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Okami wa Nemuranai Intermission 2

Scholar Sandra


<Rikonen District> is a residential area located in the northwestern part of Vouka town.

It's a quiet neighborhood where middle class people reside, it's got its name from the Rikonen tress growing on the sides of the road.

One woman has purchased a snug house situated around the middle area of this Rikonen District. It was originally a house built by a renowned transcriber with a small yet tasteful garden inside, fit for anyone wishing to live a quiet life alone.

The woman who bought this house is quite at an advanced age, yet she's got this springiness about her, and despite her rather rough speech, she's furnished with high scientific attainments.

For a period of time, even the close neighbors weren't aware that this woman had started living in the house.

Her existence only became known after a certain event in the neighborhood.

The eldest son of someone who lived there, then 12-year old Bonfur fell from the veranda of his house and hit his head on a garden stone.

The mother Rikanu was panicking around in a half-frenzied state, the father Jaston had resigned to his son's impending death despite sending an employee run to a medical center.

That was when this woman showed up and offered a medium red potion.

Rikanu took the potion like she was snatching it from her and frantically sprinkled it over her son. The son who was bleeding on the head miraculously recovered, and by the time a medical practitioner arrived, they couldn't find anything wrong with him.

A medium red potion fetches one big silver coin, but that's the lowest price one goes in a dungeon city, in ordinary towns, it can go ten to sixty times higher. Furthermore, they're not something stores display on the shelves, you just can't buy them whenever.

That woman who called herself Sandra spoke to Jaston who offered to compensate her for the potion how that red potion was something she bought in a dungeon city she was visiting as a research material, and for him to take it as a greeting present for her moving in.

Jaston, an experienced middle-class headhunter is no stranger to bargaining tactics. He could tell that Sandra was serious about not seeking compensation.

Jaston who had been completely amazed by this told Sandra to go ahead ask him anything should she need something.

Sandra took upon his offer right away and said that she was looking to hire a maid so she would like a recommendation on a good establishment.

As Jaston is exactly running that kind of business, he told her that he would look for a maid that fit her criteria, which Sandra then enumerated.

She's not particular with ages or looks. She's looking for a quiet and obedient individual.
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The maid's work will be cleaning, tending garden and washing.

She is to come to the house every two to three days, and to finish the work in half to an hour time.

Sandra herself frequently goes out to faraway places for her work, so she's often not at home. She'll left the key to the maid, and she expects her to work even while she's gone.

There's no room the maid can't enter. Cupboards and drawers she doesn't want open will be locked. She doesn't want the maid to touch papers and documents that may be lying around.

As she likes to brew tea on her own, the maid isn't expected to do that.

She cooks for herself, so there's no need for that either. As she won't prepare meals for the maid, they're expected to have eaten before coming in.

Sandra isn't really fussy about built-up dust, so the cleaning doesn't have to be too thorough. The maid can come and go as she pleases since it will also serve to ventilate the house.

After stating those curious prerequisites, Sandra handed over a big magic stone as the wage for a period of time.

Jaston firmly denied it at first. He was planning to shoulder the wage for the maid. But after a heated argument, he relented and took the magic stone.

He was not too familiar with magic stones, yet he still found it magnificent to the point he thought of gazing at it for a while. 'I can just hand over a sum amount of money worth this magic stone later', thought Jaston.

Later on when he showed it to a magic stone merchant, he was dumbfounded when he found out about the price.

At first he sent a young maid for the job, but she got married and stopped the gig, thus he sent an elderly maid next. This one is still working for Sandra even now.

According to the maid, Sandra's house is filled with books, documents and weird articles in every room. As books are expensive, Sandra must be quite affluent to have so many.

Curiously enough, there's barely any cookware in Sandra's house. The maid would sometimes found leftover garbage from store-bought food, and very rarely she would make soup Sandra would gulp down, but it's a mystery just what kind of food she persists on.

Sandra frequently goes out in a long excursion. Even when she's back, she often goes out in daytimes, and conversely people tend to see a flicker-less light, magic light, late at night. People guessed that she was an avid and wealthy researcher who wouldn't pinch on magic stones. She would present in her house very rarely, like once every tens of days. Mysteriously enough, there's a surprising lack of people who have seen her go in and out of her house.

Her nickname <Scholar Sandra> was first coined by Jaston. The neighbors called her Sandra-san the scholar, and then it got stuck before anyone realized.

Bonfur the boy she saved would often come to thank scholar Sandra, and got along well with her now. Sandra herself never went out of her way to get in touch with people, but neither would she act apathetic to those who visited her.

At times, Sandra would gently talk about simplified versions of advanced research that would pique Bonfur's interest, another time she would talk about true facts and secrets of histories, then one time was about songs and tales from another country, all which tightly seized Bonfur's mind.

Eventually Bonfur came to call Sandra, 'sensei', he would intrude on her house whenever he saw her home to listen to her stories. Sandra would send her maid to buy expensive tea and snacks, but most of those snacks ended up in Bonfur's stomach.

