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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Strongest Sage, Arrives at an Unusual Town


『Isn't that water poisonous...?』

『Eh, won't your life force get sucked off if you drink that?』

『Yeah. People who notice that fact won't drink this water... And that's precisely why, there's a chance the enemy has set up a network with devices that can detect those who 『don't drink the water』.』

Once you drink this, your life force seep out a little along with your mana, so those who have drunk this are displayed differently on 『Passive Detection』 and stuff.
If the demon's surveillance network is present in towns and similar places, anyone who hasn't drunk this will probably really stand out.

Although it's possible to decrease the amount of mana you're leaking out using magic, making it looks like natural mana leakage is the best it could manage.
Even with stealth magic, an opponent at the level of Zaridias would easily see through it.

Yet by simply drinking this water, no one would pay us any heed even if we walk around out in the open unless they're familiar with us.
Unfamiliar faces might raise doubt in a rural town, but it should be an everyday occurrence in highways and big cities.

『So we're pretending that we've been completely tricked... But is it really all right to drink this water? Even if it's necessary for the camouflage, it doesn't change the fact that it's still poisonous, does it?』

『It's only going to suck up very little amount of your life force, and there's no other poison in it, so it's fine. And even if it causes a problem down the line, detoxifying it is simple anyway.』

After drinking the water, I do feel that my mana is very slightly getting drained out of my body... but the natural recovery rate of life force is faster than this very small reduction, thus, my life force isn't actually decreasing.
Babies and elderly might get their life force reduced a bit, but it still won't be fatal unless they're suffering from an illness already.

And this life force leak phenomenon should be unnoticeable unless it's someone who's capable of controlling life force to a degree.
This must have been expressly adjusted to achieve that.

『Uun, I can't really get behind drinking this knowing it's poisonous, but eh, whatever will be.』

『It's still far better than getting attacked by demons after all, and the people of this country already drink this water regularly, so it should be fine.』

『Will this work on dragons too?』

The three drank the water while talking.

I wasn't sure if this poison would work on dragons... but since Iris's life force is now gradually leaking out, it must be working.
Though with Iris colossal life force, even water with 100,000 times the poison concentration would barely have any effect on her.

『Still, humans' waterworks are really amazing. Delivering water into every nook and corner of such a vast country like this....』

Iris said that on our way to the Sixth Source.

These waterworks have been around for a long time though... but Iris doesn't seem to know about its existence.
Well, Iris only began to pro-actively get in touch with humans after I reincarnated after all, guess it's only natural.

『I never heard talk about Saihill Empire being such a technologically capable nation though, or was there some amazing person living here? ...or rather, when did they even make these?』

『There's various rumors on the Empire's Great Waterworks construction date... but I personally think it was probably created by either an ancient civilization or Mathi-kun.』

...For some reason, Ruli began to push out theory about me being its creator.
Time-wise, it's not possible though.

『No err, I don't think I was born yet when these waterworks were made.』

『That's true, but I mean there's no one else who could have done it... I mean, you've got to make a vast amount of water flowing from bottom to top if it's really reaching the entire empire right? The only one capable of making such high performance magic pumps would be either Mathi-kun or an ancient civilization, isn't it?』

I see, she was thinking from magic tool point of view.

...In fact, both theories of Ruli are correct.
As this water network is a relic of ancient civilization whose construction involved me.

Since it would be disastrous if the water network got broken and had the content contaminated by poison, I used my magic to reinforce the network's walls and stuff.
That might be one of the reasons why this network still remains today.

...I never would have thought that demons would make use of this water network to collect life force several thousands years later.
Had I known, I would have installed various traps in the Sixth Source.

There should have been many kinds of defensive mechanisms in the Source to protect against intruders, but the ones set on the entrance must have been blown to bit by the Mana Reactor explosions.

『Saihill Empire's great waterworks are a relic of an ancient civilization indeed... Well, seeing the source first thing first should make it all clear.』

『You say that like it's so easy... Surely the Source must heavily guarded no?』

『Of course it would. Well, let's just stealthily see how it is there and then go from there.』

Fortunately, we're currently not that far away from the Sixth Source.
It should be around noon by the time we get there.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Several hours later.
We arrived at The Sixth Source without a hitch.

The place where it's located at looks like an ordinary town.
There are bars filled with adventurers and merchants carrying fruits on their wagons.

However... Those all are just a farce.
Boxes carried by merchants are double-bottomed, under the first bottom are magic devices to detect intruders.

Adventurers hanging around in the bar may look like the real thing at a glance, but most have the same equipment on them.
Sometimes there are adventurer parties who do have matching sets, but that's limited to armor.
When even their weapons are uniform, high chance they belong to the army or something along that line.

...Lots of buildings in the town are built to protect the Source as well.
The town is dotted with army garrisons that look like ordinary inns outwardly.
The town looks like a simple ordinary town from outside, but the moment you set foot in it, it should be obvious that it's no ordinary town.

There's probably no civilian at all living in this town.
The Map shows this as an ordinary town, but it's probably a camouflage to hide the fact that this town is an important defense point.
They probably shoo away any civilian who cluelessly wandered off to this town by chance after fashioning some kind of reason.

『Unn, getting closer than this seems difficult...』

『It doesn't feel like a normal town does it... But I don't sense demon-ish mana. We'd probably manage getting closer without being seen if we used stealth magic.』

About one kilometer away from the Sixth Source, Ruli probed for the surrounding mana and murmured.
Indeed, there is no detectable demon-ish mana around.

『...We'll go to the source later, let's look around the surface for a bit.』

『Later... Slipping through all these guards? Is such a thing possible?』

『Forcing our way through them would be simple enough, but slipping in without getting found out would prove difficult... Unless we take the backdoor that is.』

Alma's expression turned quizzical after I said that.

『...The Source is an ancient ruin right? How'd Mathi-kun know about its backdoor?』

『Detection magic for that purpose exist.』

Of course, in reality, I simply have the blueprint memorized.
It might have undergone some structural changes while I was reincarnating, but since the Source was made so that it couldn't be remodeled too much, it cannot have changed that greatly.

It's possible to investigate underground locations if you  get a bit creative with detection magic, but the current me can only get to shallow places with 『Passive Detection』.
I could get below that if I used 『Active Detection』 by scattering my mana around and probing the surroundings, but that'd send me straight me to the surveillance network.

...Our enemy probably won't notice if they consist of only humans, but in this situation where demons are likely to be involved, the security can't possibly that lax.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-74

16-74. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (4)


※This is not from Satou's point of view

"Ugeeh, it's a huge one."

An earthquake is shaking the imperial capital.
Buildings are swaying hard like they're made of clay.

"Rock n ro~ll~?"
"It's dangerously perilous so I inform."
"Arisa, Tama-chan, Nana-san! Please take shelter here."

Lulu beckoned the girls to her Floating Fort.
Nana carried Arisa and jumped out, Tama slipped out smoothly and secured a place on the tip of Floating Fort.

Surrounding houses are collapsing down toward the Floating Fort.

"We're on!"
"Got it!"

After getting Arisa's confirmation, Lulu moved the entire Floating Fort forward.

"Nana, please guard the Floating Fort. I'll put up Isolation Walls and--"
"Order accepted, so I report."

Nana and her stacked Flexible Shields block out all the small falling objects and dust cloud, while Arisa parries away big ones with space magic [Isolation Wall (Deracinator)].

"Crumbling downown~?"
"Oh no! The castle!"

Tama points ahead.

The imperial castle at the center of the capital was sinking down.

"I'll see how it's going over there."
"Understood. Tama-chan and I will take care of the bigger debris. Is it okay, Tama-chan?"

Lulu uses the Floating Fort's antiaircraft artillery to break down huge debris into pieces, and Tama uses her Wind Release technique to blow those away.
Normally, Wind Release is a technique to whirl up sand as a diversion at most, but this feat must have been made possible by the superior ability of Cat Ninja Tama.

"Not even Japan ever got a quake this intense!"

Hero Seigi and Hero Yuuki look around while screaming out loud.
The rampart they're standing on is undulating greatly, looking like it's going to fall apart anytime.


"Something's coming nanodesu."

Pochi nodded at her Dragon Steed's call.

"Nn, escape."

Mia tapped the quizzical Liza on the feet before riding the winds and took a seat behind Pochi on the back of the white lesser dragon, Lyuryu.

"Lyuryu, ta~ke off nanodesu."


The white dragon flew off at Pochi's command.
Liza also leaped off and caught the arm the white dragon extended out.

"Follow me."

