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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 201

Parent Child Choice


Hello good evening. It's late at night now.
After a post-meal break, we talked about our travels thus far and the future.
Apparently Reina had been periodically writing letters outlining the gist of things to her, so it went smoothly.

"...You have taken such great care of Reina. And I'm truly sorry about the matter with that man, Gilkanda."

"Oh no, please think nothing of it. I just lent her a bit of my power."

I think Gilkanda is the name of Reina's father.
Guy was going to sell his own daughter, and even if part of him might have been broken with the loss of his arm, what he did was unforgivable.
...He might have already lost another vital function thanks to Reina's kick though. *Shudder*.

"I believe Reina can stand up against Gilkanda-san with her own strength now. There is nothing to worry about even if he's out of jail in a few years."

"I did nothing but running away from that guy (father) all this time, but no more. I'm strong enough to beat him down double!"

"...You've grown into such a gallant girl. Still, you must no overdo it. Promise me to stay safe above all else, okay?"


Well, danger is the name of the game in this adventuring business but I suppose there's no need to go out of our way to tread on the most precarious path.
I think she understands the nature of this line of work yet she can't shake off her worry.

"...We have come across many critical junctions so far, and I can't promise you that it won't happen again."

"Yes I understand... That man was fully aware of the risk as well when he lost his arm."

It's easy to irresponsibly proclaim 'everything's gonna turn out fine'.
But reality isn't like that. Environments and the states of public safety change with regions, the same goes with magic beasts' strength.
Adding to that is the prolific activities of demons all over the place these days, there's practically no real safe place anywhere.
Naturally this town is no exception. The reason why she's not telling her daughter, 'Quit your dangerous job and stay here in your hometown.', is probably because she understands that much.

"However, I believe we can train Reina to the point that she can fend off for herself."

"We'll come running when Reina can't deal with something by herself, on the other hand, she has been a great help to us many times already."

"In fact, there were times when we'd have died for sure if not for her."

"...Kajikawa-san, Alma-san..."

That's probably not enough to convince her, but that's the least we could do.
If that's still no good, I plan to persuade her for however many days until she gives the OK to let Reina join us.
Ferianna-san stared at me and Alma for a bit before casting her sight down and feebly spoke.

"...To be honest with you, I was planning to have Reina work in a safer environment."

"Of course you would as her parent."

"But even this short conversation has made it clear to me that you're both very kind people."

"Oh not at all..."

"...Would you be willing to let me spend tonight with Reina? There is still a lot of things we need to talk about and I haven't sorted out my thoughts..."

"Yes, of course... Please, take your time. Alma, Hiyoko, let's head back to the inn."



"Well Reina, see you tomorrow."


I'm sure both Reina and her mom would like to live together if they could. Naturally of course.
Ah, geez, I'd feel so bad if she put that lonely look whenever we take Reina here.
...At worst, I might have to be ready to leave her here. But still.
I'll ask Ferianna-san and Reina again tomorrow and decide from there.

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"Are you having fun, everyday?"

"...Yup. I'm having so much fun. My meeting with Kajikawa-san and Alma-san makes all the bad things that happened before it seem trivial."

"I see... Thank goodness."

"Mom, I'm sorry. I know you must be really worried when I left..."

"I'm just relieved I could get to look at you doing well, Reina."

"...I'm sorry."

"Fufu, you've nothing to apologize for... What would you like to do Reina?"

"...Frankly, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to stay with you mom... But."


"I want to go and see many places with Kajikawa-san, Alma-san, and Hiyoko-chan. I want to travel to faraway lands, I want to see new places, I want to eat all kinds of food and listen to all sorts of sounds."

"...I see."


"Then you have your answer already."






I'm sleepy. Save it for later.


Sorry, just five more minutes...

『Cluck cluck cluuuuuuck!!!』

Oh shaddup!! You're bothering other guests!