Bonfur is 22 year old now, he's started managing his father's business. The father would look fondly on his son's growth and begin to consider retiring.

On the sixth year after Sandra took residence in that house, Jaston's wife, Rikanu fell down with a high fever of unknown cause, her condition worsened badly and the medical practitioner couldn't do anything for her, that was when Sandra who had come to visit asked them to leave her and Rikanu alone in the room, in which they did, afterward Rikanu's condition improved.

Sandra asked Jaston to keep it a secret. Jaston swore to bring it to his grave.

That was how Sandra became Jaston's family's neighbor as well as savior. Apparently, a few other neighboring houses are also indebted to Sandra in some ways.

Sandra never interacted with the neighbors, no one even saw her going out of house to meet another. Hence, there's only a handful of people who knew Sandra's name and face.

Nevertheless, no one in Rikonen District would speak ill of Sandra.

Incidentally, an apothecary by name Shira lived deep in an area of dilapidated buildings at the opposite end of town to Rikonen District. She was an individual who made highly effective medicine, those who know know, but her social disposition was extremely lacking, in fact, barely anyone knew Shira's face.

How that Shira was visited by <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel and even got called master by him is a popular pastime talk in the town. It's also said that Shira is living a secluded life somewhere, so no one knows where to see her.

If someone who knew apothecary Shira's face saw scholar Sandra's, they might speak how they are the exact same person.

However, apothecary Shira would wear ragged and dirty clothes, while scholar Sandra always wore elegant and tidy outfits. They live apart and the air around them is quite dissimilar as well.

At the end of the day, humans don't only see faces, but also social class, clothes, bearings, residence and how someone socializes with others, they look at how someone lives their life as a whole, as such no one would make the connection between the two, that they're one and the same.

Even if someone did manage to, it's clear that they're completely different people when you compare how Sandra lived for the past ten years in the district in contrast to how Shira lived. Even though it's the same town, their places of residents are too far apart. It's impossible for her to be at Shira's house at daytime, and Sandra's at night. Human cannot be at two different places at the same time.

Scholar Sandra is deep in another research today.

A research no one is privy to.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.17


In the end, there was barely anyone who came to Vouka looking for Shira.

This was due to Guide Skalabel and his entourage spreading news about her disappearance in towns they passed by.

Many personages expressed their interest to meet Eda through the town lord, Crimus Ulban, however.

Eda would generally turn down such requests. Furthermore, after consulting with Norma, she decided to charge one big gold coin per casting of <Purification>.

No one will pay one big gold coin for one session no matter how rich they are. Those who suffer serious injury or illness can just resort to <Recovery>. Besides, the true value of <Purification> is made apparent after successive casting.

In the end, not one soul sought Eda's <Purification>.

Several town lords' messengers requested an audience with Eda through Crimus. For these kinds of requests, she would go meet them at the town lord's mansion.

Vantaroy town lord's messenger said this to Eda.

"Watching over you was a task Guide Skalabel entrusted to my lord. We shall regularly send someone to check on you, please feel free to turn to them should you need anything. Ensuring your continued freedom impeded by no one is Guide Skalabel's wish."

This was in fact a form of warning to Crimus. An indirect statement by Vantaroy's town lord to him, 'We're always monitoring your actions'.

Requests for Eda's <Recovery> had dried up as well. At the end of the day, one gold coin fee is just not affordable. Noble houses would have someone with <Recovery> under them, while the wealthy and merchants could just go to the temples for <Recovery>. As the monetary offering for it doubly serves as charity, receiving <Recovery> at the temple is more preferable to them.

Their neighbors also found out about Eda being a user of <Purification> who was also a savior of <Herb Saint> Skalabel, and while they were a bit bewildered at first, they treated her like they did before after some time.

There was a period of time when groups of people tried to push their way to see Eda, but they went right home with a glare from Lecan.

Jericho would go out during daytime despite living in Lecan's and Eda's house. They went to Shira's house. Cleaning up the house and tending the herb garden.
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Arios came back four days after herb saint's departure.

Arios resumed tutoring Eda on defensive stance as well as gait style using short swords, but after a while, he declared that Eda didn't seem able to learn <Stealth Step>.

The three's light armors were finally done early on month ten, way later than initially scheduled.

Eda's light armor is made to emphasize flexibility and speed, bearing a vivid blue color.

As for Lecan's and Arios's, the important parts like the chest area, shoulder pads, knee guard are blue colored, while all other parts are red.

They also got paid for the Great Octocular Spiders' materials. Totaling in a large sum of 19 platinum (white gold) coins excluding the fee for the armor. It was split among the three. Arios also got the payment for his Queen's Venom, but Lecan didn't pay attention to the amount. He was not interested. But Arios handed him five small bottles with Queen Venom inside nonetheless.

"I'm sharing them."

Eda has started to accept quests at the Adventurer's Association. There were times where she would take on the quests alone, and times where she would go with a party of young adventurers. By young here is around 15, so they're technically older than Eda, but they were none the wiser. Eda is famous as a gold rank adventurer now, and the fact that she looks like a young girl she is appears to have quite an distinctive impact.