Mia's voice got swept away by the roaring sounds of collapsing buildings, but it still managed to reach her summoned Artificial Spirit, Lesser Fenrir.
Lesser Fenrir skillfully hops over the falling debris, following after Mia.

"You guys too, fly off."

Having their hands pulled by Hikaru who was floating in the air, Hero Seigi and Hero Yuuki recalled the Flying Shoes they had on and put mana into those.
The rampart comes crashing down just as they get in the sky, along with several other structures in the site.

"Geh, the castle's."

The volume of Hero Seigi's shout didn't lose out to the thunderous sounds.
Beyond the dust cloud, the castle in the center is sinking in.

"Seigi, look at that! Down, on the ground!"

Hero Yuuki pointed at a huge shadow of humanoid beyond the dense cloud of dust.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"I-I-It's shaking."
"We-we've got to get away from here."
"H-H-Has the Divine Punishment come again for us?"
"Ey, stop that nonsense!"
"Indeed! Such a thing as Divine Punishment is impossible in God Parion's dearly beloved Saga Empire!"

Ministers and servants couldn't manage to stand up due to the violent shaking as they fell on the floor, panicking while latching on nearby pillars and people.

"Y-Your Majesty! With the power of Imperial Capital, the earthquake--"
"Now that the demon lord has perished, rather than defending the capital--"

The place greatly shook vertically as the aides were saying something.
People screamed as they got thrown off the floor and hit the floor again hard.

Only the emperor and his aides protected by the throne and knights who grabbed on pillars were safe.

"W-what just--"

Before the emperor could ascertain the situation using the City Core, the entire place sunk in vertically.

Everyone in the audience hall screamed out shamelessly without caring for their reputation as the floor sunk down at a speed that fooled even bodily sensation like it was experiencing a free fall all the while shaking violently.

"O Guardian Spirit of Saga Empire--"

While trying not to bite his own tongue, the emperor gripped the Monarch Bell in his hand and shouted out loud.

"Protect my loyal subject! ■ Absolute Shell"

The floor suddenly stopped sinking, perhaps they had hit the bottom.

Right before the people crashed on the floor, the City Core magic the emperor used was activated and everyone in the audience hall got protected by spheres of blue light.
The magic only protected people though, walls, ceilings and a huge amount of ornaments came crashing down due to the intense recoil.

Spheres of blue light protected the people here from most of the impact from the fall and the falling debris before it broke into pieces.



A howl that felt like it brought about dreads from the depth of hell aroused the emperor from his momentary blackout.

Groaning and sobbing voices of people mixed with a low frequency sound from afar informed the emperor of their survival.


None of the aide was here to answer him.

With a huge roaring sound, the audience hall's wall got torn apart, and the naked upper half of a woman with bull-like horns showed up from there.
The woman cannot possibly be a human even disregarding the horns. There's a race of carnivorous bipedal bulls called Minotaurs, but those have bull heads.

The emperor has no idea about the race of this female human with horns in front of him.
Besides, she's too huge. Just her upper half almost reached the audience hall's ceiling. No need for precise numbers, considering the audience hall is more than 30 meter tall, this thing is clearly even bigger than the giant race that boasts big frames.

Her eyes clad in purple light caught the emperor.

There is only madness in those eyes.

"D-demon lord."

The emperor murmured as if groaning.

He had no basis in that, but he could sense the woman's identity from the madness along with the overwhelming terror emanating from her.

"O Guardian Spirit of Saga Empire--"

The emperor appealed to the City Core with a trembling voice.


Dark purple light circulates on the woman's body, converging into her long hair.
Her hair is split into three braids that then raise up as if snakes.

Snake-like mouths appear at the tip of these braids, converging dark purple lights forward.

"Take me to safety to the Sanctuary! ■ Return Master Room"

Right after the emperor disappeared, a laser-like dark purple light swallowed up the entire audience hall.
The emperor was saved by a hair's breadth, but were he used any other City Core magic than the [Return Master Room] in order to save his aides, he would have been turned into cinders along with his aides, or perhaps he would end up like the blackened burnt remains on the floor.

"Oh he got away, Lamiko-san. Gotta do something about your clothing before we go after him. I'm the only one allowed to look at Lamiko-san's naked body."
<TLN: Considering her howl, changed Ramiko to Lamiko.>

A boy wearing a shabby robe was standing close to the bullhorn woman's ear before anyone realized.

"H-Hero Fuu! Why would a hero!"
"Hee, you survived through Lamiko-san's Snake Beam huh. Pretty good."

The imperial knight commander managed to survive even after losing one of his arms and with blood seeping out of his head.
It's a miracle brought about by his body rigorously forged to protect the emperor and the holy armament left behind by past generation heroes he wore on his body.

"Have you betrayed us! Betrayed Saga Empire! Betrayed God Parion!"

The commander who was wounded all over denounced Hero Fuu.

His words incurred Hero Fuu's wrath.

"...Betrayed? S-s-screw you!"

Hero Fuu's eyes who looked like that of dead fish got dyed in the color of intense hatred.

"Screw you! Screw you! Screw you! Betrayed? Spare me your bullshit! I've never been your ally, ever! Give me back! My games! Manga! Anime! My NEET life with three meals and a catnap a day!"

The enraged Hero Fuu let out his honest feelings.

Even though the content might a bit questionable as a human, those were his true feelings as someone who was unilaterally summoned to another world without his consent.

"You all took those away from me! It took me five real time years to raise my ultimate character! I even managed to build a castle after giving my all playing solo! But none of those remains anymore I'm sure! Thanks to you kidnapping me, I couldn't refresh my castle, it must have decayed now! Give me back my five years! Let me back to my world!"
"W-what are you..."

The imperial knight who couldn't understand what Hero Fuu was talking about muttered rudely, "Has he gone mad."

"You guys are all the same! You deny any sense of value that you cannot understand! Is it fun to look down on people from your high horse?! I bet it is! Isn't it!"
"Eey, cease your rambling!"

The knight commander draws Holy Sword Blutgang hanging on his waist.
It's something left behind by a hero of the past many generations ago, when they went home.

"In the name of His Imperial Majesty's name, I beseech Guardian Spirit of Saga Empire!"

The City Core terminal embedded in his holy armor gets clad in blue lights.

"Bestow me power to fell this Man-eating Fiend! ■ Inmagic Light Blade"

Blue light dwells on the holy sword.

"<<HERALD>> Blutgang"

The holy sword's blue light is twinkling intensely after the commander recited the holy verse.

"I shall put my all into this strike. Secret Art--"

The knight commander puts even more mana into the sword as if he's burning down his life.

"<<Shining Blade>>"

A blade of dazzling light fired off the holy sword Blutgang swung with the commander's entire being.
That's the finisher technique Hero Hayato Masaki is proud of.



A giant dark purple magic circle appeared in front of the Bullhorn Woman.
A moment later, the blade of light clashed with the giant magic circle, filling the audience hall with sparks and roaring sound.


Hero Fuu's voice was erased by the thunderous sound, reaching nobody's ear.
The one his word was directed at, the knight commander is lying on the floor, split in two by his own technique that was reflected by the giant magic circle.

"Dirty stain, was it?"

Hero Fuu looked at the bullhorn woman's face while citing some kind of parody, as if seeking her approval.

"Aah, you're still naked. Let's get you some maid uniform around there."

Despite the obvious difference in sizes, the bullhorn woman did not object Hero Fuu as she reached out her snake hair toward the body of a maid that hadn't been turned into cinders.

The maid uniform disappeared from the body after it was wrapped in dark purple light on the tip of snake hair, suddenly the then-naked bullhorn woman had a maid uniform equipped. Looks like the difference in size got revised.

Using the same sequence, a knight armor got fused with the bullhorn woman's maid uniform, transforming it into a fantasy-like combat maid uniform.

"Hee, equipment evolution huh. That's pretty interesting. It look goods on you, Lamiko-san."


The bullhorn woman and Hero Fuu were looking at each others before suddenly, she grabbed Hero Fuu and turned around.

No, that's not it.

She hid Hero Fuu in her cleavage while twisting her body, then she reached out her hand diagonally--at the opposite direction of where the girls showed up, and produced three giant magic circles in a straight line.

Blinding rain of light pillars came piercing down the ceiling, clashing with one of the giant magic circles.

Following after the rain, blue and red conflagrations swept over the place.

Just like with the commander's blade of light, both the light pillars and blue and red conflagrations got reflected back, blowing apart the entire castle ceiling along with the soil that had buried it.

"Close call~?"
"Phew, we'd be done for if we didn't send the black drone to scout ahead."

