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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 191

Trial Overcame


We're now standing in front of the final floor's escape portal.
This would be the first time we completely conquered a dungeon.

Sheesh, who could've imagined I'd get half of my body finely minced up.
That much damage left me with half of my HP. I shudder at the thought of Alma taking that attack.

"Haa, it's all my fault. I didn't think the possibility of a surprise monster spawning on the final floor. I'm really sorry..."

"Hikaru wasn't at fault at all, it was because I stopped attacking..."

"No! My insufficient strength was the reason, my shuriken couldn't finish that beast off!"

『Pipii! Pi!』

...Each of us apologized and pointed our mistakes.
By the way, I think Hiyoko's nuance was 'If only I was stronger...!'. No no, you seriously did a good job buffing Alma with your energy back then.
That situation just wasn't the fault of any one of us (mostly me though), and it likely just wasn't possible to come out of it without anyone hurt.

A Lv60, likely an upper echelon A-ranked magic beast gave a lot of experience points, we all leveled up.
Here's our Status now:
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Name: Almatina
Level: 34
Age: 16
Race: Human
Job: High Paladin
Status: Hungry (Large), Fatigued

HP (Health): 735/735
MP (Magic): 569/569
SP (Stamina): 17/375

STR (Strength): 407
ATK (Attack): 407 (+580)
DEF (Defense): 375 (+100) (+70)
AGI (Agility): 382 (+180)
INT (Intelligence): 421 (+300)
DEX (Dexterity): 319
PER (Perception): 411
RES (Resistance): 317
LUK (Luck): 318

Swordsmanship Lv.9
Martial Arts Lv.10
Ultimate Martial Arts Lv.1
Throwing Lv.4
Magic Sword Lv.5
Offensive Magic Lv.10
Intermediate Offensive Magic Lv.2
Spirit Magic Lv.2
Support Magic Lv.2
Kempo Lv.2

【Master Skills】
Aura Mitigation

Lv.2 Dragon Eater Black Sword
ATK +580, INT +300

Bear Leather Breastplate
DEF +100

Boots of Raging Gale
DEF +70, AGI +180

Superior Slayer
Living Fast and Furious
Magic Beast Killer
Demon Slayer
Skill Master
First Paladin
Thousand Wall Breaker

Ooh, likely thanks to her Job Changing to High Paladin back at the Monster Prairie and 'Living Fast and Furious' Title, her Attributes saw some large increases.
...Her LUK especially. What's up with that number!? Its twice as high as her LUK at Lv25!

<<There is a specification that enables those who level up alongside those with high LUK to enjoy an increased LUK growth rate. Kajikawa Hikaru's abnormally high LUK has affected Almatina, as well as Reinamiure and Hiyoko's LUK growth rate.>>

O, oh. Is that right.
Guess I've got a really high Luck stat all things considered. Sure doesn't feel like it.

Many of her Skills leveled up too, Martial Arts and Offensive Magic reached Lv10 and got their upgraded... Huh, [Intermediate Offensive Magic]? Not Advanced?

<<Those who can only use two elements acquire Advanced Offensive Magic, but those who can deploy three or more elements acquire Intermediate Offensive Magic instead. Once it has reached Lv10, Advanced Offensive Magic Skill will be acquired.>>

Fumufumu, so you skip over Intermediate if you can't use lots of elemental types. But guess you also lose the chance for one slot of Master Skill.
So what's that unfamiliar sounding Master Skill about. [Double-Tongued], what?

<<It's an always active Master Skill that enables its users to cast multiple Offensive Magic Skills at once. Despite the name [Double-Tongued], there is no limit to the numbers of spells that can be cast at once. However, it is not possible to cast multiple of the same spell.>>

The heck, how is that fair!?
Like, this means she can bind her enemy with Dark Whip while barraging them with other spells, or simply bombard them with a huge array of spells at once isn't it?
I mean, she can already do something similar with Mana Control, but being able to parallel cast multiple elemental types is gonna expand the tactics available to her.
It'll be fun like how that Mage young man showed us in Vinfitt. Intriguing.

And, what's that 'Thousand Wall Breaker' title deal?

<<A title acquired when a base Attribute has reached more than 1000 without the bonus from equipment. It can be acquired with the help of temporary boosts through Skills and Energy Control. The title slightly increases acquired Exp.>>

That's another Title good to have early.
...Wait a minute, can't I, Reina and Hiyoko get it with energy buff as well?

<<It is possible.>>

Alrighty, let's grab this Title ourselves too later.

"You've got several new Titles and Master Skills. This [Double-Tongued] especially lets you cast multiple spells in parallel, might wanna give it a whirl."

"Un. Can't wait to see what it can do."