Lecan went to two dungeons.

The first one was a small dungeon to the north of Skerus. The dungeon only had 12 floors, but he had some fun.

The other one was Dungeon Golbul. One night, he had the urge to fight the Greatarm Ogre.

He quickly went in the dungeon, quickly beat the ogre, and quickly dashed out. Commander Doug was waiting for him outside, so he greeted him, showed him a glimpse of the dungeon item and went back to Vouka right away.

The dungeon item was a mantle.

It's got defensive properties against physical and magical, a sort of lesser version of Lecan's own <Overking Bear>'s overcoat. He gave it to Eda since she wanted it. She tried to pay for it, but Lecan wouldn't take it, saying it's a thanks for the <Purification> every night.

Lecan would spar with Arios sometimes.

Arios's swordsmanship has gotten more flexible compared to before. In other word, it's gotten crafty. He even managed to prevail against Lecan often. The results would likely come out differently in a real combat, but in terms of pure sword skills, Arios comes out on top.

Meanwhile, month ten was nearing its end.

"Lecan. You're leaving this town after new year, right?"

He never mentioned anything about that, Eda must have sensed that from the mood. Or perhaps she learned how to read Lecan's trains of thought.


"Are you going to dungeons?"

"I'm thinking of heading for Dungeon Tsubolt first. Haven't decided after."

"You're going alone?"

"Arios wanted to come along."

"I see."

"What're you gonna do?"

Lecan would take Eda along if she said she want to tag along.

"Honestly, I wanna come with you. But if I did that here, I'm gonna stay Lecan's baggage forever."

Eda's <Recovery> is potent enough to be considered a trump card in dungeon explorations. Adding to the fact that Eda is good with her bows, has reached a certain level of mastery in close quarter combat's evasion and defensive, and her life force is plentiful enough. She's absolutely not a burden.

However, the baggage here doesn't refer to her fighting prowess. Thus far, Eda has been living and growing up under Lecan's protection. And she feels like that can't go on as it is.

"I want to try living by myself for awhile. I'll show you I can live independently. I'm going to become someone Lecan will come for and ask to be with. I'm gonna give it my all so I can heal your left eye."

"I see."



"I love you."

Lecan almost said 'me too', but he stopped short. It's not Eda's <Love> that Lecan's got. The feelings Lecan hold for Eda are a bit different from that word. However, Lecan couldn't find quite the word to express that verbally.

As such, instead of words, he patted Eda's head. Ruffling through her hair rather roughly.

Eda laughed while crying.

On the last day of that year, Lecan and Arios left the town.

Their destination is Dungeon Tsubolt.

Snow was falling that day.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.15_16


Vouka town lord, Crimus Ulban remained standing in the entranceway of his mansion.

The Herb Saint Entourage must have just got out of the town via the west gate by now.

Vouka's guard led by commander Tesla is escorting them to the nearest village.

The town lord has to stay here to meet and greet the four noble houses as well as those who have come to see the entourage off.

"Norma, Eda, we're going home."

"Yeah. Let's."

"Un. Home we go."

"Ah, Lecan. A moment please."

It was the town lord who called out to Lecan.

"What do you need?"

"Thanks for your hard work. I owe you one."


"Hold it! I told you to wait!"

"Get on to it already."

"We have been getting requests to meet, no, have an audience with Shira-sama."

"Nothing to do with me."

"I couldn't tell her earlier. Any and all outside contacts were prohibited during Guide Skalabel's stay. So things will get busy from now on."

"Told you I don't give a crap."

"This won't be for a while, but Vantaroy's town lord has expressed interest to visit Vouka as well. That Vantaroy town lord, coming here in flesh!"

"Good for you. Later."

"Don't you go off now! Wait a second."

"Get to it."

"I would like Shira-sama to stay in the guest house for a while."

"Tell that to Shira."

"Where has Shira-sama gone off to?"

"No clue."

"There's no way you don't know."

"Didn't you see? Shira vanished."

"Yes, she did. That was a wonderful magic. Wait, was that even magic?"

"Must be. Can't imagine what kind though."

"Where did she go?"

"I gave you the answer already."

"Are you really not aware?"

"I really have no clue."

"When is she coming back?"

"No idea."

"Do you believe you can convince me with that?"

"I don't give a damn either way."

"We have a huge queue of people wanting to meet her. As well as letters I must give her. There will be a mountain heap more of those from now on. Lots more letter will come."

"I'll give you an advice."

"Please by all means."

"Shira will not show up in this town ever again. So you'd better decline those asking for a meeting. Write the return letters yourself. They're just gonna turn into garbage left at Shira's house."

"You're joking, right? Tell me you're joking."

"Zip it. Shira won't show herself up ever again. It's me who found that most unfortunate."

After saying that over his shoulder, Lecan took Norma and Eda away from the town lord's mansion.

He felt a bit sorry for the town lord, but he surely has gained a lot more than he lost from all what's going on, so Lecan didn't feel bad leaving him to deal with all the aftermath.

