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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 247

Semifinal Aizawa vs Alma (1)


This chapter starts from Kajikawa's POV

"Aah~~ ...Guess it was impossible~~~..."

The parent, I mean, Aina-san sighed at the audience seat.
She's holding her head downcast. Quite an overreaction but it's surprisingly not an act. She seems seriously dejected.

"Actually like, what's the deal with that girl? She swung her sword crazy fast, blew flame out of the blade and then she cast multiple offensive spells at once. Isn't she way too much of a rule breaker?"

"There's exactly zero rule she broke. As for that multi cast spells, it's due to a certain Master Skill."

"Yeah, and I'm telling you that's a rule breaking power alright... Haa. Well, Levia-chan fought well all things considered. Even when Alma-chan drove her to the very limit, she kept trying to find the slightest chance to turn the table."

"...I feel sorry for her next opponent, Aizawa now."

Scarymast smiled wryly while watching Alma walking back to the waiting room.

"I don't think so."

"Hm? What do you mean."

"Aizawa-kun has an ability that serves as the perfect counter to Alma... Frankly speaking, her chance of winning is quite slim if she doesn't adapt."

"Hmm? How do you... Ah, right you can use Menu."

"What kind of Skill is it?"

"You can look forward to the match."

It's not that I don't believe in Alma.
But Aizawa-kun is the one person who possesses the exact ability that counters Alma perfectly out of everybody in this tournament.
...Either she's gonna end up losing after going all out like Levia or...

Well whatever. Let's not overthink it before it's even begun.
Still, where are those folk anyway? The suspense is kinda mentally draining on me.
Thanks to it, I can't really enjoy the snack I specifically made for this tourney. Munch munch munch.

"...Kajikawa-kun, aren't you eating too much? You'd gain weight, you know?"

"There's no problem. I don't get full even if I wolfed down several times this portion."

"How is that not problematic..."

The next match started while we were chatting.
Reina and Rasfin huh. Reinaganbare...

...O,ou. Reina scattered Mana Control-enlarged caltrops, hid in their shadows and threw kunais and shurikens from all directions, then once Rasfin showed an opening, she quickly closed in, buffed with Energy Control, and lopped Rasfin's head off.
The match didn't even last a minute. I feel bad for Rasfin, it must have been chaotic and then it was over.
Reina could have taken it down a notch...

~~~~~~~~~Aizawa-kun's POV~~~~~~~~~

Finally, it's finally the time.
I can fight you at last. The anticipation is killing me... Hey, Alma.
...I almost laughed at myself for acting like a virgin asking a woman to a date for the first time.

"The semifinal of Intermediate Division is now starting. Player Alancyan versus player Almatina!!"

Alma bowed before we started for real, to which I returned in kind.
...When was the last time I lowered my head to someone else again.
Think last one was my swordsmanship master, the geezer? He had long retired before the new Sword King showed up though... Eh, who cares about all that.
You're a special case Alma, get it?

"Ready, begin!!"

We both took up our swords with that signal.
...Up close, I can see her sword skill ain't half bad, but it still ain't quite there.

"Not gonna use that finisher move?"

"...It won't work on you anyway."

Nice, you got that figured out.
Had she done that high speed slash, I just gonna counter and split her in half.

We kept glaring at each other before Alma made the first move.
Multiple balls of magic emerged all around Alma like in the last match.
Hm, thought she was gonna go with sword first, guess not.


She shot the magic balls.
Multiple spells of varying elements. They all have different trajectories, landing spots and speed. Most opponents would fall to this.
But this is a bad move. I ain't no most opponent.

"Like that's gonna work!!"


With a swing of my sword, all the spells she shot vanished.
The combination of my Master Skill [Magi Banishment] and my sword reduces offensive magic's power to a minimum or even neutralize them.
My Skill is mages' natural enemy. Only physical combat can best me.



She unleashed the high speed slash behind the cover of her offensive spells but that's meaningless if the magic is erased.
I managed to easily defend. Her slash felt surprisingly light.

"What's wrong, is this all you amount to? Don'tcha dare betray my expectations."

"...[Burner Blade]."

A blue flame gushed out of Alma's sword as she whispered.
But only briefly. The flame was extinguished right away like someone doused it with water.

"Magic, neutralization...?"

"You got it. Seems like it works on your Magic Sword too... Now then, what's your next move?"

"The match isn't over yet."

"Damn right, way too soon to give up!"

As it turns out, I'm Alma's natural enemy.
Alma is strong. Probably even stronger than me if she can use all her Skills right.

But I'm better than her in pure swordsmanship.
Ya been hurling those magic mercilessly against physical-only opponents. I ain't gonna hear any complain just cause you can't do it no more, capiche?

"My turn now!"


She lost all momentum the moment I went on the offensive.
She kept shooting magic while guarding against my attack, but it was pointless as all of them got erased.

...I gotta hand it to ya for being able to block my sword.
She musta have worked incredibly hard, I can tell from this clash.
Good, you're good.

But, this is it.

I flicked her sword and cut her up during the momentary opening.
Blood seeped out of Alma's loosely hanging left arm.


"You twisted yer body in that moment huh. I mighta failed to slice it off, but that arm's done for."

You fought well. Probably among the top class folk in this tourney.
Affinity is the only reason I'm winning this.

I point my sword at her and speak.

"My sword ain't small time enough to block with one arm. This match's over."


"Admit your defeat, Alma."

I told her to surrender yet she kept her sword raised as she stared back at me.
...Gonna struggle till the end huh.
My favorite women are those who never give up, y'know? Yer the best, Alma.

Now then, I'll perform the last rite per your wish.
Don't worry, I ain't gonna torment you. It'll be over in a jiffy.
Yeah sure you'd get healed here, but I ain't gonna injure my soon-to-be woman---

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Someone shouted super loud just before I could finish Alma off.
I felt it to my stomach, it reminded me of my geezer master when he roared in anger.

I turned my sight at the audience and saw a black haired man looking here, no, at Alma, standing with folded arms.
...The heck's that old man?
The old man resumed speaking as I stared blankly.

"Winning while holding back is fine! Losing after going all out is fine! But don't you dare lose because you're pulling your punches! You're shaming your opponent."


"It's fine, giving it your all isn't cheating! Give everything you've got! And win!"

Seemingly done saying his piece, he sat back down and resumed watching.
...What's that guy's deal? Heck, the hell he's spouting?

It's as if he's insinuating Alma's been holding back all this time...!?

I experienced a sudden rush of goosebumps.
A chill ran down my spine. It's as if I got thrown out in the middle of the coldest winter.
Contrasting to the waterfall of sweat on my face. As if I was fighting master under the blazing sun.
Was that old man, the cause? No, wrong...!

"Sorry, Hikaru. Sorry, Alancyan."

Alma gripped her sword with her only working right hand while apologizing.
My goosebumps wouldn't stop as I faced her off.

No. She's like an entirely different person.
Her presence has clearly gotten bigger. She's obviously stronger than ever.
What, just...!?

"I'll get serious, from here on. I apologize for withholding my full strength."

"...! Interesting...! Come at me, Almaaaa!!"

Hot damn, just how far you're gonna entertain me!
You're the best, the very best!
My heart is dancing with joy, I feel like this is the moment I've been waiting for all my life!

The match starts for real now.
...Even if it's gonna last for but a moment.






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