Eight shadows showed up with the setting sun as their backdrop.

"Who's there!"

Hero Fuu asked.

Golden Knight Red--Arisa lifts up the corner of her mouth as she's been waiting for that word.

"Listen well!"

Arisa strikes a pose that gets featured often in hero ranger shows.
Matching her, Yellow, Pink, White and also Green cheerfully take the action pose they have been practicing. Black, Orange and Hero Nanashi look a bit bashful.

Hero Fuu seems to understand the obligatory act himself, he's watching over them without attempting to open fire.

"We are--"


The bullhorn woman who didn't get the obligatory fired off a dark purple beam from her snake hair.

"I won't let you, so I tell!"

Golden Knight--Nana activated the [Impregnable Castle] mode of her armor and blocked the beam.
Floating Shields made with Space magic stopped the beam, scattering intense sparks everywhere.


That small sound mixed in the roaring sounds reached Nana's ears.

"Everyone, evacuate the place so I tell."
"Geh, seriously?"

Arisa teleported everyone to safety using space magic.
The left behind Floating Shields of Castle got turned into stone-like materials before they dropped down.

"Well I'll be. Looks like ordinary method won't work on this demon lord."
"Installation-type Castle has a bad affinity with it, so I report."
"No need to save for the rainy day then. Go deploy 《Absolute Throne》."
"Yes, Red. Executing part exchange."

Arisa who had done appraising the bullhorn woman while having the discussion turned to Hikaru.

"Hero-sama, can you see the bullhorn woman's information?"
"Only that it's level 95, and the name's Lamiko. Her race is unknown."
"So you too... God-stamped Appraisal is supposed to be able to see more than that though."

Neither Hikaru who was summoned as a hero nor Arisa who got God's Fragments as a reincarnated person managed to find detailed info about this bullhorn woman.

Chasing after Arisa and the girls who were floating in the air after teleporting away, the bullhorn woman's snake hair laser came flying at them.


Arisa short-range warped away along with the girls.

"Think it's another Thief God thingy series?"
"Well, I won't be surprised if there's other besides the three 『Thief God Harness』. There's also Mana Camouflage, but that one consumes too much fuel."

The two have no doubt that the bullhorn woman is a demon lord.
She's obviously been using Unique Skills after all.

"Maybe it's either minotaurs or bullhorn giants."
"Mino-san is smaller than that and they have the head of bull, so I don't think that's right. As for Bullhornkin--I don't think those exist."

The bullhorn woman come slithering out of the castle's remain.
Her lower half is covered in scales in the form of snake-like tail instead of legs.

"Oh, I think I got it."
"What a coincidence, so do I."

Arisa and Hikaru got a solid guess about the bullhorn woman's race.
Not even this world has many beings with snake hair and snake-like lower half.

"Oh no oh no nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi gave a warning when they saw countless magic circles appearing around the bullhorn woman.
Calculating all possible angle of attacks, there is no safe place they could get away to with short-range warps.

"Incoming omni-directional attack! White--"
"Yes, Red. Activating <<Absolute Throne>> so I tell."

Nana who was done exchanging her equipment made that declaration with a cool face.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-73

16-73. Intermission: The House-sitting Team and Small Accidents in the World (2)


※ This is the surprise intermission update part 2

"You must be evil!"

Shiga Kingdom's marquis daughter, China, pointed her finger at the former magic hunter Kon boy who had just saved her from peril, using the sound of [Bell of Justice] in her hand as a justification.

"China, gratitudes first."
"That's right, China-sama. You shouldn't treat the benefactor who saved us from bad men like a rascal you know."

China's friends, the wingkin sisters, Shiro and Crow admonished her before the two princesses of Rumooku kingdom, princess Menea and princess Rimia behind the dumbfounded Kon could raise their eyebrows.

"B-but but, the 『Bell of Justice』 rang because it found an evil!"

China showed the bell in her hand to everyone.

As if agreeing to her, the bell is letting out a cool chiming melody.

Shiro, Crow, China, the princess sisters, Kon boy and the three boys of knight academy students that stood in the way of the bad men in the beginning all gathered their line of sight at the bell.

"Hmmm, this bell's hollow inside and all too, this thing's rad."

Kon boy exclaimed his amazement after peering into the bell's hole.

"Hey hey"

One of the boys crouched down and beckoned China.

"Isn't that the 『Evil』?"

The boy pointed toward a suspicious man who had his face hidden under a hood.
He's bending his back while carrying some kind of a big bag.

China and all the kids turned their line of sight toward the man.


The man was surprised at the sudden attention and dropped the luggage off his hand after screaming lightly.
With a heavy thud, the bag fell on the ground, showing the content that was covered in cloth.

The chiming sound of the [Bell of Justice] got even louder.

"Black crystal?"
"China, look."
"So fishy! That's it, that must be evil!"

Right when China shouted, the man ran away while hiding the black crystal in the cloth once again.

"""AFTER HIM!"""

The Knight Academy boys ran off to chase the man.

"We're going too!"
"Tally ho"
"H-hang on! You're just gonna leave these ruffians here?"
"I've no time for small fries when a great evil is right before me! Leave them to the guards."

After stating that to the serious Crow, China and Shiro dashed off.

"This looks fun. Let's go after 'em Rimia-sama."
"N-no don't, Kon."

In place of the famously shy little sister, the reliable elder sister reminded him.

"But why, Menea-sama."
"Aren't you Rimia's guard? What are you doing leaving Rimia alone?"
"I'm not leaving anyone behind. I said let's go, together."
"There's no way someone who carried around such a suspicious item not be up to no good, is it? You're not fit to be her guard if you're willing to take her to such dangerous situations!"
"No, stop it. Both you Kon and ane-sama, please stop fighting."

Princess Rimia desperately tried to arbitrate the two to stop arguing back and forth.

In the meantime, the man with black crystal and the girls who went after him had gone beyond the crowd.
What they never knew was the fact that the same black crystals were witnessed in various locations around the continent.

"This is bad..."

A small sailer is moored in the port of the leading city of Garleon Union, Garleon City.

"John! We've finished loading in the beer barrels!"
"Now we just need to load food and water before we can set off."

Two beautiful women wearing attires with excessive exposures scrambled to talk to a black haired boy standing on the bow of the small sailer.
His name is John Smith.
He's a Japanese boy who was summoned by Rumooku Kingdom's king's little sister.

The boy who went on a journey in another world with neither Unique Skill nor that high of a level, relying on nothing--no, nothing but [Burying] skill and modern knowledge cheat, has become successful enough to finally own a small sailer with his many luck, character, ability to take action and knowledge.

"How long will loading water and food take?"
"It's prob gonna be done by tomorrow evening?"

'I mean lots of the workers took a rest due to cold, and got hurt in fights', the two beauties made an excuse in their mind.

Hearing that, John muttered, "We won't make it then."

"I'll pay them extra. Have it done by the end of the day."

The two beauties turn pale instead of complaining at John's unreasonable demand.

"Don't tell me--."
"Yeah, my 『Crisis Perception』 and 『Alertness』 skills are telling me something bad is going down."
""We've gotta hurry!""
"I'll go negotiate with the foreman in charge of cargo to see if he could speed it up!"
"Then I'm gonna go get more workers!"

The two beauties jump off the small sailer.

Their had serious expressions on their faces as they had experienced firsthand being saved by his skills many times during their journey with John.


John longingly murmured the name of his former lover he parted ways with as he gazed beyond the horizon.

The impatient feeling which indicates the crisis told by his skills is coming very close.
God only knows whether he's going to able escape the impending danger thanks to his inborn characteristic as a coward or not.

"--Did you call, Ruu?"
"I didn't. Aren't you just hearing things?"

Ruu stopped polishing her armor at Lilio's question and replied to her while shaking her head.
These girls are currently in the labyrinth garrison surrounding the [Labyrinth of Devil] located in Seryuu Earldom's capital.

"Really now, I thought someone just called me, must be my imagination."

Ruu nodded at Lilio who said that like whatever and went back to the polishing.

"Excuse me. Is Iona-san here?"

Ruu paid no heed as the armor she was polishing fell and stood up to salute knight Yukel Marientail.
He's the little brother of Zena, Lilio and Ruu's former squad leader.

"Please just take it easy. I've heard so much about you all from Ane-sama, so please just call me Yukel like you did Ane-sama."
"Y-yes! I'm honored."

Lilio whispered, "Hee, so Ruu's with~"

The [Heroic] Yukel who had performed great during the greater demon assault on Seryuu City seemed to be a special existence to even Ruu who usually acted manly.

