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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 184

Side Story Not Alright, It's Problematic


This is from the hero's perspective.

I let myself relax on the swaying ship as it's making its way to our destination.
I'm usually busy running around hunting magic beasts or doing guild commissions ever since I reincarnated in this world. It's been forever since I can take it easy like this.
We're supposed to arrive at noon today, time to kick back until then.

"U, uu... O-Olivie, one more, Detoxification please..."

"Y-yes... I wonder if my mana will last..."

A red braid haired spear girl, Leviara groaned with a pale face. Looks like she's the type that easily gets carsick.
Next to her is our new member, a long silver haired Sage girl, Olivier casting magic to cure Status Abnormality.
Every time the ship swayed, they swing, no, they oscillate. Wonderful...!

"Neora...! You're, staring at, Olivie's chest, again, urp...!"

"L-Levia-san, please calm down."

"No, this guy may look cute outwardly but he's an unbelievable pervert inside, you have to draw the line or he'd never stop..."

"Who're you calling a pervert. Just stay put while she cures you."

"You can use healing magic, can't you! Don't make Olivie do all the work and use your magic too!"

"How are you so haughty while asking for help..."

I'm seeing a few passengers offering magic to cure motion sickness here and there. They're charging for it though.
And most of them seem to be monk or priest types, Job related to sacredness-tree, none seems to be of mage-tree.
Are mages who can use healing magic rare?

<<Mages normally cannot learn [Healing Magic] Skill. At best they may use Support Magic with vestigial recovery effects you know? I mean there's an exception like the Special Class [Archmage], but frankly that Job is even rarer than Sage.>>

But Olivie can use healing magic on top of Offensive, Spirit, Support and even Space Magic.

<<That's the special quality of [Sage] Job, you see. They have the aptitudes for every single [Magic] Skills with better proficiency growth rates to boot. The Job is pretty much the perfect upgrade to Mage.>>

Eh, then why don't all those Mages choose [Sage]-tree Job when they come of age?
You're saying it like Mages are just overall poorer than Sages.

<<Because the condition is to have learned four types of Magic Skills including Healing Magic before you come of age. Offensive Magic aside, trying to raise enough proficiency for Healing and Support Magic before you come of age is virtually impossible. Olivie-san simply happened to have pulled the right Skill set by chance before she did.>>

So like, you can't get this Job if your luck in Skill gacha is bad huh.

<<If we're being brutally honest, then yes I suppose that is one way to put it...>>

"U, uu... Y-young miss, you can use healing magic...? S-sorry but will you cure my sickness..."

"I'm a man. Quit butting in our conversation just cuz you don't wanna pay, sheesh."

A pale faced old man walked up asking for my help. Can't anyone do something about this misgender thing...
I'd feel bad forsaking him, guess I'll just do it quick.

"There you go, right as day. This is the last time, you got that. I don't wanna ruin those healer folks' days."

"Y-yeah. Thank you. I'm back on my feet thanks to you."

"I thought you'd help anyone cause you're a hero, Neora, but you're surprisingly strict on that point."

"Nothing good comes out of overexerting myself. There's a virtue in modesty."

"You say that with your eyes locked on Olivie, you perverted hero...!"

"U-um, it's embarrassing, when, you're staring so much..."

"Sorry sorry, couldn't help myself owowowowow! Levia-san, quit pinching my back, no seriously stop that, it hurts!"

Olivie held her chest while looking down and blushing hard.
...I feel bad for her, guess I'll try to keep it in moderation. Trying at least.
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"Oh, we're finally arriving at the port town. Ah, guess this is the end of our nice little day off."

"N-no more ship voyage finally... I don't care anymore, I just wanna get on solid ground and say goodbye to all this swaying..."

"Our first ship voyage ended peacefully without any issue... By the way, I understand that we have gone all the way to the first continent to power up for our demon king elimination objective, but will I really be of use..."

"No no, Olivie you have some amazing ability, it'll be fine. I mean my Offensive Magic Skill level is still low, having high powered long range magic support and even healing and buffs at our disposal is super nice. I'm counting on you."

