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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 378

378 Declaring Intention

We're deep inside a forest. It gets darker much faster than in towns.
As the setting sun got hidden between the trees, the temperature dropped to a rather pleasant one.
I'm done preparing our camp ground. All that's left is cooking our meal.

"There's still leftover soup from this noon, just gotta warm it up. Ah why are we standing around like this, let's all sit down."

The only spot to rest inside that cave is at the very end.
I'd like to avoid staying in somewhere with no escape routes. That's gonna restrict our movements. If anything happened we'd be deadlocked.

(My 'power' can easily break through that, but there's no need to willingly put ourselves in that possibility.)

What's worrisome to the common people don't work on me. But I don't want to flaunt my power.
I only do that when I go with the flow, which is akin to getting dragged into the flow.

"May I ask you one thing? Oh but feel free to ignore me if you don't want to talk about it. I'd like to know just who are you really."

Linda asked me a question that's all too familiar to me.
Thus I gave her the same tired answer.

"Not telling, I've my own circumstances. You may not like that, but that is your ego speaking. It's human's nature to wanna know the unknown. But expecting to always get an answer is arrogance. I understand that knowing my identity will give you a sense of relief in this situation, however, I am under no obligation to comply. Isn't this enough? You're safe and sound anyway. If you're still not satisfied with that, it's on you to bear, not me to care."

I might sound too brusque here, but I'm fed up with her constant pushiness.
I've got the impression that Linda won't back down otherwise.
Thus I opted to outright reject her, and that seemed to be working.

"Seeing as you're going as far as saying that, I can't exactly pursue the matter as the rescued here. But you will accept my reward since you have agreed to take my 'commission', won't you?"

Or so I thought, turned out she hadn't relented yet. I pulled myself together and rejected her attempt again.

"I'm not a merc y'know. I never agreed to taking on your commission. Therefore, I have no reason to accept your reward."
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My refusal ended up giving Linda a piece of information.

"You're not a registered mercenary despite your strength? I'm more and more intrigued with your identity..."

This brought a chill down my spine for some reason I couldn't fathom thus I gave her a warning.

"Keep probing my background and it's a good bye. I'll be on my way, you lot can stay here."

Looking visibly panicking, Linda took back her words. All while the other two ladies were sending her censuring gazes.

"Forgive me. I won't say anything uncalled for anymore. So please could you give it another thought? We wouldn't know what to do left behind in this place."

Silence ran afterward. Unable to bear it any longer, I took a drink from a cup I took from my bag and started warming up our soup.

I also brought out a barrel full of drinking water from my magic bag without thinking much about it.
I had no idea how unusual that was, nor did I know that intrigued Linda even further.
From this point on, Linda would keep observing my every move until our parting, but I simply had no way of realizing that.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 106

Seafood, and Tasty-looking Meat


Good evening, I'm currently making our dinner in the inn kitchen.
We'd have liked to eat out but the food were all stupid expensive.
5000 en per serving, what are they, fine dining? They're your ordinary restaurants too, as much as rip-off as the ones in Ginza.
We can't afford to spend that much per person every meal so I'm resigning to cooking our meal myself. Walking around sampling food like back then is only for special occasions.
Forgive your dad for not earning enough. Eh, quit it with the farce? OK, let's get to it.

Today's menu is tempura served over a bowl of rice. Feels like I've been making nothing but fried stuff lately, wonder if our cholesterol level is alright. It should be fine since I use vegetable oil though...
I was planning to serve sashimi but the two girls have never eaten raw fish and not really big on the idea so... Well, there's no rushing it.

I cut white meat fish, ring-cut squids, cut a bit of the un-veined shrimps, rub them with a mix of water, starch and sake before leaving them for several minutes wrapped in a clean cloth to take off the moisture.
If I don't do that, oil will fly everywhere when I fry them. Might make the stove catch on fire too... I recall that time I fried stuff for the first time in Japan. All the flying oil, it was hot and made a mess of my kitchen...
In the meantime, I mix egg and water, add in flour to make the batter for tempura. I heard leaving them not too mixed makes it crunchier.
Then I add in the cut fish, squids and shrimps onto the batter before sprinkling more flour on top and putting them into a pan with oil heated up to 170 c (with Menu's help).
Once they've stopped bubbling, I take them off the oil onto an oil draining tray before making cuts on the surface.

