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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 197

Oni Sensei


...Hello there, good evening.
Right now the suddenly appearing Acala-like magic beast is still busy chomping on my late-night snack karaage.
I understand that all sounds like nonsense, but trust me, I'd like nothing more than to know what's going on myself.


Ah, crap the karaage's all gone!
More! More karaage incoming! I'll even throw in the stewed pork I made for tomorrow breakfast!


T-that was close...! I was sweating bullets thinking it might move on to me once it's done with the karaage.
...What do here. At this rate this person... Person? I mean, Oni yep. Should I keep offering food until Oni-san got a full belly? How'd it come to this.
It can probably outstrip me with the speed it came here if I tried to run away.
Ah, right. I have Fast Travel. Completely forgot, dumb me.


Ah yes, I've got more coming right up, gladly!
C-crap, I moved and put out more food reflexively due to fear.
...Gotta use Fast Travel somehow before I ran out of food to--





Oh crap. I stopped paying attention to my surroundings cuz I was focusing my all into the super dangerous ogre up front.
I didn't even realize there was a herd of Ogres encircling me and Oni-san.
Heck, I usually only see ogres acting alone, never in a group. Why'd they form one now of all time, dangit.


One of the ogres used [Ground Shrink] to close the distance on me.
I'm guessing it's aiming for the one that looks obviously weaker than the neighboring Oni-san.

I ain't scared of you at all, not when there's this thing's up in my face.



I raised my STR to 2000 for a brief moment, grabbed the arm thrust at me and shoulder threw the attacking ogre onto the ground hard.
I also added Mana Control to bind and stop it from breaking the fall.
Eating the throw full with its huge body should take all the air out of its lungs, but you made the first move so you gotta pay the price.


The other ogres got slightly taken aback after witnessing that.
Why are these ogres here all together like this anyway?



...Huh? Why's Oni-san taking a combat ready stance towards me?
Are these ogres your friends, Oni-san?
In that case, I'm sorry, forgive me so please lower your fists if you could, oh okay no can do--

CRACKLE!! A sound I've never heard in my life before resounded.
It would have sounded quite a bit more pleasant if I wasn't the recipient of that strike.

Not a moment after Oni-san readied its fist, I already got hit before I could even process what was going on.
I'd have likely died then and there if I didn't reflexively and explosively raised my Attributes.
I mean my HP went down to mere 80 from more than 1000.

Oh crap. Just one hit landed me here despite energy boosting my Attributes to the very limit.
One more hit and I'm out for good. Dead. I'm gonna die.
I was such a fool for thinking I could rely on Energy Control to bury the gaps in our Attributes.

This Oni-san possesses something special that neither Skills or Attributes can signify.
It's probably experiences from countless carnages, times between life and death and enormous combat experience it went through. Adding to them must be the innumerable time this Oni-san swung its fists.
The straight punch it just unleashed was so fast I could only barely make it out. And yet the motion was so beautiful it gave me goosebumps.
There's nothing I can do about this. I should have run away the first chance I got.

Ah, but a chance to see that punch was quite a valuable experience.


I dunno if I'm just imagining it but Oni-san looked a bit surprised to see me still alive.
Err, I'm sorry truly. I got carried away. I'll bring you all the food you want so please let me off.


As my thoughts were filled with loser mentality, another ogre rushed in to attack me.
Think it's your chance after Oni-san got me good huh, you're absolutely right.
In fact, I've used up all my energy from defending that attack earlier.

Can't do it no more. Gotta run away. Menu, Fast Travel to...


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The incoming Ogre suddenly stopped moving.
It seems to be terrified of something, or rather, it's frozen up from being glared by Oni-san?


Uwaa, can you please stop instantaneously moving in front of me.
What does this Oni-san want anyway. What, is it unwilling to let its prey be taken from it or something?

...I got nothing to lose, might as well try to talk it out.
I'll head home using Fast Travel if things start looking dicey. Menu, please get me away from here if it's taking an offensive action.


"Ah, err, umm, could you let me off today...? I'll bring back more food if you're willing to."

It might look like I'm going insane trying to establish a communication with a magic beast.
But perhaps due to Menu's Automatic Translation function, I feel like my words get transmitted in some way to select magic beasts ever since I reached Lv30.
For example, my verbal threat to that monster snake during leveling the other day made it flinch, so maybe simple words get conveyed just fine.
...Well there's also a high chance of that all being in my head, let's see.

『Guru... Hmph...』

I've no clue if my words got through but Oni-san nodded once, turned its back at me and said something to the group of onlooking ogres.





I think that went like, Ogres 『Err, are you not going to kill him?』 to which Oni-san lightly nodded which then met with 『Sir, yessir!』 by the ogres who all straightened their backs.
What's the deal with these ogres anyway. Are they Oni-san's disciples or what?
What do I do if that's true. I mean I've beaten up like a few of Oni-san's disciples thus far.
No wait, this Oni-san is probably just the boss of this herd. There's no way magic beasts can have a master-disciple dynamic going on.


"Ah, thanks."

Oni-san threw back the karaage plate at me.
Can I interpret this as him giving me the OK... That'd be nice.

This Oni-san is strong. Beyond anything.
You can't get to this point just from high Attributes and Skill Levels alone. His every action is extremely polished.
It's just incomparable to me who has no basics down, relying only on my gradually increasing Attributes, Mana and Energy Controls.
I've got mountain of things I can learn from this Oni-san. It would be a huge boon to me if I could learn even the slightest bit of Oni-san's techniques.

I've made my decision. I'll drop by Oni-san's place once every few days to do workouts and have a sparring match.
I had convinced myself that learning the basics wouldn't do much anyway but it's about time to rethink that mindset.
So yeah, I'll be in your care, Oni-san. No, Oni-sensei.


PAH! A dull impact and pain assaulted my head.


He seemed to infer me making up a weird nickname in my head, he went and flicked my forehead.
My remaining HP went down to 0... Can't believe I'm still alive.
'Oni Sensei' is a no go it seems. Then what about Oni Shisou? Ah, I'm sorry Sensei, I'll just call you Sensei from now on so please cut me some slack with the forehead flick owowowow

...Seems like Sensei can't take a joke. I mean I guess he is a magic beast...





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