Next up is Reina's.

Name: Reinamiure
Level: 25
Age: 15
Race: Human
Job: Poison Flower Kunoichi
Status: Hungry (Large), Fatigued

HP (Health): 390/390
MP (Magic): 297/297
SP (Stamina): 18/208

STR (Strength): 199
ATK (Attack): 199 (+80)
DEF (Defense): 191 (+80) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 315 (+24)
INT (Intelligence): 171
DEX (Dexterity): 275
PER (Perception): 301
RES (Resistance): 201
LUK (Luck): 237

Dagger Arts Lv.7
Martial Arts Lv.6
Stealth Lv.7
Ninjutsu Lv.4
Throwing Lv.3
Kempo Lv.1
Trap Lv.1

Bear Fang Knife
ATK +80

Bear Leather Black Garb
DEF +80

Wind-Slicing Tabi
DEF +10, AGI +24

Superior Slayer
Living Fast and Furious
Magic Beast Killer

Her Attributes saw some nice increases as well. I ain't commenting on LUK no more.
Hm, huh? Her Job is no longer Ninja.

"Reina, your Job's been replaced with [Poison Flower Kunoichi], did you have a Job Change?"

"Ah, yessire. Got a Job selection floating in front of my eyes when I came to, so I chose one right away. The other choice was High Ninja, but I just felt like I wanna this one."

"...Please consult me first next time. Menu can help tell what kind of Jobs they are. There'd be no backsies if you picked a weird Job, you know."

"...Yes, I'm sorry."

"Well, this one seems the right one though. No harm, no foul."

According to Menu, High Ninja is a direct upgrade of Ninja with nothing of note besides a better growth rate.
While [Poison Flower Kunoichi] may have a slightly worse growth rate, it gets you a special skill [Trap] which will greatly expand her combat strategies.

By the way, apparently you need [Kunoichi] and [Handy] Titles in order to get this Job be selectable.
She got Kunoichi the moment she picked Ninja Job cause she's a girl. Handy requires her to have a history of defeating magic beasts with tools besides weapons.
Must be thanks to her usage of Explosion Pearls, Lightning Peppers and suchs. I mean I've got this title too.


"Huh, this title on the list... Yusha (Hero)?"

"E-eh, H-Hero!? Me!?"

"Ah, got it wrong, it's 'Ban'Yuusha' (Foolhardy). You get it when you beat a magic beast over 40 level higher, it gives yet more bonus Attribute points on Level Ups."

"O-oh... Just one word difference makes for a world's different."

Uh, well, at least it's a useful Title. Nothing to lose having one.

Next up, Hiyoko.

Name: Hiyoko
Magic Beast: Iron Cock
Level: 25
Status: Hungry (Large), Tamed (Kajikawa Hikaru)

HP (Health): 350/378
MP (Magic): 220/220
SP (Stamina): 11/211

STR (Strength): 300
ATK (Attack): 300
DEF (Defense): 287
AGI (Agility): 321
INT (Intelligence): 104
DEX (Dexterity): 123
PER (Perception): 284
RES (Resistance): 111
LUK (Luck): 141

Magic Beast Lv.3
Claw Arts Lv.7
Fang Arts Lv.7
Martial Arts Lv.6
Kempo Lv.1

Superior Slayer
Living Fast and Furious
Magic Beast Killer
Humanity Ally
Gourmet Magic Beast

Likely thanks to platinum chicken's Succession, Hiyoko's stats are higher than Reina on average.
Though maybe it's because Hiyoko is a magic beast that can't get more Attribute bonus from equipment.
No wait, maybe we can get Gen-san make one for Hiyoko? I'll ask him later.

The Skill Levels are getting up there too.
...Speaking of, how'd Hiyoko manage to get Kempo Skill. Not even that platinum chicken had one.

<<It was due to Hiyoko watching and repeatedly mimicking Almatina and Reina's sparring, resulting in skill proficiency gains.>>

Getting a skill by just mimicking. This chicken's a cheat too.

The Titles aren't that much different from Alma's and Reina's. Weird Titles like Humanity Ally and Gourmet Magic Beast aside.
Successor must be due to being a magic beast that has performed a Succession.

"You've grown into quite the force. Pretty impressive for a chicken that's just been born not too long ago. Well done."


"So yeah, you're part of the gang in our next Ogre culling. Fighto."

『Pi, pipii...』

Why do you sound reluctant. Scared?
It's fine, it's fine, you won't die right away so long as you use Energy Control well.

Now then, it's finally time to check my Status, wonder how it looks?
I do know that Menu has gotten a new Function, but I haven't seen my Attributes yet.
...Why does looking at my own stats scare me most?






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