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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 185

No Laughing Now


"...What are you doing?"

"Ah, welcome back."

Alma asked with judging eyes the moment she entered Julian's Workshop.
I think it's pretty obvious, I'm grilling meat. I've got sauce too.
I'm impressed she could tell I flew here and she doesn't even have Map Screen. Ah right, Mana Sensing.

"No, not welcome back! You have no idea how surprised we were when you zoomed away like that only to find you here grilling meat!"

"Weren't you asking for meat for dinner, Reina. I thought grilled meat would be nice."

"Yes I did! I mean no, that's not it, why'd you fly off all of a sudden like that!? You left us behind without an explanation!"

"My bad, I didn't have time to explain cause it was an emergency."

"Emergency? What happened?"

"Well you see--"

"Umu, this peculiar flavor is good and all, but I would love to have a bite on other cuts as well..."

While I was apologizing to Alma and Reina, Julian interrupted while chewing on grilled liver, not reading the room, no, he did despite reading the room.
He regained a bit of blood thanks to Lifeforce Transfer, but his State was still anemic so I made him eat a lot of livers, rich in iron content, and spina (spinach-like), but I guess it got too much for him.

"You've still got plenty of blood to refill seeing as you got your arms cut and all. Bear with it, just keep working on those livers. Don't just sprinkle salt and pepper and try the sauce too if you're tired of the taste."

"...His arms, eh? What, did you?"

"This sauce here? It's wafting an odd fragrant, is this truly safe...? Mu, muoo!? What a fresh flavor! This mixture of garic (garlic-like), soyso and some sort of stimulating punch transformed the liver's foul smell into that of umami!"

"That's grated forest ginger. There's also mirin from boiled sake, no, sweet sauce mixed... I mean, man you're a gourmet reporter alright."

"No no, you two don't just have a carefree chat all by yourselves and leave us hanging here! What do you mean by cut arms!?"

Reina protested as I replied halfheartedly to Julian overreacting to his meal.
Guess I should stop joking around and explain the situation over dinner.

The two put on inexplicable expressions on their faces afterward.
I think they're not sure if they should be angry at the assailants cutting off Julian's arms, or surprised at me easily restoring them or sympathizing at the fact that Julian's little brother sent the assassins.

"...I'm having an overload of information, I'm not sure how to react."

"What did you do to those two hired assassins?"

"They're over there lying on the ground. The guards will come over to take them away in a bit, so I just tossed 'em aside."

"...Weird faces."

"For sure. What's the deal with those eyebrows and beards anyway."

"No no, those are definitely scribbled on! And you definitely did it, Kajikawa-san!"

There wasn't a particular 'talk' happening besides me knocking them out after they spilled the beans so I made do by scribbling on their faces with oil-based paint.
The guards might find it baffling. That's fine though.

"They're gonna hold a grudge when they wake up..."

"What do you mean when, they're wide awake, look."

"Those eyes are just scribbled on the eyelids, pfft! Ku, kuku...!"
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Dedeen. Reina, out~.
She tried to hold it in but failed when she saw the scribbled eyes.
There's no punching and kicking involved though. She doesn't know the reference after all.

"Now then, this crisis may have been averted, but my kid brother will surely send more assassins if he finds out about my survival."

"And so we were having a discussion about it over the meat grilling session, but we'd like to hear your opinions on the matter too."


"To ensure Julian's safety, we think it's better to close the store and have him go missing publicly, while he works on my weapon in another workshop."

"Umu. I'm also thinking of formally sending a notice to my household on the news of my death. Officials will surely be understanding if it's for the sake of my safety. After all we took down assassins hired by a noble, this would be preferable than filing a complaint to that noble."

"...I think that is for the best if you are fine with that, Julian."

"Are you sure about that, Julian-san? Aren't you mad about your arms...?"

"I was, but since they were back as new when I came to my sense, I am not particularly fussed. Still, to think you can not only manipulate mana but even life force... Putting me aside, are you truly all right?"

Julian asked me worryingly while looking apologetic.
Apparently this would reduce their life span if a human did it, but there's no issue with me since my HP acts as a buffer.

"No worries. My specs are just all sorts of off base, you know from Appraisal, no?"

"I see, I am forever grateful... Speaking of which, have you an idea as to whose workshop should I work your weapon at? Regretfully, I have practically zero relationship with other craftsmen..."

"Ah, I never had an expectation on that point, no biggies."

"Well aren't you harsh!"

"Ain't that the truth though. Well, I can't say it'll definitely work out, but I do have one place in mind. Gonna have to talk it out with them first."

Now then, it all depends on whether they're willing to strike a deal or not.
Our cards will be Julian as a weapon artisan, and that thing. Urp.

Oh, a group of two, three people are heading this way. Wonder who?

"Pardon us, thank you for waiting. Is this the workshop that came under attack?"

Ah, it's the guards. Thanks for your hard work.

"Yes. It's these two with intense eyes and terrific beards here."


"I-Is that right. T-then we will take them away... Pukuku...!"

Dedeen. All of them, out~.
The guards burst into laughter when they saw the assassins' scribbled faces.
Guess you would when you thought you'd take away criminals only to find these faces.

"So which workshop do you have in mind?"

"Gen-san's. I don't think any other workshops are gonna be willing to take in Julian, and that place is always noisy anyway, adding one or two people won't make a difference."

I'm just worried if he'd get mixed up between those two's master-discipline's quarrel, but well I'm sure it'll work out.
Well, now that's been decided let's pay them a visit tomorrow... Hope they're not fighting when we get there.






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