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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.1


"Okay you can keep that wagon over there. Don't worry about spacing it. Fasten the wheels and don't forget to care the horses, okay. Jeikis! We're splitting our camp sites into three spots. You're the leader of the right camp. Chicory! You be the leader of the middle camp. Sairas-san, take the left camp please. Bring the wounded here! Don't dawdle now!"

Eda instructed the escorts one after another. Even though 20 is a lot of people, it's far too few for escorting 15 wagons. Hence, a huge swat of them suffered injuries despite only facing a mere swarm of 30 Spider Monkeys.

Her pale bluish Queen Spider armor blends in with dusk time forest's surroundings, yet you can feel an odd sense of presence emanating from it if you take a closer look.

"Eda-san, which group would you be in?"

"Ah. Nichison-san. We ended up having to camp. There's no place or time ahead even if we force our way through."

"I understand. But just so you know we have foodstuff among the baggage. They'll go bad if we don't arrive on time."

What a selfish thing to say.

Magic beasts have been targeting them precisely because of those foodstuff.

To begin with, there should have been 30 people escorting this caravan. They would have a much easier time in battle had not for Nichison removing ten escorts just before they departed. But now's not the time to dispute over that.

"Bring all the wounded in one spot! I'll cast <Recovery> for you!"

"Eda. This guy here please."

"Sorry, I'd like one too."

"Oh me too. Can't bear the pain on my arm any longer."

The wounded gathered around Eda.

Eda fetched a thin wand. The thin small white wand she got from Shira should be brownish but it looked as if it was shining under the sunset.


Green spheres of light immediately emerged on the tip of Eda's wand, healing wounds. Those who got healed looked enraptured.

"This is good stuff. Far better than the <Recovery> I got in the temple."

"Well yea 'course. I mean she's the <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> 'fter all."

Seven people asked for Eda's healing. Once they were healed, they went on their way to set up camps.

Eda approached a boy who was gathering firewood.

"Telnis. You hurt your waist when you fell down earlier, right?"

"Ah, Eda-san. Oh no, please don't worry about me. It's no big deal."

But it's clear at a glance that his waist is hurting from the way he walks.

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Telnis closed his eyes in rapture.

"I'm sorry. Eda-san. That felt so pleasant."

"Un. Would be bad for us if you couldn't do your job. Give it your best but don't overdo it. Learning how to relax yourself is part of training for adventurers."


The two year-long adventurer Telnis replied back to Eda with sparkling eyes.

It's obvious that he's looking up at the Gold rank adventurer <Thousand Shoots> Eda as a grand senior. But in reality, Eda is actually younger than Telnis.

"Eda-san, I see that you're free now."

"What can I help you with, Nichison-san."

"Our Nash hurt himself, oh and Yark too. Can you please cast <Recovery> for them."

"That'll be one gold coin per cast."

"Hahaha. Now now please don't be like that, I'm asking you here. Haven't you just cast <Recovery> for the adventurers?"

"I did that of my own volition as part of my duty as an escort."

"Then please cast <Recovery> of your own volition for us as well."

"I don't want to."

Nichison curiously kept his amiable smile on even as his gaze turned fiendish.

"They go themselves hurt from the wagon getting shaken because the escorts didn't do their job well."

"How the coaches you hired are doing their job has no relation to the quest we took."

"Are you sure you want to say that here. I cannot guarantee your quest completion coin if you cannot do your escorting job properly."

"Did you hear that guys!"

Nichison was taken aback at Eda suddenly shouting out loud.

"Our client, Nichison just said this to me! Nichison won't hand over quest completion coin even if we delivered the wagon safely to destination, all because I refuse to cast <Recovery> on Nichison's subordinates!"

Other adventurers who were setting up their campsites gathered around Eda and Nichison.

"Guys! Tell me! We're doing our job right, aren't we?"

One after another, the adventurers agreed to Eda, 'Yep', 'Yeah of course'.

"We protected the load and our clients when magic beasts raided even while suffering injuries ourselves, did we not?"

Right, we did, we got through that, thus the adventurers spoke.

"This guy here is trying to make as if that never happened. Just to have me cast <Recovery> for him!"

Intense booing ensued.

"There's another thing I want you guys know! I took this quest with the knowledge that it'd have 30 people escorting the wagons. Yet there were only 20 people present. I told them that we should wait until we have 30 person before departing. But Nichison made us depart nonetheless, saying the other ten would join later. And now, we're faced with the consequences to that!"





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