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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 196

A Meeting with Master (Death)


It's gonna take around 2-3 weeks till the completion of True Explosion Buster.
In the meantime, we'll be busying ourselves in Monster Mountain Range in order to secure the fund for the project as well as for leveling.

I'm currently transporting magic beasts for the two girls to defeat like usual.

"This one's is a High Mountain Bear. It's Lv30ish, thing is pretty much equal to High Cave Bear. Don't need me to remind you, its claws and fangs are particularly dangerous. Also beware of Quadrupedal Skill's Roaring Rush."


"Aaaaaah!? I-it's a bear! Noooooo!!"

"...How deep your bear trauma runs anyway. It'll be fine, it should be a cinch for you if you just deploy Energy Control well, Reina."

There's a surprising amount of magic beast variation inhabiting this mountain range.
It's a good place to learn how to deal with all kinds of beasts, not just for leveling.
Though it's mostly about finding out what beasts are edible and how to process them. There's also inedible ones like bugs and ogres.




While the bear magic beast was busy roaring menacingly at Reina, Hiyoko finished it off with an energy and mana boosted Mana Claw Gale.
The tremendously fast claw attack sent the bear flying several meter away.


『Cluck, cluck.』

"I think that goes, 'Lemme take it on if you're gonna cower over there,  you coward.' ...Aren't you developing quite a sharp tongue lately?"

"M-mukiii! Who're you calling a coward! I can beat that bear on my own just fine, thank you!"

These two have started developing a rivalry ever since the level gap between them disappeared at the dungeon.
As a result, they're now undaunted against powerful beasts and their levels are steadily rising.


"Hikaru, next one please."

...As for Alma, it's been going extremely well, or rather, it's as if she's being chased by something.
She defeated 21 upper Lv40s beasts today alone. She's not even using her finisher as she keeps swiftly loping heads or casting multiple elemental spells in one go.
...At the rate this is going, the magic beasts around this area would be hunted to extinction before our weapons are done.

"Alma, don't you think you should take a break now? You're kinda rushing it a tad..."

"I'm fine. I still have plenty of mana and stamina left."

It's true that she's still got half of her SP and MP left even after culling that many beasts.
But I'm worried about the burden on her mental health more than anything.

Ever since the fight with that stupidly huge worm, Alma looks like she's been forcing herself, probably due to me getting minced up trying to protect her.
I hope it's just me worrying over nothing. But I won't stand it if Alma is overworking herself because of me.

No, that's no it. The one who's been overdoing it is--

"Alma, I'm telling you to take a break. You've been acting restless for the last several days..."

"...That's not, true."

"...I'm really sorry about that time in the dungeon's final floor."

"...No! You have nothing to apologize--"

"You kept telling me not to act rashly yet I never seem to learn."

"You're wrong, that's not it! That was my fault for losing focus!"

"I finally realized how it feels to be the one that constantly worries over those who always go overboard watching you now Alma."


She had a look of disbelief after I said that.

"...I'm not one to talk but please don't work yourself to death. I'll be careful not to myself."

"...If you promise me you won't, then."

"Yea, I promise."

"...Got it, I'll rest."

The strained air coiling around her softened up somewhat afterward.
...Yup, keeping things in moderation is best. I gotta take care too.

"Fuuhahaha! Oh oh, what's up? Are you done already Hiyoko-chan~? I've still got plenty of spunks left~."

『C-cluuck! Cluck!!』

...I should remind the two mascots behind us to take a break too.

Now then, Leveling is important and all but I gotta work out something for the new workout regime I've developed to train my Attributes too.
I was panicking seeing the inn floor about to give in when I tried the regime in my room last night... Somewhere around here should be a good place to work out without troubling anyone, free of prying eyes.
I'm gonna stealthily slip out tonight with Fast Travel.

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So yeah, here I am at nighttime Monster Mountain Range.
Nocturnal beasts are prowling the place replacing daytime ones, it feels fresh seeing all the new faces.
Hmm, everywhere is chock full of magic beasts, can't find a nice place for my workout regime.

Oh? I don't sense magic beasts presences on the summit of that mountain for some reason.
That place seems to fit the bill, let's check it out.

The summit is surprisingly flat and it's spacious enough to do not only muscle training but even running and the likes.
There's no beast around too for some reason, it's truly an ideal place. Time to get training.

I clad my muscles in mana in a way that obstructs their movement, increasing the load on my body.
It's like the plaster casts in a certain major league manga, but apparently those things are useless as a baseball training... Got off track.
I put additional mana to drag on the ground and then add several hundreds kilograms of weight.
In this state, my too high of Attributes get equalized into my 'original specs' so working out should give bonus Attributes.
U-umu, this is incredibly burdensome... It's just mana wrapping me, how is it so toilsome. This gonna work wonder...

And the result, I ran out of steam after just 20 minutes of workout and running.
U-ugugu, I could have kept this stuff up for several hours without the equalizer...!
But I feel like I'm actually forging my body for once.
I'm sure the bonus Attributes from this would accumulate to a stupid number after a few days.

Uumu, but man, all that sweat emptied my stomach even though I just had dinner.
...I feel kinda guilty snacking at this hour, should be fine if it's just for today.
Now then, guess I'll grab the premade karaage I stowed away in Item Screen.

Umu, tasty. After-workout meals are really special.
Having the food's state preserved when you fetch them is super handy.
After a postmeal break, I'm gonna take a shower and call it a day.

<<Warning: An extraordinarily powerful magic beast is fast approaching. Fall back immediately-->>

Eh, what?

A moment after Menu displayed that warning, that thing appeared in front of my eyes.
Arriving at speed so overwhelming my Mana Sense didn't even pick it up.


"A, a, a..."

I could only stare in agape.

Only later I realized I had so many avenues like [Fleeing with Mana Flight] or [Warping away with Fast Travel], but my head was fully occupied with the thought [Ah, I'm dead] at this time.

A humanoid that's about 2 meter tall is standing in front of me.
It's muscular but it has a smaller build than an average ogre or a hob goblin.

However, however. The pressure emanating from it is on a whole different dimension.
A presence so overwhelming it makes ogres look like babies in comparison.

Also, it's got a scary face. Really scary.
If Ogre's face looks like that of an oni, then this one looks like a temple guardian statue's, or like the messatsu fist aku-man, a face that bears both dignity and wildness.

Checking its Status kicked me down a pit of despair.

What the hell is 【★Fierce God of Fist Lv96】!?

What the heck is 4400 STR!? All other Attributes are at latter half of 3000s too, numbers I can only reach by squeezing absolutely everything I have and for a brief moment. Give me a break.

What the, what? How are you supposed to go up against this thing, it's hopeless.
Forget Ogres, even Gluttony Slime is no match against this thing, heck, I doubt that Black Dragon is.

The only beings that have a slightest chance of victory would be Alma's parents. And that's with them together, after a long arduous struggle.
In short, I'm way out of my league. Dead. I'm dead.

And I just promised Alma I wouldn't go overboard too, I stared at the Fierce God of Fist while inwardly  apologizing to Alma.



Its interest lies not on me, as it's delightfully grabbing and munching on the karaage instead.

...What the, what?
No really, what?





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