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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 239

Martial Art Tournament - Advanced Division


The tourney is finally starting in earnest, all players have gathered in the venue.
There's quite a huge difference between divisions. Apprentice and Novice Job Divisions have about 200 players each, Intermediate Job Division is about half that.
Advanced Job Division only has 15 players. There's no qualifier due to this, going straight to the main rounds.

Once a high ranking official-looking old man belonging to the kingdom finished his speech, 'well done coming, I expect great things from you' etc, people participating in Intermediate Division and below were led away to another area and the Advanced Division began.
Dunno if it was really alright for it to be this unceremonious, but I guess it's better than enduring through multiple long winded speeches.

As for the matches, each entrants draw a lot to decide their opponent in an elimination style game.
It would be nice if it was in league format, but not only would that draw out things till sunset, these players' stamina wouldn't last.

But still, there should be people coming all the way from other continents here, yet we only got 15 entrants huh.
I guess most people stop at Lv40 after all, and even if they manage to reach Advanced Job, it's usually the result of leveling in a party. Most of them are probably not used to fighting solo.
This tournament favors people who normally fly solo like Hyula-san.

Scarymast would probably make for a good match but she's only spectating today just in case of trouble.
Even though I was the one who suggested that to her, I still think it's a bit of waste.
As for where she is spectating.

"Kajikawa, what's that you're eating?"

"...It's popcorn, would you like some too guild master?"

"I shall... Fumu, Naima showered praises about your handmade cooking. So-so, I'd say."

She's sitting to my left. Watching the match while scooping buttered popcorn into her mouth.
Even though we're not touching, having a lady sit next to me is making me nervous. Give me a break.

"Mind sharing some with me too? Ivran-chan said Soarer-kun cooks the best food. I'm kinda curious."

"Here you go. It's just a simple snack though, so please don't get your hopes up... Also, please don't call me that in public."

"Mugumugu, nn, it's pretty good, makes me crave for booze."

"I will not have you waft liquor during the tournament. Kajikawa, you shouldn't drink that ale as well... That drink looks quite black."

"This is neither an ale or a liquor. It's a carbonated juice called cola."

"Hmm? Is that pitch black stuff good?"

"Well, I think I did a pretty good job making this."

"That juice is handmade too...?"

Scarymast to the left, Aina-san to the right. What's with this sham popular period.
To the people around us, it must look like I'm holding flowers in both hands, but not only are they higher leveled than me, they're more like my superiors hierarchy-wise. Scary.

At this tier, all the players have first rate equipment so none of the matches ends in an instant.
Despite the gaps in Levels and Attributes, their long experience in battlefield allows them to make decisions and move in a split second, it almost looks like they operate with pure instincts even.

Someone even managed to gain victory over an opponent ten level higher. Guess Status is more like a rough outline unless the difference in level is humongous.
By the way, the great warrior who did the feat is Kyoukuharuto-san, the cool uncle we met at the Monster Meadow near Randorainam. A capable man solo and in a party, uncle's way too strong.

It's fun comparing the different styles of combat between people who use the same weapon type too.
Like a greatsword user vs a thin sword user. They're both Swordsman, no an upgraded form of Swordsmaster, Celestial Swordsman, yet the way they fought was world's apart.
Due to the speed disadvantage, the greatsword user could only hold out as he kept getting slashed, but then he activated a counter Master Skill to coat his greatsword with a huge amount of mana and [Mana Blade Gale]. This one stroke managed to cut his opponent in half, settling the match in one go.

The clincher was Master Skill's activation after all. AKA the finisher.
Master Skill one learns after reaching the maximum level of weapon Skills like Swordsmanship or Spear Arts varies by individuals.
If there are Master Skills like Hyula-san's, forming a giant axe-shaped mana to attack, there are also Master Skills with novel applications such as sending shockwaves through the ground by hitting it with your weapon.
It's an extremely offensive form of attack in a sea of identical Skill Abilities.

"Oh, guy got guts alright. Almost felt like I'm watching Neora-kun."

"Does he fight by purposely getting hit until he's all beat up as well...?"

"Only when he's up against powerful foes. Even I had a chill when he clung on Shining Tiger's neck while desperately stabbing its heart deep, he failed though. Despite his cute face, he's a man alright."

"...That would have been suicidal if it weren't for the hero's revival perk. How harsh are you with your disciples."

"Oh no you've got it backward Raiza-chan. I let him be reckless precisely because of that revival-bility. Otherwise I wouldn't do something that awful... Ah, I'll have more cola. This is some good stuff."

"I'd like another cup too please."

So she's aware that was awful of her.
Heck, these two sure act close, are they friends?

The rounds progress further and it's finally the final.
Hyula-san shouldering her giant axe and a black haired big man with a great sword on his back, Gazanginando-shi step up into the ring.

Both thrust out their weapons, provoking each other while laughing lightly.
Then once they have their weapons at the ready, their fearless smiles look positively wicked. Oh they're both birds of a feather (battle junkies), thank you so much. Very scary.