They parted with Norma along the way, then went to fetch Jericho with Eda before going back home.

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Lecan saying that Shira won't show up in this town ever again came as a huge shock to Eda, she asked Lecan where Shira is.

Lecan replied back.

Standing out in public is the thing Shira hates most above all else, and now that her name has been spread far and wide, she likely won't ever make an appearance in this town.

As for Shira's whereabouts, even Lecan is clueless on that. However, Shira can't possibly abandon Lecan and Eda.

One day, she would likely appear before them.

Both him and Eda have some growing up to do so they can proudly meet her, to get her say, "My, you two have really grown up", when she saw them.

Besides, it's Shira they're talking here, she must be watching over him and Eda somewhere without them realizing.

Entrusting Jericho to Eda is a promise for their eventual reunion.

After hearing that, Eda wiped her tears and nodded, 'Un'.

The following day, Lecan didn't go anywhere.

He shut himself in the house and carefully probed the whole town with <Life Detection> while quietly sipping some liquor.

But he couldn't find the reaction he sought.

He did the same the day after.

On the night of the third day, there was a hit in the town. The presence of an enormous mana. A nostalgic presence.

That presence vanished right away. However, he has memorized its location.

Lecan erased his presence with <Concealment> and headed toward the northwest direction under the night sky of Vouka town. Running on walls, jumping over roofs, he arrived at the place.

It's a snug house in a quiet neighborhood.

There's an inner garden inside, with a veranda on the second floor facing that garden, there an elderly woman is sipping tea while watching the night sky.

Lecan gently landed on that veranda.

"Hey there. That was quick. I've got your tea ready over here."

"That's some fancy outfit you're wearing."

"This is how I look when I'm here."

"Since when."

"Let's see now. I think since about ten years ago."

"I don't see a big chimney anywhere here. Neither an underground cellar."

"Yep there's none. Think I'm done with medicine now. I have so many good successors all grown up after all."

"The medicine stores that sell your medicine will be devastated."

"Oh not at all. This town has quite a few skilled apothecaries now. And I've presented cold medicine and remedy recipes to five apothecaries I know. I'm sure they're elated."

"I see."

Lecan sat down and drank his tea.

"This is a good tea. Can I come here again to drink another cup?"

"Once in a while, sure."

They gazed at the night sky for a while.

"Say. You're planning to leave this town at the end of this year, aren'tcha?"


"What about Eda-chan?"

"Still undecided. But I think leaving her to fend for herself for once will be a good experience."


"What do you think?"

"Well. I'm sure Eda-chan herself has been thinking of having a go at being independent from you."


"And she also wants to become someone you could accept. Or so how I see it at least."

This wise woman does not speak without any basis.

Meaning she must have had conversations with Eda that led her to believe that.

"Yeah I think that's for the best."

"It's also for your sake, you know. Don't worry about that girl. I've left Jericho with her."

"Guess there's nothing to worry about with Jericho around."

"Jericho will notify me if there's something amiss."

"I see."

Something suddenly hit on Lecan while he was looking at the bottom of his emptied cup.

"Oh yeah, during that night when Roland tried to set up a magic barrier, you said that <Sleep> boosted by that magic barrier installed with a dungeon-depth magic stone and grace items won't work on Eda or me."

"I sure did."

"That doesn't sound right."


"Eda might have resistance to mind magic. Her life force's been quite bolstered as well. But I don't believe that will be enough to defend against <Sleep> cast by Roland with the help of magic barrier and grace items. All the more since I didn't have <Necklace of Intuador> with me back then."

The silver ring he always has on his finger passively raises abnormal status resistance, but the effect has its limit. In fact, Marakis's magic did manage to reap Lecan's consciousness if only for a moment.

"That was a feint for that Derston boy."


"You musn't let your guard down against that boy."

Lecan himself also noticed that the most troublesome individual to make an enemy of among the Herb Saint Entourage was the temple knight Derston Barmoa. He might look like he was faithfully working as Skalabel's escort this time around, but that man must have been the one with the highest drive toward Elex Temple's interest. Which isn't guaranteed to always coincide with Shira's and Lecan's interest. That man was always coldly observing Shira, Lecan, Eda and Norma behind his all-smiles exterior.

In other word, that conversation was Shira's way to warn Derston not to mess with Lecan and Eda.

Come to think of it, Shira did allude to her deep connection with Yacklubend then. Derston must think that antagonizing her would require quite a bit of resolve after that.

"I see. Got it. So where's your other nesting holes at?"

"Oh, what are you on about?"

"Back then you spoke how a shrewd rabbit would dig up four nesting holes. You also mentioned how you have bases in several cities around this country."

"Oh, did I really say that?"

"You did. Back when we got called to the temple."

"I'm honestly surprised by your good memory."

"So where's your other nesting holes at."

"I wonder. You tend to forget things as you age, see. How many nests I dug, and where, can't remember every one of them. But it'll probably come back to me when the needs arise."

(This granny is the one you can't let your guard down on the most.)