"Yukel-cchi, Iona-san is--"
"Oy, Lilio! Watch your tone! Sir Yukel is going to be a baronet by next year."
"Hooi. Then, Knight Yukel."

Yukel corrected them, "My ennoblement is still in an unofficial form though", but neither of the two heard him.

"If you're looking for Iona-san she went to Echigoya Firm."
"Echigoya Firm?"
"Yup, she was gonna fetch something from Zena-cchi."
"From Ane-sama?!"

Yukel who's suffering slightly from sister complex rushed out of the garrison the moment he heard his sister's name.
With his speed that got a boost from level ups, he arrived in front of Echigoya Firm's branch office in no time flat.


Yukel made a sudden brake when he was about to bump into Iona that just got out of the branch office.

"Iona-san, Ane-sama--"

As Yukel was going to ask while gasping for breath, he paused when he saw the person behind Iona.

"As a knight of Seryuu Earldom, the sight of you panicking will cause anxiety to the populace. Stand tall with dignity no matter the situation."
"Y-yes, Ouna-sama!"

Ouna is Yukel's fiancee, a former [Oracle Miko] of Parion Temple, and the daughter of Earl Seryuu to whom he serves.
Even her eyes that are usually filled with gentle lights would turn astute when she's scolding people.

"Yukel-sama, this here is a Miasma Meter sent by Echigoya Firm at the capital."
"The capital's Echigoya Firm? Is it from Ane-sama?"
"No, it's from Kuro-sama."

Ouna replied to Yukel.

"Then, the outbreak the other day--"
"That's right."

Ouna blushed as she recalled the time when she was inflicted with a succubus-borne illness.
Seeing that, Yukel's face also turned red.

Iona turned away at the super sweet mood, but then she recalls the things they need to do and turns her sight back at the two lovebirds.


Iona coughed on purpose.

"Ouna-sama, about the illness you mentioned--"
"Hold it. This isn't the place to talk about that. Let's borrow a room at Echigoya Firm."

Afterward, they went to a room with anti-counterespionage function installed in Echigoya branch office.

"We managed to restore people and posts that were in precarious states with medicines provided by Kuro-sama. And now, this Miasma Meter is for finding places that look fine on the surface."
"Fine on the surface?"

Ouna nodded at Yukel.

"This Miasma Meter is a prototype so its accuracy is not that good, but it will give a reaction when it detects an amount of miasma that would naturally produce undead."

Ouna recounted the thing Echigoya Branch head told her earlier.
She understands very well the advantage of a magic tool capable of looking for places with thick miasma density, as up until now they had to rely on either holy magic or intuitions to achieve the same thing.

"This Miasma Meter should react to places where demons are lurking."
"I understand. I shall go on a patrol around Seryuu City right away!"

Yukel who was about to rush out was stopped by Ouna's shout "Yukel!", then she advised him to ride a horse for the patrolling.
Iona couldn't be the only one who imagined that Ouna would put a tight leash on Yukel in the future.

"We, the Zena Squad, shall go patrol the neighboring villages and towns."
"That would be great, Iona. This is something that can only be entrusted to those I truly trust from the bottom of my heart."
"We will do our utmost to accomplish this mission and answer Ouna-sama's faith in us."

Iona saluted at Ouna and left the place.

At nightfall that day, Yukel confronted a member of a crime guild who was carrying around a black crystal.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Unusual black crystal?"
"Yeah, Rina of Brighton City sent it. Apparently she found the crystal in the mouth of a guardian dog golem along with a suspicious man."

Consul Nina continued her report to Marquis Muno who looked perplexed.
The leaders of Muno Marquisdom and the marquis family have gathered here. Muse, wife of the eldest son, Orion, is not present due to her expecting a baby. Taking a lesson with the last one, Orion has gotten aides that could keep their mouth shut now.

"The man is a member of a crime guild whose headquarters is located at the eastern small country group. the crystal was a cursed item called 《Miasma Crystal》. I gathered the priests of all the temples in the city to perform a purification ritual on it. Sorry for doing it without your permission."
"I don't mind that of course. If we left a cursed item alone and let some demon to wreak havoc here, I wouldn't be able to look straight at Satou-kun."

Marquis Muno nodded at consul Nina.

"Perhaps the reason why there was an outbreak of disputes and cold among the populace a while ago was due to that cursed item?"
"Hmm probably not."

Consul Nina shook her head at Soruna, Marquis Muno's eldest daughter.

"Shouldn't we mobilize the citizens to watch out for suspicious individuals in addition to increasing the number patrolling guards?"
"That's probably not a good idea, Orion-dono."

Chevalier Zotor who's in charge of commanding the army added, "There is no guarantee that it will stop at eliminating suspicious individuals, some might even begin to act radically after all."

"But, isn't it impossible for the territorial army to patrol all side roads along with the main highways?"

Honorary Chevalier Hauto who just had his wedding with Soruna raised a reasonable point.

"The side roads are fine. According to Rina's letter, Satou's proteges, former explorers who are staying at Brighton City are patrolling the side roads. The kobold forest guardians are also watching over roads that are along the mountains. They were apparently also asked by Satou to help in time of emergency."
"Earl Pendragon again..."

The next Marquis Muno, Orion the eldest son mumbled bitterly to hear the name of their top retainer whose fame and achievements know no bound.
Even though he has rebuilt his relationship with Earl Pendragon, he cannot hide his displeasure when it's this extreme.

"Orion, I get your worries, but there's no point in mulling over that."

Nina chided Orion.

"No point? Just because it's none of your business--
"That's not necessarily true. Besides, if Satou was seriously plotting to usurp anything, forget Muno territory, he'd get the whole Shiga Kingdom if he just so desired."
"That's just a tall tale..."

Orion faltered midway.

"You think it's impossible? That guy has full support of the people. Lots of nobles look up to him too. Heck, he even went and defeated a demon lord together with the hero. And he also brought the entire entourage back with all their limbs intact through all that. Marquis, has there ever been a case where a hero brought back all of his attendants safely with them?"
"Can't say there's none, but you can count it on one hand. Though, Satou-kun himself didn't seem to think much of the feat as anything big. For him, bringing Pochi-kun, Tama-kun and everybody back was only obvious. And he himself doesn't care for anything more than to have everyone just living a fulfilling life, I'm sure of it."

Hearing the words from the one that understands Satou most, Marquis Muno, everyone besides Orion nodded.

"I mean, everybody is beating their heads against the wall over trying to serve under him than to be wary of him. I don't mean that you have to curry his favor or anything, but there's no point in trying to test him to see if he's going to revolt or not."

The meeting ended after Nina gave the warning.

"Well then, off you go to patrol. Pina, bring the former armed maids with you and patrol the castle interior. Erina go with Talna and other armed maids to help the guards."
"Yessu. Here we go ssuyo, newbie-chan."

Zotor gave an order to the people who were waiting outside the meeting room, and went to the guard station along with Hauto.

At the same time, at the very first village that Satou reclaimed, children riding on the back of a cat golem was dragging a suspicious person with them to the elderly village head.

"Grampa, guardian cat-sama caught a weirdo."
"Ooh? He does look suspicious."
"Hey gramps, he's carrying a bag full of horns."

The cat golem swiftly took away the bag as a little girl tried to open it.
The little girl never realized, but anyone who saw the cat golem's fine play would surely offer it their unreserved applause.
These horns are cursed items, [Short Horns], that could transform people into demons.

"Aaa, lemme see that."

The cat golem shook its head in refusal.

"Looks like it's something real dangerous. Cat-dono, sorry but could ya go with this old man to the marquisdom capital."

And thus, another scheme had been put to rest before it turned into an accident.

"Masita's not coming."
"I want to see Nana."

Sealkin children who were dipping their legs in the water at the port found a mysterious ship sailing underwater in the great river.

"Found something weird?"
"Found something weird."

The port people who were warmly watching over the sealkin children overheard them and peered underwater to also find the suspicious ship.

By a miraculous coincidence, the warship where Marquis Lloyd and Earl Houen were on heard the report, and cornered the suspicious ship with the newly developed magic cannons and magic torpedoes.

"Remnants of 『Wings of Liberty』?"
"Those guys' still around huh, geez, can't even eat tempura in peace."
"Indeed indeed. Let's get this over with and get back to eating Satou-dono's made prawn tempura."
"Don't forget the red pickled ginger tempura."
"Verily so, one has to eat tempura fresh off the fry."

