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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 193

New Function - New Weapon Order


First, we stopped by the dungeon receptionist after exiting.
I would rather avoid flaunting our achievement of dungeon conquest, but dungeon delvers are all duty bound to report their records.
There might be delvers who do unsavory things after all, guess we gotta follow the rule.

"Thank you for your hard work. You're back earlier than previous session, I see. Well then, please don't mind me checking your records... Eh?"

The receptionist checked our dungeon delving Log just like before. She suddenly froze while she was on it.

"E, err, the Log says your party has cleared the final floor of this dungeon, that is to say you have conquered this dungeon in seven hours... Is that correct?"

"Yes. We took a lot of detours previously while we prioritized going deeper and clearing the dungeon this time around."

"D-do you now... Thus far there had been only two parties that succeeded conquering this dungeon and both took around 16 hours. Taking less than half of that record is a surprise... You must have had extraordinary luck to avoid magic beasts and traps... Wait, your party defeated a Lv63 magic beast on the final floor!?"

"Ah, yes. Luck wasn't on our side and a surprise monster turned up on that floor, we almost couldn't make it out alive."

"I-It's hard to believe all of you got through that..."

I think so too. Really, so glad nobody died...

"Your party has taken Rank 1 spot with a major lead. Clearing the final floor at a record time as well as defeating a surprise monster there is a record that will surely be hard to topple without exceptional skills."

"Oh not at all, we're still wet behind the ears. This dungeon delving experience really drove that home."

"Surely you jest. Well then, we await your next visit."

Now that we've gotten the object of desire, we've got no plan to delve in again in near future though.
Seeing as we're all beat up today guess I'd save bringing this thing to Julian's place for tomorrow.

I'm gonna be making pudding for dessert, and that'll take the last of my vanilla stock.
Menu-san, isn't there a shop selling Banisoi beans somewhere?

<<Daijel, Vinfitt, Randaorainam, Nyushina, Ringranaita... None has a hit.>>

No no no, how is that right!?
Other towns aside, Vinfitt is a commercial city, and Randorainam is a port town with a trade route that goes to other continents you know? How come none sells a raw material for perfume.

<<Banisoi beans are an ingredient for an extremely minor perfume only dilettantes collect. Hence the amount in circulation is extremely small.>>

But it smells so good. Heck, I don't understand people who don't connect that fragrance to food. It's just weird.
Dangit past heroes! Why didn't you guys spread the word about Banisoi more. I wanna have my vanilla-flavored snacks and eat them too!
Haa, no point in getting angry to people I never meet. Menu-san, is there really nowhere nearby I can purchase Banisoi?

<<...Confirming cultivation of Banisoi beans at Keruna Village.>>

That should be the one I abandoned there.
This plant may be able to grow all year round but there's no way it can grow well enough to be harvested without a proper care.
They must be either overgrown by weed, eaten by bugs or dried up from lack of water.

<<Nay. During Kajikawa Hikaru's absence, the villagers have been alternately tending the Banisoi field, as such they are growing well.>>

...Eh, for real!?

<<They can be harvested in one week time. Visiting the village around that period should afford you Banisoi beans.>>

W-what a nice village. It was my idea and I never even asked them to.
...No, that's not it? They might just be reusing the field I left behind to cultivate a new product for their village.
Yup, that must be it... I should drop by and apologize soon. Would be nice if they could sell me the beans too.

"Uu, I'm so famished even walking is tough..."


Reina muttered sadly while holding her belly.
Hiyoko riding on the shoulder feebly chirped while nodding in agreement.

"Bear with it till we got to the inn. Dinner won't fit in if you eat now."


"But I agree, walking is a pain... This is a good opportunity as any for Menu's new function debut."


Is Ringranaita's inn a registered spot on the Map Screen?

<<It is considered a registered spot, the new function can be executed.>>

Cool, let's get to it then.

Menu, [Fast Travel] to 'Ringranaita's Inn'!

<<Affirmative. Consuming 100MP, executing Fast Travel.>>

With the activation of Menu's new function, the scenery of the midway point road between the dungeon and the town instantly changed to that of Ringranaita inn's front entrance.
Fumu, there's virtually zero lag time. This looks usable as an emergency escape depending on the situation.

"Eh, huh? E, eeeeeeeeh!?"

"But we were just on the road between the dungeon and the town...!?"


"This is the new Menu Function, [Fast Travel]. By consuming 100MP I can get us to places registered on Map Screen, instantaneously, super handy stuff."

Wish they let me use this handy function from the start.
Would be great to have this in Japan too. Woulda cut down the travel time to and from work a lot.

"I-I thought there's nothing that can surprise me anymore after hearing Kajikawa-san's Stats, but this is yet another blow to common sense..."

"But it's really handy. We won't have to use wagons or beast carriages to go where we want now."

"It's limited only to registered places though. What places can be registered entirely depend on Menu's criteria, so it's not like I can go anywhere and I gotta have to have visited a place at least once to get it registered."

Well, I don't have to be there physically, there's also another function to expand Map and register places, but I probably won't have the opportunity to use it anytime soon.
...If only I got that function before I met Kanakmatt-san, I'd have a whole Map opened up. Too bad.
Well, now that we're at the inn, it's pudding making time.
Hope I can do it. It should be done in a jiffy if I just use mana control to manipulate heat and coldness, just gotta be careful I don't make it into a habit.