Once I'm done with the seafood one, I mix the remaining batter with cut Rock Onions and Red Carrots, before frying them as to balance our nutrient intake.
Raw vegetables are probably better. I'll go with a lighter one tomorrow.

Then I boil dried seaweed in water, take it off once the water starts boiling and add in sugar, soybean-like thing, and sake to make a mirin sauce substitute.
It's done once it's turned viscous enough.

Lastly, I put tempura on top of a bowl of aro rice and drip the mirin sauce on top. Done.
I add bowls of premade miso soup I had on Item Screen, to make it look like a set meal.

"Dinner ready, I've got more sauce if you need more."

"Uwah, so many fried shrimp and squid!"

"These won't lose to restaurant dishes..."

"Thank you, it's worth making them hearing you girls say that. Let's chow down."


After saying that in a chorus, we bit on our pick.
I start with shrimps. Umu, shrimp tempura is supreme after all. The crunchy sensation is unbeatable. The sauce has just enough sweetness too, I should leave a bit as a sample.

"The fried vegetable is so crunchy and sweet, it goes well with the sauce. So good."

"The fish, squid and shrimps all have different textures and taste too, yet they go nicely with the crunchy batter! I can't stop my spoon!"

"Chew them properly, the food isn't going anywhere."

"Speaking of spoons, Kajikawa-san you always use those two sticks whenever you eat. Are those 'Chopsticks'?"

"They are, are you not familiar with them?"

"Frankly speaking, I've never seen anyone using those before Kajikawa-san. I know stories about heroes-sama eating with them in the past though."

<<Chopsticks are not commonly used in this world. Some people who revere heroes may try to use them during meals, but most do not know the proper way to.>>

So you're telling me I look like I'm trying to mimic heroes?
...Maybe I'd better start using spoons and forks. But it feels too late.
Well, we've gotta get up early tomorrow, I should get to bed after showering.

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The day after, we took the same herb gathering and magic beast culling commissions before heading to Monster Prairie.
By the way, our receptionist, Naima was taking a day off as a consequence of appraising all the herbs I brought yesterday. Sorry 'bout that.
...The substitute receptionist handed over our commission cards with a twitching face. Guess I should settle with only 30 pieces today.

"I can already deal with rabbits no prob now. This stuff is easier than I thought~."

"No being careless. They may be weak but a right hit on your vital may prove fatal. Don't let up."

"Yes ma'am~."

Looks like they're doing alright over there. She should reach Lv10 in half a month time at this rate.
But losing half a month of leveling for me and Alma is a bit painful. Yet we can't just take Reina along for the ride.

<<She has had practical experiences in Magic Beast Cave, as such she should be fine as long as you do not go in too deep.>>

...Well, she's gotten strong enough to play tags with High Cave Bears, I suppose she should be fine if she's careful.
But just to be safe, we should spend around 10 days safely leveling at the outer circumference first.
Waiting until she's got enough practical combat experience shouldn't be too long.

Hm, some Horn Rabbits are coming my way.
Go to Reina, not me you guys. Turn into her exp fodders.


Stab stab

The horn rabbits kept charging at me while I dug out herbs.
Due to the gap in our Attributes, it doesn't hurt at all, my HP doesn't even decrease by one but it's so annoying, stop that.


Stab stab stab staaab

Quit with with the incessant assaults. You can try attacking me at the same time all you want, there's no point.
But man, these rabbits sure don't look cute at all. The one I kept as a pet in my elementary school days had a cuter face.
But they sure seem fleshy. Their meat must taste good.
...Maybe I should give rabbit meat a try for today's dinner?

『『『!! Kiiiyiii!!!』』』

...They ran away at full speed the instant that thought crossed my mind. Our precious exp and meat...

"Hikaru, don't intimidate those rabbits into fleeing just because they annoy you. Divert them here to Reina."

"No I didn't intimidate or anything you know? I just thought those rabbits looked like they'd taste good for dinner."

"That's probably even scarier to those rabbits..."

Umu, what a shame.
I've gotten plenty of herbs already, nothing to do now.
Ah, right.

"Rather than waiting for magic beasts to come our way, how about I transport them here by sliding just above ground."

"...You'd normally think that'd end up badly to the transporter, but you'll probably be fine considering earlier, might be a good idea."

"Please don't bring me anything too strong. I feel like Kajikawa-san's gonna come out with a bear in tow or something."

"Oy oy, I'm not gonna play around for your leveling. It's a matter of life or death."

"O-of course you won't, sorry..."

