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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 190

Close Calling


This chapter is from Alma's POV again

My gigantified sword is locking blades with the magic beast's fangs.
I'll get pushed back if I let up for even a bit. I can't afford to slip up even for a moment.

『Vuvuvuvu ga gigigivu...!!』

"Kuh.... uuu...!"

I had narrowly managed to stop its charge due to obtaining Ground Blade, yet it hasn't really changed the status quo.
I can tell Hikaru's Energy buff is losing its effects bit by bit. Time is running short.
I have little energy left myself. I can't buff my Attributes anymore after this.

Meanwhile, the magic beast still has plenty of mana and stamina.
It's barely damaged too. Considering this beast's volume, my Burner Blade and Extended Mana Blade combined move earlier was nowhere near enough to kill it.

Things will only go downhill at this rate. The moment I ran out of mana and energy would be the moment I lose.
I have to end this fight before it came to that point.

I'll use up all my remaining energy to raise my Attributes to the highest momentarily and--



Oh no, the beast activated [Qi Clad] before I made my move.
No, no. I have to quickly buff myself with energy and, no I'm getting pushed back...!


"!... Hiyoko? What are you...!?"

I could feel strength coursing through my body once Hiyoko perched on my shoulder all of a sudden.
Oh right, you can also buff others with energy.
Hiyoko must have done that to me.

"...Thank you, Hiyoko. I'll cut this thing down with your help!"


The situation was overturned in an instant.
The magic beast let out a confused shriek. Please just die already.

『Ge, ge, gevooa!!』

It's that dissolving liquid attack!?
No, I can't dodge it in this state!

I'll stop it with magic, no, I don't have much mana left.
It'll be the end if I lose all my mana during this struggle.
...Fine, dissolve me all you want, I'll push you back all the same!

"Alma-san! Let me stop it!"

Reina held an enlarged projected kunai to act as my shield.
The kunai melted down as it took the dissolving liquid in my stead.

『Vovu! Voe! Vogevoa!!』

"Quit, making all, that vomiting noise! What are you, a hangover drunk!?"

Reina kept projecting new kunai as she cursed.
I can tell she's losing a lot of mana every time she creates a kunai. She can't keep doing that forever.

I have to end this now!
I activated buffed Mana Blade Gale, prepared to lose all my remaining mana in the process.



Ground Blade sliced off the magic beast's face and sunk deeper.
Not even this beast can possibly survive getting cut in two, surely.
Please, just die...!

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"Uu, uu...!!"

『Vuvuvuvu...! Vovaaaa!!』

My body feels heavy. A symptom of Mana Deficiency.
I can't focus my strength. I'm getting a vertigo. Just holding a sword and a shield took everything out of me.

On the other hand, around a third the magic beast has been sliced away yet it's still alive.
How is it alive with a sliced head. These bugs are really weird.

I watch as my Ground Blade gradually got pushed back while having that nonchalant thought crossing my mind.

"A-Alma-san... Take my, mana...!"

"Reina... Thank you. But it's, not..."

Reina staggered her way to me having used up all her mana as well and transferred all she had left to me.
Once she was done transferring, she just up and fell down, knocked out.
...Good work. Please at least rest in peace in the end.

Even mana from Reina is only enough for me to recover from Mana Shortage state.
No more buff with energy. Besides, there's no way I could get the upper hands even if I could use Mana Blade Gale now. It's really, a checkmate for real this time.

But, I won't give up.
Not until my very last breath...!
I won't be able to look at Reina and Hiyoko who believed in me and shared their strength as well as Hikaru who covered for me in the face if I gave up here.



My sword is getting pushed back.
I'm the one getting sliced off this time around.
Don't give up, no giving up! Don't give up, no--


"Oy, why don'tcha have a meal?"



"...!? My body, this mana...!?"

Right after I heard that weird word, my body coursed with more power than when Hiyoko buffed me.
I could tell a percentage of my mana had been restored too.
This mana, it's...!


"You too bug-san, here goes your meal."

『Gigivugi!!? Vuvigyaaaaaaaaa!!!』

Hikaru stood up and said some incorrigible words while dumping something into the beast's mouth.
Isn't that Lightning Pepper spice...? I mean, what is he talking about anyway... Wonder if he's delirious due to that grievous wound.
Looks like the beast is losing focus from the spiciness it undid Qi Clad which made things easier on me.

I mean, no, how is Hikaru standing with that injury...!?

"Spicy? Does it hurt? Lil' old me wanna get you taste some pain. Eat 'em all."

"H-Hikaru! Don't move! Moving around with that wound is going to--"

Hikaru gulped down a bottle of recovery potion as I was saying that.
Then the crushed half left of his body grew out of the remaining part.
Apparently he controlled Life Force directly to do that after restoring a bit of HP from potions.

"Hm, come again?"


...The grievous wound that almost killed him is no more, just like that.
I'm so glad really, but a human who has mastered the usage of life force feels even weirder than any magic beast... A-anyway, I'm just glad he's fine now. Un.

"Is that a new Mana Swords? Thing is huge."

Hikaru fetched that explosomething great hammer with a look of surprise on his face.
He must be planning to attack the beast head-on while I lock it in place.

"Alma, I'm gonna strike at that blade, make sure to match me with gale!"


Eh, strike what, Ground Blade? With that great hammer?

As my head tried to catch up, Hikaru took a stance with the hammer, ready to make it explode.


BANG! BOOM! BOOOM! BAAAM! He kept making the great hammer explode and spun round and round.
Isn't he dizzy doing that, wait no this is no time for that! I can guess what he's attempting, but it's way too forceful!

"Here's your chaaaaaanche!!"



I used Mana Blade Gale the exact moment Hikaru hit my sword with the great hammer.
Our struggle felt like a lie as I witnessed the magic beast got easily split in two.
I also saw Hikaru's great hammer breaking into pieces. It finally ran out of time huh.

『Vuvu...! Vugwu...!』

...What a surprise. This beast has been cut throughout its entire length and yet it's still alive.
It's crawling toward us even in that state.

"...You have a good rest too now."

Hikaru used the high powered pile bunker? something move and blew away the head part of the beast.

A flashy thundering sound. Hikaru put his hands together and made a light bow afterward.

My body is coursing with mana. Looks like my level went up a few.
It's the end for real now. Nobody died. We have overcame this.

"Phew. Aah, thought I was a goner... Feels like I always use that line every time I fought a tough one--!?"

I couldn't control myself.
I was already hugging Hikaru by the time I came back to my sense.

"Eh, A-Alma?"

Hikaru sounded puzzled.
I'm the most surprised. What am I even doing...!?

"...Sniffle... Uu...!"

I don't know what's what anymore.
The feeling of terror that had never felt this close, of achievement for overcoming a crisis, and of sheer relief for seeing Hikaru safe.
All kinds of emotions swirled around, I could only weep.
Sorry, Hikaru. Please let me stay this way for a little bit.

I'm so, glad...

"...E, err, think we should let them be for now...?"


...Reina and Hiyoko seemed to have gotten up after regaining their mana from level ups. I can tell my face becoming really hot from embarrassment and a mix of emotions.
What should I do, I don't think this will go away for a while...






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