Once the match began, each one used [Ground Shrink] and [Mana Blade Gale] combo to close in the distance between them and clashed their weapons together.
Their faces come close enough to kiss as their weapons interlocked. There's not a hint of romance with the wicked smiles they put on though.

As the big man kicked Hyula-san on the abdomen, Hyula-san used [Repelling Mana Blade] an ability to repel target in contact with her axe, sending the greatsword away.
They both lost their balance yet they didn't seem to care and activated [Mana Blade Gale] to forcefully swing their weapons and regain footings.

Yup, of course the final match has to be special.
Despite lumbering those heavy weapons, they're wielding them as if they're weightless. Like swish swosh.

"...Simply incredible."

"Raiza-chan could have gotten to their level too if only you kept going as an adventurer. Or maybe you're feeling hung up about taking up guildmaster position?"

"No, I'm fully aware of the extent of my strength alone. By making use of experience from my adventuring days, issuing effective instructions during a Stampede suits me much better."

"Hmm, yet you're still trying to shoulder everything by yourself, aren't you. Take it from me, you should slack up a tad."

"...How about you get your act together more."

They're seemingly having a conversation with profound implications behind their words, but I'm focusing all my attention on the match right now.
Oh, it's finally Master Skills' turn. Their weapons both turned gigantic enveloped in mana blade, sending a super heavy slashes flying.
They also used [Qi Clad] to boost their Attributes even further, a true no holds barred confrontation.

It's a pure clash of power where the stronger one comes out swinging.
The moment their weapons touched each other, a loud shrill sound of clashing metal filled the stadium.

I saw a giant axe and a greatsword both got flung away not a moment later.
But the two didn't let that stop them and started punching each other in the faces.
O, oou... They didn't even think about guarding anymore as they seemingly focused their all into swinging their fists and legs, not even a Skill Ability was in use.
Blood spurted out their noses, teeth broken, none of that made them falter. What is this, a fight between the world's strongest parent and child or something?

"Uhyaa, what a blood-pumping fist fight. I don't wanna do that, ever."

"They look so happy every time their fist connects."

"Oh I get them. A fight where you can let out your full power, no punch pulled, of course that's gonna feel real nice. Looks super painful though."

The fist fight continued on for about 10 minutes before a conclusion drew near.
Accumulated fatigue from all the matches before this seems to have finally caught up to them, they both looked beat. They're barely standing, they can't even move their arms and legs well.

The two took a step back and looked like they were about to collapse.

Then both headbutted one another, forehead met forehead.
The sound produced was the loudest and heaviest yet in this match.

Hyula-san was bleeding by her forehead when she started falling ahead but then she managed to narrowly stop her fall with her knee. But she can't seem to stand anymore.
The big man flashed a fearless smile as blood seeped out of his forehead... Looks like this is it for the match.

The big man fell frontward.
Checking his State, he's passed out alright, can't even afford to get on his knee as his body is in full contact with the ground.

"Ga-Gazanginando-san, knocked out! Confirmed, he can't continue fighting anymore! Victory goes to Player Hyumlassa! The champion of Advanced Job Division is Player Hyumlassaaaaaaaa!"

The umpire loudly declared Hyumlassa's victory and champion status.
The crowd who had gone silence erupted into cheers and applauds at once, calling for both Hyula-san and Gazanginando-shi's names.

...What an amazing match. These two would have definitely shown the exact same match even if there was no revival magic formula put in place.

"That was fantastic. The fist fight at the end may be a bit uncouth, however, it truly embodied their guts."

"Guess that's the end of Advanced Division. Oh dear~ They were all great~. I can't stop the chill~."


Scarymast and Aina-san muttered while clapping.
Hiyoko on my shoulder looked like it got something to say. No she said chill, not chicken.

"Next up, Intermediate Division. Let's see if the kids pass the qualifier."

"Those three will do just fine. Neora-kun especially."

"...Well, they'll be fine."

"I see... I have heard rumors about a certain prodigious lad who came of age last year among this kingdom nobles. I shall watch over this young man with keen interest."

"Last year? So he's 16 this year? What's his level?"


"What!? There's no way, right? Can anyone really get that strong in just a year?"

"He's been going up against magic beasts ten level higher every single day, or so I'm told. Apparently he's a genius of combat and has never suffered a major injury."

"Hee. Sure hope he could slug it out with my kids."

"...Well, there's a slight problem with his personality however. He's a known troublemaker who tends to look down on the weak and gets his hands on anything he fancies through forces."

Hmph. Guess those with talents tend to become stuck-up even in this world too.
Wonder what I'd do if he got his eyes on Alma or Reina.
...Kinda anxious, but also a bit intrigued.

"What's this prodigy called?"

"If I'm not mistaken, it's [Alancyan Aizawa]. He is said to have the blood of a past hero running in his veins. Do not quote me on that, however."

...Western name and then Aizawa. That's way unbalanced.
He's probably a descendant of a hero for real, but the lineage should be pretty thin by now.
Then again, maybe the hero's blood awakened in his generation or something, considering his prodigal status and all?
The Intermediate Division matches are gonna be interesting. Go get them, girls.






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