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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 462

462 Advisory for Surrender and Wounded Pride


Whenever I want to avoid killing, I poke at my target's shoulder.
They end up getting blown away while spinning like figure skaters. They then crash and roll on the ground before stopping altogether.
This lets me damage their fighting spirit without fatality.
I'm getting used to this method. Most victims end up fainting. This looks to be an effective strategy to neutralize my adversaries.
However, Mirza managed to hold on to consciousness as she struggled to stand up while feebly groaning, "...Uguu."

"Wh... What did you... What have you done to us..."

She must have calmly assessed that her subordinates were already knocked out as she stood.
Her legs are shaking even now, she must be a highly skilled fighter if she could immediately check her allies in that state.
I've learned not to let my guard down in this situation. Keeping my alert level high.
The most effective time to strike is when your opponent is sure of their victory.
There's a possibility of her acting like she's done for to draw me near too.
I speak to Mirza while keeping my distance. Advising her to surrender.

"Hey? Isn't this enough? Haven't we come to an understanding now? Right, despite me winning this 'game' of yours, I won't order you guys around. Isn't that good enough for you?"

That seemed to have wounded her pride bad.
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"How dare you look down on me! You're dead meat!"

Mirza mustered her strength and took a step forward with her trembling legs.
I made my move here. I'm done letting my opponent always nearly get a hit on me.
I've also learned to stop doing wait-and-see for my opponent's next move only to land myself in trouble.
I entered Acceleration and walked up to Mirza. The spot where she turned her angered gaze is empty now.

(Should I kick her legs? She's not of a sound mind enough to entertain the idea of giving up, so I gotta get her understand through the gap in our strength. Folks who act on their anger tend to hold a grudge forever if you don't give them time to calm down.)

Characters who love to strongly insist that they haven't lost yet have a tendency to constantly lose themselves in a fit of rage if you don't make them understand.
'Understanding' as in the theatrics of the respected winner gently but cruelly telling the loser 'How have you been so blissfully unaware of your weakness?'
In most cases, the losers may understand that they've lost but their emotions won't allow them to.
Which is an extreme pain in the arse to deal with.
Soothing and calming them takes a lot of work, and they need an after-care afterwards. It doesn't matter if they're aware or not, they just won't stop.

(She'd hurt badly if I kicked her... Plain. The way to avoid fatality is so plain...)

I crouched down and poked at the tip of Mirza's shoe she put forward.
This scene must look surreal from the sideline. Had there been a witness, they'd surely ask me 'Whatchu doing?'
Thankfully I'm the only person who can move in this Accelerated world.

Once I was done, I took some distance from Mirza and undid Acceleration.
In the same exact moment, Mirza spun in the air before crashing down hard on her back.





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