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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 98

Stalkers Maybe?


Now that we said all that needed to be said, we excused ourselves from the discussion.
Or rather, they pretty much drove us out of the room because 'They have to talk about matters commoners shouldn't be privy of'. Kinda glad cause we wanted to go home, but also kinda feel bad.

"We have to check on Reina back at the inn."

"Well, her symptoms aren't that bad, she should be fine after a day rest. But yeah let's make sure she's been drinking enough water. "

"Nn, let's."

"By the way, have you noticed?"

"...Un, there's two of them."

"Let's split up here. We don't know who they're going for, so let's shoot a magic as a signal if either of us needs help."

"Got it."

Each of us went in the opposite directions.
Now then, which one will they go to.

...Yup, it's me as expected.
There are presences that have been tailing us since we left the city lord mansion.
I can't see them likely due to Stealth Skills, however they can't escape Mana Search.
This Stealth Skill probably allows its user to hide away from five senses, but it doesn't seem to work on Mana Search which is more akin to extrasensory.
So we split up to see which one was their target, turned out it was me (Soarer).

I flew up to the roof of building right as I entered an alleyway in their blind spot.
I then flew at high speed while being careful not to enter my pursuers and floated high behind them.
Getting them off my back is simple, but I gotta know who they are and what's their goal.
...Both of them have Assassin as their Jobs huh. No wait, one is a High Assassin, an Advanced Job.
I can't really tell their appearances likely due to Stealth Skill, but one is a Lv 20 man, and the other is a Lv 28 woman.
Guessing they're working as a two-man team, a mentor and an apprentice kind.

"...Dammit, we lost him!"

"It was a cinch up until he raised his pace and went in that alleyway."

"You mean he noticed us?"

"Most likely. I can't believe he managed to detect our presences. Guildmaster is right, he's no ordinary man... This mission is a failure."

Assassin and guildmaster, with those two keywords, that Julia woman probably sent them.
She must have ordered them to tail me once I left the mansion. They won't antagonize me yet they're gonna keep a tab on me.

"Well she did mention that 'It's probably out of your league', I don't believe she'll punish us. A silver lining if you may."

"Fool, you get better rep completing high difficulty missions like this... Well, I do admit that our target this time is quite an irregular being."

Irregular being. What are they treating me as.
...Guess flying makes me an odd man already.
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"Should we leave that black haired girl alone?"

"We have confirmed that the other one is an officially registered member of Adventurer Guild. She has an unusual Job, but there's no urgent need to monitor her... Or rather, we don't wanna poke the snakes in the bush."

"Eh? What's the issue?"

"Her parents are the issue. Our investigation reveals that she's a daughter of Sword King Dukeris and Arch Mage Lunatiara."

"E,eeh!? A daughter of those legendary heroic duo!?"

"Yeah. If those two find out that we have been monitoring their daughter, our guild might get smashed to smithereens."

Physically speaking yeah.
Heck, I've heard stories of some dumb noble trying to kidnap Alma Mama getting his mansion razed to the ground. Them destroying a guild isn't at all out there.

"Hence the decision to omit that girl as an object of observation, is it."

"You got it. The same reason we won't resort to force trying to get that 'Ninja' girl join us."

"I guess she's gonna join her party. What a shame, it's such a rare and useful Skill too."

"Yeah. Let's cut the chit-chat and return to the guild... Sheesh, those guys are gonna tease me failing a mission after so long."

The two went off somewhere afterward. Good work.

Hm, it's good that I shook them off, but it doesn't feel too nice.
I can fly so it's virtually impossible for them to catch me. Hence they've anticipated the failure, I think this is all just a formality.
I'm not mad from this though. It leaves them a bad impression on me but it's true that Soarer is someone you can't just leave to his own device.

The problem is the reason they don't monitor Alma.
It's nice and all but it also makes it look like she's riding on her parents' coat-tails.
Alma herself has absolutely no intention of capitalizing that. Yet just being their daughter brings about these effects.
...I'm sure I won't feel this hazy feeling anymore once we've gotten strong enough to dispel that notion.
Leveling Reina is important but that doesn't mean Alma and I can lag behind on our training.

I took off my mask and changed my clothes before joining Alma.
I told her, 'They were members of assassin guild, I got away just fine. Their goal was observing Soarer, nothing on you or Reina', she seemed relieved and replied, 'Really'.
Afterward, we bought vegetable and fruit that seemed good for hangovers and went back to our inn.
Inside Reina's room, she had recovered enough to get up her bed despite looking languid.

"We're back... How're you holding up?"

"My head still hurts a bit, but I feel so much better after sipping the soup..."

"Just get some rest today. There's no hurry registering at the guild."

"Let'ss. I feel like it's gonna relapse if I walk around..."

"I'll make you vegetable and fruit juice later. Make sure to drink it up."


Once she's recovered and registered at the guild as our party member, we should focus on getting her take on weak magic beasts to level her up.
Taking the guild course would build her foundation as an adventurer, but we have no luxury of time with all the demon problems.
Well, she should do just fine with us guiding her, just like Alma did to me. Hopefully.
But you know, magic beast cave's lowest leveled magic beasts are at 10, yet we still can't go to magic beast forest due to Stampede effect. Also, it's too early to go back to Daijel anyway. That pig noble might find us.
I'm told there's no other hunting spots besides that cave near this city. It looks like we're gonna have to travel far again.
I'd have loved to tour around this big city still, yet leveling Reina is our top priority right now.
Once we get our reward from lolimast, we gotta look for another town with a good leveling spot nearby.
...Ah, moving is such a pain.






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