After an interrogation performed by Marquis Lloyd's subordinates, they found out that someone gave fund and black crystals called <<Miasma Crystals>> to the remnant of [Wings of Liberty] to have them terrorize the duchy capital, hearing that report, Duke Oyugock notified all nobles in his territory and the self-governing dominion Bolhart to patrol the area.

In another place, at a certain magic shop in the self-governing dominion Bolhart.

"Jojori, you're as beautiful as ever."
"Galhar, don't try to change the subject, you have to stock stuff that actually sell, you hear me."

Galhar averted his gaze from heaps of powder-type firearms piled up on the tables of his magic shop.
He was certain that he'd make a killing when he bought these, but no excuse would work here for sure.

"Yo, Galhar. Brought the sulfur 'ere with me."
"Hey, Galhar. Here's yer' saltpeter."

Don and Han brothers who own the other magic shop in Bolhart brought sacks full of sulfur and saltpeter into the shop.

"Galhar, what're you gonna do with charcoal--Jojori?! Why are you at Galhar's store?!"

Zajiur the best pupil of Elder Dohar threw down a sack full of charcoal and pressed on Jojori.
Looks like it's another peaceful day at the self-governing dominion Bolhart.

"--I won't let you get away!"

Voice of a little girl echoed in the winding back alleys of the capital.

"China, don't toss around too much."
"That's dangerous, China-sama."

China who's piggybacking Shiro is chasing after a fleeing man holding a black crystal.
The man is pretty quick on his feet even though he's carrying a huge bag.

Of course, Shiro and Crow could catch up to him in a jiffy if they went at it seriously, but they're keeping a pace that makes the pursue fun to China.

As for the three knight academy students, they fell out of the race halfway through, as they were seemingly still suffering from the damage dealt to them by the ex-merc.
And the sister princesses of Rumooku Kingdom and their escort, Kon boy, were never along for the ride.

--Chui chui.

At a corner when they were about to lose sight of the man, several mice formed an arrow shape to tell the direction.
Shiro and Crow said their thanks to the Sage Mice of the underground empire and continued their pursue.

The Sage Mice aren't the only one helping.

--Kaa, kaa.


Crows and pretty jade-colored birds exposed the fleeing man's routes and hiding places, helping China and the girls.

"This villain has a really bad luck. I wonder if he's disliked by animals?"

It seems like China doesn't notice the abnormality of the situation at all.

"We got you cornered now!"

China declared her victory as they cornered the man on top of a cliff in a natural park.

"No, not yet!"

The man threw down the overcoat covering his body, and ran out to jump off the cliff while spreading a membrane like that of flying squirrels.

"We can't let him get away!"
"Got it, China."
"It's okay, we won't let him China-sama."

Shiro and Crow spread their wings.

However, it seems these wings need not to soar in the sky.


A green mass fell down along with a cheerful cry.
THUD, the man got crushed.

"Dragon! It's a green dragon! I know! It's a good dragon that comes to the capital to play!"


The infant dragon cried out proudly as if answering to China's excited voice.
It dragged out of the man captured under its belly, and repulsively kicked away the black crystal the man was carrying.

"It's still alive, I think."
"Oh really?"

Thanks to luck, the man didn't get crushed to death by the infant dragon.
The infant dragon must have been careful not to kill him.

"China, what to do with the crystal here."
"Unn, bury it?"
"That's a bit... Let's consult with the adult."

Crow asked the help of Echigoya Firm using the short-range comm device that Satou gave her.

"My presentiment proved to be correct after all."
"China, great."

While gazing at China who looked triumphant, "Evil has been destroyed", and Shiro who seemed whatever, Crow thought to herself, "This was another fun day."

"Crow? Oh you mean the wingkin Earl Pendragon is looking after. That child brought this?"

In Echigoya's office room, general manager Elterina received a report from her confidant and secretary, Tifaliza.

"Yes, it's an item called <<Miasma Crystal>>, it seems to be a support item for Soul Magicians. In its raw form, it contains enough miasma that can make anyone who gets close to it to suffer from miasma poisoning, so please take care not to take it out of this quarantine case."
"Have you contacted Kuro-sama?"
"I've reported this to the Solitary Island Palace, but Kuro-sama is currently engaging a demon lord in Saga Empire. I have conveyed the information to her highness Shistina."
"Understood. And the report to the king?"
"Her highness is taking the matter in her hand."
"I see, that's a big help. It would take too long if I were to go."

After pondering a bit, the manager issued an instruction to the top management.

"We will entrust the guards to strengthen the defense inside the capital. We will ask the beggar guild whom we're on good terms with to have its members gather information about weird happenstances in the capital. That's probably the most helpful assistance we can offer to Kuro-sama. Tell our branch offices to gather intelligence, and warn the lords at their locations about black crystals and abnormal events happening there."

After saying that, the manager gave instructions to each members.
Yes! The top management left the room after giving spirited responses.

"I hope there's nothing big going to happen..."

Tifaliza smiled when the manager murmured that.

"No, considering we are in a situation where a demon lord has appeared at Saga Empire's capital, that statement is a bit"
"Oh right, now that mention it."

Afterward, both laughed out loud.
Apparently they found it amusing that they had come to think that such a world crisis as the appearance of a demon lord to be [nothing big].

Thus, the goblin demon lord's plot is crumbling pieces by pieces all while he's none the wiser.

※I couldn't find fit these in the intermissions. If I find the chance to write these...
Eastern small country group [Kiwolk Kingdom/Lightsnow Princess], [Makiwa Kingdom], [Country of Dragon], [Rumooku]
Central small country [Kubooku Kingdom]
Shiga Kingdom [Labyrinth City], [Kuhanou Earldom], [Ganica Marquisdom], [Lesseu Earldom]

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-72

16-72. Intermission: The House-Sitting Team and Small Accidents in the World


※ This is not from Satou's point of view

"I can feel it, it's the presentiment of evils!"

The young noble girl China Kelten suddenly stood up and proclaimed so after the last lesson of the day at Childhood Academy, during the time for homecoming.
The wingkin sisters, Shiro and Crow, who are close to her look up at China.

"China, evils where?"
"Hold on, Shiro. China-sama only wanted to go out and play."

The amazed-looking Crow restrained Shiro who stood up with a sharp gaze.

"I wasn't going to play around! The town--right, I'm going out for the sake of finding the great evil lurking in the town!"

Crow muttered in her mind, "She's just like Arisa-sama."
At China who made the announcement while gripping her fists, Crow gave her an applause.

Most evils get swiftly dealt with by their master's master, Satou, so there's no great evil left in Shiga Kingdom's Capital.
Only those that didn't caught Satou's attention like small-time villains and thugs remain.

"Now! Haste makes justice!"

After saying some incomprehensible thing, China walked toward the classroom's door.

Dragged by China, Shiro and Crow also left the Childhood Academy toward town.
The girls gave Servants of Marquis Kelten, who were waiting for them to leave the academy like usual, the slip.

Although, there's no chance for the servants of a great noble house that holds a huge influence in the military to be that incompetent, these servants pretend to lose sight of the girls and let guards disguised as passerby to secretly watch over China and the girls.

"--Bastard, get your filthy saliva off me!"

They found a man who was caught in someone else's sneeze trying to hit the other person.

"China, is that evil?"

At Crow's question, China pondered for a bit before immediately made a cross mark with both her arms and walked away.

"Don't we ought to stop the quarrels?"
"There's no need. The guards or some adults nearby would do it. We're in a middle of the search for a great evil here."

There's little chance of them running into a great evil just by walking around the downtown, but China proclaims so in a very serious tone and pushes forward.

"Lots of people are on edge isn't it."
"Crow, lots are having a cold too."

Even in a street they just walked pass by, they already found so many people sneezing and people who got enraged over the most trivial matter.

"China, what's that?"
"It's a fortuneteller!"

China rushed toward the fortuneteller Shiro discovered.

"Read my fortune please!"
"Yes, young lady. Is it for romance?"
"No! I'm having a presentiment of evils. Tell me what's going on in the capital!"
"P-presentiment of evils?"

The fortuneteller was perplexed at first, but since oddball guests stopping by a fortuneteller stall located in the downtown is an everyday occurrence, he simply says "I shall read your fortune now" before starting.
Additionally, Crow properly paid the fee with a purse she got from China's servant.

"I sense evil in young lady's future."
"I knew it!"

China rejoiced to hear the result she was hoping to hear.

This fortuneteller definitely said it just because, but Crow won't point that out.
After all, they're enjoying strolling down the town by going along with China's absurd goal.

"Where? Where's the evils at?"
"I didn't see that far. The clue would show itself before young lady if you just had the item of guidance with you."
"Item of guidance?"