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The morning after, we made our way to Gen Workshop early on.
That turtle shell is stupidly heavy, can Julian handle it?

"Kajikawa-sa~n, don't you have more of those pudding treats~?"

"I do but they're off limit for now. You scarfed down three of 'em yesterday. You'll get fat you know."

"I-I won't! I was just taken aback by such a tasty treat I didn't know existed in this world, I'd emptied a few plates by the time I came back to my sense..."

"Those are, dangerous indeed. It's so bouncy and soft, tastes strong yet really sweet and cold, it's hard to stop once you start... But, it was just so good."


Two girls + one chicken have this enraptured look as they reminisce the taste of pudding.
Who knew it'd be so popular. I thought I managed to replicate the pudding commonly being sold in Japan, but watching them eating with relish more than they were with the birthday cake back then made for a complicated feeling.
I know that just because something is more toilsome to make doesn't guarantee result, but still. Gununu.

"Higuro! Ya pulled an all nigther again didn'tcha! Told ya to cut that crap, it's gonna affect yer performance the next day!"

"M-m'bad old man! I just cannae' forgive myself for losing on my Skill level to this guy..."

"Oy oy, I say all nighters are a big no no if you wish to produce excellent goods. I have been making weapons for 12 years and last year I finally realized going to bed early and waking up early give better results than pulling an all nighter."

"You realized that way late!? Heck, I always see you working the earliest here, what time you get up anyway...?"

"Three in the morning, is there a problem."

""That's still darn late night!""

...Adding Julian in the uneven master-disciple mix softened the intensity of their quarrels, but their exchanges are looking more and more like comedy skits now.
I'm full just from watching. Can I go home?

"Oho, my customer, good morning. Have you perhaps procured the material?"

"Morning. Yeah, I got it here with me, can you process this thing?"

I took the shell in question out of a bag. Ugugu, it's heavy.
Julian and the uneven master-disciple pair popped their eyes wide open when they saw the thing.

"Uooo...! I-isn't this a material from an S-ranked magic beast!?"

"Volcanic Giant Turtle's shell...! Thing's outrageously sturdy and heavy, ya gotta be something else if ya plannin' ta process and wield it."

"Oy oy, I ain't ever seen this super rare material before! M-mind if I hold it for a tad? ...Wh, t-this thing's darn heavy!? H-how the heck you gonna process it!?"

It feels heavy even for me with 800 STR. Lifting the thing must be a hurdle in itself for production type folks.
As I was thinking that, Julian frowned with a troubled look as he stared at the shell. What's wrong?

"Uumu, this is an ideal material for the making of True Explosion Buster indeed, but I must be frank with you, it would be difficult to process this thing with my current Blacksmith level."

"Eh, you can't do it!?"

"It can be done, but it will take a long time. At the very least, it would likely take several months time... My deepest apologies for my ineptitude."

We unexpectedly hit a snag here. That's just too long.
A month would be fine, several is a bit...

"Several months... Can't you shorten it somehow?"

"I cannot promise. Engraving the explosion formula through the use of fire mana stone should only take me around a week but processing it into the shape of a weapon cannot be done that quickly. If only my Blacksmith Skill level was higher..."

"Hold up, yer' sayin' ya won't take long s'long as ya can shape the weapon part?"

As Julian cursed himself, Gen-san interrupted.

"Yes. I only need the main weapon body done. But an S-ranked material that's also this heavy is too tough for me with my Lv6 Skill..."

"Yeah? ...Kajikawa, show me yer hands."


Gen-san suddenly grabbed my hand and stared intently at my palm. What you doing?

"U, uumu? The heck's up with these hands. Look so soft at a glance yet the feel's nothing like it... Yer' really odd through and through eh."

"Err, what are you?"

"Aa? 'Course I'm checking how yer' holding stuff if I wanna make yer wepaon."

"...Gedagan-san, could you be."

"Ou. Yer' demanding a faster turnover ain'tcha. Lemme take care of the main body, Julian, you work on that magic formula."

Gen-san kept going as he observed my hands.
...That's a surprise. Didn't expect him to offer help on his own. I was under the impression that this man is the type that'd absolutely refuse to touch other people's work.

"A-are you sure about it? However, this is a job I have accepted, I cannot possibly impose on you..."

"Yea it's no sweat. Got no decent hustles 'sides from stuff this party ordered anyways. 'Sides, been years since I got to work on a material this fine. Heck, I ain't mind doin' it for free even."

"...My customer. You have heard Gedagan-san, what do you think? Personally, I believe this is the optimal course of action."

"I'm not gonna complain if both of you are fine with it... But, it'd be nice if you could do away with the quarreling when you're working together."

"That's likely unfeasible."

"Yeah, ain't happening. Our opinions definitely gonna clash. And it ain't gonna end just once or twice... But worry not, all of that's gonna culminate in the best possible outcome."

I can't help but worry though! My head aches just imagining Julian and Gen-san quarreling!
But considering they both know beforehand that it's gonna happen, I guess that's just how it goes when multiple blacksmiths are working together.
...Think it's better if I don't turn up here until completion...







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