Lecan drank up his tea.

"Thanks for having me."

"Feel free to grab all the medicine making tools you want in my house. Take care of yourself now."

"Yea. Thank you."

Lecan put <Concealment> on himself once again and leaped in the night town.

That night hosted beautiful stars in the sky.

Lecan leaped around from walls to walls.

He spun in the air, raised his leg ups, flapped his arms around, somersaulted sometimes, dancing with the stars.

That night was simply too good a moment to pass up dancing.

A feeling Lecan couldn't quite describe was overflowing out of his chest, he just couldn't keep still for a second.

The wind was cold.

A pleasant kind of coldness.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.14


"Then, Norma-dono. There is no problem with Guide Skalabel casting <Purification> on himself from now on, is there?"

"Yes. I believe so. There is no precedence for this case, and we have to rely on deduction of deduction my father left, however no trace of crystallization remains in Guide Skalabel's body, that is for sure.  I believe the resistance has vanished for now as well. In which cases, the greatest <Purification> in the kingdom should pose no danger now."

"Your words bring hope to us. Truly, our meeting has been a great blessing."

"I'm grateful to gods for this chance as well."

"Hohoho. Once we arrive at the capital we shall arrange a transcriber that will stay in Vouka for around a year time. Though it will likely be early next year at the latest. Norma-dono, you won't mind letting them stay in your place, will you"

"Yes. We have got the space after all. If the transcriber finds it unsatisfactory, I will look for a lodging nearby. Ah, and also."


"After about a decade, just to be safe, please have other people cast <Purification> on Guide Skalabel."

"Eh? No, but that's."

"It should be possible to gather multiple <Purification> users at the capital, and especially if Guide Skalabel calls for it, shouldn't it?"

"Ah! I see now."

"Three would be better than two, each of them should be equipped with mana boosting equipment, and given Blue Potions, make them cast as much <Purification> as they could. As the Crystallization should not progress to an advanced state like before by then, I believe that should be sufficient to solve the issue even without someone with an abundance of mana like Eda present."

"Oh, Elex Temple can prepare three <Purification> users no problem. Oops, please keep that confidential."

Next to the two in deep talk, Vouka town lord, Crimus Ulban was waiting while looking all smiles. As many people are waiting for their departure, he must be fretting bad on the inside.

"O Master, Master. You have my most heartfelt gratitudes."

"You've been saying that all this time already. Stay in good health. Don't come again now."

Scribe, scribe, the young apothecaries were still on the clock even now.

Shira looked at Eda next to her.

"Oh, yeah. Eda."

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"I need you to do something for me."

"Un. What is it?"

"I'd like to leave Jericho with you."

"Eh? Oh, sure no problem."

"Jericho's got money on them, they can go get their favorite fruit on their own, so you only need to prepare a room for them to stay in."

"That's OK, we've got some spare room anyway."

"Guide Skalabel. I think it's about time for your speech."

The one calling out to Skalabel was the person in charge of the entourage's escort, vice commander of the Royal Knights, Neisan Aspell.

"Yes, indeed. Neisan-dono, if you would."


Neisan walked ten steps ahead, inhaled greatly and started talking at a tremendous volume.

"To all of you present here, listen well! The words I shall speak now are the very words spoken by Guide Skalabel himself!"

The rustle quieted down at once. The town personages crowding the yard to the gate, and even the townspeople waiting outside the gate gradually went silence. Once it was completely silent, Neisan spoke with a thunderous voice.

"During this visitation, I, Guide Skalabel have been rejuvenated and regained my health back, thanks to an arrangement made by my teacher Shira-sama!"

A faint rustle broke out in the silence.

"It is all made possible with <Purification> performed by Shira-sama's pupil, apothecary Eda-dono!"

The rustle got bigger. Gradually growing louder, with no sign of stopping.

"Eda-dono is!"

Neisan's word swallowed down the commotion.

"A savior of our Guide Skalabel!"

OOOOH, a cheer erupted.

"This town, Vouka is a town of grace that has given us a new life!"

WAAAAA, another huge cheer. That was the highest honor the townspeople could hear. The cheers won't calm down.

Neisan glares at all the people around with a frightening look on his face.

"Anyone dares to harm Eda-dono, or obtrude on her!"

Neisan's voice got louder, deeper and tougher.

"Shall face us as enemy!"

Neisan paused a bit here until his word sank in the people's minds.


The people waited for the next word with a bated breath.

"Stand not in the path Eda-dono takes!"

Neisan greatly inhaled even more, knotting powerful words.

"For that is my wish. That is all!"

Someone clapped.

Not sure why they clapped here, perhaps it was to express their delight at Skalabel's regained health.

The applause eventually got spread among everyone who gathered there, lasting for a while.

"Thanks, Skalabel."

Guide Skalabel bowed deeply at Shira.

And when he raised his head, Shira was gone.

"O Master?"

He searched around but Shira was nowhere to be seen.

At that moment, apothecary Shira left the public eye for eternity.

