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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.11_12


Norma and Eda are staying at the same annex building they stayed at last time. It's right next to the guesthouse where the patient is.

After sleeping for half two periods (three hours) they went back to see the patient. Then they treated the patient for about half four periods (one hour), took a light breakfast and reported the situation to Crimus. Then they went to bed.

They slept for about half two periods, and woke up to do another round of treatment. Medic Aterna also lent her assistant under Norma's guidance.

After two days of these treatments, Zack's face got a tint of its human color back from the repulsive ornament-like color it had previously.

"Now then, here's where things get rough."

Just as Norma predicted, things did get rough.

Zack would writhe and went into spasms while groaning. The caretakers must be careful not to let him fall off his bed.

He kept shouting in delirium, but most were incomprehensible words. Though there were also times where it would make some fragmentary sense.

"Where'd it go! Toron! Where's Toron at!"

"We did all the preparations. We paid so much to prepare all those things!"

"Six years! Six years."

"Came to waste! Waste, a waste! Dragon Slaying Sword!"

"50 years! That thing stayed there for 50 years!"

Whenever Riol or knight Jakof was present, they would look at Norma's and Eda's faces whenever Zack had a rambling bout. Medic Aterna went back to being expressionless, she would just do her share of job mechanically.

The servants brought from Kogurus worked heroically. They not only have to care for the patient but also Riol, knight Jakof as well as medic Aterna, and on top of that, they also have to keep watch on Zack alternately, their load is quite high.

"It is I who found it!"

"The scouting party I dispatched found it!"

Zack's groans were as noisy as ever. But the fact that he could afford to get that noisy means that his vitality is getting better.

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"It feels like forever since we could take it easy and enjoy tea like this."

"Isn't that the truth. Guess today would make the sixth day huh. He's looking a lot better now, isn't he?"

"Yup. It's progressing well. His vitality is the thing that cinched it in the end after all. Zack-san is an owner of exceptional life force. Hmm. Not like I've got something on the tea here, but I miss Jinga's tea."

"I'm sure Rakrus-sama misses Norma-san so very much too."

"Hahahaha. I'm in for it once I get back for sure. By the way Eda. How do those people from Kogurus look to you?"

"How they look, what do you mean?"

"I'd like to hear your opinions on them as individuals. Like say, what do you think of Riol-san?"

"Unn. I guess, he's honest. Kinda like how Agito-san was a bit while ago. It's like, 'this is how a noble should act!', he's someone who wears his heart on his sleeve."

"Haha. I see."

"He's seriously worried about Zack-san from the bottom of his heart."


"Oh and."


"He looks more and more like Zack-san every time I see him."

"What? Oh right. You've met Zack-san when he was still well. I see. They're similar huh. What about Jakof?"

"He's been trying to make himself seem super simple but that man is actually quite finicky in reality."

"Oho? Interesting. What makes you think that?"

"He'd go on to say stuff like, <Scouting must be done right>, or <We shall end it in one decisive strike when the time is right>, as if there's nothing but fighting in his head, yet he's not even trying to act on it. He just sits around and looks around."

"Fumu. Good observation."

"Besides, that person isn't really that strong. He's more a desk official."

"I see, I see. And what about Aterna-san?"

"I don't really get that one. I've been wondering why she had that hateful look when Lecan's name was mentioned. Ah, the way she looks at her patient, Zack-san, is very cold, no hint of warmth at all."

"Yup, yup. Exactly."

"Besides, she was lying."

"Eh? What kind of lie?"

"How could someone who's not well versed in Curse can make a <Suspended Animation> medicine?"

Norma was taken aback before she burst out laughing.

"Hahaha. True, true. My word. It did strike me as odd when she said that. It completely slipped my mind. You're exactly right. Ah, a correction, there's no such thing as <Suspended Animation> medicine. If there's one."

"If there's one?"

"It's a <Suspended Animation> poison."


"Hahaha. Well if we go by Shira-san's classification, poison and medicine are apparently the same thing, so <Suspended Animation> being a medicine may not exactly wrong? But Shira-san is also someone who'd go on and say <Food is a type of medicine> after all."

"She's a bit weird, isn't she."

"Yup. But that's an important distinction to have. Apothecaries see humans, the world from the viewpoints of herbs. Otherwise they're not real apothecaries."

"See world from herbs?"

"Haha. Guess it's a bit too difficult. But Eda, your power of observation on people has progressed so much. I'm impressed."


"Let me say one thing though. Aterna-san is a genuine medical practitioner."


"So many things still don't add up with just that though. Anyway, her knowledge and skill as a medic is the real thing, and she's also got this, how do I say it, spirit of a medic."

"Ooh okay."

"That's how I see it. But Eda, you should keep that perspective of yours. An outlook of the world only you possess."

"And also."

"Hm? And also?"

"It hit me when I saw how their servants. Zack-san is really loved."

That seemed to take Norma by surprise, she was blinking for a while before quietly speaking.

"I see. Now that you mention it."





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