The fortuneteller sent a meaningful look at the stall next door.

Lured by that, China also turned her sight at the stall.
It's a stall that deals with junk and antique.

"Oh my?"

China took a bell made of crystal in her hand.
It's a foreign-looking item that looks authentic.

"You've got good eyes there. That's an item called 『Bell of Justice』. It's gonna chime up when it sense a world crisis to tell its owner, you see."

The old stallkeeper who had found an easy target attempted to coax her.

"This bell is empty, I don't think it'll ring though?"
"...T-that's--Spirits! Yes the spirits will tell you. So it probably won't work if the owner isn't loved by spirits."

When Crow pointed it out, the old stallkeeper came up with something random after faltering.

"My, is that so?"
"N-no worries. Young lady has those clear beautiful eyes. I'm sure the spirits will lend their aid for young lady."

When the old stallkeeper saw China sorrowfully putting the bell back on the table, he reassured China with more random setting.

"Do you think so?"
"Un, China's eyes are pretty."
"Then I'll take this."

Shiro's innocent encouragement helped to seal the deal as China made the decision to buy the [Bell of Justice].
The old stallkeeper stops China who's going to take the item away without establishing the deal.

"H-hold it there! You haven't cough up the dough."
"I'm talking about money."

The old stallkeeper showed three fingers toward China.

"30 sil--gold coins, yeah."

The old stallkeeper who was set on ripping the girls forcefully changed silver to gold coins.

"I don't have any money with me. Shiro, Crow, do you?"
"I've got candy."
"I have three silver coins here, but not that much."

Crow shook her head while checking the purse.

"Then I don't mind exchanging this thing with the pendant you have there young lady."
"This one is off limit. It's an important object passed down in my family for generations."

China covered the pendant with her hands.

"Then you could just pawn it on the pawn shop over there."
"Pawn shop?"
"Yea, pawn shop."

To China who didn't get how Pawn Shops work, the old stallkeeper gave an explanation, "If you let them keep your pendant, they'll give you money and a pawn ticket. Use the money to buy the 『Bell of Justice』, later you give the pawn ticket to your family and get the pendant back."

"I got it."
"--Eeh. Are you sure, China-sama?"
"Of course."

Crow tried to stop China in a hurry, but she lost to China's momentum who energetically charged toward the pawn shop.
A few minutes later, China was holding the 『Bell of Justice』 while looking pleased as she walked down the street.

No one knows whether the three who managed to successfully rip off an easy target ended the note with a celebratory toast.
Just know that, after China and the girls left, one of the people who were watching over the girls went to check things up with the pawn shop.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Waah, this is quite a feast."

The former idol Yui who was born in Southern Japan Federation clapped her hands in glee in front of an especially made steak in Echigoya Firm's staff canteen.

"Thanks for this, Aoi."
"Oh think nothing of it. I'm earning my keep as a researcher after all."

Aoi Haruka who hails from Great Japan Empire covers his mouth in embarrassment.
The girly boy who once would be mistaken 10 out of 10 times as a girl has grown taller in the past year, and looks definitely like a boy now.

"Bragging huh! Yeah yeah, I know I messed up and got made into a slave."
"H-hey darling, no one's saying that."

Yui soothes her fiance Souya who suddenly lost his cool.

Souya is an illegitimate child of Shiga Royalty who was coaxed by the adults to be the symbol in their conspiracy to overthrow the ruling party.
He was made into a crime slave after the coup d'etat failed, and even lost his sole identity as [King's Illegitimate Child].

He once led a lethargic life like an invalid, but thanks to the devotion of his fiancee who chose to be made into slave together with him rather than severing her ties with him and running away, he's been able to live a forward-looking life now.

"Sorry about it, Aoi. He's been on edge lately."
"I'm sorry, Yui. And you too Aoi, really my bad for losing my cool."

After getting rebuked by Yui, Souya lowered his head and apologized as if an evil spirit was banished off him.

"Don't worry about it. Now that you mention it, the prof's been getting temperamental too lately."

Right after he said that, Aoi regretted not changing the subject.

"It's happening in the workshop too ssuyo. It's stumping Porina-san cuz many workers are quarreling with each others ssu."

Turning at the source of the voice, there, Nell a life magician stood.
Judging from the food tray she's carrying, she must have caught on the interesting topic while looking for an empty seat.

"Even in the workshop? Come to think of it, after the cold outbreak the other day, I feel like there's more people getting irritated."
"Those quarrels broke out more often right after that ssuyo."

Yui and Nell's faces draw closer until their foreheads are about to bump.

"This might be some villain's scheme!"
"Oh no ssu!"

Nell went along with Yui's momentum.

The fun trio would have been formed were China of Kelten House here.

"No no, Yui-chan."

Aoi refuted Yui in amazement.

"Who'd be behind such a shabby scheme. People's hormone balance probably just got out of whack during the recovery period."
"Oh yeah I guess so. More importantly, we're soon in the season of sakura, aren't we. How about going flower watching with everyone--"

Yui readily withdrew her claim and changed the subject.
Perhaps the reason why she was going over the top is for the sake of her fiance who's silently immersing himself in chewing his set meal.

"Rimia, look. Inside these cages."
"Ane-sama, please don't pull so much."

Two sisters who are separated by few years ran about between stalls displaying Blue-furred Squirrels in cages.

These sisters' faces closely resemble each others, but their hair colors differ.
The little sister is blond which is common in Shiga Kingdom, while the elder sister has unusual pink hair.

Those who are familiar with foreign countries and the legend of Ancestor King Yamato would realize that it's a particular trait of the royalty of Rumooku Kingdom.

"Menea-sama, Rimia-sama's arm gonna tear off if you pull it too much y'know?"

A boy wearing servant clothing unabashedly remonstrated the big sister.

"Oh my? Forgive me, Rimia."
"Y-yes, it's okay. Thank you, Kon."

The little sister princess let out a lovely smile.

The kon boy who seemed a bit shy rubbed his upper lip with a silver finger and looked away.

"Looks like your right arm is doing well."
"Yeah, the prosthetic that noble-sama made for me before was not bad itself, but this one's even crazier."

Kon boy moved the fingers on his right arms open and close.

It's moving more agile than a normal arm.
It's an artificial arm called Monitor created by Echigoya Firm, a golem artificial arm made of mithril alloy supplied by Satou.
Kon boy was advised to regenerate his arm with magic potion, but he chose the artificial arm route as it would prove handy in protecting Princess Rimia he's serving.

Next to the two sisters who are watching the Blue-furred Squirrels in harmony, Kon boy surveys his surroundings to fulfill his duty as their escort.

His eyes found a seed of trouble.


The man jumps up and down while holding his toe, obviously faking it.

"Is everything alright, brother!"
"Big bro, the bone on his toe's a mess."
"That girl stepped on my feet."

China Kelten rounded her eyes in surprise when some men who fit the term ruffians to a T falsely accused her with cheap acting.

"I-I did not! This person is telling a lie."
"What'd you say! Who d'ya think yer' callin' bro a liar!"

The ruffian threatened back at China's protest.
China who's unfamiliar with people's malice screamed and cowered in fear.

To begin with, even if she did step on the ruffian's foot, getting stepped by such a lightweight little girl wouldn't have resulted in bone breaking.

"Stop shouting, you're scaring China-sama."
"It's okay, China."

Crow and Shiro hid China behind their back.

Shiro and Crow showed no sign of fear before the scary faces of these thugs.
For the two who protected the capital from the outbreak of fiendish monsters, there's probably nothing to fear of some slightly violent crowd.

"What's with these two wingers?"
"You playin' princess' knights?"

The ruffians who have no idea the gap in their strength draw closer while flaunting their knives.

"Whoa there, that's far enough!"
"We're the vigilance committee protecting the capital public order from shadow!"
"We're the capital's Pendora Squad."

Several boys rushed between the ruffians and the girls.

"Shatei-san and Mabudachi-san and others!"

Crow's eyes glittered when she saw the boys.
They're the classmates of Pochi and Tama when they were enrolled in the Knight Academy.

"Knew it was Shiro-chan and Crow-chan."
"Leave this to us. We didn't get trained by Pochi and Tama for nuthin'"

The ruffians who tried to assault the Knight Academy's students got all beaten up.

"T-these guys' tough."
"Of course! Don't make light of this body of ours that's been trained everyday to be a knight!"

"You're wide open, brats."

A man who had an aura like that of a veteran warrior came out of a back alley and kicked away a tigerkin knight academy student.
He pulled the sword on his waist and easily parried other students' swords.