Skalabel knelt on the spot, and prostrated toward the place where Shira was.

His pupils followed suit.

The priests followed suit.

The knights, squires, and even Prime Minister Office's officials followed suit.

Then they got on their carriages and horses, and departed for the capital.



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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.13


On the fifth day of the talk, they discussed about poison.

According to Shira, poison and medicine are two sides of the same coin, dissecting them into three categories, pure poison, dangerous poison that can be used as strong medicine, and poison that should be recognized as medicine instead, she'd then spell out which poisons were those exactly and their rules of use.

"Unlike medicine, it's difficult to do a trial on poison, see. So I'm not going to prattle on theoretical stuff and the likes, instead I'll give you concrete examples, which poison at what dosage for what symptoms that satisfy certain conditions, and what to expect from it. Listen well now, make sure you do not mix up the names and the dosage."

That day, Amamir learned many ways to use all kinds of poisons he initially found unthinkable. The revelation overturned all common sense to him. Shira even mentioned poison that could ease your pain in exchange for your life expectancy, which was a knowledge that could result in a huge chaos.

The topic on the sixth day was a comparison on the ways natural healing, medicine, <Recovery> and Red Potions work, as well as the mechanisms of disease and wound healing.

On the seventh day, they discussed about the changes in human body functions as it grows older. When they first heard about how mother's milk is produced and its virtues, Amamir and Kotojia gestured the holy mark to offer their gratitudes to gods. Other apothecaries were on the verge of tears as well. This particular talk had quite an impact to them.

On the eighth day, they discussed about general outlooks on the strength to live and let live. No one else besides Shira and Skalabel could get in the discussion. Amamir frantically tried to etch the exchange he himself couldn't quite grasp into his mind.

Enumerating all the topics so far, the first day was about life, the second day was about the relation between organic and inorganic life, the third day was about eating, diseases and mechanisms of the body, the fourth day was about medicinal plants, the fifth day was about poison in medicine, the sixth day was about healing, the seventh day was about growth and old age, the eighth day was about general outlooks on the secrets of medicine, as well as multi-layered knowledge on everything related to life and medicne.

Every single one of those is a topic Amamir is deeply entrenched in, yet he found himself utterly overwhelmed by the unforeseen ways and directions those medicine, poison and food he was familiar with could be utilized, put together in a deep and vast systematic compendium.  At the same time, Amamir was convinced that this talk between Skalabel and Shira would mark the beginning of a new era for apothecaries and medical practitioners.

On the ninth day, Shira would answer any questions anyone asked her.

Skalabel turned over this chance to the younger generation, relegating himself to listening to them piece by piece.

The one with the most questions thrown that day was the young apothecary, Cawin.

The runner-up was Norma.

The third one was Kotojia with Amamir on the fourth.

Lecan and Eda didn't have any question.

On the fourth and ninth day, everyone was supposed to have dinner together at the town lord's mansion dining hall. However, Shira and Eda were absent, and the priests and the apothecaries were relatively quiet, seemingly not wanting to tire out Skalabel.

Skalabel had Eda cast <Purification> on him every night.

Every morning, Norma would examine Skalabel, confirming his progress.

And thus the nine day stay came to an end, on the 17th of month 9, the Herb Saint Entourage would depart for the capital.

Records from this talk, centered around Shira and Skalabel's words, would be compiled by Amamir, under supervision of Skalabel himself, which he then submitted to the king under the name [Medical God Dialogue] three years later. Respecting Skalabel's wish, the king commissioned a huge amount of copies of the transcript which then got spread to every temples and territories. Then people started to transcribe the book themselves before it spread out into many countries like a wildfire. Eventually it was recognized as a sacred book to all apothecaries, medical practitioners and researchers of human life, and the name of its compiler, priest Amamir Tarance, was immortalized for eternity.

Here's what written in the preface by Amamir.

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Sometimes, I wonder if that was all naught a dream even to this day.

That blissful, insightful fleeting moments of learning would visit me in my dreams at times. Upon waking up, my mind would tell me that cannot have been of this world. That's how much abundantly fun, and mystically shocking those nine days were.

Guide Skalabel has forbidden us to leave the name of that luminary for posterity's sake. I have finally understood his sentiment now.

That luminary is an existence that could not be expressed by mere names. There is no name that could befit that luminary. Thus I shall henceforth refer to them as <Medical God> in this book.

Whether that is appropriate or not is up for a debate between Elex temple, Ceres Temple, Raikos Temple, and the rest of the temples, but allow me to indulge myself just this once, in spite of arguments against.

However, this nomination is by no means meant to put a living being on a pedestal as god, nor is it meant to desecrate the sacredness of gods unto this mortal realm.

That is because that luminary has disappeared forever from this world, vanishing without a trace once they were done with their work in this transient world after we informed them of our return to the capital. The Great Gods had sent that luminary to show us apothecaries dreams spanning over a few days in order to save those suffering from diseases and injuries. As such, I would like you to understand that this <Medical God> title refers not to that luminary in flesh themselves, but to the compassion and wisdom the Great Gods showed us through that luminary.

