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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 194

Side Story (1) Respective Party's Leveling - First Part


The name's Darandizma.
I'm a nice guy who leads Rank D party [Heavenly Dragon].
We finally ranked up to D this month. We gotta get our act together.

"Leader, Nock finally hit Level 16!"

"My fist ain't been working right ever since I punched that black haired monster. No more, they're fit as new now! Hahaha!"

"Hyahha! Hell yeah! Time to get wasted!"

...I feel sorry for myself sometimes, being stuck to babysit these dumbarses.
We all been together before we came of age, but man these guys're kinda weak on the heads.
It hasn't even been an hour since we started working on the magic beast culling commission doubling as leveling, and they're already making this racket. Forget the cash to order booze, we barely have enough to cover our inn rooms...

"Not yet. Gotta get 'least 20 body down first."

"Eh, haven't we been working way hard lately? Gotta let loose once in a while yano."

"You heard the man, our favorite tavern just hired a new cute waitress y'know? Don'tcha wanna see her?"

"Y'all been nothing but loose dangitall! This is why that black haired pair manhandled us real bad."

I got a flashback to the time we tried to invite that Paladin girl, 'Almatina' and got stomped hard by that black haired bastard.
Almatina got that super strong [Magic Sword] Skill that killed a Werewolf in one hit.
Things woulda been easier for us if only we had that power, but beggars can't be choosers.
Ain't really my style, but we added more days to cull magic beasts, from two to three now.

"Naw man, t'was inevitable."

"Yer fist cracked instead when ya hit his face, guy could use Ground Shrink, there's even some rumors saying he cut a sword bare-handed. We were way outta our league."

...Well, I get what they're saying.
Ain't no way that guy was a Rank E. He's a monster to put it lightly.
He must be at least Rank B if he can use Ground Shrink, heck might be a Rank A even.
Why'd someone like that cozing up with Almatina who just come of age anyway. Is he a lolicon or something?

"You guys haven't forgotten our goal of reaching Base Level 20 before this month ends, have ya? We only got three weeks left, meaning we gotta raise our level by one each week."

"But ain't that way too hard?"

"A level a month was a good pace to us just recently. Aren't you getting too impatient, leader?"

"'Course I am! The world's in chaos thanks to those demons under Demon King laying waste everywhere. We gonna end up dying a dog's death if we ain't tryin'."

"Don't hear no rumors 'bout demons round these parts tho'.... Oh wait, there was that stuff about ancient weapon or sumthin' at Vinfitt.."

"That got sealed up right away, barely anyone got hurt last I heard."

Yep, we've got cases of demons nearby.
It'd be the end of us if we got caught up in their destruction.

"Fine, I ain't gonna stop ya guys if ya wanna escape reality with boozes. I'mma keep going alone if I hafta, do whatever ya wanna."

"C-come on! We're soz, don't get all pouty on us leader."

"Go look for more beasts if ya got it! Ya can drink all you want once we're done!"

"Ya heard the man, boys, it's booze tiiiiime!"

""""Hyahhaa! It's booze tiiiiime!""""

"I said once we're frickin' done ya dumbarses!!"

...These guys may be dumbarses, but they're willing to put up with me.
I gotta get them strong enough to protect themselves at least.

...But uh, wonder what kinda girl the new waitress's like.

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~~~~~~Rasfi Bared POV~~~~~~

"Wheeze, wheeze, R-Rasfi, haven't we, had enough, for today...?"

"Huff, puff, n-not yet...!"

"No, 'We can keep going', being a trap is one of adventurer's basics..."

"I've prepared several mana and health potions just in case we run into trouble. It's fine to go all out."

"So you say, but have you forgotten how we almost got done in by a group of High Goblins when we were beat up just the other day. Going further is ill-advised."

Lately it feels like Rasfi is trying to rush things too fast.
Or rather, she's been working really hard to get stronger ever since Daijel's Stampede.
Did something happen back then I wonder.

"I get that we're doing this so we're better equipped to deal with demons, but don't you think you've been rushing things too much as of late?"

"...I might be. But whenever I imagine myself lacking power during a critical juncture, I just can't settle down."

"Uh, I was prepared to die for real when we those High Goblins ganged up on us... I don't believe we'll find ourselves in an even more precarious situation often."

"...You might be right, but if I can't protect you when you're down like that time during Daijel's Stampede, I..."

Hold it, how come she's presuming she's gonna protect me? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

"We might have died for real if Almatina and Soarer didn't come to our rescue."

"...Well, yeah. Got caught off guard and knocked out, that was my biggest blunder."

"There is no upper limit to strength. Even now that I have raised my base Level to 28, I can't help but worry if I'm still not strong enough... But, sorry. You're right, I might be too impatient... Let's head back."

"One more."


"We're going back after beating one more beast. Ain't gonna completely quell your worry but it should work as a bandaid."

I can't not get stronger if she's gonna remind me of that Stampede.
Rasfi wouldn't have obtained this weird mind set if I didn't make that mistake.
I gotta show her that I've gotten strong enough to not worry her, so she will stop getting hasty.

"Got it, let's find one more beast... Thank you."

"Oh come on, drop that stuff. Oh, something's coming clos... er..."

A presence approached while we were having a relaxing chat.
Rasfi and I froze on the spot when that thing made itself shown.


The one that knocked me off during Daijel's Stampede, a Werewolf.
One evolution above that, High Werewolf. That thing was coming for us.

...A magic beast over Lv30 is a tad rough for our current state.

"Forget what I said! We're hightailing it!!"


Rasfi nodded looking unconvinced... You only got one life. Forgive me.
We're not running because we're afraid of that wolf, it's a strategic retreat! But man, this thing sure can move those legs! Can we even shake it off!?

~~~~~~Radiasta POV~~~~~~~

Finally, I finally reached Lv25.
I've Job Changed to the Intermediate Job [Dagger Fencer], I can tell my Attributes and Skill Levels have risen.
Felt like just the other day I changed Job from Apprentice to a full-fledged one.
Well I guess it was about two months ago.

Switching my hunting spot early from Pea Green to Yellow Area in the Monster Prairie was a good decision.
At first, even defeating one beast was a battle to death but I can easily do it now, I can even manage multiple of them somewhat.
You can do it alone.

But, it's so lonesome.
The faces of my mom, and little brother back at home came up on my mind whenever I felt lonely.
Then a bit after I'd reminisce the time I was together with Kajikawa-san, Alma-neechan, and Reina.
...Why am I doing this again.

To one day, reach that guy.
To get himself recognize me being the better man, to get even on him.
To drag him back to where everyone is, and then--

Argh, quit it me.
I've finally gotten the Intermediate Job. I'm gonna head back early today and get some rest.
The recipes Kajikawa-san gave me were all good, but I'm gonna treat myself to some luxurious food just for tonight.
Got plenty of gold anyway, I'll head to the Fifth Continent once I've got my equipment sorted out. Wait for me, new land!

Ah, I'm hungry. Wonder what to eat today. Might as well go big and try that [Seafood Rice Bowl] with the raw fish.
...Wonder how'd it taste.

The following day, I was assaulted by the most horrific stomach ache and had to delay my departure by one week.
I ain't eating raw fish ever again darn it!!






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