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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 451

451 Epithet Holders


The soldiers made way for a lone man walking showily who then stopped before me.
The man is holding what I think a rapier. Then he named himself.

"I am the one and only, 'Swift Flash', Nigu. Well met. Now die!"

Immediately after he said that, he took a stance and stepped forward as he made a stabbing motion with his rapier.
That's fine. Fine and all, I was already fully prepared the instant he took a stance.
After all I only need a tiny bit of 'gap' to enter Accelerated State.
The tip of his rapier has stopped right in front of my heart. Completely frozen still.

(Ooh, damn this is some scary stuff! Guy had no wasted movement at all, and his rapier got way too close for comfort. This was dangerous even though I didn't let my guard down.)

My weakness is attacks outside my recognition. But this guy's blade handling was simply way too sharp.
I might have died had he another second.
Really drives home how my weakness could easily result in my death.

(I'm getting too sloven. This is why too grand a power can be troublesome...)

Having something this excessive tends to corrupt people. Like 'Everything will be fine, I have this power'.
There's no guarantee an even greater power doesn't exist in this world, I can't ever get careless.
My greatest enemy currently are those who are capable of killing my 'gap'.
The fact that I only narrowly escaped death this time is proof of that. 'Something' that can kill me may show up in the most unexpected way.

(But man, what the hell is Swift Flash... Chuunibyo? Hm, what did they say again about Epithet Holders? Ah, this guy is one of those huh.)

As I was thinking all that, I poked this Swift Flash guy's armor and undid Acceleration.

"How could this happen to meeeeee!"
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Swift Flash drew a nice arc in the air as he yelled that loud.

"That Nigu got done in!?" "That man who never let his foe counter attack!?" "Wait! This is impossible for us..."
"I didn't see what Nigu was doing?" "I did! He took a step forward and a thrust! Then he got blown away right off the bat..."
"How? Did that suspicious guy do it?" "No no no no! All that guy did was standing still! How's that right?!"

"Ha! It's this great me's turn now! That feeble Nigu is nothing more than an opening act! I'm gonna flatten that guy dead!"

Yet another person shoved away the clattering soldiers and stepped forward.
A bear-like old man holding a big, a really big shield is standing before me now.
He's grinning full of confidence as he's ramming at me while brandishing his greatshield.
It's what they call a shield bash.
He's slow but the attack boasts extraordinary power. The shield is so big I have nowhere to run.
Anybody would easily get blown away if that hit. Which would be fortunate of them. This attack should be dangerous enough to kill someone if it hit their head.
Many bones will definitely break too.

But that applies to ordinary men. My body is abnormal. Even outside Accelerated State.
The sheer strength it possesses is simply monstrous. Stopping this greatshield's advance by just holding one hand ahead is not normal no matter how you look at it.

I'm doing it the 'normal' way without Acceleration as a show of force.
The gap in our strength should make these people understand they're no match for me. The plan is to have the remaining forces lose their fighting spirits.

The greatshielder old man shouted, 'Uoh!?' as he found himself getting pushed away instead.
The clamoring front row soldiers lost their word after witnessing that.





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