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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 502

502 Stupid Behavior - The Thug Template


Now then, I've arrived at the location Stall Uncle told me.
You may ask why would he know this place, but apparently there's nothing odd about it.
This Gora Family has a custom that welcomes anyone who dares to challenge them head-on from the front door.
Hence, they've deliberately exposed their headquarters for everyone to visit.
They have both the quantity of quality in terms of manpower as well. Those factors made the kingdom hesitant to intervene.

Ahead of me is a huge mansion. Is it the default for villains to have these gaudy buildings as their home base?
That's been my experience in this world as well as from fictional villains I saw and read in my past life.

Most of those ended up getting their just dessert by allies of justice, getting blasted off in the end.

(I'm no ally of justice. But neither can I overlook this. Please let it slide.)

Not like I needed anyone's permission despite what crossed my mind.
I passed through the open gate that screamed, 'Everyone is welcome inside'.
Only two people are standing guard by the front door.

"Oy oy oy. Who the heck are ya? Didja come here knowing this place's Gora-sama's residence?"
"Show your letter of introduction if you're somebody's messenger. Or maybe you're just an ignoramus fool? Huuh?"

"I've got something to talk about with this Gora guy. Let me in. Oh and, I'm not a messenger."

They seemingly didn't expect that and went quiet.
The silence got abruptly broken by a dirty laughter.

"Gyahahahahahahaha! This guy's a riot! When was the last time we got an idiot here?!"
"Hii! Hihihihihi! M-my sides! What's your deal!? What, you wanna get hurt so bad? You like that stuff!?"

"Is he absent today? I don't mind coming back later. Which is it?"
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I ignored their laughter and asked what needed to be asked.

"Aa? Gora-sama is busy with a real important drinking bout. Got some real nice booze from a merchant, yeah? Wish I got some m'self."
"Ah, I know that booze. Took a sip way back. It's some real good stuff. Aah Gora-sama, share a little with us will ya?"

Looks like the man is present, I don't have to turn around.

"Can you take me to him then? I'd like to finish this quick."

"...Wha? The hell you going on 'bout? We're gonna torment you to death now, get it? Pfft! This guy still got no idea what's gonna happen to him? Gyahahahaha! And ya ain't going anywhere get it? Do yer' best begging for your life, for our entertainment. Not like we're gonna let you off tho'. Gyahahaha!"
"We can use this guy as a pent up from missing that booze. Just our luck today. He's gonna make for a nice new example for poor sods too yeah? Gora-sama's the best, allowing us to get rid of clueless dumbarses like him."

Trying to establish a conversation with fools like this just tires you out. There's no point in taking them seriously.
They must judge my strength from appearance alone. A lanky brat. Don't the people in this world know that they can't judge a book from its cover alone?
Or should I say this is just the template for fools like these guys?

(Either way, they're not worth keeping company with. Guess I gotta 'bulldoze through' like usual?)

No change for the better, settling everything through brute force.
I don't find crushing these villain headquarters the same old, same old, interesting or fun.
In fact, it'd be the end of something inside me if I ever thought that way. Also, I really don't want this to be a common occurrence.

But of course, these guys don't care about all that inner mind stuff.
One of the doorkeeping thugs suddenly swung his fist my way.






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