"Y-yes... Thank, you so much, hero-sama."

"Please don't call me that. My Job may be Hero, but I ain't that great a human myself, just Neora is fine."

"Y-yes, Neora... San."

She's still sounding awkward, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.
Then someday, she'll be my big breasted harem member I'm sorry, forgive me, please don't turn your bloodlust my way, it's scary Levia-san.

"Power up, how concretely? Are we recruiting a new guy?"

"No, apparently the guild is gonna refer us to people who will train us, they'll help us guide our leveling process."

"Guild referral?"

"Yeah, apparently the scale of destruction caused by demons under the current Demon King is far bigger than any prior one, their invasion rate is much faster too. If the hero stays weak meanwhile, it'll affect the morale of the anti-demon army, so they want us to get stronger quick."

"Right, I heard news about the third continent on the brink of total collapse. At the pace it's going, other continents will share the same fate by next year."

"...So it's wrong to assume it will never be our problem."

It's just that, I don't know if you can expect us to tear through armies of demons and magic beasts no matter how strong we get.
This may be another world, but it's also a reality we live in. Individual strength just can't beat sheer numerical superiority.
And yet, I wonder what's the real reason behind the guild swooping in to help hero get stronger.

"So, what's this trainer of ours like, any idea?"

"I don't know, the guild said they're a Rank S adventurer but I'm not told on what they're like. I'm sure they've informed that person about us, but yeah, wish they'd shared more."

The ship stopped while we were talking. Must have anchored.
Now then, we're to meet up at this port town, guess we'll head to the guild for now.


Among the crowd at the other side of the crossing bridge from our ship, someone is emanating an aura as if it's an entirely different being.
Strong. It's overwhelmingly stronger than any people, no any creatures I've ever encountered. You can tell their strength from so far away.
I'm sure of it, that must be--

"Nice to meet you, Hero-dono."

Just when I tried to squint harder at that person, a woman's face appeared in front of mine.
She's staring at me with a mischievous smile.


"Ahaha, nice reaction. Seems worth training for, ma'am."

Who even is this ma'am!
Heck, who even is this woman!? It's almost like she showed up out of thin air.

The woman has long blond hair, long ears, extremely forged yet not at all brawny body, you could even say thin, with a beautiful body line.
Checking her Status, she's 300 year old, Race Elf. Her Base Level is 72, simply monstrous.
This person must be the S-ranked adventurer that will train us...!

"E-err, are you the person the guild referred to us?"

"Yup, sure am. The name's Aitserina. Don't be a stranger and call me Aina-chan now, okay~."

"...I'm Neo Raifu. Please call me Neora-san, Aina-san."

"Leviaria. Call me Levia, okay Aina-san."

"My name is Olivier. It's my pleasure to meet you, Aina-san."

"Auu, nobody's using chan. Onee-chan is sad yoyoyo."

Her jesting speech and behavior. Yet, her strength is immeasurable.
I mean, we're just chatting here yet I can't stop my goosebumps or my body shaking. I'm sweating bullet even.
This person will train us...?

Part of me thought this trainer thing wouldn't be of much help but man was I full of hubris.
Crap. This person is terrifying. Way too strong. Forget training, she might end up killing us instead.

"Now that's out of the way, time for a little chat about our future plan. Right this way, ladies."

"...I'm a man."

"...Eeeh, no waaay!? W-why dontcha show, this onee-san?"

"H-hey, wh, why are you trying to pull off my trousers! Please stop it!!"

"Fu, fufufu the guild told me it was gonna be a 'cute hero', was so sure it'd be a girl, nope, turned out it's a boy. This is gonna be hella fun fufufufu...!!"

"L-let me go! Ah, he, help! Heelpfh!"

Is this woman alright!? No really, is she right in the head!?
Seriously, let me go! They're tearing off! My trousers are tearing off! How is she so strong anyway!?
Are we really gonna be alright!? Physically speaking that is, got a feeling my chastity and such are gonna be in danger!





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