"At most, I'll just grab some wolves."

"No no, wolves are bad news enough! Please keep it to rabbits!"

She took care of 15 magic beasts on the first day which is probably enough, but there's no harm in making it even more efficient.
With me transporting the beasts here, it should double that amount.
That enables a high pace leveling without damaging her practical combat experience.
Alma and I can refill her mana when she's running short.
Now then, time to go look for some handy-looking magic beasts.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 377

377 Slave Declaration


What ultimately convinced me were the two ladies who were inside the tent.

"We too would like to ask for your aid. We have been listening to your conversation. We are worried about the existence of traitors in our houses even if we get back home. Would you be so kind as to lend us your strength?"

They're obviously fishing for my sympathy.
And I have no heart to go against it. I can no longer decline becoming their bodyguard.

"Ha~, I got it. Then you have to listen to me. However, I'm not gonna outright reject your opinions if they're reasonable, just be selective. I'll take the job if you can agree to those terms."

The ladies nodded. So now I tell them.

"We're staying the night here today. It'd be nightfall by the time we arrived at the federation if we depart now with your pace. Hm? Speaking of, where'd that underling gone off to?"

I looked around and saw the guy hiding with his back glued on a nearby tree's trunk.

"What to do with this guy? Looks like he crossed us even with that slave collar. Might as well just dispose of him? ...But we need a guide..."

"P-please at least let me live! I'm begging you! I-I'll do anything! I swear I'm never doing harm to you guys! So! Please! Let me keep my life at least!"

The underling quickly rushed out into the open and prostrated himself.
Then a mysterious light came up on his collar.

"Hm? What's that light? From the collar...?"

The three ladies was staring at this as well.
The light eventually receded.
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"Ha! C-crap!? Damn! C-can't get it off!"

Apparently the underling didn't notice the light itself but he seemed to know what was going on as he tried to take the collar off in a panic.

"Oy, you're gonna tell us what was that all about. What's the deal with that anyway?"

The underling turned at me with a look of resignation before starting his explanation while groaning.

That light is apparently a system that comes into place when the collar's wearer volunteers to become a slave on their own volition.
Once that's been activated, there's no way to take off the collar for life regardless who touches it.
Nobody wishes to become a slave. But if one who's wearing this collar verbally declares that they want to be one, the collar will activate this system with no exceptions.
It's something that almost never happens outside some sick plays.
This can also happen if someone deems another person as their master from the bottom of their heart, but nobody in modern times have exhibited this.

The underling has now reduced himself into Linda's servant. Or so the gist of his explanation goes.
Despite the prostration and verbal promises, this guy was definitely plotting plans to take the collar off and get away from us.
But his action of saying those words out loud was deemed enough by the collar to activate the system.

(Magic really can do anything, heck this is pretty terrifying stuff. I guess that's one less thing to worry about at least.)

However, this means Linda is responsible for this underling now.
Hence I asked her.

"Hey so, what's your plan with this guy? He's now your loyal servant, but if you don't want to deal with him for life, you can have me dispose of him."

Linda groaned at this. Even with that collar system, it seems she's not big on the idea of letting the guy who tried to kill her off the hook.

"I shall have him work as a forced laborer once he has led us out of this forest. He must atone for his crime. An attempt on chairman's daughter's life, a grave crime that warrants a death penalty. But now that he has that collar on, I suppose forced labor is on the table. It's a fate worse than death. He will work for life."

At this revelation, the underling put on his second deadly pale face today.
I got a bit taken aback at the fate worse than death bit as well.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 105

Side Story Crying Brave


Hello hero here. I'm in the midst of carrying out a prison break.
Since there's apparently another kidnapped victim besides me, I'm now trying to find that person and see if I could escape with them.
I tried to use [Fair Wind Ear] but this hideout is unexpectedly huge, I had no success.
My escapade's gonna be in jeopardy if I tardy up and they notice me missing. Gotta find this person quick.
They'd likely tie me up even stringent if they caught me again. Escaping would be hopeless... I've put the necessary stuff in Item Screen, so offing myself is an option in a worst case scenario.

<<Items put in Item Screen don't get lost if you die that's right, but don't you think your outlook is kinda pessimistic...>>

Even though I know I'll get revived, dying is still scary to me so that's a last resort thing.
But I'd rather die than being made into a plaything by these bandits. I can only afford saying that because I know I'll get revived though.

