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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 456

456 Banquet


Evening that day, Sir Lolengus sponsored a banquet.
He specifically requested me to participate. The party is held in the chairman mansion's garden.
All kinds of food and boozes have been put on the tables there.

"My good men and ladies, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. I am in your debt. Drink and feast as much as you like today so you can do better tomorrow. We may have wrapped up our biggest issue, but the road back to glory for this country is still long and arduous. I can only hope you would continue to assist me in the endeavor. Loosen up during this brief moment of respite. Cheers!"

Once the chairman finished his speech, the gathered soldiers and mansion servants started mingling.
Meanwhile, I'm having my meal in the corner trying not to stand out.
The place isn't exactly buzzing but I can hear cheerful conversations here and there.
I'm trying not to get involved. Partly due to fear of getting dragged into another mess.
The only reason I even agreed to be here was for the food and food alone.
I'm not drinking, and to begin with, I'm an outsider to these people.
I know no common topic to talk about, I can't even begin to imagine one.
Sir Lolengus approaches me.

"How do you find the food? Our chefs went all out for this feast. We have booze and fish. Are you enjoying them?"
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"The food's good. But I'll have to decline the booze. I can't say I'm enjoying things."

"That's a bit of a shame. You pretty much did all the heavy lifting in this matter. Considering my position, I should reward you more. However, I have to beg your pardon. After all there are plenty of matters that need 'settlements', and your compensation... must be prepared nonetheless."

"I don't really mind either way. As for my compensation, you can just work at it bit by bit no? I'm not gonna go collect 'em if you don't got 'em anyway."

"That sounds pretty much like you don't want your reward. Are you fine if I keep prolonging it forever?"

"If that happens, that happens. Not like I'm pressed for cash."

"I really cannot read you. I have absolutely no idea what's going through your mind. Nevertheless, thank you. We will need the money, more than ever. Righting all the wrongs Kanedor did would require so much. Forgive me."

"Eh, no need to apologize. I have my own reasons anyway. Woulda feel bad if I did half-baked job after sticking my neck in. Thanks for the food. Welp, I'm gonna go get some shut eye."

"Very well, make yourself at home. Rairo, take him to his room."

Thus the butler led me away from the venue. I was relieved to find none of the drunk soldiers tried to mess with me.

(All thanks to Sir Lolengus chatting me up earlier on. 'Course no foot soldiers were gonna get close. Done with my meal right as we were done talking too. Perfect timing.)

I'm departing for commercial city tomorrow morning. Can't even spare the time to tour this country.
This matter should be considered 'end' once I notified the ladies about the news.
Even if the federation falls into another chaos, surely I won't take a leading role again.
This country's economy won't start running again until after they've squished all the currently circulating bad rumors.

I lay on my bed and closed my eyelids. All while forgetting one important thing.
I fell into a deep slumber with no memory of having started a match with Mirza.




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