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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 460

460 Those Who Await


The man bowed before immediately getting straight to the point.

"Welcome to the kingdom. What business do you have today?"

"Nothing much. Was just thinking I'd let you guys in on something. Tell the PM. The issue at the federation has been taken care of yesterday, open up the trade back. The folks there are having a rough time with it closed."

I too told it to him straight. We know each other already. There's no need for needless small talks. I don't care about doing mind games and this guide has no reason to do that either.
His eyes opened wide before immediately putting his usual expression back.

"Understood. I shall have it conveyed at once. And what are you planning to do now?"

"I'm departing for the commercial city right away. Dropped by here just to tell you that. Leaving now."

I appeased him right off. There was no change on the guide's face but I could tell the restless aura coiling around him.
The guide breathed a sigh of relief as he patted his chest and said, 'Allow me to see you to the gate'.
Guess he won't feel at ease unless he does that much. Or perhaps it's part of his job to ascertain me leaving with his own eyes.
Thus, I was led to the gate in the commercial city's direction and bypassed all the procedures there.

(Man, amazing stuff. Wasn't that door intended for VIPs? Guess the kingdom sees me as a big deal. Good grief.)

I was made to go through a special gate without having to queue with common folks.
He led me through the normal gate the last time. Does that mean they've reconsidered their stance on me?
I got nothing to lose with all this so I just took it for granted.

Once outside, I entered Acceleration again and ran with all my might toward the commercial city.
It's the last spurt now that I've come this far. I put even more effort as I step on the ground.

As the scenery kept changing and I lost myself in running, I arrived at the commercial city.
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Finally here at last. Here I am again.
It hasn't even been three days since I left. Then I recalled one thing.

"Ah, right didn't buy any souvenir. Well whatever. Not like I need to for Eltros. News about the federation would serve as a nice present for the ladies."

There was one other thing I completely forgot until after I got to Eltros's mansion.
The matter was simply that trivial to me.

I got in the city still under Accelerated State. I'm through having to pass the gate every single time.
This isn't my first and it's just going to be gatekeepers getting surprised by 'Second Class Pass' anyway.
It's a pain and a waste of time. Time is of essence.

I undid Acceleration once I was inside. There's a lot of people on the main street. Bumping into them in Accelerated State would be disastrous. I'd like to get to the mansion asap but it's only a stone's throw away now anyway.
Thus I retraced the step I took last time and arrived at the mansion.
The gatekeepers were startled when they noticed me at first before straightening their backs.
They must have been informed on me as they bowed and opened the gate.

They greeted me lively altogether, 'Welcome back!'. I got slightly taken aback as I passed by them.
Then, what came into my view was the silhouettes of six people. Standing menacingly in a neat formation as if waiting for me.






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