"Hehe, now that Lieutenant's here, yer' all done for."

The ruffians livened up.

"You guys, it's spanking time later. Hell you're doin' getting toyed around by these brats."

The man glared at the ruffians while showing off his scar-filled face and arms.

"I'll take care of this, Shiro, protect China-sama."
"Y-you can't! There's no way Shiro and Crow could win against someone the knight academy students can't beat."
"That's not true~"
"Just watch, don't come out okay."

China tightly held Shiro and Crow who were going to go forward.
Shiro noticed some people approaching and turned there.

"A merc? Looking at those old wounds, can't be a magic hunter or an explorer."

A boy wearing the attire of a guard interjected while curiously touching Shiro's and Crow's wings.

"What's it to ya? Got a problem with me being an ex-merc?"
"Hm? Just thinking that your level is probably not that high if you only ever fought humans."
"Levels ain't everythin'!"

Kon boy easily stepped away from the ex-merc's heavy slash.
This heavy slash from a former mercenary was actually at the level of an expert already, but to Kon boy who learned the basics from a former member of Shiga Eight Swords, Sir Trell, it was not fast enough to lose sight of.

He easily dodged the second and third slashes.

"Kon! Stop playing around and beat him."

The elder one of the two sisters who caught up behind the boy gave an order.

"Eeh, but this is a good chance to get some training in anti-personnel battle."
"Don't underestimate me, you brat!"

The ex-merc unleashes a one-handed sword finisher.
It's the ex-merc's certain-kill finisher that has managed to fell a great number of people in battlefield.

Kon boy parried away the finisher with his short sword, but the sword that should have been parried off returned in an unexpected trajectory.


The boy catches the ex-merc's sword with his silver hand.

"N-no way!"

The hand then crushed the sword and punched the ex-merc's surprised face hard.
The golem's artificial arm powerful strength not only warped the ex-merc's face but also sent him flying to the other side of the street.

"Kon! Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?"
"Rimia-sama, you're such a worrywart~"

Kon boy scratched his cheek.

Chiming sound of a bell reached the ears of the relieved girls and boys.
The sound came from China's [Bell of Justice] that shouldn't have been capable of producing sound.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 222

Chapter 222 Strongest Sage, Drinks Poison


『Where should we run to?』

『How about going back to Eis Kingdom? We need to report about the dollmaster and all...』

Alma pointed at the direction of Eis Kingdom.

That would be the correct choice if this were a normal war.
However, it's not.

『No, if we did that, Relaia Barondom will relax their defense.』

『I mean there's no need for it anymore right, isn't that better?』

『It's true that there's no need to keep the defense up, but doing that would be the same as announcing that Eis Kingdom is aware of what's happening in Saihill Empire. It'd be a big pain if our enemy went into hiding because of that... What we need to do here is to find where the enemy is and deal with them swiftly.』

That said, with the way we're doing things, it's only a matter of time before they find out.
The demons must be paying attention to me considering the many demons I've slaughtered, so once they realize that we're nowhere in Eis Kingdom and the dollmaster has been defeated, the jig is up.

We've got to defeat them before they get to that point.

『You gotta deceive your allies if you want to deceive your enemies, like that?』

『That's right.』

『Then we'd better stay away from the border. The demons are probably watching there too.』

『Yeah. We're heading to the general direction of the empire's capital. Where exactly... depends on the result of this.』

I took a little bit of water I drew earlier from Storage magic and put it in analysis magic.
Since the impurities mixed in the water amount very little, analyzing the substance takes time... Should be over in five minutes though.

『Analysis magic... Is there something in the water?』

『Almost definitely yeah. Since the imperial water service extends to the whole country. If you mix a special poison that can absorb life force in an upper stream of the waterworks network, gathering life forces from a huge amount of people would be a simple matter.』

『Oh that's right, then you'd only need to control the waterworks' upstream, no need to install magic tools in the entire country either...』

Then Ruli stares at the water inside the analysis magic.
After a little while, she looked doubtful.

She probably didn't find anything mixed in the water.
Even if there's poison in it, the concentration is probably so low it's undetectable just by looking.

If the concentration is high enough to be noticeable by naked eyes, there would have been a big uproar about people suffering from severe illness everywhere in Saihill Empire.
The demons are able to gather life forces without anyone noticing precisely because the poison they've mixed in the water cannot be detected with naked eyes.
Even if the scheme could only gather little life forces from each individual, doing that in an entire nation would still net them quite an amount.

『But that means, we won't know where they put the poison, no? The empire's waterworks network is a closely guarded secret after all.』

『I guess it's only natural, their enemy nation would go for it if they knew where the center of the water service were...』

Indeed, the network of these waterworks is unknown... is what we're taught in Second Academy.
During wars in olden times, enemy nations conducted a search under the assumption that water should flow from a higher elevation, but they apparently couldn't find anything.

The analysis was complete when I was thinking that.
Composition of the impurities... My guess is mostly correct.

『The result is in. The empire's water service has been polluted with poison indeed.』
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『Then our enemy is the waterworks bureau huh... Maybe we could locate where they put the poison in if we do our best to sneak in?』

『No, actually, I've already found out where they're doing that.』

I took a huge paper out of Storage magic.
Then I used magic to draw a map on the paper.

『...This is the empire's waterworks network.』

Ruli was surprised to see the paper.

『Y-you got a grasp of the water network just from analyzing the water!?』

『Well, it's unlikely to be 100% correct, but it should be in general.』

Minutes details down to fine branches in every corners of the empire are drawn on the paper.
But I didn't actually found all this from analyzing water... Or rather, such a feat is simply unfeasible.

I simply had prior knowledge.
The 『Great Empire Waterworks』 used by Saihill Empire presently is the exact same thing as the 『Aegis State Waterworks Network』 that was in my past civilization.
There should be some places where the network got cut off after the civilization perished, but the fact that water reaches here must mean that it's still intact to a degree.

Analyzing the water was partly to check for that.

Sure enough, the water that got here had a similar composition with the 『Aegis State Waterworks Network』.
Supplying a large amount of such clean water like this is impossible in the current age.

『No no, even in general, this is terrifying...』

『This magic could ruin a country depending on how you use it...』

『I can do that if I want to but there's no point in doing so... So yeah, the places where they mix in the poison should be around here.』

I draw two circles on the map.

Both are near the cores of the waterworks called, 『Sources』.
The source of all water in the network is called 『Great Headwater Orb』, it's a type of large-scale magic tool.

There are around 20 of these 『Sources』 in the waterworks, and these two are of particular large scale.
They're called 『The First Source』 and 『The Sixth Source』 respectively.

『Topmost upstream... There the poison...』

『If there's only two, then we only need to go take a look at them in turn! ...Where'd we go?』

『This one has a high probability of being correct.』

I point at the 『The Sixth Source』.

『Aegist State Waterworks Network』 is a product of ancient ruins.
Since the waterworks were underground and built really sturdily, it managed to withstand the Mana Fusion Reactors explosions and survived until the present days... but 『The First Source』 was situated close to a Mana Fusion Reactor.

If one of them still remains today, it would be The Sixth Source
The demons should have enough life force to move that many dolls by gathering life forces from places where water from The Sixth Source flow to.

『Got it!』

『Let's hurry up before there's more victims!』

We push our way into the highways while talking.
...Oh right, before that.

『Let's drink this water.』

I put water from the empire's waterworks into three cups and present them to the girls.
I also prepared my own cup and drank it all at once.

Ruli and Alma looked like they couldn't believe what they just saw.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 3.4


After leaving the apothecary, Lecan followed the route Shiira taught him toward the Adventurer Association.

On his way there, he got behind a cover and changed clothes. Wearing attires with proper defense and his trusty overcoat really calm him down.

He wasn't told how many Service Quests must he complete in particular.

According to Shiira, she would know the state of quests that Lecan had done.

"I'll send you a message once you've passed."

In other words, he's got to continue doing these Service Quests until the passing verdict comes.

As Lecan needs to earn his keep, he's told her that he might have to do other quests beside the Service Quests.

Inside the Adventurer Association, there's four boys and girls in their teens, and a man in his forties.

"Telnis-san, I'd recommend this quest."

A woman sitting behind the counter showed a piece of paper to a girl.

"What's written there?"

"The topmost is number, 181. Next is the subject. <Warehouse Cleaning>. Next is the client's name."

She's explaining what's written there gradually. The other youths are huddling together as they stare at the paper and listen attentively to her. They're probably trying to learn written words even by a little through her explanation.