...Hm? I can hear a high-pitched voice behind this door.
Clearly different from bandits... It's kinda sounding hysterical. Scary...
Could it be the kidnapped victim mentioned by those bandits?

I got in the room and found a row of cells inside, the same one used to lock me up.
How often do those guys kidnap people anyway... Or maybe this place was originally a prison.
I went deeper and came across a girl with both her hands tied behind her back.
She's got a red braided hair, groaning resentfully on the ground. She must be the girl the bandits mentioned.
Let's check her Status.


Level 7

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Apprentice Spear User

State: Normal

HP (Health): 162/174
MP (Magic Points): 92/92
SP (Stamina): 30/71

STR (Strength): 96
ATK (Attack): 96
DEF (Defense): 87
AGI (Agility): 99
INT (Intelligence): 84
DEX (Dexterity): 69
PER (Perception): 85
RES (Resistance): 84
LUK (Luck): 40

Spear Arts Level 2
Martial Arts Level 2

Hmm, she's about the same age as my current body.

<<Ooh, already Lv7 at 15. Ordinary Combat Job people are still busy with combat training or adventurer training at that age, she's quite high leveled considering.>>

Really? I mean I'm Lv10 aren't I.
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<<Well duh, you're an outlier. Normally going straight to leveling in real combat without any training is suicidal, you know? It's all thanks to your high Attributes you managed to do it by yourself.>>

Well, yeah. When you think about it, guess those protagonists in RPG must have been training before their departure... Let's get back on track.

She looks like a cute girl outwardly, if not for her glares staring dagger at me... Have I done something?

"Hey you! Are you one of those bandits lackeys!? Get me out of this place!"

She yelled aggressively toward me all of a sudden.
You're mistaken, I'm also kidnapped.

"Wait aren't you my age! How pitiful are you to serve bandits when you're so young!"

"Y-you're wr--"

"You must have been cast aside because you lounge around all day! That's how it always goes with people who lower themselves to banditry! Am I wrong!?"

"A, au..."

...What do I do, she kept roaring out whenever I tried to speak.
Heck, how many years since I last talked to a girl, how'd you expect me to deal with one this aggressive...

And she's right about me lounging around all day... Ah, my tears are coming out.

"Ha, and now you cry. Are you scared by a little girl like me yelling? What sorry sight."

"...I-I'm not... *sniffle*... A bandit..."

"..Eh? What? I can't hear you between your sniffles."

"I'm telling you, I'm not, a bandit!"


"Uuu.... I was going out of my way to save you, and look what I got, *sniffle*, so much yelling..."


...I can't stop my tears. When was the last time I felt this downhearted.
I turned downcast and kept sobbing like a little kid.
...How uncool I am, wonder if this young body is affecting my mental state.

I cried for a good few minutes in front of the shocked girl.
...Some hero I am. I'm just a brat who burst into tears from being shouted by a girl. I wanna die. I'm so embarrassed I could just die.

<<E-err, it's okay Neora-san. Your weeping figure is so cute it stimulates the desire to protect.>>

That's not a consolation! You making fool of me?!

"H-have you calmed down...?"


"...I'm sorry for yelling at you. Were you kidnapped by those bandits too?"

"Yeah, I was. I overheard them saying about another victim on my way out, so I went looking for you..."

"R-really now... I'm truly sorry for shouting so much at you after all the trouble you went through to save me."

"...Forget about it already."

The girl looked apologetic as she said that. While I replied to her curtly.
...What's with this scene. Are we grade schoolers.

<<More like kindergartners...>>

I'm gonna smash you to pieces if you continue, you dang 2D denizen.

I pulled myself together, unlocked her cell and cut the rope binding the red haired girl, Leviaria.

"Anyway, I should introduce myself. My name is Leviaria, an Apprentice Spear User, also an adventurer. Thank you for coming to my rescue."

"We haven't gotten out yet... I'm, Neo Raifu. Nice to meet you."

"What's your Job?"

"...Take a guess?"

"Well considering the dagger and your lockpicking, must be a Thief."

"OK, let's go with that."

"What do you mean!? Tell me straight!"

"Quit yelling so loud, what are we gonna do if those bandits come here."

"Then stop pulling my leg, you!"

I mean, there's no way she'd believe me if I told her I'm a Hero after that show of tears, explaining is a bother too.
Might as well just let her believe I'm a Thief. Ah, what a pain.

"Okay, we're gonna have to work together if we want to get out of this place, no objection right?"

