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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 463

463 Same as Ever


Mirza groaned painfully while rolling around on the ground.
All the air in her lungs has been forcibly taken out, even breathing seems painful.
This was when the mansion's front door flung open followed by Eltros coming out of it.
He's walking hurriedly here while trying not to run.

"...Good for you Mirza. You get to keep your life. Recall what I told you? You must not mess with this person."

Eltros said to Mirza once he got close enough.
That was the honest truth spoken by a third party. His words seemed to carry more weight than anything to Mirza as her expression changed to that of resignation and she just lay there on the ground.

"...Kill me." she muttered feebly which I overheard. So I spoke.

"What's with you guys anyway. Kill me, kill you, kill kill. Must everything be so savage, it gets to the mind. Does this world not have anything that warms the heart? I told you already, I'm not looking to order you guys around. You don't agree to that? How spoiled can you be. Fine then, you'll to listen to whatever I tell you yeah? Admit your defeat?"

I spoke while keeping my distance to Mirza. She replied that with 'Do whatever you want' curtly.

"Alright, got your consent. Eltros, you're the witness. Wait, you. You really showed up out of nowhere. Have you been peeking from inside the mansion?"
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"Yes I did. I was notified in the middle of my work. I made haste only to find everything had been settled already. And this was what I found when I arrived here. My stomach aches..."

Eltros's language and attitude toward me have softened a bit.
Initially he was very careful, likely scared of dying.
But he seems to have figured out how to deal with me and is now gradually building an interpersonal relationship. He might have grasped the right distance between us.

"So Mirza? Err, keep working for the organization the way you've been doing. The same as ever. It's an order, you okay with that, yeah?"

Mirza's reaction to this was a whisper, 'How far you gonna look down on me dammit.'
She didn't let out any more curse word and stood up while glaring hard at me.
I could tell there was still a hint of murderous intent in those eyes but she didn't seem like she'd hound me anymore.

"I'm not looking down or anything. Well whatever, can you do one more thing for me? Escort Linda and the ladies back to the federation. To Sir Lolengus's mansion. Ah, Eltros. I'm gonna borrow your time for a bit. It's related to this."

Hearing that, Eltros hung down his head while yet again muttering, 'My stomach aches....'





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