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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 195

Side Story (2) Respective Party's Leveling - Latter Part


This chapter starts with the POV of the three girls, Fifraila, Shiurmani, and Miokusmel.

"Ah, it's finally over... We sure took on a real pesky commission this time."

"Those ants were really weird, making a colony in a mountain outside a magic beast territory. Uu, I feel sick just remembering them..."

"That nest was so big inside too. It took us two whole weeks just to clean everything up. Aah, I don't wanna see another ant for a while..."

Us three grumbled as we made our way back to our inn exhausted after reporting in to the guild.
We took on a commission to exterminate ant type magic beasts that made a nest near the town, it ended up being far more than we bargained for.
All three of us want nothing more than to get on our bed now.

"The nest was in a cave so explosion-type spells were a big no no for fear of cave ins and arrows had limited reaches indoor."

"Thanks to that, I had to do all the work against those ants and used up all my stamina in no time..."

"But Fifra-chan leveled up a lot because of that. It's just a little bit more till you get Intermediate Job now."

After this ant extermination commission, my level went up to 22, Mioru's to 23 and Fifra's to 24.
All of us were Lv21 before the commission, and now there's those odd gaps...

Though it's all because the commission this time was a bad match to archers like me.
Fifra being a vanguard gained the most experience.
Mioru received a portion of exp from buffing her.
Meanwhile my ranged attacks couldn't really do much inside a cave, so I only leveled up once.

"Cutting up those ants day in day out was truly revolting. I've had enough ants for a lifetime!"

"Yet you never asked to cancel the commission and saw it through to the end. Fifra-chan is really earnest."

"I mean, all that hard work would have been for nothing if I gave up midway."

"No comments on your responsibility as an adventurer or feeling sorry for the client...?"

"Gaining so many level ups this quick was a boon. With how rough the world these days, you want the strength to protect yourself fast."

I'm in agreement on that point.
I actually wanted to get more levels too.

You're responsible for your own well being. That was the impetus that prompted us to delve in the dungeon near Daijel.
Our vanguard Fifra got caught in a trap and passed out, then a herd of magic beasts ganged up on me and Mioru when we tried to save her, I was sure we were done for.
...If Alma and that old mana didn't come to our rescue, those beasts would have made a meal out of us.

I shuddered just recalling that time.
That old man terrified me more than those beasts. Just what is he.

...He killed a Hob Goblin in one hit, used random magic beasts as throwing weapons then in the end, he electrocuted himself along with a beast.
That all sounds like nonsense, even I who saw it first hand had no idea what was going on.
Let's stop reminiscing it. Yup.

We got back to our inn, had our dinner and took a breather.
We can finally rest easy tomorrow, goodness.

Fifra sipped her after-meal tea while reading a newspaper.
Wonder if there's anything interesting written.

"Stampede at Iruyudi, destruction of the third continent's capital Gurururan, recruitment drive for anti-demon army...  It's all so depressing."

"T-that's just how it is. Demon King has been revived after all, so demons are getting rowdy... B-besides, look, they're holding a martial art tournament on the fifth continent in two months. It's not all bad news, see?"

"Martial art tournament huh, that'll make for a good diversion."

"The hero who was summoned at the same time the demon king was revived might turn up... Oh, there's an article about this hero. They've got a pic too."

"Uwaa, so cute! H-Hero-sama is a girl...?"

"Apparently most past heroes were boys, but who knows there might have been girls too. She's currently training on the first continent, it said... Hm, what's up Fifra?"

Fifra froze up when she saw the pic of Hero and her companions.
She didn't move for several more seconds then she started trembling.

"E-err, Fifra-chan, is something bothering you...?"



"That idiooot!! Why are you there with the hero, Leviaaaaa!!!"

Fifra roared out in indignation.
W-what's her deal!?


"O-oy, calm down! You're bothering other guests!"

"That stupid girl!! I won't stand this! I'll drag Levia back right this instance!!"

Like, right now? It's dead at night!

Wait, Levia? I think Fifra's little sister is called Leviaria.
Eh, are you telling me the girl standing next to hero is Fifra's sister!?
...Just how did she get to accompany the hero.

I mean no, cool it! What are you packing up for!?
There's no transport wagon running at this time of the day!

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~~~~~~Hero's POV~~~~~~

...We live to see yet another day.
I mean we'd get revived even if we dropped dead so we'd be fine regardless, but you know?
Getting pushed to your absolute limit puts your survival instincts to overdrive, the feeling of being truly alive is unlike anything before.

"Okay, that's that for today's training~. You're all so unbalanced, onee-san's shocked~. At least you've got the fundamentals down I guess."