"No, tell me first! We have to think about our formation if we end up fighting those bandits!"

"I'm a vanguard mostly. And it's not an if."


Several bandits made their way inside this room full of cells from the only door.
...I told her.

"Oy, how the heck didja get outta your cell!"

"Oy oy, even that tomboy is here. How'd she get here from way over her cell."

"No, he ain't a tomboy, he's a girly boy."

I'm beating the crap outta those two who called me a tomboy and a girly boy.

"Some patrolling bandits got here cause you kept yelling, what now."

"...Eh? You're a boy?"

"Is this the time for that!? Haven't I been using 'Ore' to call myself!"

"I mean you're way cuter than average girls! How do you expect me to tell right away! Even your speech sounds more like a boyish girl!"

"...I feel like crying again."

"T-those guys started quarreling."

"Now's our chance, throw 'em back in the cells!"

The bandits rushed in while we were arguing.
I'm gonna vent my anger on these guys, dammitall!!






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 376

376 Guiding Light


I counterattacked by poking Irdis's forehead like a brawler who shoulders no evil creed.
The result is extraordinary. Irdis spun once in the air before falling down the ground hard. His cranium had been caved in.
He's gonna die. Even if you give an emergency care right away, his chance of survival is almost nil. So long as no one helps him.

"Y-you're... strong aren't you... Irdis is one of our best men. Yet you defeated him like he was a plaything..."

I got a praise? from Linda. I was playing around with the knife and the forehead poke for sure.
There was no effort put from me so her impression is right on the money.

"Thanks. Forget about that, I'm stumped now... Going to the federation is out of question. Do you know somewhere safe? Who was it again? Kanedor? As long as that guy's alive, there's no telling this guy is the only compromised men. I don't wanna send you home only to hear news about your assassination down the road."

Just accompanying these ladies home is no longer fit to be my 'goal'.
I'm getting pissed off at this Kanedor guy for dragging me into this mess.
A scumbag who schemes and hires thugs to kidnap women just to harass people.
If I were the Abarenbo Shogun, I'd have gone after and cut him down with my ninja subordinate.
Though that's usually done at the villain mansion's yard.

"Hey? Won't you work for me? I'd like to hire you and your strength. I will pay you handsomely. I'll even talk to father and formally contract you... No, I should speak my true feelings. I want to live. Please help me. I beg of you."

I got a bit taken aback by this. The high horsing Linda readily bowed to me. She even corrected her tone.
I'd like to accept her offer to honor her honesty. But I don't want to stick my neck in deeper. But I do want to give that Kanedor a good punch.
Hence I'm troubled. I keep pondering in silence for quite some time.

(Guess I'm fated to beat up this Kanedor guy... But how does something like fate work for someone who wishes to punch god like me anyway...)
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I can hardly say the 'something' inside me to be a guiding light. I mean it's been guiding me to all kinds of messes I never asked, that's not a light.
And if that was the handiwork of god, it would only bolster my resolve to get a good hit.
If I end up meeting god after finding a way to do it by researching old documents or something, I am confident I won't hesitate to give a good whack.
That's how much rage festering inside me. So much so I could go mad.

However, I'm a man who lacks god's 'blessing'. Therefore this 'Guiding Light' must be a different being.
I know that I won't get an answer thinking that now. It's a waste of time. No point hurrying up the answer. Thus I stop thinking.

(Futile, everything is futile... I don't dislike futility, but there's no point to it now. There's nothing to gain.)

I groaned at my inability to come up with an answer.
Meanwhile Linda kept waiting for my reply without saying anything.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 104

Side Story Prison Brave


Dammitall, guess my journey's gotta be this way.

Forgive me for cursing out of the blue. Hello everyone, it's your favorite hero-sama here.
I'm still a weakling who has finally reached Lv10 though.
Ah, right, I get new a Menu Function whenever I reach a certain Level threshold.
Lv10 gives me [Item Screen]. It lets me skip carrying around luggage.
Heck, why not just let me use these handy stuff right off the bat.

<<[Leveling up will reward you with new functions]. You get motivated if you know that right? This is one of those things, you see.>>

...Well, the conditions to Job Change for 'Hero' are apparently pretty harsh, so these clear goals do help make me more motivated, that's true.
What other functions are there?

<<It's a secret.>>

Quit screwing around. Stop putting on airs and just tell me.

