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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 461

461 Misplaced Anger


"Finally found ya, in the middle of this mansion of all places, how dare you make me look like a clown!"

Mirza is glaring hard at me with her arms folded.
I was at a loss for a moment.

"...Hm? Huh? Have I done something to anger you... Ah, right playing tag, we were doing that game. Huh wait, it hasn't been three days yet? I see, that's bad, completely slipped my mind."

She replied back roaringly.

"Bastard... How far are you planning to clown me! Fine! No idea how you pulled it, but I'll recognize your ability to elude us this long. But now that you've shown yourselves up, there's no escape. No more playing around! We'll kill you using all we got here and now!"

Mirza's veins popped up as she roared in anger.
She gripped a dagger in each her hand, ready to jump at me anytime.
She actually did the same moment that thought crossed my mind.

I had put my guard up the moment she declared 'kill you'.
You can easily die in this world the moment you drop your guard. Of course, letting loose is important for your mental health too but not in front of someone full of murderous rage like this.
I lack the mental fortitude due to possessing this 'power' in a half-baked state.
I was made fully aware of that after my run-in with that Epithet Holder mercenary back at the federation.

(Good thing I made it in time, but this crap is always so nerve-wracking. That blade is only 50 cm off my neck...)

The lunging Mirza was aiming straight for my throat.
I managed to deal with it thanks to entering Accelerated State, but this really shows my overwhelming lack of practical experience in battles to death.
There's a fundamental difference between a friendly spar and a deathmatch. I'm still not able to process that.
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Looking around, five of Mirza's subordinates have rushed in as well.
They must be the follow up if the first strike failed. A full frontal assault intended to kill me for sure.
The five of them are positioned with slight a gap between each of them holding all kinds of weapons in their hands; a sword, a knife, a small handaxe, a spear with a shuriken-like tip, a sickle and chain.
These six people are coordinating their attacks to produce a sure fire kill of their target, me.

(This isn't what she said in the beginning! Wasn't she going to make me suffer first or something? No wait, I guess it's the same result? I'm dead either way!)

Eltros begged me not to kill her, but should I really? I'm having a second thought.
I mean, she absolutely won't give up on her attempt if I just leave her be, no?
It's clear as day these six are full of murderous intent toward me.
I could have brushed them off. But these types would keep hounding me even in my sleep. That would eventually spell my defeat. It's only a matter of time before they succeed.
Might as well kill them first. You're only gonna get yourself killed if you don't have that much resolve. It'd be akin to being suicidal.

I'm stumped. And keep ruminating it. Would they back off if I showed them the vast gap between our strength?
Eltros is the top man of this organization, he might be able to persuade them or so my naive thinking goes.
But it's hard to believe things would go that smoothly looking at these six's expressions.

(Dunno what gets them so mad, but I think the template for this kind of situation needs you to play along with their way of doing things in order to settle the matter somehow or another. Somebody please tell me I'm right.)

Thus, I poked all the fully stopped six people's shoulders while concentrating my hardest to hold back my power.




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