This book is a record of discussions between Guide Skalabel and his teacher done at the guest house of Vouka town lord's mansion from the 8th to the 16th Month 9 of Zaka Kingdom Year 116. All remarks not spoken by either of those two will not have the speaker's names marked. This book has been compiled by me, Amamir with apothecary Shizam and apothecary Mashram's cooperation, under supervision of Guide Skalabel.

The names of those present during this talk and those who accompanied the entourage are credited at the end of this book. They shall be living witnesses for the reality of this mystical talk taking place.

But whether this talk was but a dream nor a reality affects not this book's worth in the slightest. Likening this book to that of a well of deep knowledge shall be made obvious the more it is read.

I hold no doubt that this unending source of overflowing water shall enrich and save all the people in this world.

I pray these bejeweled words in this book remain undistorted, unsoiled, uncorrupted. I pray for people of this world to enduringly tackle on the secrets written in this book, to shed light on all the graces hidden and bring them unto this world, to save all the people in this world leaving nary any behind, for lights of gods to fill this world.

O future apothecaries, medical practitioners and researchers of life, rejoice.

In the name of great god Elex. Yale.

Month 9 of Zaka Kingdom Year 119 - First Class Priest of Elex Temple Amamir Tarance.



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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.12


They dispersed early after dinner the night that day.

Amamir who was left at the town lord's mansion was visited by the officials who asked him about the talk in detail.

Amamir explained how Skalabel got strikingly better thanks to <Purification> from Shira's side, and how this must be kept secret until the last day.

He also emphasized how the talk between Shira and Skalabel covered so many ground-breaking matters that would advance knowledge about medicinal plants by leaps and bounds, that they're not something that should be carelessly publicized without Skalabel's supervision.

The stuff about medicinal plants were whatever to the officials. What they're worried about is one, whether Skalabel would return to the capital safely, two, whether Skalabel had plans to go somewhere else besides the capital.

In short, they're worried about Skalabel's well being most of all. And if he has any intention of making another journey like this one.

It'd be bad if by any chance he ended up wanting to revisit Vouka, or worst of all, wishing to stay for long.

No telling just where and what kind of ripple effects that would produce. It would greatly shake the populace at the capital and require additional fundings.

That said, the Prime Minister Office won't abandon Skalabel nor will they try to force him do something he's unwilling to. The king trusts him greatly, he's very popular amongst the capital's populace and on top of that, he's relatively cooperative with Prime Minister Office, he's a politically useful figure to have around.
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As Amamir himself also came from a noble background, he understood where these officials' worries lay, thus he touched upon topics that would assuage them.

Guide Skalabel never mentioned anything about wanting to go here again, neither did Shira's side showed any sign of wanting that. On the contrary, despite welcoming this visitation, Shira's side looked a bit bewildered about it and likely even found it bothersome.

And distilling Skalabel's intentions, it's pretty much definite that he wishes to bring back the knowledge he gained here to the capital to further help rearing new budding apothecaries there, the capital is where Skalabel will be active at.

After explaining that far, Amamir also talked about how Skalabel has plans to spread books authored by a scholar by name of Sasfrey in the world, hinting that the project can't be done if it's not at the capital.

He then hinted on the schedule for this trip.

One or more two extra days pose no big problem, and the arrangement made with the prime minister even accounted for four extra days if it would come to it. With Skalabel currently being extremely motivated, now is exactly the most crucial time. These officials would live up to their reputations if they could aid him well here, and Amamir himself would personally report their performance to the prime minister.

Due to his position at Elex Temple and lineage, Amamir is someone these officials look up even higher than Skalabel.

By making use of that fact, Amamir managed to secure Skalabel's freedom as well as the officials' peace of mind, bringing him in this trip was truly the correct choice.

Lecan got to hear all this from Amamir while they were eating together. Once he was aware of that, Lecan ceased trying to read these officials' and their employees' intents more than necessary.



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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.10_11


When they got back to the lounge after lunch, there was a magic tool put next to a flower vase.

Its magical structure looks familiar. It's that <Yacklubend Tele Voice Jar> or something.

Surprisingly nothing feels out of place. No one seems to question just what is that either.

However, a magic tool with such a huge magic stone in it stands out so awfully obvious to Lecan instead. Like shouting at him 'hey I'm here'.

"Shira, do you know about <Yacklubend's Tele Voice Jar> magic tool?"

"I sure do."

"Does our talk in this room right now get leaked outside?"

"Nope. But this is a good chance as any, let's have a little practical lesson. I'm gonna undo the barrier for a bit now."

Lecan understood Shira cast some sort of magic, but he had no idea of the specific.

"There's mana flowing out of that tele voice jar toward its paired jar in the town lord's mansion. Can you see it?"

Lecan concentrated on the jar, following after the flow of mana.

"Yea. I see it."

"Try loading your mana into that flow of mana toward the receiver jar, pouring lots all at once."

Loading your own mana into mana emitted by a machine is quite a task. But after a period of strenuous struggle, Lecan grasped the knack.