<<I mean according to data from past heroes, not knowing what those functions are until they actually got them were more exciting.>>

No you, knowing those functions in advance helps planning the future easier, just tell me!
Like, I wouldn't have bought that stupidly huge rucksack had I known about Item Screen!

<<I will not. You'll find out on your own if you raise your level anyway, give it up...  By the way, speaking of plans, what's your short term one?>>

Can't you tell from this situation, take a gander?

<<...Escaping this place I guess.>>

Where is this place anyway?

<<A prison.>>

Yup, or more precisely, a prison inside a bandit hideout.

Blast it! The wagon I was taking to another town got attacked by bandits along the way, and just when I was about to go help, one of theirs was lurking inside the wagon and put me to sleep!
I heard a blow dart behind me as I was about to get down the wagon and then I found myself behind these bars when I came to.
Heck, a guy carrying around a blow dart is a prime suspect no matter how you look at it. Menu, you could've warned me!

<<No no no! You can't say that someone is a baddie just because they're carrying a blow dart! Well, the guy who shot that dart had Assassin Job but he was so brazen about it I thought I didn't have to warn you. I admit that was careless of me...>>

Assassin Job should have put him into a priority danger list! There's nobody out there not wary of one!
...Well, I'm also at fault for not checking people Jobs around me.

<<Rather than arguing who's at fault here, you'd better think up a way to escape instead.>>

Good call. Now then what do.
They had my hands tied up but I cut the rope off with a knife from Item Screen earlier.
The issue now is how to get out of this prison.
I can break down the iron bars with Axe Art or the likes, but that's gonna cause a loud sound alerting the bandits.
Should I break the wall? No can do. Even if I could, that's another source of loud sound.
...Don't I have another card I could use?

<<How about using Lockpicking Skill? There's that hairpin you can probably use to lockpick in your Item Screen.>>

A hairpin? When did I put one?

<<You know, it's the gift you got from that baldie.>>

Aaaaah!! That's right! I didn't want to remember darn it!
He kept bringing the thing back to me when I threw it, so I just put it away in Item Screen so it'd stay there forever!
One reason I was heading to another town was because of that guy...
I just knew hey would follow me to every town I go so I opted to board an early morning wagon!
...W-well, whatever. Time to pick the lock and get out--

Click clack click
Clack clack clack...
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...This stuff is pretty hard. Come to think of it, this is my first time even trying to pick a lock with a hairpin, my past life included, of course it's hard.

<<By using a Lockpicking Skill's function, [Key Scan], you will understand the lock's layout. Should make the effort easier.>>

Hm, let's give it a shot.
...But aren't Lockpicking a Thief's Skill? Why'd Hero need it.

<<I mean, isn't it coming in handy right now. Don't you worry about these trivial stuff~.>>

Yer right... Oh, I see. Gotta bend the hairpin a bit, and twist at the one just before the last one...


Alright, got it open!
Hmhmm, that was nothing.

<<It only took 30 minutes...>>

Chutup. It's open in the end anyway!
Now then, next up the getaway... No wait, somebody else on that wagon might have gotten kidnapped too, maybe I should look around first?

<<Oh, Neora-san was the only passenger kidnapped from that wagon.>>

Why!? Wasn't there that one old man who looked obviously rich! They'd have gone straight for him!

<<Err, that old man was let go after they took all his belongings. I think they kidnapped you because of your good looks, Neora-san.>>

Good looks? That is to say?

<<Neora-san is so good looking, it's hard to tell whether you're a man or a woman at a glance, so they're probably going to sell you off as a love slave. I believe that's probably it.>>

Don't even joke about that! I don't wanna end up being a pet to some hag.

<<Hag is one thing, at worst a man might-->>
Please stop, no more I beg of you.
Gotta get the hell out of here before it comes to that.

Using Stealth Skill, I sneakily got past the sentries and made my way toward the exit.
Kinda feels like I'm a spy or a ninja. I want a cardboard. Will I get Ninjutsu Skill or something sneaking around like this... Yeah right, like that exists.

<<Ninjutsu Skill does exist you know?>>

It does!? I was just joking around since I didn't see it on the list.

<<Well, only Jobs branched from Ninja can obtain that extremely rare Skill. Even Hero who's capable of learning all kinds of Combat Skill can't get it.>>

Ah right, Goddess did mention that there were very few exceptions to Skills I can get.
So Ninjutsu is one of those huh. Couldn't she just give it along with Lockpicking Skill.