Aina-san smiled like a goddess while announcing the end of today's training regime.
But I mustn't let her trick me.
She's a devilish instructor who'd nonchalantly spout the most absurd orders.

"Hmm, the present goal is to kill 20 upper Lv30s beasts in a day and you only got 12 huh. Aren't you taking too much time and wasting a lot of stamina?"

"B-but our Levels are still around 20s. Fighting magic beasts 10 level higher is unreasonable..."

"What are you saying now, Neora-kun. I never said you have to do it solo, have I? It should be a cinch if you work together as a party. From the sidelines, it's crystal clear you all make so many wasted movements."

I mean yeah we would be from the lens of a Lv70 like Aina-san.

"Olivie-chan has a solid foundation for an adventurer but your stamina is a bit lacking. You want to build it up by doing stuff like running, river swimming and so on."

"Y-yes. I'll do my best."

"On the other end of the spectrum we have Levia-chan with her lack of foundation yet she kept making surprisingly sound moves in combat. Like throwing her spear immediately followed by Quick Step to zero in and Kempo. It'd be way better if you could do that while taking note of what your companions are doing, however."


Due to her sickness, Olivie's body can't keep up in battles.
And Levia tends to rush headlong on her own and sometimes gets in the way of Olivie's magic.

"Lastly, we have Neora-kun. Despite all your varied Skills and high Attributes, it almost looks like you don't have it in you to master them. Your dormant specs are the cream of the crop, so first you want to think long and hard how to best use them."

"Yes. I am well aware of that myself."

"So yep, Neora-kun is having a private lesson with me after dinner. Your first goal, try to land a hit on me."

"...Come again?"

Eh, hold it right there.
I'm already at the end of my rope from today's training, I wanna hit the hay so bad right now.
Sparring with Aina-san right now? Is this a joke? I'm gonna die you know? Gonna get revived though.

"You may decline but that gives me the right to sneak in Neora-kun's bed tonight and--"

"It'll be my honor to spar with you!"

"...Tch. See you after dinner then~."

That was close! She might sound like she was joking around but her eyes were dead serious!
I mean she clicked her tongue and all, I gotta get in the gear or who knows what she's gonna do.
...Will I get out of this training regime safe and sound...

"N-Neora-san, please give it your all. I'll, be running to build up my stamina too."

"Me too, I should go study how to plan my move in combat so I don't get in everyone's way..."

Both Olivie and Levia are making the effort to cover their weaknesses.
I can't be the only one getting fainthearted. That's lame.
I gotta pull myself together. Getting zealous isn't really my style, but I mustn't lose to these two's enthusiasm.
...Wonder what kind of hell awaits. I'm absolutely getting beat up, shiver.

Or so I once thought, turned out it was another type of hell instead. No, I guess it's heaven to some people?

"Neora-kun, the way you step in is a bit awkward~. See here, you have to loosen up here uhehehe."

"Ah hey, why're you rubbing my legs."

"Hm, I'm not playing around, you know? This is simply the best, easiest and quickest method to get you understand, there's absolutely no ulterior motives involved, aa~ it's so smooth and nice to the touch~~"

"No no no! You're looking and sounding like a perverted old man!"

During our spar, she'd correct every single actions I do, sticking real close to me every single time.
I'll be honest, getting touched by a beautiful onee-san is a bliss but when she's this proactive it's a bit...

"Nfufu, this is~ oh~ so fun~."

"I knew it, you just wanna feel me up, don't you!? Take it seriously!"

"Oh you, I'm just being silly~. Don't worry, I'll elevate you all to a whole new level of strength in two month time."

"Two months? Is there an event around that date?"

"Yup. A martial art tournament is going to be held on the fifth continent. The plan is to get you strong enough to snatch the first place by that point."

"Martial art tournament, huh."

No way, there's no way we can snag victory in just two month training.
Or is she planning to have us train even harder than today in order to reach that point. Scary.
...Wonder how many times I'm gonna die in the next two months.

~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~

At the zenith of the highest mountain of Monster Mountain Range at night.
I'm bringing present for 'Sensei' yet again.

"Good evening. Today I have chicken teriyaki and pork cutlet with me."

Sensei who was lying in a cave immediately relished on them.
Sensei prefers meat, he tends to set vegetables aside.
He's probably able to produce vitamins and stuff inside his body like carnivorous animals.
Well, look-wise, he's scary enough to fit the bill after all, I'm sure that's it.

Once he was done eating, he got up and took a combative stance.
...You sure you don't need to rest a bit. Won't you have a stomach cramp.
Well whatever, if he's up for it, so do I.

"I'll be in your care, Sensei."


I made a light bow and started my training with [Fierce God of Fist] Sensei.
...Now then, let's see how many seconds will I last today.





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