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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 186

Workplace Negotiation


"You dumbarse! The crap with this rough whet! Your half-baked whetting's gonna cost us days!"

"Ah shaddup! The balance just got a bit out of whack, I just gotta readjust it a tad!"

"That's cause yer' doing a poor work... Hm? Ain'tcha Kajikawa. What's the occasion?"

Hello, so we've gone all the way to Gen's Workshop early in the morning to ask them if they're willing to lend Julian their workplace.
And they were fighting when we got here. Gedagan-san was having a yelling contest with Higuroima-san whetting a sword.
...Quarreling must be an everyday thing with these master-disciple. Wonder if their neighbors complained.

Gen-san stopped their quarrel when he saw us, but then he frowned when he noticed Julian behind me.
...Looks like he's familiar with Julian.

"Good morning. You two are so lively this early in the morning."

"Drop it, sounds like a sarcasm to me. Forget that, ain't the guy behind you the same guy who's been making weird weapons at the town's outskirts. Got a business with me?"

"Hello, my name is Julian. I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

J-Julian greeted someone properly...!?
No wait, thinking back, this guy usually acted surprisingly normal when it came to everything but me and my weapon. Could it be that his usual high tension behavior really was due to him getting overly excited and this is his normal state...?

"Do you have a moment to spare? I'd like to discuss something related to this man."

"...Speak. Got a feeling this is gonna be a pain in the arse."

I talked to them about the attack on Julian's workshop, the necessity to stay hidden and asked Gen-san a spot in his workshop for Julian to work on my weapon.
Both Gen-san and Higuro-san had a sour look when I touched the subject about renting their workplace... Well, I guess their reaction is only natural.

"Sorry, this workshop ain't no place to play around and make toys. Go somewhere else."

"I understand we're asking for the impossible. Especially since you two have just met, of course you will be hesitant."

"Give it up if you get it. I'm no stranger to unreasonable custom orders, but getting asked to let an outsider in my workplace is a new one..."

"And isn't that guy an oddball who can only make weird weapons? Blacksmithing ain't so easy a former noble can take up!"

"Right. By the way, this is a sample of swords Julian has created, does this look like a toy to you Gen-san?"

"Listen to me! Heck, why'd you take out a sword here!?"

I ignored the furious Higuro-san who was dissing Julian and showed Gen-san a 'proper sword' Julian made.
Despite Julian's penchant for odd weapons, his weapon-making skill itself isn't half bad. In fact, it's quite high up there.
Gen-san seemed to infer Julian's ability after he fixedly stared the sword and spoke.

"Hwo. Julian, was it. So you forged this sword, what kinda person you imagined wield it?"

"Yes. I made it for a man with a Strength value higher than 180, and around later half of 170 cm tall. I would like to hear your opinions on it if you see an issue, would you give me pointers?"

"...No issue, this is good stuff. Anybody can make weapons at random, it might as well be casting. There ain't no point striking yer hammer without taking its wielder into account."

As Gen-san returned the sword, he grabbed Julian's palm and stared at it.
Despite being restored by Lifeforce Transfer, Julian's palms retained its roughness from all the time he smithed.
...Has he been smithing so much it's been carved on his gene? Scary.

"...How many weapons have you made? 100, or 200 ain't cutting it considering these palms."

"I beg your pardon, I have forgotten how many there are. It has been 12 years since I took up smithing."

"Oy oy, checking yer Stat, you ain't even a blacksmith, yer a Magic Tool Engineer!? How come yer Magic Tool Creation Skill and Blacksmith Skill are both at Lv6!? Kah, ya mean you got here in just 12 years...?"

"Lv6!? Y-you're a better blacksmith than me...?"

The two eccentric master-disciple were shocked to hear Appraisal result on Julian. Wait what, this guy's not even a Blacksmith? I didn't look at his Job when I was checking his Skill List.
Higuro-san especially, must be a huge shock when he lost to someone who doesn't have it as his main Job. Don't mind. Live on.
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"I have been doing nothing but striking metal and engraving magic formulas day and night in order to create my ideal weapons. My level of Blacksmith Skill increases slower than Magic Tool Creation Skill so my time is chiefly spent on hitting metal, however."

"Why didn't you choose Blacksmith as your Job then? At your pace, you'd have reached my level by now."

"That is because the weapons I wish to create are more akin to magic tools if anything."

"Fumu, are these weapons you speak of the same ones showcased on your storefront?"

"Yes. Although most of those are failures nobody can wield. It is as you said, I made those without thinking about what the wielder is like, they are worthless."

"Most, are you saying there's a usable one?"

"One, yes. He is the only one who can wield it."

Julian turned to look at me. Quit staring here.
...He looked like he was expecting me to do something, so I took the explosomething out of my bag.

"This is a prototype. The head part is bent due to overuse, but it's still usable."

"...I see there's an engine that produces explosions using magic stones inside that hammer head, ya really can use that thing? The wielder's gonna get swung around instead no matter how you look at it."

"Oh yes, it's actually very effective in practice. This is the magic beast this weapon helped defeat."

I took an ogre corpse out of Item Screen while explaining... Ah, not this one.

"My bad, that was a mistake. It's this one here. Yes."

"No wait, what's up with that crushed head!?"

"That has nothing to do with the weapon, please pay it no attention. The hammer made a clean hit on this ogre and it certainly did some damage."

"A steel hammer managed to damage an ogre huh. If it had been made with an even better material, its strength would be at artillery-class."

"And in order to complete that weapon, I need a workplace! Please I beg of you, allow me to borrow yours at least until it is done to completion! I will not get in your way, you may make me do anything, even chores!"

Hm? Did he say the classic do anything line, ah okay, yes, this isn't the time for that.
Julian acted unlike his usual self as he entreated with a lowered head. Yup, I shouldn't joke around here. Sorry really.

"...Our rent ain't gonna come cheap. Do as you like if you agree to it."

"D-does that mean...!"

"Yea. I'll let you take shelter here. But I'mma kick you out if you get in the way, keep that in mind."

"T-thank you so much!"

...Alright, got the permission at least.
Next up, is to discuss rent fee, I've an idea.

"About the fee, would this ogre suffice as the payment?"

"Uwa! Isn't this the crushed head from earlier!?"

"...Ogre materials can fetch for hundreds thousands ya know? Ya sure ya wanna just give it away?"

"Just goes to show how big my expectation on Julian's weapon. Oy, I've done all this, make sure you finish it."

"...Yeah! Just leave it to me, my customer!"

"...How'd you kill this ogre? Did you break its head with that hammer? Steel ain't supposed to break ogre's skull though."

"Oh no, I countered this ogre's headbutt with my own, and then blech."

"No no no, you're lying! There's no way your head's come out okay if you did that!"

"...No, seems he's saying the truth. Hard to believe, but the Log shows this ogre's dead by a headbutt... Ain't your head more powerful than this hammer?"

"S-seriously? What's your head made of anyway..."

Please don't look at me like I'm a monster. It hurts~.
I only succeeded by using up all my mana and energy, the mileage is just way too bad.
That's why I want a strong weapon. And why I went all this trouble.

Julian's problem is solved for now.
Next up is conquering the dungeon for mats.
...This is turning into quite the grind. I'm getting depressed.






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