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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 365

365 Lost at, Lost in


I'm currently camping out solo. Nobody else would tread so deep into this forest.
I am enjoying the great outdoor on my lonesome. Does that make a good excuse?

"Let's stop joking around... Alright, I'll get right to bed after a meal. Today's been really tiring."

I fetched the foodstuff I bought at the kingdom with the last of my money.
I put meat from skewers from some stall between vegetable and bread. An impromptu hamburger.
I've no more energy left to cook. Still got plenty of stamina though.

"Makes me all the more aware of this world's god's  handiwork..."

I've come across knowledge and objects from my previous world here.
The advancement happening in this world may seem natural to its inhabitants, but not to me, feels like there's some unnatural interventions going on.
I decided to wash away that thought with a cup of water. There's nothing to gain from me thinking about it either way.

(Come at me. I don't care as long as they don't get in my way. The more convenient things are, the better.)

But I mustn't forget that not all is well, there could be bad things lurking behind them.
Humans are the kind of creature who overlook that as long as it doesn't affect them. Me included.

"Chimera, wake me up if you sense danger, okay? I don't think I'd notice on my own with how tired I am."

I got in my tent and closed my eyes.
Chimera curled itself next to the fire I made. It must be content after all the playing we did.
What must be a merrymaking to Chimera was a desperate struggle to me.

(It's really just a cat. Come to think of it, have I ever seen another cat besides Chimera?)

I fell asleep while losing my thoughts on those trivial things.

The following morning, Chimera never woke me up as I got up on my own, must mean there wasn't any issue.

"Nn~! Hoah~... Morning Chimera... Hm? Where'd it go?"

I thought it was still sleeping but it was nowhere to be seen when I peeked outside.

"Same as ever... Gone with the wind."
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This wouldn't be the first time. Hence, I went on to finish my morning routine without minding.
I had breakfast. That was my last food. All the food I amassed in the magic bag had been used up to treat the kingdom's children back then.
I was sure I'd arrive at the federation in three days, so I didn't really stock up.
I was optimistic I could hunt some game on the way.
But now that I'm lost, there's no telling how long it's gonna take to get back on track.

(Gonna be a hassle if I ended up going in a completely different direction.)

Would be nice if this world had compass. Not like that'd help in this situation.
Some laws in this world partly follow earth's and some work in wholly different rules. I verified this when I was still living in my village.
Directions are among those. I spent many years observing where the sun rise and set as well stars movements.
However, I couldn't grasp any regularity to them at all. They didn't follow how the universe works.

"But isn't this the perfect place to live if I could just find a water source? Let's stay positive."

This forest seems ideal if I wish to sever all contacts with people.
But therein lies an issue. Humans need clothes, food and shelters.

(Hmm, I've got all my clothing inside magic bag. I can just hunt food which isn't an issue in this rich forest. However...)

I don't know how to build a house. You'd need professionals for this.
It's just not feasible for me to build one inside a forest on my own.
Cutting trees is simple. As does leveling the ground. But that's nowhere near enough to be called a house.
I don't have the information, knowledge or ability to even pick the right location.

Houses are a complex thing. It's a combination of many different meaningful blocks.
You can't just pile up woods. I don't want to live in a foundation-less shack, heck even building a shack is beyond me.

The answer is clear. I've got to go somewhere populated.

"So, what do. Should I secure water first? Or search the perimeter to look for an exit?"

I can't just wander around aimlessly. But neither can I stay in one place.
Nobody else to rely on here. Therefore.

"Leave it to fate. No choice. Let's go over there."

Thus I walked off in my quest to leave this forest, but apparently even 'fate' is out of question for me.
Yet another unusual incident awaited me at the end of my aimless wandering.






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