<<It's because [Ninjutsu] is really strong. Even Lv1 has an ability that allows its user move inside shadows at super high speed. If you got that, you'd probably stop relying on other Skills so it's likely some sort of preventive measure.>>

What the heck, I wanna use that. Escaping this place would have been a cinch. That's just a Cheat.

<<Are you one to talk with your super cheat Job, Hero Neora-san...? Grass is greener and all that stuff.>>

Well, I guess, Hero can do anything so it's a cheat alright but like the me right now don't have a Skill exclusive to Hero.
You just can't help yourself but yearning at such a special Job like Ninja.
...Don't tell me those other minor Skills I can't get are all super powerful.

<<You're pretty sharp. Honestly, even one of those Skills alone would make its user the main force of a party. The conditions to get them are all super grueling though.>>

Mwu, hearing that kinda vexes me.
...Well, I'm already plenty cheatful right now, guess I shouldn't ask for more.
Now then, time to get out.

...Hm? I'm hearing voices nearby. Those bandits chatting?
Activating Martial Art Skill Lv2 [Fair Wind Ear] to listen to low volume distant voices.

"We had a stupid big haul this time! Got a laugh out of that upstart old man's face after we stripped him bare too! Sniveling with snots all over his face hahahahaha!"

"That kid on board's a fine article. Gonna fetch a high price, fer' sure."

"The kid who was roaming around by herself the other day was quite a catch but this one's even better... Ya guys mind if I have a taste before we sell her off?"

"Sure, go for it, but that's a guy ya know? Didja swing that way?"



"Eh, wait, what?"



Don't you 'Eh?' me! What's the deal with every single one of you!!
...Whatever, I'm gonna get caught if I keep loitering here, let's just forget about that conversation and get out.
But one thing caught my attention. That roaming kid or something. There might be another kidnapping victim here besides me.
I'll escape with them if it looks like I can help them... If things don't look good, I'm gonna bring the guards here after I get to a town. Yep that petty man's train of thought is from me, a hero.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 375

375 Won't Let It


"I won't let you though? What makes you comfortable going on and on while ignoring me anyway? You don't even try to comprehend why your sword broke, are you stupid? Dunno what that underling told you, but your lack of wariness is hilarious. You're just an overconfident small fish in a small pond."

I provoked Irdis to make him focus on me.
All the villains I came across to so far believe that they'll always be fine, their opponents are no big deal all while boasting their strength.
Reasons include numerical superiority, having authority on their side, going mad from all their wrongdoings, and judging their foe by looks alone.
All baseless stuff. Only pure 'strength' deals the ultimate hands on one's life and death, yet the majority of these scoundrels seem incapable of understanding that, wonder why?
You can't judge 'strength' from outward looks alone. First strike kill exists due to that.

A strike nobody can possibly handle. Trying to overturn it results in them getting beaten to death. That's first strike kill.
The way to deal with it is to counter the hard to pull attack with a fatal strike on your own. This is a powerful strength.
You absolutely can't judge it by the looks alone.

This Irdis guy should have the strength to back his position as a bodyguard.
Yet he doesn't seem to get that concept.

My strength lies in a different dimension though.

"...Oy, say that to my face again I dare you. Me, a small fish? You got a death wish? Looking down on me... fine. I'mma make you regret. Die."

Irdis thrust his dagger at me without any hesitation.
Targeting a vital point that would be fatal.
But the attack stopped midway the moment I entered Acceleration state.

(Once I'm in this state, anything is a small fish.)
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I cut off Irdis's dagger from the hilt up.
Then I grab that cut blade on my hand before undoing Acceleration.

"Heh... Where'd your big talk's gone to huh? Guess you can't even talk no more... what?"

Naturally there's no fatal wound. Irdis quickly noticed how weird it felt.
The dagger didn't dig in my flesh, or even clothes. Irdis leaped back with a look of shock at that fact.

"Here's a quiz. What is this thing? The answer is that dagger's blade."

I'm fooling around too much but I just don't care anymore.
Might as well have a bit of fun.
I flaunted the broken blade at Irdis.

"How? Some kind of trick? ...Tch! Oy! The hell did you do?"

"You're really a dumbass through and through... This is the end of the line for you. Like are we even in friendly terms enough for me to tell you my secret? Of course not. You're a fecal matter and I'm your average man stuck with the job to wipe it off, you damn criminal."

Looks like I have tendency to provoke my enemy when I'm fed up.
Irdis got so mad the veins on his head popped up as he charged at me with his fists.






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