And then he poured much of his mana into it at once.

"Huh? Lecan. Did you hear something from the town lord's mansion direction? And also screaming."

"Beats me. Who cares."

"Quite an interesting spectacle you showed me."

"Guide Skalabel. Just, what has Lecan-dono done?"

When the barrier was undone, sounds from this room must have started coming out of the receiver jar. Dunno who, but the one listening in must have brought their ears close to the receiver jar in excitement.

"Shira. What happened?"

"What will happen when you cram in ten barrel worth of stuff inside a barrel?"

"It's gonna burst open."

"Then, that's."

"I see."

There's many apothecaries around. Quite a lot of them can perform medical treatment as well. The knights have red potions too.

Nothing to worry about.

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The enthusiastic talk continued afterward, until it was about time for dinner.

Dinner on the fourth and ninth day will be held in the town lord mansion's dining hall, the priests and apothecaries will also be having their meal there. The town lord is present as well.

Just when they were about to move out, Eda grabbed the chance when the conversation ended and spoke to Skalabel timidly.

"Umm, Skalabel-sama. Can I have a minute. I mean, may I have a bit of your time."

"Eda-dono. What can I help you with?"

"Skalabel-sama, you came here to cast <Purification> on Shira-baachan didn'tcha, I mean, did you not?"

"Indeed I did."

"But that's over now, right?"

"That is correct."

"Then, can you please in exchange, once, just once."


"Can you please cast <Purification> on Lecan once?"

Lecan was surprised. That thought never even crossed his mind.

"My <Purification> is no good. Been casting it every night, but it's no good. My <Purification> can't fix up Lecan's left eye. They said it won't work if the <Purification> isn't a high level because of Fixation thing. But if it's Skalabel-sama's <Purification>, then."

"And this Fixation, is?"

Norma answered Skalabel's question.

"As Guide may have known, adventurers who frequent dungeon depths are sometimes unable to heal their old wounds even with Large Red Potions. I believe that is because red potions have fixed rate of healing potential, as well as limitations like decreased effects with successive uses, due to all that, its healing effect may not reach certain parts of patients whose life force is too large."

"Fumu, fumu. Intriguing. I believe that is likely a correct interpretation."

"But then, there are also cases where their wounds don't get healed even though they have <Recovery> cast on them and displayed healing effects. After checking Lecan's left eye, I believe it's due to a phenomenon, different from <Overwritten> we discussed yesterday, in which a wound gets recognized as a normal state in the deeper part of body."

"Indeed. I have witnessed such things myself."

"It's a high-level magically induced state, but I've yet to understand its mechanism. For argument's sake, I refer to this state as <Fixation>."

"I see, I see. Quite enlightening. I do dabble in medical treatment but my main profession is an apothecary thus I never delved into such research. But if I am not misunderstanding things here, <Purification> with enough depth can restore both <Overwritten> and <Fixation> then."

"Yes, that's what I have concluded as well. Hence why I told Eda that her <Purification> may some day heal Lecan's left eye if she keeps improving on it."

"So that is how it is. Of course, I would be delighted to cast <Purification> on Lecan-dono."

"T-thank you so much! Aren't you glad, Lecan."

His left eye can see again.

It'd be wonderful if that really comes true.

The lost of sight in Lecan's left eye may not have hindered him in battle thanks to <3D Perception>.

But it's just not the same as spectacles seen from naked eyes.

Lecan has come to truly appreciate sense of sight precisely because his left eye has lost it.

Perhaps deep in his heart, he has always longed for his lost vision be restored to his left eye.

"Lecan-dono. I shall now cast <Purification> on you."

Skalabel readied his wand.

That was when Lecan saw Eda's face.

She looks pleased. Pleased, for Lecan's sake.

However, in reality Eda must have wanted to heal it herself. That was why she kept casting <Purification> every night with utmost effort. And how she kept getting dejected at her failure every night.

Can it really be said that Eda absolutely has no regret or chagrin, asking Skalabel to cast <Purification> on Lecan like this?

"No. Guide Skalabel. I'll have to decline."

"Hou? It might bear no fruit, but there is no harm in trying, is there?"

"It's not like I can't fight just because my left eye can't see. Meaning there's no need to rush. I'd be ecstatic if it could see again though. Well, I can wait."

"By wait, what are you waiting for?"

"Either for a <God Cure> I found in a treasure chest, or for Eda's <Purification> to get better."

"Hahaha. I see, I see. So that's how it is then. You truly are an extraordinary man, Lecan-dono. That's unthinkable normally."

"Eh? Eh? What? What's this about? Lecan, it's once in a lifetime chance you know. You can have the highest level <Purification>, you know?"

"Hahahaa. Eda-dono. Lecan-dono is saying that he wishes not of my <Purification>. He would like your <Purification> to heal him."

"Eeh? Mine?"

"Or perhaps he wished to obtain a <God Cure> with his own hand. I see, so this is adventurer's dream. Lecan-dono lives for his dream. Most impressive indeed."




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