana control, I should do my round as well.

"Eyy! ...I did it!"

"Me too!"

The two immediately got the knack.

They keep shooting magic and continue to decrease their mana consumption.
I can just leave them alone now, they'll get the hang of controlling mana sooner or later.

"What should I do while waiting...?"

Iris came and asked me while I was watching the two girls.

Iris cannot control her mana well indeed... But that's because she has her circumstances.

It's not like she can't do it. She was able to in the past.
However, her magic circuit was broken when she was caught in mana fusion reactor explosions.

Dragon's magic circuits aren't something easily repairable.
Her broken dragon's magic circuit hasn't been restored just because she's in her human form.

Therefore Iris can't be training to control her mana.
...Well in 20 years time, Ruli should be able to fix her magic circuit, and that much time is not particularly long to Iris.
She's got no choice but to abandon any hope of correct mana control until then.

That said, Iris has her own problem too.

"In your case Iris, training in mana control would be difficult since your magic circuit is broken. But you can train how you move your body, try practice swinging your spear around while leaping over that hole over and over."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I pointed at a hole on the ground.
It's the sloppily constructed ceiling hole that I fell into.

It's 5 meter wide in diameter.
Iris and her leg strength should be capable of easily jumping over this much.

A chance to do these straightforward practices comes by surprisingly rare.
This is a good opportunity as any.

"I got it!"

Iris started to repeatedly leap over the hole.
Yep, this much is nothing for Iris.

But, the moment she swung her spear...


Iris lost her footing and came crashing down the hole.
But since the Monster House had used up all its mana ealier, no monster appeared.

"T-this is difficult..."

Iris jumped out of the hole as she said that.
Then she resumed her training again.


Even though she fell many times over, she kept climbing out of the hole and continued her training.
Despite her looks, Iris is surprisingly assiduous.
...Though it may be because her sense of time is simply different since she's been alive for thousands of years.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.7


The fourth floor was infested with Spider Monkeys (Rindou).

They weren't that big, but they formed groups of two and three.

Sometimes there were ever so slightly biggish Red Apes (Urd) mixed in as well.

The Red Apes on this floor carry wands with them, and shoot out fire magic. In Lecan's original world, magic beasts capable of using magic were very rare, and they were limited to magic beasts that possessed enormous amount of mana like dragons, as such, seeing apes using magic came as a huge shock to Lecan.

The fifth floor had giant bees as enemy. There were even less adventurers than ever on this floor. Adventurers who got stung by these bees got blue rash on their faces accompanied by spasms.

The sixth floor's enemy were long thin black snakes. These magic beasts are easy to kill, but since they're lurking in rock crevices inside dimly lit passages of cavern, detecting them is not a simple matter for adventurers with dull instinct. In addition, this snake's venom has no effect when it doesn't work, but when it does, that means instant death. Even Lecan felt slightly terrified by this. Though they're nothing to be afraid of for someone with Lecan's detection ability and nimbleness.

The seventh floor had White Revenants (Zaag). A great number of adventurers were present on this floor. Several adventurers will gang up on a slow-moving White Revenant .

If you think about it, you can just avoid floors with difficult enemies and go to ones that house easy to handle magic beasts instead, so of course it's only natural that there's a lot of adventures here. However, you cannot get magic gems from White Revenants. Wonder what they're fighting for.

The adventurers fighting on this floor have pretty weak offensive powers, they're taking quite a long time just to beat a mere Zaag.

Lecan killed five White Revenants (Zaags) and got two treasure chests spawned on him. Perhaps Zaags give out a higher chance of spawning treasure chests.

The eight floor was inhabited by incorporeal magic beasts. They probably belong to a type of magic beasts called <Youma>.

This Youma uses mental attacks through their cry, but it's utterly ineffective against Lecan. After several trials and errors, he found out that <Lamplight (Parm)> could kill it. When he saw a spell he learned could be used to kill his enemy, Lecan went on to decimate a huge number of this Youma in excitement.

He absorbed mana from the dropped magic gems.

The ninth floor's enemy was a type of wolves. They're bigger than Wood Wolves and have gray fur. Equipped with sharp fangs to boot, they're not a magic beast suited for beginners at all.

The tenth floor's enemy was Red Apes again. However, the Red Apes on this floor are much bigger than the ones on the first floor. And they carry clubs with them. There are also Red Apes that shoot out fire spell like the ones on the fourth floor mixed among them. On top of that, they're moving in a group of ten with fortified front and rear, they're also quite agile.

Adventurers who move in a group of two or three don't exist here on this floor. Most groups consist of five to eight people, some groups even exceed ten. The passages here may be far bigger than all the ones before them, but Lecan still wonders if a group of ten could even move properly in these passages, though maybe the Red Apes can.

The scenery suddenly changed when he got to floor 11.

Up until now, every floor was like a cave found in a rocky mountain, full of rugged rocks in every direction.

However, the ground on this floor has grass growing. The ceiling is pretty high as well, about ten steps high.

Pillars towering from the ground toward the ceilings are all over the place. These pillars are curved like old trees with holes on them.

The distances between each pillars are not set, some are five steps wide, some are twenty.

Through his <Life Detection>, Lecan perceives that there are magic beasts lurking on the ceiling, ground and the pillars here. However, Lecan has his attention directed at another spot.