『Cluck! Cluuck!』

...Ah, yup, morning. I know I know, stop sitting on my head. You're heavy.
Keep your morning call's volume down pls. My ears are ringing.
Ah sheesh, okay okay I'll make your meal, just wait.
Haah, I couldn't get a good sleep. I'm surprised how much Reina weighed on my mind.

I brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen where Alma was already waiting at the dining area.
...She looks like she hasn't got much sleep. Was it the same with her?

"Good morning, Alma."


"I'll go make our breakfast, wait a bit okay."

"Un... Hikaru."

"Hm, what is it?"

"What's, Reina going to do."

"...That's for her to decide. Please don't get angry no matter her choice."

"...I know. I hope she makes a choice she won't regret no matter which."

"Yeppers... Now then, let's go with rolled eggs and fresh salad for breakfast."

Making one less portion than usual feels kinda lonesome.
The loss of not having Reina around is so big.
...Is this how Ferianna-san felt when Reina left.
I'd feel so guilty if I had to make her feel like this again...

...Hm, wait a minute...?

After breakfast, we headed for Ferianna-san and Reina's home.
The sun is high up in the sky, wonder if they're already up?

Just then, the door flung open and two people came out.
Now then, what's it gonna be?

"Good mornin'!"

"Morning, Reina."

Reina cheerfully greeted with her usual spirited self.
Ferianna-san smiled with a tinge of loneliness as she watched that.

"Good morning to you, Kajikawa-san, Alma-san."

"Good morning."

"...Both me and Reina have come to terms after our talk overnight."

"...So you do."

Ferianna-san bowed deeply and spoke firmly and resolutely.

"Please take care of my daughter from now on."

"...Is that, fine with you?"

"Yes. It's what Reina decided."

Seeing her trying her best to keep her smile and endure her tears is heartbreaking.
...Thankfully I noticed one thing before departing the inn.

"She will be in good hands... By the way, I have a proposal to you, would you entertain me?"

"...Yes, what will it be?"

I offered my hand as I spoke.

"Can I borrow your hand for a bit?"

"...Come again?"

"Err, you can also touch me anywhere if you don't want to..."

"O-oh no, I'm not against it or anything... Will this do?"

"Yes, that will do. Ferianna-san, do you know a town called 'Randorainam'?"

"Eh? Ah yes. I've heard it's a port town with a good view of the sea...?"

Menu, Fast Travel to [Randorainam].


The moment she gave a positive, the scenery around us changed from that of a quiet rustic town to a town with the scent of salt and the sounds of waves.

"...Eh? Huuuuuuuuuuh!?"

Ferianna-san was greatly taken aback at this. Guess anyone would.

"As you can see, this is the port town Randorainam."

"J-just what, what's going on...!?"

"I don't know how much Reina has told you, but I am able to instantaneously move around any town I have visited. That includes my companions and anyone in contact with me."

"I-is this perhaps Space Magic...?"

"Well, it's something like that. Naturally the list of towns has Diolgo too now."

I used Fast Travel again back to Diolgo.
She looks perplexed from the sudden change of scenery again, but I keep going.

"Reina has just come of age after all, I understand how anxious and lonely her leaving must make you. So I'm planning to take Reina back at least once every month, if that's fine with you."

"E, errr, I'm still trying to catch up... Do you mean to say that Reina can regularly come back to visit this town...?"


She was holding her forehead with her hand to ruminate things before speaking again.

"...Honestly, I would very much love that. I want nothing more than letting Reina roam free while still being able to see her again even for a short while every once in a while...!"

"Is that so, good to hear... Also, please keep what you experienced to yourself."

"I understand... But, I get what Reina is talking about now, it's true that Kajikawa-san is someone who can easily break common sense to achieve his ideals."

"...Do you mind if inquire more about the stuff written in those letters?"

"...Fufu, it's private, please give it up."

...It must be something along the line of 'That guy's seriously bad news. He's got no common sense. Not right in the head.'
I'm fully aware how weird I am though. I swear.

Now that Reina and her mom have safely reunited, it's time to take care of those pests.
Think it was something about magic beasts making a nest nearby and laying waste on the farm fields around the town.






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