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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 454

454 Number of Crimes


Once the chairman was done enumerating all of Kanedor's crimes, I began walking up to him while yawning.
None of his soldiers attempted to stop me.
They would yelp before opening a path one after another. Meanwhile I'm walking straight ahead.

"What authority do you have! Me, capital punishment?! Those evidences are all forgery to set me up! I demand an investigation by a third party! Lolengus! Your hands are tied now! Fuhaha! You fool! I'll buy myself time!"

"Aye, understood. Third party investigator you asked? It has been done. The charges on you have been formally recognized and authorized. I have the official paper here! Complete with the Supreme Inquisitor of the Federation's seal. It's real. Kanedor, your escape route has been blocked off."

The chairman flaunted a piece of paper. Kanedor saw that and started shrieking, 'That must be fake! I won't accept it!'

And I'm finally standing before the guy.

"Ah, you tried to kill Linda didn't you? I saved her you see. The only reason I'm standing in front of you now is all thanks to your dumb action. It's karma. That stuff got me in not five, six, seven and more pain in arse, I won't be satisfied till I got a good whack on you. So yeah. Capital punishment, crimes, authority none of that matters, this punch is personal."

"Wa! Wa! Wait wait wait wait!? How much did Lolengus pay you? I'll pay you more! Switch to my side! Not a bad deal don't you agree!?"

"Yeah sure, prolly not a bad deal. But you know? It's not about money. You don't get it."

"Wh! Why!? I said I'd pay you more than Lolengus!? Double! No, triple! No, no, no, five times! I'll pay you five times more!? Isn't that good enough!?"
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Looks like Kanedor can only see everything in money.
There's no conversing with this man. Hence I readied my fist next to my waist to forcefully get him understand. There's never been a negotiation to be had.

"I'll pay you as much as you want! Hold it! Name your price! Just let me live!"

"Have you ever forgiven anyone who begged for their life like that in all those crimes you did?"

Kanedor's crimes the chairman listed out were all done in cold blood as long as it involved money, he's in a way refreshingly evil. The sheer number was near limitless.
The number of people killed must be even higher.
Letting someone like this alive will only bring harm to the world. Money-mad, a brute that sows deaths everywhere for money.

"You're a dead man. Quit yapping already."

I put my everything into the fist I shot at Kanedor's chin, shutting down his yelping for good.

The scene is like it's straight out of a manga. My vertically shot fist sent Kanedor's flying into the air.
So high up you can't even see him anymore.
It's daytime now, but I could have sworn I saw a shooting star in the horizon where Kanedor flew.





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