Five adventurers are sitting around while having a meal in a slightly open space.

That reminds him, there's no shelters free of magic beasts in this dungeon. These adventurers are taking a break in a danger zone.

Carelessly approaching adventurers you're not acquainted with is supposed to be a bad thing, but he ended up doing it out of curiosity.

"Ooh, some real impressive one is coming here."

"Hey you, are you alone. Where's your companions."
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"Nowhere. I came here by myself from the start."

"What? Well I'll be. Can't believe someone soloed all those floors and got here."

That was when Lecan noticed small bags lying on the ground. Feels like a familiar scent is drifting from those bags.

"Are those, potpourris?"

"You betcha! By sheer luck, we managed to buy some high-class potpourris from Harrisbos Store at town of Vouka, ya see."

"The potpourris sold in that store are very effective and they last a year to boot."

"Don't go taking them off with ya now."

The adventurers laughed out.

Harrisbos Store.

That's one of the stores where they dropped off Shira's potpourris just the other day. Lecan doesn't recognize the potpourri bags put on the ground, some stylish looking patterns are sewn on them. Must have gotten repacked.

I see, if this is how these are used, it's no mystery they're sold out quick even at that price.

The potpourris have been placed on four points. This should keep magic beasts away and they can even get shut eyes now. Of course, these adventurers have <Box (Ruuf)> and only spread the scent around when they need it.

Lecan suddenly felt hunger.

"Sorry for the intrusion."

After apologizing to the adventurers, Lecan left the place.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Strongest Sage, Teaches Magic Control


"So doing this increases your mana..."

"Well your magic control had been more than sufficient to begin with... This is like your bonus for overcoming many battles that were a good experience in term of battling, but netted you little experience point."

Ordinarily, using this method would result in them losing grips of their magic control after decimating just two Monster Houses.
Stuff that these two girls have done, like battling demons and going through intensive magic training, prevent that.

Magic training won't give exp, but it raises your level of magic control.
While fighting demons may be pretty good to garner experience in combat but the experience point gained itself is not that much.
We can use this trick to farm exp precisely because of that, their magic control did not match their small mana quantity.

"Alright, let's check your magic control."


"Let's stop here for now."

It's been a few hours since we started farming.
After decimating dozens of Monster Houses, I murmured that after checking Alma's magic control.

"My magic control isn't affected though?"

"It's only a bit, but your 『Wired Homing Enchant』 feels a bit different. You've still got room to increase your mana sure, but you'd get stronger if you stop now."

Then I bring them back toward the Dungeon Elevator.

In my previous life, some folks would raise their mana until they could barely control it, but doing that would stunt growth instead.
There's a huge difference between being able to somehow control your mana, to completely mastering it.

...Well, letting them experience these kinds of things themselves would be best.
We can practice right here and now since the farming this time ended without the girls using their mana.

This floor is optimal for training since there's no enemy here.

"Alright, we'll now train how to master your newly added mana."

"Master... Mana?"

"We can use our mana just fine now though..."

Ruli and Alma look confused.
Guess it's only natural since they've never gained so much exp in such a short amount of time before.

"How do you two feel when you're using magic now?"

"It's the same as before we farmed exp!"

"Me too, nothing's changed! ...But it feels like I've got a lot more mana I can use now!"

The girls looked satisfied as they declared that.
...Right now these two are barely able to use 30% of their potential mana though.

"You two can cast fireball spell right?"


"I haven't used it for awhile, but I don't think there's a problem!"

Fireball is the most basic of basic attack magic.
Even 『Monster House Annihilation』 was put together with fireball as the base.

Of course, casting fireball is utterly menial to these two.
Rather, there's probably no one in Second Academy who cannot cast fireball chantlessly.

"Then give it a try."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The two cast fireball.
Of course they managed to do it. They cast normal fireballs that flew toward the wall normally.

"Then try to cast the same spell again but decrease the mana used by 10%. Of course, keep the power as is."

"...Won't the power of a spell decrease if you reduce the mana consumed?"

"Sure, if the mana quality stays the same... Farming exp increases both mana quantity and quality. If you use magic like how you've always been, you're wasting that mana quality."

It probably hasn't set in to the girls yet since they only saw me decimating monsters, but the mana quality of these two is of an incomparably different level than when they first stepped foot here.
They should even be able to cast ordinary fireball with half the mana consumed now.

...By the way, the one with the best mana quality amongst us is Iris... But in her current state, she cannot makes use of it when she can't even fire the Dragon Breath.
Since it's greatly influenced by the damage on her wings, the only thing we can do to fix this is waiting.

"Makes use of high quality mana... How do you do that?"

"Simply by constructing magic like usual while decreasing the mana consumed. The knack is to focus on spreading the mana thin."

Then I cast fireball with less mana than usual.
It's still a far cry from my previous life, but my mana quality has considerably gotten better as well.

"Wow! It's true, the spell only uses up little mana!"

"So this is what happens when you have high quality mana!"

The fireball I cast was roughly the same as the one the girls shot out, but it only used only around half of the mana.
These two would not miss this difference with their mana detection.

"This is how you do it. It's easy to reduce mana consumption at first, but by the time you get to 80% of the usual amount, it will get harder. You want to eventually reduce mana consumption by half, but let's not go straight to half and start slowly."

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