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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 189

Chaos Critical Crucial


This chapter is told from Alma's POV
I swing my sword.
Again, and again, and again.

"Fsh! Ha!"

『Vogou!? Gevaaa!!』

I must keep swinging to stop this monster if only for 0.1 second.
It will definitely get away if I let up even for the slightest bit.

The notion that a big body means moving slower is not necessarily wrong.
But that's speaking relative to its Strength and Defense. Its Agility attribute is likely higher than my base one.
This magic beast is probably even stronger than ogres. I would have quickly become a mere fodder if I were to go up against it alone.

The reason I'm narrowly managing by is thanks to Support Magic, Hikaru's energy buff, and my own energy buff.
But I will eventually run out of mana and energy if this keeps up.
Lightning Blade is able to stop it somehow, but the move doesn't seem to deal much damage if at all, this can't go on forever.
Somebody has to deal the finishing blow while we still have the initiative...

"Alma! Keep it occupied just for a little bit more!"

Around the time I had used up half of my mana, Hikaru made a quick flying dash toward the magic beast.
Alright, Hikaru who could solo an ogre should be able to damage this beast.

I saw him throwing something inside the beast's huge mouth.
Are those, Reina's throwing weapons? Why would he toss those inside the magic beast?

...It can't be.

"Do it, Reinaaa!"


『Vuu!? Vuvuvuvavuaaaaaa!?』

As Reina shouted with her palm pointed at the beast, the beast's body started warping unnaturally.
It's like a leather bag stuffed full of cutlery, like something inside is trying to pierce through.
I bet she's enlarging the shurikens and kunais inside the beast's body to pierce it inside out like she did with a snake beast back then.
...It's a nasty tactic but this will surely kill the magic beast--


"...No waaay?"

I could hear Reina's mutter.
The beast's body has been warped weirdly.
But that's the end of it. The weapons inside couldn't break through the hide, it's not fatal.
Just how sturdy is it. Having a body that's both flexible and sturdy is unfair.


Oh no, I let my guard down because I thought it was over.
I have to keep attacking and stop it from moving!


Eh, ah, it's charging, at me.

No it's too fast  and too big  I can't dodge

Spirit Magic  won't  make it


Just before the beast flattened me, I could hear Hikaru's scream as something crashed into me.
It was quite an impact, and I got flung plenty far yet it didn't really hurt... I can move too. There's no damage.
Just, what is?



Huh, where's, Hikaru?


I turned my sight at where Hiyoko screamed

And saw a bloodied half of Hikaru's body with the other half flattened.

He sent me flying while using Mana Cushion to save me from getting crushed.
To protect me, Hikaru is, Hikaru is...!

"A, aa, aaaa...!"
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Why, why?
Why, why did Hikaru do that for me, now he's...

"Alma-san, Kajikawa-san is still alive! You're gonna get crushed for real if you don't stand up quickly!"

Reina shouted something but my mind was a wreck I couldn't process it.


The beast let out an earsplitting noise from its huge mouth and turned its face at me.
It's trying to flatten me for good. Like it did to Hikaru.

Why didn't it flatten me earlier

Hikaru wouldn't have to end up like that if only it did




I got to the beast before it did using Quickstep and used Mana Blade Gale while activating Burning Blade.
I strengthened my grip on my sword with energy. Gripping so hard my palm was bleeding.

With its body warped by Reina's shurikens and kunias, my sword could cut it.
My sword pierced its belly as it spewed white flame.
The beast frantically tried to shake me off, but I don't care anymore.

Flatten me if you can
You're unforgivable. I won't forgive you. Ever.

I'll kill you even if it cost me my life, how dare you did that to Hikaru!

I expanded my sword's reach with Extended Mana Blade and stabbed through its body. It's an application of that move Radia used.
Now I'll swing my sword and split it in half...!


A shockwave spread out of the magic beast.
That must be Martial Arts Skill [Qi Blast] it sent me flying along with my sword.
Just a little bit more...!

"Alma-san, don't give in to despair! You almost got crushed to death for real!"


Reina scolded me with teary eyes.
...Let's cool my head. Reina would be in danger if I don't calm down.


"No ordinary attacks are gonna work against a magic beast that big. It has to be one big attack!"

"Un, but this beast is on high alert now, it will definitely dodge ranged attacks so we have to resort to close quarter combat. But high powered magic spells will result in collateral damage."

A ranged powerful attack with no risk of friendly fire.
I think the combined move of Extended Mana Blade with Magic Swords fit that condition, but I'm just gonna get blown away again.
There must be something, something else that's as effective...!


"U-uwaaa!! A-Alma-san, it's coming!!"

The beast is charging at me again.
It must be using [Ground Shrink], it's moving at incredible speed belying its gigantic body.
Can't dodge, this. It'll just cave the hole in even if I escape below with Spirit Magic.
There's no shadow to use Reina's Shadow Dive on.

Ah, un, there's no escape. Checkmated. The end.

I activate Burning Blade as I steel myself for the incoming death.
I'll keep resisting to the very end!

Eh, what?

Magic Swords, Skill..?


"【Ground Blade】!!"


The sword in my hand turned about eight times larger.

It's a new Magic Swords ability that enlarges user's sword by consuming mana. To me the sword's weight or ease of swinging doesn't feel any different than how it usually is, but everything other than me feels the weight of this gigantified sword.

My Skill Level went up during the chaos earlier. It luckily went up when I activated Burning Blade in my final attempt to fight back just now.

It's not over yet.
I'll keep struggling to the very end...!





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