The man in his forties is glaring over papers posted on the wall one by one.

The woman was done with her explanation before long.

"I'm gonna take this quest."

"Yes. Then, write your name here. <Telnis Accepted. Aira Received>. There, contract established. Do you know where it is?"


"Very well, don't forget to get the coin from the client once you're done with the job okay. It's the same as usual, you know the drill right?"

"Un. I'm going now."

"Next is, Gado-kun."

"Hold it. Can't you deal with my quest first."

"My, Bordos-san. Of course. Everyone, wait a moment OK."

The man interrupted, and the woman who seemed to be a staff member of the association checked his quest.

Lecan looked at the papers posted on the wall while listening to them behind him.

The wall is partitioned into four sections. Seems it's to differentiate qualifications for the quests one can accept. Copper Rank, Silver Rank, and Gold Rank. The fourth section has no qualification written on the quest tags, so any rank can probably take these quests. However, there's some subjugation quest for some very powerful magic beasts among the quests there. Must be do it at your own risk things.

Thankfully, Lecan understands most of the written words here. Even words he cannot understand, he can read it out loud, so he can just ask someone else. He has no idea how long he'll stay in this world, he's got to learn the words used in this world as much as possible.

Everyone else besides Lecan had already left, so he went to the counter.

"Good day (Haleef). I'm Lecan."
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"Ah, yes. I've heard about you from Chaney-san."

"From Chaney?"

"Yes. He dropped by yesterday to meet the association's chairman. We've been told that a skilled adventurer named Lecan would soon pay a visit here, Chaney-san wished for us to accommodate the adventurer in question with him as the guarantor."

Chaney must have been told about this test when he went to meet Shiira the day before. And he went out of his way to come here and put in a good word for Lecan.

"I'm a staff member of the Adventurer Association here, please call me Aira. First of all, we need to have you registered."

She took a register from a file cabinet behind the counter, spread it on the counter and asked Lecan.

"Would your name be just Lecan."


While listening to Lecan's reply, Aira wrote on the thick register.


"No clue."

"Work experience?"

Lecan considered to mention his guard job at Zaidmahl house for a moment, but refrained so.

"None in particular."


"Who knows. Should be around 28 I guess."

Lecan knows not his birth date or stuff like that, to begin with, one year in this world is different from one year in his former world. Even the length of a single day probably differs. So the age he just blurted out is truly haphazard.

"Your height."

"Never measured it."

"Then please get up and stand in front of the pillar over there... OK, it's done. Please take your seat. Do you have a specific ability."

"I think I'm moderately good at handling swords. I've worked as a guard too."

After several more questions, Aira stopped her hands.

"That will be all. From today on, Lecan-san has been acknowledged by Vouka's Adventurer Association as a Copper Rank adventurer. You can be promoted to Silver Rank once you've given enough results. I'll have your Adventurer Badge ready by tomorrow noon, so don't forget to drop by okay. And as you wish to take on Service Quests, I'll look for suitable ones."

"I don't see this Service Quest on the wall though."

"As Service Quests are not something anyone could take, you have to ask the counter if you wish to take one. Staff members will assign the Service Quests most suited for the adventurer in question."

"Who makes the decision if a quest is completed."

"The client does. This applies to other quests besides service quests as well, clients are given a coin with a particular number by the association when they put up a quest. The coin will then be given to the adventurer who has completed the quest."

"I see. So you won't get rewards if you kill a magic beast not described in a quest."

"As a general rule, there is no reward for doing a job not specified in a quest you took. But the town lord will give additional rewards to those who protect the town peace. It doesn't happen often though. We're happy to purchase your magic gems and materials anytime."

"Where at?"

"It's behind this building."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Strongest Sage, Blasts Away


『Alright, I'm done.』

『How was the dollmaster?』

『The demons had put him under a spell, he died as soon as I bound him... Managed to get the info I wanted though.』

『Info you wanted?』

『The mastermind's location... Let's get away from this warehouse first.』

I urge the girls to get away.
There's something I've gotta do here.

『Is there any problem with the warehouse?』

『Don't tell me, it's going to explode?』

The girls had evacuated the place while sounding puzzled.
I set up a simple magic tool on the warehouse's lock while responding to them.

『It won't explode even if we get away from it, but I'm going to ignite it now.』


『We're gonna really stand out if we do that...』

『No, it's the opposite. Our enemy would find it suspicious if this warehouse didn't blow up... There's a timer on the explosive device anyway, we'd better off blowing it up now when no civilians are around.』

From the very start, the enemy has always planned to blow up this warehouse if it's been found out.

Evident by the same type of bomb locks put on all entrances to this warehouse...
There's even a magic tool that will automatically make the warehouse explode if it doesn't detect the dollmaster's mana in three days.

With these many traps, defeating the dollmaster inside while stopping the timer bomb is the same as telling the enemy that there's someone knowledgeable about magic tools amongst us.
That's only going to make them needlessly more cautious of us.

It's a better idea to follow along (?) and let the warehouse go up in an explosion.

『Even time bomb... Won't their own countrymen get caught up in the explosion that can blow away an entire warehouse?』

『Of course they would. Well, the guys who attacked Eis Kingdom don't seem to care even if this whole town is slaughtered, so they probably think nothing of some fatalities.』

『Uwaah... Then it's better to let this explode when there's no one around...』

I check the inside of the warehouse once again.
Yup. Can't find any good materials.

『Alright, I'm blasting it off!』

Afterward, I got away from the warehouse and pour mana into the magic tool I set up.

...Soon after, the warehouse's door got blown away and the warehouse went up in a blaze with sounds of explosion.
Looks like the explosive devices set there were focused into burning down the inside.
Still, anyone within 10 meter radius of the warehouse would have died instantly by the explosion.

At this rate, everything inside the warehouse would have been burned down to ashes and be unrecognizable by the time anyone could get near it.
Just convenient for destroying evidence.

『Good, let's take advantage of this confusion and move out.』

『Where are we going?』

『For now, to the guild. There's something I'd like to check.』

I ran to the guild.
There were some people who were running away from the explosion so slipping in among them was a simple matter.

『Guild? Are we going to take a quest?』
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『Nah, I just want to look at the guild's water.』

We're not going to take a quest.
Heck, we're not even going to enter the building.

My goal is the guild's water facility.

Adventurer Guilds are usually joined to a drawing water facility.
From rehydration to maintaining weapons, such a place is very relevant to adventurers after all.

In Eis Kingdom, the drawing water facilities are usually situated next to the guild buildings.
We never used one since we could just use water magic ourselves though.

『Guild's water...? Since Saihill Empire has waterworks system, I don't think we'll find a well there like at Eis Kingdom...』

『Aah, I've heard about that!』

『I mean that's in the lesson at Second Academy... That water is our objective.』

I arrived at the guild while talking.
Just as Ruli mentioned, the guild's drawing water was from a water service instead of a well.

I was highly suspicious about the water service from the start, but since it was located inside a building, I had it postponed.
The stealth magic we used earlier isn't well suited for sneaking in places like the guild.
In a town as small as this, the guild staff probably remember those who come by the building.

However, in a state of panic after a huge explosion such as this time, us going in and draw the water won't draw attention.
We'd probably look like people who're getting water to fight fire.

I draw about 1 liter water and put it into Storage magic.

『Alright, let's get out of here!』

『Are you done with the guild?』

『Yea. We've no business here now with this water.』

As we were about to leave the guild... My eyes caught a paper posted next to the exit.

...It's a paper with a wanted list of criminals.
Of course, it's not unusual for there to be a wanted list. Like bandit wanted list and such, every guild has these.

The reason I stopped was because one of the portraits posted there looked similar to the dollmaster I defeated earlier.
No, it's not just similar anymore.
Even the moles and scars matched perfectly. It's practically the same person.

Here's the content of the wanted poster.

Wanted: Garijig Slauther
Crimes: 38 Murders, 17 Robberies, and participant in 187 miscellaneous crimes.
Reward: 15 Million Sahia
Note: Broke out of jail in the imperial capital three days before his execution. As he was not in a situation where he could have escaped alone, there is a possibility of collaborators.

...Looks like that dollmaster was a wanted person scheduled for execution.

The demons most likely demanded for his obedience in exchange of freedom.
He ended up like that as a result though.

But the fact that this wanted list exists means that the whole country is unlikely to be controlled by the demons aka the worst case scenario.
I would find out where they intervene with the country if I analyze the water I just drew.
If the water has been tampered with, the empire's waterworks service is definitely an enemy.

I rushed out of the guild toward a forest while thinking that.

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