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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 464

464 Side Story Escort Story 1


I explained to Eltros what happened at the federation in detail.
I also asked him to spread rumors about this being a good chance to start a business at the federation. Also how he could have a head start of transporting goods there if he started shipping from this commercial city and the kingdom now.
Eltros saw this as a good chance to set up an intelligence network in the federation thus he formally assigned Mirza's group to do the escort job.
Apparently they'll be staying in the federation afterward to gather intelligence.

"Allow me to take care of this issue. What would you like to do now?"

I slowly sank down my sofa before answering him.

"I feel tired. I'm gonna take it easy here for a while. Thanks in advance."

"We shall prepare your room. Please ask a nearby servant if you need anything. It shall be done immediately."

And so, I'm gonna make myself at home at Eltros mansion.

~~~  ~~~  ~~~
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I don't really mind doing the escort job. It's part of my job description. But when I think about working for that inexplicable brat, it makes my skin crawls.

"How'd I get stuck doing this crap. Ah, I'm bored! It's so boring!"

This wagon is pretty big. Drawn by two steeds, I'm riding with the three escort objects. Our luggage is put here too.
One among my five subordinates acts as the coachman. This guy's good with whips and controlling camel horses.
The rest, four of them, are riding steed beast Groudos, running on the highway while scanning the surroundings for danger.
We've left commercial city, already in the kingdom's region now. This trip has been a smooth sailing, I can't help but shouting out loud.
This unit's main job is supposed to be intelligence gathering, assassinations sometimes. We don't feel alive on days without stimulation.
Our intel gathering jobs usually involve infiltrating, going undercover, and sometimes good ol' show of force, never lacking tensions.
Having been accustomed to those days, this peaceful day trip naturally bores me to death.

I went to bed in a huff and we arrived at the kingdom's gate by the time I got up, passing without issues.
Today we plan to meet up with our intelligence operatives hiding in the kingdom.

"Hope they got a case where I can go wild."

I can't help but grumbling. My body feels stiff from the lack of exercise.
A clerk called out to us once our wagon arrived at the 'usual inn'.

"Will you be staying in our establishment? Allow me to lead the way. Speaking of which, have 'things' been well?"

"Yeah. Prepare the 'best tea leaves around'. We'd like to take it easy."

My subordinate who was handling the reins said 'passwords' which got us led to the area behind the inn.
Yep, this inn is one of Eltros's intel network guild. One of many operating within the kingdom.
It's also a bureau in charge of roughhousing. Our unit's base, so to speak.

We were led into a separate hut. It looks run down outwardly.
However, the area around this hut has been made into a 'blind spot' nobody can perceive.
We took the three escort objects from the wagon into the hut.

"Ah, don't be afraid now ladies. You'll be staying at our usual spot."

The insides look the part as well, cramped with a lot of dusty disaster prevention tools lined up on the shelves.
I crouched down in the center of the room, knocked on the floor and waited for the question.

"Yellow, black, and blue, well now what should the next color be?"

I gave my answer.

"Red, the color of blood red."

The floorboard gradually rose and a man's face popped up. It's the usual sight to me but not for the ladies who froze up with a look of shock.

"Mirza-anego. It has been a while. Come on in."

We can take it easy in our 'hideout' today.
Nobody's gonna complain no matter how hard we laze around. Goes to show how much we trust this inn.





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