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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 459

459 One's Nature, Shape of Power


I believe humans are a creature that changes their true nature when their environment shifts from peace to tumult.
In an environment where no strives exist and nothing threatens their life, their nature is that of peace.
It turns rough in a critical situation where their safety comes into peril.
Both are the same one truth to every individual.

(My nature has greatly changed ever since I came to this world.)

Japan where I lived is a country that ensures the law is uphold.
Your life is not in constant danger. Livelihood is stable too and there's nothing to get particularly mad about.
Though there were some occasional repulsive news every now and then.

Yet it's got nothing compared to this world.
Just look at me now. I've been eliminating villains, brutes and the likes like it's the most normal thing.
The existence of 'power' in me is what enables me to take those actions.
Otherwise, I would have feigned ignorance even if their evils took place before my eyes or run away in order to stay alive.
The life of a single man is too cheap in this world.
Protecting one's dignity is low on the priority list.
Commoners have barely any rights nor do their life weigh heavily on the scale.
Hence, there's one tacit understanding shared between the people in this world: you're responsible for your own safety.
So when they get attacked by bandits, the end results vary.
You're dead if you're weak, you get to live on if you're strong. You either get everything taken away from you, or you get to keep your life.
Running away is a valid option too. The ability to run is too, a shape of 'Power', you're simply dead if you fail.
The law won't protect you, strength is everything in this world.
There are many kinds of strength. Money, authority, position, prestige, popularity, number, connection, information, etc.
The way you use them also differs.
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(I'm out of luck the moment I got this absurd extraordinary and mysterious unreasonable power though.)

This power is the source of all my problems. Trouble awaits no matter where I go, forcing me into sticking my neck deep into all kinds of mess.
Feigning ignorance is never an option since all of them would leave a bad taste if I did.
Just how many there were anyway? It hasn't even been half a year since I left my village.

I was lost in thought while running, and found myself nearing the kingdom before I realized.
It's not long now. I undid Accelerated State in front of the gate and queued up for the checkpoint.

The reason I went all this trouble is to notify my personal Kingdom's 'Guide' who usually dealt with me.
I took off my hood to expose my black hair and eyes as I waited in line.
I'm sure someone would notice me and inform the man of my coming by doing this.
My guess was right on the money, somebody approached me immediately after the gatekeeper finished inspecting me.





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