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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 453

453 Reversal


The old man raised his greatshield high up and swung it down at me once again.

"Haa... I'm done. Let's get this over with."

I stared at the incoming greatshield. It gradually slowed down until eventually stopping altogether just before it hit my face. I've entered Accelerated State.

(Welp! One light punch coming right up. Heave-ho!)

I threw a backfist. Hitting the center of the greatshield.
The old man is far bigger than me so the vector of my strike naturally slanted upward.

(Ah man. He's gonna fly.)

As predicted, once I undid Acceleration, there was a gong-like sound before the old man flew three meter high into the air.
The total distance he traveled was only around ten meters or so, not really that far. Several people got hit at the crash spot.
But this was more than enough. Kanedor's soldiers all ran away at full speed.

"Ain't no way! Regud the Absolute Crag got done in! Eff this, I'm outta here!"
"Dangit! What in the hell! Is that guy! Nobody got enough lives to deal with him!"
"Damn! And this was supposed to be an easy job!?"
"How in the hell!? That guy was huge and got all those heavy equipment on him?! How! How the heck did he freaking fly!"
"I ain't fighting that monster!"
"I still wanna live! I still wanna live! Men, let's scram!"
"Who cares bout money if you're dead! I'm hauling my ass outta here!"
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"You curs, cease this at once! I order you! I paid you lot! Listen to your employer!!"

The hired hands scattered in all directions. Kanedor kept yelling at them to no effect.
At the end of the day, they're only here for the money, none of them would willingly rush to a certain death.
The allure of cash diminishes when it's a question of dead or alive.

Kanedor was left with around 150 soldiers.
There are some soldiers I crushed lying on the ground groaning all around them, but none of them looks like they're getting up.

Thus, the situation has been reversed in a flash.
Those remaining soldiers must be from Kanedor's own army. But every single one of them is looking frail and lacking combat experience. They're shaking and not even properly holding their spears upright.
Opposite to them, Lolengus's soldiers consist of macho men with firm postures and upright spears. Their formation looks rock solid.

By this point Kanedor only got half of Lolengus's soldiers. The sheer gap in quality is clear too.
Lolengus's side got this battle in the bag. Nothing would upend it.
Besides one lone man who can't accept reality nor surrender.

"What a disgrace! How dare you disrespect me! Oy! You looot! Quit dawdling! Go and fetch his head for me!"

He might have gone mad already. Guy got bloodshot eyes and foaming at the mouth as he kept ordering his soldiers around.
An order that practically tells them to go to their doom. Dying a dog's death in a meaningless battle with no hope of victory.
Why would anyone willingly throw their life away? None of Kanedor's soldier even made the attempt to step forward.

"Hey? Sir Lolengus. Can I shut him up now? Capital punishment is in order right?"

This event is over already. No point in letting it run its course. Hence I urged the chairman to make his decision.

"U, umu. R-right you are. You may carry out his punishment once I have made the declaration."

Thus, Chairman Lolengus cleared his throat before enumerating all the charges against Kanedor.





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