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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 455

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After about two minutes, he fell down. The sky touring Kanedor did.
Unsure how high did he went but he was nothing more than an ugly lump of meat by the time he crashed down.
A sight so bad you can immediately tell he's dead.
Though he must have been long dead right in the beginning when I sent him flying. It had enough force to turn a man into a human rocket. There's no imagining the energy behind that.

"Hm? Shouldn't he blow up instead of flying high taking in that much force? Blown, completely to smithereens..."

I might not know how this stuff really works, but it's yet another weird phenomenon for sure.
Kanedor took my full powered uppercut. Me in normal state, not Accelerated.
That was the first time I ever went full power in normal state. And this was the result.
It completely ignored laws of physics.

"I shouldn't overthink this difficult stuff. I'm not smart enough to arrive at the answer, nor am I a scholar. Not like I wanna know anyway."

I'm finally ceasing to be human for good. Now I know I can't recklessly go all out.
In fact, I hope I won't ever find myself in a situation that necessitates me going all out.
As that'd mean I'm already in hot water.

"You have done exceedingly well. I offer you my gratitude. Things would have not gone any smoother if not for you... Urp. Still... Kanedor. What an unsightly way of dying..."

Sir Lolengus spoke up behind me.
There's no sign of Kanedor's soldiers all around us anymore. Either they had all run away or the chairman's side had rounded them up.

"I'll go get my reward whenever I feel like it, just make sure you have it ready. So yeah, I'm gonna get going now."
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I walked away after telling him that.
I have no more business here, and staying any longer might just bring in additional events.

"P-please wait! Could I ask you to escort my daughter back? I wish to entrust her safety to you. Kanedor's menace is no longer. There is nothing else that would endanger my daughter here. Would you do it?"

I stopped in my track at this. This federation should be safe now. Which means, somebody must go fetch Linda and the other ladies.
That somebody being me would be the best and quickest. I never told Sir Lolengus where those ladies are sheltering. Though he might know from Linda's letter.
Even then, the chairman has no direct contact with Eltros. And since I'm the only connecting dot between them, I am ideal as a messenger. I have to.

(I sure would love nothing more than to abandon this all and run off. But it'd leave a bad taste in my mouth later.)

Just saying, 'Bye, sayonara' after making so much mess is unbecoming. Even I think that.
I turned around and replied Sir Lolengus.

"Got it. I'll head back and tell them everything is done and dusted. Haa, a round trip, just my luck..."

And thus, I ended up having to go back to the commercial city now.





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