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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 188

Vs Worm


『Vuvuvu... Vuruvuvuvu...』

Its body is so gigantic, with a circumference of around two meter thick. The total length should easily reach 20 meters.
This gigantic worm is groaning with its mouth-only eyeless face at us. Scary gross.

I buff two people + 1 bird's STR with energy.
Then I have Alma use Support Magic to buff our DEF and AGI.
In the meantime, I have this monster's Status checked.

Magic Beast: Giant Worm Grand Eater


State: Normal


HP (Health): 1811/1811
MP (Mana): 1514/1514
SP (Stamina): 1247/1301

STR (Strength): 1612
ATK (Attack): 1612
DEF (Defense): 1147
AGI (Agility): 438
INT (Intelligence): 237
DEX (Dexterity): 274
PER (Perception): 1030
RES (Resistance): 983
LUK (Luck): 120


Magic Beast Lv7, Fang Arts Lv10, Piercing Fang Arts Lv5, Martial Arts Lv10, Ultimate Martial Arts Lv6, Insectoid Lv7

【Master Skills】

Aura Mitigation
Vital Tusk

Strong. ATK and DEF that exceed even Ogres. That alone makes it an incredible threat.
It's not quite as bad as Gluttony Slime, yet this opponent should ordinarily spell the death of us.

I gotta think up anything I can use. A single misstep might mean death here.
Though that doesn't mean I can't be reckless here nor can I flinch against this menace.

『Vuvuvu... Vuvuvuvaaaaaaa!!』

The giant worm let out a roar.
The air in this entire room vibrated from that alone, even the ground shook.

Scaaary! Super scaaary!
I'm sorry for saying I can be reckless, there's no way anybody can keep their composure faced against this monster.



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The three stiffened up and started shaking after taking that roar head-on.
Understandable. Even I want nothing more than to run away from this place right this instant.
But the exit has been blocked off, there's probably no way to get out until after this thing is dead.

"Hikaru, I'm done casting support magic... But how do we fight it."

"I-isn't it way too big. C-can we really defeat this thing...?"

"Either we do, or we're dead. Focus on staying alive as we go at it."


Now then, most offensive strategy is pointless against something this big.
Not even Alma's powered up magic or Reina's gigantified shurikens would likely do much. Hiyoko is out of question. Still too weak, even after that evolution.
But that's if we're talking about ordinary means of attacks.


Oh crap, the worm started its offensive while I was ruminating how to.
It's spewing some sort of green liquid from its mouth toward us--

<<Insectoid Skill Lv4 Ability [Digestive Juice Cannon], just as the name suggests, an ability to shoot out strong acidic fluid from mouth.>>





I flew away with Mana Flight, Alma and Hiyoko with powered up Quickstep and Reina shadow dived into my shadow.
Walls and ground that got hit by the digestive fluid melted down. It'd be disastrous if we took that on...!

『Vou! Vaou!!』

The worm shot out Mana Fang Farslash at me in the air.
It's fast, but nothing I can't dodge. I just gotta shift around at the last minute and...


The Mana Fang the worm shot out suddenly split into three.

<<The shot Mana Fang Farslash has been split by way of Piercing Fang Skill Lv4 Ability [Mana Fang Split Flash] which enables supplementary damage.>>

Skill combo, this thing's pretty crafty for a magic beast!
Ah, crap can't dodge them all!



My strategy of dodging at the last minute backfired and I got hit by a few.
I softened the blow with Mana Cushion and Mana Armor, yet it was enough to take away half of my HP.

"I'm fine, I'm unhurt! But we can't keep this up for long! Support me with long ranged attacks like Mana Blade Farslash and the likes!"

"Got it!"

Close range attacks with weapons would have been more effective, but the risk is too big.
Only spells that consume a lot of mana could likely work against this thing, Mana Blade Farslash is too weak. What do.

"『Lightning Blade』!"

Eh, Magic Swords?
Hold on, you shouldn't get close to that thing!

Or so I thought for but a moment.



Alma used Mana Blade Farslash right after the Magic Swords' ability.
A slash clad in lightning flew off, making the worm flinch hard.

I see, just like the worm's skill combo earlier, she too combo'ed Magic Swords and Swordsmanship' Abilities!
That should allow the stat from her weapon to ride on the slash while affording her to attack from afar.
...It kinda looks like that move from a certain great adventure manga. Strash.

Now then, I should get ready to attack as well.

"Reina! Put plenty of your mana into several shurikens and hand them over to me! Leave yourself with just enough mana to use Shadow Dive!"

"Eh? Y-yessire!"

"Hiyoko, turn yourself smaller and ride on my shoulder! You'd be an easy target with your current mobility!"

『Cluck! ...Pipi!』

After receiving the shurikens from Reina, I collected Hiyoko.
Even if Alma's attacks are effective and efficient, she can't keep that up forever.
I gotta deal my hands quickly. Wonder if it's gonna go well?

...But man, I sure come up with a real nasty tactic.





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